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Blank Space Drarry!AU?

Not sure if this is what you wanted as I’m not well-versed (verse, get it?) in song fics so I’ve just used the title and various lines for inspiration as I saw fit. Hope it pleases you :)

Harry stared down at the blank space on the charmed parchment. Everybody had been given one. They were expected to write their first preference for an eighth year roommate. The only problem was that Harry had no idea whose name to write. He wasn’t allowed to room with someone from his own house so Ron was out. And who else did he want to be stuck with for a full year? Ernie Macmillan? Justin Finch-Fletchley? Not particularly.

At that moment, the door of the compartment Harry was sharing with Ron and Hermione started to slide open, and Harry gladly looked up, thankful for the distraction. Draco Malfoy’s head appeared, his eyes darting around rapidly until they landed on Harry.

Ron stood up. He hadn’t quite forgiven Malfoy for the past seven years. “What do you want, ferret?”

Malfoy’s eyes fluttered, his face dropping into something vulnerable for a moment. But the moment passed quickly. He pulled himself to full height and slammed the door wide open. “Not that it’s any of your business, Weasel, but I need to speak with Potter, alone.”

Harry’s eyes widened in surprise, but he found himself jumping to his feet immediately, ready to follow Malfoy. Hermione’s voice stopped him.

“I don’t think it’s wise to speak alone with him, Harry.”

“Yeah,” Ron agreed, “I wouldn’t be surprised if he just wanted to curse you, or break your nose again.”

Malfoy laughed humorlessly and turned his gaze on Harry. “Potter’s left his fair share of nasty scars on me as well.”

Harry’s eyes travelled to Malfoy’s concealed torso and a vivid image of bright red slashes of dripping blood played in his mind. He looked back up to Malfoy’s narrowed eyes – he was still waiting for an answer.

Harry nodded to Malfoy, ignoring the advice from his friends, and followed him out into the corridor, making sure to close the door tightly behind him. He was curious to hear what Malfoy might want to speak privately about.

Malfoy kept walking further down the corridor and turned into an alcove between two baggage racks. Harry followed, but instantly regretted it. The alcove was rather small and Malfoy had a couple of inches on him, so he found himself staring directly at cherry-red lips. It was all too intimate and Harry didn’t like how hard it was to resist leaning up and planting a kiss on his ex-arch-enemy, Draco Malfoy. What kind of thought was that, anyway?

Harry quickly averted his eyes and looked up to meet Malfoy’s staring down at him curiously. He mustn’t have looked away quick enough. A blush crept over his face as he waited for Malfoy to speak.

“I must thank you, Potter,” Malfoy began, in the curt formal matter he had addressed Harry in all throughout his trial. “If you hadn’t spoken for me, I wouldn’t be here now. I am in your debt. Name your price.”

“My-my price?” Harry questioned.

“I wish to repay you for your help. I’m aware you already have some gold, but I can assure you with my family incarcerated, I’ve recently come into some new money and– “

“I don’t want gold,” Harry interrupted. He already had more than he’d ever need. His tastes weren’t quite as lavish as Malfoy’s.

Malfoy’s eyebrows puckered inwards, some of his formality dropped. “Then what do you want? Name it, and it’s yours.”

Harry shrugged. “There’s nothing I want. Let’s just be friends, okay?”      

Malfoy’s eyebrows shot upwards. “You’d like me to repay the debt with friendship?”

‘No, what I mean is: friends help friends without expecting anything in return. If we’re friends, that means there’s no debt.”

“Friends.” Malfoy repeated the word in obvious distaste.

“Only if you want to be of course. I’m not going to force – “ Harry stopped short, his eyes dropping down to Malfoy’s tongue which had darted out to lick his lips. He let out a shuddering breath. The proximity to Malfoy was affecting him poorly.

When he looked back up, he could tell his own actions had not gone unnoticed. Malfoy was looking down at him with intensity, in a way that made Harry think perhaps Malfoy didn’t have a problem with the words friends at all. In fact, perhaps he was very interested in becoming friendly with Harry Potter.

And if Harry was still in doubt, it was erased seconds later when Malfoy tilted his head down and closed the miniscule distance between them, bringing their lips together. At first Malfoy pulled in fast and Harry half expected (and definitely would have welcomed) a frenzied, passionate snog, but as soon as their lips met, everything slowed. The kiss was soft and gentle, brief but lingering. It was magic, madness, heaven and sin all at once, and it left Harry breathless.

When their lips parted, everything sped up again. Malfoy pulled back as if he’d been stung, his face flitting through a thousand different expressions as if trying to work out how he should be reacting. He settled on a sneer. Although familiar, Harry found it didn’t suit him at all.

He pushed past Harry and strode off down the corridor without another word, an obvious pink flush on the back of his usually pale neck. Harry watched him go, a giddy smile playing on his lips.

Harry composed himself before returning to his compartment brushing off Ron and Hermione’s concerns. He had something else on his mind. Something reckless. It might be a terrible mistake but he couldn’t help but make it.  Harry Potter had a blank space and now he knew exactly whose name to write.

The Accident- Pack imagine

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Request: Anon said:

Could you do a teen wolf pack imagine where the reader gets kicked out of the pack for a stupid reason, and then the next day she’s pulling up to school with her brother and they get in a terrible accident right outside of the high school and like the whole school including the pack witnesses it and everyone freaks out (especially the pack) thank you💓

Words: 1806

A/N: I don’t know what exactly you were after so I hope this is ok xx remember if you ever want me to write anything, my inbox is always open <3

‘Just go for it’ you thought to yourself. Liam was stood at the opposite end of the corridor, sputtering his words to Hayden. He had promised you he’d work up the courage to ask her out but all that had happened so far was a short and awkward chat. You were getting frustrated. You knew Hayden liked Liam back and yet neither of them could see it. They were both blind.

You picked at your nails as you waited, listening intently to their conversation, or rather lack of one. You sighed, if you used your powers of mind control this would all be over in two seconds. You shook the thought out of your head. There was no way you were going to use your mind control on a friend, especially a member of the pack. You didn’t even know if your powers worked on other supernatural creatures, never having tried. The aggravation and curiosity build up inside you, seeping through every pore. ‘That’s it!’ you thought to yourself, strutting closer to Liam and Hayden. You stopped a few metres away from them, close enough for your powers to take their hold. You focused your mind on Liam, climbing inside his brain. Liam’s back tensed so his posture was rigid, you could see the vein in his upper arm throb as he tried to fight what was happening to him. Nevertheless, no matter how hard he fought, your powers maintained their hold.

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The GoM reaction to their s/o telling them out of the blue they miss them, because the guys were busy lately and didn't realize they were kinda neglecting their s/o

Hi dear, here I’m with our lovely Gom! I hope you’re going to enjoy them, let me know it!

Have a nice day!

The GoM x Lonely Reader, Reactions


Aomine Daiki

Aomine blinked at you, confused.

That second of silence wiped off the confidence with which you had told him you missed being with him lately. You weren’t even used to be that vocal and now you were regretting it.

“D-Don’t worry, I-I know you’re busy…” you stuttered blushing hard and looking at your shoes, “Now I’ll let you go back to class, I-“

You tried to walk away, but Aomine grabbed your wrist.

“Wait SO!” he called you surprised; turning, you saw his cheeks were red too. He opened his mouth to speak, but then looked around and scowled at the crowd of the students in the corridor. Without saying a word, he dragged you with him.

You didn’t even try to stop him, but just followed under perplexed stares.

You finally halted in a hidden corner under a flight of stairs and Aomine leaned against the wall.

“Aomine wha-”

He pulled you in a rough hug, resting his chin on your head and pressing your face against his chest. You suspected he was too embarrassed to let you look at him.

“’m sorry,” he mumbled lulling you, “I’m a bit of a basketball idiot and didn’t realize you were lonely…”

You chuckled, wrapping your arms around his chest.

“You are a big basketball idiot!”

“Ehi! I was trying to be nice here!” he growled, but raising your head, you saw he was grinning.

“This Saturday,” he proposed, “Let’s go out, alright?”

“Didn’t you have plans with Kagami?” you inquired lifting an eyebrow, but he shrugged.

“We can go playing another time,” he reassured you nuzzling against your neck.

“Are you saying that now I’m on the same level of basketball in your priorities?” you asked faking a gasp.

He chuckled.

“It seems so,” he answered with a kiss on the forehead, making you happier than what you would have expected.

Kise Ryouta

As soon as you finished speaking, Kise furrowed and got silence. You could see he was thinking about something, and panic caught you.

You knew Kise didn’t like to be tied down, but you were feeling really lonely lately and in that moment you couldn’t have stopped yourself from telling him. And what if now he was mad? Or annoyed? Or-

“I’m the worst boyfriend ever!” Kise blurted out shocked, covering his face, “I’m so sorry SO! Please don’t be mad!” he whined taking both your hand in his.

“I-I’m not mad-” you tried to explain him, but he was already blabbering.

“I was so busy between basketball and modeling that I didn’t notice I was neglecting you! I can’t believe that it’s been three weeks since the last time we went on a date!” he apologized to you, golden eyes filled with regret. He was truly ashamed for his behavior.

“I-It’s okay, I know you’re busy. I just needed to tell you, I’m not mad,” you reassured him with a warm smile, patting his blond hair.

He groaned and hugged you on the spot.

“You’re too good for me,” he sighed relieved, “Let’s go on a date, right now!”

“Don’t you have a photoshoot? And we still have three hours of school left,” you chuckled, enjoying the hug.

“I can cancel it.”

“You can’t.”

“Then, come with me!” he proposed grabbing your shoulders and looking at you expectantly.

“Are you sure?” You’ve never been on a set, but you were curious. He nodded enthusiastically.

“I’d love it! Then it’s settled!” he shined bubbling and gave you a kiss on the nose.

Kuroko Tetsuya

“I’ve missed you…” you whispered

Kuroko stopped walking and turned to you, surprised.

He was walking you home and holding your hand.

“Ah sorry! I didn’t want to annoy you, but lately you’ve been busy and I just…”you tried to explain yourself blushing, “…really missed you?”

Kuroko realized what you were saying and grimaced.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized bowing to you, “I didn’t mean to neglect you, nor to let you feel lonely. Forgive me.”

“No, no please Kuroko! There’s no need to-”

But he straightened and you saw a soft smile on his lips. He knew what you meant.

You quieted down, as he squeezed your hand.

“Would you like to have dinner with me?” Kuroko invited you gently and you brightened up.

“Aren’t you tired?” you asked doubtful, but he shrugged.

“Not for you” he answered smoothly and you giggled giddy.

“Then, I’d love too,” you accepted softly and he resumed walking, rubbing small circles on the back of your hand.

Midorima Shintarou

“I’ve missed you!” you blurted out in the middle of the conversation, without realizing. Midorima had been talking to you about something,  but you were more focused on staring at him and it just happened. Some of the girls passing in the corridor snickered and you realized that you had yelled it instead of whispering it.

Midorima was looking at you shocked, totally caught off guard.

“Missed…me?” he repeated wide-eyed. He was talking about how he was going to murder Takao and suddenly you…

“I-I’m sorry,” you apologized covering your mouth,” You were talking and I was looking at you and I just realized I didn’t see you all week and then I just…said it.” You burst in a frantic explanation until it died in your throat, leaving you with your embarrassment.

Midorima blushed deeply and averted his eyes, casually covering his mouth with a hand.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized too,” I missed you too…” the boy added in a whisper so low that you barely heard it.

His words made you redden more, but a giggle escaped from your lips.

“If you have time,” Midorima took all his courage to ask you out, “We could go out for dinner after practice,” offered awkwardly.

And finally, he met your eyes and your smile widened, because you could read in him that he really wanted to.

“It’s perfect! I’ll wait for you!” you thrilled happily and that won a smile out of him.

Murasakibara Atsushi

Murasakibara looked down at you, who were shifting your feet uncomfortably and staring at the ground. With a sigh, he crouched and met your eyes.

“Were you lonely?” he asked blankly, tilting his head to the side.

You nodded, with a small pout.

A smirk flashed on his lips.

“That’s really cute, SO,” he commented patting your head, “You should have told me, though.”

“I didn’t want to trouble you…”

He shrugged and pulled a strawberry candy out of his pocket.

“You never trouble me, except when you try to feed me carrots,” he grimaced, putting the candy in your mouth, “Sorry for that. From tomorrow I’ll be all yours again, alright?”

You grinned and nodded, satisfied with that little promise.

“Good girl,” he hummed satisfied standing up again and taking your hand.

“Don’t treat me like a child!”

“Not my fault you’re so cute and small.”

Akashi Seijuurou

“I missed you lately.”

Now, you usually were very careful about you said around your boyfriend, since he tended to be…extreme, but those words bubbled out of your lips before you realized it. Definitely a mistake.

Akashi, as you feared, froze while he was walking to you with a cup of tea from the vending machine in the school’s corridor.

He let the cup fall, under shock, and the tea spilled everywhere.

“Akashi!” you cried, reaching him and looking at the mess on the floor, “I’m not saying there’s something wrong, I know you’re busy! I just missed you a litt-”

He didn’t let you speak, he raised a hand putting a finger on your lips and took out his phone with the other. He quickly dialed a number.

“Hello, Akashi-sama?”

“Postpone all my appointments for the next three days to the next week,” he ordered firmly and you exhaled, covering your eyes. You should have known it.


“No but,” He shut the other off, hanging up and turning to you.

“Akashi, you didn’t need to do it,” you scolded him trying very hard to glare at him, but your devil was now smiling all sappy and alluring.

He took your hand and kissed your knuckles softly.

“Now, I’m all yours,” he whispered pulling you towards him with a mischievous smile, “I hope you’re ready.”

Yeah, you had made a mistake but you weren’t going to regret it one bit now.

REQUESTED - Familiarity (1/2)

Request: So, i don’t know if u take requests, but, i would like to make one. I saw u liked some Peter Parker X Reader stuff ( I’m not a stalker, I SWEAR) and i was wondering if u would do a one-shot or something like that about the reader being Peter’s classrommate but for some reason being called to the avengers, and he is there in his suit and he keep seeing her in the school wondering why she was there? pls? - Anon

Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader

Word Count: 2,174

Warning: None, just cursing (Tell me something new)

(A/N): I’M HAPPY BECAUSE THIS IS MY FIRST REQUEST AND AAAAAAAAAAAAA <3 (Btw, It took me a long time to choose ONE gif, I’ve been looking gifs for a looooooong time by now.)

Part2 | Masterlist

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“Peter Parker is staring at you again.” My friend said under her breath, making me raise my eyes to where I knew the boy were before she even finished her sentence, and as if he heard her and saw me catching him staring, his gaze turned to the book in front of him. I chuckled at his red ears, and that seemed to make him even more embarrassed.

“He’s cute.” That time, I was the one staring. Not that I haven’t done it before, Peter just had this thing hidden under his soft, cute and “harmless” surface that always made my detective side itch.

“And you are totally calling him to a date.” She said, smiling at my arched brown “I know you have a crush on him; I’ve seen you looking at him before, Y/N. Don’t even try to lie.” I giggled and shrugged my shoulders, hearing her huff “If you don’t go there and call him, I will for you. However, I’ll make it from right here. You know how my voice is powerful.” She just winked at me with a smirk, fuck.

“I hate you.” I groaned while getting up and taking a breath before walking to where he was sitting, he had earphones but that didn’t stop him to look at me surprised when I sited in front of him, trying to give my best smile. He took his earphones slowly looking around to see if there was someone else before looking back at me “Hey, you’re Peter Parker, right?” Of course he was Peter Parker! Fuck, the teachers knew his name just because he was always late!

“Huh, y-yeah…”


“Y/N… I know you.” I laughed at his embarrassed face, and took a time to study him from close. He had muscles, even though they were hidden under coats of shirts and of a hoodie.

“So, I thought you were really cute and I know you are fan of the same things as me, so I was thinking, would you like to go out with me to the arcade on the center of the city?” He almost choked with my boldness, but please, I ain’t got time to be playing a shy ‘let’s be friends’ girl.

“I-I w-would l-love it! W-when?” I smiled from ear to ear and took his notebook from the table and a pen to write my number

“Today at seven?” He nodded like crazy with his head and that made me smile more before sliding the book back to him and say in my most ‘I’m sexy’ voice “I’ll be waiting for you, Peter.”

I heard him gasp in surprise while I got back to my table, finally feeling my cheeks blush when seeing my best friend laughing like crazy, curled on the books, almost sobbing

“I-I love you, Y/N. You are my spirit animal!” I just chuckled, going back to my studies, proud of myself to be able to call the boy I liked on a date without squeaking, even though I was an agent, I was still a human with awkwardness.

I had to run to my apartment, for the first time happy to live alone so I didn’t have to explain nothing to no one. I smiled at my on reflection; it was still me. Comfortable, pretty and with analytical eyes.

When I opened my door, ready to run to catch a bus, I stumbled into a massive chest. Jesus Christ, that man was a fucking wall!

I looked up at the both man, frowning my brows and locking my jaw. They were familiar, but I didn’t know them.

“Excuse me, are you Y/N?” The one I had hit asked, blushing slightly at my angry gaze. I studied him more, strong, blonde, and a little shy.

“Captain America.” I said, crossing my arms and checking the other man, it didn’t took me long to recognize him. “Tony Stark, A.K.A Iron Man. What do you want?” The Captain glanced surprised at the Stark

“Do you mind if we came in?” He asked and I looked at the time, I had half an hour to be there

“Actually, I do. Look, I would be pleasantly happy to welcome two heroes at my home at any day. But I have a date with a boy I’ve liked for a while, and I’ll be late if I don’t go right fucking now.” I said, making Tony Stark lower his glasses and smirk slightly. Oh, for fuck’s sake, is night. Why is he wearing sun glasses?

