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Tips for learning a sign language
  • Sign languages aren’t a weird choice, regardless of what some people might tell you. Don’t feel bad for learning it.
  • Youtube has many videos that teach you a lot of stuff, use YT when you look for tutorials.
  • There are a handful of apps that can teach you basic stuff. Check them out.
  • Try to watch more videos when you learn a sign language since you can’t see clearly the movement in books.
  • Facial expressions determine the mood of the conversation. Pay attention to it.
  • Real life situations will help you learn faster, try to make a friend who knows or learns the same sign language.
  • If no one near you learns a sign language, find someone online and talk on skype.
  • Practice daily, remember that if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.
  • Try to find a dictionary online.
  • If you’re lucky, buy a book with stories from a bookstore.
  • When you practice fingerspelling, practice with sentences, not individual letters.
  • Learn how to pause properly. 
  • Practice in the mirror so you can analyze your movements.
  • When you walk around, fingerspell what you see. In this way your hand gets used to the spelling of the words.
  • Review what you have studied daily.
  • Decide what hand you should use, don’t switch them unless it’s necessary.
  • If you don’t know something, ask someone who knows.
  • Learn and use basic signs. If you learn the first 100-300 basic signs you will be able to communicate with others.
  • Master your hand position. You don’t want to swear at someone instead of saying “Hello”.
  • Take a class. Sign languages require more human interaction than when you try to learn French, Spanish etc. These languages can be taught online without a teacher but not sign languages. 
  • Don’t give up if you have a hard time. Give yourself time.
  • When you don’t know the sign for a word, fingerspell it.
  • If you just started learning, don’t rush. Take your time to sign/spell everything. Some people might be able to sign fast, but they have experience.
  • Challenge yourself. After you have mastered the basics, try some advanced vocab.
  • Pay attention to what videos you choose. Many beginners make videos so mistakes may appear in them. Choose a channel that’s recommended by many people.
  • Try to attend some events where you can talk to deaf people. The more you talk, the more things you’ll learn.
  • When you watch videos, try to copy-cat what those people say; practice in front of a mirror and correct your movements if necessary.
  • Don’t get lazy or you’ll forget everything.
  • Try to convince a friend to learn with you so you will have with who to practice if you don’t have around anyone who knows a sign language.

Assalamu alaykum!

Praying was daunting, I’m not going to lie.
I downloaded a Salat app at the guidance of a sister and followed step by step with the app. I have tendonitis in both my ankles and wrists so praying was in no way painless but, Alhamdulillah it was very wonderful. It was hard to focus on Allah (swt) and what I was doing when I was so worried about not messing up- which trust me, there was plenty of. I feels so great though to have finally prayed! My praying goal for now is learning all the correct movements then I’ll learn the Arabic.

I’m sorry is this post was a mess, it was written very sporadically at 4 in the morning 😂

The Lucky One Pt 4

Characters: reader, Marjorie (reader’s mom), Bucky (James), OC Kevin Jenkins, OC Caleb, mention of a certain other Avenger.

Summary: As a single mom with a jerk of an ex-husband, you’re doing your best to run the family business all on your own when your mother hires a mysterious man with a troubled past to help out. He just might be what you need in your life, but will his secrets bring you together or tear you apart? (Events occur shortly after Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

Warnings: a little angst, SO MUCH FLUFF, ex being a jerk. Super light violence? Maybe? Tiny cliffhanger. 

Word Count: 3.7k (this one got away from me, but you’ll see why :D )

A/N: Eee!! So excited about this part! Originally for Stark Tower’s Movie Challenge, which has ended, but I’m continuing on my own just for fun. I chose the movie “The Lucky One” and I’m really excited about it! Please let me know your thoughts, whether you’ve see the movie or not, I appreciate your feedback!! :)

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The Lucky One Series Masterlist


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“I don’t know much about my family. They’ve been gone for a while.”

Feeling a tug at your heart, you felt badly for bringing it up. “I’m sorry.”

