corriedale wool

I’ve been itching to make some needle felted dolls of the cute Junimo! This one is approx 8-10" tall from bottom to top of leaf and was made with a combination of polyfil and wool batt for the core, with corriedale and merino wool as top coat! This Junimo was created with a little poseability in mind, so it has a wire armature, making its legs and arms moveable.

Stardew Valley and Junimo belong to Concerned Ape
Art and photo belong to myself, Woolifox

Needle felted Chickadee. I just love these little birds, their calls are so sweet, and they are so cute! I don’t get to hear the chickadees too often where I am now (I live more in town now than previously, and am hoping to change that eventually) but it’s always a treat to hear them when I do!  

This little one is made with a blend of corriedale, and other sheep wool on a wire armature. I’m not so good at making little bird feet so I need to practice a bit more. This one stands at around 10cm.

Art by myself, Woolifox


I recently took brand new photos of my needle felted Sleipnir (marked down to $125 and for sale at my shop Stormhorse Runeworks through the Etsy link below)! He boasts carefully crafted details such as skin folds, a beautifully arched neck, detailed bottoms of his hooves and a large amount of facial detail. His body, legs and tail all have wire inside, making him gently posable, and he is covered in high quality Corriedale wool. More pictures are also available upon request! I’ve decided to keep the original, but have opened up five slots for customized orders at this new lowered price. If you’d like your Sleipnir to look any differently than the original, feel free to just message me and I’m happy to see what I can do!