corrine bailey rae

I think at one point Jack wanted to take the scenic route back to the Haus from the library with Bitty, and while Jack was doing his very best falling in love with Bitty without realizing it, I feel like this is the perfect bgm. Can you imagine Jack talking and his words droning out as Bitty stares after him, just so in love but trying to swallow it down because he’s already getting so hurt thinking that Jack wouldn’t feel the same way. Just…nighttime walks and Bitty imagining how magical if would be if Jack took his hand and kissed him under the lamppost like in the movies it’d be cheesy as hell but he wants it so badly. 

Also shameless insert scene for my Time Slip AU because I am weak and can make anything into Time Slip AU I am sorry:

“I wish you kissed me that night, you know,” Older Bitty says, as he sprinkles flour on the countertop of the Haus kitchen, easy as anything.

“W-what?” Jack manages. The frogs had gone back to the dorms, everyone else had gone to sleep, his older counterpart had managed to pass out with his daughter and son (His kids too, Christ, at least in the future) on the nasty couch, and Bitty was who knows where. Actively avoiding Jack, Jack supposes. It stings a little to know that Bitty had seemingly been so revolted by the possibility of them being together, but he shakes it off, barely. Bitty isn’t obligated to love him, anyways. 

Older Bitty kneads the pie dough with a practiced air that suggests that he’d done it many times before. In the span of ten short years, Bitty had become successful, still enthusiastic, but calmer. Jack guessed it came with the parenting.

“You heard me,” Bitty says. “When we were taking the long way back home and going ‘round Faber. I really wished you’d kissed me then.”

“I–” Jack stammers, “He doesn’t feel–you don’t–”

“I’ve been in love with you for a very long time, Mr. Zimmermann,” Bitty says gently, pressing down the dough into a tin and creasing the edges with his thumb. “I’ve had quite a while to figure things out about myself. You know the funny thing is? I don’t even remember half the things you said to me that night.” He smiles to himself, soft and slow, happy. “The entire time, I was just telling myself that this was enough. I knew it wasn’t, but I kept thinking it anyways, because you were so much more than I could’ve ever wanted. In high school, Lord, I could’ve never even imagined…” He sighs, glancing at Jack. “I never imagined this either, to be fair.” 

“He–you–” This was getting confusing. “Bittle won’t even look at me anymore,” Jack admits, defeated.   

“He’s scared,” Bitty explains. “He’d never do anything to jeopardize you. You’re too important.” He scoops the filling in, covers it, and goes to wash his hands. Jack looks at the ring Bitty had left on the counter, trying to make out the inscription on the inside of the circle when Bitty slips it back on his finger. “Do you remember that time we were making a pie for Professor Atley?”

That had been a month ago. It was a mess, and Jack’s lattice looked like limp noodles pretending to be worms.  "Yeah,” Jack says. “I almost ruined your project.”

“You didn’t,” Bitty promises. “But, uh, that was when I started to realize. Goodness,” he laughed suddenly, “I just remembered. You were talking and I got freaked out and ran out on you mid-conversation back into my room, flour on my hands and all.”

“You said you had to vlog!”

“I did, afterwards.” The smiles drops marginally. “I cried first though. I’d never–not in high school, it’d’ve ended terribly… But it’s all in the past. Um, more or less.”  

They fall silent, Bitty rubbing his ring and Jack staring at his hands and listening to Older Jack snoring lightly from the living room. 

“I’m sorry,” Bitty begins, gazing at a speck on the counter. “It’s probably strange hearing this right now–”

Jack gathers his courage, his mind racing, and hears himself go, “Me, too. That night. I wanted to kiss you, too.” 

Bitty looks up. “I know,” he replies, chuckling, and looks past Jack at his husband. “You told me later.”