He put on a brave smile, meeting your eyes. “It happens. Thanks again. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Good night,” you replied, offering a smile in return. You watched his figure retreat into the dark and then closed the door behind you. It was only after he was gone that you realized tomorrow was Sunday and his day off. Would he actually show up and refuse a day free from work again? You couldn’t allow that. There were labor laws, after all. And yet…part of you hoped to see him sooner than Monday. Knowing him only a few weeks, the man was still a mystery, but each clue given had you aching for more.  


The morning sun rose crisp and clear on Sunday, your ears tuned to any outdoor noises. Unexpected disappointment creeped into your mind to find silence. You had become accustomed to the early sounds of James sawing, hammering, or tossing bales of hay onto the ground outside the stables this early. You weren’t really surprised, given that it was Sunday, but the promised words of “See you in the morning” echoed in your mind from last night.

Shaking off this odd feeling, you climbed out of bed and pulled on a cozy sweater before descending the stairs toward the kitchen. Soon you had pancakes on the griddle and all the other breakfast fixin’s on the table. The delicious smells roused the rest of the house, soon hearing your mother’s shuffling feet along with the frantic scamper of your energetic boy approaching.

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There are so many things to appreciate about this scene.

a) Ron and Harry having brotp moments (”do your fly by hand” hilarious!)

b) “Unwrap it up here, it’s not for my mother’s eyes”: Ron, could you be more adorable?

c) Ron is giving this book to Harry even though he knows that it will more than likely be used in reference to Ginny (so much for crazy, overprotective big brother Ron!)

d) This basically explodes the notion of Ron being suave and sexually experienced. The poor guy is obviously clueless.

e) It reinforces the idea that he wanted to get rid of Lavender, but was too inexperienced to know how.

f) “I would’ve known how to get going with…” (Even Harry knows who that ellipses belongs to!)

g) The greatest “wand innuendo” in the entire series!! The joke works on so many levels…first you get the picture of poor Ron trying to cast a complicated charm and not quite getting the wand movements correct (flick and swish), and then you get the notion that, despite what most 17 year old boys think, you have to have more than good “wand work” to satisfy a woman.

Say It (3/8)

Part 1, Part 2 Part 4

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 3.991

Summary: Bucky wakes up. 

Warning: Angst

A/N: Sorry if this chapter is a little off, I love you all so much, and thank you for all the looove <3. I suck at the summary, really do need to find myself something properly! :*   

Bucky vividly remembered the first time he had seen you. Steve had been introducing him to everyone, and when his eyes had zeroed in on you, he felt an instant pull. He didn’t know what it was, but his first guess was your sincere, heartfelt smile. He hadn’t seen anyone smile like that towards him for as far as he could remember, and to see you smile towards him like that just made him want to be near you. When Steve had introduced you, Bucky had hoped to hear if your voice was as sweet as your smile, but you hadn’t said a thing. Instead, you had just continued to smile in his direction, nothing else.

Bucky had been confused but didn’t want to press the matter, he had after all just arrived, and he didn’t want to come off as rude. So he waited, waited until you would help him like every other member of the Avengers did, and you did, the smile you sent his way each day was like the sun rising in the morning sky, slowly lighting up all the dark corners of life. But you never spoke to him. Not once, and even though Bucky never voiced it out loud, he wondered why you didn’t want to speak to him. He knew it wasn’t because you hated him or were afraid of him. If that had been the case, he’s pretty sure you would be running from him every time you saw him, instead of offering him a smile that reached one ear to the other and reflected so beautifully in your eyes. But it was exactly your smile which made him wonder why you never wanted to speak to him. He had tried gathering his guts many times to ask you, but every time the opportunity arose, he found himself afraid of scaring you off. He didn’t want to lose seeing that smile every day, so he kept quiet, returning your warm smile every day, hoping you would approach him one day.

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{Reaction} Got7′s Crush is Hearing Impaired

Hey! Can I request reaction? I not sure if it closed or open☹️ Can you doing GOT7 reaction their crush is deaf (can’t hear and talk. Use sign language only) …. I’m deaf can’t hear and talk but! I’m proud of being deaf💜😇 (Sorry if my English grammar is suck)

 Note: You should be proud sweetie! I hope you like your reaction! I’m sorry if it is a little inaccurate, I’m not an expert by any means :) <3

Jackson Wang

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Jackson already is talented within communication and languages, so he wouldn’t need to think twice about diving into sign language. He wouldn’t tell you that he has been learning sign language since he wants to surprise you at the right moment.

