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Chapter 113: I am

Feel free to copy and paste my summaries to other sites as long as you give me credit.  Please keep in mind when copying and pasting that I may continue to correct errors and tweak details after it is posted.

Pg 1: At the main office investigators are hit by Nico’s heart shaped kagune.

Pg 2: Matsuri looks at the masked Nico and wonders why he feels like he knows them.  Furuta watches the fighting on the screen and hopes that they end quickly.  In another area bodies are strewn about and Kuramoto and his team are exhausted from fighting.

Pg 3: Kuramoto kneels on the ground and says that there’s no way. The scene changes to Ui standing alone. Mougan approaches him and asks how the investigators are going to deal with “this”. Ui asks if the clowns they fought were humans.

Pg 4: Mougan says that if the truth spreads it will damage the morale of future ghoul investigators. Ui asks him if it’s just ghoul disposal.  He says that the CCG was destroyed. The scene changes to Uta and Juuzou fighting.

Pg 5: Juuzou swings his kagune but is unable to hit Uta. Juuzou thinks that Uta must have been letting him hit him earlier. Juuzou discards his quinque. He pulls a small tab off of his false leg. Juuzou knees Uta in the face then strikes him with several knives. Uta falls backward and sprouts a number of spider-like legs.

Pg 6: Uta begins crawling away. Mutsuki tells Juuzou that he’ll go and he begins to follow him. Juuzou watches him leave and thinks that he’s similar to Shinohara. The scene changes to Kaneki watching Amon emerge from the tube at the lab.

Pg 7: A flashback is shown of all of the times that Amon and Kaneki previously met. Kaneki thinks that Amon is the only investigator who sought conversation with him, not as a ghoul but as a person.

Pg 8: Kaneki thinks that he is going to rob him of a chance to converse with him. He wonders why the CCG is keeping him there. He says that Amon is a ghoul investigator. Kaneki jumps and forms his kagune into claws.

Pg 9: He strikes Amon but thinks that he can’t get through so he jumps back.

Pg 10: Ayato shouts to Kaneki that they have the suppressor drug so there is no need to fight Amon. Amon begins making noise and Kaneki thinks that he can’t just ignore him.

Pg 11:  Ayato approaches Kaneki and tells him that he still has things that he needs to do and everyone else is giving their all. He tells him that countless ghouls have had to rely on him.

Pg 12: He says that even his sister is waiting for him and tells Kaneki that if he’s willing to throw that all away for his emotions then he really is a “half-assed bastard”. Ayato tells him that letting things go is one of his duties and though other things are important he needs to choose.

Pg 13: Takizawa and Kuro say that the responsibility of choosing doesn’t fall to them. Kuro says it must be an honor to fight with the investigator that you respect so much. Takizawa says that in the academy he learned that you should lay your life down for a superior. He asks Kaneki what they will do if he dies so early on. Takizawa says that they will knock sense into Amon and take him home with them so he should return and give the suppressant to Akira.

Pg 14: Ayato hands the bottle to Kaneki and he accepts it. He thinks back to the first time he met Amon and turns to leave.

Pg 15: Takizawa tells Amon that all the half-done rejects should get alone. He and Kuro extend their kagune and prepare to fight.

Pg 16: The scene changes to Mutsuki pursuing Uta. Mutsuki tackles Uta to the ground and begins stabbing him while laughing.

Pg 17: Mutsuki raises his knife to strike again. Uta alters his face to look like Haise and tells Mutsuki that it hurt.


White woman at the center of Emmett Till’s murder admits she lied

  • For decades, the story of Emmett Till’s 1955 lynching went something like this: 
    • Till, then 14, was visiting relatives in Mississippi from his hometown of Chicago when he whistled at a white woman in a local store. 
    • News of the transgression quickly spread, and days later he was found brutally beaten, shot and drowned. 
    • One of his eyes had been gouged out, and his face had swelled beyond recognition.
  • Now, Vanity Fair details how author and professor Timothy B. Tyson wound up correcting a crucial detail of that story in his forthcoming book, The Blood of Emmett Till.
  • As Tyson reveals, Carolyn Bryant, the white woman at whom Till had allegedly whistled, lied in parts of her testimony.
  • She said on the stand that what Till had said to her was “unprintable” but that he had bragged about being “with white women before.” To top it off, she told the judge, “I was just scared to death.”
  • Except that she wasn’t. Because it never happened. And she confessed as much a decade ago. Read more

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Benedict Cumberbatch as Christopher Tietjens, Parade’s End.

