corridor if doors

Coach Bittle: What might have been

The stadium was slowly emptying. The locker room was empty, the players gone to celebrate their win, Richard Bittle was busy closing and locking doors. When he turned around, he was surprised to see one of his players waiting for him, twisting the hem of his Georgia Football sweater.

- Huh… Coach? can I talk to you?

- Sure, Masterson, what is it?

- Huh…

The kid looked behind him, at the closed locker door. He seemed afraid.

- It’s about your son, Sir. The guys made us swear we wouldn’t tell, but-

Something cold grabbed Richard’s insides. Soon he was running to a deserted corridor, opening a locker door that was never used, and finding his own son lying on the cold ground, covered in bruises.

- Dicky, Dicky answer me-

He took the shivering boy in his arms. Dicky, thank the Lord, opened his good eye.

- …Coach?

- I’m here, son, I’m here. What happened to you, who did this-

- They- they said I was a faggot, Coach. I’m sorry, I should have been stronger, I should have-

- Nonsense, it’s not your fault, come here.

And holding his son against him, he barely heard the tiny voice whisper:

- But what if I am? What if I’m gay?

Richard didn’t have the words, so he held his son tighter.

Richard had made his decision before even reaching the house, so when later, that night, after the tears and the reassurances, after Dicky finally fell asleep, his bruises and cuts tended to, he sat down at the kitchen table with Suzanne.

- Richard, I know they’re your team, but-

- I will send my resignation in the morning. Madison High School wants me, I’ll call them as soon as I can.

- Oh. Okay. I was afraid that…

- Suzie, he’s our son.

- Yes. I’m sorry. But what about his figure skating? You know Katya is the best…

- That’s up to him.

If Richard was relieved that Dicky chose to play Hockey instead, he kept it to himself.

The front door slammed, and Dicky let his hockey bag fall to the floor.

-That Tyler is a real-

- Language, interrupted Richard without lifting his eyes from the newspaper.

- Sorry Coach, mumbled Dicky, sitting down in front of him, crossing his arms. It’s just that he’s been acting like a real jerk, showing off and saying stupid stuff…

- Last week you talked about how good he was at hockey for a good ten minutes without breathing. What happened since?

Dicky placed his head on the table and mumbled something.

- Didn’t hear you, son.

- …He got a girlfriend.

- Ah, said Richard, turning a new page. Sorry to hear about that.

- Yeah.

Dicky spent the afternoon transforming the kitchen into a war zone.

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At Walt Disney World in Florida they added this amazing glowing eyes effect right as you enter the Corridor of Doors. It’s pitch black and the eyes glow, blink and hover. Then they start to blend into the wallpaper as your Doombuggy turns the corner and comes more into the light. It’s really fantastic and it’s probably my favorite addition to the WDW Mansion since the recent refurbishment. Apologies for this particular spoiler, but for me, seeing how they did it makes me appreciate it even more.

Got7 Scenario - ‘Get at me’

Requested by a lovely anon <3

REQUEST: scenario where your best friends with all of got7 and your dating Yugyeom and you get expelled from school because you got into a fight  and have their reaction when you drive home and they are all there waiting for you, them being disappointed bc this happens a lot but then they realize you did it bc the person was talking shit about got7

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Ellie ( A/N: Whoo, I’ve been gone some time because of school and personal reasons, but I’m back. I hope you like it, I changed the coming home thing a little. Ly :)

You opened the door to the building. You had decided to buy more food in general because they had a long ass practice day today and the boys deserved it

Did you regret that you whooped her ass? Nope, not at all, she deserved it.

You walked up the stairs to the 2nd floor, down the corridor to the 4th door, and put the key in the lock. You opened the door, being greeted with the Got7 music.

“Hey” You smiled at the boys who continued to just jam to their newest track ‘Hard Carry’.

“Food!” you heard Jackson shout as he made his way to you. He grabbed the bags and instantly started to eat. You laughed at him. Finally your boyfriend moved to you too

“Why is your cheekbone violet color?” you tried to brush it off with a smile

“Well, it kinda has to do with my suspension.” you laughed.

