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political podcasts are kinda takin’ off at the moment (for obvs reasons) but a buncha them are wishy-washy npr “is it ok to punch a nazi?” mega-liberal shows that make me want to scream so here’s the ones that do not make me, personally, incredibly angry

  • pod save america, which is hosted by a few of obama’s former aides. they actually were the last people to interview obama before he left office and the interview made me feel like i understood things a lot more. also it’s good to keep track of EXACTLY  how fucked up this administration is from the point of view of insiders from the LAST administration
  • pod save the world is made by the same guys, and it’s a little over my head, but if you want to learn more about the wildly complex world of international politics, and exactly how badly the new administration is fucking them up, it seems like a pretty good resource
  • intercepted is pretty new, and i haven’t done any research into the people who make it, but their politics are a little more radical and they don’t pretend fascism is a valid point of view the way npr tends to do. also they have some spoken word poetry in every episode which is Neat 

i’m not an expert by any means but these are the ones that haven’t driven me away w/ either frustrating neutrality in the face of blatant human rights violations, or w/ conspiracy theories & fear-mongering. woof

hey! i translated a small part of one of the stories in the most recent TG novel “quest”! it’s the part with touka and nishiki in the story called “tension.”

it didn’t seem to me that this had been done already, though i didn’t do a lot of searching. additionally, i’m pretty uncertain about a lot of parts in my translation (esp. dialogue), and, i welcome any corrections or tips. for the most part, i just did this for my own japanese practice/enjoyment and also bc i adore touka, and am just sharing in case anyone is interested :)

hope you all are having a good day~

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So Much for My Happy Ending

Okay, look, half an hour ago I was thinking about going to bed and then this hit me square in the noggin and frankly that’s gonna have to be the excuse for any lack of coherency because good GOD Candice in that preview trailer, thank you and good night.

So Much for My Happy Ending

Deep in her stomach, there’s a knot of cold, numb confusion. Barry’s mouth is moving and he’s telling her - he’s telling her -


The rest of her is taking it in, feeling it sink from her skin through her muscles and down to her bones. She can feel tears rolling hot down her face, fear and horror choking up her throat, boiling in her stomach. She wants to throw up. She ate Chipotle for lunch. It’ll be a mess in this gleaming white room, she thinks stupidly, and grits her teeth against the bile rising up.

He catches her by the shoulders - Hey. Look at me.

Barry’s touch, the most familiar thing. Barry’s hands and his warmth and the angle of his long arms and the wideness of his eyes as he looks at her with an expression she only just learned to identify two years ago, which is not enough time.

Four months isn’t enough time either.

None of this is enough time.

Because in five months, she’s going to die.

Four months plus five months doesn’t equal a year, which means she will never have a real anniversary with Barry. She wants an anniversary with him, more than anything.

She wants a family with him.

She wants a home with him.

She wants to fight with him over stupid things, and laugh with him over stupider things. She wants to see him grow grey and she wants to see him still look at her like he’s looking at her now, when she’s grey herself.

She wants a life, a full long one. She wants to write big, important things. She wants to be somebody. She wants to leave her own Iris-shaped mark on the world, carved deep. She wants friends and laughter and to see her father hold his grandbabies and to see Wally become his full adult self and build a life too.

Three score and ten, she remembers that from somewhere. Maybe something Grandma Esther says, from the Bible, about the length God allotted to human lives.

She’s not a fool, and she’s not a child, and she knows that God makes no promises. Promises are a human arrogance.

She wants her three score and ten, whatever that means, with Barry.

She wants - she wants - she wants.

“This is not gonna happen,” he swears. “I swear on both my parents’ lives, I will protect you.”

She nods and thinks, you are not a god; you are not immortal. She’d said as much to him last year, when he was flush with the Speed Force and felt invincible, and she can’t stop herself from thinking about what happened next.

“Do you believe me?”

“Yes,” she says, and hopes that someday soon, she does.



The interdimensional call echoed in the silence and darkness of the room where Star was. She called her best friend, Ponyhead.  
“B-FLY! OH MY GOSH! Long time no see!” she shouted “How are you? Always good catching up!” 
Star didn’t aswer but Ponyhead continued to speak: “Things at ST.Olga are mad, like ever! But I don’t give up! NO ONE CAN TAME ME! HAHAHA! I TOTALLY RULED THIS PLACE!”
Star kept silent. It was weird.
Ponyhead stopped immediately when she realized that her friend did not react.
“Ehy girl, what’s up? You look different! Is anything wrong there?”
Star bit her lip and lowered her head. Ponyhead was more worried.Star was always so cheerful and talkative! What happened to her?
“Did the earth turd…erhm…Marco upset you?” asked jokingly.
That question was like a knife in the chest for Star. Ponyhead perceived it, and made a face like ‘did I say something wrong?’. Only then she noticed the environment behind her friend: Star was in her room in Mewni.
Meanwhile Star finally spoke: “Actually…. I’m not on earth anymore!”
roared Ponyhead “OMG! WHY? Is really because of Marco or something else happened?”
“It was my fault!” she said with voice breaking “It’s totally my bad!”.
There was a long silence. Ponyhead  didn’t know what to say, but she knew that her best friend needed help and wanted to talk.
“What happened exactly, Star? Why are you saying it’s your fault?” she asked slowly  “Do you feel like talking to me?”
Star took a deep breath and blinked her wet eyes. She couldn’t look at her friend’s eyes. She was afraid to start crying. She had to be strong and resolute. A Star never seen before.
“Well, It all began three months ago…and…”



