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The Accident- Pack imagine

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Request: Anon said:

Could you do a teen wolf pack imagine where the reader gets kicked out of the pack for a stupid reason, and then the next day she’s pulling up to school with her brother and they get in a terrible accident right outside of the high school and like the whole school including the pack witnesses it and everyone freaks out (especially the pack) thank you💓

Words: 1806

A/N: I don’t know what exactly you were after so I hope this is ok xx remember if you ever want me to write anything, my inbox is always open <3

‘Just go for it’ you thought to yourself. Liam was stood at the opposite end of the corridor, sputtering his words to Hayden. He had promised you he’d work up the courage to ask her out but all that had happened so far was a short and awkward chat. You were getting frustrated. You knew Hayden liked Liam back and yet neither of them could see it. They were both blind.

You picked at your nails as you waited, listening intently to their conversation, or rather lack of one. You sighed, if you used your powers of mind control this would all be over in two seconds. You shook the thought out of your head. There was no way you were going to use your mind control on a friend, especially a member of the pack. You didn’t even know if your powers worked on other supernatural creatures, never having tried. The aggravation and curiosity build up inside you, seeping through every pore. ‘That’s it!’ you thought to yourself, strutting closer to Liam and Hayden. You stopped a few metres away from them, close enough for your powers to take their hold. You focused your mind on Liam, climbing inside his brain. Liam’s back tensed so his posture was rigid, you could see the vein in his upper arm throb as he tried to fight what was happening to him. Nevertheless, no matter how hard he fought, your powers maintained their hold.

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REQUESTED - Familiarity (1/2)

Request: So, i don’t know if u take requests, but, i would like to make one. I saw u liked some Peter Parker X Reader stuff ( I’m not a stalker, I SWEAR) and i was wondering if u would do a one-shot or something like that about the reader being Peter’s classrommate but for some reason being called to the avengers, and he is there in his suit and he keep seeing her in the school wondering why she was there? pls? - Anon

Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader

Word Count: 2,174

Warning: None, just cursing (Tell me something new)

(A/N): I’M HAPPY BECAUSE THIS IS MY FIRST REQUEST AND AAAAAAAAAAAAA <3 (Btw, It took me a long time to choose ONE gif, I’ve been looking gifs for a looooooong time by now.)

Part2 | Masterlist

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“Peter Parker is staring at you again.” My friend said under her breath, making me raise my eyes to where I knew the boy were before she even finished her sentence, and as if he heard her and saw me catching him staring, his gaze turned to the book in front of him. I chuckled at his red ears, and that seemed to make him even more embarrassed.

“He’s cute.” That time, I was the one staring. Not that I haven’t done it before, Peter just had this thing hidden under his soft, cute and “harmless” surface that always made my detective side itch.

“And you are totally calling him to a date.” She said, smiling at my arched brown “I know you have a crush on him; I’ve seen you looking at him before, Y/N. Don’t even try to lie.” I giggled and shrugged my shoulders, hearing her huff “If you don’t go there and call him, I will for you. However, I’ll make it from right here. You know how my voice is powerful.” She just winked at me with a smirk, fuck.

“I hate you.” I groaned while getting up and taking a breath before walking to where he was sitting, he had earphones but that didn’t stop him to look at me surprised when I sited in front of him, trying to give my best smile. He took his earphones slowly looking around to see if there was someone else before looking back at me “Hey, you’re Peter Parker, right?” Of course he was Peter Parker! Fuck, the teachers knew his name just because he was always late!

“Huh, y-yeah…”


“Y/N… I know you.” I laughed at his embarrassed face, and took a time to study him from close. He had muscles, even though they were hidden under coats of shirts and of a hoodie.

“So, I thought you were really cute and I know you are fan of the same things as me, so I was thinking, would you like to go out with me to the arcade on the center of the city?” He almost choked with my boldness, but please, I ain’t got time to be playing a shy ‘let’s be friends’ girl.

“I-I w-would l-love it! W-when?” I smiled from ear to ear and took his notebook from the table and a pen to write my number

“Today at seven?” He nodded like crazy with his head and that made me smile more before sliding the book back to him and say in my most ‘I’m sexy’ voice “I’ll be waiting for you, Peter.”

I heard him gasp in surprise while I got back to my table, finally feeling my cheeks blush when seeing my best friend laughing like crazy, curled on the books, almost sobbing

“I-I love you, Y/N. You are my spirit animal!” I just chuckled, going back to my studies, proud of myself to be able to call the boy I liked on a date without squeaking, even though I was an agent, I was still a human with awkwardness.

I had to run to my apartment, for the first time happy to live alone so I didn’t have to explain nothing to no one. I smiled at my on reflection; it was still me. Comfortable, pretty and with analytical eyes.

When I opened my door, ready to run to catch a bus, I stumbled into a massive chest. Jesus Christ, that man was a fucking wall!

I looked up at the both man, frowning my brows and locking my jaw. They were familiar, but I didn’t know them.

“Excuse me, are you Y/N?” The one I had hit asked, blushing slightly at my angry gaze. I studied him more, strong, blonde, and a little shy.

“Captain America.” I said, crossing my arms and checking the other man, it didn’t took me long to recognize him. “Tony Stark, A.K.A Iron Man. What do you want?” The Captain glanced surprised at the Stark

“Do you mind if we came in?” He asked and I looked at the time, I had half an hour to be there

“Actually, I do. Look, I would be pleasantly happy to welcome two heroes at my home at any day. But I have a date with a boy I’ve liked for a while, and I’ll be late if I don’t go right fucking now.” I said, making Tony Stark lower his glasses and smirk slightly. Oh, for fuck’s sake, is night. Why is he wearing sun glasses?

“We want your help.” He finally said, making me frown my brows

“Three minutes, and here, in the hallway. By the smell, my neighbors are too high to understand anything.”

“Look, I’m not sure if-”

“Two minutes and forty seconds.” I crossed my arms, seeing Stark giggle

“I like her. We want you to be part of the new Avenger’s intelligence. Natasha Romanoff heard of you from S.H.I.E.L.D, they got an eye on you. But well, we are quicker.” My jaw almost fell to the ground. Ok, one thing was being an ‘agent’ slash ‘hacker’, other was being An Agent. “But, we need you right now.” A groan came out of my mouth, I didn’t want to turn Peter down! Especially because I was stupid and didn’t ask his number, so if I called him by the number I got, it would be weird!

“Fine, but I have to set a new fucking date with Peter.” I mumbled while searching my phone in my bag, Stark and Captain America glanced at each other in surprise.

“Language.” Steve whispered and I smirked

“Fucking language, I know. My grandmother would always scream that I fucking cursed too much, but she would curse in between phrases- Oh, hey, Peter!” I smiled at myself when my phone ringed right when I was ready to call him

Huh, Hey, Y/N… So… Huh, S-something happened and… huh, I can’t go… Sorry.” He mumbled looking nervous, I sighed, trying to look disappointed “I’m really sorry

“It’s okay… Huh… I guess I’ll have to… Hm, I don’t know.” I smiled at my own sad impression, tilting my head to give a challenging glare at The Captain, which looked surprised at me “Huh, another time, then?” I could even hear him slapping himself and screaming at something to muff his words.

I would like that. Sorry again.” I just turned the phone down, trying to sell better my “hurt and disappointed”, smiling at both man and crossing my arms again

“Okay, we can go now.” Stark just laughed as if he had won the lottery while the Captain smiled slightly at me and pointed at the corridor, asking without words for me to get out.

