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For Better or Worse (Four)

Part One Part Two Part Three

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Not much had changed in the week since your nuptials. Dwalin still refused to look at you, speak to you, or really even acknowledge your existence. After your confrontation outside the forge, a tension had grown between you; a bridge slowly crumbling which seemed irreparable. The only thing that had changed was that he had found the stomach to share a bed with you.

You had thought, at first, that it was progress. That somewhere in his thick skull he had finally processed your mutual predicament. Yet, you had once more been mistaken. He slept with his back to you, as far from you as he could lay, nearly upon the edge of the mattress. Often when you woke up, he was already gone and you were as alone as you had ever been.

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Shaggy: “I can’t steer this crazy machine!”

*flying washing machine safely flies through multiple hallways and exits through a window*

*flying washing machine turns around, descends*

*flying washing machine does perfect sweep to accurately enter cave at proper height*

*flying washing machine levels out, progresses onward*

*flying washing machine enters small elevator, presumably presses button for correct floor*

*flying washing machine waits patiently inside elevator until it can exit on the appropriate level*

*flying washing machine expertly navigates more corridors and doors*

*flying washing machine finds alternate flight of stairs in order to reach bottom floor ahead of bad guys*

…so, don’t worry that you can’t control it, Shaggy.

The crime-solving flying washing machine had this under control all along.

When other members catch you having sex in the shower

Anonymous asked : BTS reaction when he’s having privet sexy time ;) in the shower with Y\N and member walking in them ?? (make it long please)


Namjoon went to shower a few minutes ago when you decided to join him. With a soft smile, you quietly go through the corridor and open the bathroom’s door. Once the door is closed behind you, your eyes lands on Namjoon rinsing his hair. You smile at the sight of his long silhouette through the mist. You silently remove your clothes and open the shower’s door to slide inside. Namjoon slightly jumps as he turns around and opens his eyes wide as he sees you in front of him, smiling. « What are you doing? » You don’t answer, your smirk is enough to make him understand that you didn’t sneak in to share an innocent shower. You slip your hands against his wet chest, watching him pass a hand through his hair to clear his face. Namjoon smirks the moment you press your body against his, still caressing his chest and shoulders. You get on your tiptoes and kiss his neck, your lips running through his skin making him shiver at every touch. His arms curl around your waist, pressing you tighter against him. His hands goes down your ass as soon as you start sucking his skin to leave your mark. A slight stifled growl is heard in his throat and you feel something hardening against you. You smile, giving a last kiss to his neck before you look at Namjoon. His gaze is burning like fire, his dilated pupils making him look like his eyes are just two black holes. He takes your face with just one hand, firmly holding your jaw, his thumb rolling on your lower lip, giving you a dominant look that literally makes you wet. You moan, struggling with this painful tension between your bodies, and you cling to his shoulders. Namjoon lower his hand to grab your neck and puts his lips on yours in a chaste kiss. He wants to play with you but you are unable to hold yourself any longer. His eyes are too vicious for you to play along. You need him now and right away. You whine in a sigh against his mouth : « Touch me … » Namjoon looks at you for a few seconds with an intensity that almost makes your legs flinch. He starts to smile and pulls you against the shower’s wall, your skin slamming against the cold surface. You put your hands on the wall, a naughty smile on your mouth. Namjoon spanks you hard without a warning. You let out a little chuckle, quickly joined by Namjoon’s who hisses between his teeth as his big hand passes between your butt cheeks to grab your throbbing pussy. His boldness and dominance drives you crazy. You suggestively arch your back, your fingers clenching on themselves. Namjoon comes to spread your hair on the side to suck your neck, pulling your skin between his teeth to make you moan. You bite your lips with impatience when you hear a curse. You turn violently, realizing that this voice is not Namjoon’s voice. This is Yoongi’s voice. Namjoon startles and stands in front of you to hide your naked body, even if Yoongi is almost out, muttering « sorry ». Once you’re alone, you rest your head on the shower’s wall and groans with shame. Yoongi will never forget this moment of supreme embarrassment. How are you going to look at him in the eyes ? It’s so embarrassing that you just want to disappear… You frown when you don’t hear any reactions coming from your boyfriend. You’re about to turn around when you feel Namjoon’s hand around your throat, your back arched as he slides two fingers deep inside you.


It was an innocent idea. You just wanted to take an innocent little shower with your sweet boyfriend. You innocently wanted to wash his hair and play in the water with him. But when Tae saw the shower gel running between your breasts, Taehyung didn’t want to be innocent no more. He’s now against you, smirking, his hands wandering on your ass. You smile, knowing very well what he has in mind. Tae gently pushes you against the shower’s wall and begins to kiss your neck. Slowly, very slowly, his tongue rolls against your skin and his teeth sinks into your flesh. You groan softly, your fingers clenching on his waist. He sucks your sensitive skin, awakening the heat in your core. His other hand grabs one of your breast to squeeze it deliciously. His hands are magical and he intends to show it to you once again. His mouth leaves your neck to lick your earlobe. You’re shivering so much your legs can’t hold you anymore. Tae chuckles and passes his arm around your waist to hold you tight. You laugh softly, your forehead against his, and close your eyes when you feel his hand running through your body to end between your thighs. You sigh, your breathing mixed with Tae’s. His burning eyes observes each of your reactions as his fingers caresses you slowly, painfully slowly. They go everywhere, touching you where nobody touched you before. Taehyung slowly opens his mouth in a smirk as he rolls the tip of his fingers on your clit. He snorts as he watches your eyes roll behind your skull. Biting his tongue, he slightly increases the pressure while accelerating his movements. You  firmly cling to his shoulder, your other hand shaking on his chest. You can tell how wet you are just by the way his fingers slips so easily. You’re soaking wet. You sigh and raise your trembling hand to slip it in his wet hair while you put your mouth on his neck, sucking his sensitive skin just the way he likes. Taehyung lets a slight grunt out, tightening his embrace around your waist. He begins to slide his two fingers towards your entrance, taking your breath away. Suddenly, the door opens, making you both gasp. You violently turn your head towards it and jump even more when you see Jimin’s face. Jimin startles and screams as he immediately hides his eyes behind his hands, bursting with laughter. Tae doesn’t move, his hand still between your thighs, his arm holding you firmly against him, his eyes riveted on Jimin who can’t stop laughing, embarrassed as fuck while he slams the door behind him on his way out. Through the door, he starts shouting (without ceasing to laugh, tho) « I’M SO SORRY I THOUGHT YOU WERE ALONE ! I DIDN’T SEE YOU, OKAY ? SORRY TAE ! SORRY Y/N ! ». This idiot simply just informed the entire dorm that you & Tae were doing dirty things in the shower. You sigh of exasperation and Taehyung finally turns his eyes towards you, smiling stupidly. Seeing his dumb face, you start laughing. He doesn’t take long to follow you, embarrassed but finding it too funny not to laugh.


When Jin tells you he’s going to take a shower, all the attention you have to your book fades away to focus on the charming prospect of joining your boyfriend in the shower. Your smile must be fairly explicit as Jin grins. « I don’t know what you’re thinking about but forget it. All the boys are in the dorm and you’re always too loud. » You’re dying to reply that it’s HIM that’s always too loud but you hold it back. You want him too much to spoil everything. You get closer while he takes some clean clothes and hug him from behind, your arms around his waist. Jin smiles but sighs, his head slightly swung back. « Jagi, it’s useless… There’s no way you’ll come with me, okay? » Ten minutes later, you press your hands against the shower wall, holding a long moan as Jin increases the rhythm of his thrusts. His fingers are deeply embedded in your hips, promising you more bruises than before. He slightly slows down to kiss your shoulder and neck, his jerky breath against your wet skin making you shiver. When Jin moves away to thrust deeper and rougher, you arch your back more, feeling the delicious sensation of your breasts moving and shaking with each of his thrusts. Jin holds back his moans which turn into light grunts. The pressure becomes higher in your lower stomach. You have more and more trouble to breath. When you open your mouth to tell Jin you’re gonna cum, you hear his whisper « I… I’m close, babe… » You bite your lips and grab his hand on your hip, showing him that you’re also close to your high. Jin is about to speed up when Namjoon’s voice is heard behind the door. « Jin Hyung ? I need to take my… » The door opens, Namjoon looks at you and jumps violently as Jin begin to scream. You also scream, frightened by Jin’ scream, and Namjoon gets even more scared. He bumps into the cabinet hanging on the wall and drops all its content. Everything is smashed on the ground in an impressive crash while Namjoon desperately tries to catch them before they fall. In vain, of course. It’s even worse when he breaks the cabinet’s door. You & Jin look at him with your eyes wide open, as if hiding yourselves had become less important than the eternal distress of the God of destruction. You even feel sorry for Joonie. Apparently, Jin doesn’t share your compassion and starts shouting : « YAH ! WHAT ARE YOU DOING ? JUST GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE ! » Namjoon covers his eyes with his hand and rushes his way out, constantly repeating « I’m so sorry. » Once out, you hear him saying that he’s sorry again but this brief moment of despair is spoiled by Jungkook’s silly laugh who just understood what happened and doesn’t hesitate to make fun of his Hyung.


You enter the bathroom to brush your teeth before going to sleep. Hoseok is showering but he doesn’t mind if you’re here. Your eyes stops on Hobi’s reflexion in the mirror. Through the fog, you only see his back and his cute ass, but it’s enough to wake the butterflies in your lower stomach. As you wipe your mouth with the towel, Hoseok turns around to get the water on his chest again. He doesn’t look at you, focusing on what he’s doing. You turn around too, biting your lips as the view gets even better. His glowing honey skin, his toned chest and arms, his beautiful hands with his long fingers, his strong thighs, his tasty tummy… And his fucking amazing cock, just right in front of your eyes. God damn, you’re horny as fuck. You bite your lips even more and take off your top. It’s only when you get rid of you your shorts that Hoseok finally looks at you. You smirk at his questioning look and continue to strip. « What are you doing ? » You throw your panties away and open the shower cabin. Hoseok finally smiles, his eyes going down on your body like it was the first time he saw you. He pulls you against him and strokes your neck, the water running down your body, just between your boobs. Hoseok looks at them with his lower lip between his teeth. Hoseok presses you against him and kisses you slowly, increasing the tension between your bodies. His hands goes up to your breasts, his thumbs rubbing your nipples to make you sigh against his mouth. You feel his hardness growing against your thigh and you smirk, feeling the tingles in your lower stomach. Hoseok is now caressing your boobs with his strong hands, making you rub your thighs one against the other. You break the kiss and, your mouth still against his mouth, you turn off the water. You bite his lower lip and slowly kneel in front of him. His hand never leaves your hair, a playful smile on his lips. Hoseok is more than ready for your mouth. You lick your lips at the view of his erected member dressed in front of your eyes. You put your hands on his waist and get closer to kiss the skin just below his belly button. Hoseok strokes your hair, a shiver running down his spine. Suddenly, someone knocks on the door. Taehyung, his tired eyes almost closed, mumbles « I’m borrowing your tooth path, Hyung… » and gets in front of the mirror, ready to brush his teeth. You slowly straighten up, not knowing if you can even breath. Hoseok puts his arms around you and presses you against him, trying to hide your body, but mostly trying not to attract Tae’s attention. Obviously, you’re both suspicious as fuck. When Taehyung realizes he’s not hearing any water flowing, he looks at the shower cabin and opens his mouth, his eyes wide opens in shock. Nobody says a word, nobody makes a sound. Taehyung spits in the sink, his eyes still on you, then walks towards the door to get out of the bathroom. You don’t know how long you stay silent but Hoseok finally whispers « What the fuck just happened ? » You look at him, still a bit shocked by the fact that Tae just saw you naked. With Hoseok. In the fucking shower.


When you see Yoongi’s amused smile when you ask him if you can join him in the shower, you have a hard time hiding your mischievous smile. As you quickly undress in the bathroom, Yoongi gives you a serious look. « We don’t have time to do stupid things & the kids are all here. So let’s keep it quick, fluffy and cute, okay ? » You don’t say anything and just nod innocently, unable to promise anything. He comes in first and you follow him closely, closing the cabin’s door behind you. Yoongi takes the shower head and runs the warm water, starting to wet your shoulders as soon as it’s hot enough. You get closer to him, asking for a kiss that he offers you very willingly, his cute little smile making you melt. While he runs the water on him, you take the shower gel and the bath flower and start to lather everything. Yoongi turns around so you can wash his back. You giggle when you hear his little satisfied grunts and his little moves to show you where he wants you to go. Yoongi puts the shower head on his support and shivers when he feels the hot water slipping down his back. As you pass your hands over his shoulders and his arms, you lose yourself in the contemplation of his broad shoulders. You bite your lip, raising your eyes to look at his delicious neck. You press your body to his, your arms passing around his waist to hug him tight. You kiss his shoulder, licking the water’s drops that pearl on his skin. Yoongi sighs lightly, not realizing yet that you don’t intend to keep it cute. You stroke his chest, the moss flowing between your fingers, his wet skin slipping like silk. When you lower your hand and get closer to his cock, Yoongi startles and opens his mouth to protest. His words remain stuck in his throat when you begin to caress him gently. He’s not ready yet but you know how to get him horny in a few seconds. You lick his neck, moaning against his ear. Yoongi’s fingers clenches on your wrists, wanting to stop you and yet unable to do anything whenever your hands strokes him that way. It doesn’t take much time before his member gets fully erected, making you smirk against his shoulder. You bite him a bit harder than usual when you increase the pressure and begin to jerk him off, earning a long hiss from your boyfriend. « Stop… » You raise an eyebrow, slowing down the rhythm of your movements without releasing the pressure of your fingers around him. You whisper « What ? » against his ear before sliding your tongue along his neck and then his shoulder to finally kiss him just between his shoulder blades. You slide your hand to the tip of his member, spreading the precum so slowly that Yoongi groans. Your other hand grabs his balls while you ask again, a smirk on your lips : « What did you say, babe ? » Yoongi grips your wrist and lower his hand to mingle with your fingers. He whines « Faster » and you don’t waste time teasing him. You jerk him off fast and intensely, tearing soft moans from his pretty mouth. That’s when you hear the door open. You turn around, bodies still pressed to each other, seeing Jungkook who doesn’t stay more than three seconds in the bathroom, jumping as soon as he sees you. He closes the door behind him and shouts « Sorry, Suga Hyung ! » He stays in front of the door, his famous Jungshook face on. You’re so stunned that you don’t feel that Yoongi is turning around. You gasp when he make you arch your back with one hand while his leg pulls away yours. You cling to the wall, feeling his hands firmly grasping your hips. Yoongi thrusts softly but deeply, not seeming to be affected by Jungkook’s surprise visit.