What happened to Star? Why she’s on Mewni now? Where is Marco? 
You can draw your own conclusions. Next page will arrive soon! ;)
Suggestions or english corrections are welcome, as always!~
Welcome to Sweden
What is life like in Sweden? The politicians are participating in a chicken race of “goodness” where everybody tries to one-up each other in caring for the c...

“Welcome to Sweden. This is the number one rape capital of Europe.”

I love this guy. Old but gold video. Check out his stuff to see what is really happening in Sweden.

“Sweden is what Tumblr would look like if it was a country.”


Woo Hee said that if he is Baek Ah, then she is Zhong Ji Kee, referring to an ancient story. In that story, Zhong Ji Kee chanced upon Baek Ah when he was playing his instrument by a river, and complimented him with a poem. They became sworn brothers, in an another word, see each other as soulmate. They agreed to meet at the same place again during the next mid-autumn festival. However, when Baek Ah was at the same river a year after, he found out that Zhong Ji Kee passed away. He was so sadden that he did not touch his instrument again, as he believed the only person who understood him was no longer around. (x)

Just throwing this out there before I go to bed because it’s been weighing on my mind a bit. Sometimes I make throw away posts, the kind I jot down just to get an idea out my head or to express frustration with something, and because I have a large-ish following, they can get a lot of notes.

As a result they end up being seen by people who don’t know me, and will sometimes jump to the conclusion that I am being intentionally hurtful because I said XYZ which enforces ZYX which is Bad.

Sometimes they come talk to me and explain it to me. Other times I get attempted callouts which 9/10 die when I apologize for my ignorance.

Because here’s the thing: I genuinely do no want to hurt anyone with my words. I have and always will fully welcome correction on my ignorance. And if I ever post or reblog something which invalidates you or hurts you, I want you to know it comes from a place of ignorance and not malice, and I apologize wholeheartedly and will strive to do better.

Because I know, I know saying “I didn’t meant to hurt you” does not negate any hurt caused. And you deserve better than that.



Translators: vanillue

Raws, Typesetter: akutagawaprize

It’s officially Christmas on this side of the world, and what better way to celebrate than to post these cute volume extras? As a standard disclaimer note, this is just a fan translation based on limited Japanese skills. Comments/corrections are welcome and encouraged!

also this is where the mackerel vs slug jokes from jp fandom come from, although rl Dazai and Nakahara did call each other those names too at some point lol

EDIT: Changed the wording for a line. Thank you kurootetsunya!

How this should go:

“I think he’s a fatuous moral degenerate, a knock-off strongman wannabe puppet-twit, a maddeningly ignorant galoot with a clump of fetid cat turds for a brain, an embarrassment to the very idea of humanity.”

“Correct. Welcome to America!”

Here’s the continuation of the infographic project I started with this general timeline of CLAMP publications. I took a crack at making a unified timeline for Cardcaptor Sakura, TSUBASA RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, and xxxHOLiC. Some other fans have put out TRC timelines in the past, but I wanted to make something that was simultaneously attractive and easy to read on its own. As always, comments, corrections, and questions are welcome!

Please note the following when reading this chart:

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crackpotcomics  asked:

So what is Kyūkyoku Chōjin R exactly? I keep seeing it around and it seems neat but I recall not finding much info when I last googled it (also, good excuse for a conversation starter)

It’s an 80′s comedy manga about a robot/android boy named “R” who goes to high school and joins a photography club and hijinks ensue. R’s creator/dad wants to use him to take over the world but he’s really dumb & R seems pretty indifferent so that doesn’t happen.

I’ve actually only seen the 1-hour ova/movie and not much else because the manga hasn’t been licensed & I just haven’t had the time to read the scanlations (I’m pretty sure most if not all of it’s been translated though) so I really don’t know a whole lot about it beyond the OVA. But it seems pretty fun so I definitely want to look more into it when I have the time.

There’s not a whole lot of exposition in the OVA, it just sort of dumps you into a scenario and assumes you’re watching it because you’re already a fan of the manga, but I picked up things pretty easy so I don’t think it’s too hard to just try out (the plotline is basically “the camera club goes on a road trip”)

hope that helps!

The queerparents AU is now a fanfic!

Okay, so most of you might be familiar with this au thing. So, seeing it has become so popular, I’ve decided I want to write a fanfic about it!

You can find it on AO3

It will be multichaptered (the ammount of chapters and the update frequency, I don’t know yet. But shoot me an ask if you see me procrastinating). The story’s main focus is going ot be on May, but the rest of the kids will have their own arcs too! Also, I’ve allowed myself to slip in some personal headcanons you’ll find out as you read omg sorry

I’m working on improving my writing and this is going to be a great opportunity, so I would be super nice of you if you could support this project as well as my art! Kudos, comments, suggestions and corrections are welcome!