Black Conté Pastel Pencil on Strathmore Pastel Paper (teinte crème)

I also used a 0 size Taper Point Firm Colour Shaper instead of a paper stump for smaller areas shading and blending. It’s incredibly precise and flexible, glad I found it :-)

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Imagine the Paladins seeing Pidge’s statues of them like

  • Shiro would be a proud Space Dad like “I like how you improvised with the materials you were given.  The proportions are correct; they’re extremely detailed.  Very impressive, Pidge.”
  • Lance would immediately hug her, “ADMIT IT, YOU MISSED ME!”  Until she bat his hands away and pried herself from his grip.
  • Keith would be all pouty because it looks exactly like him and holy shit he does have a mullet.  
    • “I don’t look like that >:(” 
    • “Actually you do”
  • And Hunk would be hurt like “You didn’t make one of me? :((”
    • “Nothing’s better than the original, Hunk.” 
  • “Awwwww -wait.  Was that a dig at the rest of us???  PIDGE????”

I’ve been receiving a few asks from people wanting to know how I do the doodles that I do so I thought I’d do a small tutorial… I hope it helps. 

Pic 1. general outline of the subject’s profile; main anatomy is sketched out. 

Pic 2. correcting anatomy & adding details. 

Pic 3. more details 

Pic 4. Ink

I didn’t click on this thing - so I have no idea if my concept of the details are correct - but there’s a post on facebook right now that says “donate $10 to this charity and you can win the chance to make idris Elba your valentine.” (Which, great use of $10, because Idris Elba.)

ANYWAY - what if it were this….

Post crosses Emma’s facebook - donate $10 to this charity for foster kids and you can make Killian Jones your valentine. Emma doesn’t know Killian Jones from anything, because she doesn’t pay attention to celebrity, but she’s familiar with the charity’s work with foster kids and hits the donate button.

Emma Swan wins.

The charity contacts her and says “You won” and she wants to back out of it because she’s really not interested in going out with a celebrity, but they’re like, “hey, you have to. We need the publicity from the date. It would be great to help us raise more money.” So she agrees.

And when she goes on the date, she realizes that A) killian Jones is hot. And B) there’s more to him than celebrity. He supports the charity because he was a foster kid too (Liam dead, too young to raise him, Killian ended up in foster care) and Emma’s like, “great, now I have a crush on a celebrity.” But she’s not going to say anything because she thinks “I’m not good enough. He’s famous and is only doing this for charity.”

But Killian from second one sees kindred spirt, and sends her flowers the next day, and starts to woo her, as Killian would, until she realizes, even with the publicity gone, Killian Jones actually likes her.

They end up together, and every year for Valentine’s Day, she puts $10 in a card that she gives to him, and he takes her on a date. (They foster the hell out of some kids.)


Thank you both! I mainly use Photoshop to paint. Most of the brushes I use, can be found on Sophie Li’s FAQ page. She is one of my favorite artists btw! :)

Here’s a rushed rough explanation of my painting process:

  1. Start of with a quick sketch, doesn’t have to be clean, try to stay loose and feel the movement.
  2. Paint the silhouette beneath your sketch on a new layer. For me this is the most important step! I know a lot of people want to get to coloring quickly, but don’t rush this step. A strong silhouette can make your painting a lot better.
  3. Once you’re satisfied, lock your silhouette layer and give it some love in form of colors. By locking the layer you can only paint within the silhouette. Go wild, try different colors and brushes! ^^
  4. On a new layer, above the initial sketch, add in details and corrections if needed (like I did with his hand). Lastly turn off the sketch layer and you’re done!

