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What Ever Happened To You


Characters: Salvatore brothers, sister!reader. Mentioned: Katherine, Lilian Salvatore, Giuseppe Salvatore.

Words: 1700

Your brother Stefan remembering and wondering what happened to you.


Stefan Salvatore was back in Mystic Falls for the first time in many, many years, and this time he was here to stay. He felt like home in a way he hadn’t in a long time, but that wasn’t too much of a surprise, after all he did grow up here with his siblings; Damon and you.

Stefan often wondered what happened to you. Honestly, he had begun missions to find out several times in his long vampire life, but never fulfilled the task since he was nervous to discover the truth.

You were born a cold winter day of 1851 at the Salvatore mansion to your father Giuseppe, mother Lillian, older brother by 11 years Damon and lastly a second brother, Stefan, older than you by 4 years. You grew up beautiful, a mix between your siblings whom you adored and followed around like a tail. Though at times, the brothers thought it could be tiring, they mostly didn’t mind, or they actually liked having the youngest of the family around at all the time so that they could keep an eye on you.

You were 7 years old when your mother died in consumption. Out of all the siblings, her death affected you the least. It may seem harsh, but you got to spend the least time with her, about 6 years before her leave. Damon had the deepest relationship with her, while Stefan always were a mama’s boy. However your father made sure that you didn’t get away too easy. Your father was a complicated man, and not very kind at all. He treated all his children coldly, but Damon and you were the ones he favored the least, Stefan he could stand. Both of your brothers knew, even though the preferred not to reflect over it, that your father would arrange a marriage for you as soon as you were old enough, to get you out of the house.

When you were 13 years of age Katherine came into the picture. Both of your brothers were instantly fond of the fair, infant girl, but you were more cautious. All your life, even though young, you were good at judging people of character, and you never liked Katherine. However, you were always too scared of speaking with your brothers about it, and of course, you didn’t even have to contemplate your father. That is except for the last day, the day Stefan and Damon died. That morning you had brought it up to your brothers, who already knew Katherine’s secret; she was a vampire. Both of them were strained over the fact, and also in a bad mood since the two of them were fighting with each other, which caused them to respond badly to your questions and thoughts. They both loved the vampire and were angered over your accusations. The talk ended poorly, with you running away with tears in your eyes and the brothers’ crossed expressions, parting different ways.

That turned out to be the last time Stefan talked to you, one of the things he regretted most in his life, that you ended on bad terms. That, and becoming a vampire, forcing Damon with him. Stefan remembered your bright eyes with the characteristic glimpse in them, along with the crinkles that your wide smile created under them. He remembered your luscious hair and how your struggled with your heavy dresses. How your body had been somewhere in-between a child’s and a grown up’s, Stefan wondered how you looked like when you had grown into yourself. He wondered what you did with your life. Did you marry? Did you have children? Did you grow old? Did you have all these thing that Stefan always wanted — both for himself and for you?

It was time to find out now, once and for all.

He hoped with all of his heart, that everything turned out all right for you, because that would help him with his grief, maybe help him to forgive himself. You were his sister, and even though your disagreements, he always wanted the best for you.

Stefan thought he would start with searching the cemetery. The thought of you being dead was natural, but it still brought sorrow to him. It was like he had to remind himself that you were gone since long. Because, when he became a vampire, it felt like he started a new life, where his previous years felt like another world. It felt like he had left you in another dimension, where you still lived on in the 1800s setting. But he knew better than to think that was true. 

Now, he was wandering in the old parts of the graveyard. His gaze hovered between the moss-grown headstones, looking for your familiar name. He had been in the graveyard other times to look after your grave, but never found it, but that was probably because he never properly looked, not mentally prepared to find it.

Stefan’s eyes searched for corresponding letters, before he bothered to read the whole name. Every time he saw a S or an A or something else out of your last name, he winched. He almost missed your grave when he passed it.

It was so overgrown it was hard to see the letters, but after kneeling down in front of it and scraping off some moss, he saw it; your name. (Y/N) Salvatore.

Your older brother let out a shaky breath as he felt his eyes sting. He knew he was going to get emotional, but he was still stunned by the jolt of agony that erupted in his stomach. He dallied for several moments, his hand mid air. Then he reached forward and brushed off the last of the green vegetation to reveal the last piece of information on the worn stone. What he saw left him taken back, badly, while he felt a tear spill over.