The whole trip on Starks car he would been giggling and smiling, while Steve Rogers - I found his name when he pulled his wallet to see something. Well, I got quick eyes. -, was staring at me and blushing when I smirked at him

“Soo, what is so bad that made the two Avengers go knock personally at my door?” I asked, trying to extract something of them before getting there

“It is a security failure on the government and we know you are a good hacker and… ‘Detective’. So, we want your help” The Stark said ironically, making me arch my brow

“Are you mocking my abilities? You know I can read you now and hack your precious high tec car, right?”

“Sweetie, I’m a well-trained man and that build the intelligence of this car to be-”

Tony Stark is currently single, he is a playboy, he has trust issues, haven’t slept in four days, he likes to eat donuts hidden from everyone in his lab, he wears his iron suit to try to make up the fact that he is a selfish, old man that uses sunglasses at night even though, he looks stupid doing it.” The robotic female voice of his car said, I looked up from my phone with a small grin on my face.

He narrowed his eyes at me while Rogers looked out of the window to try to hide his smile, and by his locked abdomen, I knew he wanted to laugh.

“You know, I really liked you.” I laughed and shrugged my shoulders

“Don’t worry, as long as you don’t doubt me, I’ll be good.” He tried to control his smile, but well, sassy people get along. “By the way, what will I gain with this?”

“Isn’t making good with your abilities and acknowledgment, enough payment?” Rogers said for the first time, making me arch one eyebrow at him

“Can I eat acknowledgment? Can I pay the bills with acknowledgment? I don’t fucking think so.” Stark laughed at my sentence

“She has a point. But, let’s just say your payment will good enough for you to go to a good college.”

“I won’t have to pay for it, I’ll enter with a scholarship.” I mumbled after a few moments, not being able to maintain silence

“Congratulations, you must have earned it.” Rogers said and I blushed slightly with that, I wasn’t used to people congratulating me for this kind of things. “You leave alone?”

“Yes.” I didn’t answer anything than that, it wasn’t something I liked to come up with.

When we finally got to the Avengers tower, I took every way I could run if they were trying to catch me. Well, people are weird, who knows, right? Caution is never too much.

I was welcomed with all the Avengers in the room, fuck they were tall!

“Everyone, this is Y/N, she’ll be helping us with our problem.” I studied everyone, Natasha Romanoff was the one that actually caught my attention, because she had something in her posture that made her stand out.

“I’m late, sorry!” A muffed voice was heard and everyone turned their gaze at Spiderman, he was still in his suit and stopped when saw me. Jeez, I know I am pretty, but don’t have to stare so much.

“Spider boy.” Stark smirked, making me look more into the boy, familiarity.

I controlled a smile when noticing something very interesting.

“So, what exactly you guys need my help with? Even though the boy I have a crush on was the one who turned down on me, I’m still not cool with being brought here just to stand and stare at heroes.” Spiderman gasped, making me control even more the laugh that wanted to explode.

“It’s the codes, someone is breaking them and releasing secret missions and… Other things, to the outside.” Natasha was the one to say it, I have to admit it. Being close to my favorite Avenger made me want to freak the fuck out.

“Is there a laptop or something like that?” She pointed with her head to the Kitchen’s counter, there was a silver laptop on it.

“Hey kiddo, Natasha tried before, don’t feel disappointed if you can’t, kay’?” One of them said, Sam Wilson, had been military.

“Okay.” I mumbled and started to work

“This might take some time, so, do you want us to call someone to warn that you won’t appear?” Captain America said, crossing his arms while I denied with my head, still focused on fixing the problem.

“Nah. And this tactic to make me say what you want, won’t work.” I heard a female laugh that I deduced to be Natasha’s.

“I like her.” I heard her say, I worked for a few more moments, with all the avengers watching me closely.

“Can I have some water, please?” I asked, hoping that it would make at least one of them get out of my back. That was making me nervous, shit.

“Spider, you heard the girl.” The Stark said and I rolled my eyes, the only one that was away, that stupid billionaire brought him close. I thanked when a cup was settled next to my hand

“Done.” I said tapping the last time before finally reaching to the cup of water.

“What? Already?” Someone said, I looked up from my shoulder, seeing that The Winter Soldier was the one to say it. “Natasha took hours and she failed.”

“Mind if I take a look?” She said, still surprised while I denied with my head, turning on the seat to face the others still drinking my water.

“So, how do I go back?” I asked, walking around the living room and receiving chocked gazes

“She did it.” Romanoff said “She even found the IP adress of the ones who broke it… How?”

“It wasn’t hard, actually. But the explanation would take longer than the actual deed.”

“I’ll take you home.” Stark mumbled, still surprised. I smiled at everyone

“You know I could have done that from home, right?” He laughed cheerfully while coming close to me, ready to lead me to the elevator again.

“Y/N, you just saved our asses so good! Thank you!” Sam Wilson said and I just waved with my hand

“It was nothing. Well, see you guys when you need me again. Less you, Peter. See you at school!” I smirked at a chocking Spiderman and followed Tony Stark, he was laughing loudly.

“I definitely like you.”

Dylan request #1

Request: Dylan request — you moved to Littleton when you were in 4th grade, then Eric moved in a little bit later. The 3 of you grew up as best friends. While you and Eric had a small middle school past (that didn’t last long as you both realized you’re better off as best friends) you did develop a crush on Dylan in high school. You don’t know it but Dylan likes you too. It’s senior year, and Eric has realized what’s going on ages ago. You’re at a party, 7 mins in heaven is the game - go from there :)            

((im so sorry this took me so long!! I’ve been working so hard on this. I hope you enjoy!!))

“Hey, Reb, pass the lighter.” I fumble with the cigarette hanging off my upper lip. Eric threw a red lighter to me. I lit my cigarette and inhaled, staring off blankly in the distance before handing it back.

Eric had been my best friend ever since seventh grade, even though we had a little fling in middle school. We made out one time, behind the shed where they kept all of the P.E equipment. All of those raging 13 year old hormones were pumping and we smooched. I expected it to be magical, like in the movies, but no. It was wet, sloppy, his tongue was like a dagger stabbing in the back of my throat, it was wayyy too toothy, and he left half of my face covered in spit. Needless to say, we decided to go back to being best friends a few days later and agreed to never speak of the event again.

“Yo, y/n.” Eric calls, taking a puff off his cigarette.
“Sup.” I looked up at him from where I was sitting.
“You coming to that party tonight?” He leaned against the fence stood behind us.
“Probably not,” I shake my head. “Everyone that goes to those stupid parties makes me want to kill myself.” I said with a harshness in my voice. I meant it, I really did hate the people that went to our school.
“Okay, listen,” he paused to take another drag of his cigarette, “I hate those fuckers just as much as you, if I had the chance to blow their fucking heads off I would in a heart beat. But this really hot girl invited me and-”
“absolutely not.” I cut him off. “I am not going to be your wing woman at some fucking party.”
“When have I ever been invited to a party by a hot chick before?”
“Never.” I sigh, a slight bit of guilt in my voice.
”Exactly. Fuckin never. Just do me this solid.”
I didnt want to, I really didn’t, but Eric was my best friend. I exhale sharply, “Fine.” The way his face had lit up made it all worth it.

