corridor of faces

You can see the moment Isak has connected the dots in his head after Even’s weird wedding speech. He must know the signs from his mother, but he seems to want to ignore it or hope its not really happening. But he knows. 

Then, when Even disappears out and he goes to check the corridor, his face tells you everything. He knows.

And finally when Sonja confirms it, his face isn’t shocked or surprised. You can see the truth set in his eyes. He knew.

in his heart of hearts

written for @bellamyspirate for Bellarke Secret Santa 2016

beta’d by the lovely @missemarissa

“Guardsman Blake.” Captain Miller falls into step beside him on his way to home from his post on Sunday evening. “There’s been a change in assignments.”

Bellamy stops walking and steps to the side of the corridor, turning to face his superior. “Sir?”

“You have been reassigned to Medical, effective tomorrow morning.” Captain Miller pulls a keycard out from his pocket and holds it out. “Same hours, just a different location.”

Bellamy takes the card with a frown. “Did I do something wrong, sir?”

Since graduating from his guard training, his post had been monitoring the youth rec center. It wasn’t the most glamorous position, but sometimes one of the kids would play the piano in the corner of the room, and he always liked to listen to the music. He was in no position to argue with his commanding officer, but he wasn’t too keen on spending all his shifts with sick people.

“On the contrary, actually.” Captain Miller steps closer and lowers his voice. “Councilwoman Griffin requested you specifically.”


Abigail Griffin was as close to Ark royalty as you could get without being the Chancellor. She had a seat on the council, was the Chief of Surgery, and her husband was the engineer responsible for solving the Ark’s recent oxygen deficit. While Bellamy was sure that Jake Griffin was a genius in his own right, people often forgot that a mechanic from his own Factory Station, Raven Reyes, had a key part in solving the problem.

“Her daughter is a medical apprentice now, and Councilwoman Griffin requested that only the best of our recruits is assigned to her shift.” Captain Miller tells him with a conspiring wink.

Bellamy bristles. Though he appreciates the compliment, this is just the kind of behavior that reminds him that the people from Alpha station are nothing but entitled pricks. What makes Princess Griffin so special that she needs a better guard than anyone else?

Instead of saying any of this, Bellamy nods and pockets the keycard. “I’ll be on my way then, sir.”

“Good man.” Captain Miller claps him on the shoulder. “And Guardsman Blake? Let’s keep that information between us.”

Bellamy smiles tightly. He’s always been good at keeping secrets. [AO3]

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Then Joe was there, pushing through the crowded corridor, face anxious over his green scrub suit. He had come straight from surgery; there was a small spray of blood across the lenses of his glasses, a smear of it on his chest.
“Claire,” he said, “God, Claire!” and then I started to shake. In ten years, he had never called me anything but “Jane” or “L.J.” If he was using my name, it must be real. My hand showed startlingly white in Joe’s dark grasp, then red in the pulsing light, and then I had turned to him, solid as a tree trunk, rested my head on his shoulder, and—for the first time—wept for Frank.
—  To Lay A Ghost, Chapter 19, Voyager
I Need You

Fandom: Harry Potter

Word count: 1252

Characters: Draco x reader, Snape, Harry

Warnings: fighting, break-up, threat, injury

Summary: You find Draco in the middle of a fight.

Thank you for beta-ing, @absolutelyafangirll!

You were worried about Draco. Ever since the summer, he’d been pulling away from everyone, becoming more and more distant. And you didn’t know how you could pull him back to you.

You had been dating him since the third year, and had prided yourself on your ability to make him talk to you. But after the third consecutive weekend he spent hidden away who knew where, you had finally snapped.

When he crept into the common room, less than ten minutes before you were supposed to be in bed, you ambushed him. You grabbed his arm and pulled him out into the corridor, then spun to face him. He had become very pale, and the whole time you were speaking to him, his eyes kept darting off down the corridor.

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George x Reader // Goodnight

Okay, I overestimated myself here with the two imagines - I originally wanted to post a request today, but I couldn’t finish that one on time, so here’s a very short one, but I hope you like it nevertheless and thank you so much for 100 followers and reading my imagines! 

