correspondent shoes


In December 1968, Ray Johnson wrote a three-page letter to Richard Feigen and Michael Findlay and signed it “(Mrs.) Bill Blass” (though he stamped his own name and return address on the envelope). The letter purports to be from a collector with “a big house with a lot of waltz space” who is looking for some new art to acquire.

Johnson makes several pointed references to his own works, including declaring “I have a passion for snakes” (p. 2) and asking if they “know where I can get some of that correspondence art I have been hearing about?” (p.3).

He also seems to refer to a specific collage when he writes, “I just love shoes. Yes, shoes. Do you have anything with some really terrific expensive shoes in a work maybe in a bright magenta color…” Perhaps he meant Untitled (Magenta Shoes with Snake), pictured above.

The whole letter is a masterful combination of satire and self-aggrandizement that is guaranteed to have you in stitches.


Fitness is not a bowl of frosted honey glazed French blueberries mixed with organic oats touched by the Alpine moonlight and lightly dusted with fair-trade panda farts, all filtered through an overpriced smartphone.

It’s not a closet full of matching Nike shorts and shoes that correspond to the angle of the selfie that gets the most likes on Instagram.

It’s sweating, bleeding, puking, aching and doubting yourself. 

It’s pushing through all of that though to reach a goal.

And only then…maybe a selfie. 

Why Abraham Attah wore TOMS shoes to the Oscars

TOMS is a for-profit shoe brand that donates a pair of shoes to children in need for every pair sold. The Ghana native told red carpet correspondents the shoe brand will donate 10,000 pairs of shoes to the people of Ghana, proving that Both Attah’s style and message are truly on point.