You enter the bathroom, quickly pulls out your clothes and enters the shower, in need to feel the warm water running on your skin. You run the water and start to wash yourself, closing your eyes when you smell the the sweet peachy fragrance of your shower gel. Suddenly, you hear a light noise, like a fabric when it falls to the ground, and quickly turn back. Your scream is stifled by Jimin’s hand. He sticks to you, completely naked and hard as wood. He smiles mischievously, waiting for your heart to calm down a bit. Once he’s sure you’re not going to make a noise, he pulls out his hand and bites his lip, putting his hands in the bottom of your back, pressing you even more against him. The water falls between you two, just where your breasts rub against his chest. Jimin makes you step back a bit and kisses you sensually, a playful smile on his mouth. You love it when he’s in this mood but this time you can be caught at any time… Jimin knows it, but you low-key think he loves it. With a small smile, he leans down to grab your nipple between his teeth, snatching a sigh from you. You cling to his shoulders, your head leaning back, feeling your arousal warming your lower abdomen. Jimin kneels down and looks up at you as he kisses your belly. You hold back a moan, pressing your thighs against each other. He has vice in his eyes and he knows very well that it drives you crazy. You put your hand through his wet hair, watching him spread your thighs to have full access to your dripping core. Jimin grips your butt, almost a little too hard, but he knows that you like it. You grin while biting your lip, encouraging him to continue. Without leaving your eyes, Jimin shamelessly sticks out his tongue and passes it very slowly against your slit. His fucking smirk… You sigh and clench your fingers in his hair, already in need for him to eat you feverishly. But you know Jimin likes to make you dripping wet before he starts to do anything to you. For the first time, you are mistaken. Big time. Without warning, he spreads your folds with his skilled tongue stroke and grab your clit with his plumped lips. You let go a very salty curse, arching your back under the effect of this sudden pleasure. Jimin places your leg on his shoulder, giving him a royal access to your burning pussy. His face disappears between your thighs to devour you like crazy, moaning as if you were the best dessert in the world. You have to press your hand against your mouth, tears rising to your eyes. What he does to you is not human. His tongue keeps constant pressure, causing waves of thrilling throughout your body, almost becoming vibrations that take your breath away. You moan louder, unable to hold you back, and then sees Jin enter the bathroom. You shout, much more louder, which makes Jin screams. He sees you two in the shower and starts screaming louder before slamming the door as he gets out. Jimin hides his face against your thigh, feeling more ashamed than ever. He begins to whine « Oh my God… Jin-Hyung saw us… » You stroke his hair, still in shock, but mostly frustrated. Jimin looks up at you as if he had read your thoughts and gently asks, his mischievous smile rising on his lips « Are you frustrated, Jagi ?» You don’t answer, knowing well that he knows the answer. In the end, it amuses him and makes him forget his shame to have been caught by his Hyung. He giggles and rolls his tongue against your clit, ready to make you cum in his mouth.


Even when the water begins to flow on your skin, you have a hard time emerging from sleep. Your eyes close on their own and you can’t concentrate very well on what you’re doing. You wet your face which wakes you a little more. You even start to softly sing as you wash yourself. As you rinse, you hear your boyfriend’ sleepy voice : « Y/N ? ». You call him quietly and smile when you see him close the door behind him. He remains motionless to look at you thought his mid-close eyes, arms along his body, his cute messy hair making you melt. You know he hates to wake up with you not being next to him, but you have a very important meeting and you didn’t want to wake up this little cutie. You don’t have time to tell him that you’re almost done, Jungkook begins to undress. You laugh as you watch him joins you, his eyes barely more open than before. You open your arms to pass them around his neck and smile when Jungkook sticks to you, his arms around your waist. He lets out a cute moan when the warm water flows against his back. You lay a series of kisses on his neck and shoulder, gathering satisfied grunts from him. You fingers wanders on his muscular body, enjoying the warmness of his skin. You feel his morning wood against your bare skin and smirk, getting kinda turned on. It’s crazy how this boy can get you horny, even when he hasn’t even fully woke up. Slowly, one of your hands goes down to grab his cock while you whisper in his ear : « Hello, baby boy… ». Jungkook chuckles so softly it’s like a breath and hisses when your fingers begin to slide on his length. Without you expecting it, Jungkook raises you up like a feather and thrusts into you so easily you gasp. You can’t hold a long moan against his ear, your legs wrapping around his waist. Jungkook rests his head on the crook of your neck, holding you firmly against him as he slowly fucks you. You don’t know where this morning strength comes from, but you couldn’t care less. You stroke his hair, moaning against his ear, just the way he likes it. Suddenly, you hear a strange noise, like someone choked, and you turn slowly. You barely have time to see Hoseok, with his hand on his heart and his messy hair, rushing out of the bathroom, slamming the door behind him. You grin and turn your gaze towards Jungkook who doesn’t seems to understand. « W-Whaaat…? » When you tell him that Hoseok has just caught you two fucking, he hides his head in your neck and whines : « Hyung will never forget it… Never… »

Too Good

Request from anon for a Jax x Reader using the following prompts:

#113 - “I prefer blondes.”

#123 - “Oh, did I scare you, big boy?”

Originally posted by journeyslegend

You pause outside Jax’s apartment door, your fist hovering over the wood. “Oh, is that a promise?”

“Sure is, big boy.” a female voice responds, a wave of disgust coming over you before you push it down, channelling your humour.

“Oh, Jackie boy.” you sing, bursting into the room, Jax and his half dressed companion scrambling for their clothes as you enjoy the surprise on their faces, a smirk upon your own. “Tables ready.”

“You forget how to knock?” the girl spits rudely, rushing to get dressed as you lean against the door, Jax pulling on his shirt, a hidden grin on his lips.

“Sorry, sweetheart. My mistake.” you reply in a sickly sweet tone, the girl scowling in response as she grabs her heels, throwing you a glare as she scrambles out of the room. “Nice meeting you!”

“Thanks for bursting in like that. I was two minutes away from getting my dick sucked.” Jax says, shrugging on his kutte. You shrug your shoulders, smiling proudly.

“Oh, did I scare you, big boy?“ you reply seductively, Jax raising his eyebrow in response. “I’ll be sure to let the guys know about your new alias.”

“Go ahead, princess. Maybe I’ll let you see if it’s true.” he winks, smirking cockily as he strides past you, your cheeks reddening as you feign repulse.

“No thanks, I don’t plan on getting the clap anytime soon.” You clap your hands together for emphasis, Jax laughing loudly as he heads away from you, flipping the bird as he does so.

The familiar buzz runs through your body as you lean against the wall, Kozik beaming down at you, his eyes slightly glazed from the alcohol. “You’re really beautiful, you know that?”

“You’re really cheesy, you know that?” you tease, him grinning in response, leaning beside you. “But thank you, you’re not so bad yourself.”

He hums, leaning down, his breath tickling at your ear, his delicious scent surrounding you. “Fancy taking this somewhere more private?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” you whisper back, your teeth grazing his ear as he shivers, his hand finding yours as you slip around the corner, following him down the corridor.

His apartment door barely shuts before his lips are on yours, his hands slipping under your ass as he picks you up, squeezing roughly. You moan against his mouth, your fingers pulling at his hair as you wrap your legs around his waist.

He drops you gently onto the bed a moment later, the mattress softening the blow as you sprawl out on the sheets, Kozik crawling over you and connecting his lips back to yours.

“I’ve been thinking about you since I got here.” he mumbles against you, his fingertips running down your sides before he finds the hem of your shirt, pulling upwards to relieve you of the fabric. “How fucking sexy you are, how good you’d look under me.”

“Hope I’m living up to your expectations.” you say, flipping him over expertly, your body straddling his. You pull him up by his shirt roughly, quickly yanking the material upwards, his toned physique coming into view bit by bit.

“Expectations and more.” he whispers, his lips latching onto your neck as you grind your hips onto his hardened crotch, a hiss leaving you as he nibbles teasingly.

A loud pounding stops the two of you, the apartment door flying open seconds later. “Can I borrow your-”

Kozik stands up quickly, placing you down on the ground as Tig looks between the two of you, his mouth parted in disbelief. He opens his mouth to speak, you stopping him before he can.

“Careful what you say, Trager.” you warn, grabbing your shirt off the bed, turning it the right way before putting it on. “We’ll be out in a second.”

Tig chuckles to himself, winking at you and backing out of the room. You turn your gaze to Kozik, him smiling sheepishly, his cheeks slightly pink. “You think he’ll tell anybody about this?”

“Oh, yeah. Get ready to be the center of attention.” you say, smoothing your hair down in the mirror. “See you out there.”

You leave the room swiftly, heading out the back entrance, hoping the cool air might clear your head slightly. You’ve only just lit your cigarette when the door is pushed open, Jax’s eyes finding yours under the dim lights.

“You know, I never thought Kozik would be your type.” he teases, the door slamming shut behind him as he heads over to you, your eyes rolling at the nickname. “Saw you as more of a Juice kinda girl, to be honest.”

“Juice? Nah, I prefer blondes.” you say bravely, holding out your cigarette to Jax as he runs his tongue across his lower lip, a surprised look on his face.

“That so?” You nod in response, admiring the way his lips wrap around the stick, his cheeks hollowing slightly as he inhales. “You gonna be making him a habit?”

You don’t miss the jealously in his words, butterflies fluttering in your stomach in response. Shrugging, you accept the cigarette back. “Not sure. Why?”

“Just asking.” he replies cooly, shoving his hands in his jean pockets before standing beside you, his foot resting against the wall to keep his balance. “Didn’t think you were one for sleeping around.”

“Who says I am?” you snap, not enjoying the judgment in his tone, especially considering he’s slept with about three hundred women. “You’re the last one to be judging me.”

“Not judging. Just trying to understand it, that’s all.” he defends, refusing to meet your eyes as he looks forward. “Did you finish up after Tig disturbed you both?”

“What’s with all the questions, Jax?” you sigh, throwing the nub down and crushing it with your shoe. You stand in front of the blonde, forcing his attention to you. “I’m single, I’m young. What’s the problem?”

“You’re worth more than a fuck, (Y/N).“ You scoff loudly, the alcohol making you more sensitive than usual. Jax huffs, shaking his head and pushing himself off the wall. “You know what? Forget it.”

“Let’s not.” you say, pushing him roughly, his back hitting the brickwork behind him. “So, you’re allowed to fuck whoever you want, yet I’m not?”

“That’s not what I mean.” he stops himself, running his hands through his hair in frustration as he tries to find the right words to explain himself.“I just mean-”

“Save it, Jackson. You’re so full of shit, you know that?” You laugh humourlessly, your throat thick with emotion. You turn around, your wrist being grabbed before you can get very far. “Let go of me.”

“Can you stop being so dramatic for two fucking seconds and listen to me?!” he yells, his brows knitted in frustration. You’re taken aback by his tone, your eyes wide as you stare at him, waiting for him to continue.

Sighing, he releases you from his grip, turning around and running his hands through his hair, you silently observing his actions. His expression has softened once he faces you again, though he remains frustrated.

“I sleep around because it’s all I deserve, (Y/N).” You go to disagree, but stops you before you can. “Listen.”

“You’re too good to become some croweater. You deserve to be loved, shown off, showered with affection.”

“Don’t lose yourself trying to be like everybody else.” he says, his words nothing but genuine. “You’re far too good for that.”

You’re not sure what to say, Jax’s words being the kindest, most honest thing he’s probably ever said to you. You step closer to him, leaning forwards to press your lips against his cheek. “Thank you, Jax.”

As you go to move backwards, he turns his head to the side, catching your lips softly with his own. Your eyes are wide in shock as you try to understand what is happening, your body unable to respond.

He pulls away sharply, his expression just as surprised as yours. “Shit, I’m shouldn’t have done that.”

“Kiss me again.” you whisper, a flush creeping up your neck, though you’re too entranced to care. Jax frowns, unable to believe what he’s hearing. “Kiss me again, Jax.”

You can see him having an internal battle, both sides fighting a convincing argument. You decide to take matters into your own hands, gripping his kutte in between your fingers and holding him in place, your eyes fluttering shut as you find his mouth with your own.

He relaxes into the kiss straight away, his hands cradling your cheeks as his lips work with yours, featherlight yet passion filled.

You wrap your hand around his wrist as the kiss deepens, the slight breeze forgotten as his kisses warm you up, your body tingling from his touch. His tongue explores your mouth expertly as you submit to him, your mind foggy with nothing but him.

A/N - Wasn’t sure where this was going when I wrote it, but I hope you like how it turned out! Thanks to anon for the request and thank you for all of your support, see you next time! ❤

How BTS Would React to Their S/O Flirting with Another Member

Requests Open!

Request: Hi Raea~ Could you please do the boy’s reactions to their s/o flirting with another member and the punishment that would (or wouldn’t) follow :)


You two were at the album release party, and Jungkook had gone off to grab you drinks. When he came back, he noticed that Jimin had sat down beside you and was laughing with an arm on the sofa behind you. He took a seat on one of the bar stools a ways away from you and took in the scene, sipping his drink.  

Everything was bothering him, the way you had your legs crossed, the skirt riding up on your thigh, the way you twirled your hair, even the dress you chose that showed off your cleavage. When he saw you playfully put a hand on Jimin’s thigh, he downed your drink too and walked toward you, feeling himself heat up with anger.

Completely ignoring Jimin, he glared at you and said “Party’s over Y/N, we’re going home.” You got up and started walking toward the exit, Jungkook following close behind. As soon as you entered the corridor, you heard the door slam behind you, the sound echoing through the empty hall. Suddenly you were pinned against the wall, wrists above you with your furious boyfriend dangerously close to your face. “You’re such a fucking tease Y/N,” he muttered, cocking his head to the side with a smirk. “I think you need to be reminded of who you belong to.”


You two had gotten into a fight the night before and when Taehyung woke up he found that the bed was empty. Feeling worried, he looked around drowsily, putting on his hoodie and getting up to go look for you. When he walked upto the kitchen he found you, still in your little PJ shorts, standing on a little ladder and searching for something on top of the cupboard. He was startled to find that you weren’t alone. Jin was standing beside you, talking about some new recipe he had found. He was trying, and failing, to avoid looking at your exposed tummy as you reached for the corn starch. “Can you help me get down Jin?,” you asked shyly, arms full of baking supplies. You held onto his shoulder with one hand while coming down and when the ladder wobbled, Jin grabbed you by the waist to stop you from falling. “Thanks,” you said, smiling slyly. 

“Aish, this little shit,” muttered Taeyhung, smirking. 

You suddenly noticed he was there and put down the supplies on the counter. 

“Oh. Good morning.” you said, a bit coldly. “Jin was just helping me set up for the charity bake sale tomorrow.”