“We want your help.” He finally said, making me frown my brows

“Three minutes, and here, in the hallway. By the smell, my neighbors are too high to understand anything.”

“Look, I’m not sure if-”

“Two minutes and forty seconds.” I crossed my arms, seeing Stark giggle

“I like her. We want you to be part of the new Avenger’s intelligence. Natasha Romanoff heard of you from S.H.I.E.L.D, they got an eye on you. But well, we are quicker.” My jaw almost fell to the ground. Ok, one thing was being an ‘agent’ slash ‘hacker’, other was being An Agent. “But, we need you right now.” A groan came out of my mouth, I didn’t want to turn Peter down! Especially because I was stupid and didn’t ask his number, so if I called him by the number I got, it would be weird!

“Fine, but I have to set a new fucking date with Peter.” I mumbled while searching my phone in my bag, Stark and Captain America glanced at each other in surprise.

“Language.” Steve whispered and I smirked

“Fucking language, I know. My grandmother would always scream that I fucking cursed too much, but she would curse in between phrases- Oh, hey, Peter!” I smiled at myself when my phone ringed right when I was ready to call him

Huh, Hey, Y/N… So… Huh, S-something happened and… huh, I can’t go… Sorry.” He mumbled looking nervous, I sighed, trying to look disappointed “I’m really sorry

“It’s okay… Huh… I guess I’ll have to… Hm, I don’t know.” I smiled at my own sad impression, tilting my head to give a challenging glare at The Captain, which looked surprised at me “Huh, another time, then?” I could even hear him slapping himself and screaming at something to muff his words.

I would like that. Sorry again.” I just turned the phone down, trying to sell better my “hurt and disappointed”, smiling at both man and crossing my arms again

“Okay, we can go now.” Stark just laughed as if he had won the lottery while the Captain smiled slightly at me and pointed at the corridor, asking without words for me to get out.

The whole trip on Starks car he would been giggling and smiling, while Steve Rogers - I found his name when he pulled his wallet to see something. Well, I got quick eyes. -, was staring at me and blushing when I smirked at him

“Soo, what is so bad that made the two Avengers go knock personally at my door?” I asked, trying to extract something of them before getting there

“It is a security failure on the government and we know you are a good hacker and… ‘Detective’. So, we want your help” The Stark said ironically, making me arch my brow

“Are you mocking my abilities? You know I can read you now and hack your precious high tec car, right?”

“Sweetie, I’m a well-trained man and that build the intelligence of this car to be-”

Tony Stark is currently single, he is a playboy, he has trust issues, haven’t slept in four days, he likes to eat donuts hidden from everyone in his lab, he wears his iron suit to try to make up the fact that he is a selfish, old man that uses sunglasses at night even though, he looks stupid doing it.” The robotic female voice of his car said, I looked up from my phone with a small grin on my face.

He narrowed his eyes at me while Rogers looked out of the window to try to hide his smile, and by his locked abdomen, I knew he wanted to laugh.

“You know, I really liked you.” I laughed and shrugged my shoulders

“Don’t worry, as long as you don’t doubt me, I’ll be good.” He tried to control his smile, but well, sassy people get along. “By the way, what will I gain with this?”

“Isn’t making good with your abilities and acknowledgment, enough payment?” Rogers said for the first time, making me arch one eyebrow at him

“Can I eat acknowledgment? Can I pay the bills with acknowledgment? I don’t fucking think so.” Stark laughed at my sentence

“She has a point. But, let’s just say your payment will good enough for you to go to a good college.”

“I won’t have to pay for it, I’ll enter with a scholarship.” I mumbled after a few moments, not being able to maintain silence

“Congratulations, you must have earned it.” Rogers said and I blushed slightly with that, I wasn’t used to people congratulating me for this kind of things. “You leave alone?”

“Yes.” I didn’t answer anything than that, it wasn’t something I liked to come up with.

When we finally got to the Avengers tower, I took every way I could run if they were trying to catch me. Well, people are weird, who knows, right? Caution is never too much.

I was welcomed with all the Avengers in the room, fuck they were tall!

“Everyone, this is Y/N, she’ll be helping us with our problem.” I studied everyone, Natasha Romanoff was the one that actually caught my attention, because she had something in her posture that made her stand out.

“I’m late, sorry!” A muffed voice was heard and everyone turned their gaze at Spiderman, he was still in his suit and stopped when saw me. Jeez, I know I am pretty, but don’t have to stare so much.

“Spider boy.” Stark smirked, making me look more into the boy, familiarity.

I controlled a smile when noticing something very interesting.

“So, what exactly you guys need my help with? Even though the boy I have a crush on was the one who turned down on me, I’m still not cool with being brought here just to stand and stare at heroes.” Spiderman gasped, making me control even more the laugh that wanted to explode.

“It’s the codes, someone is breaking them and releasing secret missions and… Other things, to the outside.” Natasha was the one to say it, I have to admit it. Being close to my favorite Avenger made me want to freak the fuck out.

“Is there a laptop or something like that?” She pointed with her head to the Kitchen’s counter, there was a silver laptop on it.

“Hey kiddo, Natasha tried before, don’t feel disappointed if you can’t, kay’?” One of them said, Sam Wilson, had been military.

“Okay.” I mumbled and started to work

“This might take some time, so, do you want us to call someone to warn that you won’t appear?” Captain America said, crossing his arms while I denied with my head, still focused on fixing the problem.

“Nah. And this tactic to make me say what you want, won’t work.” I heard a female laugh that I deduced to be Natasha’s.

“I like her.” I heard her say, I worked for a few more moments, with all the avengers watching me closely.

“Can I have some water, please?” I asked, hoping that it would make at least one of them get out of my back. That was making me nervous, shit.

“Spider, you heard the girl.” The Stark said and I rolled my eyes, the only one that was away, that stupid billionaire brought him close. I thanked when a cup was settled next to my hand

“Done.” I said tapping the last time before finally reaching to the cup of water.

“What? Already?” Someone said, I looked up from my shoulder, seeing that The Winter Soldier was the one to say it. “Natasha took hours and she failed.”

“Mind if I take a look?” She said, still surprised while I denied with my head, turning on the seat to face the others still drinking my water.

“So, how do I go back?” I asked, walking around the living room and receiving chocked gazes

“She did it.” Romanoff said “She even found the IP adress of the ones who broke it… How?”

“It wasn’t hard, actually. But the explanation would take longer than the actual deed.”

“I’ll take you home.” Stark mumbled, still surprised. I smiled at everyone

“You know I could have done that from home, right?” He laughed cheerfully while coming close to me, ready to lead me to the elevator again.

“Y/N, you just saved our asses so good! Thank you!” Sam Wilson said and I just waved with my hand

“It was nothing. Well, see you guys when you need me again. Less you, Peter. See you at school!” I smirked at a chocking Spiderman and followed Tony Stark, he was laughing loudly.

“I definitely like you.”

Dylan request #1

Request: Dylan request — you moved to Littleton when you were in 4th grade, then Eric moved in a little bit later. The 3 of you grew up as best friends. While you and Eric had a small middle school past (that didn’t last long as you both realized you’re better off as best friends) you did develop a crush on Dylan in high school. You don’t know it but Dylan likes you too. It’s senior year, and Eric has realized what’s going on ages ago. You’re at a party, 7 mins in heaven is the game - go from there :)            

((im so sorry this took me so long!! I’ve been working so hard on this. I hope you enjoy!!))

“Hey, Reb, pass the lighter.” I fumble with the cigarette hanging off my upper lip. Eric threw a red lighter to me. I lit my cigarette and inhaled, staring off blankly in the distance before handing it back.

Eric had been my best friend ever since seventh grade, even though we had a little fling in middle school. We made out one time, behind the shed where they kept all of the P.E equipment. All of those raging 13 year old hormones were pumping and we smooched. I expected it to be magical, like in the movies, but no. It was wet, sloppy, his tongue was like a dagger stabbing in the back of my throat, it was wayyy too toothy, and he left half of my face covered in spit. Needless to say, we decided to go back to being best friends a few days later and agreed to never speak of the event again.

“Yo, y/n.” Eric calls, taking a puff off his cigarette.
“Sup.” I looked up at him from where I was sitting.
“You coming to that party tonight?” He leaned against the fence stood behind us.
“Probably not,” I shake my head. “Everyone that goes to those stupid parties makes me want to kill myself.” I said with a harshness in my voice. I meant it, I really did hate the people that went to our school.
“Okay, listen,” he paused to take another drag of his cigarette, “I hate those fuckers just as much as you, if I had the chance to blow their fucking heads off I would in a heart beat. But this really hot girl invited me and-”
“absolutely not.” I cut him off. “I am not going to be your wing woman at some fucking party.”
“When have I ever been invited to a party by a hot chick before?”
“Never.” I sigh, a slight bit of guilt in my voice.
”Exactly. Fuckin never. Just do me this solid.”
I didnt want to, I really didn’t, but Eric was my best friend. I exhale sharply, “Fine.” The way his face had lit up made it all worth it.

Me, Eric and Dylan had all grown up together. I moved to Littleton, Colorado when I had just turned 9. I met Dylan on the first day of 4th grade in school. I was late for school due to my stubborn Mom who insisted she knew a quick route to the school, despite having lived in the town less than a two weeks. By the time I reached my classroom, I knew that all of the seats would have been taken and I was frantically searching for a place to sit. The class teacher was nice, she spoke sweetly to me and asked my name. I saw one kid gesturing for me to sit next to him. It just so happened that the boy who offered me a seat was Dylan. We instantly hit it off. When you’re 9 and 10 you don’t care who your best friend is or whether you have common interests, but me and Dylan did. After school every day, we would rush home as quickly as our legs would take us so we were home in time to watch our favorite cartoons. My Mom would always have baked goods ready for us as soon as we got home for me and him to binge on. He was like an addition to our family. Dylan struggled a lot when middle school came around, as he was excruciatingly shy and quiet. We got picked on a lot for being weird and quiet. We were outcasts to everyone else. We sat by ourselves for the first year, neither of us having many friends other than each other and Nate. Over the years there, Dylan was my security blanket. He would make me feel better about all the horrible things girls said to me. We boosted each others confidence a lot. We met Eric in seventh grade, and became pretty close rather quickly. We would all hang out every night and play video games.

Me and Eric were standing by our lockers when Dylan approached us.
“Hey, V, guess what.” Eric said through a toothy grin.
“You got invited to a party by a hot girl.” Dylan replied with a slight bit of annoyance in his voice.
Eric’s grin quickly vanished, “Yes. How’d you know?!”
“You’ve told me at least six times, dude. I’m still not going.” Dylan hissed back.
“C’mon, dude, y/n is coming.” Eric nudged Dylan.
Dylan looked towards me in confusion because he knew I hated parties, “I’m being forced too, V.” I shook my head.
Dylan laughed under his breath a little bit, “Nah, dude, I’m not-”
“I swear to God, Dylan. I know where you live and I know how to make pipe bombs.” Eric said in an almost threatening tone but it still had a slight playfulness to it.
“Fuck, fine I go. Don’t blow up my house, Jesus.” Dylan let out a barely audible laugh under his breath and smiled towards us.
“Fuck yeah, V, cya tonight.” Eric smirked like a kid who had just won first place in a race.
Dylan walked off to whatever class he had next, leaving me and Eric alone. I lean against the lockers, throwing my head back and let out an audible groan, “Why is he sooooo cute.” I whimper out.
“This whole ‘crush on Dylan’ thing needs to stop.” Eric sighed.
“Yeah…” I suspire heavily whilst I followed Eric to our next class, “I know.”
“You know what I hate?” I prepared myself for one of Eric’s long-ass speeches about bitches standing in the middle of a corridor or something but the words that escaped his lips were actually quite wise. “When girls wait for the guy to ask them out. Like, Dylan’s a shy guy, he can hardly look at a girl without cumming in his pants. What makes you think he’s going to get the balls to ask you out? Like, I know we’re just friends ‘n’ shit but fuck, y/n, you’re pretty fucking attractive.”
“That was over in middle school, Reb.” I joke.
“Shut the fuck up and listen for a second,” He pauses while he thought of something to say, “What I’d do in this situation is 1 of 3 things. 1,blow their fucking head off, if you can’t have them then no one can. 2, get the fuck over them, no time for moping over some pussy you’re never going to get. Or 3, get over self, walk your ass over to them and tell them you fucking like them. Like a bitch can’t blame you for trying, right?” 

So many questions ran through my head after he said that. Should I really just get over Dylan? How? Why? Should I tell him how I feel? Should I blow his fucking brains out? I know i was thinking irrationally but I really cared about Dylan. Ever since my first year at Columbine High School I had feelings for him. I don’t know when the feelings began but after it had a been like a roller coaster. That’s the perfect simile actually. It was like a roller coaster. When I first started getting feelings for him it was like being in the queue, thinking what the hell am I doing? This is bat shit crazy! Who’s idea was this?! This isn’t safe at all!  And then when I realized my feelings for him was like sitting in the seat, waiting for the safety barriers to come down. Just wanting to jump off and scream ‘I WANT TO GET OFF!’ but then it was too late. The ride started and I couldn’t get off. Every time I would see him was a big, steep drop shooting down; every time I heard his voice it was like going around a big loop; every time he touched me there was a big twist. I wanted him so badly, I just didn’t know what to do. I loved the roller coaster but it terrified me at the same time. Whenever I thought I had it under control, there would be another drop, loop or turn thrown my way. I couldn’t believe something Eric fucking Harris said made me have this epiphany.
Me and Eric arrived at the house where the party was being hosted. Eric pulled out a cigarette. Needless to say he was shitting himself. None of us had ever been to a proper party before. A party to Eric was 4 of us sitting playing Doom with a bottle of some sort of alcohol but now we were at an actual party. It was filled with at least 50 people.

Eric smoked slowly trying to avoid the huge groups of people within the house. We could feel the vibrations of loud music shake the nearby ground outside. We were nervous, although Eric didn’t want to admit it.
“S-should we just go in?” His voice cracked.
“I guess so…”

I felt like holding his hand as if he had to be guided in by a parent or guardian; my nerves made me want to grab his hand even more. Eric stamped out his cigarette and we etch close to the house.

The scent of cheap beer and the loss of virginity filled my nose, making me cringe. Eric’s eyes scanned the room, most likely looking for the ‘hot’ girl who invited him.
“Maybe we should look around?” I suggested while looking at his scared, little face, which I found adorable.
“Yeah.” his breath rasped in his throat, it sounded as if he just dry-swallowed a big pill.

We didn’t really search, him and I just kind of hid away from the big crowds of people making us feel uncomfortable. Eric had never been good with the ladies, I don’t know how he ever got me in middle school.

We hadn’t really followed a pacific path, we just went where we went and followed one another. I eventually found a drink in my hand and after a few I was beginning to feel a little tipsy. We slipped down some stairs into a room where the party continued, but in much smaller numbers. I, fortunately, glance in a corner where I saw a few familiar lanky figures. I felt relieved to see some people I actually knew in this house, other than Eric. I staggered over to the group of boys. Dylan had his cute little smile on his face as I approached.
“Sup, V.” I beamed at him, wrapping my arm around his neck.
“H-Have you been drinking?” He sounded a little nervous, probably because I was cuddling him.
“Just a little,” I giggle, “ Why? Do I smell like alcohol?”
“No, just…” His sentence trailed off, not really knowing what he wanted to say.
“I think you,” Eric pulled me off Dylan, keeping me balanced, “need to sit the fuck down.”
“Yeah.” Dylan laughed, searching for a place for the group to sit.
We sat for a while, just cracking jokes and laughing, and before we knew it a bottle of Jack Daniels had come and gone. .
Eric shook the empty glass bottle in the air, “Truth or dare, anyone?” He asks the group.
We each nod out head and Eric spins the bottle.

After a few rounds, it landed on me.
“Truth or dare?” Eric grinned.
I think for a moment, “uhh, dare.”
A smirk grew on his face “Seven minutes in heaven,”
“Eric,” I sigh, “I love you ‘n’ everything, but you’re my best friend.” I place my hand upon his shoulder, “this isn’t middle school anymore and I-”
He swiftly interpreted me, his smirk growing wider and keeping eye contact with me, “with Dylan.”
My face was wiped of all expression, I wanted to knock the look of his smug-ass face look of his face so badly. I pause, trying to comprehend what he had just done. “uhum, what?”
“You heard.” He folded his arms, his eyes flicking from me to Dylan.
“Reb, dude I-” Dylan stuttered nervously.
“A, a, a, it’s a dare. You have to do it.” Eric replied, folding his arms.
“Stop being so childish, Reb.” I slur and rolled my eyes.
“I’m not being childish, you’re just being a pussy.” He sneered.
“Am not.”
“Are too.”
“Am not
.” “Are too.”
“Fuck sake, Reb.” At the time I didn’t know whether to punch him or thank him. Then I realised, I was drunk enough to do it without everything being awkward at school if Dylan didn’t like me but if Dylan was into it then I could say I was sober enough to be into it too. Fuck I loved Eric.

“It’s funny,” He snickered, “you’re such a prude, y/n, I knew you wouldn’t do it.”
“Y'know what, fine.” I pulled myself up, “come one, Dyl, let’s go find a closet.” Eric looked genuinely shocked, as did Dylan.

Dylan didn’t have time to comply or protest, before what I had said sunk into his brain I had dragged him up and was already trying to find a free closet. It was more difficult than I originally thought to find an unoccupied closet. Eventually, we did find one, I shoved Dylan and quickly locked the door behind us.
“Sorry ‘bout that, Dylan,” I leaned against the door, “I just wanted to prove Eric wrong.”
“Ah, it’s fine.” He said, sounding slightly disappointed.
“W-Well it’s not that I don’t want, Just I…” I looked down at my shuffling feat, I felt nervous, not too sure what to do.