Me, Eric and Dylan had all grown up together. I moved to Littleton, Colorado when I had just turned 9. I met Dylan on the first day of 4th grade in school. I was late for school due to my stubborn Mom who insisted she knew a quick route to the school, despite having lived in the town less than a two weeks. By the time I reached my classroom, I knew that all of the seats would have been taken and I was frantically searching for a place to sit. The class teacher was nice, she spoke sweetly to me and asked my name. I saw one kid gesturing for me to sit next to him. It just so happened that the boy who offered me a seat was Dylan. We instantly hit it off. When you’re 9 and 10 you don’t care who your best friend is or whether you have common interests, but me and Dylan did. After school every day, we would rush home as quickly as our legs would take us so we were home in time to watch our favorite cartoons. My Mom would always have baked goods ready for us as soon as we got home for me and him to binge on. He was like an addition to our family. Dylan struggled a lot when middle school came around, as he was excruciatingly shy and quiet. We got picked on a lot for being weird and quiet. We were outcasts to everyone else. We sat by ourselves for the first year, neither of us having many friends other than each other and Nate. Over the years there, Dylan was my security blanket. He would make me feel better about all the horrible things girls said to me. We boosted each others confidence a lot. We met Eric in seventh grade, and became pretty close rather quickly. We would all hang out every night and play video games.

Me and Eric were standing by our lockers when Dylan approached us.
“Hey, V, guess what.” Eric said through a toothy grin.
“You got invited to a party by a hot girl.” Dylan replied with a slight bit of annoyance in his voice.
Eric’s grin quickly vanished, “Yes. How’d you know?!”
“You’ve told me at least six times, dude. I’m still not going.” Dylan hissed back.
“C’mon, dude, y/n is coming.” Eric nudged Dylan.
Dylan looked towards me in confusion because he knew I hated parties, “I’m being forced too, V.” I shook my head.
Dylan laughed under his breath a little bit, “Nah, dude, I’m not-”
“I swear to God, Dylan. I know where you live and I know how to make pipe bombs.” Eric said in an almost threatening tone but it still had a slight playfulness to it.
“Fuck, fine I go. Don’t blow up my house, Jesus.” Dylan let out a barely audible laugh under his breath and smiled towards us.
“Fuck yeah, V, cya tonight.” Eric smirked like a kid who had just won first place in a race.
Dylan walked off to whatever class he had next, leaving me and Eric alone. I lean against the lockers, throwing my head back and let out an audible groan, “Why is he sooooo cute.” I whimper out.
“This whole ‘crush on Dylan’ thing needs to stop.” Eric sighed.
“Yeah…” I suspire heavily whilst I followed Eric to our next class, “I know.”
“You know what I hate?” I prepared myself for one of Eric’s long-ass speeches about bitches standing in the middle of a corridor or something but the words that escaped his lips were actually quite wise. “When girls wait for the guy to ask them out. Like, Dylan’s a shy guy, he can hardly look at a girl without cumming in his pants. What makes you think he’s going to get the balls to ask you out? Like, I know we’re just friends ‘n’ shit but fuck, y/n, you’re pretty fucking attractive.”
“That was over in middle school, Reb.” I joke.
“Shut the fuck up and listen for a second,” He pauses while he thought of something to say, “What I’d do in this situation is 1 of 3 things. 1,blow their fucking head off, if you can’t have them then no one can. 2, get the fuck over them, no time for moping over some pussy you’re never going to get. Or 3, get over self, walk your ass over to them and tell them you fucking like them. Like a bitch can’t blame you for trying, right?” 

So many questions ran through my head after he said that. Should I really just get over Dylan? How? Why? Should I tell him how I feel? Should I blow his fucking brains out? I know i was thinking irrationally but I really cared about Dylan. Ever since my first year at Columbine High School I had feelings for him. I don’t know when the feelings began but after it had a been like a roller coaster. That’s the perfect simile actually. It was like a roller coaster. When I first started getting feelings for him it was like being in the queue, thinking what the hell am I doing? This is bat shit crazy! Who’s idea was this?! This isn’t safe at all!  And then when I realized my feelings for him was like sitting in the seat, waiting for the safety barriers to come down. Just wanting to jump off and scream ‘I WANT TO GET OFF!’ but then it was too late. The ride started and I couldn’t get off. Every time I would see him was a big, steep drop shooting down; every time I heard his voice it was like going around a big loop; every time he touched me there was a big twist. I wanted him so badly, I just didn’t know what to do. I loved the roller coaster but it terrified me at the same time. Whenever I thought I had it under control, there would be another drop, loop or turn thrown my way. I couldn’t believe something Eric fucking Harris said made me have this epiphany.
Me and Eric arrived at the house where the party was being hosted. Eric pulled out a cigarette. Needless to say he was shitting himself. None of us had ever been to a proper party before. A party to Eric was 4 of us sitting playing Doom with a bottle of some sort of alcohol but now we were at an actual party. It was filled with at least 50 people.

Eric smoked slowly trying to avoid the huge groups of people within the house. We could feel the vibrations of loud music shake the nearby ground outside. We were nervous, although Eric didn’t want to admit it.
“S-should we just go in?” His voice cracked.
“I guess so…”

I felt like holding his hand as if he had to be guided in by a parent or guardian; my nerves made me want to grab his hand even more. Eric stamped out his cigarette and we etch close to the house.

The scent of cheap beer and the loss of virginity filled my nose, making me cringe. Eric’s eyes scanned the room, most likely looking for the ‘hot’ girl who invited him.
“Maybe we should look around?” I suggested while looking at his scared, little face, which I found adorable.
“Yeah.” his breath rasped in his throat, it sounded as if he just dry-swallowed a big pill.

We didn’t really search, him and I just kind of hid away from the big crowds of people making us feel uncomfortable. Eric had never been good with the ladies, I don’t know how he ever got me in middle school.

We hadn’t really followed a pacific path, we just went where we went and followed one another. I eventually found a drink in my hand and after a few I was beginning to feel a little tipsy. We slipped down some stairs into a room where the party continued, but in much smaller numbers. I, fortunately, glance in a corner where I saw a few familiar lanky figures. I felt relieved to see some people I actually knew in this house, other than Eric. I staggered over to the group of boys. Dylan had his cute little smile on his face as I approached.
“Sup, V.” I beamed at him, wrapping my arm around his neck.
“H-Have you been drinking?” He sounded a little nervous, probably because I was cuddling him.
“Just a little,” I giggle, “ Why? Do I smell like alcohol?”
“No, just…” His sentence trailed off, not really knowing what he wanted to say.
“I think you,” Eric pulled me off Dylan, keeping me balanced, “need to sit the fuck down.”
“Yeah.” Dylan laughed, searching for a place for the group to sit.
We sat for a while, just cracking jokes and laughing, and before we knew it a bottle of Jack Daniels had come and gone. .
Eric shook the empty glass bottle in the air, “Truth or dare, anyone?” He asks the group.
We each nod out head and Eric spins the bottle.