“Sure he was,” he said, cocking his head to the side. You didn’t understand why he was smiling, you had assumed he’d be atleast  a little annoyed, but instead he looked cockier than ever. “Well, I’m going back to bed.” he said, taking one last look at you and grinning before turning to go to your room. 

A few hours later, you ventured into the room, covered in flour and tired after a long day of cooking. Taehyung put down his phone and propped himself up by his elbow. “You did all that to tease me, didn’t you Y/N?” He chuckled and motioned for you to come to him. Sighing and thinking about how much you need a shower, you picked up the small towel on the chair and went and sat on his lap, wiping the flour marks off of your face. He took the towel out of your hand and did it for you, lightly running it over your features.  He looked so focused that you weren’t really listening to what he said. “Hm?” you asked drowsily, still following his eyes as they travelled across your face. Suddenly he flipped you over, hands pinned to the bed on either side of your head. “I asked you, did you really think you could get away with that stunt you pulled today?” 

“What are you talki-” you started to mumble, but seeing the way his expression had suddenly changed, you whispered a quiet “No.” 

“Good.” he growled, letting go of your wrists.  “I want to see you, on your knees in the shower, when I get in. Bad behaviour needs punishment.”


He thought having dinner with the boys would be a nice way to introduce you to them, but watching you flirt with Yoongi was not so nice.  He spent the whole night looking over at you two and wishing you’d talk to him instead. As soon as the boys left, he felt relieved, sitting silently on the couch and watching TV. Seeing you walking toward him, he got up to go to your room, not wanting to talk to you for a bit.

“What’s wrong Jin? You were so quiet tonight,” you said with concern, reaching up to loosen his shirt. He took your hand away and avoided looking at your face.

This was different of him since if something was bothering him he always made a big deal about it, yelling playfully, being the meme that he was. You knew you had hurt him tonight. “Jin, I just wanted to get to know your friends, that’s all,” you said. Looking down at you, his eyes darkened, and he started to walk toward you. His eyes, his height and his broad shoulders were suddenly intimidating to you, and you started to retreat until your back hit the wall. “I don’t care what you were doing, tonight, the only thing I want to hear is the sound of my name from your lips.”


Jungkook was the one who came on to you first, putting his arm behind you, and giving you looks that weren’t very innocent. It was incredibly annoying but Yoongi kept his mouth shut and just observed. What annoyed him even more was that you were responding to it, giggling and tucking your hair behind your ear while looking up at him from beneath your eyelashes. He sat beside you, one arm wrapped around your shoulders and turned your face to look at him. “I think you and I both know what you’re doing right now and,” slightly tightening his grip on your chin, he leaned in and whispered “you better watch yourself Y/N or you’re gonna be fucked all night long when we get home.”  


He and you danced together a lot at home, and depending on the mood, it usually turned into something else. So, naturally Jimin loved watching you dance, but not tonight, because you weren’t dancing with him. He watched you move against Taehyung’s body, and seeing the way he was looking at you was making Jimin want to strangle him. He loved you both, Taehyung as his brother who he’d spent over the last 5 years of his life with and you, the love of his life, but what he didn’t want to see was you two together like this. He didn’t say anything right then, he just got himself a drink and sighed.

Back at home, you could tell that something was off so you questioned him while you were taking off your dress to change into your PJs. He came up behind you and pulled down the zipper slowly. “You can only dance like that with me Y/N.” he said, nuzzling his face in the back of your neck. You turned to face him and he walked backwards, his head cocked to the side, never breaking eye contact with you, and sat back on the bed. He played a Weeknd song from his phone and tossed it aside. 

“Dance for me Y/N,” he said in a low voice.

“What, Jimin I don’t know how t-”

“You could do it with him but not with me? he asked, his eyes flashing. You understood how he felt, so you got up and walked up to him slowly. He pulled you onto his lap. “This is going to be a long night babygirl.”


He came back from the bathroom to see you laughing with your head back, hand on Hoseok’s knee. You were leaning in to whisper something in his ear and Hoseok was grinning sheepishly, and suddenly Namjoon  felt a pang of jealousy in his chest.

When the two of you got home, he closed the door behind you quietly and said in a low voice, “Did you have fun tonight Y/N?” 

“Yes i think so,” you whispered back, looking away, knowing that he had seen. He lifted up your chin sharply.

“Oh, it looked like you were having much more fun than that, babygirl.” He smirked when you bit your lip, looking needy. 

“You’re not getting that satisfaction tonight Y/N. Bring me the paddle from our room.” he ordered.

“A paddle? Wha- Oh my god when did you buy a paddle what the hell-” He cut off your words by pushing you against the wall. 

“Do you want a different punishment then? I can think of alot of other things we could be doing.” 

“No, i-I’ll bring it,” you mumbled, finding his heavy gaze arousing. 

“Go. I want you across my lap in five minutes.”

When you started to leave, he grabbed you by the waist, and whispered into the nape of your neck. “You’re getting a spanking for every time his name left your mouth, I hope you’re ready Y/N.” He let go and you stood there thinking about how much you liked it when he got like this.


“Why won’t you talk to me Hobi?” you asked running up to him as he walked faster to move in front of you. To be honest you kinda knew why. Namjoon had been with you all evening, and you had let him, slightly ignoring Hoseok. You two were walking to your car, having left the party early per his request. Wanting to break the silence, you said playfully, “Wow why did we park so far away from the others, there’s literally no one here, it’s like an abandoned lot or something, God we’ve been walking for more than half an hour I-” You stopped rambling, when you heard him pull in a sharp breath. “Y/N I know you feel guilty and that’s why you’re mumbling so much, but I swear to god if you don’t stop trying to console me I’m going to bend you over this car and fuck you right here.” You stared at him and rubbed the back of your neck, trying to understand what he was thinking as he scanned you with his eyes. “Oh fuck this,” he growled, hitching up your skirt as he pulled you closer to him. “I don’t think your punishment can wait.”

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He Already Noticed You

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Part 1 (It’s not really that necessary to read it to understand what’s going on); Part 2

Kim Jongdae (Chen) x Reader feat. BTS

Summary: Your parents gave you up so you had no choice but to become his wife.

Genre: Mafia AU

Word count: 1,914

Originally posted by sooranghaes

“We’re going to a party.” he said taking your hand and guiding you downstairs. “No questions for now.”

He took you down the hall through a long corridor, lined with many doors when you two stopped by one of them. He turned the handle and went inside, you followed after him. It was a spacious room, similar to the one you have been staying at for the last month and you realized it’s probably his.

“Here.” he said handing you a white box wrapped with a blue ribbon.

“What’s this?”

“Open it.”

You carefully untangled the ribbon and lifted the cover.

“Is this?” you asked taking a midnight blue colored dress out. It had pretty flower laces on it.

“Do you like it?” he looked at you hopefully.

“It’s beautiful but… But I can’t take it.”

“You have to. I need you to get ready.”


“You still ask me why? You’re my wife, of course I’m taking you.” he said. “But no more questions for now, I will explain everything to you when we get there.”

You took the dress and looked around. He seemed to notice your confusion.

“You can change here.” he said. “You have got nothing to hide, I had already seen you half naked.”

Your eyes widened at his statement, you could feel your cheeks flushing.

“I’m just teasing you.” he laughed. “You can use the bathroom.” he said pointing to the door behind him. “Or do you need any help with that?” he winked.

“No thank you.” you said, quickly rushing past him and closing the door as soon as you were in. You sighed. It looks like his flirting will never stop. The bathroom was large and you had a lot of space and everything needed to get ready. You decided to start with your makeup. It seemed ages since you had anything on because why bother, you didn’t need anything staying in the same place for so long. You let your hair down and slipped the dress on. To your surprise it fitted perfectly, it ended just a little bit above your knees. How did he know your size? An image of him measuring you in your sleep crossed your mind but you quickly brushed it off. What the hell are you thinking? You put the high heels on and went to the door but found yourself reluctant to go out.

“Come on, I don’t bite.” you heard Jongdae laugh. You finally stepped out and saw him staring at you, his mouth agape. You spun around.

“Like what you see?” it was your time to tease him.

“Do I?” he smirked but you couldn’t deny that he looked just as stunning. He wore suits all the time but somehow this one looked extremely good on him, one of the reasons being that you two matched. You eyed him from the bottom up when you noticed him struggling with his tie.

“Let me.” you said approaching him.

“It’s funny isn’t it? I have been wearing suits for so long but somehow never get this part right, that’s why I prefer to have none on at all.”

“No worries.” you said fixing it for him. “Now you have me to do it for you.” you said and then realized what you just blurted out. Still holding onto his tie, you looked up, your cheeks burning. You met his gaze and couldn’t help but give him a smile which he returned.

“All done.” you said letting go of him. You two stood there not saying anything just looking at each other.

“You know I-” he was the first to speak when a knock on the door interrupted him.

“Boss? Are you ready? The car is here.” a man spoke from the door.

“Yes, thank you, we will be right out.” he told him and turned to you, before you had the chance to ask him what he wanted to say, linking your arm with his. “Let’s go.”

He took you to the main hall where two other men were waiting. They also had fancy suits on and you could tell just by their appearance that they weren’t simple henchmen. The younger looking one of the two approached you. He took your hand and gently pecked it.

“Nice to finally meet you.” you were so surprised by his action that the only thing that snapped you out of it was Jongdae’s low voice.

“Sehun.” you looked at him and saw that he was staring daggers at him. You haven’t seen him this angry since the first day you got here. You’re happy that at least now you’re not the one receiving that death stare.

“Whoa whoa, no need to get so jealous, I was just greeting her.

“I swear, if you ever do something like this-“

“Nice to meet you, I’m Suho.” the other man shaked your hand, stopping the two before they did something.

You only managed to utter a quiet hello when Jongdae took you outside.

“Those two will also attend the party, so if anything happens and I’m not around, you should go to them.” he said opening the car’s door for you and getting into to driver’s seat himself. He turned around to check if the others got to their cars and started the engine. You haven’t been outside for so long that going for a ride now felt really strange and it wasn’t before long that you reached your destination. You were expecting something fancy but definitely not this. The party was literally being held at a mansion and you were in awe by all the luxury. Jongdae helped you out and guided you to the entrance greeting everyone politely as they passed by.

“Now listen to me very carefully.” he told you, handing the invitation to the porter who opened the door to you two. There were already hundreds of people inside but he took you to one of the corners near the bar.

“I need you to do me a little task.” he said. “I have some business to take care of in here and I need you to distract a certain someone for me.”

“What? No I can’t.”

“You can do it.” he said squeezing your hands. “And after that we can enjoy the party.” he was about to go when you stopped him.

“And you’re leaving just like that?” you asked him. “How do I even know how to find him?”

“No need to worry about that.” he said glancing at the balcony. “He already noticed you.”

You looked up and saw a man staring at you from above. He raised his glass and smiled before turning around.

“Take care of this.” Jongdae said putting a silver necklace around your neck. “It will help me find you, in case you run into any trouble.” he smiled and kissed your forehead. “See you later.”

You watched his figure disappear in the large crowd of people. You looked at the little pendant, the nice shade of blue somehow calmed you down. You decided to go get a drink.

“This one is on me.” somebody said behind you. You turned around and saw the man from the balcony. He had sweet orange colored hair and his eyes were deep and it felt like he was staring into your soul.

“Thank you.” you stuttered. You didn’t want to look so nervous but you couldn’t help it.

“So I see you’re familiar with Chen.”

“Chen?” you wondered but then quickly realized he’s probably talking about Jongdae, you had no idea he had other identities or rather names. You thought for a second if you should tell him the truth or lie and decided to go with the latter if it means stalling him longer.

“Not really, no.” you sipped your drink. “He just offered to buy me a drink but I didn’t feel like going with him.” you lied.

“I see…” he cooed. “So I should probably feel honoured, as you accepted mine.” he smirked.

“I guess you should.” you chuckled.

“I’m Jimin by the way.” he finally introduced himself. “Another?” he asked pointing at your empty glass.”

You two were talking about nothing in particular and maybe it was his charming looks but you didn’t notice how fast time went by until you looked at the clock. Two hours had already passed, where is Jongdae?

“May I?” Jimin said taking your hand and guiding you to the dance floor. He put his hand on your waist and started spinning along to the slow music. You looked to your side and noticed Suho watching you closely, if Jongdae finds out about this, you’re sure he will not be pleased.

“I think you’re not being completely honest with me.” Jimin whispered into your ear. “What other secrets do you have?”

“If you’re willing to take me somewhere more private, I might tell you.” you said, deciding that it would be better if Suho didn’t see your interactions with him. He took you upstairs to the roof. A lovely view of the city could be seen from above. Jimin stood near you.

“This better be worth it.” he laughed. “I missed a very important meeting because of you.” you looked at him, trying to come up with some kind of story but you were obviously taking too long.

“I caught you red handed, didn’t I?” he asked cornering you between the massive windows and his body. “It’s not very nice to lie to people you just met.” he said leaning closer. “Now what can you do to fix your mistake?” he questioned, his face so close you could feel his breath on your skin. He stared into your eyes and you could see he was planning something.

“That’s my wife you’re talking to!” Jongdae shouted kicking the door open. “So you better keep your hands to yourself!”

You were both surprised by his sudden entrance.

“So that’s what it was.” Jimin cooed. “How scary.” he scoffed still not letting you go.

Jongdae took his gun out and pointed it at him.

“Get your hands off her. Don’t make me repeat it.”

“Do you really want to start a fight here?” he asked as his men began appearing from the shadows. “This could turn into a war we tried to avoid for so long.”

“Should I feel intimidated right now?” Jongdae laughed as he removed the safety lock from his gun and his men also gathered on the roof. It was a silent stare down as they waited for someone to take the first step.

“I don’t think this is the right place.” Jimin finally said, releasing you. “Till next time, darling.” he said kissing your hand. Jongdae’s men parted to let him through.

“Don’t think I will let this slide.” Jimin said as he passed by him to which he just clenched his teeth. He lowered his gun and came up to you.

“I thought I told you to distract not to seduce him.” he spoke, clearly annoyed.

“I’m… I’m sorry.” you muttered. He just sighed and embraced you.

“You went ahead and got yourself in trouble. Now I will have to keep an even closer eye on you.” he laughed, his playful attitude coming back. “BTS is not the one to be messed with but that’s my Jagi.” he said a wide smile spreading on his face. He turned to his men.

“We are leaving.” he ordered. “This party sucks anyway. I will show you something better.”

~ Part 4 ~

A/N: I like to imagine Jongdae as being the protective type. It’s cute 😁


I found this old oneshot…I don’t know why I haven’t posted it on Tumblr before…this is my third try to post it correctly. The Tumblr App sucks rn! So, sorry I am so short on words. I wrote this fic last summer. I hope you enjoy the shameless bellarke smut that is coming for you xD You can also find it on ao3 (

Enjoy :-)


“We are truly sorry for the trouble Miss Griffin.”