Hope this quick walk-through could help you gain a little insight on how I paint. :)


Srydia’s claim that teen wolf isn’t fan-serviced BUT listen here!

Okay so the ghost riders did NOT take Liam because he was with LYDIA AKA BANSHEE BC THE GHOST RIDERS DONT TAKE BANSHEES. Liam literally just stood behind her and they back off. YET! Even though Stiles was with lydia when the ghost riders came, THEY WERENT AFRAID OF HER AT ALL AND JUST TOOK STILES REGARDLESS?? Yeah that makes sense. Okay yes we all know stiles had to be taken because of Dylan’s accident, but if tw was going to be accurate and carry on all of its correct details then Stiles would not have been taken BECAUSE LYDIA WOULD HAVE BEEN PROTECTING HIM, BUTTT NOO STYDIA HAS TO BE CANON AND LYDIA HAD TO BE THE LAST ONE TO BE WITH HIM, THE LAST ONE TO SEE HIM, yet it technically makes no sense with the rest of the season!!!

Thanks stydiots!!! U all r great. This show is amazing!! Angela Harvey is a great writer!1!!1 #blessed

Instagram Livestream

A lot of people have been asking what happened on the unfortunately unrecorded livestream yesterday, and since I happened to catch it I’ll fill in what details I can remember. I was with @ladycynthiana when it came on so she said she’ll fill in any additional details (or corrections, I am likely to remember some things wrong) that I miss!

It opened on the letter board, which read “Hot Potato”. After a minute of nothing but background murmurs the sign moved and Stevie was there with her breakfast (an omelette) in that booth area by the front door. She said they would be walking around with the camera seeing what various members of the crew were eating for breakfast and taking comments for people to do certain things while they have their breakfast. Jen took the camera to the kitchen and found Micah having some granola with bananas. Someone in the comments wanted him to kiss his granola so he did that. Some slightly awkward interaction and then she moved on. She found Chase and this new guy, Colin, making Link’s peanut butter smoothie. Chase did most of the talking but I don’t remember about what. *Heather’s note* I believe they were missing an ingredient so they decided to add Sprite, instead. At some point Jen moved on and found Eddie, and they went upstairs because Craig, the snake, needed to have breakfast too. Eddie brought him a dead rat and dangled it in the cage for some time but he wasn’t interested so he said he must not be hungry. They mentioned that they feed him once a week. Then Jen left, she went to the editing room and found Casey and she left the phone propped up pointing at Casey’s face while she worked on the computer and Jen walked away for a while. Casey didn’t seem to have a lot to say but she tried to talk as much as she could and would respond to comments here and there, telling people she was not going to show what was on the computer because she couldn’t do that. She mentioned in answer to a question that it takes about a full day to edit an episode of GMM. Eventually Jen took the camera back and said that Kevin wanted to show the writers room, so she gave him the phone and he took over for a while. He showed all of the seats in the writers room and where each of the writers typically sits in which seat, then he showed artwork on the walls and the trophy case where they keep their various awards and he showed those off for a bit. He paid special attention to the Webby for Best Podcast: Ear Biscuits. The camera was taken back to the booths at the front of the building where Lizzie and Ellie were at their computers playing with something to do with The Bachelor. Something about trying to guess who was going to win. They talked about it quite a bit. I guess they’re really into it, and they said Rhett is getting into the show as well and they had watched an episode of it with Jessie, which I thought was kind of awesome. They said Link does not watch The Bachelor. They also mentioned that they worked together at their previous job, so they already knew each other when Ellie came to MythEnt. Every time Jen started walking around with the camera again she got very teasing as if she was going to talk to Rhett or Link but wouldn’t lead on whether she was going to do that. Eventually when she was done talking to everyone she started looking around for one of the cups of the peanut butter smoothie Chase had made and said she had intended to bring it to Link, but she couldn’t find the cup she had reserved for him anywhere. So she got a sprite for him and told us she was going to give him that. She walked down the hall towards their office and then Link appeared in front of the screen for a split second wearing a white robe but he ducked away because he apparently “wasn’t ready”. Then a few seconds later she walked into their office and Rhett and Link, both wearing robes, were facing one another underneath those hanging vines giving each other a very contrived and very cute pre-shoot peptalk. Rhett was rambling on something about how many days there are in a year and how there’s an extra day for leap year, but I didn’t catch exactly why he was talking about the days of the year. Then he said something about how Link was a squirrel and he needed to go get the nuts, something like that. *Heather’s note* I believe one of them said it was time to grab his nut, which made them giggle and quickly move on. Then when Link took his turn and said Rhett was a badger, and I can’t remember exactly what his point was because it was even more rambling than Rhett’s had been, but I think there was a reference to the badger getting corn or maybe sinking its teeth into something, I don’t really know. Then he got into the days of the year and the leap year stuff too. It was kind of an ongoing theme. Eventually they stormed out of the room all pumped up saying something about “let’s go get that corn”. It was cute. And that was the end!