There was a few moments of silence, during this silence I found myself sliding my back down the door, sitting upon the floor. Dylan eventually joined me. He leaned his head against the door and spoke softly:
“Remember in 5th grade when I had a crush on that Amanda girl?”
“Yeah, what about her?”
“Remember when I spilled apple juice on my pants right in front of her.”
I giggle at the fond childhood memories, “Yeah, you were so sad.”
“Yeah, I know. I think that’s where my fear of walking to women came from,” He ran a hand through his hair, “ That’s why I’ve never been able to confess my feelings for this girl that I’ve liked for a while.”
“Oh,” I look at the ground, fiddling with my hair, “that’s shitty.”
“Yeah. You know,” he took a deep breath, “I used to think you could never get over childhood fears, the little anxieties that would keep you up at night as a kid. Everything seemed so big and important then. Even the smallest thing felt like it would change everything, but it didn’t and it never did. I don’t know anymore. You can’t run away from your fears forever, right?”
“Right.” I nod, turning my head so I was looking at the side of his face.
“I think I’m ready to overcome a really big fear I’ve had for a long time.” Dylan interlocked his fingers around mine, causing me to blush, “I really like you, y/n.” He spoke gently, the words left his mouth softly and soothed my body.
“I really like y-you too, Dylan.” The roller coaster feeling felt really real at that moment. It was exciting, I was loving the twists and turns, even though they made it feel like my heart was going to pound out of my chest.

I leaned in and stroked his cheek softly, which turned his face towards mine. Dylan’s lips brushed against mine, it felt so innocent and so sweet. His lips were like silk that ran across mine. Dylan’s hands caressed my cheek. His movements weren’t lustful, they were kind and I could feel the good intentions in each of his touches. My heart fluttered as he whispered my name into the kiss, he prolonged each syllable which caused me to shudder. My fingers ran through his dirty blonde locks and stroked his soft curls. I pulled him as close as I could, until there was no space between us. Dylan could feel the pounding of my heart in my chest but I didn’t care, I wanted the kiss to last forever. His hand being placed ever so carefully on my cheek, just below my ear, comforted me. He moved one hand to my waist, causing my breath to sharpened. It became heavier, deeper, and more heated. The kiss was becoming more passionate and was rapidly losing it’s innocents.
“Yo, faggots.” A voice, presumably Eric’s, yelled from behind the door of the closet.
“7 minutes already?” He giggled and placed a sweet kiss on my forehead.

Stay With Me.

Summary: “Merlin x Reader where he’s connected to her through her glasses still and she is just getting like, tortured, or beat up, or something.”
Pairing: Merlin x Reader.
Fandom: Kingsman.
Warnings: Violence, blood, killing & punching.
Word Count: 1374
A/N: Listening to Another Love by Tom Odell / To Build A Home by the Cinematic Orchestra while reading this will give you all the feels. They’re the songs I wrote it to!

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“Eggsy!” You shout from the bathroom.
“What? What is it?” He asks, worried, as he bursts through the door.
“Erm, I need some more of these,” you say, waving the empty packet of pads around after just using the last one.
“Ooh, right. Okay, umm, anything else?” He asks, taking the packet from you and mouthing the words on the front to try and remember them.
“Nope, just those please,” you reply, leaning over to try and ease the pain in your stomach.
“You okay?”
“Fine,” you wince, “I’ll be okay, just don’t be long.”
“I won’t. Be right back,” he says, exiting the bathroom with the pad packet and shutting the door gently. He walks along the corridor reading the words on the packaging over and over, but knows he’ll forget them as soon as he enters the shop, so sticks it in his pocket, grabs his keys and heads out.
You get off the toilet slowly, your arm laying across your lower stomach to try and give it some warmth, then wash your hands and go back to the bedroom, curling yourself up on your side. JB jumps up onto the bed with you, then your own pug, Millie, does the same. JB lays against your back, and Millie curls herself up next to your stomach, knowing that you’re in pain. You doze off to sleep as Eggsy comes back to the flat, a bag of supplies in hand. He unpacks three packs of the pads and puts them in the bathroom for you, then gets out painkillers and chocolate for you, tiptoeing into the bedroom and placing them on the bedside table. He looks down at the dogs and gives them a scratch.
“Good job guys,” he whispers, seeing them protecting you. He walks back out into the hallway, then hears you retching, and runs back into the bedroom with the washing up bowl, holding it under your head.
“The washing up bowl?” You manage to get out before retching again.
“It was the first thing I could get my hands on!” Eggsy defends.
“We’ll need a new one,” you mumble.
“I’ll get you whatever you want, babe,” Eggsy smiles, stroking your hair as you lean over the edge of the bed. When the nausea stops, you get back into your position, Millie standing up at the end of the bed, wondering what’s going on, and JB fast asleep in his original position. Millie whines and Eggsy puts the bowl down calls her over to him.
“It’s okay, mummy’s going to be fine,” He soothes, stroking her behind the ears. She settles at the end of the bed, a bit cautious incase you leapt forward again, but still keeping a watchful eye on you.
“You okay?” Eggsy asks.
“Better now,” you sigh, “can you do me a favour please?”
“Can you get me a hot water bottle?”
“Of course, babe,” he says, smiling. He gets up and runs to the kitchen to boil the kettle and fills up your hot water bottle, then brings it back to you, lifting your hand up and placing it underneath. You lift your top up and tuck it into your knickers, then pull your top down over it to hold it in place.
“Babe, isn’t that-?”
“It’s fine, trust me,” you mutter, your eyes closed as the heat warms your skin up.
“But ya might burn yourself.”
“Nah, it’s fine.”
“Are you feeling up to taking any painkillers?”
“Um, yeah I think so,” you answer. He pops the pills out of the blister pack, into the palm of his hand, then passes them to you along with a bottle of water. You take them and lay back down in the fetal position, your hot water bottle now burning your stomach and finally taking the edge off the pain. Eggsy gets up and walks around to the other side of the bed, ushering JB out of his place.
“Oi, move over mate,” he whispers to him as he begrudgingly moves to the end of the bed. Eggsy lays behind you, his hand rubbing the small of your back as you drift off into a slightly more comfortable sleep than earlier.
You wake up about and hour later, Eggsy’s hand still rubbing circles on your back, and you move to sit up, the pain finally dulled down.
“Thank you,” you whisper as you bring your knees up to your chest.
“Anything for you, babe,” he says, kissing you.
“I did almost puke earlier,” you remind him as he pulls away reluctantly.
“I couldn’t give a shit. I love ya,” he grins.
“I love you too, Eggsy,” you smile.
“If you’re feeling up to it, I got ya some chocolate,” he says, nodding to the bedside table. You look over at it and your eyes light up at the sight of your favourite bar.
“Oh my god, you’re the best,” you say excitedly, grabbing the bar and tearing it open.
“Take it easy though, yeah? No puking it back up,” he warns.
“Yes, sir,” you mock, taking a small square and popping it in your mouth.
“Ooh, you can call me that more often,” he winks, stealing a piece of chocolate as well.
“Maybe when I’m not on my period though?” You laugh.
“Definitely,” he says, pulling a funny face at the thought of what was coming out of you right now. JB and Millie both get up and waddle over on the bed to you both, snuggling into your laps, and Millie revels in being against the now cooler hot water bottle.
“Hey mate, ya did a good job looking after (Y/N), didn’t ya?” Eggsy says to JB, taking his head in his hands and scruffing his fur up. You smile at his funny voice he spoke to JB in and sigh to yourself, thinking how luck you were to have a man like him looking after you when you needed it.

More to the Story (Pt.2) J.A

It wasn’t meant to be a part 2 but so many of you requested it. I really appreciate that guys! <3

Warnings: Bullying, violence, swearing. Let me know if you notice anything else

I recommend reading Pt.1 first.

Tags: @dannyboyseavey @5sosmusic1d

Jack had began spending a lot of time with you and Leo. He was such a help. He made things so much easier and Leo had began taking a liking to him. Leo would spend hours babbling to him about anything and everything. Fascinated by his nose ring.

“Leo” I called softly, noticing that he was once again fiddling with nose ring.

“He’s fine” Jack laughed scrunching his nose. This caused Leo to laugh making both you and Jack smile.

“What’s that?” Leo asked sitting on Jack’s lap. His green eyes fixated on the sliver piece. His finger gently poking it.

“A nose ring” Jack laughed, Leo was still however fixated on the ring.

“Come on mister” You smiled tapping little Leo to catch his attention. “We got day care to get you to. Mummy got school” Leo reluctantly got off Jack and headed to you, stumbling slightly as he climbed off the settee.

“He’s so adorable” Jack smiled sitting up as you began getting Leo shoes on.

“He really likes you, you know” You glanced at Jack who was watching you with Leo. You couldn’t deny that he looked adorable with his glasses on. “He talks about you all the time and get really excited when you arrive” You added captivated by him.

“I love visiting to see him… and you” He smiled. You got up heading to the passage to prepare Leo’s pram. That’s when Leo came running out clutching the teddy Jack had bought him close to his chest. It warmed you heart.

“We love having you” You smiled picking up the little boy you cherished most. Leo leaned forward reaching his arms out for Jack as he leaned against the door frame. “Leo come on we have to go” You told him turning to place him in his pram.

“Jack” He called out

“Leo” You warned

“NO!” He cried, wriggling in his pram “I don’t wanna” He whined.

“Leo come on we have to go” You argued but it was no use.

“Hey! Hey buddy” Jack intervened kneeling down to meet Leo’s green eyes. “Come on, mummy and I need to go school” He smiled calming Leo.

“I don’t wanna” Leo whined “I walk!” Jack looked at you, at the same time Leo did. Both with puppy eyes. You rolled your eyes, smiling.

“Fine” They both cheered, Leo jumping into Jack’s arms. “But only cause we have to go” You added opening the door. Leo run out, Jack following him closely. Jack had grown extremely close to Leo and yourself. It warmed your heart to see him play with Leo. You were in your own little world, admiring the scene in front of you, you hadn’t noticed it. You wish you had. You should have seen it coming.

You finally arrived at school, everything the same. The same prying eyes burning holes into the back of your head as you walked the halls, the same hurtful words carrying along the waves to you. But one caught your attention the most.

“Did you hear Jack Avery is the father of the skanks child?” Your breath instantly shortened and eyes widened. Your chest physically hurt as your mind raced. Why did I let him get close? What I have I done? he’s going to leave Leo! What about Leo? How am I going to explain this to Leo? I cant break his poor little heart. The bell rang, signalling lessons where about to start. The only problem was, you had a free. You rushed to your locker, you pulled out your phone and that’s when you saw it. A picture. A picture that was about to ruin Jack’s life. A picture of him laughing and holding Leo. You read the caption. ‘The father of the skank’s baby finally revealed? @/JackAvery has been spending a lot of time with them’ You heard the shattering of your heart. Jack would never speak to you know. It hurt more when you share how many people had shared it.

“Why?” You whispered.

“Oi Skank” An all to familiar voice called. “Finally found ya baby daddy” They laughed. Normally you wouldn’t run. But you had to, you had to get away. You slammed your locker shut, and sped off down the corridor. You heard every word everyone said as you passed.

“I never thought Jack would sink that low!”

“He was 15 when he got her pregnant! That’s disgusting”

“I heard he abandoned her and the baby and is only just getting back involved because of some science project they had to do together”

“Really? I heard she never told him”

The words hurt you more knowing that it was about Jack. The only person who was actually nice you, there for you. There for Leo. And you repaid him by having rumors spread about him. You whipped the tears from your blurred vision, colliding with someone. You didn’t stop until you heard his voice.

“Y/n” He called, freezing you in your tracks. Don’t turn around, spare yourself the pain. Run y/n! He’s only going to hurt you! Run!

And that’s exactly what you did. You avoided him all day, hoping the rumors would vanish… but they got worse. They always got worse.

“Y/n” He called, again freezing you on the spot. You wanted to run again. You tried to run again.

“I have to go and get Leo” You whispered weakly not even turning to face him. You didn’t even give him chance to speak.

“Mummy” Leo looked at you confused when he noticed someone was missing. “Where’s daddy?” He asked. There it was. The final crack that caused the shatter.

“Leo” You whispered trying to fight back tears that threatened to fall. “Come on sweetie we have to go” you took his soft little hand in yours as you lead him home. It killed you seeing how hurt he was.

“I want to see daddy” He whined. You sighed heavily. You didn’t know what to do.

“Come on Leo, why don’t we go and make cookies” You suggested in an attempt to distract him. It was successful until.

“She’s such as skank, a whore even” One girl bitched.

“I wouldn’t go near her with a ten foot pole” Another laughed.

“And Jack. I did not see that coming” The first added.

“See what coming?” He interrupted irritably.

“Oh, Jack” The first girl stuttered seeing the furry in the curled haired boys brown eyes.

“You know exactly what I’m on about!” The second girl snarled. That was enough to push him over the edge.

“So what!” He yelled. “So what if I’m the father? What’s it to do with you? What’s her life, Her baby, My life got to do with you and your fake fucking ass that can do nothing but bitch about someone! I’m fucking sick of it” He yelled storming off.

“Leo, we have to make sure we have enough to cook” You laughed as Leo scooped up more dough. You were just about to put the tray into the oven when you heard the door. “Nanny’s early” You hummed placing the tray aside. Leo run messily down the hall as you opened the door. You heart sank.

“Jack” You muttered in shock. He smiled at you weakly.

“Daddy!” Leo exclaimed excitably as he run, embracing Jack in his little arms. Jack’s heart raced at his words. He'd never felt so happy in his life. 

“Leo!” Jack’s face instantly lit up as he hugged him back, crouching to Leo’s level allowing him to wrap his little arms around his neck. Jack held him closely.

“Mummy, look Daddy!” The love visible in his little voice.

“Why are you here?” You asked, “What about the rumors? Your reputation?” You questioned. Your voice weak.

“Y/n fuck the rumors, my reputation!” He replied standing up to meet your y/e/c eyes. “I want you, I want Leo” He smiled at you. “That’s if you’ll take me” He added nervously. You couldn’t help it. You took him off guard as you connected your lips with his. He instantly kissed back the moment he realised, wrapping his arms around your waist as you wrapped yours around his neck.

“Of course we want you” You smiled as he leaned his head against yours.

“I’m glad”

“Daddy help make cookies” Leo asked innocently.

“Yes” You beamed. Leo had a father. Jack. Jack stepped in, Jack became his father. He didn’t care for the rumors. He cared for you. He cared for Leo. He loved you both. That’s all you ever wanted.


T E E N A G E  G I R L S  +  M Y T H O L O G Y: Sekhmet

She fights for power. For the right to be heard. Painted lips pull back to reveal a jaw of dazzling teeth, words snarled as she defies her peers, her teachers, her parents. She strives to make them all tremble, to remind them of what can be achieved should you shake off the expectations of others. Hackles raised, prey becomes caught in the sight of eyes so dark and deep that they seem to swallow you whole, even from the end of the empty school corridor. In her vocabulary the word hunt does not mean to pursue for sport, not like the football team with their brutish strength and ungraceful nature, but instead to seek what is yours, to snatch it fiercely and with elegance from those who dare say otherwise. But under the gentlest of smiles and the squeeze of a silky hand, she becomes soft. A protector; licking the wounds of her pride - the lionesses who stand at her side and chew hungrily at tasteless bubblegum. The world is theirs.

I’m pretty proud of the language in this one. It’s been so long since i’ve written anything solely Loki that I’m concerned it’s drifted from his character. Also Asgardian!Reader is my new favourite thing - I hope you guys like it too. This request was made by @luchmich and I think it’s the first Christmas fic I’ve written ACTUALLY about Christmas! All of the other ones were just about snow. Not all that Chrristmassy to be honest, depending on where you live… Ah well, enjoy!

“Midgard Traditions”

The palace was wonderfully quiet in the evening. The only sound that could be heard was the soft padding of your feet on the crimson carpet as you wandered through it. Your mother was a close friend of The Allmother, Queen Frigga, so every year when the world was at its coldest and the nights at their longest, you and your family were invited to the castle for several weeks.

As you turned a corner, you felt a slender arm link with yours. Loki pulled you against his hip and fell into step with you.
“Good evening.” He smiled. You bowed your head.
“My prince.”
“Every year you refer to me thusly, and every year I must remind you not to.”
“Then I suggest you desist, as your words are having no effect.”

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Loathing - Draco Malfoy

Originally posted by daisiesanddraco

hello, hello, hello! this one is cute asf and very angsty all the same. this gif isn’t mine but it hurts my heart.

this blurb is inspired by an idea that i had gotten in the bathtub in which when you touch the skin of the one you are meant to be with, you feel a tingle shoot through you.


word count:  1,902

It was quite often that you fell victim to the mean, scathing words of Draco Malfoy. He was a mean hearted individual that did nothing more than relentlessly shove you from his way in the corridors and send words your way that caused your heart to wrench at night when you wished to sleep, but instead sobbed until the unhappiness overcame you.

You knew it was because of his upbringing, and you strongly believed that everyone deserved a chance at kindness, but Draco Malfoy was the first person that ever made you doubt your philosophy. He made you hurt worse than anyone ever had from his words.

It was quite unclear how he knew that you lost both of your parents to the Dark Lord during the first wizarding world, or perhaps he didn’t know at all, becsuse all his insults were about you parents not loving you. He told you so often that your parents didn’t love you because they brought a sick halfblood into the world, and that was wrong in his eyes. They didn’t love you because they didn’t raise you to be strong enough to fight back, to say something to him in return. Your parents didn’t love you because you never talked enough. It was all he said that made your heart hurt in the ways it did, and you wanted nothing more than to hex him into oblivion, but you couldn’t.

You lived by a peaceful philosophy along with the kindness philosophy. You didn’t believe in fighting or dueling, only peaceful protest or peaceful disagreement. Even Draco had yet seen you angry for any reason whatsoever. You kept it to yourself, and let it out late at night when all your roommates finally fell asleep. 