“Not again!” you heard Mark groan,  who took place next to Jackson. HE looked at you in disbelief, “You fought with someone, again?”

You nodded, taking a seat next to Jackson. You grabbed one of the boxes with food.

“Well, the thing is, some girl didn’t know her limits.” you slightly laughed. “Like, I was at my locker grabbing the things I needed when some girl I’ve never even seen in my damn life came up to me asking if I was that girl who hangs out with got7, so I told her that I am the girl that’s in contact with you guys. Then I turned around, because I was already late for class, but she held me back saying I should leave you guys alone! Like I’m not the right one for you guys to be around? Especially Yugy? But I was calm telling her to please back off, but she didn’t listen. Then  her fist hit my face out of nowhere. But I hit her nose pretty hard so it’s probably broken so she’s in the hospital right now and I’m suspended!” I laughed the last part.

Jackson looked at me in disbelief.

“But you shouldn’t start fights, that’s stupid.” he muffled through the ramen. You just rolled your eyes.

“Am I not allowed to defend myself now?” Jackson shook his head.

“Not when you’re getting hurt.” you shook your head. Since when did they decide to be your parents?

“I didn’t start the fight, weren’t you listening to me?” You said. Yugyeom just stared at his food not saying anything and you turned to him.

“Hey, boo. Don’t be upset.” you patted his back slightly.

“But you probably ruined your spot at university because of some girl.” he said, sounding regretful. You laughed.

“You know that we only have about 2 weeks left. I’ll be good.” You said , trying to cheer him up. He shook his head.

“But still, don’t do that again please.” He said. I nodded, giving him a small peck on the lips.

“Just for you”

what the world would call beautiful

[A/N: Thanks to @ficnurse for helping me understand hospitals a little bit better!]

I miss the days when I knew all my daughter’s friends by name.

I can still picture them in the bright white light of the SSV Copenhagen’s rec room, playing with stuffed animals and model ships: Meryl with her serious eyes, Rhea with her crown of copper curls, and fine-boned Lydia, who was always dancing. Of course, I lost touch with them as soon as my daughter did. I don’t know where they are now, or even if they’re alive.

Alive. I pull my mind back to the one fact that matters: my daughter is alive. She’s here at the hospital, down a corridor and behind a door, fenced off until she’s well enough for visitors. She’s closer than she has been in years. Does it matter that I don’t fit in among the people that she spent those years with? No. And yet, I can’t help but wish that things were different.

There’s the towering Turian in blue warpaint who paces the waiting room like a restless guard. There’s the violently green Drell who snapped out of his reverie long enough to introduce himself as her husband, register the shock on my face, and clumsily apologize before receding back into his thoughts. There’s the young Krogan who gawked in disbelief upon learning who I was. “Shepard doesn’t have a mom!” he’d guffawed before a woman had pulled him aside to explain that, yes, Shepard does indeed have a mother, and had once been a child, because springing full-grown out of a tank is the exception rather than the norm.

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Luke Hemmings Imagine  Parent-Teacher Conference

You straightened out the desks in your classroom and placed the pencils back in the correct drawer. You were having a talk with a parent of a student, who hadn’t been able to go to the parent-teacher evening. 

“This way daddy!” You grinned as you heard your students voice echo through the corridor. The door swung open and you saw Katie dragging her dad into the room. You noticed how Katie had his blonde hair and blue eyes. 

“Hi Katie. This must be your dad.” You grinned down at her and looked at the handsome man standing beside her. he sent you a smile and offered his hand. 

“I’m Mr Hemmings, Katie’s dad.” He said formally and you giggled. 

“There’s no need to be so formal. I’m (Y/N). Can I get you anything?” You asked and he stared at you, slightly dumbfounded. You chuckled and gestured to a nearby chair. He sat down and you sat next to him.

“Alright, I’m Luke.” He said and you nodded. You turned to Katie and grinned at her. 

“Well, there’s not much to say Luke. Katie is a model student. She’s always well behaved and kind. She helps in class and she’s very popular. You must be very proud.” You summarised and Luke tilted his head in confusion. Katie giggled at your praise. 

“I am, of course. She’s just quite a handful at home, so it’s a shock to hear how well she’s doing. And then there’s the fact that you’re nothing like what I expected.” You narrowed your eyes, unsure if he was complimenting you or not. 