Actor on a stage - About the title of :re chapter 105

The name of chapter 105 is called “Stage” and the stuff what happens in the chapter are probably pretty straightforward reason why it`s called that. 

What is happening in different wards and especially on the Control Room in the CCG´s main office are the  “stage” and the main actor there is Furuta. He has very likely thought and planned this whole clown invasion up to some degree, and because of that its no wonder why he seem to predict with 100% detail and correctness where the clowns will attack. Maybe thou what he does in the control room is more relevant. There he channels as much “Yoshitoki” as he can, by giving the similar orders(like was seen a few chapters before) 

and even talking in a similar fashion to Yoshitoki. Some of the people in the control room even commented about how he sounds like him:

Furuta is acting a role in a stage, and that role is somewhere along the lines of being Yoshitoki aka strong leader material. He must have gained some credit by using that voice and predicting the attacks alone, but what probably also affected that is that he made Juuzou obey his order. When Matsuri spoke to him, well…

He was not very interested. :D But as others have pointed put, Juuzou looks super suspicious towards Furuta so maybe he sees that Fruit-chain is just playing and fooling them all. 

So in the end of the day, Furuta is the actor on that stage.

Some art I made for @therealjacksepticeye !

It’s from, of course, The Final Station. It’s my favourite series at the moment, along with Layers of Fear!

This took a while to get the details correct, but I think I did ok :)

“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think i don’t notice”

(this is an au of sorts?? Like if Andrew and Neil had met under different circumstances)

Neil Josten was more excited that he should be touching down in the upstate airport. He knew he was going to regret it sooner or later and his mother was probably rolling in her sandy grave.

But Neil didn’t care. He wanted something grounding, so when the coach of the Palmetto State Foxes showed up at one of his matches in Millport Arizona, it only took slight persuasion to get him to sign.

Every rational bone in his body was screaming at him to drop everything and run, but his feet had already carried him out of the security-cleared area and towards baggage claim. When he got there, he almost stopped dead.

Neil had done research on his new teammates, but he was in no way prepared for the one who greeted him at baggage claim. He was shorter than Neil, a rare feat, with blond hair and sharp hazel eyes. His physique was sturdy, like any goalkeeper would have to be. He wore a black t-shirt and black armbands over his defined muscles.

Don’t get him wrong Neil Josten doesn’t swing. He’s never really had a chance to, and after a while, he stopped caring. That didn’t stop him from looking.

Andrew barely said anything to Neil as he lead him to the parking garage, and Neil tried not to feel guilty about ogling him the entire time.

Because damn, someone like Andrew Minyard would never go for someone like Neil Josten.

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the pastiche seldom dressed in civilian clothes. even when off duty, lex usually donned his dark blue police uniform. instead he walked the new york streets at a brisk pace dressed in a simple pair of dark wash jeans and a black pea coat, and black boots. he really looked like a normal, everyday civilian. even though he was off duty, lex was always armed and ready for action. his legal state issued handgun verified by the chief was concealed beneath his jacket — he was licensed to carry it. his police badge was in the back pocket of his jeans. similar to what most cops did off duty he scanned the streets casually for trouble spots as he walked to the nearby restaurant to meet his brother nathan for lunch. that’s when he saw something that made him feel the sudden need to emerge, the need to compel law and order made him do this.  you could be arrested for that, did you know that?