It read † August 3rd 1868.

You only got 17 years old.

You never got to grow old. You didn’t survive your teens.

You were Stefan’s age when you died. 4 years after he and Damon left, only four damn years.

”Where have you been little brother?” Damon’s always slightly sarcastic voice called out through the boarding house, as Stefan slammed the door closed. He had throbbing emptiness in his heart, deeply effected by this new wisdom of his. His head hurt from the tears and his eyes burned still.

When Stefan didn’t answer, Damon sped to the front door with a confused look on his face. His ice blue orbs scanned Stefan as he searched for a reason to Stefan’s strange behavior.

”What?” He asked, when he still didn’t get a response from the younger Salvatore.

”I…” Stefan begun, having trouble forming his words. His heart ached for you, he couldn’t properly think. ”I found her grave.”

He didn’t need to specify who this her was, who else could it have been? You were the one who had earned the title her, to be the first one that comes to mind without mentioning a name. Or at least that’s how it used to be, before time ripped you and your brothers apart.

”Huh…” was everything Damon could muster, while something changed in his expression. It held sorrow and heart ache, but that confusion was gone. Actually, the thing missing was surprise, or wonder.

It didn’t take long for Stefan to figure it out.

Damon knew.

”But you already knew where it was, didn’t you?” Stefan asked, his eyes showing signs of betrayal and lingering surprise, while his voice held an accusing tone.

Damon’s silence was enough to answer the question.

”Why didn’t you tell me?”

Just a little hint of annoyance flashed through the older brother’s eyes. ”Well, I figured you would find it out by yourself when you were ready. After all, you’ve had no end of years to look it up, but you haven’t until now, which makes me think I was right when I figured you weren’t ready to know.”

”You can’t decide if-” Stefan stopped himself, not having the energy for a possible fight. He felt drained, like the knowledge about your death date had sucked some vitality out of him. ”Since when?”

”Since a little while after it happened.” Damon admitted, looking down at the floor. Stefan could see the muscles in his jaw tensing, as he clenched it shut.

Stefan let out something of a slight whimper turned into a sigh of defeat. He didn’t know what to say or feel. ”How… how could I never known?” It was a difficult question, Stefan didn’t have any good answer to it.

But Damon had an explanation. ”Maybe because you were the ripper by that point of time.”

Stefan felt worse. It was a justifiable reason, but how could he ever forgive himself for not being there for his precious little sister. Imagines of you flashed before his eyes. Your smile.

”What, exactly, happened?” It was an even more difficult question to ask, that he didn’t know if he wanted the answer to. But he was done now, to live in oblivion, no more.

Damon looked up at the ceiling to collect himself before uttering the truth. ”She… she was murdered.” He spoke, his voice weak. ”They never caught him.”

Stefan couldn’t. The pain was too much. Murdered. Of all people, you were the one he ever met who was least deserved to go out like that.

”I think it was her fiancé though.” Damon’s voice seemed far away, but not so far that he couldn’t hear it.

Stefan had to turn around as he felt the tears stinging again, threatening to make their way down his cheeks in any moment. He didn’t want Damon to see that he was crying.

Damon himself was thinking about and reliving a few of the happiest memories of his life, all of them with you. How you used to smile, laugh and always follow him around like you were his shadow.

Stefan failed with the action, as he let out a sob.

”I know Stefan,” Damon’s voice spoke up from behind him. ”I know…”

pastagay  asked:

Do you know any spells to do with feathers? I found a beautiful raven feather and I want to use it for something but I don't know what. Love you and your blog btw!

I’m sorry I don’t but depending on the colour of the feather or the bird it came from it may have its own meanings or message, so try searching correspondences for the colour black and about Ravens! 🙊 feathers are also related to the air element so that may be something to consider as well and awe thank you little bee I hope you have a nice day!! 😊🌸

anonymous asked:

Hey! I too am a secular witch, but I'm also very new to this. I'm not sure how to find good resources on witchcraft that don't involve religion. I feel like we are the minority in this practice, though. I have a few questions: How do you find good secular resources? Any "must have" resources you recommend? Do you ever adapt pagan spells for secular usage? Is it ever hard for you to remain secular in your practice? Sorry for the question overload!! Thank you so much for the blog!