“How so?”

“Well, I assumed you’d be quite strict, especially with Katie. But you’re really nice and pretty and…” Luke trailed off uncertainly and you blushed at his words. 

“I think my daddy likes you.” Katie announced and you chuckled at her. Luke ran his hands through his hair nervously and you stood up. 

“Well, there’s not much more to say. If you have any more concerns, feel free to speak to me.” You said and Luke stood up too. Katie bounded out of the room and you waited for Luke to leave too, but he didn’t. 

“Um, this might be weird, but can i get your number? I’d like to see you again.” Luke asked you quietly and you blushed again. You found a piece of paper and quickly wrote down your number. You handed it to Luke and he grinned, before walking out of the room. 

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Treasure (Fic for Symmrat Week)

I was working on this story for a bit, so I’m a little late for day 3 (Fluff right?) for Symmrat week. But non the less, it doesn’t mean I can’t submit anything! XD I hope you like it!


“Where did you hide your treasure? You could hardly have it on your person!”

“Treasure? S-sure, I don’t know anything you’re talking about!”

She could hear the two bickering down the hallway. It wasn’t hard to pinpoint exactly who was talking. Her guess was that Jamison made the mistake of coming across the path of the archer, Hanzo. Feeling a little curious, Satya glanced down the corridor. A couple of doors down she could see Hanzo giving Jamison a very critical look, while the other had a rather flustered look on his face. She couldn’t help but notice a small white box the tall Australian had in his hands, holding it away from the other.

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clotpoleincamelot  asked:

I'm rewatch For and I always doubt myself and say I'm just picking up nothing, but when they're in the hospital and Sherlock detours into the meeting room with the Dt12, I noticed when they left they go the wrong way down the corridor. Before entering,the door is to their left, yet when Sherlock walks out, he goes right, back the way they were walking instead of left the way culverton was leading. Could be another slip up but again,there's some weird inconsitencies. Sorry if I'm talking rubbish!

Hi! An no, you’re spot on!!!

I just rewatched the scene and this is what we see: 

  • Culverton heading towards the camera, leading Sherlock and John along. 
  • Sherlock detours to a door to their left (our right). 
  • Inside the room, Culverton remains near the door while Sherlock circles the table. John takes the other way and checks the IVs. 
  • Culverton then leads them back out of the room…
  • … and Sherlock turns RIGHT with Culverton following. Exactly the way they came. 
  • John stops in the doorway because he hears Mary. 

Might be a continuity error, buuuut we already have so many inconsistencies that this is likely to be another one placed intentionally for us to find. Great catch!

@shadowfax044 @deducingbbcsherlock @impatient14 @gosherlocked 

Imagine being stuck in an elevator with Rafael

Imagine being stuck in an elevator with Rafael

“Hold the door.” you heard a voice call from the corridor as the evaluator doors began to shut.

You stuck your foot in the way of the closing door and peered your head out to see who was calling. You saw a speed-walking Barba coming down the corridor towards you. He slipped in beside you and the doors closed.

“Hey Barba.I didn’t know you were here.” you greeted.

“Liv called me in to oversea an interrogation. Which was great timing considering I have court in an hour.” he commented bitterly looking down at his phone texting franticly.

“Oh stop complaining. You’ll get to court on time.” you said chuckling.

“From here to downtown Manhattan. Sure I will.” he smirked.

“I would know. I’ve been to practically every strip joint in the city today hunting down this lead. The traffic been great.” you joked.

“For the Santiago case, right? Shouldn’t your partner be with you?” he questioned finally looking up at you.

“Sonny, had a family emergency. So I said I’ll cover for him and anyway I’m much more convincing when it comes to strip joint owners. If you know what I mean.” you explained.

“I’m sure none of them can resist telling you anything you want. How many have propositioned you?” he questioned sarcastically.

“Not as many as last time.” you smiled.

That had earned you a small smile from him when the elevator stopped abruptly. It felt like your whole world had shifted to the side. Suddenly, the floor felt like it was going dropping from over you. Then their was a crash and then a sharp stop. You clung onto the wall for stability but the heel on the boot gave out and you crashed onto the ground.