„Where are you going at this time of day?” Fred asked, halting you as if he was an inspector. “I could ask you the same” you smirked before you carelessly walked on “I’m saying good-night to your brother” The wooden floor of the Burrow creaked slightly as you turned around in the corridor quickly to face Fred again - he seemingly planned to go to one of his siblings, preferably Charlie, who was presently staying here as well. “Best sing him a lullaby as well” Fred grinned, bumping your shoulder as he passed you. “Shut it, Fred. Have a good night” you replied. He walked on sedately and grinned at you, but he did wish you a good night as well. When he went upstairs, you hurried to the door you had been aiming for all of the time, smiling lightly. “George” you whispered and knocked, whereupon it opened immediately and you faced your boyfriend. “I wanted to see you for a bit and say good-night” you mumbled, looking at him. It seemed as if he had just planned to get ready for bed, for his blouse was slightly unbuttoned. He smiled at you cheekily. “How very charming of you, (Y/N)” – “You think I’d just go to bed without stopping by when we’re in the same house?” you asked him and laughed. The light was slightly dimmed down in his room, making it look even cozier than usual. “Like I’ve told you about a hundred times, I would love to share the same room with you, but-“ he started carping, but you cut him off. “You share a room with your brother, and I won’t disturb that. I’m perfectly fine with sleeping in Ginny’s room” – George was looking at you as if you were his mum. “Alright, alright. But promise me you won’t complain later. You refused my glorious offer” he said dramatically and took a seat on his bed. “Get over it, Diva. Let’s get you ready for bed instead, shall we?” you smiled, coming nearer. He opened his legs slightly so you stand between them and put your hands on his shoulder, looking down on him. You ran your fingers to his collar and opened up his buttons until you could finally take off his blouse before letting it slip onto the floor. His hands ran over your waist and you gently bent over to kiss his cheek softly. The Burrow was almost completely quiet right now; the only sound you took up was his calm breath. “What about you lay down already?” you said quietly, your hands running to his neck now. George let out a noise that sounded slightly like a purr and leaned back, obviously waiting for you to join him. Instead of laying down next to him, you went to the other side of the room and dimmed down the light a bit more – George was watching you as you walked around, obviously enjoying what he saw. “Better atmosphere” you mumbled and now finally crawled onto his sheets, delicately and a lot slower than you would normally do it. George ogled you, his hands running over your thighs from time to time before you rested your arms on either side of his body to kiss him softly from above. “I’ve missed you a lot over these past few weeks” you smiled onto his lips, whereas he put his arms around your neck and pulled you to him. “How I’ve missed you too, (Y/N)” he smirked, gently pulling his sheets over you two. “George, I have to go back to Ginny’s room-“ you started, but George held you so tightly in his warm grip, you couldn’t escape. “Just for a few moments” he mumbled, kissing you softly. After all, you had to give in and buried your head in his neck, enjoying his soft skin against yours. “Tired?” he asked you, smirking. You nodded slightly, grabbing his hand that was resting on your waist. All you could hear from this moment on was his breathing that slowly guided you into sleep.

It was dark in George’s room when you woke up; it must’ve been after midnight already. The only source of light now was the moon from outside. Fred’s bed was still empty – perhaps he had just decided to stay with Charlie tonight. Something filled your chest with warmth, you just felt so secure in George’s grip. He was sleeping peacefully, his face slightly turned away from you so faced mostly his neck. His body was providing warmth, so you snuggled up to him even more before gently pressing your lips against his soft neck over and over again, knowing that he liked it. He seemed to be half-asleep, for he turned to you slightly when he felt your lips on his neck – his arms tightened around you languidly and he sighed deeply in return. Your arms twined around his body now – when you woke up in the morning, you were astonished at what a good sleep you had had.  


So you stand there, watching him walk away from you, adrift from your supposed peers in the middle of the corridor, face twisted in anguish, swift, silent tears burning your face and you know that if you called out to him he’d turn to face you, see you there with your heart in your eyes, bleeding, broken and dying for him.