The stewardess apologized for the third time within two minutes. Bellamy was counting. He didn’t look up from his book when the voice of the so called Miss Griffin complained.

“One hour late and then this. I can’t believe it. This is the worst airline I’ve ever flew with!”

“There must have been a technical problem Miss. We are so, so sorry. Please, you can sit first class and you don’t have to pay for anything during the flight.”

“As if I would,” retorted the annoyed woman and Bellamy heard how she slumped into the seat right in front of him. The flight attendant put the luggage into the overhead and apologized for the fifth time, getting a huff as a response before she walked away. Bellamy looked after her, watching her disappear behind the curtain between first class and business. When his eyes flew back onto his book he stopped at the woman in front of him, who was – to be quite honest – really pretty. Even with her exhausted and annoyed facial expression. He watched her closely, recognizing the small birthmark above her lip and slightly sweating skin because it had been almost 97 °F today and it was still humid. Just when his eyes were about to go further down he caught himself and put them back onto his book – Pericles of Athens and the birth of Democracy by Donald Kagan.

Yeah, he still was the history nerd he had been with eighteen!

Bellamy still kept reading, when the stewardess gave the security information a few moments later. He had seen them dozens of times before and was pretty sure how to behave in any case of trouble. The mysterious blonde instead hung on the flight attendant’s lips, when he looked up, which made him guess that this was her first flight or she hadn’t been on many planes before. An amused smile spread over his lips before going back to reading. It didn’t take him long to look up again. The plane was about to start when there was a loud rustle in front of him. The blonde shifted around in her seat, her feet fidgeted nervously up and down, so fast that he could feel it. She bit on her bottom lip and gazed nervously around when she caught him watching her. Bellamy’s brows shot up in a silent question and she stopped immediately.

“Sorry. Nervous flyer.”

“Don’t tell me,” answered Bellamy ironically and turned the book page, but not without checking on the blonde one last time.

The woman seemed to relax as the plane reached its flight level. They had been through rain clouds and an airhole which made her gasp and Bellamy tried to ignore that this kind of sound went directly to his guts. He cleared his throat as quietly as possible and tried to keep his eyes focused on the pages while she started to bring down her luggage and pulled some things out. He tried so hard not to watch while she was doing it, that he was thinking about her all the time and re-read one line for the third time when the stewardess approached them, asking if they would like something to drink.

“Oh,” started the woman in surprise and again Bellamy reminded him not to think about this sound in another specific and very different situation because damn; he didn’t know her but she was kind of hot! And he was just a guy. A guy who hadn’t had any sex in a long time so he couldn’t hold himself and his thoughts back of going … dirty. The heat crawled up his neck while eavesdropping on her order.

“Do you have some ice tea? With a lemon slice and mint leaf maybe?”

“I’m not sure about the mint leaf but I’ll look. What can I bring you Mister Blake?” Addressed the stewardess Bellamy directly and made him look up.

He gave her a sweet smile before ordering “The usual. A scotch on ice and a small water with gas please.”

“Of course,” smiled the woman back and Bellamy nodded in thanks.

His eyes wandered back to the book, catching the blonde looking at him, which made him smile at her. He flashed her one of his significant smile, which she easily returned before looking back onto her sketchbook. Bellamy kept his eyes on her instead.

He didn’t want to be the creepy stranger who checked out women on public transportation but he couldn’t resist to sneak.

Above the stormy clouds the sun was shining right through the small window, making her blonde hair looking like gold. Like she was wearing a halo. Her skin looked even softer. She had rosy cheeks and her lips were captured between her teeth far too often.

She didn’t notice him watching her. She was too lost in her doings. The blonde crooked her head, eyeing her work before letting her hands fly over the paper, knowing every line she made. Bellamy’s eyes wandered along her hands towards her neck, down to her inviting cleavage and - oh Gosh he was such a creep! His eyes were literally glued on the curves of her breasts, making his thoughts race, when the flight attendant reached them, handing them their drinks.

Bellamy blushed, even though no one and especially not the blonde herself, had been seeing him. Even though he hoped his nervous smile didn’t give him away when the woman in front of him took her drink and sending him a short smile as a toast.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

They landed in Chicago, welcomed by lightning, thunder and pouring rain one and a half hours after departing from Nashville. Bellamy just got up as the rest of the passengers and wanted to grab his luggage when the pilot’s voice filled the cabin, telling them that they had to remain seated because the airport stopped the check-in for everyone because of the storm. They weren’t allowed to leave the plane. A load groan went through the rows and Bellamy dropped back into his seat.

The loudest groan seemed to come from the woman in front of him.

“They can’t be serious. I have a hotel reservation!” She took a look at her watch before stopping one of the stewardesses, “How long do we have to wait in here?”

The woman’s smile was excusing. “Sadly we can’t tell you right now. The pilot has to talk to the manager first. We’ll let you know as soon as we have further information. We have to ask you to remain seated until then. I’m sorry.”

“Awesome,” spat the woman sarcastically when the attendant was gone, falling back into her seat.

Bellamy watched her before looking out of the window. He could barely see anything. They were in the middle of the tarmac, somewhere, and just the bolts lightened up the darkness. He rubbed his forehead. Gladly he didn’t have to get into any hotel but he was awake for more than sixteen hours now. All he wanted was to go to bed.

“Well,” started Bellamy shortly and turned towards the blonde, “looks like we’ve got some time to kill. I’m Bellamy.” He held out his hand, a charming smile on his lips.

The woman returned it immediately and shook his hand – her own couldn’t even close around his completely because it was too small – “Clarke.”

“So, Clarke what brings you to Chicago?”

“Wizard World Comic Con,” she said proudly and without any hesitation. She got an excited look on her face, returning Bellamy’s question onto him.

“I live here.”

“What did you do in Nashville then?”

“Visiting my mom. She still lives there. You?”

“Oh that’s sweet,” smiled Clarke and made Bellamy’s chest swell a little, “I live there.”

She smiled but shrugged together as a loud thunder rolled through the air. They both looked outside the window, watching the next lightning appear.

“What shitty weather,” mumbled Clarke and sighed loudly and Bellamy remembered that she had some kind of trouble before.

“You had some problem during boarding?”

She rolled her eyes at this, which made him chuckle lowly.

“Believe it or not but this fucking airline overbooked the flight. I bought my ticket six months ago and at the counter they told me that I don’t have any reservation. Can’t you believe that?”

Honestly? He could. Most of the airlines did that but he wouldn’t dare to tell her. He didn’t want to upset her any further. So he just shook his head, “Not really.”

“Oh yeah! I was so pissed. I still am! I mean, not that the plane was an hour too late, nooo. To make my day even better they decided to delete my booking!”

“So usually no first class for you?”

“Oh no. I could never afford it. But this seat wasn’t taken. So I got it as some kind of reparation. Which seems to be my luck now.” She grinned and then winked at him and Bellamy tried not to read too much into it. Maybe she had the same interest in him as he had in her?! Judging by her flirty smile she was flashing him right now – she had!

“Blessing in disguise, huh?”

“Yupp. And you are a regular on this flight or why does the whole crew seem to know you?”

Bellamy chuckled again, “Something like that?”

Then he added, “Like I said before, I visit my mom once in awhile. I’ll help her at her coffee shop and at the child-care. This time I stayed for almost two weeks. So yeah I’m well known.”

Clarke lifted her eyebrows, looking clearly interested in him. “So, part-time barista and nanny, huh?” A grin played around her lips.

Bellamy blushed a little before nodding, “Somehow, yeah.”

“And what are you doing when you are here in Chicago?”

“I’m working at the CME.”


“Chicago Mercantile Exchange.”

Clarke still blinked in confusion.

“I’m a broker,” explained Bellamy and that’s when the penny dropped.

“Oh, oh of course. Exchange, yeah. Sorry. So you’re exchanging what?”

“We are trading natural resources. And what about you?”

Clarke blushed, “I … I’m still looking for a job for myself. Right now I’m working at my best friend’s shop and draw a lot. Nothing really worth living.”

Bellamy opened his mouth to tell her that he didn’t judge her when the stewardess reached them once again, asking if she can get them something to eat.

“Why?” Asked Clarke immediately and the attendant shot her another apologetic look.

“The airport is still closed. We have to remain in here a little longer.”

“What? No way! I have a hotel reservation. We have been stuck in here for almost forty minutes. Why can’t you just let us go?”

“Because it’s an order Miss Griffin. We are truly sorry but right now we aren’t allowed to open the door. It’s for your own safety.”

“So you’ll pay for a new hotel room if I –”

“Like I said Miss Griffin, there is nothing we can do. We have to wait until the storm weakens. So to make the waiting as pleasant as possible – can I bring you something to drink or eat?”

The blonde woman opened her mouth, probably for another lash out, so that was the moment Bellamy interfered. He smiled gently at the stewardess because she wasn’t the one to blame for this situation. No one was.

“Would you be so kind to bring us some champagne, please? And maybe a few noshes?”

“Absolutely”, returned the woman with a thankful smile and disappeared behind the curtain, while Clarke was giving him a dark glance.

“You know she had been talking to me right?”

“Yeah, but she isn’t the one to blame for this situation, so you can keep your shit together and be more kind.” Bellamy put Clarke into her place, which made her scoff loudly.

“I’m not one of your mother’s children!”

“Then stop acting like one.”

Clarke glanced darkly at him before grabbing her phone, getting up and mumbling that she needed to make a phone call. When she disappeared Bellamy punched himself against his forehead. He didn’t have any right to talk to Clarke like that. She was upset, just like everyone. It wasn’t like she could go home just like him. She had a hotel reservation, which might cause some problems if they got stuck in here much longer.

After a few moments the food and drinks were brought to their table before Clarke returned, a pissed look on her face but Bellamy decided to talk to her anyway.

“Sorry about earlier,” he started but the blonde didn’t seem to give a damn about it. Bellamy sighed. “No luck with the hotel?”

She grabbed her glass of champagne and emptied it in one gulp.

“So I guess that is a no,” mumbled Bellamy and took a sip from his own glass.

“No. They told me I have to check-in within the next hour. Otherwise my reservation is invalid. And judging by the weather it doesn’t look like I’ll make it!” She sighed desperately.

Bellamy offered her a gentle smile. “I’m sure you’ll be fine. There are a few hotels here in Chicago. You’ll find another one.”

“Hopefully one where I can afford a room … otherwise you’re stuck with me.” The flirty grin was back on her lips. Her brows wiggled and Bellamy looked at her in amused confusion.

“Stuck with you?” He questioned.

“Oh yeah. I mean you are living here right? Sure you have a room to spare.”

“Well –” He started before being interrupted.

“Or maybe a bed to share,” she added cheeky and made Bellamy chuckle. His mind was starting to picture her in his bed already, naked, while he tried to not letting let it show on his face.

“What makes you think I have a bed to share?”

Fire glinting in her eyes when she answered, almost nonchalant.

“No ring on your finger, wearing clothes that are screaming ‘I’m a workaholic – which you probably are considering you’re a broker - and don’t have time for anything serious’ and being all flirty with me for the past hour. It doesn’t look like there is someone waiting for you. And I don’t take you for the cheating type of guy.”

Bellamy huffed in surprise. She hit the nail on the head. “Not bad,” he admitted. She clearly had good knowledge of human nature. He licked his lips before confirming her suggestions.

“You are right. But I’m not sure if I want to share my apartment with a stranger.”

Of course he would. Especially with someone as hot and interested as Clarke. It wasn’t like he never had a one night stand before. Like Clarke said earlier, it was what he was doing all the time.

“Stranger?” She echoed in shock. “We have been stuck in here for a little over an hour now. I wouldn’t call us strangers anymore Bellamy.”

A hot shiver ran down his spine right to his cock at the sound of his name. It was the first time she said it and his name never sounded sweeter. He grinned, locking his eyes with hers, feeling the tension building up while they got another glass of champagne.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

They got stuck in the plane for three hours in whole.

Bellamy learned that Clarke was an only-child. That Wells Jaha was her best friend and that she had a cat named Molly when she was a kid. Her favorite color was green, she got a scar on her right knee because she fell from a horse when she was nine and she was a big fan of The Big Bang Theory and True Bloods which were the main reasons for visiting the convention.

In return Bellamy told her about his sister Octavia, his two best friends Murphy (who was a former soldier and now one of the best trauma surgeons in Illinois) and Miller (who worked for the government). They talked about their hobbies when Clarke asked him if he had been on a convention at least once in his life. No need to say that she was shocked when he answered with “No”.

“And you are a groupie who’s stalking her favorites through the whole country?” Asked Bellamy amused and Clarke stuck out her tongue, mumbling a long “noooo” and blushed – again.

Bellamy started to like the pink color on her cheeks. Imagine it getting darker and darker with every thrust he deepened himself into her.

“So, why are you going then?”

“Because I’m a groupie who’s chasing her favorites,” joked Clarke and added, “And because I’m trying to catch up on the lost time I wasted in a two-year relationship. Now doing what I always wanted to do, you know.”

“Was it that bad?”

Clarke nodded. “Pretty much. But … honestly, I don’t want to talk about it.”

Bellamy just nodded when the pilot was talking through the micro again.

“The airport just started the check-in again. There are nineteen other planes with us so we would like you to remain seated until it’s our turn. We want to apologize one more time for the trouble and thanking you for your understanding and patience. Have a good further travel and good night.”

The passengers were clapping loudly and everyone groaned in relief. Bellamy looked at his phone. It was half past one in the morning. Knowing that Clarke’s reservation was invalid for a little over an hour. He looked at her, a pained expression on her face. She rubbed her forehead and sighed loudly, clearly thinking about where to head to now.

It took them another 30 minutes to get their luggage because of the other nineteen planes’ passengers that were waiting for theirs. The baggage claim was more than crowded and Bellamy arched his back and stretched his arms because of the long sitting. He got his suitcase first and waited for Clarke to get hers. She smiled at him in thanks.

“So,” he started slowly, walking through the exit and glancing at the blonde’s profile, “if you want, you can stay at my place tonight.”

Clarke stopped walking, having big and surprised eyes. “Really?”

“Yeah. I mean, you said it before, we aren’t complete strangers anymore and you don’t look like a murderer or a creepy person to me, even though you are visiting a convention – and I have more than enough room anyway.”

“Wow, oh wow, that is – thank you. That’s so nice.” A big smile appeared on her lips.

