corrine pool

I love how Fire Emblem Heroes purposefully didn’t add Corrin into the summoning pool mentioning he was a reward, and for a few weeks everyone was wondering “wheres corrin?” The tempest trial comes and what does heroes do?

They only mention Quick Riposte as a big reward. Not one mention of new year corrin at all. No “hey grab your special seasonal unit exclusive to this tempest trial mini!” The only representation he got was two pictures showing he was a 40% unit and a reward.

I really dont know why, but thats really funny to me.


Towel Malfunction (Camilla x M!Corrin)

As the day came to a close and the sun set behind the castle walls things always began to grow very quiet as most of the troops in the army returned to their quarters for some much needed sleep after a long day. Sure there were a few odd ones like Xander keeping up his practicing late into a night and Laslow sneaking around outside the castle to do something. But aside from the few night owls of the army, the fortress always grew very quiet come the end of the day-

-Which made it hard to sneak around.

Camilla stood under a tree, finding herself a few yards away from the entrance of the hot springs the castle featured. She had seen Corrin stroll in there looking exhausted and achy. Her “brother” hasn’t looking too hot and looked like he was in need of the gentle touch of a woman to take care of him.

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