But you don’t, and he doesn’t, and in that moment you are the best friend he’s ever had. (x)

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Pairings prompt: Well hell. All of them?? (Okay, okay. #2 Rexsoka.) (oh, you think I'm done...?)

Thank you for not going, “1-28. And 33-40.”

2. “Have you lost your damn mind!?”

The sharp, unstable shaking of the 501st flagship drowned out the emergency sirens wailing in each cabin and along every corridor, even for Ahsoka’s highly sensitive montrals. Admiral Yularen’s broadcast command of “Non-essential personnel, evacuate to the escape pods immediately,” was certainly lost to the complaints of a damaged ship. But it was impossible to mistake the strobing alert lights, flashing bright orange every ten meters and successfully conveying the immediacy of the situation well before the Separatist droids began trickling in.

Honestly, it was like a bad dream. No matter how many droids Ahsoka carved through, every new corridor brought her face-to-face with more. The task wouldn’t have felt so daunting if she wasn’t the only Jedi on the ship; whenever the Jedi Council had a special mission to complete these days, her master somehow ended up as one of the first candidates selected.

Clearly, the enemy didn’t know that, though. One of the fleet ships had already been destroyed by cannon fire, but the flagship was still intact, only periodically earning a volley of lasers. The amount of droids swarming the corridors felt like an invasion than anything else– what would they be there for except to capture Anakin, one of the most successful Repbulic generals? 

Ahsoka reached that conclusion before rounding a corner and running into a squad that pointed at her, shouting, “Look! We found a Jedi!” But that was all they managed to say before a couple rudimentary swings of her lightsaber decapitated all seven of them.

As much as the clones added a variety of color to the blaster fire breaking out in some corridors, Ahsoka was quick to order them to escape pods before they could be of much use. She sliced her way through roughly two enemy platoons alone to make it to the bridge where she found the officers still busily sending emergency transmissions, and locking down whole sections of the ship overrun by the Separatists in attempted containment.

Captain Rex was here guarding the bridge entrance with some of his men, blasters trained down the corridor as a last line of defense for all the unarmed and unarmored officers. That was the problem with the essential personnel: they were the hardest to move, both because they didn’t want to leave their post, and then once they did, the ship had roughly five to ten minutes left before neglected systems began malfunctioning.

“Admiral, you need to move to the escape pods!” Ahsoka shouted over the incessant whine; at least it sounded a little more muted on the bridge. Her announcement caused several heads to swivel, look at her, and return to their previous work. Yularen, though, was a little too wrapped up in a conversation with the coms officer to answer.

“What about you, Commander?” Rex asked from the doorway.

For the first time since the alarms started blaring, Ahsoka’s lightsabers hung on her belt again. “I’ll lead the droids into the hangar bay and try to buy you time to get away. Once I’m there, I’ll shut off the magnetic shields.”

Rex’s visor whipped around faster than Yularen. “Have you lost your damn mind?!

A gray-clad officer shouted that the engines were failing, and more droids were closing in on the bridge.

“Sir, now is not the time for insane heroics!” argued Rex, deeces dropping from a corridor that had lost his attention. 

A frown bent her mouth for only a moment. Rex never contested Anakin’s ideas, even while they seemed to get more farfetched as the war dragged on. If anything, Rex met most suggestions with hesitant approval– not outright challenges as he did with her.

“I know what I’m doing,” she told Rex evenly, nearing him as if proximity would help better convince him. “I’ll be fine.” And before he could disagree, contending her rank with his experience as she knew he would, Ahsoka pulled him down into a light headbutt that stalled all conversation.

Releasing her captain, she glanced back at Yularen to see she finally had his attention. “I’ll take out what droids I can, Admiral, but you have to leave now!”

Ahsoka took off sprinting away from the bridge, lightsabers once again humming at her sides. Every B1 battle droid she came across barely managed to report, “There’s the Jedi!” before its head flew right off its body in one quick slash of a lightsaber.