Today, however, was particularly weepy and rainy, and you felt weak and broken.  You didn’t have a memory of your parents, really, only pictures, but the void was still there.  You loved your godfather, so very much, actually, enough to call the man you uncle, despite not being related at all.  You even took his last name in an attempt to hide the fact that your family was no longer there.  You were (Y/N) Lupin, and you were being raised by a man your parents loved dearly.  And now, you loved him dearly.  

You sat on the floor of the Astronomy Tower, curled into a ball with a blanket wrapped tightly around you.  Your head rested against your knees as you watched the rain pour down outside.  You felt broken, and useless, and you felt the void in your heart more than ever.  

A voice that gave you chills pulled you from your trance.  “Well, well, well.  Look what we have here.  Is the little pup enjoying the rainy weather?  How’s your father, the werewolf?  Remember when he embarrassed himself and revealed himself to students on campus?  Ah, that was a wonderful day to watch Lupin leave.”  Draco hissed and you glanced at his silhouette in the doorway.  

Unable to control yourself, you stood, and let the blanket pool into a pile of fabric on the floor.  “Do not call me a pup, Malfoy.  Remus is not my father.”  You told him steadily, and prayed he couldn’t see the tremble of your hands. 

“Have a little fight with daddy?  Is that why you are denying his paternity?”  Draco cooed, and faux pouted at your looked of shock. 

Bile build up in your stomach, and you worried if you were going to be sick all over the floor.  “My parents are dead.”  You hissed finally, approaching Draco with fury in your eyes.  You shoved him by the chest, towards the door.  “My family is dead, and Remus is all I have!  He has done far more for me than anyone ever could!  Please, do say that my parents do not love me!  Tell it to me!  Because I can tell you that they did love me, and they still do, and they will always love me far more than the criminals you call parents have ever loved you!”  You cried out to him, letting the tears pour from your eyes as you shoved him again.  “They are the ones who raised you wrong!  You are disgusting!  I have done nothing more than breathe in the same room as you, and you still see it fit to torment me as if I am some creature!”  You yelled at him and shoved him once more, and his back his the wooden door of the Astronomy Tower.  “I am truly blessed to call Remus my family!  He is all I have known to love all my life, and he is much more than both of your parents combined will ever be!”  You finished, breathing heavy with tears pouring down your face like two rivers.  

Draco held a look of shock on his face as he stared at you, watching you fall apart in front of him.  You stood there, waiting for hi to retaliate, or even hit you, but it never came.  Slowly and so carefully, Draco reached forward and wiped the tears from your face, and it was your turn to be shocked.  Your mouth fell open into shock as a broken look formed on his face.  “I simply cannot stand you.”  Draco said and his hand fell from your face and limply to his side.  He pushed passed you and to where you were previously sitting, snatching the blanket up into his hands and spreading it out on the floor.  He sat down, leaving enough room for you.  “Well, are you going to sit?”  Draco asked irritably.  

“I am not so sure that I should.”  You told Draco slowly, and suspiciously.  

With a frown, Draco pointed to the stop next to him as you wiped your face.  “Sit,” he ordered, but you did not move.  “Bloody hell!”  Draco said as he stood up, walking to you and taking your upper arm into his grip. 

Quickly, and quite viciously, you yanked your arm from his grip, and pushed him away from you.  “Do not touch me!”  You told him and stood your ground, wand in hand.  

Frustrated, Draco clenched his fist together.  “I am not going to hurt you.”  Draco said with anger raising in his voice.  “Not any more.”  He added softly, causing you to furrow your eyebrows.  “It is nice to be put in my place, I suppose.  No one has ever spoken to me in the way that you did, and it is surprising the effect it has.”  He explained and put his hands into his trouser pockets.  “I would like to formally apologize to you for the way I have acted in years passed.  It was unfair of me to be so cruel in what I did and said, and I now know the effect of my words to you.”  Draco said quickly and softly, in the most sincere voice you ever heard pass through his lips.  

Shocked, you stepped back, unable to trust him.  You said nothing as you stared at him, helplessly rubbing your arm nervously.  He sighed, irritable and frustrated.  “Perhaps I do what I do because I am unable to show my true emotions.  I think you are a very kind individual, with strong morals and a strong sense of who you are.”  Draco continued as you swallowed hard, biting you lip lightly.  “You have been kind to me, despite my shortcomings in how I have been to you.  You are a beautiful person, and I regret my actions entirely.”  Draco told you stiffly, but you knew he was honest about what he was saying.  

You looked away, scared of his words, and sighed.  You were silent for a long time as you thought about your life, and his words, and then you finally spoke.  “It is my philosophy that everyone deserves kindness, and a chance at it, and as much as I do not want to, this is no exception.  I forgive you, Draco, got all the hardships you have brought upon me.”  You told him wearily.  

Slowly, you reached your hand out, to shake his in a moment of forgiveness, and once Draco’s hand met yours, you felt something odd in your stomach.  A tingle rose up your arm to your chest, throwing your heart into fast moving beats.  You had read about this in sappy muggle books.  The moment you touch your love, you get a feeling like no other in the pit of your stomach, and fireworks in your head, and a new way of looking at things.  Shocked, you pulled your hand back quickly, and held it to your chest. 

Draco, equally as alarmed, looked at his hand, and then to you.  “Did you feel that as well?”  Draco asked slowly, looking at you suspiciously.  

You nodded, confused.  “Did you shock me?”  You asked accusingly.  

“Of course not!”  Draco rolled his eyes and looked at yo oddly.  “What was that?”  Draco asked in surprise.  

The blush on your face was undeniable.  “Was that…”  You asked, but you stopped and let your mouth fall open. 

Draco caught on quickly, and his eyes widened.  “Does that mean we are…you know.”  Draco asked you with an odd look.  

“Meant to be.” You finished awkwardly and backed away slowly.  “I thought it was a myth.”  You whispered, awestruck.  You backed away from Draco in total fear, swallowing hard, but he came closer to you.  

With a step forward, Draco looked at you closely.  The look on his face was unreadable, and you were not quite sure what you what to do.  “I knew it was no myth, but I never suspected you,” Draco admitted.  “Or anyone for the matter.”  Draco added.  

You surveyed his movement carefully, watching his every move, and swallowed hard once more.  “I suppose it is me.”  You told him slowly, choosing each word you say precisely.  You backed up further, and your back his a wooden column hardly.  

Draco approached you with a small smile on playing on his lips, giving you a chill down your spine.  “How ironic that is.”  He told you carefully, and held his hand out once more.  “How about we start new, yeah?”  He asked you and skeptically, you nodded slowly.  “Draco Malfoy.  It is a pleasure to meet you.”  He said with a smile you were very unfamiliar with.  

Slowly, you reached forward and took his hand, feeling the same unfamiliar shock up your arm.  “Pleasure is mine.  I’m (Y/N) Lupin.”  You greeted and Draco shook your had lightly. 

“Hm,” he hummed and reached forward, stroking a finger over you cheek.  “How interesting.”  He added.

“What is interesting, Draco?”  You asked with a quiver of your voice. 

He backed away from you, giving you the space you craved.  “It is interesting how a feeling you have is so true.”  Draco murmured and a small smile grew on your face slowly.  

It was a feeling so welcoming, but so foreign all the same, to be able to have a conversation with Draco Malfoy.  

F R E S H - bbh ♢3♢

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High school AU, romance, comedy, fluff.

pairing: Baekhyun x reader

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chiaroscuroverse  asked:

Prompt for the promo! From the kissing list: a gentle “i love you” whispered after a soft kiss, followed immediately by a stronger kiss, Nine/Rose :):)

Rating: Teen
Pairing: Nine x Rose
Find it: AO3
Summary: The Doctor is in the middle of a shower when he’s interrupted by Rose’s panicked screaming while she has a nightmare.
Tags: Post-Dalek, Nightmares, Emotional hurt/comfort, Naked Doctor (but no smutz), cuddling and kissing
Words: 1,900
Author’s Notes: I saw the main prompt for this fic last night on @doctorroseprompts, and I had to write it IMMEDIATELY. I also realized it would be a perfect way to fill @chiaroscuroverse’s prompt for my 800 Followers Fic Giveaway thing, so I worked that in as well: “A gentle “I love you” whispered after a soft kiss, followed immediately by a stronger kiss.“

If you’re the person who prompted this on DoctorRosePrompts, I hope you see this, and I’d love to know if you like it. :) I tweaked the original prompt just slightly, but I think it works better this way. (For my purposes, that is.)

Unbeta’d, so please excuse any mistakes.

You’re Enough

Kicking off his boots, the Doctor peels of his jumper and jeans, shucking them to the side as he walks to his ensuite. The TARDIS, bless her, has a hot shower waiting for him, and he steps onto the tiled floor and under the nozzle. He sighs in relief as the almost too hot water pounds against his back, and for a moment, he simply stands in place, rolling his shoulders as the water works to relax his tense muscles.

Today’s adventure with Rose had been… traumatic for everyone involved.

A Dalek. Alive, having somehow escaped the confines of the Time War, and just as horrifying and destructive as ever.

And then he thought he’d lost Rose, yet another victim of a Dalek’s indifferent violence: killed needlessly for not being fast enough, killed simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. His own fault, as per usual; the unfortunate consequence of being a companion of the Doctor. Blood boiling, he thinks of that stupid ape Adam, and how he’d so selfishly left Rose behind. He doesn’t even feel bad for wishing it’d been Adam stuck behind the bulkhead.

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In another life (14/14) - revamped


Some of you might have seen this fic already in it’s earlier form. I really wanted to get it out before the finale but by doing that I ended up rushing it and wasn’t really happy with the finished product. Since I posted I kept dreaming up new scenes and ways to add to the plot…. so I did.

The fic is probably 3 times longer than when I first wrote it. It’s been a labour of love for the last few days and I really enjoyed writing this one. I like writing all my fics, (I wouldn’t do it otherwise) but I really enjoyed exploring this world.

Anyway… story under the break or you can read here (it’s fairly long)

 I hope you like it.

Chapter 1

“You will pay for your betrayal Warlock,” The Queen said, a calm rage emanating from her.

Magnus locked his jaw and stood firm, he may be a sole Warlock in the middle of the Seelie Court, but he would not be intimidated, “You’re hardy one to talk about betrayal…..your majesty,” the undeserving title added as an afterthought with an over the top bow.

“Clearly you’ve been spending too much time with Shadowhunters ….” she said, voice souring on the word, knowing she would hit a nerve.

“This is nothing to do with Alec,” he seethed, knowing full well what she was really getting at.

“Really?” the Queen said, a wicked plan brewing in her mind. “Well then, if you truly don’t need him in your life anymore, you won’t mind if keep him ….occupied.”

Don’t touch him,” Magnus warned, eyes shifting, fully prepared to take on the whole room if he had to.

“Oh, don’t worry dear boy,” she smiled, reminding Magnus of her superior age…and power, “I won’t touch a hair on his pretty little head.”

Magnus covered his eyes with his arm as a flash of blinding white light filled the room. He had to blink several times to re-adjust to the almost pitch dark of the dive bar he now stood in.

“What can I get you?” a familiar voice said from across the bar.

Looking up he was greeted by a smile he hadn’t earned in quite some time, “Drink….do you want one?” Magnus registered that the words were being spoken slower this time, clearly not the first time the question had been asked.

“Alexander?” He questioned, “what’s going on here?” Magnus rested his hands on the bar and sat down slowly.

“Like, what….today…. or in general?” Alec smiled, mind pre-occupied and not catching the stranger’s drift. Magnus watched in confusion as Alec wiped the bar and hung the wash cloth over his arm.

His rune free arm Magnus noted. What the hell had the Queen done? Why doesn’t he know me?

“So, am I getting you a drink or what?” Alec said, both hands resting on the bar as he stood in front of Magnus, “or have you maybe had enough?….. Don’t take this wrong but you seem a little out of it.”

“Ugh, ….yes…..I think perhaps it is time for me leave,” Magnus agreed, wanting to get to the bottom of what was going on but also not wanting to leave Alec there when something was so clearly wrong.

“Ok, well, can I call you a cab?” Alec asked,

“No…. thank you. I can manage,” Magnus replied absent-mindedly, he had a feeling that “a portal is faster.” probably wouldn’t help this scenario.

“Ok, well…. take it easy,” Alec said as he turned away, “oh hey wait,” he paused fixing Magnus a look which had him hoping that the effects of the Seelie Queen’s little game had worn off. Alec’s next words making his heart sink.

“How did you know my name?”

“Just a lucky guess… I suppose,” Magnus smiled sadly,

“Very specific lucky guess,” Alec said, not buying it. Hadn’t he told people he didn’t need anyone setting him up on blind dates anymore! Not that he minded if the man in front of him was the result. There was a strange familiarity that Alec couldn’t place…. must have been in the bar before he assumed.

“Anyway, no need to be so formal next time…” he stepped out from behind the bar with a beaming smile and extended his hand. “I’m Alec.”

Magnus took Alec’s hand, “Magnus.” he smiled back. He conjured up the memory of the first time they had introduced themselves, trying to push it through to Alec’s mind but he was met with an unrelenting resistance.

“Ok, well,” Alec stepped back, shaking his head slightly, feeling strange all of a sudden, “don’t be a stranger.”

Magnus pushed the door open, taking one last look, he whispered, “I’ll try, Alexander, I’ll try….”

Chapter 2

“Oh… Jace…Isabelle, please tell me you’re still you?” Magnus exclaimed as he rushed towards them through the Institute.

“We might all be mindless operatives of the Clave Magnus but we’re not completely interchangeable just yet,” Jace replied, bitter on Alec’s behalf.

Magnus raised an eyebrow but swallowed down his reply. He deserved that and besides, there were more important matters at play.

“Alec’s not here Magnus,” Izzy explained kindly, kicking Magnus when he was down wasn’t going to help anyone and he was clearly upset by something, “I haven’t seem him all day actually, which is kind of odd.”

“You have no idea,” Magnus said, eyes betraying his calm exterior “we need to talk,”


“So, let me get this straight, you piss of the Seelie Queen and my brother pays the price…nice Magnus, real nice.”

“Jace…” Izzy warned, as Magnus uncharacteristically backed down, this was taking it’s toll on the Warlock. Jace caught Izzy’s eyes and raised his hands in a “I surrender” gesture,

“So ….he has no idea who you are? Who any of us are?” Clary asked,

“Well, I didn’t really stop to ask his life story…” Magnus retorted, his snarkiness rearing it’s head in his frustration.

Throwing her a small smile in apology he added, “I don’t know…all I know is that he didn’t know me. Now I don’t know if it’s just me, as some sort of punishment, or if the Queen took everything. His runes were gone so it’s likely that he doesn’t know anything about our world…but as I couldn’t very well ask without him thinking I was a crazy person I ……”

“No, you did the right thing, coming here.” Izzy consoled, putting a hand on his shoulder, “we’ll figure this out.”

“What do we tell the Clave?” Jace asked, watching Magnus’ expression sour, “Look, I don’t want to involve them in this anymore than you do Magnus but the Head of the Institute taking a sabbatical to tend bar isn’t exactly something we can hide forever… People are already asking where he is”

“Jace is right,” Clary agreed, “we can only cover for so long.”

“Well, let’s assess the damage first,” Izzy mused, “tonight… we’ll all head to this bar. See who he recognises and who he doesn’t. Figure it out from there…”

“I’ll reach out to some friends of mine, see if they can offer any assistance,” Magnus said standing to leave.

“I don’t know about that,” Jace said, “Alec isn’t himself right now, if word gets out that he’s out there like this…he can’t protect himself …. I don’t want him to get hurt Magnus.”

“Then that makes two of us,” Magnus answered, calling back on an old conversation they’d shared, “I’ll only speak to people I trust. I know that we’re still at war, but there is nothing more important to me than his safety…I assure you.”

Magnus paused to take a breath as he stood in the corridor, his own words repeating in his mind. He sighed as realisation finally dawned on him… he would never be able to truly walk away from Alec, no matter what he told himself.

This is the kind of conflict he had so desperately wanted to avoid but here he was again, torn between his people and the man he loved… no matter the distance he put between them, he would always be pulled back in.

Chapter 3

“Hey, it’s Magnus right?” Alec said nonchalantly, as if he hadn’t memorised everything about Magnus before he’d left that afternoon, “and you bought some friends,” he added, hoping his disappointment wasn’t obvious.

‘Get over yourself Alec’ he told himself, ‘he’s not here for you.’

“Don’t they ever let you go home?” Magnus joked, phishing for information, taken aback again at the sight of Alec before him. Unaware of the predicament he found himself in, Alec was so much lighter, no duties resting heavily on his shoulders.

“I live upstairs,” Alec said before he could catch himself. Since when he did share that kind of information with someone he barely even knew. “What can I get you guys,” he asked, quickly recovering, feeling uneasy under the watchful gaze of Magnus’ friends.

'Maybe they’ve come to check if you’re date worthy,’ he thought to himself, 'maybe not’… his mind changed as he caught the blond’s glare.

“Well, I guess that answers that question,” Jace said to the group, watching as his brother worked in front of him, with no recollection at all.

Three rounds and 21 questions later and Alec had ended up telling them where he grew up, who his favourite high school teacher was and rather bizarrely that he liked to sleep on the right side of the bed…how they got that kind of information when they were the ones drinking not him he didn’t know.

“Well, the Queen did a good job on the back-story,” Clary whispered just out of Alec’s earshot,

“He has no idea who we are,” Izzy said sadly, “what are we going to do?”

“I got a call from Catarina just before we arrived,” Magnus leaned in, “this type of enchantment is rare and requires an inordinate amount of magic, but for someone of the Queen’s power, it’s just another everyday spell. As much magic as I have, I can’t match that.”

He cast a forlorn look in Alec’s direction, painting on a fake smile as Alec caught his eye, holding it a little longer than was really necessary.