After a few rounds, it landed on me.
“Truth or dare?” Eric grinned.
I think for a moment, “uhh, dare.”
A smirk grew on his face “Seven minutes in heaven,”
“Eric,” I sigh, “I love you ‘n’ everything, but you’re my best friend.” I place my hand upon his shoulder, “this isn’t middle school anymore and I-”
He swiftly interpreted me, his smirk growing wider and keeping eye contact with me, “with Dylan.”
My face was wiped of all expression, I wanted to knock the look of his smug-ass face look of his face so badly. I pause, trying to comprehend what he had just done. “uhum, what?”
“You heard.” He folded his arms, his eyes flicking from me to Dylan.
“Reb, dude I-” Dylan stuttered nervously.
“A, a, a, it’s a dare. You have to do it.” Eric replied, folding his arms.
“Stop being so childish, Reb.” I slur and rolled my eyes.
“I’m not being childish, you’re just being a pussy.” He sneered.
“Am not.”
“Are too.”
“Am not
.” “Are too.”
“Fuck sake, Reb.” At the time I didn’t know whether to punch him or thank him. Then I realised, I was drunk enough to do it without everything being awkward at school if Dylan didn’t like me but if Dylan was into it then I could say I was sober enough to be into it too. Fuck I loved Eric.

“It’s funny,” He snickered, “you’re such a prude, y/n, I knew you wouldn’t do it.”
“Y'know what, fine.” I pulled myself up, “come one, Dyl, let’s go find a closet.” Eric looked genuinely shocked, as did Dylan.

Dylan didn’t have time to comply or protest, before what I had said sunk into his brain I had dragged him up and was already trying to find a free closet. It was more difficult than I originally thought to find an unoccupied closet. Eventually, we did find one, I shoved Dylan and quickly locked the door behind us.
“Sorry ‘bout that, Dylan,” I leaned against the door, “I just wanted to prove Eric wrong.”
“Ah, it’s fine.” He said, sounding slightly disappointed.
“W-Well it’s not that I don’t want, Just I…” I looked down at my shuffling feat, I felt nervous, not too sure what to do.

There was a few moments of silence, during this silence I found myself sliding my back down the door, sitting upon the floor. Dylan eventually joined me. He leaned his head against the door and spoke softly:
“Remember in 5th grade when I had a crush on that Amanda girl?”
“Yeah, what about her?”
“Remember when I spilled apple juice on my pants right in front of her.”
I giggle at the fond childhood memories, “Yeah, you were so sad.”
“Yeah, I know. I think that’s where my fear of walking to women came from,” He ran a hand through his hair, “ That’s why I’ve never been able to confess my feelings for this girl that I’ve liked for a while.”
“Oh,” I look at the ground, fiddling with my hair, “that’s shitty.”
“Yeah. You know,” he took a deep breath, “I used to think you could never get over childhood fears, the little anxieties that would keep you up at night as a kid. Everything seemed so big and important then. Even the smallest thing felt like it would change everything, but it didn’t and it never did. I don’t know anymore. You can’t run away from your fears forever, right?”
“Right.” I nod, turning my head so I was looking at the side of his face.
“I think I’m ready to overcome a really big fear I’ve had for a long time.” Dylan interlocked his fingers around mine, causing me to blush, “I really like you, y/n.” He spoke gently, the words left his mouth softly and soothed my body.
“I really like y-you too, Dylan.” The roller coaster feeling felt really real at that moment. It was exciting, I was loving the twists and turns, even though they made it feel like my heart was going to pound out of my chest.

I leaned in and stroked his cheek softly, which turned his face towards mine. Dylan’s lips brushed against mine, it felt so innocent and so sweet. His lips were like silk that ran across mine. Dylan’s hands caressed my cheek. His movements weren’t lustful, they were kind and I could feel the good intentions in each of his touches. My heart fluttered as he whispered my name into the kiss, he prolonged each syllable which caused me to shudder. My fingers ran through his dirty blonde locks and stroked his soft curls. I pulled him as close as I could, until there was no space between us. Dylan could feel the pounding of my heart in my chest but I didn’t care, I wanted the kiss to last forever. His hand being placed ever so carefully on my cheek, just below my ear, comforted me. He moved one hand to my waist, causing my breath to sharpened. It became heavier, deeper, and more heated. The kiss was becoming more passionate and was rapidly losing it’s innocents.
“Yo, faggots.” A voice, presumably Eric’s, yelled from behind the door of the closet.
“7 minutes already?” He giggled and placed a sweet kiss on my forehead.


T E E N A G E  G I R L S  +  M Y T H O L O G Y: Sekhmet

She fights for power. For the right to be heard. Painted lips pull back to reveal a jaw of dazzling teeth, words snarled as she defies her peers, her teachers, her parents. She strives to make them all tremble, to remind them of what can be achieved should you shake off the expectations of others. Hackles raised, prey becomes caught in the sight of eyes so dark and deep that they seem to swallow you whole, even from the end of the empty school corridor. In her vocabulary the word hunt does not mean to pursue for sport, not like the football team with their brutish strength and ungraceful nature, but instead to seek what is yours, to snatch it fiercely and with elegance from those who dare say otherwise. But under the gentlest of smiles and the squeeze of a silky hand, she becomes soft. A protector; licking the wounds of her pride - the lionesses who stand at her side and chew hungrily at tasteless bubblegum. The world is theirs.

sway my verse

Don’t be sorry
for I wrote
you back

in sonnets
fused with slender
currant flavored
a bouquet
for your soul

Don’t negate
the beauty
of your poet’s
silver sibilance
your silence
into sirenic

For I am
(in the corridor
of your heart)

with words
inclined to curl
about your waist
and twirl
across our open

in our waltz of

Headcanon where Sasuke is a prissy flight attendant hating his job more than anything in the world. There are the horny passengers groping him as he serves drinks during flights, constant jet-lags that make his mood swings even worse and then there’s the idiotic blonde pilot that calls him into his cabin at least twice during every flight demanding ramen and trying to strike a conversation with the raven, unfazed by the glares that would probably cause the plane to fall if it was anyone else in the pilot seat. 

Yes, Sasuke hates his job and he hates the warm feeling that bubbles in his stomach whenever he hears himself being called to the pilot cabin or whenever the moron makes a passenger announcement cracking lame jokes about the weather forecast and airport security. 

He hates when they stay in hotels between flights and he can see the blonde pilot surrounded by the other flight attendants laughing loudly in the hotel bar, the spark of jealousy that makes him grit his teeth and shut himself away in his empty room for another sleepless night.

But the thing he hates the most is how during the night he would feel his resolve crumble, his heart grow weaker and eventually he would find himself slipping out of his bed, knocking lightly on the door of the room across the corridor. There are no words exchanged as the blonde opens the door a bit too quickly, Sasuke hates the idea that the moron would be expecting him to come as if wasn’t even up to him to decide. The blonde goes back to bed and lies down and soon enough Sasuke follows, gritting his teeth in hatred as he hides his face in the broad chest radiating with warmth, feeling the strong arms wrap around him and light kisses being pressed against his throat. 

He would fall asleep in the tight embrace still trying to convince himself that this feeling clouding his judgement every day is indeed hatred.

NCT Reaction- Asking You To The Prom

A/N- I thought that while you wait for the Pirate AU I’d post a reaction. This just going be a reaction with all the members. It will be how they are feeling about asking you and how they would ask you to the prom. Hope you like it! :D

Taeil: He’s probably had a crush on you for some time. Sneaking looks at you in class but never actually talking to you. He would lay awake at night pondering whether or not to actually ask you to the prom. He would finally get the courage and ask you at lunch. He’d ask you to leave your friends table at lunch, him leading you to a quiet corridor. He stumbles over his words but he finally gets it out. When you say yes he would feel like this huge bubble had just popped in his chest letting loose all the happiness.

