correct prescription

i’ve been thinking about jake for a bit now, and like??? i have a major question that’s been on my mind. this boy lives alone in the jungle. how’d he even get glasses???? and even if he found them how are they the correct prescription?? does this boy need glasses to see?? does he make them himself??? these are the Real Questions™

Dear Mother

Dear Mother
I’m round the corner and you’ve no idea
I didn’t go to sleep till the sun began to stir
I’ve been laughing till the feeling brings me to tears
How much has changed from when I lived here

Dear Mother
I don’t know what you’re doing today
I know you’re not thinking of me
In any measly way
Perhaps you’ll plan to go out but then just stay
It’s getting warmer day by day

Dear Mother
My outward appearance has changed
An understatement really I’m afraid
My hair is pink and green and shaved
And my glasses are correct prescription and prepaid

Dear Mother
You wouldn’t recognise me if you saw
I’m not that scared little girl anymore
I’m a poet, a seamstress of words and thoughts
My memories are inspiration, not demons anymore


- I moved into a co-op house and its loud and hard to make friends between my general nervousness and that everything ive been invited to has centered on drinking and/or substance use which would be fine if i wasnt alway paranoid that sobriety in those settings is even more off-putting than My General Self is as a baseline. BUT the rent is super cheap, I have a room to myself most of the time, the people are nice, and my room has access to the roof which i really like.

-I’m working hard to get my insurance back in order and setting up tentative appointments with endocrinologists and therapists which i desperately need. I also get dental and optical which is gonna be nice bc i dont want my teeth to fall out and also i really need glasses with a correct prescription.

-Ive printed out resumes and am gonna try to find a job tomorrow, which will help me not starve to death and pay my bills

-I’ve been writing! its been fun and i like it a lot

-Im gonna call my mom tomorrow. we’ve only spoken twice or so this year which feels weird and Im going to try being better about talking to family