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Yuuri and Victor for playing footsie, please!

THIS REALLY GOT AWAY FROM ME. and by got away from me I mean this got long.

It starts the night Yuuri’s new rink mates invite him and Victor out for dinner. 

They end up at a tapas bar, of all places. Mila had suggested it while lifting Yurio above her head. 

“The small plates are perfect for his tiny hands!”

“I will end you.” Yurio’s feet windmilled through the air as though that would magically provide him leverage.

“Awww, Yura, are you not enjoying the view?”

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Jerome Valeska Imagine- Life’s A Joke (Part One?)

I know I usually write Teen Wolf fic, but I love Gotham so much. Are Imagines like this something you would be into? Warning this is quite long.

Y/N Gordon, what a name to live up to. You moved in with your uncle, after the death of you parents. You loved your him of course, but by no means were you anything alike. You had no interest in being the ‘hero’ of Gotham, if anything you were waiting for the city to crumble into non-existence. You weren’t always like this. But being forced to watch the murder of your parents, changed you. You cared about nothing- you were bored with life completely.

It was Wednesday, you and Uncle J had a tradition of eating takeout burgers in the police car during his lunch break. You had grown bored of it a long time ago, but you knew he needed it. Even if you both sat in silence, you were still together. But today stood out like no other. You were parked In an alleyway somewhere, when the police radio flicked on with urgency. “Jim, Jim are you there?” a voice spoke with panic. You looked at each other, before he responded. “Yeah, what’s the problem Harvey?” he asked. You slurped on your milkshake, awaiting the response. “The Maniax have been spotted downtown, you need to get here now!” he reported. “I’ll be there, I just need to drop off my niece” he told. “There’s no time Jim-” he began to say, followed by the faint sound of gun shots in the background. “Shit” your uncle muttered, before beginning to reverse out of the alleyway.

“Stay in the car!” Uncle J said firmly, knowing you had a problem with following authority. “Sure” you shrugged, looking at him with eyes that said otherwise. He huffed, before slamming the door shut behind him. He looked at you through the window and showed you his car keys, before putting child lock on, to prevent you from getting out. He smiled as you rolled your eyes at him, before following the sound of gun shots and shouting officers. You were sitting for no longer than 10 seconds, before you climbed into the driver’s seat and took out one of your earrings, before beginning to tamper with the mechanics of the vehicle. You then shoved the door open and slammed it shut behind you. Like hell, were you waiting in a police car for your uncle to return hours later. You walked along the sidewalk, away from the sound of shooting and screams. You found yourself in an empty street, as the breeze hit your skin. You took a second to spin around and embrace the feeling. When you opened your eyes, you found yourself looking up at the roof of a building. You could see someone with bright hair and an Arkham Asylum uniform on. They appeared to be fixated on you and you couldn’t seem to look away either. He began pointing a gun towards you, but you couldn’t move. Not out of fear, but curiosity. That’s when you heard more gunshots and shouting coming closer towards you. “They went this way” you heard Harvey shout. You looked away from the rooftop when you felt someone grab your shoulder. “What did I tell you Y/n!” your Uncle shouted, pulling you away. “I was bored” you shrugged, with no emotion. “Did you see where they went?” Harvey asked, joining the pair of you. “Where who went?” you asked with false naivety. “Jerome Valeska and the other whackjobs” he added. You thought for a second, before giving your response. “No” you replied laconically. He sighed before nodding and heading off down the street. Jim guided you back to the car, you climbed in willingly, sensing the annoyance radiating from. “Stay” he ordered, and this time you complied. He then slammed the door shut and also headed off. “Jerome Valeska” you repeated.

Your uncle returned to the car, after about an hour or so. You were on the verge of falling asleep, but you soon brightened up as he sat in the drivers seat. The car journey was silent for about ten minutes, before you reluctantly broke the silence. “I’m sorry” you mumbled, looking down at your nails. He simply raised his eyebrows, as a sign for you to continue. “I shouldn’t have left the car, it was irrational and stupid” you added. “Apology accepted” he returned, smug of you admitting defeat. “Did you find him- and the others” you quickly added the last part. “No” he said with clear disappointment. “What did they do?” you asked. “They made a statement, using seven innocent lives to do it” he didn’t want to tell you, but he knew you wouldn’t drop it until he did. “Why?” you pried. “Insanity Y/n, it makes a person do the craziest things” he spoke. You took that as an indication for you to stop asking questions, but by no means did you stop thinking about the insane criminals, about the boy with the bright hair.