Hansol: He too would be a nervous wreck, just not as much as Taeil. He would probably try and approach you whenever he saw you in the hall, then chicken out last minute. Then as if by fate, after school he was getting stuff out of his locker when you walked right passed him towards your locker at the end of the hall. He freezes and stares at you, then shakes off his nervousness and walks up to you. He’d panic and just say “Prom?”. You’d smile and ask if he was inviting you to go with him, when he nods you smile and agree, kissing his cheek before closing your locker and walking home.

Johnny: Okay confident af. He might talk about you to his bros, because guy talk. He has liked you for a while but decided to wait till the prom to tell you, for as he puts it ‘fabulousness’. He waits until it three weeks from prom, to finally tell you. He swaggers over to your desk sits on your table and gives you a smile “You, Me prom? That is if you haven’t got a date already” he adds the last bit even tough he knew you didn’t have date because he has had people follow stalk you at school. Of course you say yes and he does a victory dance infront of the entire class.

Taeyong: This boy has had the hugest crush on you for years. Most people think he would be the type to tell you but he keeps his feelings to himself, and steals glances your way. He wasn’t going to ask you to the prom even though he really did want to go but then rumours spread round the school that one of the schools football players were going to ask you. Taeyong might have got extremely a bit jealous. As he walked down the corridor towards the cafeteria he saw the footballer walking towards you, the boy has never ran faster. He shoved the player out the way to get to you and said “Gotothepromwithme!” in one breathe. You said yes of course. But he gets a little too excited and kisses you on the cheek and you giggle and kiss his cheek back.

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Yuta: He would already be friends with you, since you’re captain of the girls soccer team, he would definitely be into that. He would flirt with you all the time and naturally you just thought he did that to every girl. But he really his feeling to you were real. Every time he confessed his feeling you would think he was joking and brush him off. So when he showed at your house at midnight with a rose and asked you to be his date for the prom you were pleasantly surprised, and said yes immediately.

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Kun: He isn’t too shy about it, yeah sure he got a little nervous but was decent courageous. He’d convince WinWin to be his wing man and introduce you and him during lunch break. Then this smooth guy would flirt and just obviously casually bring up the topic of prom dates, he was pretty happy you didn’t have one then asked you on the spot without missing a beat. You say yes and exchange numbers. 

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Doyoung: This bunny rabbit can be so confident when he has been encouraged by his members. He would be sitting half listening to his members and half think ing about confessing to you. Some of members are bound to notice his lack of focus and when they do they start daring him to ask you to the prom. He puts on his game face and strides over to your group of friends asking them if he could borrow you, then without an answer he takes your hand and leads you to the corner of the room. He asks you out, you say yes and the entire class cheers. You both had been talking louder than you thought.

Ten: He has had a thing for you since that time you beat him in a dance competition. He would get all the members to gather round and give him ideas about how to ask you to be his date. Then when the final plans were ready he got to work preparing for the big moment. You walked to your locker and found a note attached, telling you to go to the drama classroom. It was signed by “Prince Charming”. When you opened the classroom door music started playing and a boy was dancing then the music stopped and he slid across the floor towards you holding a rose and a note asking you t be his date.

Jaehyun: Okay I’m sure that I’m not the only one that thinks that this guy is such a romantic. He would get people to go up to you and tell you that you look pretty and the people would always say the compliments were from your secret admirer. This guy would actually be so nervous even if he does keep up his cool attitude. He would come to school wearing a suit and bowtie. Everyone would be staring at him as he walks up to you but he doesn’t care, he’s a man on a mission. He takes your hands looks in your eyes and asks straight forward “ Go to prom with me?”. You said yes, only if he stops killing you with his good looks.

WinWin: He was so nervous, like honestly the sweat coming off him could fill a pool. He has talked to almost all your closest friends and found out where and when you might be alone. He was going to wait until last thing on Friday when you go to your dance class and if he timed it right he could get you alone in the empty corridors. This plan was completely thrown out the window when he walked past a group of people saying a member of the debate club was looking for you at that very moment. He started a full school search determined to find you before the other kid. He found you and wasted no time asking you even if he was shaking so much, you say yes and he instantly chills.

Mark: Okay he would probably avoid asking you at first but then Haechan, Jaemin and Chenle would get themselves involve. He might be doing something across the room and these three boys will sneaky sneaky their way over to you.They would probably spill the beans about Mark liking you a lot, but they were speaking louder than they thought they were so Mark heard and broke his neck turning to look in your direction. You both make eye contact and you can see in his eyes he wants to run out the room. So while Haechan is still talking you walk past him and head for Mark. You ask if its true, when he finally regains the ability to talk he says yes and asks you to the prom. Once you agree he is so happy but he quickly leaves to go kick three troublesome boys.

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RenJun: You best believe this motherfudging ray of sunshine, wrote you the sweetest, most adorable poem ever about how pretty you are and that he wants to take you t the prom and then was too nervous to give it to you. He sat staring at for so long in his classes. One of his teachers is so strict, when they see him not doing the work and staring at a random piece of paper. They tell him to stand up and read what ever was on it out loud. He glanced in your direction awkwardly while blushing. The teacher tells him to stand infront of the class, when he’s up front everyone is looking at him. He reads the poem to the class and everyone is looking at you. You give him a smile and give him a thumbs up, while the teacher highkey lowkey dies in the corner.

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Jeno: He is pretty confident like everyone else he would be nervous but he has a better control on his nerves. He may not ask you straight away but will do it quite soon. He would probably do something really sweet, he got some of the members to bake cupcakes with him and piped a short message on them asking you to go to the prom. He walks down the corridor to where he sees you talking with your friends, just before he reaches you someone accidentally knocks into him and he drops the box of cakes. He checks if any are fine the only one left is the one saying ‘Prom?’. He picks it up and walks over to you passing it to you. You say yes and he tells you about the other cakes and points to the wreckage.

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Haechan: Mmm, okay I don’t know about him he is either confident af or nervously shy af. The away I imagine it is he gets your number from someone and send you love letters in texts anonymously. You would be asking around if anyone knew anything about your mystery man, and Hae is laughing at you from the corner of the room. He texts you about going to the prom with him saying he will reveal himself at the prom itself. You show up at the prom and he approaches you with a bouquet and offers you his arm as he walks in with you.

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Jaemin: I think it would be pretty obvious to everyone, including you, that he likes you. You had been expecting him to ask you for a while now, but as the prom day grew closer he didn’t even seem to want to ask you. Little did you know that he has been planning this for the past three months. The plan was 1) get your friend to lure you to the school roof late at night 2) signal for music to start 3) get members to start a flash mob on the roof 4) have fireworks set off 5) confess undying love. Everything went smoothly until the principal showed up and prevented step 5) from happening. So instead he confessed and asked you to the prom in detention the next day.

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Chenle: Heart eyes. He was so awkward and nervous. He had the inspiration to write you a song each day but not the confidence to sing them for you. Instead he pushed the into your locker. After the first week of this you were head over heels for your mystery writer. Sometimes in class you would read and sing them under your breathe, making Chenle literally melt into his chair. He sat right behind you and sometimes when you sang he would start writing your next song, one day when he was doing this you spotted him writing a song so you read a few lines. The next day when you got the song from your it was the same song. You confronted him and he confessed asking you to be his date.

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Jisung: BLUSHING. He was so nervous, he tried to convince the members to ask you for him, but they all said he should do it himself. So each morning before you arrived at class he would sit a rose on your table. He would wait for you to see it and watch your reaction, every time you come in and smile at the rose he feels like he is watching an angel and his heart feels like its being inflated. One morning you catch him putting the rose on your desk and say hi to him. He panics and runs. You chance him, finally catching him in the library, telling him you think it was very sweet of him. He confesses and asks you to be his date. When you agree he is so happy he doesn’t stop smiling.