“No problem.” His heart definitely didn’t jump at her bright smile. Definitely not. Okay, maybe a little.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

They got out of the taxi 40 minutes later. “500 West Superior Street,” said the driver and Bellamy gave him a huge tip when he paid before heading after Clarke who stood in front of the building, her head in her neck and looking right to the top.

“That’s huge.”

“It’s not even the biggest,” said Bellamy and got their suitcases out of the trunk before leading her inside a warm, shining marble floored foyer.

“Good evening Mister Blake,” greeted Harper the receptionist with a kind and professional smile and Bellamy approached his sister’s friend to greet her while Clarke stopped in the middle of the foyer, looking around. “Hello Harper. Any mail for me?”

“Oh yeah, but your sister got it already.” Her eyes flickered towards Clarke for a split of second, a sassy smile starting to appear on her lips when Bellamy’s brows shot up immediately.

“Don’t you dare to tell Octavia or the others,” he mumbled, looking over his shoulders before watching the brunette biting down her grin.

“I would never,” she said and Bellamy’s mood went down at the realization that Harper wouldn’t listen to him and tell the others that he brought a woman with him anyway.

He groaned. “Don’t you have discretion or something?”

“Am I a lawyer or a doctor?”

His head fell down in resignation. “We just got stuck for three hours in the fucking plane and she has nowhere else to go, okay? Please Harper. I know you’ll tell them anyway but please wait until tomorrow okay? I can’t handle my sister or anyone else tonight.”

He pleaded, which was a sign that he was god damn serious. He was tired as fuck and he just couldn’t handle his sister’s euphoric phone calls and the others teasing messages. It seemed like they had a lot of fun talking about Bellamy’s love life, especially since it had died down after Gina almost eight months ago. He never had brought anyone with him since then. Not that he hadn’t had any sex, he just went to the girl’s apartments to avoid a situation like this. Even though the last sex he had was over three months ago. Not that he was planning on hitting on Clarke … not if she didn’t want to at least. But that wasn’t any other person’s business, so he let out a relieved breath when Harper agreed on staying silent.


“Yeah, just for tonight Blake. Your sister will find out anyway.”

Bellamy rolled his eyes and returned to Clarke, leading her to the elevator. His hand on the small of her back when he pushed her gently into it. Ignoring the heat rushing through his arm into his stomach because of the feeling of her body under his palm. He looked over his shoulder, catching Harper watching them with a bright, knowing grin. He stopped himself from groaning and pushed the button 28 instead.

“Living above the others, huh?”

“I like being on the top,” winked Bellamy mischievously and clearly ambiguously.

“Too bad I like it too.”

Bellamy grinned and licked his lips slowly, knowing Clarke’s eyes watching his movement. His eyes flashed over her face and he heard her breath starting to deepen. Her cheeks were still pink, little from the champagne and much more because of the look he was giving her, when the elevator came to a stop and opened with a ping. They stepped out into a corridor which lead to one door.

“Is this the corridor to the door of the Department of Mysteries?” Chuckled Clarke and Bellamy stopped fishing his keys out of his pocket, a frown on his face.


Clarke’s feature slipped. “Department of Mysteries. Harry Potter? Oh, oh my God! Don’t tell me you never saw Harry Potter?!”

Bellamy felt his ears turning red. “Well,” he started but Clarke gasped in shock.

“You can’t be serious. What kind of life are you living? No conventions, no Harry Potter?!” Said Clarke like his inexperience was personally offending her.

“I saw Harry Potter,” defended Bellamy himself, “like – eleven years ago or something?”

It didn’t make it any better.

“Eleven years? So you’ve only seen the first four movies!”

“Does this make me a bad person now or …?”

“No, but kind of weird.”

Bellamy scoffed, “Oh this coming from you.”

“What? Do you think I’m weird?”

He bit his tongue before saying anything too bad. Instead he asked, “Do you want to come in or not?” He slit the key into the lock and opened the door, while Clarke mumbled, “Says the guy who reads a history book for fun.”

Bellamy decided to ignore the comment and stepped inside, hearing Clarke following him, he switched on the light and a “Holy fucking shit” slipped out of Clarke’s mouth. This time Bellamy couldn’t hold back a grin. He closed the door, watching in complete satisfaction while Clarke’s widened eyes flew through the big room, over the wooden floor and back to him.

“Oh my fucking God! Are you kidding me? This, this is your apartment?”

“Penthouse,” corrected Bellamy the blonde, amused and hung his jacket aside before leading her to the open kitchen.

“Penthouse?! Who are you – Richard Gere? Because I definitely feel like Julia Roberts right now. You have seen Pretty Woman, right? Oh God…” She turned around, taking in her surroundings, still in disbelief and shock.

“Of course I’ve seen Pretty Woman,” retorted Bellamy, leaning against a kitchen counter, while Clarke was standing in the middle of the big living area, letting her eyes fly over the windows, looking right outside into the city.

“I fucking can’t believe it,” she breathed, “This living room is bigger than my whole apartment.” Her hands wandered over the couch. “How much square footage do you have?” She came closer, eyeing the kitchen made out of cherry wood.

“Almost 5,000 –”

“5,000 square feet?!” Shrieked Clarke with a high pitched voice and causing pain in Bellamy’s ears.

“For you? This – God! How much do you pay for this?”

Normally Bellamy wouldn’t tell. Not only because you didn’t talk about money but also, and this was the more important reason, he didn’t want to give her a heart attack. He licked his lips, rubbing his neck like he was ashamed and answered anyway,

“Around $10,000.”

To his own surprise Clarke stayed quiet. She blinked. Then,

“What? $10,000 per month?”

“That’s how you usually pay rent, yes.”

“What the he- $10,000 for a place to live? Are you sure you aren’t trading drugs on the exchange?”

That made Bellamy chuckle. “I’m positive yeah.”

She huffed before shaking her head. “This is too much, really. I have to sit down.” She hopped onto the stool at the kitchen island and was still shaking her head. Bellamy eyed her in amusement, his arms crossed over his chest. Watching Clarke rake her hand through her blonde hair, made him imagine that it would be his own doing that. His eyes dropped down, feeling his throat going dry when they reached her breasts, so he cleared it, turning towards the fridge.

“Want something to drink?”

“I thought you haven’t been home the last two weeks.”

“I haven’t. But I’m sure my sister filled up the fridge after taking this place over, so – what do you want?”

“Uhm, I don’t know. A water?”

Bellamy looked over his shoulder, his eyebrows scooting up. “Seriously? Just water? No lemon slice or mint leaf?” He teased and earned himself a stuck out tongue from Clarke.

“Well, what can you offer then?”

He turned around and overviewed the drinks. “Almost everything. Wine, champagne, water, juice, ice tea –”

“Ice tea!”

Bellamy grinned. “Okay, it’s ice tea then.” He grabbed the can and poured her a drink. “Want some cubes?”

Clarke shook her head, “No thank you.” He smiled shortly. She did the same.

Bellamy took a sip, never letting go of Clarke’s eyes while she was doing the same. Which made him gulp even harder. When Clarke put down the glass she licked her lips, making Bellamy tightening his grip around the glass.

“So Bellamy Blake, what’s your story?” She asked interested, leaning forward and giving him an excellent view into her cleavage. It took all his willpower not to look at it (for too long).

“My story?”

“Yeah … I mean, this is huge and it looks like it’s all normal to you. But on the other hand you are visiting your mother and helping her out in her coffee shop, so – what’s your story?”

“Okay, well, it’s not much. My sister and I were raised by my mother. We had less than $800 each month, sometimes even less. So I started working at 16. After finishing school I signed up for the army because of the good money. Then mom started dating a guy named Marcus Kane. He is a pretty good man. One she deserves. I was twenty-four back then. I resigned and started to go to school. Finance. Got a job at Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago for a year and have been working at the exchange for three years now. That’s my story.”

“That’s it? You are working at the exchange and can afford something like this?”

“What should I say – I’m pretty good at what I do.” He winked and a mischievous grin spread over her lips.

“I bet you are.” Clarke said “But seriously – how much do you earn with this?”

Bellamy licked his lips, clearly feeling uncomfortable.

“Okay, okay, I´ll change the question. What was your biggest win and your biggest lost?”

“Ufff … the biggest lost was, I don’t know, $50,000?”

Her eyes widened again but she remained quiet, mouthing $50,000 silently.

“And my biggest win. It was about $80,000.”

“Okay I have to ask you again – how much do you earn? This is unbelievable!”

“Between $18,000 and $30,000.”

“Per month?”

Bellamy nodded, causing Clarke to knock back the rest of her drink at once. That was when he asked her about her story. She had been interrogating him like an FBI agent, so it was only fair to tell him at least as much.

Clarke started to blush again and yeah, he definitely liked it.

“Well,” she wet her lips – not that he kept watching her lips, no -, “my story is quite the opposite. My mother is a CEO of a hospital in Washington and my dad worked for the NSA. So, I’m from Washington D.C. My, uhm, my dad died eight years ago, turning mine and my mom’s world upside down. He died of cancer and it was a really rough time for both of us. I fought with my mother almost every day and it was pretty bad. But, time heals wounds right? We started to get better but I couldn’t stay in D.C. any longer and started to travel through the USA. For the past two years I’ve been living with my best friend Wells and his fiancée Luna in Nashville. He moved there almost three years ago because of Luna and yeah. I never studied, even though I always wanted to. But when my dad died … I don’t know. It changed everything. I still don’t know what I want to do, which is kind of embarrassing because I’m 29 now and, well … I’m still looking for the right, for the perfect job you know? I’m fine with working for Wells but it’s nothing I want to do forever. But I also don’t want my mother’s money, which she always offers me anyway. I mean, I don’t need a fortune for living. I just want to do something I love and be happy. No offense.” She added quickly and Bellamy waved her off, smiling.

“It’s okay. I mean isn’t that what we all want to do? A job that makes us happy? A life that makes us happy?”

“Yeah,” breathed Clarke and let her eyes wandering to the window again. She sighed. “That would be great to find.”

He scanned her profile, watching her teeth burying into her bottom lip. His eyes wandered over her rosy cheeks, along her neck and back to the breasts. He bit his inner cheek, feeling his blood running lower into his pants and the heat upon his neck. So he finished his glass of ice tea and looked at the clock. It was almost three a.m. He rubbed his eyes, tiredness hitting him out of nowhere and he suppressed a yawn.

“When do you have to get up?” He asked and put their empty glasses into the sink.

Clarke scooted out of her thoughts and frowned, thinking.

“Uhm, I don’t know. I have to be at the convention around 9. How long is it to the Hilton Chicago?”

“10 to 15 minutes car drive. Almost half an hour if you take the metro, brown line and purple one,” told Bellamy and added, “But at that time it doesn’t make a difference if you take a taxi or the metro.”

Clarke chewed on her lip, nodding slowly. “Okay, then I’ll have to get up a little before eight I guess. You?”

“In almost three hours?”

“This early?”

“Yeah, I promised Octavia I’d help her with her thesis before heading to work, so – three hours.”

Clarke grimaced and shuddered. “Then we have to get you into bed I guess.”

Bellamy chuckled, “Wouldn’t mind some hours of sleep to be honest.”

That was when Clarke hopped off the stool, Bellamy truly tried not to look at her bouncing breasts, and told him to show her her sleeping place. They didn’t even get out of the living area when she asked him amusingly, “Is there a forbidden corridor or room? You know, just like in the Beauty and the Beast?”

Again her words curled his lips into a smile. What a nerd she was, he liked it. More than he should because they only knew each other for a few hours.

“Even if I had, I’m sure you wouldn’t listen. Just like Belle,” he answered and Clarke punched him lightly into the shoulder. “Wow, at least you have seen the Beauty and the Beast. I’m impressed.”

He looked over his shoulder, his brow’s disappeared behind his curls, “I have seen every Disney classic at least four times, okay? Just because I haven’t seen Harry Potter doesn’t mean I don’t have any knowledge in films.”

Clarke grinned as an answer, just like Octavia used to when she was eight. Bellamy shook his head at this memory and went along the floor in silence.

“So, here is the bath- Clarke?” He turned around, Clarke had disappeared. “Clarke?” Shouted Bellamy and looked around. Where the hell had she disappeared? He went back a little and a heavy gust waved through his hair. He knew immediately where she was. She’d found the terrace. He leaned against the doorframe, watching Clarke facing the city lights, her hands onto the railing. The raining had stopped but was still in the air. He heard her taking a deep breath. His arms were crossed over his chest and he bit his inner cheek, while watching her.

“Enjoying the view?”

Clarke chuckled, looking over her shoulder when she told him,

“I really do hate you Bellamy.”

“Thanks. I appreciate it.”

She rolled her eyes, turning back to the view. “This is unbelievable. The view is amazing.” She mumbled, sounding like she was getting lost into it. Just like Bellamy got lost in watching her.

“It really is,” retorted Bellamy but instead of watching the lightened skyscrapers his eyes were laid down on her blonde curls and the deliciously looking curves which were hid under all these clothes. He licked his lips in hunger, before her question made him look up again.

“So is this your strategy of seduction? Bringing the girls up here and then show them this monster terrace with this kill-worthing view?”

“If my charm isn’t enough, maybe?!”

She grinned over her shoulders.

“Does it work?” He asked interested.

He grabbed his heart in played disappointment and hurt when she shook her head, “Absolutely not.”

“Damn,” sighed Bellamy and made Clarke laugh. It echoed in his ears and in his head, making his heart beat faster, running through his whole body because it sounded like the voice of an angel. He grinned proudly, wanting to make her laugh again. The wind increased, so after a few more moments Clarke turned around and pushed past him. When she did, she was much closer than she had to be. Her breasts almost touching his chest and the small grin on her face told Bellamy that she did it on purpose.

When he showed Clarke the bathroom for a second time she was right there to let out a soft “Wow”, going inside and taking a long look. The bathroom was huge, had a shower and a bathtub in it and –"Is this a flat screen?“ She pointed at the switched off TV on the opposite wall (right in front of the tub).

"No, it’s the queen’s magical mirror from Snow White,” teased Bellamy because it was her own fault, claiming he didn’t know anything about movies. “Will you ever stop?“

Bellamy shook his head. “Nope.”
She rolled her eyes and groaned. “I know you know something about movies.”

He grinned.

"If you want to take a shower tomorrow, the towels are in there.” He pointed at the cabinet next to Clarke, who nodded shortly before the big mosaic picture caught her attention.

While Clarke was scanning the wall, Bellamy couldn’t help himself but watching the blonde’s figure one more time. His eyes trailed up and down, making his jeans get tighter. He appreciated every inch of her body. The curvy legs and hips, the amazing breasts and when his eyes went up her neck towards her face he noticed through the mirror that Clarke had been watching him, watching her. He swallowed, feeling his cheeks heating up because she caught him checking her out! But judging by the fierce look she was giving him she didn’t care. Quite the opposite – she was checking him out through the mirror, licking and biting her bottom lip when her eyes lingered over his forearms, causing his erection to become more visible.