It had been a week since you saw him, and the news of the terror group was spreading around Gotham like wild fire. You were the only person at your school who didn’t seem to be petrified by the thought. You were sitting on the school bus, due to your uncle taking away your own car keys as punishment. You prepared yourself for a long and boring journey, but the events that followed were anything but that.

You were surrounded by all the preppy losers, who were meeting up for their traditional meal, before a big game. You sat down on a seat on your own and rolled your eyes, after having no other choice but to hear them practice their cheers and chants. You hadn’t taken the bus since Freshman year and even you knew the bus was taking an abnormally long time to drive off. You opened the window and lit up a cigarette, ignoring the fake coughs from the annoyed cheerleaders, who were certainly convinced you were going to give them blood poisoning. Screams and cries soon began to erupt, from the front of the bus, making its way along. You glanced to the front, seeing a familiar figure. It was him. Before he began to speak, an accomplice of his began to cuff you all to the chairs. You were cuffed by a half-wit, still holding the burning cigarette in your hand. “Give me an O” Jerome shouted with amusement, beginning to pace down the bus. The students around you immediately complied, with shaky voices. “Give me a H” he continued. You simply lifted your hands to your mouth, having another puff on the toxic paper. “Give me a N” he added, reaching you. You looked at him, with no sign of fear or obedience. “Give me a N” he leant down and breathed on your neck. You simply turned to face him and blew your smoke into his face. He quickly jolted up, causing the other students to flinch and whimper. “I know who you are” he worked out. Before giving that unforgettable laugh of his. You watched in complete amassment. “You’re Officer Jim Gordon’s daughter” he claimed dramatically, as if he was giving a performance. “Niece” you corrected. He titled his head, surprised by your disobedience, as opposed to your bravery. “Why didn’t you tell them where I was? You could have saved your own life, as well of all of your peers” he once again grew closer to you. “You could have shot me then, and saved yourself if I did tell them where you were” you equally retort. He grabbed your chin and titled your head, staring into your eyes. He searched them, looking for any sign of emotion and found none. He smirked, before letting go and making his way back to the front of the bus.

Meanwhile, your Uncle and Harvey worked at the station, stuck in an endless pile of new leads and paperwork. That’s when they got the phone call. “Y/n’s on that bus” his eyes widened, as he slammed down the phone and grabbed his keys from his desk. Jerome grabbed the hose, filled with gasoline. “Give me a H” he finished. Your classmates once again complied. “What’s that spell?” he asked mockingly. “Oh No” they all answered. Shit. You threw your lit cigarette out of the window, as he began to spray gasoline all over the bus. He moved up and down all of the seats, spraying each person individually. That was until he reached you. “Anything to say?” he asked you casually, while holding the hose over the person behind you, drowning them in the liquid. “I’ve never been one for cliché last words” you retaliated sarcastically, looking away from him. “How about now?” he asked, now holding a gun to your head. “Shoot me” you said fearlessly, still refusing to pay him attention. You were the only person not coated in gasoline. 

Jerome stood outside, holding a lighter. He then gave a speech to his accomplices, as Uncle J and the other officers began to arrive. He threw the lighter on the ground, after realising it wasn’t working. “Anyone got a light?” he teased, as if he had all the time In the world. He then smirked, after seeing the lit cigarette on the ground. “She can finish this one” he grinned, throwing it onto the trail of gasoline, heading towards the bus, before making a quick escape. Jim entered the bus, getting into the drivers seat. He then proceeded to move the bus to safety, narrowly avoiding the flames. He sighed and the screams come to a halt, being replaced with cries of relief. “Everybody okay?” he asked, before turning around to the terrified students. They muttered their responses, still in complete shock. Uncle J then stood up in adrenaline and made his way over to your seat. The only empty seat. “Where’s Y/n?” he practically whispered, scared to hear the answer. “Where is Y/N!? He repeated, shouting this time. There was almost silence on the bus, before someone spoke up. “They took her- he took her” a voice answered in distain.

Part Two? Let me know if you want this to continue as a Jerome Valeska series x

Rejet (Ruki, Yuma, Reiji)


CD Drama: ディアボリック・水上ショータイム / Diabolik - Aquatic Show Time

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Either Alfor or the Queen are like "Fuck the Space Police" and add Coran to the royal line registry. Coran only finds out in the present.

