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“Trinidad,” Main Street, Houston, Dec. 3, 2016

How Many Times Have I Passed You In The Corridor? - Jughead x Soulmate!Reader

So the Soulmate AU that I have is that people have the first thing their soulmate will say to them tattooed on their wrist! Enjoy!

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Jughead stares at the words scrawled on his wrist. Loneliness has been setting in even more now, despite acquiring new friends like Betty and Veronica, and he sighs tiredly. When will he meet them? What if he doesn’t meet them until he’s grey and old? What if they… died? He shakes his head at that depressing thought, unwilling to go in that direction. But then again, he gazes down at the phrase, what sort of good can come from ‘It’s going to explode’? Pop comes around with his order and he hastily yanks his sleeve down, mildly embarrassed that he was caught thinking about his soulmate.

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Main Street, Houston, Feb. 4, 2017

Main Street, Houston, Dec. 3, 2016


“Oops,” bluffs David Duchovny, greeting me from the other end of a corridor on The X-Files’ Vancouver, British Columbia, set. “You weren’t supposed to see me like this.” He is wearing only black underwear and a half-unbuttoned blue shirt. This episode, titled “Chinga,” follows the strange happenings that surround Dana Scully on vacation. It is written by Stephen King, who, spookily, is the person who beat Duchovny on Celebrity Jeopardy! three years ago. (“Yeah,” Duchovny says. “I choked, [but] it’s obvious that he’s afraid of me, because I’m not in this episode.”) Fox Mulder does appear in “Chinga,” in three brief scenes, which Duchovny must film today. “Whenever Mulder leaves Scully, she does something interesting, like has a baby,” Duchovny complains. “Whenever Scully leaves Mulder, he just fiddles around in his underwear and dribbles a basketball.”

US Magazine, March 1998

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Main Street, Houston, Dec. 3, 2016

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