Thanks for your support <3


Crash Course in Russian | Tips on Pronunciation

Привет, друзья! Here is the third set in my Crash Course in Russian series, some tips on Russian pronunciation! Once again, I am not a native speaker of Russian. I compiled this set based on my own research from a project I did on Russian phonology for a linguistics course on phonetics/phonology last year, as well as my personal experience as a Russian language learner. This set is not meant to be comprehensive, though I do believe if you follow these tips it will make a huge difference in your spoken Russian. Corrections/suggestions are always welcome. Удачи!

Other sets in this series:
The Alphabet | The Cursive Alphabet

4U - lucky☆lucky lyrics / translation

song title: lucky☆lucky
sung by: 4U - kujou ume (cv. yamashita mami), wanibuchi emoko (cv. yoshioka mayu), saeki hina (cv. naganawa maria) / 九条ウメ (cv. 山下まみ),  鰐淵エモコ (cv. 吉岡茉祐), 佐伯ヒナ (cv. 長縄まりあ)
single: winning day/lucky☆lucky

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@uratasama: 痩せる 彼はそう言い放ち断固たる決意でダイエットに望んだ。 だが、そこで待っていたのは空腹という恐ろしい敵である。 彼は空腹に打ち勝つ事ができるのか そしてご飯前の間食をやめない限り痩せることは不可能であろう 今もなんか食ってる 坂田THEMovie痩せるの無理 夏公開 


“I’m going to lose weight”

He declared with such strong determination for his diet.

However, lurking in wait, was a dreadful enemy called “hunger”

Will he be able to overcome this “hunger”

More so, as long as he is unable to stop snacking before eating his meal, getting thinner is impossible

Even now he is eating something

Sakata THE Movie: Losing Weight is Impossible

Coming out in the Summer

@sakatandao: @uratasama 長いよ兄さん。

sakata: This is long, bro.

@shima_s2: @uratasama こいつ1日中なんか食ってるよね・・・くそでぶ

shima: This guy has been eating for the whole day… Damn fat

Ishikawa Yui talking about eremika date!

So I was searching through those radio shows again and I found another one
-always with with Eren and Connie’s voice actors-, it had no subtitles but from what I could understand and it was really fun and cute and full of eremika!

My Japanese is very basic and only allows me to get some parts and the general idea but I thought it would still be nice to share what I understood from it with you.

They asked Mikasa’s seyiuu Ishikawa Yui-san “if Mikasa were to go on a date with whom she’ll go?” and she answered “Eren!”
(I think this is predictable by this point) 

In general they talked about the date, Mikasa’s seyiuu said jokingly “this will happen when I get to understand your feelings” talking to kaji yuki (Eren)-, and Connie’s va Shimono said something about these answers being Mikasa’s point of view so they don’t have to worry about that now.

(they also said something about Isayama getting angry? probably if they went and talked or confirmed things that he hasn’t revealed yet.. I wasn’t sure about this part so take this with a bag of salt)  

Next they asked her “what kind of date it’ll be?” and she said “they’ll go to the sea”! 
then also asked “what outfit would look good on her” -for the date probably- and she answered a “Kimono”

They said such thing would be nice when they reach the sea in the outside world after exterminating all the titans, Kaji even said this was a beautiful idea (more like a comforting talk).
Ishikawa Yui (Mikasa’s va) said that Mikasa would probably wear a sea kimono

Connie’s seyiuu Shimino was like ok but I really want to see how she would look like wearing a kimono and 3DMG though! he’s such a dork (they agreed it might look cool haha)! Kaji also said Mikasa would look really pretty in a kimono.

They also asked her if Mikasa was real, what relationship she would have with her and she said she would love to be her older sister! (Mikasa being the younger sister)
As to why, she said that even though she is on Mikasa’s side, she admits that Mikasa has some flaws and is little clumsy in relationships and love stuff so she would like to advise her, especially scold her a little and tell her that she shouldn’t only be tough and teach her to show more kindness! 

Sorry about the poor wording lol, it’s confusing when I’m not really good at Japanese, I was only able to summarize the general idea, but this is still such a treat no??
The audio is here if anybody wanted to check it (there’s no subtitles of course)


As part of the August 2016 AO3 Ship Stats, here are the Top 100 F/F pairings with the most total works on Archive Of Our Own.

Of the 200 names on this list, there are 34 women of colour and 38 women of ambiguous race. For comparison, the overall top 100 list  includes 27 people of colour and 15 who are racially ambiguous.

Because of the way I produced this data, it is possible some F/F ships are missing, particularly those in fandoms dominated by other categories of ship. Also, this is the first year I have included race data on the Femslash list, so corrections are welcome.

For more information, see the Overall Top 100, This Year’s Top 100 and the project FAQs. For a text-only version of the data, see below the cut.

ETA: Removed Bolin/Opal

ETA 2: Fixed race for Isabelle Lightwood

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