“You’re saying there’s nothing we can do?” Jace asked, “we just have to hope the Queen has a personality transplant and brings him back?”

“Well there is…no…it’s not possible,” Magnus started to explain but stopped himself, no point stirring up false hope.

“What?” the three Shadowhunters asked eagerly,

“Well, there is one small, and I mean small chance that he …..might break the enchantment on his own… but with a fabrication like this, by someone so powerful, it’s unlikely, which is why I hesitated to mention it. For Alexander to remember on his own, his connection to his old life would have to be more powerful than the one he’s living in now, he would have to want to remember…”

“How he is supposed to want to remember something he doesn’t know exists?” Clary asked, almost tripping over the complexity,

“And there in lies the problem,” Magnus sighed. Alec’s new life at first glance was far superior to the one he had left behind, enticing him back home, to a life that constantly took from him the only things he wanted would be easier said than done.

Chapter 4

Magnus quickly became a regular in the bar, keeping a not so subtle eye on the Shadowhunter from a table that had quickly become his second home.

“Why don’t you just ask him out?” Alec’s friend, that Magnus vaguely recalled as Emma, said, nudging Alec in the shoulder. Alec looked up and caught Magnus’ eye before dropping it embarrassed. Alec didn’t know that Magnus was using his magic to eavesdrop, but he felt the blush rising in his face all the same.

“Yeah right Em,” Alec breathed low, “is there room for two in this parallel universe you’ve created.”

Magnus almost scoffed at the irony of Alec’s question but schooled his face to behave as he nursed his cocktail.

“Come on Alec, look at him. Do you really think that someone that looks as good as him, not to mention drinks cocktails at noon, comes to this crappy dive because he likes the ambience…” her eyes casting a disparaging look around at the dilapidated décor.

“Who knows why he comes here?” Alec said, busying himself behind the bar, “but I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that the Magnus Bane’s of this world are way out of my league.”

Magnus knocked his glass over as a bolt of angry energy released itself unaided from his hand. Did Alec really think that? Had he always thought that? Had Magnus walking away from him that day realised a fear that Alec had never spoken aloud.

“Got you another,” Alec smiled as he placed Magnus’ signature cocktail on the table, “on the house,” he added waving off the hand that was heading to Magnus’ pocket.

“Are you ok?” Magnus asked, gesturing for Alec to sit,

“I’m not really supposed to,” Alec refused politely, “Ah screw it,” he said taking the seat opposite from him, feeling a burning need to break the rules. The bar was practically empty, what harm would it do.

“You don’t seem yourself today,” Magnus continued,

“Oh yeah,” Alec teased, relaxing in his seat, “you know me that well huh?”

Magnus opened his mouth to speak, so many answers on his tongue but none he could say.

“I’m fine,” Alec said breaking the tension, “just got a few things on my mind… I told you I live upstairs right… well the guy that owns this place is selling up, so I got to find a new job, apartment, hasn’t been the best week, but I’ll manage…”

“Oh Alexander, I’m sorry…” Magnus drew his hand back at the last second, realising that he had been about to reach out.

Alec cocked an eyebrow at the use of his full name again. He usually hated it but from Magnus, somehow it just felt right. Magnus caught the look on Alec’s face and misread it, 'ok, maybe dial back on the Alexander,’ he thought to himself. They wanted to trigger Alec’s memory but they couldn’t rush things.

“Well, as it happens there’s actually a vacant apartment in my building” ’or there will be once I work some magic’… “what?” Magnus stopped as Alec just leaned back and laughed in response to the offer.

“Sorry,” he smiled, “I just ….. I’m flattered that you think I could afford to live in your apartment building… thanks really but um, I think I should set my sights a little lower.”

An intense burning ignited in Magnus’ chest as he listened to Alec talk about himself that way again. He hated it.

“You should never settle for anything less than you deserve, Alec” he said, his words holding a deeper meaning. “and as it happens, I own the building, so I control the rent and for you… I could ….”

“Magnus… I appreciate it really,” Alec said standing, “but you barely even know me so…”

Magnus took Alec gently by the wrist to stop him from walking away, a spark of something coursing through them both on contact. A faint glimmer of recognition entering Alec’s eyes. Alec drew his hand away uncomfortable, this all felt so strange, but also so right.

“I should get back to work.” he said gesturing to the bar and leaving without a reply.


Magnus didn’t return to the bar for a few days, Warlock business and a fear that Alec might not want to see him keeping him away. Instead he sent some of his most trusted Warlocks to keep an eye on Alec and report back.

Magnus was surprised to see his caller ID light up with the name Alexander, he didn’t remember giving Alec his number, not in this incarnation anyway. Was this a sign?

“Hello Alec.” he said as he answered the call,

“How did you know it was me”?

“Caller ID is a marvel…”

“You don’t have my number,” Alec stated, “and… I don’t have yours but somehow it was in my phone…”

“My friend’s must have added it when you weren’t looking” Magnus covered badly, brushing over how he had Alec’s number “they do like to meddle. Is that what you called for, to check I wasn’t stalking you?”

“Um…no actually, I was hoping that maybe that offer for the apartment might still be open, I know I was ungrateful before but…”

“No explanation needed,” Magnus said, silently thanking every deity he knew, “I’ll send you the address. Meet me there at 1?”

“Yeah, great thanks. Bye Magnus,”

“Bye, Alec,” Magnus placed his phone on the bookshelf and clapped his hands together to ignite his magic. “Right, one apartment coming up…”

Chapter 5

“Oh crap, sorry,” Alec exclaimed reaching out instinctively to take the elbow of whoever he had run into, steadying them both as the boxes he’d piled precariously in front of his face fell to the floor.

Looking up he came face to face with Magnus’ eyes, the sight of them so close to him turning his stomach upside down. Alec flushed and pulled his arm back embarrassed, Magnus must be able to tell what he did to him. Casting his eyes down he dropped to one knee to gather his things, he didn’t have much to bring over from his old apartment so he’d figured he’d do it one trip, he was regretting that now at the mess he’d made.

“You like to read?” Magnus asked as he helped refill the boxes with Alec’s books.

“When I have time… which I suppose I’ll have more of now,” he added wistfully, “no job yet,” he explained as Magnus gave him a look, “but don’t worry, I can still make the rent.”

Magnus smiled to himself, if the Seelie Queen had intended to push them apart with her deception her plan was failing, as every day it bought a new opportunity for Magnus to ingratiate himself into Alec’s life. He had relented in calling him Alexander after their last encounter, it only ever earned him a confused look and he found it easier that way to separate this new version of Alec from the one he knew and loved.

“Well, it just so happens that I’m in need of a new bartender at Pandemonium,” Magnus smiled in an elegant stretch of the truth. He picked up one of Alec’s boxes and they walked to the elevator in sync.

“Are you messing with me now?” Alec laughed in disbelief,

“I would never,” Magnus said placing a hand to his heart in mock horror,

“Really?” Alec asked as they exited the elevator and stopped at his door, “I’m a stranger, you’ve already given me a place to live practically rent free and now you’re offering me a job too? Are there hidden cameras in here?” he joked as he pushed open his door.

Magnus’ faltered a bit as Alec highlighted that he was a stranger, that feeling was never lost on Magnus but hearing it said out loud was a different matter. He wanted so much to see Alexander when he looked into his eyes, but a stranger just looked back at him instead.

Magnus knocked the feeling back and laughed as Alec placed his box down just inside the door, “You need to learn to accept good things when they happen Alec,” Magnus smiled placing down his box too, hoping the advice would penetrate the magic closing Alec off from him and reach it’s intended target.

“Is that just a polite way to say don’t be so uptight?” Alec laughed, hands fumbling in his pockets.

“I would hardly call you that,” Magnus laughed, genuine this time. Uptight was the last thing this version of Alec was, he had scarcely seen him so loose and carefree before. The sight of it actually made his heart ache a little.

“Yeah, my brother would disagree with you,” Alec joked, grabbing a glass of water and holding a second glass out to Magnus in offering.

“To us” Magnus said, clinking Alec’s glass…“Your brother”? Magnus continued when Alec showed no sign of understanding.

“No,” Alec stalled confused, “I uh… I don’t have a brother… I don’t know why I said that,” he muttered more to himself than to Magnus. “Oh… I uh… think you dropped this downstairs,” he said holding out a small fabric object to Magnus. Deflection was one of his go to tactics when he didn’t want to talk about something.

The look of unrestrained relief on Magnus’ face as he passed the item over made Alec’s heart leap. Clearly this was something precious, whatever it was.

“Thank you Alexander,” Alec heard, half remembered, as Magnus’ fingers grazed his, “Thank you,” Magnus repeated, he could see that Alec had spaced out for a second and could only hope that it meant what he thought it did. “I’d be devastated if I lost this.”

“Luck and protection,” Alec muttered, “that’s what it’s for …..right?” He had no idea how he knew that but somehow he did.

Magnus smiled in acknowledgement unable to speak for the emotion that was coursing through him. Alec was remembering… remembering him.

“So… about the job,” Magnus asked, changing tack and leaving it open for Alec to respond,

“You’re serious?”

“Rarely,” Magnus smirked with a wink, “but in this instance, yes.”

“Well, yeah… I’d be crazy to turn you down… Thanks again… I seriously owe you.” Alec said, voice brimming with gratitude. He didn’t know what he done to be lucky enough to have Magnus fall into his life, but he wasn’t complaining.

“Well then, Welcome to the Pandemonium family Mr. Lightwood,” Magnus said, his hand outstretched in mock formality.

“It’s an honour Mr. Bane,” Alec joked back, freezing as his hand closed in Magnus’ and the room started to change around him.

He was in a place that was strange yet familiar at the same time, The Downworld Council, his brain informed him, not that he knew what that meant. Magnus stood in front of him, hand in hand with him still. Alec opened his mouth to ask a question but the vision faded as quickly as it had emerged.

Magnus caught the change in Alec’s demeanour but knew better than to acknowledge it. He needed to let the memories come back naturally, forcing them could overwhelm Alec’s mind and he could lose him in a completely different and irreversible way.

“You can start tomorrow,” Magnus said withdrawing his hand and walking to Alec’s door. He stopped in the hall for a second. Waving his hand he turned the wall to glass for the briefest of moments to take one last look. Alwc was so at ease as he milled around his loft unpacking, lighter and at peace. Magnus wanted Alexander back so badly but he also wished that in some small way that this part of Alec could stay as well. The best of both world’s as the saying went… but he knew that for so many reason, that could never happen

Chapter 6

Alec had moved into Magnus’ building about a week ago, not that he could really call it moving when all he had to his name was those few boxes of books and a duffel bag of dark t-shirts and some cargo pants to his name. Most of the shirts were green for some reason that Alec didn’t fully comprehend.

“Yeah I’m coming, one sec.” he called to the unknown visitor knocking on his door, pulling on a pair of pants and trying not to fall on his way to the door. “Magnus, hey, sorry, was just getting out of the shower…Magnus?” he repeated when Magnus didn’t respond.

Snapping himself back to reality Magnus stepped into the apartment which was an almost carbon copy of his own. He’d hoped the familiarity would help Alec find his way back to them…back to him.

Rummaging through his bag to find a clean shirt Alec called over his shoulder, “You uh, need something?” He had never been shy about showing his body before, he knew objectively that he was attractive, but felt a strange scrutiny coming from Magnus’ gaze.

As grateful as he was to see Alec shirtless again, it was the lack of runes that had him captivated this time more than his physique. “Just came to see how you were settling in,” Magnus said, averting his gaze when he knew he’d been caught, “Is everything ok?”

“Yeah, yeah,” Alec said pulling the shirt over his head, “the apartment is great. I can’t thank you enough Magnus, really… you saved my life. I owe you big time.”

'You owe me nothing" Magnus wanted to say but knew he couldn’t. Alec’s memory loss aside, that was a conversation that neither of them were in a position to have. When they had parted last Magnus had been closing Alec out, figuratively and literally, he winced as he remembered closing the door in Alec’s face. It had been for the best …..

“Are you uh, are you sure I can’t pay you more for this place, or I don’t know, lend a hand with maintenance or something. I mean this is more than I imagined when you said you had an empty apartment…and the job too…” Alec stammered, overcome by a nervous energy.

“All I need is for you to enjoy the space, it was going to waste before, and knowing that it’s being used by someone that needs it is enough for me.” …Ok, so none of that was strictly true but it was close enough.

“Well, thanks…again. I’d uh, offer you a drink but I’m off the clock” Alec joked.

“That’s fine, I really only came to see how you were settling in.” Magnus smiled, “and to let you know that if you ever need anything. I’m just upstairs…for anything.”

There was a heavier messaged laced within those words and Alec could feel it, he just didn’t know how to process it. Ever since he’d seen Magnus that first day in the bar, his whole world had been slightly off kilter. Nothing felt right but then again, everything felt right…he couldn’t explain it.

“I’ll see myself out,” Magnus smiled backing away, “just remember…”

“You’re upstairs,”

'Believe me, I don’t need anything else to remind me about but you being right upstairs.’ he thought. He’d hardly slept since he’d moved in, thoughts of what Magnus might be doing just above him driving him crazy. He was drawn to him unlike anyone he had ever known before.

The door closed behind Magnus and Alec stepped out onto the balcony for some much needed fresh air. He had the feeling that another sleepless night was on the cards, but what would it be this time? Disjointed visions of memories he couldn’t possibly have or fantasies of the man with the beautiful eyes that he couldn’t get out of his mind.


Magnus peppered soft kisses up Alec’s chest, hands resting on either side of Alec’s body as he stopped to place kisses to his neck. Alec’s hands tangled into Magnus’ hair as he tipped his head back, a soft moan escaping his lips as Magnus rocked his hips against his own…

Ok’ ….Alec work up with a start… It was going to be one of those nights.

Of the choices he had, waking up to fantasies…memories?…no fantasies of Magnus all over him was better than screaming himself awake with some kind of creature trying to rip him to pieces but the lack of sleep was taking it’s toll.

Alec pulled himself away from his sweat soaked sheets and headed for the kitchen. Downing his glass of water he ran a tired hand through his hair and lay back in his bed, stuck half way between awake and asleep. He felt the ghost of someone’s presence at his side as his eyes dropped closed…

You’re not the only one that’s vulnerable…”

When things get crazy, don’t push me away…”

I told you things I’ve never told anyone…”

I can’t have both…”

“I love you too,” Alec whispered to himself as he imagined Magnus saying the words, sleep taking him soon after.

Chapter 7

“Alec? Are you home?” Magnus called, one foot inside Alec’s open front door. If anyone asked he would strongly deny that his heart had lurched inelegantly to the floor at the sight of the usually saftey conscious Alec’s door left ajar.

“Oh hey,” Alec called, poking his head around the balcony corner where he had been all along just out of sight. Magnus let out a breath he didn’t know he’d been holding and hoped that it had gone unnoticed. “Oh shit… Did I leave the door open?” Alec asked realising what he must have done, “Sorry, I had my hands full and just kicked it closed. I’ll be more careful.”

“No need to apologise,” Magnus answered getting his emotions under control, still hovering in the doorway. Yes he owned the place but this was Alec’s space and he wouldn’t dream of intruding uninvited.

“God… um, come in… sorry… come in,” Alec stammered, flustered as he realised his bad manners.

Magnus tensed slightly, he was sick of hearing Alec apologise, no matter how lightheartedly. He was in this situation because of a mistake Magnus had made. Magnus was the one that needed to apologise this time, and for so much than their current predicament.

Magnus raised an eyebrow at Alec’s still sparse loft, for some reason Alec still didn’t have any furniture despite having been there a few weeks. They’d seen each other in the halls a few “accidental” times but baring that Magnus had tried to keep a restrained distance so as not to overwhelm Alec’s now mundane brain with too much at once.

“Not planning on staying?” Magnus half-joked, scared of the answer but masking it with a suave smile.

“Yeah of course I am?” Alec replied, “Oh right um… furniture…I bought a bed, the rest will have to wait a while.”

Alec instantly regretted saying the word bed in Magnus’ presence as he felt a flush rising in his cheeks. It wasn’t his fault alright, Magnus looked especially hot today. He’d opted for a slightly toned down casual look, a dark red henley showing off the barest slivers of his chest, which was adorned with a multitude of different necklaces. His black slacks hugging his hips just right, a pair of suspenders hanging casually from his waist. Alec marvelled at how Magnus made it look effortless and knew that this particular outfit would be making an appearance on dream Alec’s bedroom floor that night.

Clearing his throat as casually as he could Alec stepped out onto the balcony, he needed some air. Magnus joined him and they enjoyed the view in silence for a few moments.

“You know I have furniture I could lend you if you want.” Magnus offered,

“You’ve done more than enough,” Alec smiled gratefully, “besides I have this outdoor set my old neighbour gave me… she always used to joke that I used to spend more time outside than in.”

“Really?” Magnus was intrigued, he’d never really thought of Alec as an out-doorsy kind before.

“Yeah, I guess I like the freedom of it… if that makes any kind of sense.”

Magnus just smiled in response as he took in the relaxed slope of Alec’s shoulders as he talked about it. “Well there’s more space up on the roof…”

“The roof?” Alec said, voice distant and thoughtful as he pictured it in a minute detail that by rights he had no business knowing. “I bet that’s nice.”

“It is,” Magnus agreed, “You’re welcome to use it… whenever you want.” Alec clearly wasn’t getting his vague offerings so it was time to be more explicit… to spell it out to him, as it were.

“No I couldn’t,” Alec declined politely, “that’s your space, I don’t want to intrude…”

“I wouldn’t have offered it was an intrusion Alexander,” Magnus’ voice softened as the name slipped out against his will.