Moments of silence passed by. Moments in which their eyes lingered on one another, none of them saying or doing anything. Not until Clarke faced him, leaning against the marbled basin, pushing her breasts out, more than necessary, making it impossible for him not to look at it. So his eyes slipped to her cleavage for two seconds before reminding himself of look into her eyes but it was too late. She had a knowing grin on her lips,

“Liking what you see?”

His throat was dry, so he swallowed hard, not wanting to give away too much but knowing it was too late when he heard his raspy voice telling her, “Maybe.”

Clarke tipped her head down, almost shyly, then she looked back at him, right into his eyes. She started chewing on her bottom lip again, driving Bellamy wild because that was all he wanted to do himself, capture her lip between his teeth, sucking and making her moan his name.

Without noticing Bellamy stepped closer, his eyes raked over her body while she crooked her head, studying him. He stopped an arm length in front of her, hearing her raked breath. His heart pumped wildly in its ribcage.

“What would you do if I told you that the terrace might have worked?” Asked the blonde in a husky whisper, pitching his stomach because he could hear the want and lust in it.

He licked his lips, his eyes shooting from hers to her lips, lingering there far too long. He put one hand on the basin, starting to cage her between him and the marble.

“I don’t know. Wouldn’t speak for me right?” He answered lowly; setting the other hand on Clarke’s other side and captured her, stepping closer. They were only a few inches apart. So close that their chests almost touched each other during their deep breathing. She bit down on her bottom lip, a little heavier than before, making him groan almost loudly, while looking up into his eyes. He started to drown into the blue, when her hands slowly moved over his chest, causing more heat. He felt her fingers wandering over his shoulders, clapping together behind his neck and started playing with the nape of it.

“That’s true,” she mumbled, never letting go of his eyes. “So, what would you do if I told you that your charm might have worked?”

“Well then,” Bellamy started and closed the remaining space between them, having her body flush against his, letting his hands scoop towards her hips and to the small of her back, making her shudder a little. “I would probably,” his hand lifted her shirt a little, just as much as his hand could slip under it, touching her skin, “just touch you here.” His spread palm wandered to the small of her back, pushing her closer.

“And then what?” Asked Clarke anticipating and eager, letting her own hand disappear into the mop of his hair, scratching her nails over his scalp, getting a deep sound out of the back of his throat.

“Then I would probably kiss you.”

Her eyes shined with fire and lust, dropping to his lips when he remained still. His gaze flickering between the blue of her eyes and the red of her lips.

“What the hell are you waiting for then?” She edged him on.

Bellamy’s jaw clenched, breathing heavily through his nose and almost choking when Clarke pushed hard against his pelvis.

Yeah, what the hell was he waiting for? She couldn’t be more obvious that she was okay with all this. She pushed herself against him, hardening her grab around his neck, almost throwing her breasts into his face, watching him with the biggest eyes he’d have ever seen, smirking in anticipation. Lingering for more.

But he was Bellamy, so he couldn’t just go for it. Instead he asked, “Are you sure?”

That made Clarke roll her eyes and groan in annoyance.

“Just go for it Blake. We both know we want to know how I sound like screaming your god damn name.” Her voice was rough, eyes dark and mischievous.

She leaned forward, their lips almost touching when she mumbled, “Make me scream your name.”

That was what broke Bellamy out of his stillness. He groaned loudly, her words making his dick throb harder in his jeans and he closed the last inch between their lips. Crashing his own hard on hers.

She moaned immediately into his mouth, pulling him closer, sliding her foot over his leg before he grabbed her thighs, lifting her up and sitting her down onto the basin. He felt her feet lock behind him, pushing him further against her center, causing him to moan when his erection pushed hard against her body.

Bellamy’s hand raked over Clarke’s side, cradling her face and letting his fingertips grab her blonde curls. His tongue licked along her lips and the second he felt her mouth open he scooted his tongue inside, earning himself a deliciously sounding groan out of the back of Clarke’s throat when his tongue hit hers. He started feeling dizzy, getting out of breath and the almost painful pressure in his jeans didn’t help either. His left hand wandered down, over Clarke’s shoulder towards her breast, grabbing it with his palm, squeezing it hard and making Clarke saying his name out of breath for the first time.

Heat was taking over his body and he lunged forward, deepening the kiss, pressing his hand harder against her breast, feeling her fingernails sinking into his shoulders, right through his shirt. She pushed her pelvis against his, both moaned impatient. That was when Bellamy pulled away, watching Clarke’s dark eyes, her swollen lips. Their foreheads touched each other and he heard her raked breathing while palming her breast, which she returned in pushing as hard as she could against his cock. They started panting. He swallowed, trying to wet his dry throat. Clarke bit her bottom lip, cheeks turning into a deep red.

Bellamy shot forward, capturing her bottom lip between his, sucking hard and letting his hands raise her shirt. She helped him get it off and his eyes lingered over the freed cleavage, wanting to see more. Wanting more he could touch. But first he put his lips onto her jaw, peppered it with hot open-mouthed kisses, along her neck. He started to bite and suck at is until she groaned loudly, echoing in the bathroom. “Fuck,” she hissed and shoved the few strands of hair out of her face, arching her back against him while Bellamy’s mouth wandered over the curves of her breasts.

His finger pushed the cup of the bra aside so he could take her nipple into his mouth, moaning at the feeling of it against his tongue. His hands gripped her hips hard, sucking at the soft spot of hers, feeling her shuddering underneath him.

Clarke’s left hand leaned against the wall, knocking down his aftershave and the toothpaste when his teeth buried into her nipple, causing her to yell in lust. A smile appeared on Bellamy’s lips because it truly was one of the best sounds he ever heard. Clarke’s right hand raked towards his belt, pulling him closer at first but then fumbling with the buckle. Her nails scratching right into his skin above it, making his erection grow harder.

He let go of her breast, kissing his way upwards to her lips, pushing his tongue against hers again before feeling her hands on the hem of his shirt. She didn’t have to say anything, with one swift movement the shirt was out and Bellamy unclasped her bra, throwing it away. He groaned loudly when her heavy breasts bumped down, her nipples as hard as his crook.

“Fuck,” he muttered and swallowed. “Fuck Clarke,” he started but she lunged forward and pulled him into a fucking delicious and promising kiss. His hands tangled back to her hair, while hers scratched over his skin, making him hiss in pain because her nails burrowed into him. She panted against his mouth, letting her lips wander along his jaw, towards his ear and biting into his earlobe, making his grip harder.

Her open mouthed went along his neck and Bellamy pushed her hair away, giving her neck the same treatment. When she started to bite, so did he. When she licked at his skin, he did the same. He also pushed his erection right against her when she pushed up against him. They both moaned loudly, open mouthed.

“Bed,” whispered Clarke pleadingly and her voice was rough, almost broken.

Bellamy swallowed, nodding hastily. “Yeah.”

He grabbed her thighs and pulled her up, leading her into his bedroom which had a big window in the front (with an excellent view on the city as well, but it seemed like Clarke didn’t really care about it this time).

He let her down on the mattress, crawling above her, pushing her down and kissing along her neck. Her fingers lingered through his curly hair, her moaning driving him wild. He braced himself with one arm next to Clarke’s head while his other hand palming her chest, making her back arch hard against him. She threw her legs around him, pushing him down and swallowed his loud moan with a long kiss.

It took them almost forever to get at each other’s pants. Clarke was the first. Her fingers unbuckled his belt after playing with it and teasing him almost to death. Her feet pushed the jeans down and he sighed in relief when at least the heavy jeans were off of his cock. He let his tongue slip around Clarke’s neck, taking her earlobe right into his mouth before groaning loudly, panting, when he felt her hands pressing over the fabric of his briefs. He heard her chuckle at that and bit down a little harder, making her gasp again.

Then it was him who took off her pants, along with her underwear, though her protests.

“Hey,” she yelled but stopped immediately when his palm rubbed over her inner thigh. Bellamy licked his lips, leaning down again, kissing Clarke and letting his hand wander up and down her thigh but never touching her where she wanted him to. He was teasing her, on purpose.

“Bellamy,” panted Clarke warningly and making his eyes glint in amusement.


“Stop teasing.”

He smirked, putting his lips closely to her left ear, mumbling a rough “I haven’t even started”.

She was about to complain when his fingertips brushed her pussy just so lightly, nothing more like a feather. But it was enough to make her gulp her breath. He grinned and did it again, educing a long “Oh” out of her.

He licked his lips, feeling the heat inside his body watching her falling apart underneath him, without him doing anything but touching her feather lightly, turned him on even more.

“Oh?” He repeated and let his teeth scratch over the skin of her neck, while her fingers clutched into the blanket. “Didn’t you say you wanted to scream my name?”

His finger hovered over her entrance, waiting for her to say it. But instead she opened her eyes, looking at him when she challenged him, “Make me.”

“Nothing easier than this,” gave Bellamy back and Clarke tensed all along when he pressed his finger against her clit, rubbing it slowly. She bit down her bottom lip, like she was holding herself back from saying his name. Bellamy grinned, putting more effort into his doing, pushing a little harder and getting another “Oh” out of her mouth.

“Come on Clarke. Say it, say my name like you wanted to”, said Bellamy with his deep and husky voice, his throat going dry again.

She bit down on her lip again, a grin spreading over her face. Which made Bellamy almost chuckle. That’s when he stopped rubbing at her clit, waiting a few seconds for Clarke, frowning and looking up in question when he pushed his finger inside of her without any warning. Her jaw dropped and a loud, a very loud “Oh God!” filled the room. He felt her wetness around his finger, making him almost get off immediately. He cranked his finger up, pushing harder and making her walls tightened around it. He grunted, burying his face into her neck, telling himself not to move faster because it felt too good.

He added another finger, kissing her neck and taking her nipples back between his teeth. He licked at her, making her shudder and then a loud and almost desperate “Bellamy,” fell from her lips when he added a third finger, thrusting hard into her pussy. Her nails sank into his skin so hard that he knew that the lines would still be there tomorrow. Her walls tightened around his finger when he moved faster, unable to stop himself because her panting, her little “Oh God” and “Yeah, faster, please” making him want to fell over the edge. So he didn’t stop. He pushed harder, faster and swallowing her moan when she came with his mouth, getting goose bumps by feeling her closing around his fingers.

Her jaw clenched and her eyes were shut down when she came down from her orgasm. She swallowed hard and Bellamy smiled, peppering her neck with soft kisses. But instead of waiting for her to calm down he dropped his mouth down her body, over her chest and her stomach, settling right between her legs.

A mischievous grin played on his mouth when he looked upwards, watching her biting on her bottom lip, clearly not ready for another round.

“Just give me a sec,” she mumbled. “I just can’t –”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make you,” promised Bellamy and turned towards her hot and rosy spot. His eyes lingered over her pussy, he licked his lips in anticipation and couldn’t wait to taste her with his mouth.

“No, Bellamy, really I – oooh!”

He had put his mouth onto her, starting with one soft and long stroke. Her legs quivered at the contact, while her hip pushed itself against him. He held her still with his hands, hearing her panting. He took his time before licking her again, then his teeth scratched the inside of her vulva.

“Oh God” Her hands wandered over her stomach right into his hair, tugging and scratching, making him moan against her. The vibration made Clarke sigh his name in return.

He let his tongue move over her clit again and again, starting to suck at it. Her panting getting louder and louder, mixing “Oh God” with “Bellamy” more often and the sound of it reaching right to his cock which was still trapped in his briefs.

Clarke’s body started to shake, she was getting closer. Bellamy sucked harder, pushing his tongue against her pussy and moaning at the sweet sound of his name. His thumb slipped over her clit, rubbing hard circles against it, sucking and licking her as fast and hard as he could, feeling him getting thicker and thicker. Clarke shaking underneath him, tugging at his hair with one hand and grabbing the headboard hard with the other, screaming a loud “Bell…” before falling over the edge.

His heart sped like hell, the throbbing in his briefs was almost too painful at this stage. He swallowed hard, gulping for air as well before crawling upwards Clarke’s body, kissing her. Making her taste herself on his tongue.

“Oh God,” she whispered when she shoved him away because she clearly hadn’t her breath under control again. She swallowed, wiping the sweat from her forehead and squeezing her eyes shut before looking at him. Her cheeks red like hell, her neck and chest flushed from the orgasms he had given her, which filled him with satisfaction.

“I really hate you,” she breathed

Bellamy grinned. “You already said that.” He rolled over to his side, bracing himself at his forearm and running his other hand softly over Clarke’s skin.

They remained silent for a short time, just eyeing and smiling at each other. Then Clarke started biting down on her bottom lip again and Bellamy scooted down pulling it between his own, wanting to make this kiss kind of unchaste and almost innocent but Clarke clearly didn’t share his attention and slipped her hand into his hand before lingering for his tongue, wanting it to follow hers.

A soft smile spread over Bellamy’s lips when he cradled himself above Clarke again, still keeping his mouth on hers when he felt her fingers wandering down to his ass, pulling down his underwear. It was a curse and a blessing at the same time when she took the briefs off and his cock was released. It pumped back hard against him and when Clarke pushed her hip a little upwards she touched the head of his dick with her hot and still wet vadge.

A muffled sound left Bellamy’s mouth at that contact and he cursed a low “Fucking shit” when Clarke did it again.

Bellamy swallowed, feeling the heat crawling through his body and resisted the urge to just push into her, hard and deep. He had to close his eyes for a second to muster all his strength before looking down into the big blue eyes and the almost dirty smirk of Clarke’s. He wet his lips, feeling her foot wandering over his ass, ready to push him down.

“C-Condom first,” he cracked and reached for the cupboard to get one out. He just grabbed one when Clarke’s fingers closed around him and pumped it slowly up and down.

“Oh shit!” Shouted Bellamy and groaned loudly, trying to get back as fast as he could. But Clarke didn’t stop, making his penis pulsing dangerously fast.

“Clarke…” His voice broke away and he gritted through his teeth, “You should stop. O-o-otherwise, oh fuck!” He put his hand around her small wrist, making her stop pumping, holding the condom in the other hand and taking a few deep breaths before telling her,

“You should stop if you want me to go any further.”

Clarke licked her lips, so slowly that it was almost enough to bring him over the edge for good.


She pulled her hand away from his dick and let her fingers wander over his chest and his arms, right to his shoulders when he pulled on the condom and settled himself above her.

He put his forearms besides her head, lowering himself down and entered. Their foreheads were pressed against each other, their eyes were closed when he got deeper and deeper. Inch for inch. Both panting, moaning before Bellamy pulled her into a sweet kiss. He let his mouth caress her lips, slipping his tongue softly against hers, pulling out of her completely, waiting and thrusting back inside as slowly as before.