Jackson: *signs* “I love you”

Mark Tuan

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For a long time, he would communicate with you in any way that he can as he desperately learns sign language in attempt to get you to fall for him the same way that he has fallen for you. He would stay up long hours practicing the correct arm movements to impress you.

Mark: “Look, I learned this!”

Kunpimook Bhuwakul/ Bambam

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Bambam would go that little bit further (we all know how extra he is, amirite?). He wouldn’t just want to talk to you, no, he wants you to feel things for him. For him, it’s not about words, it’s about actions and feelings. He would confess to you by slow dancing with you in the kitchen lights past midnight and would encourage your lips to speak to him through the way they move against his.

Bambam: *Literally cannot stop smiling*

Im Jaebum/ JB

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Jaebum would get through conversation with you by pointing at things and making the most bizarre motions. Of course, he looks like a complete fool, making you laugh. Sometimes, he would pretend like his sign language is worse than it actually is just so he has the excuse to see you laugh.

Jaebum: *blushes as you laugh at his attempt to impersonate a giraffe.*

Park Jinyoung

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Unlike JB, Jinyoung would take a much more practical approach to talking to you while he’s still trying to pick up the basics. He would text you, write letters and notes. Sometimes he would draw little pictures to make you smile. Not that you know, but every note you give him, he keeps.

Jinyoung: *writes* ‘you draw really well’

Choi Youngjae

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Youngjae, with the help of someone who can speak sign language, would start to learn the basics. He would be so proud every time he learns something, and would always be asking you to help him learn new things. His infatuation with you would make him even more passionate about learning and it would be his goal to one day confess to you in sign language.

Youngjae: *signs* “I like you.”

Kim Yugyeom

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Yugyeom would be rather shy to approach you, not because you’re deaf, but because he is just a shy kind of person. He would try and get down some basics to talk to you and to ask easy questions such as how you are. As time goes on, he would become much better and would impress you by asking you out on a date through signs.

Yugyeom: *blushing as he signs* “Please will you date me?”

I feel like instead of getting mad that Miss USA isn’t a feminist, we should be thinking about her reasons why. Instead of getting pissed that people think feminism is anti-men maybe we should look within our movement and correct behavior that perpetuates that idea? The whole “men are trash” and “kill all men” and “women are perfect angels, men are the enemy” thing isn’t helping our case, and women like Miss USA are proof of that.

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NaruHina prompt: It's sometime after the incident and Naruto is kinda self conscious about his new prosthetic arm. You get to decide between Regular!Hinata and RTN!Hinata. Also, for some reason the words "high school AU" keep popping up in my head. Your writing style and characterization is amazing btw!

It was bizarre.

Uzumaki Naruto couldn’t wrap his mind around it, couldn’t make sense of it. He held up his right hand and watched the sun catch in the steel, glowing metallic silver. His brain said: make a fist.

And he felt absent fibers obey, as his fingers curled against his palm, knuckles gleaming. His brain said: twist your wrist.

And he did.

He could still feel the burn, the ache, piercing and radiating up to his shoulder. His elbow was the worst of it, a constant throb he couldn’t rid himself of. Tsunade had told him it was called phantom pain; that even though his arm was gone, completely, the pain was there. He wasn’t crazy.

It was real.

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Imagine: Reuniting with your ex-boyfriend, Tobias, when you transfer to Dauntless and being scared to let yourself fall for him again.

For: @justdreamstars

You stand on the ledge of the tall building, staring at the large gaping hole below. Come on Y/N, it’s your first day as a Dauntless initiate, they won’t kill you off just yet! You give the initiates behind you one last look, take a deep breath, and jump off. You want to scream, but your breath catches in your throat, you land on a net and you breathe out in relief.