Halfway to the main hangar, she also heard, “General Grievous wants her alive!” Unfortunately, that droid also met a swift end before it could elaborate. Two corridors later, the familiar premonition of incoming fire tugged at the periphery of her senses. Ahsoka pivoted just in time to divert the laser bolt– but she’d expected a B1 shot, not a B2. The force of it still knocked her off her feet and straight into a wall.

The wailing sirens were all but white noise now, drowning out every other sound around her. Ahsoka only realized the enemy was closing in when she opened her eyes to see a line of B1s fencing her in, aiming their weapons on her crumpled form. She closed her eyes again and inhaled. Reaching out, she felt the familiar presence of the Force, directly around her, directly around the enemy, permeating the corridor, the level, the ship. And she pushed out. 

The nearest battle droids flew back as if from an explosion; the successive rows of B1s and B2s fell like dominos. Ahsoka popped to her feet and continued on her mad sprint down the hall. Her lightsabers were more useful behind her, blocking red laser bolts flying from the constantly growing horde following her. WIth as much as the flagship shook from increasing enemy fire, it was a wonder so many clankers stayed on their feet. The few droids she bumped into trying to cut her off from adjacent hallways ended up littering the floor while Ahsoka hardly even slowed her pace. 

R7-A7, Ahsoka’s astromech since she landed in the 501st, already sat snugly in her Eta-2 Actis-class interceptor by the time Ahsoka slid into the hangar bay. Only a couple LAAT/i populated the bay now, as the rest of the gunships and every fighter pilot were already occupied in the space battle. 

The controls for the magnetic shield– barring the bay enjoying its life support from open space– were set into a recess in the durasteel wall on the opposite end of the bay and protected by a ray shield. Ahsoka hadn’t even reached the halfway point before the enemy fire caught up to her as the droids filtered into the hangar. Thank the Force they were terrible shots. 

“Arseven!” Ahsoka shouted into her wristcom. She was met with happy bleeps. “Bring the ship over here; I’m going to need a fast getaway.”

She heard the welcome roar of her interceptor powering on across the hangar floor. A handful of droids pivoted and began firing at the ship, as Ahsoka skidded into the far wall. The ray shield, no bigger than a standard doorway, stood next to a screen of buttons. Ahsoka input the code she never thought she’d have to use; the ray shield blinked off, and all that was left was the clunky lever, about as big as Ahsoka’s head. 

R7-A7 blocked all enemy fire descending in the interceptor next to Ahsoka, and she immediately hopped into her seat. She sealed the cockpit, diverted more power to shields, and warned her astromech to be ready to take off. 

Ahsoka closed her eyes once more, trying to keep her nerves calm in a ship barraged by enemy fire. She focused her attention into grasping hold of the Force around the lever and pulling it down. The nearing enemy only helped raise her anxiety, but just as a B1 started climbing onto the wing of the ship, the lever swung down, the magnetic shield disappeared, and everything not bolted to the ground slipped toward the open hangar doors. 

After the initial moment of free floating, Ahsoka returned the recommended amount of power to the engines and steered her ship out into space, avoiding the floating droids and lazily spinning gunships. 

The danger was nearly over now. A second fleet had come to the rescue, sliding out of hyperspace behind the Separatist ships, diverting all their attention and leaving Ahsoka free to look for her men.

“Arseven,” Ahsoka said, rolling her interceptor over the port side of the damaged flagship and scanning the void for life signs, “switch to the pod frequency.”

R7 chirped, the coms crackled, and soon her cockpit flooded with the voices of very chatty soldiers. Immediately after their accountability checks, the conversations strayed. Ahsoka’s attention focused more on locating the wandering pods until a certain comment caught her montrals.

“…and Captain Rex got kissed by the commander.” A mixture of laughter and incredulous noises followed before the first amended, “A Keldabe kiss.”

“You coulda told me it was a real kiss and I’da believed you,” a second said. The laughter roared anew.

“WHO IS THIS?” a third voice broke in. “NAME AND RANK.”  

A tense silence followed until one brave soul declared, “Found the Captain.” The next wave of laughter surged from numerous pods as Rex raged on, threatening blindly.