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I’m pretty proud of the language in this one. It’s been so long since i’ve written anything solely Loki that I’m concerned it’s drifted from his character. Also Asgardian!Reader is my new favourite thing - I hope you guys like it too. This request was made by @luchmich and I think it’s the first Christmas fic I’ve written ACTUALLY about Christmas! All of the other ones were just about snow. Not all that Chrristmassy to be honest, depending on where you live… Ah well, enjoy!

“Midgard Traditions”

The palace was wonderfully quiet in the evening. The only sound that could be heard was the soft padding of your feet on the crimson carpet as you wandered through it. Your mother was a close friend of The Allmother, Queen Frigga, so every year when the world was at its coldest and the nights at their longest, you and your family were invited to the castle for several weeks.

As you turned a corner, you felt a slender arm link with yours. Loki pulled you against his hip and fell into step with you.
“Good evening.” He smiled. You bowed your head.
“My prince.”
“Every year you refer to me thusly, and every year I must remind you not to.”
“Then I suggest you desist, as your words are having no effect.”

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Bad Boy Taehyung (Part 9)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7,Part 8

Jimin picked you up, and led you back to class. He glared at whoever dared steal a glance at you, his stocky body blocking you from the view. He decided to sit with you, and hold your hand under the desk. Luckily for you, Taehyung never went back to class.

Your teacher walked in, and greeted the class, giving your and Jimin’s intertwined hands a stern look, but noticing the boy’s fury blazing in his eyes, she dared not say a word. You could feel Jimin’s palm begin to sweat at one point, your smaller hand transferring all your warmth onto his skin, but you refused to let go. You needed it. You needed his support. You needed someone to understand.

You couldn’t focus in class, you couldn’t read, you couldn’t even look up without letting everyone see the struggle you were facing, holding your tears back. Jimin saw that, and it pained him to see you suffer and not be able to do anything about it. A part of him briefly wondered if the pain he was feeling now was due to jealousy, due to some disguised romantic affection towards you, but he knew, deep down, that there was no such thing for him at the moment. He did love you, he had grown to love you that just one night, but not as a girlfriend, not as a woman, but as a friend, as a sister, as someone who had been through pain like he had, and as someone he wanted to protect.

He hoped Taehyung had been more patient, he hoped Taehyung had been less of an asshole, and more tactful, and perhaps he could be the one holding your hand right now, the one making you happy, but he had to go and fuck it all up.

Jimin understood him, he resented him, but he understood him, he hadn’t had it easy himself either, but it was no excuse to hurt you like that.

“Hey let’s get out of here.” Jimin whispered as soon as the teacher left the room.

“We still have 3 hours to go.” You whispered back, doodling on an empty page. Jimin’s hand found yours and stole the pen away.

“I don’t care. You’re not focusing. We can get the notes off someone else. You need to get some fresh air. Let’s just go.” He told you sternly, before licking his teeth as his lips spread into his glorious flirty smile. You grinned at him, knowing you trusted him with your life by now.

He took your stuff and shoved it into your backpack, before dragging you down the corridors. No one said a word. They just watched you both leave, and you knew, they probably were thinking a million dirty options, you knew they most likely thought you were off to have sex with Jimin, somewhere dodgy, but you also knew the truth, so you honestly didn’t give a shit about other people’s cheap opinions.

Jimin began to run, as he pulled onto your hand, dragging you far away from that school, and although part of you desperately wanted to find Taehyung and explain yourself to him, you also just wanted to let go, for once, you wanted to do something crazy, something fun, for yourself.

You laughed, as he ran faster and faster, your shorter legs were barely able to keep up with his, and although your lungs burned, desperately in need of air, you felt a bubble of happiness begin to expand in your chest, almost painfully. You felt the wind in your hair, and your blood pulsating in your ears, as your laughter came out rough and messy, but you didn’t care.

“That was fun! You run quite fast!” Jimin laughed, as he bent over to place his palms on his knees as he gasped for air.

“That’s because you were pulling me! Now my hair is a mess!” You whined, as you tried to fix it desperately, without a mirror.

“I think it looks perfect like that. You look much better. Your cheeks are flushed and your eyes sparkle, and your smile is so big it reflects the sunlight. You should always look like this.” He told you, pointing at you with his index finger like a parent scolding his child.

Why was Jimin so perfect? And why were you so desperately in love with Taehyung?

Jimin looked at his phone, and frowned, before typing something quickly, and sliding the electronic device back into his pocket.

“It seems like they need me at the flat. Do you mind coming over? We can chill in my room, it won’t be long.” He told you, a little too tensely. You were a little confused, and suspicious, but you went along with it, because you were certain Jimin would never hurt you. You nodded, and followed him in a walk back to his flat. You had to admit you were curious about how it looked.

“The flat might be a bit messy, bear in mind there is 6 of us living there, and the only ones that do any housework are Jin and Hoseok, and Hoseok mainly helps whenever his girlfriend is coming over. So don’t be scared.” Jimin warned you, almost reading your thoughts, as he opened the front door to his flat with a small, silver key. You could see the panic in his eyes, like a puppy, hoping you did not judge him harshly upon this, begging you not to.

You took a look inside as you took your shoes off, and stepped in. It sure did look a bit messy, you could see plates and glasses had been left on the table, still dirty, and you could see the sofa was a bit worn down, and the walls were quite bare, but there was a clutter in the living room floor. You smiled, as your eyes travelled through the entire room, and then posed themselves back onto Taehyung.

“So?” He asked you, taking his own shoes off, and placing them next to yours. His voice was soft, trying not to show how nervous he suddenly felt.

“It looks… lived in. It’s quite charming.” You told him with a smile. He raised an eyebrow at your vague response, and laughed.

“You mean it’s a mess. It’s a dump compared to your place.” He replied with a chuckle.

“There’s only me back home. This place has life to it, it’s warm, it might be old and messy, but it genuinely looks cosy. You can breathe the life from the walls. This feels like a home, you know?” You smiled at him, as your fingers softly danced along the arm of the sofa. Jimin smiled, he felt so happy to have met someone like you, someone who he felt he could connect with. And the fact that you had just called his flat home, made him happy. Which is why everything had to work out.

“So Y/N, I need to go look for Jin, but you can go to my room and wait there, I promise it won’t be long. It’s the third door on the right.” He pointed you towards a narrow corridor behind a door that joined the living room and where you assumed the bedrooms were.

You nodded, and took off, walking towards his room. The third door on the right. You opened the door gingerly, and walked in, almost too ashamed to look inside his room, feeling like you were invading his privacy. You sat down on the bed, and placed your hands on your knees looking down.

One, two, three… Five minutes passed, and Jimin still hadn’t arrived. You were considering getting up to find him, but you rejected the idea, he was probably still busy with Jin.

“What the fuck are you doing in my room?” You heard a low, raspy voice ask from the doorframe.



Characters. Robin. Robin’s Mother. Grima. Chrobin.
Summary. More than the stars in the sky or the voice behind your eyes, she is the one guiding you to where you belong.
Wordcount. 2016
Notes. I wondered about the woman who ran away with her precious child, in spite of everything she’d been taught. Takes place in the game timeline, where Robin loses their memory. My Robin is nonbinary and uses they/them.
Warnings. Physical assault. Memory loss. Repressed memories.