The net is pulled and you roll to the edge, a tall, broad man helps you off, you stare up at him for a moment and your jaw drops, “Tob-”

“Shh!” He says quickly, you barely recognize the man standing in front of you. Tobias had been your best friend and boyfriend back in Abnegation, he was a year older than you and he left you heart broken when he didn’t come home from the Choosing Ceremony. You never planned to stay in your old faction, but you would have never left without saying goodbye to the boy you loved. Seeing him in front of you resurfaced those old wounds, “Do you still want to stick with Y/N.”

You nod curtly, he calls out your name, and you walk away from him haughtily.

The day goes on, you’re given a tour of the faction, you’re given new clothes, and once it’s finally time for dinner, you are seated in the cafeteria at the same table as Tobias. He keeps glancing towards you, pain evident in his eyes, but you keep ignoring it.

Finally, after dinner ends, he approaches you and whispers, “Y/N, can I talk to you for a minute?”

“What’s there to say Four?” You ask, not even trying to keep the irritation out of your voice.

“Y/N please, just give me a minute to explain myself,” You sigh and follow him out into the empty hall. He turns to you and continues, “I had to leave Y/N, you know how my father was, I could not stay there.”

“I know that Tobias,” You whisper, “But you could have told me. You can’t even imagine how devastated I was when you didn’t come back that day.”

“I know Y/N, I just couldn’t bring myself to tell you, I couldn’t see you hurt,” He says sadly.

“Are you kidding me?! Tobias, I was more hurt when you left without saying anything, if you had, at least I would have been able to say my goodbyes! At least I would have known that I’d probably see you after a year!”

“I-” He sighs, not knowing what to say.

“Forget it Tobias,” You breathe, you turn away from him, “Tomorrow’s probably going to be a long day. I need to get some sleep.”

It pains you to walk away from him when all you want is for him to pull you into his strong arms and make you feel safe and happy again. But you’re also afraid to get close to him again, you don’t want him to hurt you like he did before.

The days go on, Tobias is constantly doing anything he can to get close to you, whether it be spending time correcting your movements during training, picking on you for demonstrations, or keeping you behind after training to help him clean up. You were trying everything in your power to keep your relationship strictly professional, knowing that if you slip up even once, you’d fall into him again. Your heart stilled ached every time you saw him, but you forced yourself to stay strong.

The first part of initiation passed, and you were waiting in the hallway for the second part. One by one, Tobias was calling the initiates into a small room. Finally, he got to your name. You followed him into the room and saw a chair that was linked up to a computer.

“The second part of initiation will focus on your fears,” He says softly, “You’re going to go through a simulation that shows your biggest fears, and I will observe through the monitor.”

He pulls out a syringe and places the needle against your neck. Once he injects you, you feel yourself slowly fall into a deep sleep.

When you awaken, you’re standing in a dark hallway, Tobias is in front of you, “Y/N, I’m leaving.”

“What do you mean Toby?”

“I don’t love you anymore,” He says with such venom that it instantly brings tears to your eyes, “So I am leaving!”

“Toby please-” Before you can finish he’s gone, you collapse to the ground, tears flowing down your cheeks, your chest tightens and you can almost feel your heart breaking.

You suddenly jolt awake, you’re in the simulation room, Tobias is sitting next to you with pure disgust in his eyes, “I did that to you…I made you feel like that…”

When you realize that the disgust in his eyes is towards himself, you gently reach out for his hand, no longer being able to contain your feelings, “Toby…”

“Y/N, I can’t believe I hurt you enough to become one of your biggest fears, I-I…fuck,” He can’t continue, he looks like he’s absolutely shattered.

“Tobias…” You caress his cheek and gently force him to turn towards you, “You’re not one of my biggest fears, losing you is one of my biggest fears.”

“Y/N I’m sorry, I’m so fucking sorry. I should have never hurt you the way that I did. Every day for the past year, I’ve regretted it, I’ve hated myself for it,” He has tears in his eyes, and you know he’d never let them spill in front of you, “I want to make this work Y/N, I love you, and I’ll do anything to make this work.”

“I-I know Tobias, I’m just scared…” You finally let your tears escape.

“I promise I won’t hurt you again Y/N, I promise I won’t ever leave you, just give me one more chance,” He begs.