Chapter 111: Set P

Feel free to copy and paste my summaries to other sites as long as you give me credit.  Please keep in mind when copying and pasting that I may continue to correct errors and tweak details after it is posted. 

Pg 1: Flashback to Kanou and Eto looking at Amon within a sealed container after the Owl experiment. Kanou comments that he was a great first-class investigator and he can’t wait to see how he turns out.

Pg 2: The scene changes to Amon awake in a small room. From the window in his door he can see a crying Takizawa who is screaming that he doesn’t want to eat any more of something that is evidently disgusting. Amon stands up.

Pg 3: Amon falls forward. He sees that he is missing an arm and recalls that Kaneki severed it in their fight. A flap on the door slides open and Amon is presented with a plate of meat.

Pg 4: Amon wonders what the meat is. His kakugan begins to activate and he also begins salivating. He reaches out and grabs a handful and before he puts it in his mouth he looks at it and realizes that it is human meat. (The flashback showing a masked Amon is reminiscent of what Amon was wearing when he was rescued by investigators in the flashback in chapter 109 which makes me wonder if Amon was enlisted by Donato to help him process human bodies).

Pg 5: Amon looks at himself in the reflection of the toilet water and sees his kakugan. He says Kanou’s name. Later Kanou faces Amon in the window of his door and tells him that he will die. Amon glares at him.

Pg 6: The scene changes again to Amon strapped to a table and being force fed some sort of material. Kanou comments that it seems that they are making foie gras instead of owls (when geese are fattened for their livers [to make foie gras] they are force fed food in a somewhat similar manner) Amon wonders why him.

Pg 7: The scene changes yet again to Amon being forced to walk in front of two hooded Aogiri members. A bottle is tossed into the air above them and it begins to emit smoke.

Pg 8: The two Aogiri members slump to the side, unconscious. A seated man appears before Amon who appears to recognize him. The man (known at this point only as “Scarecrow”, recall he appeared during the auction arc) says Amon’s name in a garbled way.

Pg 9: In the present an awakened Amon punches through his glass capsule.

Pg 10: He slowly begins to crawl out while everyone watches. Amon immediately begins to mutate and transform.

Pg 11: The scene changes to Saiko and Shao running to find Urie and Hige. They find an injured Hige and Saiko tells Shao to get the medic squad.

Pg 12: Saiko looks up and sees Donato holding a couple of human heads and standing on a telephone pole. Donato turns and leaves. As he leaves Shao returns and tells her that she called the medic squad. Saiko tells her that they need to hurry.

Pg 13: Saiko and Shao enter the building that Urie and Donato were previously fighting in. Saiko sees that the ceiling is damaged and says that they are above them. They make their way to the roof and see a figure huddled at the end.

Pg 14: Urie turns to look at them, badly disfigured. Shao tackles Saiko to save her from Urie’s attack.

Pg 15: Saiko asks if Shao is okay. Shao tells her that Urie is “framed out” and tells her that he isn’t going to come back. Flashback to the original Quinx squad talking about why they need to surpass Arima.

Pg 16: The old quinx squad sits around a couch. Urie tells the others that when Haise went berserk only Arima was able to stop him. He says that it means that they need to be able to stop Haise themselves. Shirazu comments that he doesn’t think that all four of them could do it. Saiko asks what happens if one of them loses it. Urie tells them that they will be considered S-rate ghouls and will be exterminated. Shirazu asks him if he’s serious and says that he doesn’t want to die at the hand of his friends.

Pg 17: Urie tells them that that is why they have their frames, and that only in extreme circumstances their frames will break and they will “frame out”. He says that if that happens he will not hesitate to eliminate any of them because they have been given great power and have the responsibility to die of they must. Saiko tells Shao to prepare for battle. Saiko says that they will save Urie. Saiko activates her kakugan and tells Urie that she doesn’t want anyone to die anymore.