“Ok sure… I’ll check it out,” Alec said, not really sure that he actually would. The only access to the roof was through Magnus’ place and he didn’t want to disturb him every time he needed a breather. He had his own balcony after all, how much more space did he really need… although the thought of sharing a space that he knew would be so uniquely Magnus piqued his interest more than he would admit.

Magnus sensed Alec’s unrest and realised instinctively what was on his mind. Alec didn’t want to be a burden… this version of Alec didn’t know that nothing would ever be too much for Magnus to do where he was concerned. Magnus surveyed Alec’s profile carefully and wondered, had Alexander known that either? Had he done enough to prove that to him before the whole world went to hell?

Magnus clenched his jaw and held back a sigh as a bitter thought filled his mind. Even if Alexander had ever known that, Magnus had almost certainly ripped that feeling away when he’d left him in an Institute hallway, tears streaming from his eyes.

“There’s access to the roof from your fire escape,” Magnus said, chasing that thought away with a burst of magic behind his back that Alec’s turned face couldn’t see. “ So… even if I’m not home, just go on up whenever you want.”

Alec looked over toward the fire escape with a puzzled brow, “Huh, how did I miss that?” he laughed to himself before approaching the ladder.

“Go ahead,” Magnus encouraged as Alec’s hand stalled on the rung asking permission. The light catching Alec’s face as he smiled ripped Magnus to the core. God he missed waking up to that smile.

He followed Alec up the ladder almost tripping over him, Alec had stopped just short of the ledge and was taking everything in.

“Everything ok?” Magnus asked, voice steeped with hope at the thought that some small memory might have returned.

“Uh yeah… just got a serious case of de ja vu,” Alec said running a hand through his hair, “It’s been happening a lot lately.”

“Oh… really?” Magnus feigned ignorance as he busied himself with anything but looking at Alec. He couldn’t hide the disappointment in his face and Alec didn’t need to see that.

“It’s a great view from here,” Alec deflected,

“Yes it is,” Flirtation dripped from every word like honey as Magnus fought to change his own mood.

Alec flushed knowing that Magnus wasn’t talking about the city below. He looked Magnus in the eye, emboldened by the compliment, a heady wanting in his eyes meeting Magnus’ own. Magnus was shocked by the reciprocation his seemingly harmless comment had stirred. He had steered the on to dangerous ground. Alec wasn’t himself, he didn’t understand why this couldn’t happen…not like this.

Magnus had no right to want what he wanted, he had to be the one to put a stop to this before it started, before they ended up in a bigger mess than they already were.

“Stay as long as you want,” he rushed out in one breath as he retreated, heart pounding in his ears.

Alec deflated instantly at the rejection, he’d really thought for a minute that maybe Magnus felt something for him too.

'You have no clue what I feel’

'And even if I did feel something for you, you want me to give up my life for you?’

“What the hell is wrong with me?” Alec braced himself against the wall as the visions passed. This was happening more and more and had him questioning his own sanity. He could only blame it on the lack of sleep for so long.

Chapter 8

“So how are you holding up?” Izzy asked as he she joined Magnus in Alec’s office. They were still at war and every time Magnus came in for the Downworld Council meetings, now led by Jace, he made a stop to Alec’s now unused office before he left. He was sitting at Alec’s desk, stroking his hand against the smooth surface when she found him.

“Isabelle,” he smiled, but without it reaching his eyes, “I’m fine, thank you,”

“You know, I don’t think either you or my brother actually know what that word means.” She perched on the edge of the desk, Magnus’ shoulders falling as he let down the facade.

“It’s like I’m losing him all over again,”

Izzy leant forward and took Magnus’ hand, “Magnus I love you and I don’t mean to be blunt but you hardly lost him. He didn’t go anywhere, he was here every day putting on the same brave face you are…waiting for you to love him again.”

Magnus recoiled at the thought, breath catching in his throat, “I never stopped loving him Isabelle…never.”

“I know,” she comforted, “and I’m not trying to blame you for any of that, this stupid war is a shitty situation for everyone. ….You both love each other, why not try to work things out… when he’s back to his old self I mean.”

Magnus appreciated her certainty that Alec would return to them the way he was before, sadly, he didn’t match that enthusiasm. There had been fleeting moments of recognition but largely, Alec remained the ghost of his former self and it broke Magnus’ soul every time he saw it, knowing it was his fault.

“One thing at a time,” Magnus stood from the table to make his exit and looked back at her fondly. He valued her friendship in these moments more than he could say.

“Don’t blame yourself for this,” she said seeing through the finely crafted veneer he showed to the world, “Alec wouldn’t want that.”

“This is my fault Isabelle, who else should bare the blame but me?”

“The Seelie Queen for starters…” Izzy scorned, “She did this, not you.”

“She only did it because I made the mistake of trusting her…she’s using Alec to punish me …. I can’t allow that to happen again.” Magnus justified,

“Don’t do that either,” Izzy warned, elaborating at Magnus’ questioning face, “use what’s happening here to distance yourself from Alec further. He’s not a child, he doesn’t need you to “push him away for his own protection” or whatever it is you think you’re doing.“

Magnus wallowed in the words momentarily, Izzy was right of course. Alec was the Head of the New York Institute for goodness sake, he could make his own choices.

"I’ll take the advice on board,” Magnus said formally, armour back in place as he left the room with a courteous smile.

“By the angel,” she said head in hands, “they’ll be the end of me.”

Chapter 9

“Here again?,” Magnus had returned from the Downworld Council and retreated straight to the roof knowing that he would probably find Alec there.

“I can go,” Alec said quickly. He knew he’d overstay his welcome eventually.

“You don’t have to take everything I say as a reproach you know,” Magnus replied, not schooling his tone fast enough. The residual guilt from his conversation with Izzy coming out terse and cold. “You’re always apologising,” he continued, warming his tone in an apology of his own.

“Yeah well maybe I have a lot to apologise for…” Magnus froze, in that moment he could have sworn he was talking to Alexander again. He knew the pain in that voice, the pain he had put there.

'I’m not good at apologies,’

'I should have told you about the Soul Sword’

'You never have to prove yourself to me’

Alec clutched his head, overpowered by an onslaught of fresh apparitions. They had become increasingly frequent and he couldn’t take this anymore, he was losing his mind.

“Alec, what’s wrong?” Magnus said rushing to his side, holding him by the shoulders to steady him.

“I think there’s something wrong with me,” Alec whispered brokenly. Magnus shuddered at the frailty in Alec’s scared voice.

'There’s nothing wrong with you,’ Alec clenched his eyes shut as Magnus’ words reached his ears without having been spoken.

“It’s ok Alexander,” Magnus soothed, rubbing Alec’s back and pulling him into a hug before lowering them both on to the day bed.

They sat in silence, Alec’s head on Magnus’ shoulders. Magnus didn’t need to ask for an explanation and Alec was too exhausted to wonder why Magnus wasn’t more curious. Somewhere along the way they fell asleep, Alec curled into Magnus’ side, wrapped inside his arms where the world couldn’t reach him anymore. Their hands entwined and to an outside observer the scene was one of a happy couple, relishing each other’s warmth but the truth was a much colder reality.

Alec stirred first as the rising sun glinted off the ledge, glancing his eyes briefly. He extricated himself carefully from Magnus’ arms, thankful that he didn’t wake him. Alec could trudge back to his place in unobserved embarrassment. What must Magnus think of him?


Shaking the stiffness from his shoulders Alec ran the shower, pausing to look at his own reflection as the water warmed. He blinked and rubbed his eyes as someone he didn’t recognise looked back at him. The face was the same but the look was stern, a thick black tattoo reaching from the collar of the stranger’s shirt resting just under his jawline.

“Emotions are nothing but a distraction” the mirage told him firmly,

Alec gaped at the sight before him as it faded away to reveal himself underneath, eyes haggered and weary. It was in that moment that he knew he couldn’t do this anymore. The dreams he could explain, he was infatuated with Magnus, it didn’t take a genuis to work that one out… but the constant feeling of de ja vu, the fragments of someone else’s life, that wasn’t normal and he couldn’t brush that under the carpet anymore.

He needed to see someone about this before he was too far gone to separate reality from fantasy.

Chapter 10

Alec’s hand shook as he put pen to paper. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d written a letter by hand, if he ever had.

Jesus Christ, what are you 12? It’s not a love note, just get on with it’

Alec took comfort in the fact that the internal voice chiding was Actually supposed to be there this time but he still wanted to tell it to go to hell all the same.

He’d called in sick to work and holed himself up in the loft since the 'incident’. Magnus had knocked his door a couple of times but seemingly had given up when his attempts were ignored. In reality, Magnus had cast the occasional magical eye down through the floor. Not long enough to actually call it spying but enough to reassure himself that Alec was safe and just needed space.

Alec had decided on a letter because he knew the second he saw Magnus he’d turn into a rambling idiot. He’d embarrassed himself already, the letter seemed like a safer option. Taking a deep breath he let the words flow from his mind and reach the paper in his bold, yet careful, handwriting.


Magnus heard the soft patter of bare feet at his door and waited for a knock. Centuries of life hadn’t taught him patience so far, but he was trying. Sinking slightly when the sound didn’t come, he peered at the letter on his floor in curiosity.

He held it in his hands with a loving reverence , soaking in the last few specks of Alec’s aura that clung to the paper. Running a finger beneath the seal he took a deep breath and braced himself.


I wanted to say thank you for staying with me the other night. I can’t explain what happened or why, but I’m working on figuring it out.

I know we don’t really know each other all that well but I trust you and I’m grateful to you for looking out for me the way you have. It means a lot.

You might not see me around for a while, I need to get my head together and I just wanted you to know that it’s not personal and I’ll see you around when I’m in a better place.

Thanks again,


Magnus stroked his fingers over the words before fixing himself a drink. He was both pleased and terrified by the content of the letter.

Alec was struggling with his reality that much was for sure. The thought that he might be coming back to them almost made Magnus’ heart burst with joy, but knowing the torment it must be causing Alec deflated him just as fast.

Letting the liquor dampen his senses, Magnus resolved to put on a face brave enough to confront this dilemma …in the morning.

Chapter 11

Alec had been in therapy for a few weeks when he next heard from Magnus, he was no closer to understanding where his delusions were coming from, but he was able to cope with them a little better when they did.

He smiled as he peeled the vibrant envelope off the outside of his door, he’d just finished a shift at the club, Magnus must have put it there knowing it would be the first thing to greet him when he got home that morning.

Sitting on his new couch he read:


You are cordially invited to brunch on the roof terrace tomorrow.

Yours, Magnus

Alec smiled at Magnus’ iconic flare for the dramatic before an intense feeling of guilt turned his stomach.

I’m just asking for a strand of hair, let’s not be over-dramatic.’

'Well I wouldn’t want to be over-dramatic… Get out’

"1, 2, 3…"Alec counted to 10 and breathed deeply as he let the feeling pass. Stretching out on the cool leather he tried to analyse what this fiction could mean. It was his therapist’s advice. Alec had never been one for an over-active imagination and his doctor had reasoned that these illusions must be some kind of coping mechanism . A way of processing elements of Alec’s physical life that he was struggling to deal with.

Alec had to admit that he didn’t really buy that explanation, all his visions centred on Magnus and he certainly had no problem understanding why that might be. Sure, he’d been repressed about being gay at first but he’d gotten over that a long time ago so it just didn’t make sense. Why would he even want a strand of Magnus’ hair anyway…

Closing his eyes he decided to rest for a minute before he tried to figure this one out.


Alec was woken by a gentle but insistent knocking. It wasn’t Magnus’ and he didn’t really know anyone else in the neighbourhood so needless to say he was intrigued.

"Ugh hi?” he rubbed his eyes sleepily so he could focus on the woman at his door. He recognised her from that first time Magnus had bought his friends to the bar but her name escaped him.

“Hey,” she said cheerfully, “Magnus just wanted to check if you got his invitation?”

Izzy chose to keep back the part where Magnus was currently pacing a hole in the roof. Alec was late to brunch, he wouldn’t admit that he was scared he’d been stood up but she could read him like a book.

“Brunch… wait that’s today?…”

'Shit, how long was I asleep?’ Alec asked himself, he hadn’t had a full nights sleep in weeks, let alone a full day and night in a row. Typical it would happen when he needed to be somewhere.

“Yeah I did…uh… crap I guess I overslept… just give me half an hour to freshen up and I’ll be there…shit, sorry.”

“Sure,” Izzy smiled at her brother’s awkwardness, she had missed him terribly.


Alec felt vaguely human again after his shower, but wished he’d chosen a different outfit, climbing the fire escape in his new sky blue button down and jeans was no easy task. He’d wanted to look nice when he met Magnus again for the first time in what felt like forever.

“Hey, sorry I’m late” he called to the group. They parted quickly at the sound of his voice, all eyes locking on him. He got the feeling that he had interrupted something and squirmed under their gaze.

“Looking sharp,” the blond called over to him approvingly.

The red head smiled politely and took a seat next to the brunette who gave him a friendly wink. Magnus on the other hand just stood stock still, eyes locked on Alec intensely. Alec could feel a heat rising up his chest at the gaze and couldn’t tear his own away. There was a chemistry there that neither could deny.

“Uh hum” The blonde coughed indiscreetly, breaking their connection. Alec flushed and cleared his throat looking away.

“Champagne?” Magnus asked equally affected by their reunion. He had missed Alec more than he could say but the overriding sensation in his body was lust. Alec had taken his breath away once again.

“I’m not much of a drinker,” Alec politely refused,

“No?” Magnus asked fondly, remembering the series of upturned faces Alec had pulled whenever he had tried something new. “ A bar tender who doesn’t drink, interesting?”

“I’m not much of a bar tender either,” Alec quipped, the self deprecation clearly a joke this time. Magnus was relived to hear laughter in Alec’s voice, he was in a better place than when last they’d met.

They caught each other’s eyes again sharing an unspoken conversation, the air turning thick. “So Magnus, you introducing us or what?” the blond interrupted again, he seemed to have an uncanny knack for that.

“Of course…forgive me” Magnus flourished, “ Alec these are my friends, Jace, Isabelle and Clary.” he pointed each one out in turn. They all missed Alec as much as Magnus did and they thought it was time that they coaxed him back out of his fortress of solitude, maybe seeing a few other familiar faces would help. They’d glamoured their runes so they would appear as normal as possible though, best to start off slowly.

“Hi,” Alec waved kind of lamely in response, he was nervous.

They all stood in awkward silence for a minute, none of them wanting to test the water first.

“So uh, you guys do this often or is this a special occasion?” Alec took a seat next to Izzy when they finally made a move, he felt at ease around her.

“Alec you offend me… if this was a special occasion I would have dressed up!” Magnus teased,

“I’m pretty sure you couldn’t dress down if you tried,” Alec smiled, taking in the view appreciatively. Today Magnus wore a deep blue silk shirt, co-ordinated with a patterned waistcoat, neck scarf and shock of blue in his hair.

“Flatterer.” Magnus replied, unable to stop the husky flirtation that overcame his voice. He’d warned himself against this but he found he couldn’t stop.

The trio of Shadowhunters shared a knowing look. Alec may not remember who he was but if his reaction to Magnus was anything to go by, he was still very much in there.


“Damn sorry,” Alec said, standing to take a call and walking towards the roof ledge for privacy.

Brunch had quickly dissolved into pre-dinner drinks, the sun hanging low in the sky. He felt an easy camaraderie with his new companions, but maybe that was just the few champagne’s he’d finally allowed himself to have.

“Everything ok?” Izzy asked as Alec rejoined the group.

“Yeah, just one of the other bartenders called in sick, so I’ve gotta go,” Alec explained apologetically.

“Stay,” Magnus encouraged languidly, “I’m sure I could conjure up another pair of hands to help at the bar.”

Clary couldn’t contain her tipsy giggle at Magnus’ deliberate double meaning. Alec looked between the two clearly not getting the joke.

“Hey, I’ll have you know I don’t shirk my responsibilities thank you very much,” Alec admonished in mock seriousness.

“No, you don’t,” Magnus agreed seriously before choosing his next words carefully. He knew what he was about to say was brazen but he wanted so badly to trigger something in Alec’s mind.

“Go do your job bartender… I’m not going anywhere.”

The momentary change in Alec’s expression told Magnus that he had struck a chord. He felt somewhat guilty for the inner upheaval he knew he was causing but he was desperate. He needed that recognition more than he needed air.

'You can’t have him back either way,’ Magnus’ mind chided, ’You can’t have both…remember’

Alec backed away with a half hearted “Bye” and silently counted to 10 as he climbed down the fire escape. It would have been easier to take the stairs down through Magnus’ place, but he found he couldn’t bring himself to do it. The action too familiar in the scariest way.

Chapter 12

It was Magnus’ turn to be haunted by memories that night as he lay under his red sheets alone, arm stretched out over the empty space where Alec belonged.

'They’re beautiful …. you’re beautiful.’

'I’m just kidding’

'Were you really afraid I was gonna go?’

Alec’s casual laugh flickered through the air around him and he felt his heart pick up speed as he remembered Alec’s touch, soft yet commanding. Arousal sparked through Magnus as the memory turned heated. He allowed his eyes to shift as the electric remnants of that night coursed through him, bringing him to the brink of a pleasure he hadn’t known since he had left Alec behind.

He glanced at the clock, just after midnight, Alec would be at Pandemonium for a few more hours yet.

With an unquenchable thirst to see him Magnus threw back the sheets and marched purposefully to his closet. Pandemonium would be getting an impromptu visit from it’s illustrious owner tonight. He was walking into the lion’s den by letting this temptation control him, but he was the lion he reminded himself, the den was his to control.


Alec’s poor heart leapt out of his chest as he caught sight of Magnus strutting down the Pandemonium stair case, quite literally like he owned the place. He was dressed to the nine’s and then some, hair now styled in a larger than life mohawk, eyes lined heavily with black and his shirt slashed open to the waist. If Alec hadn’t known he was gay before tonight, this ensemble would have confirmed any doubts.