Link to AO3 on blog.

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I try to say what I feel
Without thinking about what I feel.
I try to place words right next to my idea
So that I won’t need a corridor
Of thought leading to words.
—  Fernando Pessoa, A Little Larger Than the Entire Universe
The Wooing of Rose Tyler (1/?)

Okay, so I’ve had this fanfic idea ticking around in my head ever since I saw Casanova with David Tennant and I just couldn’t resist. You, you don’t need to have seen Casanova for you to be able to read the fanfic - but if you have, I recommend a game of spot-the-reference. There are a few in this chapter alone. XD

A small warning, though, Uni is currently keeping me insanely occupied, so I can’t promise regular updates. However, I have given my lovely beta @hermitinthetardis the right to kick my sorry behind whenever she thinks I’ve gone far too long without sending her something. So there’s that. :P

This fanfic is dedicated to @the-untempered-prism for giving me the nudge I needed to actually start this fanfic…and for actually replying to my messages. XD

Hope you all enjoy!

The Wooing of Rose Tyler (1/?)

Summary: After Versailles, Rose knew the Doctor was an incorrigible heartbreaker. Having to babysit Giacomo Casanova for three months while the Family of Blood searched for them did nothing to improve that image. (Ten/Rose; Casanova/Rose)

Rating: Teen

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By Akira Kurosawa (ca. 1980)

Some twenty-odd years ago, I saw a picture, titled Shadows, in Paris at the recommendation of Mr. Henri Langlois, Miss Mary Meerson and Miss Lotte Eisner of Cinemateque.

In the screening room, I was told that the young man who made the picture was present, but when I said I wish to meet him because I was so impressed with the quality of the picture, he ran away through the corridor without a word. I was puzzled of his action, and Mr. Langlois told me that he was being shy.

I know then that the wonderful talent which I saw in Shadows will be displayed in the motion picture industries of the world someday, and waited to hear about him. I have been mystified as I hadn’t recalled ever hearing about him until today.

I was all wrong. It was just my being in Japan that I didn’t hear about him. I was not aware that talents of Mr. Cassavetes have been highly acclaimed in the U.S. for sometime. That’s all there was to it.

When I learned that Gloria was made by the man who made Shadows, I was so happy and excited that I found myself clapping my hands. I wasn’t happy only because I felt that my judgement of him was proved right, but also because I thought that my long belief, that truly great talents will never stay buried, was proved right.

That young man I saw in the screening room of Cinemateque must now be over 50 years of age. However, the young and fresh film-making senses I saw in Shadows are still there in Gloria.

I think the beauty in the way sequences are executed and how they are put together is a natural thing—that the man was born with it.

I have seen many good movies and I have been impressed and moved many times before. But the excitement I felt in the screening room of Columbia where I saw Gloria was something special. Perhaps, it was because I felt the same kind of excitement over twenty-odd years ago in the screening room of Cinemateque, and because I could feel the same sort of excitement after such a long interval.

The Sound of Home

Based on this imagine over at imaginexhobbit

Warnings: None, really.

Word count: 1,576

It gets quiet in the mountain when everyone has gone to sleep, when the forges shut down for the night, when there is nothing save for internal disquiet to keep me company. I am positive, however, that it is not the quiet that bothers me; in fact, there had been quiet nights aplenty back home and I was well used to the pressure the silence swaddled me in. Perhaps, I might have even liked it.

Signing that contract… well, it certainly granted me nights that were far less quiet. The innocent midnight prowlings of nocturnal animals punctuated every once in a while by a hooting owl, a nearby brook whispering past on its way to bigger places, the comforting crackle of the fire amplified by cave walls… oh, how I long to hear them once more.

Still, I could live without them if it came down to it, never mind how I will recall them when the mood strikes. What I will miss, what I do miss more than ever is the comically thunderous chorus of snoring provided to me by the Company. Oftentimes my watches were spent identifying each one and to whom they belonged, spotting patterns and giggling over them like a child.

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Prompt: Coming home
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Lily Evans, James Potter
Setting: Canon, 7th year pre-dating.
1,000 Words

“Have prefects got stupider all of a sudden?” Lily huffed, frowning at the patrol reports haphazardly littering the desk.

“I guess they could have,” James said, looking up from next month’s patrol schedule with a half-smirk. “Though I think it’s more likely you’ve got smarter.”

A smile rose to Lily’s lips and she glanced at him out of the corner of her eyes. Then, she shook her head and turned back to the scraps of parchment.

“I swear my reports were never this bad,” she grumbled under her breath.

“Are they really so terrible?”

“Come see for yourself.”

Lily heard James get up and walk over to her. His hand settled on the desk as he leaned over her shoulder to peer at the pile of reports, so close she could smell the faint trace of his cologne.

Lily bit her lip, forcing herself to focus.

“This one’s Whiting’s, it seems he can’t spell the word ‘corridor’ to save his life.”

James chuckled. “That’s funny.”

“It’s funny the first few times. After that it gets annoying. Now Holloway here… well, have a look.” Lily handed James the parchment slip and watched him blink at it in confusion.

“I can’t – What does it say?”

“Your guess is as good as mine,” Lily shrugged, taking the report back from James.

“Dear Merlin,” James whistled. “And I thought Remus’ handwriting was bad.”

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Clear pt. 3

Word Count: 1.2k

a/n: this is last part.

[Part 1] [Part 2]

Mobile Masterlist // Masterlist

Pain shot throughout your body and up your spine as another contraction wracked through you. Sweat trickled down your face while you could have swore you were crushing Mali’s hand to the point of no return. Mali hasn’t left your side after that day. The both of you were attached to the hip, and she was always the sister you never had. She brought you into her home and took care of you as much as she could while you were pregnant. 

As another shot of pain coursed through your body you watched as your brunette doctor walked through the room door. “Alright Y/N let’s see if your ready to push.” The sound of her putting on some gloves was heard as she continued to walk towards you. “If this baby isn’t ready to come out then you’re cutting me open.” Mali and her chuckled as you felt her gloved hands lightly push your legs apart. “Well Y/N looks like we are ready to go here. Next contraction I need you to push okay?” Nodding you felt another wave of pain start, and the doctors voice was muffled by your screams of pain as you pushed.

After about 5 pushes the baby hasn’t moved from it’s spot original spot. They had you try everything like moving, sitting up, laying down, and nothing was working. You were absolutely exhausted. “Y/N we have to give you an emergency c-section. Do you want Mali to come back with us?” You were so exhausted that you were barely able to shake your head yes before they started to wheel your bed out of the room and down a long corridor. 

Chaos was a good word to explain everything that happened once you made it into the operating room. A blue sheet was placed in front of your face, and doctors pumped medications into your IV to make you somewhat sedated. Mali was still there next to you holding your hand as she watched what was going on. She watched as the doctor cut into your stomach, and searched your body for her nephew.

“Doctor we are losing her she is losing too much blood.” A younger man stated. Quickly Mali looked over towards you and terror flashed across her features as your eyelids became heavier and heavier by the second. “Y/N stay with me please it’s almost over. I can see him now please stay with me.” She pleaded but the darkness was encompassing you. 

The last thing you remember was hearing your baby boy screaming his lungs out before your world turned black. 