I like you. Ok, so, polyverse, natch.

“Oh my, oh my, oh my, it has been so long since we have had such distinguished guests!” the tiny Turimonqua maid was chirping, her rainbow lace wings flashing in the light as she fluttered from person to person to pin their access badges to the collars of their clothing. “To think, an entire royal entourage!”

“Your mistress’ hospitality has been very impressive,” Allura said politely as she bowed, prompting the rest of them to follow suit. “Thank you for putting us up on such short notice.”

“Oh, it is no problem at all. Anything, anything at all for a king and his daughter!”


“I- I beg your pardon, run that by me again?” Coran asked hesitantly.”

The maid produced a tiny scroll made of glimmering light. “You are Coran, first of his name, Second Father to Allura, Fourth of the Allura Title, correct?”

“I- well, yes, but I was unaware that-”

“Then it is settled! Come, come, your rooms are this way!”

“A king?!” Lance asked, gaping, as Coran paced back and forth in the common area that joined their rooms. 

“Believe me, this is just as much a surprise to me as it is to you,” he protested. “I mean… they’d always said they would, but-”

“Said they would what?” Shiro prodded.

“Well, it was always a given that if anything were to happen to their majesties before Allura came of age, I would care for her,” Coran said, and Allura took hold of his hand and squeezed. “But it was always going to have to be behind the scenes as her retainer. The nobility never would have accepted me stepping up to the throne.”

“Why not?” Pidge asked. “You were practically their second in command. Who better?”

Coran scratched the back of his neck, looking distinctly uncomfortable. “Mm…”

Allura squeezed tighter. “I’m right behind you, Aipa.”

He sighed. “The fact of the matter is, Altea had a very deep split along class lines. Alfor and Illyere worked very hard to do better by the lower classes, but the nobility fought it tooth and nail. It was the scandal of scandals when it came out that the three of us had formed a relationship. Whispers ran from them slumming it to me attempting a coup from the bedroom.”

Hunk made a very unamused growl, pounding fist to palm. “Too bad we couldn’t have been around then to knock a few heads straight.”

“Hell yes,” Lance agreed, grin vicious,  and there were some grim agreeing nods.

That finally seemed to take the worst of the tension out of the room when Coran laughed. “Thank you. And to be honest, your predecessors were much the same way about it. But… there you have it.” He raked his fingers through his hair. “I can’t believe they actually did it, though.”

“Well, you know how Mama loved to thumb her nose at her fellow bluebloods. There’s probably video recording somewhere of her and Papa and Archivist Michika laughing as they filed it to record.”

“Hey, I bet we could find it,” Pidge said with a wicked grin. “What do you think the search code would be?”

“Ten to one it was a present…. Aipa’s birthday.”

Coran groaned. “They would.”

“Birthday hunt for King Coran!”

“Don’t you dare start calling me that, I swear on-”

  • Zuho: What country has the most birds? Portu-geese. Wait.
  • Inseong: That's a language.
  • Youngbin: Portugull.
  • Jaeyoon: Nice recovery!
  • Dawon: Don't you mean nice redovery?
  • Rowoon: Turkey, how did we miss Turkey?
D Brothers: The Surprisingly Happy Nightmare

the artist and i have different ideas on what signifies as happiness…

AoKi Drabble

Because I’ve been thinking about height lately…

Following the flow of students moving towards their next class, he allows himself to be pushed out of the class and into the hall. Yawning, he pays his classmates no attention until he spots a glimmer of gold a little ways down and grins. Wading through the sea of students, he reaches out and manages to get a handful of silky blond hair.

And pulls.

His action elicits the reaction he wants and the other boy yelps and turns around indignantly until he sees who it is. “Aominecchi!?”

He loves the change in expression—could watch it all day. “Hey, Kise, off to your next class?”

Kise laughs. “Yeah, just like everyone else at school. Why? Were you planning on going somewhere?”

Aomine twirls his finger around the strand of hair still in his grasp. “I’m headed up to the roof. Care to join?” he asks.

“Unlike a certain somebody, I care about my attendance record,” Kise replies with an offhanded wave. But then his face reddens and he adds, “I’ll come find you later. Give me like 20 minutes.”

At the sight of the other’s expression, Aomine feels his own heart speeding up in anticipation. “Oh, okay,” he manages to mumble. “Sounds good.”