“Are you alright?” Barba asked outstretching a hand to help you up.

“Yeah,” you said taking his hand and getting up, “I just didn’t steady myself quick enough.”

“I can tell.” he commented.

“What is going on?” you said ignoring his comment and going towards the doors to inspect them.

“Well I think it’s clear that the elevator stopped.” Barba quipped.

“Really detective? Honestly, your wasted as a lawyer, you know that?.” you snapped.

“You asked.” he shot back.

You sighed deeply. You went to the control panel and pressed the emergency button. A voice rang out informing you that their was a technical difficulty and that they were working to fix it. They said that it would probably take an hour.After that the door opened slightly. You peered your head out against Barba’s wishes and looked up seeing that you had stopped right in the middle of two floors and you couldn’t reach any.

Turning around you saw Barba tapping the screen on his phone.

“What are you doing?” you asked curious.

“Calling the courthouse so they can postpone court. I can’t believe this is happening. Why today?” he ranted putting the phone to his ear.

“It’s okay they’re going to fix it.” you tried to reassure him.

“You don’t understand.” he spat beginning to pace to the small room and hanging up the phone due to lack of service.

“Well we’re not going anywhere so explain it to me. ” you demanded trying to get a read on him.

You had been working at SVU for a few months at this point. You got on well with the rest of the squad. You maintained a positive attitude despite what you saw day to day. You liked to make others smile on their darkest days. You had an instinct to help people but that didn’t mean you were a pushover as Fin said after you went postal on a suspect you were “ damn right scary under that pretty face”.

You were great at reading people. You could get basic details about a person with just one look but Barba was complicated. Sure you knew the basics he was late thirties and single. You learned later that he was heavily sarcastic and liked to detach himself emotionally from cases. He was the polar opposite to you but much like your scary side he had a kind side as well. You being a detective had also picked up other details about him but you still didn’t really understand him.

He was a mystery but you liked miseries especially cute ones.

“It was the Greenwald case.” he admitted sadly.

“The serial rapist who targeted women in their early sixties. Same age as your mother, right?.” you understood.

He shot you a confused look.

“I’ve seen pictures of her in your office and besides I’m a detective you know.” you smiled shyly at him.

A silence fell over you two. You looked away but you could feel his gaze on you. You dared turn to look and met his gaze.

“I’m sorry for snapping at you.” he apologised.

“It’s okay. I’m just glad your not the emotionless robot I thought you were.”you chuckled.

“You thought that?” he questioned.

“Well obviously. You’ve been riding my ass since the day I got here. Everything have to be perfect for the oh so great one. ” you accused playfully.

“I’m the same to everyone.” he replied.

“No your not. You’re on me way more.” You shot back folding your arms defensively.

“Well you’re special.” he finally admitted after an intense glare down.

‘How so?” you questioned.

“Your not as good as a detective.” he sated.

“Excuse me, councillor?” you asked offended.

“I’m kidding. Lighten up and call me Rafael.” he teased pulling off his suit jacket and laying it down on the floor.

“What are you doing?” you asked raising an eyebrow.

“Getting comfortable. We’re going to be here for a while. And these pants are too expensive to get dirty on this floor.” he said sitting down heavily on the ground.

“And the jackets not?” you said sitting down beside him.

Once you sat down. You both launched into a much needed conversation. You told each other a little more about yourselves. Talking briefly about your past. He was actually quite funny when he wasn’t on you about a case. Very considerate as well. Just a big old softy like you. You could sense a beautiful friendship coming along but when you said this out lols you were met with a scoff and a sarcastic comment but you laughed off.

It was good hour before the intercom crackled, the doors closed and the elevator started moving again. You both got up and you helped him dust off his suit jacket varying jokes the whole time. The doors opened back to the squad-room floor. Olivia and Rollins were waiting for you both.

“Are you two okay?” Rollins asked as you both stepped out the elevator.

“Just great.  Two and a half hours of this one complaining.” you joked.

“Mmm and this one talking about her exciting new career as a stripper.” Barba fired back glancing over to you.

