This actually makes me pretty sad.

This girl I’ve been reblogging lately (corrinda) is basically saying that Autistic people are never, and should never, be proud of themselves and their differences.

Now, I’m angry about this for obvious reasons (hate, ableism, bigotry, etc.), but this makes me sad too. Why? She has a relative who was diagnosed with Aspergers. If she refuses to love him for who he is, Aspergers and all, how can he love himself?

I am not Autistic. I refuse to claim that I know everything about the disability just because my brother was diagnosed with PDD NOS. But, I do know this-I am proud of my brother. I will always be proud of him. He is constantly proving himself better than ‘normal’ people like corrinda.

My brother’s communication is limited. I cannot account for all that he’s feeling and thinking, and I won’t try to, that’s his place–not mine. I just hope that he loves himself. I just want him to understand that his family loves him, Autism or no. If he could speak, I would want him to shout his diagnosis from the rooftops.

Do not let ignorant people like Corrinda and company convince you that you are beneath them. Never hide who you are.