Her fingernails scratched his skin lightly, legs crossing over his ass, meeting him in his thrusts. He sucked at her bottom lip before kissing her jaw once more, petting her neck and feeling the heat increasing again. Her legs tightened, pulling him closer and keeping him in place. His thrusts didn’t leave her anymore. He braced himself harder against the mattress, letting his right hand wander down over her breast to her leg, adjusting it a little higher so he could thrust deeper into her. His lips and teeth along her soft skin on her neck and shoulder.

With the new angle they both panted faster, moaned louder and Bellamy quickened up at his pace. He bit down at her skin, slinging one arm underneath her back to hold her into place when he buried himself deeper and harder into her. The left had grabbed the headboard.

“Fuck Clarke, I- I can’t hold off any longer,” mumbled Bellamy with all strength he still had, sweat covering his body.

“You don’t have – just – oh, okay – just harder, harder Bellamy!”

She winced, her legs closing around him completely and her hands clutching onto him like a lifeline.

He licked his lips, watching Clarke closing her eyes, her face getting redder and her mouth forming loud and silent “Ohs”.

He paced up one more time, thrusting so hard into her that the bed started to shake. The headboard slammed against the wall and if Bellamy wasn’t about to come he would have worried about the bed braking but right now he couldn’t care less. He held Clarke as close as he could, feeling her walls shutting down around him, screaming his name like a prayer, like a salvation when he felt his dick pulsing hot and fast. He panted into her neck, thrusting deeper and deeper. Groaning a “fuck Clarke” before following her over the edge.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The piercing sound of his alarm woke him mercilessly out of his sleep. With a moan Bellamy switched it off, eyes still closed and his sleep-drunken body fought against waking up. He felt hungover, even though he hadn’t been drinking (that much) yesterday. Bellamy breathed heavily through his nose, pressing the ball of his hands into his closed eyes before forcing himself to open them. He yawned and started to stretch when he looked to his side, facing the sleeping figure of Clarke’s back. Her blonde curls fell over her back, which was barely covered with a blanket. His eyes scooted down to where it disappeared, feeling his cock throbbing again, more in lust than because of the morning erection. He couldn’t help himself but smile a little, cursing his promise to Octavia because otherwise he could have remained in bed, pulling the woman closer and maybe, just maybe, going for another round.

He stayed still for a few seconds before forcing himself out of bed. Before heading to the bathroom he looked over his shoulder, making sure Clarke was still asleep. After a quick shower, which made his muscles relax a little, he went back to the bedroom, finding Clarke on his side of the bed now, burying herself deep into the pillow. The man started to smile at this picture and tiptoed to the drawer, getting dressed before leaving a short note on the cupboard.

If you need a place to crash tonight, call me. 773-555-8955

He resisted the urge to bend down to give her a peck. It was way too crazy anyway, he didn’t have to make it weirder than it already was. So he got out of the bedroom, but not without checking on Clarke one more time, taking her in, hoping that this wouldn’t be the last time he laid his eyes on her and closed the door.

He grabbed his bag and his cell phone which he forgot in his jacket last night and groaned loudly when he saw the four missed calls from Octavia and the 30 messages in their group chat.

Harper [2:54 a.m.]: I can’t keep it to myself any longer. Sorry Bellamy.

Jasper [2:55 a.m.]: What?! oO

Harper [2:55 a.m.]: He brought a girl home.

Miller [2:55 a.m.]: Are you sure?!

Jasper [2:55 a.m.]: o_O

O [2:56 a.m.]: OMG! Don’t screw us Harper!

Harper [2:56 a.m.]: I’m not. It was a blonde beauty. He said they got stuck in the plane for three hours and she had no place to go.

Jasper [2:56 a.m.]: Still: o_O

O [2:57 a.m.]: Blonde beauty huh? That’s new.

Monty [2:58 a.m.]: Thanks to you Jasper is dancing and singing and I’m awake now! -.-

Miller [2:58 a.m.]: What a gentleman…

Harper [2:59 a.m.]: Sorry Monty **hug**

Jasper [3:00 a.m.]: I’m just happy for my friend Bellamy!

O [3:01 a.m.]: It’s still weird that you are dancing Jas! Do you have a picture of her Harper?

Harper [3:01 a.m.]: :-/ No, sorry

Raven [3:21 a.m.]: He brought a girl home? Can’t believe it!

Murphy [3:24 a.m.]: You can’t? Well then come over. I really hate living above you Bellamy!

O [3:24 a.m.]: Try to live with him in the same four walls for almost fourteen years!

Harper [3:25 a.m.]: Should I call him and tell him that there is a complaint? xD

Raven [3:25 a.m.]: He won’t hear it. When Bellamy is doing what he is doing he is doing it pretty good.

O [3:26 a.m.]: Urgh, Raven! It’s my brother!

Raven [3:26 a.m.]: xDDD

Murphy [3:27 a.m.]: He doesn´t have to be this loud. Seriously, I can hear almost everything! I’m scared that they are going to crush through the ceiling any moment!

Miller [3:28 a.m.]: No comment needed!

Jasper [3:30 a.m.]: He needs to let off a lot of pressure considering Gina happened almost eight months ago.

O [3:31 a.m.]: Ok, I’m out now. I don’t really want to think about my brother’s dick!

Monty [3:32 a.m.]: **rofl**

Murphy [3:59 a.m.]: Round three … fuck you Blake!

Jasper [4:01 a.m.]: I think the mysterious blonde is already doing that.

Murphy [4:02 a.m.]: Shut up Jasper!

That’s when the conversation ended. Bellamy groaned, rubbing his forehead and decided that it would be better not to say anything. So he slipped his phone back into his jacket and went outside. Regretting his promise to Octavia even more.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It had been a long day when Bellamy returned to the complex. He was still tired, hadn’t slept more than two hours last night and more than disappointed because he had been watching his cell phone all day and Clarke didn’t contact him. No call, no message from an unknown number. Instead he had to deal with his annoying sister and his friends, getting a sermon from Murphy about keeping it quiet the next time otherwise he would have to kill him and some other, really unimportant things.

He leaned against the elevators wall, his head against the metal and a loud sigh escaping his mouth, eyes shot. It was weird. He shouldn’t be as disappointed as he was just because a woman he just had known for a few hours (and he had amazing sex with) didn’t call him. It was a one night stand. Nothing more. It wasn’t that he wasn’t used to it. It was what he was doing for a long time now, but … he still felt disappointed. With a ping the door opened and Bellamy stepped into the corridor, fumbling his keys out of his pocket without looking up. A smile curled around his lips, hearing her voice in his head when she had asked him last night if this was the corridor to the Department of Mysteries. He chuckled and shook his head, looking up and froze dead in his tracks.

There she was, the blonde beauty, leaning against the wall with a shy smile on her face. “Hey.”

“Hey,” retorted Bellamy and felt his lips curled up. He came closer, still processing that she was standing in front of his door, clearly waiting for him.

“How was your day?” She asked almost nonchalant and Bellamy shrugged, “Okay … how was the con?”

“Okay,” answered Clarke softly. He looked into her eyes, feeling how he was getting lost. He raised his hand, putting it gently against her cheek, caressing his thumb over the soft skin before asking quietly,

“Only okay?”

She nodded, biting her lip shortly before whispering, “Yeah … had to think about you all the time. Which was pretty distracting.”

“Don’t tell me,” he huffed and then leaned down, pulling her into a sweet, chaste and pretty long, slowly kiss, He felt her arms closing around his neck, pulling herself against him and while his right hand cradled deeper into her hair, his left arm slung around her waist. Both started smiling and Bellamy knew that this wouldn’t be the last time he would find Clarke Griffin waiting for him at his door.

Bad Girls Have All The Fun (Harry Hook x Reader - Smut)

You knew you were in trouble the moment you saw them. You were exploring a different side of the Isle of the Lost when you saw a ship that doubled as a restaurant. Intrigued you entered. You walked into Ursula’s Fish & Chips only to regret it instantly. Everyone’s heads snapped up to survey you; a stranger on their turf. They gave you a once over and went back to work. However, Uma did not. She held eye contact with you and you eventually blinked ending the staring contest. Finally, someone broke the silence; “So, what brings you here, darling?” asked a man with a thick Scottish accent. He sounded close, really close. You scanned the room but could not locate the owner of the voice. He spoke again, closer this time; “I asked, what are you doing here?” His voice harsher this time, and right behind you. You spun around on your heels, accidentally whipping him with your thick hair. “I was taking a walk, but I’ll be leaving now.” you uttered carefully, not wanting to cause anymore trouble for yourself.

“That’s right go back to the rats, the ones who’ll be stuck on this island, powerless for the rest of their miserable lives,” chided Uma. “You’re just like the rest of them!“ she spat. “Excuse me? I am not weak!” you bellowed. She jumped out of her chair so fast she knocked it down. She whipped her swords out ready for a fight, her crew not far behind her. “Prove it,” she challenged you. She charged ready to slice your head off with both her blades when someone blocked her swords with a hook. It was her sidekick. “Before you kill her-,” he interjected “-consider this. She could be useful. We need to gather followers. She can help us fight.” Uma took a moment to ponder her first mate’s idea. She seemed to agree slowly nodding her head. “Fine, I won’t kill you. On one condition. You join us in our fight to regain power,” she offered. You thought it over and really didn’t see any drawbacks to her proposal. Finally something that will show the world what you’re capable of. You nodded your head and shook Uma’s hand. Everyone rejoiced and welcomed you to the cause. The last to do so was the first mate. “Welcome aboard, I’m Hook. Harry Hook, and you are?” he inquired with a stunning smile and sparkling blue eyes. “(y/n y/l/n)” you responded nervously. He smiled, that dazzling smile. “I’ll show you to your new room then,” he stated.

He lead you down a few steps in the back of the restaurant, down a corridor, and opened a door. You stepped inside examining its contents. Against the left wall was a double bed with a porthole right above it, a desk stood against the opposite wall, and against the right wall stood a dresser. You heard the door close behind you and you spun around realising that Harry had left. You flopped onto the bed with a sigh. You crawled under the covers and dozed off, deciding that you would go fetch your things at home tomorrow. You drifted off to sleep listening to the sounds of waves crashing against the ship.

Over the past two weeks you had been with the crew you grew really close with Harry. You talked about your parents and complained about them always telling you to be the baddest you can be. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t have a crush on him. He made you laugh which no one had done in a long time. Whenever he told you stories his father had told him as a young boy, you listened intently. You were in love with his accent, and his eyes, and his smile…and everything about him. When he was around you, you always had a smile plastered on your face.

You were currently in your room, listening to Harry tell you a story you were no longer paying attention to. You were preoccupied with gazing into his eyes. He suddenly stopped talking and moved to sit next to you on your bed. “Do you know why I stopped Uma from killing you the day we met?” he asked out of the blue. You thought for a moment and answered; “You needed numbers, you knew that you needed more people to join you in the fight to regain power,” He laughed at your response, which earned him a glare from you. “No, love. It’s because I was intrigued by you. And if I’m being honest, I’ve developed feelings for you over these short few weeks,” he confessed. You were shocked. Did Harry just admit that he had a crush on you? Holy shit! You realised that you’ve been quiet for far too long and spoke; “Well, I sort of have feelings for you too,” you mumbled. He smirked and smashed his lips against yours. Your lips molded together perfectly. The kiss was slow but passionate. Your lips moved together in perfect harmony. He lightly nibbled on your bottom lip asking you for entrance. You decided to tease him and denied him access. He moved his hands down to your butt and squeezed making you moan. He took the opportunity to push his tongue into your mouth and explore it. Your tongues mangled together fighting for dominance. He won, and further explored your mouth. His tongue gently glided over your teeth, and softly brushed against the roof of your mouth, then twisted with yours again.

His lips abandoned yours only to travel down your jaw, and along your neck, leaving butterfly kisses along your jawline and collarbones. He lightly nibbled a spot near the back of your ear making you moan. He smirked against your skin obviously pleased with himself for finding your sweet spot. He sucked on this spot leaving a mark that would be hard to cover in the morning. His fingers tugged at the hem of your shirt wordlessly asking for your permission. You lifted your shirt over your head and took off your bra along with it. Eager to explore the freshly exposed skin he pulled you onto his lap.

You straddled his lap and he immediately attached his lips to one of your breasts, his hand kneading the other. You moaned at his touch gripping onto his shoulders. You slid his red jacket off his shoulders and he took it off along with his shirt. You had to stop yourself from drooling at the sight of his abs. You’d seen them before when he was practicing sword fighting or training new members of the crew how to fight, which he decided to do shirtless. You pushed him down onto the bed and started leaving a trail of open mouthed kisses down his neck and chest, all the way down to the waistband of his pants. You started to grind against his hard dick, drawing deep throaty moans out of him. He slipped his fingers into the waistband of your pants and snapped it. “These…off, now,” he breathed out.

You got up and kicked off your shoes and took off your pants, then got back on the bed, just in time to watch him strip out of his pants. You licked your lips, and with a smirk he asked; “Like what you see, darling?” You only nodded pulling him back onto the bed. He lied down on top of you his elbows at your sides so that he doesn’t crush you with his weight. You wrapped your legs around his waist as he pushed himself against your center. You couldn’t control the moans that escaped your lips. Harry dipped his head down to your breasts and continued down your body leaving sloppy kisses. When he got to the waistband of your panties he pulled them down with his teeth. You kicked them of when they reached your ankles. He pressed a soft kiss against your clit, making you shiver. He pressed kisses up and down your folds making you squirm. He held down your hips and went back to work. He licked a stripe up your folds causing you to breathily moan his name. His tongue delved into your folds and you screamed his name. His tongue started moving faster making the pleasure inside of you build. “Yes, Harry. Just like that. Shit!” you moaned. You buried your hands in his hair tugging slightly which made him moan sending vibrations to your clit. Your orgasm was building and you started to shake, you were so close to the edge but he pulled away. “Not yet, love. I want to feel your tight pussy clenching around my dick,” he whispered. His words sending jolts of pleasure straight to where you needed him the most. He removed his underwear and his dick sprang free. You got even wetter anticipating him inside of you.

He got back on top of you, and positioned himself at your entrance. He slowly pushed in and you both moaned at the immense pleasure you were receiving. He continued to gently push into you until he was in all the way. He pulled back out almost completely and pushed back in. You found a steady rhythm and he started to thrust into you faster each time. He started to pound into you, deep, hitting your g-spot each time. At this point you were screaming his name along with a string of curses. You didn’t care who heard you, it felt too good right now to care. He was slamming into you, both of you nearing your climaxes. “Fuck, (y/n)! You’re so tight!” he growled. His thrusts started getting sloppier indicating that he was close to the edge. “Shit, I’m close, love,” he huffed. “Me too,” you breathed. “Together,” he said and you nodded. He continued to thrust into you, pounding into your g-spot. “Now, love. You can let go,” he groaned. You both came hard screaming each other’s names. He pulled you close as you rode out your highs together. He rolled off of you as you both caught your breath.