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Daddy’s Little Kitten (Part three)

Part one | Part two

I didn’t have to wait long before Harry arrived. He entered my house looking windswept and panicked. He was wearing black skinny jeans, a white simple T-Shirt, and a long black jacket. His hair was tied high on his head, and was styled into a messy bun. Seeing Harry dressed like this was fairly rare, but it was something i cherished truly.

“We need to talk” he stated. “Yeah we do” i stated bluntly sitting down on the sofa. Harry took a seat on one of the chairs opposite me. Taking a big sigh he began to speak. “Look, i can explain everything” “I don’t want to hear it, i just want this to hurry up and be over with.” “For fuck sake y/n just hear me out!” He shouted angry. “Okay” i nodded slightly scared of how angry he was getting.

He sighed once again clearly distressed over something.

“I’m being blackmailed.” My eyes went wide in disbelief at what he had just confessed. “That girl… She’s blackmailing me.” “Blackmailing you over what?” “Her dad will invest £2 million into my company if i have a relationship with her. Her dad isn’t aware of her blackmailing tactics, but shes warned that if i do tell him about what shes doing, she will make sure the deal doesn’t happen. He’s currently ill at the moment and that’s why he wants his money to be securely invested. And its her job to invest it. And to be honest, i could really do with that 2 million pound investment.” 

My eyes began to fill up with tears. “So basically, you’re saying that money means more than me.” A tear trickled down my cheek. I felt hurt. “No sweetheart, that’s not what i’m saying” he spoke whilst gently wiping the tear from my cheek. I got up and backed away from him. “It is what your saying Harry!” i shouted. “We can still be the same” “We can still be the same! Are you out of your fucking mind! You expect me to carry on having random acts of sex with you whilst you’re swanning about with her! Get out Harry! I’m done with this!” I was infuriated. How dare he come around here, to inform me that he’s got a girlfriend, but wants to carry on acting the same with me.

“I’m not leaving whilst your in this state” He stalked towards of me. “You back the fuck away Harry! I mean it!” Tears were now staining my cheeks, and endless amounts of water escaped my glossy eyes. “No, you need to calm down” he simply stated. “Calm down! You’re asking me to calm down! You are actually unbelievable!” I carried on screaming at him. “Shhh” he whispered whilst pulling me into a tight embrace. I bawled my fists and began to hit him in the chest, but it was no good. He was too strong for me. “Stop it” he continued to cuddle me. Exhaustion began to take over me, and i cuddled back into his warm embrace, tired of all the fighting. We stayed like this in silence for a while.

“It wont be forever” he whispered. “How do you know?” “Because her dad will become wise to her tricks one day.” “That day could be in another ten years Harry.” “That’s doubtful. Anyway, once the investments gone through i can break it off with her. I think shes fully aware of this but wants to have fun whilst she can. I wont get through this without you.” He stared down at me intently. “I cant deal with the thought of you sleeping with her, and taking her on dates, and living with her. That should be me not her” I pulled away from him. “I know baby, but as soon as this is other with it will be you. I’ll be able to shower you with gifts and treat you how a proper lady should be treated. Why do you think i bullshitted you with that story about commitment issues the other night? You caused my commitment issues to wash away y/n. But i cant get into a relationship with you right now for this reason. But once this deal has gone through, me and you can be together.” He smiled. “How can i trust that Harry? How do i know you’re telling me the truth.” “y/n, i didn’t have to come here and sort this with you did i? I could have happily stayed with her and had money for life. Or i could have cheated on her with someone else. Girls are forever throwing themselves at me. But i’m not interested. I want you and only you. You’ve just got to wait for me.” “Okay” i nodded earning a big cheesy grin from Harry.  “Thank you for trusting me beautiful.” He pressed a gentle kiss on my lips.

“But what happens now?” I asked. “Well… we dont speak for a while, until the deal has gone through. And then once the deal has gone through i will contact you and we can expose this bitch. It should have gone through within the next week. I wont be that long darling. Just dont read the newspapers or magazines. She’s going to want me to shower her with gifts and take her out. But once its done we can expose the gold digging bitch.” I sighed and nodded. “It’s going to be hard. But i’ll make it up to you once this is all over. This investment can set me up for life. You will never have to work again baby.” He passionately kissed me, causing sparks to fly in my tummy. The kiss was broken due to the chime of his ringtone. He pulled away and looked at the callers name. “Its her. I’m going to have to go. I’ll ring you when i can, keep you updated. Take care of yourself beautiful.” Before i knew it he had shot out of the door, leaving me wide eyed and tearful. I looked like death warmed up. This was going to be tough.


“Right well them Miss y/f/n. I’m pleased to tell you that you’ve got the job. Please do follow me.” The oldish man smiled at me. This was a shock. You see, i’ve finished Uni for the summer, and instead of sitting on my backside all day, i’ve decided to get myself a job. So when i saw a job being advertised at Taylor and Walton’s company because they were desperate for a secretary over the summer i couldn’t resist applying. I had nothing to loose, but a lot to gain. The experience at a big company would certainly help me to get a proper job after my degree.  The oldish man walked through a large set of doors where three males and a woman with long blonde hair sat with there backs to me. “Mr Styles, id like you to meet your new secretary!” The older man beamed. What… Mr styles? God no, no please no. Four heads turned towards me, but i noticed one of them straight away. Harry. “Erm, excuse me sir. I don’t mean to be rude, but i thought i was working for Taylor & Walton?” “Yeah about that. Our company is technically owned by Styles Enterprise, and he’s the one who actually needs a secretary not us. But you will have much more fun there! And, you mentioned about you wanting to add things onto your CV. The fact you’ve been an employee at Styles enterprise  and worked so closely with Mr Styles himself will definitely turn heads. So dont worry, i think you’re good enough for the job.” I just nodded, confused as to what was going on. Harry stood up and offered his hand. “Mr styles, but call me Harry. Pleasure to be working with you.” He shook my hand formally. “Um, like wise Mr Styles.” “And your name is” he questioned. “y/n… y/f/n” I looked at him with wide eyes. Hopefully he would know that this didn’t happen purposely. He gave me a warm smile to indicate that he wasn’t mad with me. “Pleasure to meet you. Now if you would like to follow Scarlett, she will take you to your desk. Wont you Scarlett.” Scarlett. Scarlett as in blackmailing bitch Scarlett. The Blondie stood up and pulled her pencil skirt down, a gesture that was pointless as the thin piece of material was clinging to her bottom and was unable to budge an inch. She had skyscraper heels on, and her makeup look like it had been painted on. She was a definite gold digger. “Of course i will Mr styles!” She smiled and winked at him, trying to make it clear that he was hers.

She practically stumbled out of the room, clearly being unable to walk properly in those ridiculously high heels. I had an urge to laugh but i had to contain myself. She continued to walk through various corridors without uttering a word to me. I admired the various awards on the walls. Harry was a wealthy and intelligent man. We soon walked through a glass door and she stopped in front of what i presumed was my desk. “This is your desk” she bluntly said. “This door here” she pointed “leads to Mr styles’ office. But make sure you knock. I wouldn’t want you walking in on us” she smirked. This bitch was pissing me off already. “Of course” i sweetly nodded. “So i’ll leave you to unpack or whatever. Mr styles will let you know what to do after he’s finished his meeting.” She then sauntered out of the door and slammed it behind her.

My phone suddenly vibrated in my bag. Pulling it out i noticed i had received a text from Harry. ‘I hope you’re wearing suspenders under that tight little skirt Kitten.’ Maybe working here wouldn’t be so bad after all…

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