Magnus oozed lust and danger with every step and it wasn’t long before he had a crowd of onlookers following his every move.

“Drool’s not a good look on you, Alec” Em said as she found the object of Alec’s distraction.

If tonight’s Magnus was sex personified than the Magnus who had given both he and his friend a job was heaven itself. Alec marvelled at how one person could be so many different things.

Magnus had placed a strong glamour on the club when the mundane and former Shadowhunter had come to work there. They wouldn’t see anything they shouldn’t and more importantly no-one would recognise Alec for who he used to be. His safety was paramount.

“Whatever,” Alec blushed sullenly, stealing glances back at Magnus whenever he could.

“Oh, lighten up, you’re too easy to mess with,” Em laughed, hugging Alec’s arm, “Look, I mean, damn I get it… If guys were my thing you’d have a fight on your hands.”

“He’s not interested in me like that,” Alec downplayed. Sure Magnus flirted with him and there had been a connection between them on the roof tonight, but Alec got the impression that 'flirt’ was Magnus’ default setting so it didn’t really count.

“Oh yeah right…my mistake, he just hands out apartments and jobs to all the cute boys.” Em teased, “He wants you bad…”

Alec felt his blush deepen as desire pooled within him at the thought and looked back over to Magnus, this time catching his eye. The fire he found in them turned his knees to jelly and he was glad he had the bar to lean on.

“You want him too, admit it… you like the mysterious ones.”

“He’s not being cryptic, he’s being coy,” Alec recited absently,

“What?” Em reacted to the very un-Alec thing to say, “and I said mysterious not cryptic.”

“I uh, I don’t know, I think it’s something I heard once?” Alec said, too dazed by Magnus to realise it was another memory trying to break through.

Magnus dug his palms into his chair, he could hear every word and the thought of Alec remembering that moment, the fact that he hadn’t denied wanting him too was threatening to tear through his resolve. He shouldn’t have come here tonight, images of the first time he had lain eyes on Alec were too easily conjured within this place. He was still on edge from his unfulfilled dream and his control wouldn’t hold out all night. This had definitely been a bad idea.


“Need a ride home?”

Magnus’ voice startled Alec, he thought he was alone as he tidied around the now empty club. In truth he had been, Magnus had left hours ago, his nerves too painfully on edge to stay any longer, but he hadn’t liked the idea of Alec travelling home alone… or that was the excuse he gave himself.

“Sure,” Alec said, trying to hide the shock in his voice, “I just need to finish up a few things?”

“I’ll wait,” Magnus leaned against the bar and watched Alec work. It gave him time to figure out how they would actually get home. He’d neglected to factor that in when he had portalled himself there. Sending off a quick text he relaxed and admired the view.

Alec wore a simple white shirt and black slacks, standard attire for all his staff, but there was nothing standard about the way Alec pulled it off. He’d rolled the sleeves up to his elbows, out of the way, and the neon club lights cast a warm red glow over his skin. Magnus yearned to reach out and touch…

No’ he told himself. He couldn’t take advantage of the situation, touching was out of bounds.

“Ok, I’m ready,” Alec said, pulling Magnus back to reality.

“The car’s waiting out front,” Magnus held out an arm to lead the way.

“Nice!” Alec said, taking in the sleek black town car in front of them.

Magnus held the door open for him, gesturing for him to scoot over to the far side, so he could slide in next to him, “Well, I’m glad you approve.”

A loaded tension filled the car as they travelled in silence, each taking stolen glances that were cut short when the other met their eyes. There was an intense energy buzzing back and forth between them and neither could relax. They wanted each other and both somehow knew that now, one way or another, before the night was over, something was going to give.


Alec waited by the elevator as Magnus discussed something with the driver. He could just as easily gone straight up to his apartment, and he had a feeling that’s what Magnus was giving him time to do by stalling outside. He was giving him an out, an opportunity to end the night there and then,…but Alec waited.

A mixture of relief and fear washed over Magnus as he saw Alec waiting for him, calmly standing his ground in front of the elevator.

'Don’t do this Magnus’ his head warned him.

Wordlessly he ignored his instincts and joined Alec in the elevator, his heart skipping several beats as Alec pushed the button to his own floor but not Magnus’…an unspoken invitation.

Alec couldn’t hear the sound of the elevator over his own beating heart, it felt like it was going to charge out of his chest. He stepped out onto his floor not daring to look if Magnus had followed.

Magnus stood between the hall and the elevator, his hand holding the door open. His body trembling in anticipation.

'You can’t do this,’ his head scolded,

'I can’t not,’ his heart replied.

Realeasing his grip he stepped out, stepping inches behind Alec’s back, causing him to fumble his keys as Magnus’ breath tickled his neck.

'Your skin tingles when they stand close enough to feel their breath’

Alec turned and leant against the locked door, head tipped back slightly by Magnus’ proximity. Magnus placed a hand on either side of the door, holding Alec gently in place, not that he could bring himself to move anyway.

Alec felt the warmth of Magnus’ breath against his cheek as they moved ever closer and trailed a hand loosely up Magnus’ abs to his chest, feeling the softness of his skin. Magnus rested his forehead against Alec’s, savouring the touch, breathing Alec in. His right hand left the door to cup Alec’s face, lips just inches away, his whole body pressing Alec into the door now as Alec flattened one hand to his chest, the other holding gently on to his hip…

And that’s when he saw it…

That same look of determination in Alec’s eyes from the first time they had kissed, for Alec, this was that first time all over again. Pulling back before their lips met, Magnus sighed, “I’m sorry… I can’t do this.”

“What?…I…"Alec stuttered, his hands now left empty, "Am I doing something wrong?”

Magnus died a little at the words, that lack of recognition the worst 'I told you so,’ he could have gotten. “No such thing.” His voice cracked on each word before he squared his shoulders and stood firm, “it’s not you…” He cut the cliche off but it was too late, the damage was done.

“It’s complicated … We can be friends,” Alec churned out coldly as he turned his back to Magnus unlocking the door. The coldness masking genuine pain, but a pain that felt too deep for what this moment was. Magnus didn’t owe him an explanation, it was just one almost kiss…so why did Alec feel this so acutely.

“Alec…I,” Magnus was cut off as the door closed firmly in his face.

“Damn, that’s what that feels like ’

Feeling utterly ashamed of himself, Magnus withdrew to his penthouse. How was he going to fix this new mess he had made?

Chapter 13

"Magnus…hi!” Alec spluttered, voice almost a falsetto as they all but collided in his doorway. Magnus’ hand was still poised to knock as Alec almost barrelled into him.

Magnus lowered his hand and took a step back, straightening his still pristine shirt for something to do with his hands. “You’ve been avoiding me.” The words were blunt but didn’t hold any heat to them.

“No… I uh was… You know… Work … Busy…no I haven’t.” Alec stuttered gesticulating widely.

Magnus had to bite back a smile at the familiar trait. He kind of loved making Alec lost for words. “I haven’t seen you in days and when I did it was the back of your head as you deliberately walked the wrong way to your floor so you wouldn’t have to pass me.”

“Yeah well,” Alec floundered, arms folded as he leaned a hip against the door frame.

“Alec… I just came to apologise for…” Magnus waived his hand in the air, as if the memory would spring from it without him having to actually say the words…'almost kissing you.’

“No need, I understand.”

'oh but you don’t’ Magnus wanted to cry out.

“I guess I should apologise too.. I overreacted.” Alec unfolded his arms, taking down one barrier at a time. Alec shrugged his shoulder gently to indicate that he didn’t know what to do here. They just stared each other down silently. Magnus folded one arm around his waist and rubbed his mouth with his hand, trying to find the right words. Nothing short of the truth was good enough but he couldn’t give it.

Magnus leaned back, pivoting on his heel as a sign that he meant to leave. Alec felt a cold dread seep into his bones at the thought that this was it, that he might lose his chance to tell Magnus how he felt..“

'On every mission I’ve ever been on, I’ve never felt that type of fear…Magnus I…I love you.

"Magnus wait,” Alec called out, Magnus had started to walk away while he was trapped in his daydream, “Magnus I …I like you.”

The blood froze in Magnus’ veins as Alec’s voice and cadence matched that historic moment in their relationship, the diluted words stung sharply.

“I like you too,” he felt almost sick lessening the moment this way, but Alec wasn’t to know.

Alec reached out, holding the underside of Magnus’ forearm for fear he would run from him. “I’d like to see if this could be something.” He confessed.

“So would I.” Magnus moved Alec’s hand back and placed it against Alec’s own chest, before covering it with his own. “But I’m not in a place where I can do that right now. I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have led you on the way I did, it was unfair.”

“You don’t have to explain yourself to me,” Alec said kindly, if anyone understood not being in the right head space it was him. He released Magnus’ hand and they stood in front of each other, strangers once more. “How about we start again and see where it goes.”

“I’d like that,” Magnus accepted the gesture but he knew now, more than ever, that he would never walk that fine line again. He would be the best friend that Alec had ever had if that’s what it took, but until it was Alexander’s eyes looking back at him again it would go no further.

Chapter 14

Magnus listened for any sounds of Alec moving downstairs. Since their difficult door way conversation they had largely kept to themselves. Magnus didn’t trust himself not to break despite his assertion that they could be friends but he couldn’t avoid Alec forever if they wanted to stand any chance of ever getting Alexander back.

Magnus didn’t know what excuse he would could up with for accidentally running into him but he’d cross that bridge when he came to it.

“Oh Alec? What a surprise” Magnus said feigning shock as he rounded the corner of Alec’s floor.

“Magnus,” Alec blushed, he’d just woken up from a particularly memorable dream and was sure Magnus must be able to tell. But Alec had figure if dreams were all he was going to get he might as well put some effort into them.

'I’m all for effort

Alec closed his eyes for the briefest of moment, choosing to ignore his ever present and ever frustrating inner voice more often than not these days.

“Doing some laundry?” Magnus asked, stating the obvious really as Alec stood there laundry bag in hand.

“Ugh yeah,” he replied awkwardly. They hadn’t really mastered the art of small talk that didn’t have flirtatious undertones yet.

“I’ll help.” Magnus said brightly,

Alec laughed and relaxed, “Um, no offence Magnus but uh, I’ve seen your clothes. I dread to imagine how much that shirt alone cost you. You don’t strike me as the kind of guy that does laundry.”

“Well no,” Magnus agreed, albeit not for the reasons Alec suspected. Magic had many benefits, “but perhaps I could keep you company.”

“Sure,” Alec smiled, “speaking of company. I saw Izzy and the others on my floor last night when I got home. Were they going to some kind of rave or something… they had some pretty interesting ink going on?” Alec stopped as Magnus froze in place, “I didn’t mean to be rude…”

“You saw them?” Magnus asked. The only time Alec had seem them before they had been glamoured their runes to keep them hidden from him. They had no need to do that when they made their late night patrols but Alec shouldn’t have been able to see them at all, let alone their runes.

“Yeah, but it’s no problem” Alec backpeddled, afraid that Magnus thought he was complaining about the lateness of the hour, “it doesn’t bother me. Just forget I said anything.”

“No, no, Alec. I have asked them to be more considerate about the hours that they keep. I’ll speak to them.” Magnus covered, offering no explanation as to why they were there and what the tattoos meant. Alec waited but Magnus clearly wasn’t going to continue so he thought better than to ask.

“How about we take a trip up to my place?” Magnus asked trying to change the subject., “Laundry can wait. I’m no bartender like yourself but I do make a mean cocktail…” If Alec was seeing things he shouldn’t be able to that meant that his brain was likely more Shadowhunter than mundane now… That he might be able stand that little extra push in the right direction.

“Sure, why not. After all the times I’ve waited on you I’ll let you do something for me for a change."Alec joked, a strange sensation passing over him at that thought, as though what he’d said was wrong somehow… backwards. Flashes of recollection sparked in his mind and disembodied words filled the air.

There’s a greater demon on the loose. I need ….“

Magnus, I know I have no right to ask for favours but…“

Izzy located the rift…“

"Something wrong?” Magnus asked cutting off the flood of memories abruptly as Alec counted under his breath unable to ignore it this time.

“No, no… let’s go?” Alec said, he had to get out of there. He was still uneasy about being in Magnus’ space but maybe the change of scenery would clear his head.


“Well here we are, Chez Magnus,” Magnus joked as he opened the door with an exaggerated flourish… by hand. Not being able to use magic around Alec was difficult but he’d become accustomed to it.

Alec nodded in approval taking in the surroundings. Why had he avoided coming here for so long… it was just an apartment.

“Oh you moved the blue chair,” he said unthinking, pointing to the chair’s new corner position.

“Yeah,” Magnus replied automatically, “I needed a change…” he stalled, confused eyes meeting Alec’s own as he turned, the significance of that statement registering with them both. This hadn’t been what he’d intended by bringing Alec here, he’d intended to test out old memories one at a time until something stuck… This was too soon.

“How did I know you moved the blue chair Magnus?” Alec asked, fear and uncertainty in his voice, as more memories assaulted him. Images of Magnus sitting at his desk, a kiss on the balcony, holding Magnus in his arms on that very chair. He tried his breathing exercises but the constant barrage of memories was overpowering him…“I’ve never been here before…”

“Alec, just relax,” Magnus said approaching and taking Alec by the shoulders. He could tell that Alec wanted to bolt straight for the door. He was terrified and confused and Magnus knew making him stay wasn’t fair but they were on the verge of a breakthough.

“I need to get out of here,” Alec whispered, “I think I’m going crazy… I have to go…”

Alec gripped a table to steady himself, eyes locking on a strip of photo’s tucked into a painting, his own face looking back out at him. “How… that’s us…what?…”

Magnus cast his arm to the side ascAlec made a move to run and the door slammed shut with a flash of blue.

“What…what did you…what are you doing… I can’t ….breathe…” Alec clutched his chest and fell to his knees as his brain revolted against him. Mixing together old and new, the real and the fake overwhelming his mind until the blackness overtook him and he lay limply in Magnus’ arms.

“It’s ok Alexander, I’ve got you… I’m here.” Magnus whispered into Alec’s hair as he cradled him.“I’m here.”

Chapter 15

“How are we going to explain this all to him?” Jace asked frustrated, of all the ways they had discussed breaking the news, scaring it into him hadn’t been part of the plan. “I can’t believe you used magic Magnus, we agreed we’d let him set the pace.”

“I’m well aware Jace, but given that you weren’t here then I suggest you don’t judge my actions…”

“Well, I’m just saying…” Jace sighed feeling guilty. He couldn’t blame Magnus, didn’t everyone revert to what they were used to when they were scared. “I just down know where we’re supposed to start…”

“How about with… you’re a Shadowhunter…” Alec’s voice came from behind them, a hard edge to it that could only mean one thing… “I remember,” he said, answering the unspoken question. He held up his arms, now adorned with runes again, as proof.

He couldn’t meet the gaze of anyone in the room. It all just felt wrong, he was himself again, but he wasn’t. He knew the past, he knew who he was, but he also remembered who he had been, if only for a short time, and how he wanted to be that Alec again.

Izzy ran to him, locking her arms around his waist, pulling him out of his own head. He held his sister tight as the normalcy of that action soothed him. “I can’t be here.” he pleaded into his sister’s hair as he hugged her. Locking eyes with him she smiled sadly, and shared a knowing look with Jace.

Settling back into the military stance that was iconic of Alec the Shadowhunter, he forced his eyes to meet Magnus’ who so far had been silent.

“Magnus…” Alec’s voice caught in his throat, pained at the thought of how they’d been so easy and free in each other’s company the last few months. How they could have had everything they wanted in that other life… “thank you for the apartment. I’ll be out of your way tonight…”

“You’re never in my way, Alexander” Magnus said, the name slipping unnoticed from his lips, hoping the olive branch he was offering was clear.

“I have to go,” he said flatly, a sheen in his eyes that betrayed his cool exterior.

Magnus watched Alec walk down the hallway until he was completely out of sight, hoping with every step that Alec would turn around. When he finally stood there alone he took a deep breath and returned to his apartment. Consumed by an emptiness he had hoped never to feel again.


It had been a hard couple of weeks, but gradually Alec had re-adjusted back to his old life. He’d re-taken control of the Institute just a few days ago and things were starting to feel normal… well mostly anyway.

He still dreamt of Magnus every night, he could tell the fantasies from memories this time, and there was a healthy dose of both. He knew he owed Magnus more than the meagre thanks he had given him before running as fast he could from the loft, he just hadn’t been able to work up the courage yet. He felt embarrassed that his want for Magnus had been so plain all those weeks when Magnus clearly still didn’t want to be with him.

I’m not in a place where I can do that.’ Magnus may as well have just repeated “I can’t have both,” and been done with it.

Now, standing here outside his door, he hesitantly drew his hand to knock, hoping this time he’d be let inside.

“"Alec?” Magnus said surprised, he hadn’t been expecting to see him. “What?” Magnus asked as a crooked smile crossed Alwc’s face and he rolled his eyes.

“Alec,” he said his own name, it sounded wrong, “I guess that’s what you call me now..”.Hey, it’s a step above Shadowhunter so I’ll take it,“ Alec added dryly.

Magnus opened his mouth to reply but found he didn’t know what to say. He just took in the man standing at his door and tried to get the measure of who he was now.

He had the look of Alexander, standing tall like the soldier he was, a slight softness to his eyes that he only got when looking at Magnus, but he spoke like Alec, a carefree wit that Magnus was silently glad he hadn’t lost.

Magnus took this all in as the silence encompassed them and he realised in that moment that Alec had always been both of these people, he remembered the untroubled laughter that had echoed from his bedroom the first time Alec had spent the night. Alec hadn’t really changed when he’d lost his memories, he’d just lost the need to keep that other side of him so guarded.

