there is a real danger in reducing gender nonconforming womanhood to an aesthetic instead of its full meaning (an ideology/mindset of liberation from compulsory femininity). there is a real danger in reducing it to a set of culturally recognizeable gnc/butch clothing or brands, haircuts, etc.  the strongest danger lies in the fact that as soon as butchness/gender nonconformity becomes reduced to only aesthetics and style trends, it starts to exclude certain categories of woman. there is a correlation between defining butchness merely by certain types of clothing and styles, and defining butchness by thin, white cis bodies. it also alienates poor butches/gnc women who can’t afford the latest butch trends ™ and wraps up a concept that has the potential to be liberating in a suffocating package of capitalist marketing. 

gender nonconforming womanhood is first and foremost about rejecting performances of femininity that are forced on us, whether that be shaving or makeup or certain feminine clothing or hairstyles styles or something else entirely - there is no one way to be a gnc woman. yes, there are and will continue to be prominent trends, aesthetics, styles, etcetera that surface in gnc circles, and that’s important because it makes us identifiable to each other and provides a common source of pride and viewable identity, I’m not denouncing that. but we can’t reduce gnc-ness entirely to that, we can’t completely aestheticize it, forgetting the core meaning of embracing gncness and replacing it with a set of style ideals, or else we run the risk of having a brand name commercial image of gnc-ness that forces out nonwhite women, fat women, trans women, poor women, any woman who do not fit the narrowed popular image of butchness that becomes celebrated. 

celebrate butch trends, celebrate gnc trends, but do not make the current trends of gnc presentation the be all end all of it. it at the very least renders the concept of gnc woman’s identity intimidating to newcomers, and at its most harmful it actively perpetuates racism, classism, transmisogyny and fatphobia. 

(credit for this post goes partially to my gf @mazeltoph for bringing up the issue of fatphobia wrt gnc-ness and aestheticized gnc-ness)

What is the relationship between physical activity levels and psychotic symptoms?

Physical activity can help reduce cardiovascular disease and premature mortality in people with psychological problems. However, there is limited data on exercise in people with serious mental disorders, especially from low- and middle-income countries. This latest study from Schizophrenia Bulletin explores the correlation between exercise and the diagnosis of a psychosis.

Image Credit: Activity by Dominik Wycislo. CC0 Public Domain via Unsplash.

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Ahhhh!! Dan I'm going to college in 2 days any advice? Please help this low freshmen

Oh man, I’m gonna try and answer this on mobile so bear with me.

Show up to class. I know it’s tough and you’ll be taking a lot of classes but it’s been proven that your grade correlates to attendance. Even if you do work for another class or barely pay attention it helps.

All nighters are shit don’t do them. Get sleep. That will save you so much suffering. Sleep. Sleeeeeeeeep. Doing things with friends is awesome but don’t sacrifice your sleep all the time.

Ask questions, even if you think you’ll look dumb. You’re paying for this, get your money’s worth. A caveat to this is that you shouldn’t stall the lecture asking questions all the time. Show up to office hours, send emails, talk to your professor about tutors or learning centers or TAs.

When you go to office hours, ask about topics and about what might be on the test. You can do this in sneaky ways too. Say something like “we’ve covered a lot of material and I want to make sure I understand the key points, what should I focus on?” Or “what are the key points from [insert subject]” sometimes professors will tell you or they’ll give away stuff by telling you not to worry it won’t be on the test.

Just because they say it won’t be covered doesn’t mean it’s true. I’ve had professors swear a problem wouldn’t be on a test and it was. Study everything a little.

Most professors are lazy and repeat questions from homework and quizzes. Do them and honestly try.

GPA matters but don’t kill yourself over it.

Try and find a club.

Don’t spend time with people you don’t like. Surround yourself with people that care about school and their future, it’ll rub off on you.

College may not be the defining moment of your life, and that’s okay.

Good luck, friend.

It’s so weird when you correlate all your fucked up behaviour with the symptoms of your mental illness. Like all these things that I thought I did because I’m a horrible awful person- turns out it was just my BPD all along!

today on trump watch we have the double whammy of gross insensitivity AND correlation without causation!

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Ally don't. The correlation of time is extremely relevant because the longer you experience or are invested into something the more knowledge you gain. If I've been driving for 3 years, I wouldn't argue if someone who had been driving for 10 gave me an opinion or thought on the matter. Likewise, someone who was diagnosed with cancer recently would probably understand the value of discussing treatment, what have you, with a person who has had it for a lot longer.

…because you have been self harming for 10 years does not make you more knowledgable about what offends other people? Wtf are you even trying to say?

There’s no correlation because despite the amount of time you’ve been self harming, other people find different things offensive? Why do you think that because you’ve been self harming for 10 years, that gives you the right to speak for and over people that have been struggling for 3?

I think it’s really sad that you’re using that specific behavior to get the upper hand in an argument, and pretending that it gives you superiority over other people who struggle. Very sad, and ignorant.

I used to chew my nails. My Pops said that would make my fingertips rot off, so I lived in fear for about oh my entire fucking childhood. (Thanks, dad. You fuckin’ asshole.)

Then wouldn’t you know it, I go ghoul and my fingernails pop clean off. My pinkies went later, don’t worry about them.

What I’m saying is, nail biting is the chief cause of going ghoul.

Correlation, causation, fight me on this.

[otis glares down at Princess-the-mastiff, who seeks less inclined to fight him and more inclined to lick his hand.]

Yellow-bellied brat. Fight me. Fight meeeee. [he takes a hold of her head, and wrestles with her playfully. for her part, princess is drooling ecstatically.]

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hey maggie! on the book cover of the raven king, there's a picture of a stag, but i wasnt sure what it mean in correlation to the book? does it mean anything in regards to glendower or the gang? maybe u explained it in the book and ive forgotten but i was just wondering!

Dear kahloskid,

Why, I am glad you asked.

The stag is an animal that represents the dichotomy of the characters in the final volume: it is powerful, but it is also prey. Am I still cool, the stag wonders, if a mountain lion eats me? The antlers symbolize the trees of Cabeswater and Gansey. What do antlers do? They grow toward the sky, and then they fall off when testosterone dips, get made into strange light fixtures, and then grow back anew as the season renews itself. This is what Cabeswater does. This is what Gansey does. We are all strange light fixtures, if you think about it. The stars painted inside the stag are like tiny, magical lights too distant to truly identify. You blink, and they are stars. You blink again, and they are the headlights of another luxury car being mentioned in casual description. Birds surround the stag on the cover. They represent plot threads. They are circling close, but are they going to land? Some of them have claws. Some are disappearing. Life is transient. Birds fly away. Don’t park your luxury car under their nests, because even beautiful birds crap. Finally, the fur on the stag represents the warm fuzzies present in some of the chapters of the book; if you let yourself get close to the stag, the cover suggests, and you don’t get impaled, you’re probably in for a hell of a hug.

Also there’s a stag in chapter 49.



  • Mick:If you bite it and you die, it’s poisonous. If it bites you and you die, it’s venomous.
  • Ray:What if it bites me and it dies?
  • Stein:That means you’re poisonous. Jesus Christ, Raymond, learn to listen.
  • Kendra:What if it bites itself and I die?
  • Sara:It’s voodoo.
  • Jax:What if it bites me and someone else dies?
  • Rip:That’s correlation, not causation.
  • Ray:What if we bite each other and neither of us die?
  • Snart:That’s kinky.
  • Kendra:Oh my God.