This little sketch is not a true tragedy, but considering that his majesty is usually a cephalopod of surpassing dignity, it is still moderately sorrowful to observe him in a groveling context. He portrays my own shame at being a poor correspondent in juxtaposition to those kind souls among you who have taken the time to put pen to paper, finger to key and a voice to the air in expression of camaraderie.

I thank you and hope this eight armed gesture of supplication will suffice for the time being.


Neurosurgeon and medical correspondent of CNN Sanjay Gupta saved a Marine’s life after he was shot in head during the opening days of the invasion of Iraq. Gupta did not have proper tools so he had to perform the brain surgery using Black and Decker handheld drill. The Marine lived. - - see more factE Cards at -

ask-elizaholly-hamilton asked:

Your highness..I, well, I, um, wanted to talk to you. I'm just going to get this out there, I sorta developed a crush on you over the past few days...I completely understand if you don't feel the same way and will leave you alone and respect you always but I just wanted to get that off my chest.

“Oh Holly…” The princess began, her cheeks turning pink and turning away ever so slightly, her eyes refusing to meet hers. “You’re so very sweet. And kind. And good. And you’re going to make some very lucky person very happy someday. But I am ashamed to say I don’t return the affections…” She mumbled softly. “I truly am sorry. So incredibly sorry. I really hope we can continue to be friends. Please?”