"I was out of line when I called you that,” Magnus apologised,

“No you weren’t,” Alec disagreed, “we’d been taking advantage of your magic for too long, I should have seen that sooner. You were right to call me out on it.”

They stood awkwardly in the doorway, neither wanting to make the first move. Alec broke first. “Magnus,” Alec said, clearing his throat and shifting his feet uncomfortably, remnants of the other Alec breaking through the stoic front, “I need to talk to you …I mean, would it be ok if I came in… please?” he corrected. Hadn’t he just said that they had demanded too much of Magnus in the past, that needed to change.

“Of course,” Magnus said noting the change and swinging the door open wide. “How have you been?” he said, chiding himself for such an inane question, but he didn’t know what else to say.

“Myself… for a change.” Alec joked,

Magnus gave him a wry smile, “We never did have that drink,” he said gesturing to the drinks cabinet. Alec showing up like this had caught him off guard and he felt like he was 10 steps behind and failing to catch up.

“No thanks,” Alec waved off the offer, he needed a clear head. “I just wanted to say thank you for everything you did… when I was the other me.”

He had wanted to say when I wasn’t myself, but the truth was, he had been himself, just with a few less weights on his shoulders.

“I know my previous actions would suggest otherwise Alec, but I am always here if you need me.” Magnus said,

“I know,” Alec nodded, “Well, I just wanted to say thank you, it didn’t seem right to do it over the phone, so I’ll go…” Alec started towards the door when Magnus called his name.

“Alexander,” Magnus voice cracked as he let each syllable ring out, “You have nothing to thank me for, this…everything that happened to you… what she put you through… that’s all on me and I am so sorry.”

“It’s ok,” Alec smiled kindly, as he turned his back to leave.

“Don’t do that,” Magnus discouraged. Alec stopped in his tracks hoping that Magnus was asking him not to leave, but knowing that was too much to ask as Magnus elaborated. “Don’t absolve me of what happened, you have a right to be angry with me.”

“But I’m not,” Alec explained, “We’ve both made mistakes, let’s just leave them in the past where they belong… ok”? He added asking permission almost.

“Ok?” Magnus sighed, relief mixing with anticipation. They had reached some kind of common ground but there was still a gaping hole in it that they couldn’t bridge. Magnus knew the ball was in his court now, he had been the one to walk away, if he wanted to fix this he had to be the one to speak up…but he was too terrified to find his voice.

“Right … well, I’m leaving…thanks again and goodbye I guess.” Alec said letting out a defeated breath before stilling in the doorway, shaking his head. “Ok look, I’m not good with words but I can’t just leave it like this again…Magnus, I love you and… no, actually that’s pretty much it really… I love you and I just need you to know that ok?…”

Magnus looked at Alec in awe, amazed by how, with a string of simple words and a matter of fact shake of his head he could say so much.

Alec wasn’t asking for anything from him. He was telling him, “I understand how you feel,” …. “I’m here no matter what happens next.”… “I love you even if you don’t love me back.”

He was just letting Magnus know that he was loved, unquestionably. That was just the fact of the matter and it was Magnus’ to do with as he wished. Magnus didn’t know how he had been blessed with this love but he knew better than to let it go again.

Magnus smiled and stepped into Alec’s space, reaching out to fix a collar that wasn’t crooked, knowing that Alec would understand the moment he was recreating. Alec smiled and shook his head, smile stretching uncontrollably across his face as he realised what Magnus was doing.

“You’re great at words,” Magnus beamed as he took in that smile. Keeping his hand on Alec’s arm he caressed his shoulder with his thumb. “Myself on the other hand… I find that I’m suddenly at a loss…Alexander,” he whispered, relishing in the contented breath Alec released at hearing it. “Alexander,” he repeated, breathing it against Alec’s lips, close enough to touch but holding back ever so slightly.

Closing his eyes he slid his hand up Alec’s arms to cup his face, Alec melted into the touch. The last time Magnus had done this he had been saying goodbye, he opened his eyes briefly and shook that thought away. He closed the distance and tasted tears on Alec’s lips, swallowing back his own as he pulled Alec close. He had his Alexander back and he would never let go again.

Chapter 14

A light breeze dancing across his skin woke Magnus and he smiled reaching out for Alec, freezing when he found the bed empty and cold yet again.

'Please be outside, please be outside’ he whispered the mantra to himself as he threw on a robe and went in search of his boyfriend.

“Hey, did I wake you?” Alec asked as Magnus wrapped his arms around Alec’s waist from behind. “Jesus, Magnus your heart is racing. What’s wrong?”

“I thought you left,” Magnus’ voice was muffled, his head buried into Alec’s chest now they faced each other.

Alec pulled Magnus into a desperate hug peppering kisses to his temple before whispering in his ear, “I’m not going anywhere, I promise.”

The rhythm of Magnus’ heart steadily slowed as they held each other, “Come back inside, it’s cold,” Magnus whispered tugging gently on Alec’s hand.

They settled back into bed, holding each other close. They had fallen into bed pretty much as soon as they had reunited, not wanting to waste time with words, but now that they lay there in the dark, the silence seemed full of words wanting to be spoken.

“Are you ok?” Alec asked, the feeling of Magnus’ heart beating that hard still in his mind. He never wanted Magnus to think him not being there in the morning meant something that terrible again.

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?” Magnus scooted closer and ran a hand down Alec’s face. Alec caught it when it reached his cheek and moved to hold it against his chest.

“I’m serious Magnus, I know I’m the one that forgot everything but … it can’t have been easy being the one that was forgotten either, I’m…”

“Alec, I swear, if you apologise for that I’ll…”

“You’ll what?” Alec challenged warmly, a smile on his face.

“"Never you mind,” Magnus grinned, before pausing slightly, “It was difficult and I was terrified at the thought that I would never get to speak to you again, the real you… when I had so much I needed to say.”

Alec placed a soft kiss to Magnus’ lips and cradled the back of his head as they rested foreheads together, “You don’t have to say anything Magnus,” Alec reassured, knowing that he was referring to their previous fight.

“Yes I do,” Magnus pulled back to look Alec in the eye, “I was wrong, I thought I had a choice to make, but the only one imposing that choice on me…was me.”

“And you usually give such great advice,” Alec teased, letting Magnus know that all was forgiven. He’d meant what he said before, mistakes were made on both sides. It was the past and that was where it would stay.

Magnus let out a joyous laugh that he hadn’t been able to muster in a long time and pulled Alec to him, kissing him long and deep. Alec shifted his weight so that he lay on top of him, knee nestled between Magnus’ legs. “I love you,” he kissed into Magnus’ lips.

Magnus flipped them so Alec was beneath him now, hands pressed to his chest, “I love you too… in every life.” Alec slid his hand to Magnus’ neck and pulled his face back down to his, carding his fingers through Magnus’ hair, his face now completely encompassed by Magnus’ hands.

Alec chased Magnus’ lips as he leaned back to remove his robe, throwing it haphazardly to the floor. Magnus laughed into the kiss as their lips were reunited, now sitting in Alec’s lap, both of his hands pushing through his hair, his once perfect style now going in all directions. Magnus always looked great, but all messed up like this was how Alec liked him best. This was for him to see and no-one else.

Magnus closed the distance between them, pressing his finger tips into the muscles of Alec’s back, head tucked in Alec’s neck as he ran his hands down to his waistband. Alec squirmed away from the touch, ticklish and the sound that he let out could only be described as a giggle. “Not a word,” he warned as he flipped them both back over, strong arms holding Magnus beneath him.

Magnus bared his neck in laughter at the look on Alec’s face, the sound turning breathy when Alec placed wet kisses down his throat. The warmth seeped into Magnus’ skin and he squeezed his eyes shut as he felt the shift overtake him.

“Look at me?” Alec asked softly, beaming as Magnus revealed his cat eyes slowly. “there you are…still beautiful.”

Tears he’d been holding back flowed freely now, Magnus couldn’t have been happier if he had tried. He ran his hands down Alec’s back with a renewed fervour, palm flat, feeling every muscle, finally resting it in the small of Alec’s back.

Soft kisses turned breathless and gentle touches took on new intensity as they got lost in each other completely. Holding each other close as the night met the morning, they were ready to take on this new life together.

Headcanon where Sasuke is a prissy flight attendant hating his job more than anything in the world. There are the horny passengers groping him as he serves drinks during flights, constant jet-lags that make his mood swings even worse and then there’s the idiotic blonde pilot that calls him into his cabin at least twice during every flight demanding ramen and trying to strike a conversation with the raven, unfazed by the glares that would probably cause the plane to fall if it was anyone else in the pilot seat. 

Yes, Sasuke hates his job and he hates the warm feeling that bubbles in his stomach whenever he hears himself being called to the pilot cabin or whenever the moron makes a passenger announcement cracking lame jokes about the weather forecast and airport security. 

He hates when they stay in hotels between flights and he can see the blonde pilot surrounded by the other flight attendants laughing loudly in the hotel bar, the spark of jealousy that makes him grit his teeth and shut himself away in his empty room for another sleepless night.

But the thing he hates the most is how during the night he would feel his resolve crumble, his heart grow weaker and eventually he would find himself slipping out of his bed, knocking lightly on the door of the room across the corridor. There are no words exchanged as the blonde opens the door a bit too quickly, Sasuke hates the idea that the moron would be expecting him to come as if wasn’t even up to him to decide. The blonde goes back to bed and lies down and soon enough Sasuke follows, gritting his teeth in hatred as he hides his face in the broad chest radiating with warmth, feeling the strong arms wrap around him and light kisses being pressed against his throat. 

He would fall asleep in the tight embrace still trying to convince himself that this feeling clouding his judgement every day is indeed hatred.

NCT Reaction- Asking You To The Prom

A/N- I thought that while you wait for the Pirate AU I’d post a reaction. This just going be a reaction with all the members. It will be how they are feeling about asking you and how they would ask you to the prom. Hope you like it! :D

Taeil: He’s probably had a crush on you for some time. Sneaking looks at you in class but never actually talking to you. He would lay awake at night pondering whether or not to actually ask you to the prom. He would finally get the courage and ask you at lunch. He’d ask you to leave your friends table at lunch, him leading you to a quiet corridor. He stumbles over his words but he finally gets it out. When you say yes he would feel like this huge bubble had just popped in his chest letting loose all the happiness.

Hansol: He too would be a nervous wreck, just not as much as Taeil. He would probably try and approach you whenever he saw you in the hall, then chicken out last minute. Then as if by fate, after school he was getting stuff out of his locker when you walked right passed him towards your locker at the end of the hall. He freezes and stares at you, then shakes off his nervousness and walks up to you. He’d panic and just say “Prom?”. You’d smile and ask if he was inviting you to go with him, when he nods you smile and agree, kissing his cheek before closing your locker and walking home.

Johnny: Okay confident af. He might talk about you to his bros, because guy talk. He has liked you for a while but decided to wait till the prom to tell you, for as he puts it ‘fabulousness’. He waits until it three weeks from prom, to finally tell you. He swaggers over to your desk sits on your table and gives you a smile “You, Me prom? That is if you haven’t got a date already” he adds the last bit even tough he knew you didn’t have date because he has had people follow stalk you at school. Of course you say yes and he does a victory dance infront of the entire class.

Taeyong: This boy has had the hugest crush on you for years. Most people think he would be the type to tell you but he keeps his feelings to himself, and steals glances your way. He wasn’t going to ask you to the prom even though he really did want to go but then rumours spread round the school that one of the schools football players were going to ask you. Taeyong might have got extremely a bit jealous. As he walked down the corridor towards the cafeteria he saw the footballer walking towards you, the boy has never ran faster. He shoved the player out the way to get to you and said “Gotothepromwithme!” in one breathe. You said yes of course. But he gets a little too excited and kisses you on the cheek and you giggle and kiss his cheek back.

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Yuta: He would already be friends with you, since you’re captain of the girls soccer team, he would definitely be into that. He would flirt with you all the time and naturally you just thought he did that to every girl. But he really his feeling to you were real. Every time he confessed his feeling you would think he was joking and brush him off. So when he showed at your house at midnight with a rose and asked you to be his date for the prom you were pleasantly surprised, and said yes immediately.

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Kun: He isn’t too shy about it, yeah sure he got a little nervous but was decent courageous. He’d convince WinWin to be his wing man and introduce you and him during lunch break. Then this smooth guy would flirt and just obviously casually bring up the topic of prom dates, he was pretty happy you didn’t have one then asked you on the spot without missing a beat. You say yes and exchange numbers. 

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Doyoung: This bunny rabbit can be so confident when he has been encouraged by his members. He would be sitting half listening to his members and half think ing about confessing to you. Some of members are bound to notice his lack of focus and when they do they start daring him to ask you to the prom. He puts on his game face and strides over to your group of friends asking them if he could borrow you, then without an answer he takes your hand and leads you to the corner of the room. He asks you out, you say yes and the entire class cheers. You both had been talking louder than you thought.

Ten: He has had a thing for you since that time you beat him in a dance competition. He would get all the members to gather round and give him ideas about how to ask you to be his date. Then when the final plans were ready he got to work preparing for the big moment. You walked to your locker and found a note attached, telling you to go to the drama classroom. It was signed by “Prince Charming”. When you opened the classroom door music started playing and a boy was dancing then the music stopped and he slid across the floor towards you holding a rose and a note asking you t be his date.

Jaehyun: Okay I’m sure that I’m not the only one that thinks that this guy is such a romantic. He would get people to go up to you and tell you that you look pretty and the people would always say the compliments were from your secret admirer. This guy would actually be so nervous even if he does keep up his cool attitude. He would come to school wearing a suit and bowtie. Everyone would be staring at him as he walks up to you but he doesn’t care, he’s a man on a mission. He takes your hands looks in your eyes and asks straight forward “ Go to prom with me?”. You said yes, only if he stops killing you with his good looks.

WinWin: He was so nervous, like honestly the sweat coming off him could fill a pool. He has talked to almost all your closest friends and found out where and when you might be alone. He was going to wait until last thing on Friday when you go to your dance class and if he timed it right he could get you alone in the empty corridors. This plan was completely thrown out the window when he walked past a group of people saying a member of the debate club was looking for you at that very moment. He started a full school search determined to find you before the other kid. He found you and wasted no time asking you even if he was shaking so much, you say yes and he instantly chills.

Mark: Okay he would probably avoid asking you at first but then Haechan, Jaemin and Chenle would get themselves involve. He might be doing something across the room and these three boys will sneaky sneaky their way over to you.They would probably spill the beans about Mark liking you a lot, but they were speaking louder than they thought they were so Mark heard and broke his neck turning to look in your direction. You both make eye contact and you can see in his eyes he wants to run out the room. So while Haechan is still talking you walk past him and head for Mark. You ask if its true, when he finally regains the ability to talk he says yes and asks you to the prom. Once you agree he is so happy but he quickly leaves to go kick three troublesome boys.

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RenJun: You best believe this motherfudging ray of sunshine, wrote you the sweetest, most adorable poem ever about how pretty you are and that he wants to take you t the prom and then was too nervous to give it to you. He sat staring at for so long in his classes. One of his teachers is so strict, when they see him not doing the work and staring at a random piece of paper. They tell him to stand up and read what ever was on it out loud. He glanced in your direction awkwardly while blushing. The teacher tells him to stand infront of the class, when he’s up front everyone is looking at him. He reads the poem to the class and everyone is looking at you. You give him a smile and give him a thumbs up, while the teacher highkey lowkey dies in the corner.

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Jeno: He is pretty confident like everyone else he would be nervous but he has a better control on his nerves. He may not ask you straight away but will do it quite soon. He would probably do something really sweet, he got some of the members to bake cupcakes with him and piped a short message on them asking you to go to the prom. He walks down the corridor to where he sees you talking with your friends, just before he reaches you someone accidentally knocks into him and he drops the box of cakes. He checks if any are fine the only one left is the one saying ‘Prom?’. He picks it up and walks over to you passing it to you. You say yes and he tells you about the other cakes and points to the wreckage.

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Haechan: Mmm, okay I don’t know about him he is either confident af or nervously shy af. The away I imagine it is he gets your number from someone and send you love letters in texts anonymously. You would be asking around if anyone knew anything about your mystery man, and Hae is laughing at you from the corner of the room. He texts you about going to the prom with him saying he will reveal himself at the prom itself. You show up at the prom and he approaches you with a bouquet and offers you his arm as he walks in with you.

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Jaemin: I think it would be pretty obvious to everyone, including you, that he likes you. You had been expecting him to ask you for a while now, but as the prom day grew closer he didn’t even seem to want to ask you. Little did you know that he has been planning this for the past three months. The plan was 1) get your friend to lure you to the school roof late at night 2) signal for music to start 3) get members to start a flash mob on the roof 4) have fireworks set off 5) confess undying love. Everything went smoothly until the principal showed up and prevented step 5) from happening. So instead he confessed and asked you to the prom in detention the next day.

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Chenle: Heart eyes. He was so awkward and nervous. He had the inspiration to write you a song each day but not the confidence to sing them for you. Instead he pushed the into your locker. After the first week of this you were head over heels for your mystery writer. Sometimes in class you would read and sing them under your breathe, making Chenle literally melt into his chair. He sat right behind you and sometimes when you sang he would start writing your next song, one day when he was doing this you spotted him writing a song so you read a few lines. The next day when you got the song from your it was the same song. You confronted him and he confessed asking you to be his date.

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Jisung: BLUSHING. He was so nervous, he tried to convince the members to ask you for him, but they all said he should do it himself. So each morning before you arrived at class he would sit a rose on your table. He would wait for you to see it and watch your reaction, every time you come in and smile at the rose he feels like he is watching an angel and his heart feels like its being inflated. One morning you catch him putting the rose on your desk and say hi to him. He panics and runs. You chance him, finally catching him in the library, telling him you think it was very sweet of him. He confesses and asks you to be his date. When you agree he is so happy he doesn’t stop smiling.

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