corridor in the asylum


Arkham Asylum,
The place known by all of the citizens of Gotham because all of the deranged lunatics psychopaths were held in there.
Harleen Quinzel, a young blonde and blue eyed woman of 18 years old was walking throught the corridors of the asylum, her hands cuffed in her back as a guard held her arm tightly.
She was a new inmate and she had to go in the ‘common room’ where all the inmates were staying to have social relationship with others inmates.
The guard unlocked the door and uncuffed Harley pushing her inside of the room, she glared at him and rubbed her wrists, where the handcuffs were as she glanced around the room, all the gazes were on her but she didn’t care because she liked having people’s attention.
She walked to an empty table and sat there, resting her arms on the cold metal table as she rested her chin on the palm of her right hand, looking around before staring in the air absentmindly.

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Connector corridor with a globe light, Athens State Hospital, 2008.  Most connector corridors which joined the wards together in Kirkbride-plan asylums were notably lacking in adornment.  A notable exception was H. H. Richardson’s brilliant curved connector hallways at Buffalo State Hospital.  But at Athens, an Ohio Kirkbride asylum, there were lovely arches and lights updated to the 1950s or 1960s - in this case, globe lights.  On the exterior wards, there were bizarre holes about 4’ in diameter cut through to let light in from the rooms to the side.  Athens is absolutely a unique and beautiful Kirkbride asylum, and the current plans by the university to chop the wings off it are wholly unacceptable.

Vincent Van Gogh - Corridor in the Asylum

This haunting view of a sharply receding corridor is the artist’s most powerful depiction of the asylum of Saint-Paul-de-Mausole in St. Rémy, where he spent twelve months near the end of his life and where he painted the olive groves, cypresses, roses, and irises. The buildings (largely remains of a twelfth-century monastery) were divided into men’s and women’s wards, but most of the small cells looking out on the neglected garden were empty when Van Gogh was there. One of the rooms he was able to use as a studio.

The artist sent this unusually large and colorful drawing to his brother Theo, to give a picture of his surroundings.

One flew over the Hellhound’s nest (closed starter)

Leigh walked through the corridors of the asylum, he had possessed some poor little nurse that had made the mistake of taking a smoke break, he had been very pissed off when he had discovered somebody had stole Bel.
He searched the cells, seeing if he could find him.

The morning after- for muder-capital-of-the-world

Asylum walked through the corridor in one simple black bath robe after a morning shower, holding a cup of tea. Emily’s smell filled his apartment, along with the energies of their last night. With a cheeky half-smile on his face, he set down on the edge of the snow white leather couch, reaching out to pull his fingers tbroigh the cutten material, trying the bent it back to it’s place by the edges.- Do you think it’s possible to get fixed?- asked the girl loud enough to hear him in the kitchen. murder-capital-of-the-world