Ahsoka patched her own frequency into the conversation then. “Wait… what’s a Keldabe kiss?” Her distinctively female voice cut through the clone chatter with surprising ease. All communication immediately dissipated into an awkward silence Ahsoka felt even in her own ship.


Voices From The Hedge - Chapter 20


Voices From The Hedge is an original novel by Alldenspa. If you’re unfamiliar with this project, I would be very happy if you checked out my information post about it HERE! It’s a story about magic and nerds, so if you’re into that, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

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dan has always loved art; so phil took him to visit the closest art museum to where they live. dan was really hyped; you could tell from how crinkly the sides by his eyes were and his soft grin. after passing by all the monochrome paintings, evocative sculptures and aesthetic photographs, they slowed their pace and stopped by one of the artworks, their fingers interlaced. “that’s been a long day, do you know which was my favourite?” phil smiled. “nope, which one was it?” dan smiled in return, stroking his thumb against phil’s right hand. “you’ll find it there. just walk straight ahead down the passageway and turn left. it’s really beautiful, i’m sure you’ll agree with me.” he pointed at the corridor they were facing. dan took a few steps forwards then looked back, gesticulating phil to come with him. “it’s okay, i’ll wait here. i will call for you if i found anything interesting,” he gently reassured him. dan walked all the way down the corridor and turned left, just as phil told him, to find himself in a room that has nothing but mirrors hung on its walls. phil quietly sneaked into the room to see dan’s puzzled reaction turning slowly into a smile and a shy blush as he looked at his own reflection. phil approached him, gingerly wrapping his arms around dan’s waist from behind and pointing at the mirrors infront of them, “don’t you agree?”


Request: Can I have a Draco one shot where the reader and Draco have been together for a really long time and it’s they’re 2 year anniversary and Draco forgets and The reader gets really upset and ignores him while he tries to figure out what he did wrong. Then when her best friend (pansy) tell him he makes it up to the reader and it’s really cute and fluffy. (I’m in Slytherin) Love your imagines by the way. Thanks!

Word Count: 956

Pairing: (Y/N) x Draco Malfoy

A/N: No spellcheck! + sorry if a bit time-skippy :)

You could almost smell the sweet floral perfume and notes of mint as you made your way down the commonroom staircase, headed for the hallway where you would meet up with your boyfriend of two years, Draco. Two years today in fact, two blissful years. Potions, fifth year, where it had all begun.

“Draco!” You say cheerfully as you round the corner of the corridor, coming face to face with the white-blonde figure standing hunched over against the wall. “(Y/N).” He smiles, lifting his body off the wall and instead into your embrace. You glance down at his bag intently, hoping for a hint of wrapping paper, flower bouqet, perfume from that corner shop that… “Breakfast then?” Draco chuckles, releasing himself from your embrace and staring at his own bag, catching your gaze. “Dropped something?” He raises an eyebrow. You put on a fake smile and shake your head. “Nope its all good. I’m starving.” He couldn’t have  forgotten… could he?

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55. “I’m laughing because you’re angry. I swear I didn’t do it!”

Dean x Reader

“Y/N!” There’s a roar of anger from the library and you look up from your laptop screen, “Sam!”

You hear Dean’s boots clomping against the floor as you and Sam appear in your respective bedroom doors, looking from each other to Dean in confusion as he storms into the corridor with a face like Armageddon, never mind thunder.

“What’s wrong?” You ask – however confused you are, his anger is amusing and you can’t help the smile on your face.

“What’s wrong? What the hell, Y/N?! This isn’t funny!” He glares at you, “Why would you do that?!”

“I’m laughing because you’re angry! I swear I didn’t do it!” You protest. Sam frowns at you.

“Do what?”

“I don’t know!” You exclaim. In response, Dean harrumphs and beckons the both of you to follow – he leads you to the garage; past the rows of ancient cars and towards-

“Ohhh,” You and Sam breathe at the same time, sharing a glance. You can’t help but laugh at the sight of the Impala – the same as always, but the once sleek black paintwork has been replaced with an obnoxious Barbie pink. The laugh escapes your mouth without permission and you clamp a hand over your mouth as Dean shoots you a glare that would make anyone else wither.