Hello :)

Don’t worry, we are a lot out there! Just a look at the secular witchcraft tag on Tumblr (or a google search on the term) will show you that :) If you are just starting, it’s quite normal you don’t have tons of resources yet, it will come with time!

For resources, google is my best friend. For herbs and crystals or even colors correspondences, a simple search will give you tons of results. What I used to do was to type what I was looking for (ex: lavender magical propertie☼), then gather the results of different websites and find the common ones and/or the ones that speak to me. Whether the resources are pagan or not does not really matter, usually, the properties are the same.

As for must have, not really. I have what I consider as “must have”, like plants, crystals, colors properties or moon phases (check my witchcraft 101 tag) , but yours might be different. I would say that an important thing is to follow good blogs for your practice, that will help you learn and define the witch you are. A few of my favorites (other than myself) who are secular/post really good witchcraft content :










I do not often use spells per say (like with chanting and rhythm), but yes you can totally adapt one to your practice (as long as we do not talk about closed practices).

And no, it’s not hard to stay secular, would be like asking me “is it hard to stay with curly hair?”, it’s just how/who I am. I can play with it, but the core of my practice is always there.

The witch is in

anonymous asked:

How does one get starting in practicing with craft/ learning which things speak to them and which don't? How do I figure out what kind of witch I want to be and all that stuff? Is there like a little book or something out there that just says everything in it lol, I'm so lost. I know I like a couple certain things but I know there's heaps out there that I don't know anything about so I wanna learn like where I fit in and will feel comfortable?

Well as far as practice goes, I say wait until you’re confident in your knowledge at least a bit. And even then start small. You won’t lose anything if you do, you’ll just gain confidence in your craft. Something like a day-to-day spell, like chanting your morning coffee/tea, or your mug or stuff like that. Just to get a hang of it for starters.
And as far as reading goes I don’t really know any books. I haven’t read any, but I’ve searched on Amazon and there’s tons of books on witchcraft. I would buy a lot of them, but most of them don’t ship to where I live so, y'know. Everything I’ve learned, I’ve read here on tumblr. I’ll put a list of some blogs I found extremely helpful. Also when you stumble upon a spell/ritual/sigil/tarot spread/anything you find interesting or useful take a screenshot. My screenshot album on my phone has 2000+ photos, and I had to upload some to my pc lol
Also tags. Search through tumblr as well as you can. Most posts are tagged, so search like beginner witch or smth like that.
Oh and herbs. I’d search those. Correspondences, substitutions, uses, growing herbs if you’re into that, even where you can find some of them. Like I said, I’ll hook you up with some blogs.
So for choosing your path it’s simple. You see what attracts you the most. For example I love crystals and astrology and herbs. I identify as a green hedge witch. Of course you don’t have to identify. You can say you’re eclectic which means your practice includes a little bit of everything.
Look, witchcraft pretty much has no rules. You can follow a book, but you don’t have to. You can be Wiccan, but you don’t have to. You can choose one path or two or more. You can follow and celebrate Sabbaths or you don’t have to. It’s so versatile. So no need to worry. I know it seems like it’s too much info and unknown things but it’s ok. Those are things you don’t need to know that well.
So like, phone apps.. Personally I haven’t found any good general witchcraft ones. But I have a few cool ones I really like: horoscope and tarot by astrolis, crystals (it’s literally just called crystals), phases of the moon, star chart. I have an Android phone so I’m not really sure if they are available for ios. Sorry.
I think I’ve covered everything lol. If I haven’t or you still don’t know what the hell I’m talking about just feel free to ask again. Good luck baby anon witch. I hope you find what you’re looking for. 💕

anonymous asked:

Do you have a website that you find really helpful when trying to figure out the magickal properties of flowers/herbs?

Not really. If I’m looking online I just do a Google search and look at a lot of different ones and look for one that “feels” right to me. I do have 5 or 6 different books that have plant history and correspondences that I search through as well. I often work with plants I have grown or wildcrafted so I’ve seen them in their natural habitat and have a feel about them.

Does anyone else have a website they like to use?