When your heart rates returned back to get normal, he pulled you closer. He laughed and you gave him a confused look; “What’s so funny,” you ask. “I guess what they say is true-,” he said with a smile “-bad girls have all the fun.” You giggled and replied; “Yeah, especially with you.”

You fell asleep with your head on his chest listening to his steady heartbeat, feeling content.

Elopement - Jason Todd x Reader

Bullets rang around you as you sprinted down a corridor towards a closing metal door. You dove through, rolling to your feet on the other side. Glancing over your shoulder, you smiled when you saw the men chasing you disappeared behind the closing door. The door sealed behind you.

“I’m in,” you spoke into the comlink as you surveyed the room. Finding a control panel, you attempted to hack the building’s computer system.

A chuckle sounded from the other end of the comlink. “I never doubted you for a second.”

“Sure you didn’t, Lover-boy,” you teased, grinning at the chuckles buzzing in your ear. “How are you doing with the mercenaries?” 

“Oh, we’re having a party out here,” he replied. The faint sound of gunshots echoed through the com. You frowned when you didn’t get another answer.

“Jason?” The panic made your voice crack. Time stopped as you waited for a reply.

“I’m still here, Sweetheart.” You sighed as Jason’s husky voice filled your ear. Even after all this time, your heart still fluttered at the sound. “One of these idiots just shot himself.”

You snickered, finishing your hacking. Sticking a flash drive into the terminal, you started downloading the information. You and Jason had accepted a contract to collect data on Black Mask’s movements through the western part of the United States. The two of you were currently in one of Black Mark’s main warehouses in Las Vegas. “I’ve started the download.”

“Good,” Jason grunted. The sound of a punch came through the com. “I might need your help out here. More mercenaries showed up.”

“I’ll come when I can,” you replied. You hacked into the security cameras to find out where Jason was. When you found him, you winced at the number of new mercenaries attacking Jason. He was holding them off, but you knew he would need your help to take them down. 

The terminal beeped, the download was finished. You took the flash drive out, slipping it safely into your pocket. Taking out your own gun, you shot the terminal to erase your tracks. Once it was destroyed, the sealed door reopened to reveal the men who you had trapped outside. They raised their guns at you.

“Nice to see you again, Boys,” you greeted cheerfully, swinging into action. The men were down in five seconds flat. You sprinted back down the corridor towards a glass window. Shooting out the glass with your gun, you leaped through the window to land a flying kick to one of the mercenaries attacking Jason.

“Hello Sweetheart, it’s nice of you to drop in,” Jason flirted as you joined him in the battle. The two of you fought seamlessly together. 

“I was in the neighborhood,” you mused, punching a mercenary out cold. You flipped over Jason to perform a high kick on another one. 

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BTS - Having a foreign girlfriend who has to return home.

Request: Hi can I request a reaction of bts having a foreigner girlfriend and finding out their girlfriend is leaving back to America forever? Would bts after them? How would they react? Please happy ending. Thank you sooo muchThank you so much for the request!

A/N: So this may of turned out longer than I expected, I wrote two version before this a lot shorter, but tumblr crashed both times, but I’m even more happy with how this turned out :)

Kim Namjoon

You knew that it was all about timing when it came to telling Namjoon that you had to go back home, but this time it wasn’t only for a few days or for a week, it was quite possibly for good and you wasn’t  quite sure on when you would return, or if you’d ever have enough money to giving the money struggles your family were having back home. When you started this relationship, you both accepted the fact that you wouldn’t be able to stay there forever, but when you tried to drop hints recently Namjoon either completely blanked you or changed the subject completely.

The both of you were sat on the couch, cuddled up watching a movie in the comfort of your apartment that you were temporarily renting while you stayed there.

“Namjoon, I have something I need to tell you” you mumbled as you buried your face into his chest. 

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Lovely Boy (Ethan x FemReader) fluff

Originally posted by martziplier98

(( gif not mine - how intense ))

(A/n): the title is all I feel for right now


aaa I’d like to request something for Ethan? like where you’re having a hard time going to sleep & Ethan sings & cuddles ^^

I am sorry I am not sure if your requests are open and if you have something like this, but could you please write something where the reader has a nightmare that sends her into a fit and Ethan sings her to sleep? Sorry and thank you 

Warnings: this is so sappy ew



God it was really cold. Not actually. But that’s what it felt like to you- and you weren’t even conscious. Deep in a clasp of discomfort, your body involuntarily wiggled itself around.

Turning up pillows and thin laying sheets, you were suddenly struck awake all at once.

Crisp sweat coated your forehead and your eyes conveyed immediate disunderstanding.

‘A nightmare.’ you had thought.

They hadn’t frequented you since you were small. Horrid spinal figures prancing around your head was enough to keep you awake, adult or not. A childish dream- that’s what it was.

You chanced your eyes at the digital clock that stood upon your bedside table.


Without you hearing came footsteps in the outside corridor. Your door opened silently and someone pushed themselves within your doorway.

“(Y/n)?” spoke a voice.

It had scared you half to death, flinching violently in your spot upon the small bed. The words had really come from your friend; Ethan.

Seems he was awake as well, due to editing schedules. Ethan was even wearing headphones around his neck as he entered the room. His blue eyes may have matched yours in dull fatigue but they did not offer fear in the same way. They did, however, hold concern.

“Barely.” you mumbled “A goddamn… damn nightmare.”

You thought that he’d laugh, sure of it. But Ethan’s face never flashed amusement- didn’t contort into a wolf grin.

“Really?” he questioned; worried.

Stepping up to your bed noiselessly, Ethan removed his headphones, placing them by your bedside. He sat quaintly on the edge of the furnishment.

“Fancy talking about it?” the male asked, trying to be light.

If you were to speak about it, you were sure sleep wouldn’t come to you again that night. So as a response, you instead shook your head- peering down at your lap sadly.

“Oh…” said Ethan.

He felt a little defeated. The boy wanted to help his friend, but now he didn’t know exactly what else he could do. The both of you were close, out of everyone else that lived with you in the house.

You two were close.

“What if I were to sing to you, then?”

Ethan’s words were usually soft, but in the instance, they were soaked with empathy.

You didn’t even take time to look at him through the darkness. You pushed forth a dry “Okay.”

“Okay…” the boy repeated.

Awkwardly, he shifted on your bed. He wasn’t sure why he was even in your room. He had let himself in, without even asking first. What an idiot. Then he goes about and asks if he can sing to you? It’s two in the morning, I guess, what has he got to lose.

“You are…” he began.

Ethan was really going through with it. Ultimately surprised, your past fear began to spill away, anticipation replacing it.

“You are my sunshine.

My only sunshine.

You make me happy, when skies are grey.

Ethan’s voice sounded coarse at first; unsure. Though either way, it was skillful. Beautiful. Immediately, it lightened your spirits.

“You’ll never know dear,

how much I love you.

Please, don’t take

my sunshine


The blue haired boy then began to hum a bit.

“You’re making me tired again.” you uttered, not fighting heavy eyelids.

You sitting position started to falter, wavering unsteadily for many moments, before eventually landing yourself upon Ethan’s shoulder gently.

Abruptly, his hummed silenced. Charming the darkness with red cheeks, Ethan opened his mouth once more. He let go of a hushed, quiet melody.

“The other night dear,

when I lay sleeping.

I dreamt I held you in my arms.”

Ethan protectively embraced your sleeping form with only one of his arms, the other lay still upon his lap. Afterwards, he sweetly pushed you back down against your soft bed, laying atop of you your duvet.

“When I awoke dear,

I was mistaken.

So I hung, my head…”

Ethan silenced himself for a moment, viewing you in thought. He stood to leave, grabbing his headphone and replacing them around his neck. The boy couldn’t help but smile as he looked back to you just as he reached the doorway.

“So I hung, my head… and cried…” you mumbled dreamily, allowing a sleepy smile to pull upon your lips as you slept.

“Goodnight, my sunshine.” he chuckled.



It’s A Match! [Swipe Right; part two]

a/n: I love you all so very much so I apologise in advance. I’m sorry about the formatting, I had a bit of an issue and I will fix it! Please don’t hate me too much Big thanks as always to the saints that helped me, I won’t name names, just know that I love you with my whole butt. (cause it’s bigger than my heart.) ;) Lau xoxo 

Pairing: StilesxReader // NogitsunexReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: Smut. 18+ Explicit Content. (Sensitive material ahead.)

Word count: .10,559

Listen to me.

Swipe Right.  

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Of Loyalty and Duty

Prompt: In an effort to save two kingdoms, an arranged marriage was made. At his request, Prince Lin-Manuel Miranda was to be wed to you, the youngest daughter in your royal family. RoyalAU. Written for the hamwriters write-a-thon Day 1.

Pairing: Lin x reader

Words: a whopping 5,803.

A/N: Hate me if it’s too AU, it’s okay. I was nervous as hell to post this, but thanks for several special people (you know who you are) I continued and went along with the idea. I didn’t realize it would turn into this monster. I had too much fun writing this and I WILL continue it after the write-a-thon. I didn’t send this to my beta to proofread because I’m stupid and I get too excited to share my work, especially when I feel really proud of it. Cheers to @hamwriters for setting this whole thing up, letting me explore the limits to my writing, and bringing the community together as a whole. I will try my best to finish out the week without my brain exploding. As always, let me know what you guys think. <3 Lola

You blinked back the tears that threatened to fall as you surveyed the scenery outside the carriage. You had to admit that it was beautiful -  you’d never seen the leaves in such various colors nor fields of farms that expanded beyond the horizon. While the Miranda kingdom focused on agriculture, industry was predominant in your kingdom so the view was unfamiliar to you.

You angrily swiped at the tears that escaped your treacherous eyes. In less than two weeks, you were going to be ripped away from the place that you’d called home. The population of the Miranda kingdom was increasing exponentially and they lacked the technology to produce enough food for their people. Your parents, despite their indifference to the Miranda’s, offered them an accord: in exchange for the industrial secrets that would help them prosper, the Miranda kingdom must give them military aid if the hostile empire from the North decided to attack. The treaty took days to settle, but in the end an agreement was made.

However, there was one caveat: Prince Lin-Manuel Miranda was to be wed to you.

Your hands balled into fists at the thought of the Prince. You’d met him on several occasions, but your most recent encounter with him was forever burned into your memory. You attended a wedding with your two older sisters at a neighboring kingdom and the celebration feast was just as glamorous and lavish as the ceremony. Prince Lin-Manuel was the life of the party, batting his long lashes while he flirted and danced with the women on the ballroom floor. When he came to greet you, you felt woozy, having consumed endless glasses of wine, and he managed to convince you to dance. He twirled and chatted you up the rest of the night, shooing away others who wanted a chance with him. Before you knew it, he was tugging you along the corridors of the castle, hands fumbling against the corset of your dress and his lips hungrily kissing yours.

Heat crept up your neck, still vividly remembering when another guest stumbled upon the two of you. You were mortified – you were a good girl, you didn’t do those types of things, especially with a playboy like him – and promptly shoved him to the ground. He lets out a shout of surprise and you turned and ran back to the ballroom, begging your sisters to leave with you.

When your parents broke the news of the treaty to you, you were furious. How dare they choose who you married?! You wanted to marry a man that you loved, not some fool who chased after women like it was his profession. You became even more angry when they told you that he gave his parents an ultimatum, demanding that he was to be married to you and not either of your sisters. You were convinced that he only did that to infuriate and toy with you, a payback of sorts from that night.

The carriage slowed, pulling you out of your thoughts. You craned your neck out the window, staring as the gates to the castle swung open, allowing your carriage to enter.

“All I’m asking of you is to be on your best behavior tonight,” you father murmured across from you, “It would be beneficial to you if you treat them kindly, considering that you’ll be living with them from now on.”

Your mother, who sat next to him, reached over and placed her hand over your clenched fists. “I know this isn’t the most ideal situation for you, but please, think of the future of our kingdom. We would be doomed if it wasn’t for you.”

You stayed silent. You had fought a long and futile battle with your parents about the arrangement. As the youngest of three, you were less involved with politics and lived life as freely as you liked within the castle. Your eldest sister had the daunting duty of leading the people of the kingdom, a position that you were not jealous of. But now that you were to be wed to a future King, your dreams of being free from the responsibilities that came with royalty were shattered.

But your parents were right.

Your people would die if you chose to refuse the engagement. The military was too small and would be outnumbered and overpowered if the North attacked. You needed the help from the Miranda’s.

You took a deep breath. “I will try my best.”

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left in the hallway

He wanted to stay. He wanted to stay with her.

Her dorm was warmly lit from the glowing fairy lights, and the mess of blankets and quilts atop her bed were the softest he’d touched. Her desk opposite the bed was scattered with highlighters and textbooks, old sprays of her perfume had wafted around the room and mixed in with a vanilla candle, and save from the angry wind outside and the ticking clock, it was quiet. A sanctuary hidden away from all else. She was tucked under his arm as they both cuddled into each other, tiny shaky breaths leaving her lips that she didn’t think he could hear, when she said, “You can’t stay, H.”

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The Secret (13)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; epilogue.

“Where are we going Mummy?” Zoe asked again for what felt like the hundredth time since you picked her up from school. With a glance at your rear-view mirror, you could see her swinging her legs excitedly. Unlike you, Zoe loved surprises but was rather impatient for them.

Following the sat-nav, you made a quick left off the main road into a more residential area. All around you were a number of tall apartment buildings, fairly new and modern. “I don’t technically know,” you replied covertly, laughing at her frown. Clearly she didn’t approve of your vagueness.

With another quick glance, you smiled at your daughter staring wide-eyed out the window, taking everything in with her child-like curiosity. “Look there’s a park,” she squealed excitedly, pressing her face up against the glass as you slowly drove past a filled playground. “Is that a swimming pool?” you heard her exclaim behind you as you turned down another road.

You have arrived at your destination.”

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Weak (Reader x Bucky Barnes)

Word Count: 1726

Summary:  The reader and Bucky are best friends. Flirtatious best friends, but best friends nonetheless. But sometimes, Bucky can’t control his feelings, and neither can the reader.

A/N: OMGOMGOGMOGOMGOMG. Oh my god. Bucky. you already know. I hope you guys enjoy this! as always, i had so much fun writing it but it was super amplified because BUCKY!!

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