“Well, I’m just glad you two didn’t kill each other in there.” Olivia chuckled.

“Two minutes more and it would have been bye bye Barba. Which by the way is Barba’s favourite movie. Got thing for musicals.” you teased.

“While Y/N’s here is Pretty Woman. Whole life is based on it.” he shot back.

You both glared at each other before breaking out into smiles.

“Looks like the start of a beautiful relationship.” Olivia commented after she made sure you were both okay.

And she was right it was.

For it would only be two more months until he asked you out on your first date.

“Shirayuki!” he called, but she didn’t respond, he ran across the long corridor with many doors, checking them one by one, but only to be met by empty rooms.

His fingers wrapped around the knob of the last door and yanked it open, seeing it to be the same as the previous ones. Empty.

“Obi” he heard her call her name from behind him, he turned to see her at the opposite side of the corridor, her face a mixture of confusion and worry.

She walked a few steps towards him but he was already there, his arms wrapped tightly around her torso that he was surprised she didn’t wince in pain. His face buried into the crock of her neck, tears trailing down his cheeks and onto her neck.

“It’s okay, Obi, don’t worry” her hands moved from her sides to his back and through his hair “I’m here”

His eyes fluttered open meeting the wooden ceiling, the rain outside heavy enough to make the entire room damp.

Obi was warm under a thick blanket, but she certainly wasn’t, after all wet dirt doesn’t keep you warm.

My deepest apology.

  • Hermione Loses Draco at Hogwarts
  • Hermione: *calmly walks down the corridors, out the side doors, across the courtyard, and leans against a tree*
  • Hermione: *with a smug look she flicks her wand above her, and Draco falls out of the tree*
  • Draco: How did you...?
  • Hermione: Found You.
Porcelain Doll (7)

Yoongi Mafia!AU Series! (Special guests: BTS!)

Yoongi x reader

Genre: Tragedy/Angst/Violence/Mafia AU!

A/N: This took wayyyy too long, but it’s finally here! Get ready for next part! I’m also sorry this is short af

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8  / 9


Yoongi walked down the corridors, opening door after door. He came across the gym door and quickly made his way in, finding Angel, Jungkook, and some other cadets working on physical combat. They all stopped their actions as the man came closer, all bowing in unison towards his presence and Yoongi raised a hand, putting them at ease.

“Angel I need to speak with you,” Angel nodded and Jungkook stiffened in his spot. Yoongi gave a nod to the man and Jungkook slightly relaxed, but continued to hold a guarded expression. What a lovesick puppy, Yoongi thinks as he takes the girl with him.

“How may I be of your assistance,” she speaks as she watches him rake a hand through his hair.

“Do you mind telling where Y/N is?”

“What do you mean?” she gave a confused expression, “I left her last night in the same room she should be there.”

“Well she’s not,” and to that Angel’s eyes popped.

“I didn’t take her out,” she spoke and Yoongi started at her.

“Then who did?”


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Fledgling Love. Part 1.

Dean and Sam, sat in the bunker. Sam staring intently at the computer screen, Dean however had a magazine open in front of him and a beer in his hand. They were in utter silence until there was a loud bang, from the door. Both boys looked up and stood, grabbing the closest weapon, before walking through the corridors. Dean pulled the large door open, and they flashed around, looking for the intruder. There was no one there. Dean continued to glance around, until Sam nudged him with his elbow.

“What?” he asked, Sam just pointed down at the open box. Laid in the box were four boys and a girl, young toddlers.

“Who puts toddlers in a box?!” Dean shouted.

“Samsquatch watch your brother, you scared us.” One of the small blonde boys said, causing Sam’s eyes to widen.

“Gabriel?!” he asked, Gabriel nodded, as the small (H/C) girl clung to his waist tightly.

“Who’s here?” Dean asked.

“Well there’s Cas,” the small bright blue eyed boy tilted his head to the side, and Dean successfully identified him. “There’s Balthazar,” the other blonde boy raised his head at the sound of his name. “There’s me, Lucifer and Y/N.” Gabriel concluded.

“Who’s Y/N?”

“My twin sister.” Gabriel added, they smiled at the small girl, who just disappeared behind him.