“What the hell?” Sam grins, “That’s new.”

That’s plain wrong, that’s what it is!” Dean snaps, “Which one of you did this?!”

“Wasn’t me!” You insist, the statement muffled by the hand clamped over your mouth to keep the laughter at bay.

“I didn’t do it!” Sam insists, flinging his arms up, “Were you drinking last night again?”

“No!” Dean hisses, “It sure as hell wasn’t me. No-one messes with my car, you hear me?”

“No-one did!” You shoot back, “No-one here, at least! Have you checked for hex-bags?”

“Witches wouldn’t curse my car to be pink, Y/N,” He says, rolling his eyes, “Don’t lie, because I’ll set you both to scrubb-“

“I do love to hear you bicker,” A voice comes from behind you, catching all three of you off guard. You all spin, facing the oh-so-familiar figure who grins brightly, removing the lollipop from his mouth.

“Oh, no.” Dean murmurs.

Gabriel grins brightly, “Mornin’, suckers.”


‘What if she doesn’t come back?’ Chuck asked in a small voice, not tearing his eyes away from the as of yet empty corridor.

Newt was rubbing his face, trying not to let the crushing sense that you weren’t there yet overcome him. You were going to be OK, was what he kept telling himself, trying to force the thought to wash over him. It, however, wasn’t working and the worry that you might not turn up was clawing its way to the surface. The urge to run, to try and find you was threatening to overcome him, but he knew you’d be OK, it was you, you knew the Maze almost as well as Minho did, right?

He sighed deeply, chewing on the inside of his lip.

‘She will,’ he muttered out, but only barely, ‘just–’

Movement at the end of the corridor made him jump.

You were running. Running as fast as you could despite the stitch that was pulling at your side. You could see the Glade now, the small crowd urging you forward, a worried looking Newt at the front though. It was just a little further, any minute now…

You practically jumped the last bit, colliding with Newt who pulled you into a tight hug. You nuzzled your head into his shoulder, shuddering as the Walls began to grind closed.

‘I – I – Oh my gosh!’ you spluttered, but the calming cooing of Newt helped settle you slightly.

He took a deep breath, as if calming himself, before pulling you that little bit closer. It was as if he was reassuring you that you were all right, and for that you were thankful.

A/N: Gif credit goes to their respective owners, I just found them on Google.


Lazy Smoke - “Sarah Saturday” (1968)

Like the Velvet Underground and Big Star, Massachusetts’ Lazy Smoke has become more famous in death than life. Basically a local phenomenon during its existence, the Massachusetts band’s Corridor of Faces LP has become one of the most revered collectables among ‘60s enthusiasts.

“42… 63… 178… No… that can’t be right… 79 possibly?” Cecil moved down the corridors, face practically stuck in the book in front of him, quill moving at an alarming rate as he jotted down the numbers he was saying. It wasn’t until he practically ran straight into someone that he realized walking and writing were not a ideal combination. “Terribly sorry!” 

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Laine walked onto the Ketch, looking around.  She hummed as she made her way through the corridors, nodding at the familiar faces.  Kalyvaaz had told her to meet him on the main deck, so that was where she was headed.

The Awoken smiled to herself as she finally reached her destination, looking around for the male Fallen.  Yet she didn’t see him anywhere.  She frowned in confusion, turning around and looking for where he could be waiting.

James couldn’t hardly believe what had happened at dinner. Neville, a man he had known since he was a child, had slumped over on the table, choking to death on a poison from his goblet. He had been seated next to his best friend at the time, and the look of horror on her face was enough to nearly put him into action, but he didn’t. He floored himself, and he let Alice go to her father once they took him to the Hospital Wing to be looked over. 

James followed her there, but he wasn’t allowed in due to him not being family. So he stayed outside of the Hospital Wing for an hour, trying to be supportive of Alice and Frank, but decided that just standing mindlessly outside of a door was useless. So after a while, he ran his hand down his face and decided to leave, figuring he’d find Alice later if she returned to the Common Room. 

He was heading down the corridor, his face solemn, when he heard someone call out for him.