“Are they aware that they stand at least a head above everyone else?” Momoi grumbles, crossing her arms and watching the two from down the hall.

“I don’t think they think anyone can see them,” Kuroko replies easily.

“Just two tall idiots flirting in the hall, huh?”

Kuroko shrugs. “Midorima-kun did say that their lucky items today were a room and a lock.”

“…at least their stupidity is compatible,” Momoi sighs.

Mon-El: Uses Romeo & Juliet as example on why the best plan is for them to run away before he’s finished reading the play. 

Kara: Tells him Romeo & Juliet die at the end. 

Mon-El: “I did not see that coming.”

First Edition of Romeo & Juliet cover page:

Me: *points to the word ‘Tragedie’*

Barricades - Official Lyrics (SnK Season 2 OST)

NOTE: This is taken directly from the lyrics booklet that is included with the CD. However, there is a written mistake in the booklet itself, namely in the second chorus where it says “It’s my dirty hands, It never fades”, however it is in fact wrong as there is no difference between the three choruses apart from the vocalists. What I’ll be posting below are the correct lyrics.

Song Title: Barricades

Lyricist: Benjamin & mpi

Vocalist: yosh, Gemie, mpi

Wouldn’t it be nice to take a walk on 

some pure white sand,

gaze at the horizon, 

without living in fear? 

Wouldn’t it be sweet to watch 

the sun curve down meet the waves? 

And taste the ocean spray

and realize we’d been living as slaves

We’ve got to learn to Get back, 

Get back!

But is it worth the price of our soul? 

You know you had to Kill her,  

Kill her! 

Oh my dirty hands, It never fades

And if we get out, 

Get out! 

I’ll think about the price of our soul

We’ve got to learn to Live free,

Live free! 

We’ll live a life without Barricades!


How long I haven’t seen the light shine 

through in my life.

Lost everything, family, 

confusion on the way. 

Someone tries to talk to me 

and signpost the righteous road, 

My animal inside 

can now be tamed to go over the wall


We’ve got to learn to Get back, 

Get back!

But is it worth the price of our soul?

You know you had to Kill her,  

Kill her!

Oh my dirty hands, It never fades

And if we get out,

Get out!

I’ll think about the price of our soul

We’ve got to learn to Live free,

Live free!

We’ll live a life without Barricades!




Are you my [ relation ] or my [ title ] ? ❞  
As long as you don’t sit on him any time soon.
Bugger off!
But, for better or worse, the crown has landed on my head.
But there is also the other great love of my life - the crown.
Come on, just one! Come on, I just want a sloppy one. ❞
Don’t you get sick of it all? And lonely?
Famous have been the reigns of our [ title ]s. 
For better or for worse the crown has landed on my head.
God save the queen/king. ❞ 
I’m not sure that’s the correct address for the [ title ] of [ domain ].
In the end, death came as a friend.
I regret to inform you that the [ title ] has passed away.
Kiss me.
Well then, long live [ title ] [ name ].
Lost my heart, but what of it?
I have no freedom.
I know I appear strong, but I’m not.
I’ll try not to upstage you.
Indeed, marriage with [ him/her/them ] might have been easier. Might have even worked better than ours.
❝  [ name ] is the only one who knows how to calm me, to reassure me, protect me.
Must you really smoke? You know how I hate it.
Remember who you are, you are the [ title ] of [ domain ].
Still, I’d be soiled goods. I’d be tainted with scandal. ❞
She is the job. She is the essence of your duty, loving her, protecting her.
The best thing for everyone would be if you said your goodbyes quietly, privately and disappeared into the night.
The crown must win. Must always win. 
The fact is the crown must win. Must always win. ❞  
The less you do, the less you say, or agree or smile the better. ❞  
The responsibility of becoming [ title ] killed your [ relation ]! ❞    
They’re English, male and upper class. A good dressing down from Nanny is what they most want in life.
They’re going to send you away but I wont let them.
To everyone’s regret and frustration, the only person I have ever loved is you.
Well, you fail to protect me, I will fail to protect you in return.
What else do you have in mind for our little holiday?
With this family, when you’re in, you’re never quite sure that you’re in. But when you’re out, there’s no doubt at all.
Yes, I am [ title ], but I am also a [ man/woman/person ]  ❞    
You don’t know for a minute what it is to be unhinged. To be flailing about. ❞  
You must put those sentiments aside for duty calls.


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