“What the hell happened?” Dean asked, Gabriel shrugged.

“We don’t know.”

“Sam up.” Lucifer said, as Sam leant down and lifted him up, placing him on his hip. Dean picked up the box, and carried it through the bunker, as Sam pushed the door shut behind them. He placed the box on the ground in the library as they all tumbled out. As they were only fledglings, their wings were visible. Gabriel and Lucifer who were now standing, helped their siblings stand, and Gabriel placed a protective arm around Y/N. Sam lifted Cas up and held him arm’s length away, noticing that his large over grown shirt hung down around him.

“Dean, I think one of us needs to go on a little shopping trip.” Dean nodded.

“Right, I’ll take Cas and Y/N in the car, you think you can handle the rest?” Sam nodded, and Dean picked the two toddlers up walking out to the car.

“Right, we don’t have car seats, so, just, hold on.” Dean instructed as he strapped them in. Y/N’s little hand clung tightly to the door, and her other hand tightly in Cas’. Her bright (E/C) eyes stared up at the window.


“Okay then,” Dean muttered as he pushed the trolley through the doors, Cas and Y/N sat in the children’s seats at the front. Dean had managed to get them to retract their wings so they were no longer visible. “Where do we look in a shop for kids’ stuff?” he followed the signs until he found the aisle. He began throwing things in the trolley, stuffed animals, binkies, pacifiers, bottles etc. he then noticed Y/N staring intensely at the small-ish stuffed white bunny rabbit. He smiled, and pulled it off the rack, handing it to her, she instantly hugged it and smiled a full dimpled smile at Dean.

Dean then began to grab clothes off the racks, before checking that he had everything they could possibly need. He walked along towards the till and began piling the stuff on the till, the woman gave him a sweet smile.

“Well aren’t you two adorable?” Y/N hid behind the bunny, and Cas just tilted his head. “Can I borrow this, quickly, then you can have him back.” Y/N nodded, and Dean took the bunny handing it to the lady, she scanned it, then he handed it back. She hugged it tightly, and Dean handed the woman the money. They walked to the car, and Dean installed the car seats, and sat the toddlers in them, strapping them in safely.

“You okay there Y/N?” Y/N nodded and smiled at Dean. She held up the bunny and giggled.

“Look, squishy.” He smiled and nodded.

“Is that his name?” Y/N nodded, and Cas tilted his head.

“Why is he called squishy?”

“Cause’ he is squishy.” Y/N sat him in her lap and Cas smiled. The bunny’s ears hung over her arm and she placed her small thumb in her mouth. Y/N’s eyes wide and delightful, as she watched Dean’s driving.


They pulled into the bunker, and Y/N was out of the car, and inside quicker than a jack rabbit.

“We’re back.” Dean called through the bunker, when he walked in the living room, he smiled, when Sam had his finger on his mouth, in attempt to keep the new-comers quiet. He smiled as he noticed the little bundle of fledglings, sitting in front of the television watching the film ‘Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban’ they were all sat quietly, and the boys watched as Y/N and Cas joined them, and Y/N huddled closer to Gabriel.

The film finished an hour later, all the fledglings were yawning quietly to themselves. Sam turned the television off and nodded to Dean.

“Alright, bed time.” Sam lifted up Gabriel and Balthazar, Dean picked up Cas and Lucifer, before they pondered away, Y/N following behind. They placed the toddlers on the floor, and they all climbed onto the spare bed, arranging themselves in the order: Gabriel, Y/N, Cas, Balthazar, Lucifer. Each of them had their own pacifier and stuffed animal. Y/N was still hugging the small rabbit, and from the looks of it, she wouldn’t ever let go. Gabriel rolled to the side and placed a protective arm around Y/N.

Dean and Sam, switched the light off and disappeared off to their own rooms, falling asleep almost instantly. However Dean awoke a few hours later, eyes wide when he noticed the small figure in the doorway.

“Y/N?” she nodded and walked over to the bed, her pacifier in one hand, bunny under her arm and thumb in her mouth. She climbed up onto Dean’s bed and laid under the cover next to him. Dean smiled slightly as the small figure huddled against him as he fell asleep, Y/N already out like a light.