You sigh and nod. He instantly pulls you into a tight hug. You finally feel at home again, being in his arms instantly erases the worry in you. He places a gentle kiss on top of your head, “Get back to your dormitory, we’ll talk after I finish with the rest of the initiates. I love you Y/N.”

You nod, “I love you too Toby.”


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B.A.P Reaction to Finding Out That Their S/O Knows How to Sing

anonymous asked:

Hello there! I really like your page. I’m always happy when I see you have posted something new 😁Could you do B.A.P Reaction when they find out their girlfriend can sing really well but always hides it?

This is such a cute request! I hope you like my reaction :)

Bang Yongguk

You expected Yongguk to come home late that night, so when he returned early after a day spent in the recording studio and caught you singing along the song on the radio, he would be completely dumbstruck. He is the type of person who spends a lot of time and effort on getting to know their s/o in a relationship, so realizing that he had always missed this vital detail about you would leave him confused and a little disappointed at himself. After listening to you for a while, he would clear his throat so that you would notice him. With an unsure look on his face, he would ask, “So, you can sing?”, more like a statement than an actual question. Even if you denied the bare facts, Yongguk would confront you with your hidden talent a few days later until you finally give in and let him listen to a few lines of singing. He would be mesmerized by your voice and the happy grin on his face would resemble that of a child getting their favorite treat. From then on, Yongguk would ask your advice when composing new songs and even suggest to rap and sing together.

Kim Himchan

You were waiting outside the building of TS for Himchan to finish his dance practice when you got bored and mindlessly started to sing a song which had been stuck in your head all afternoon. You did not notice him immediately, partly because he had stopped in his tracks a few meters away and was now staring at you in disbelief. When you finally noticed him, you fell silent, embarrassed, and asked him if anything was wrong. He wouldn’t say anything for a while, but once he had gathered his senses he would make a drama out of the situation. Regretting every single of the many moments he had bragged about his musical talent in front of you, Himchan would demand an answer to why you had never told him about your talent and had kept it a secret. He would not content himself with the explanation that you didn’t think you were particularly good at singing, but drop the topic because he would feel a twinge of jealousy. However, he would quickly get over the tinge of disappointment and be proud of you from the bottom of his heart.

Jung Daehyun

Since your boyfriend was busy preparing for his solo debut, you had sneaked into the building of TS to give him a surprise visit after his intense dance practice. You leaned against the door and peaked inside, taking in the mesmerizing view of Daehyun moving his body to the rhythm of the powerful music. Carried away by the strong beats, you began to sing along quietly. Suddenly, a member of the dance team turned off the music to correct Daehyun’s movements, but you did not realize at first and continued singing, falling silent only moments later when you noticed eleven heads turning your way. You gulped and looked at Daehyun who was staring at your in awe. Seconds later, a huge grin would adorn his face as he rushed over to you and pulled you into a tight hug. “Why did you never tell me that you know how to sing? Come on, let me hear more!” But when you shook your head vigorously, he would not discuss the topic any further and simply continue his dance practice with more energy than before. However, as soon as his practice was over, he would bug you until you would sing for him - and he would love it!

Yoo Youngjae

You were in the kitchen preparing a huge meal because it was a special occasion today: your boyfriend was returning from his tour in Japan and you wanted to make sure he would receive a proper welcome-back-meal. You were happily singing along to a song on the radio and were so absorbed in your cooking that you did not notice how Youngjae entered your shared apartment. When he heard your voice, a smile appeared on his face and he was already thinking about how to tease you about your singing. However, he soon noticed that were good at it, really good. He would watch you in awe and slowly approach you, surprising you with hug from behind. He would grin at your shocked self and exclaim, “I knew you were musically talented, I always had the feeling you are! It’s no surprise if you have a boyfriend like me. But why did you not tell me earlier?” He would brag about your new-found talent to the other members the next day and start asking you to sing together with him every now and then.

Moon Jongup

You mentally cursed yourself for agreeing to play truth or dare with your boyfriend. You had chosen dare, and out of all the tasks Jongup could have given you, he had asked you to sing a song. Since he was a professional singer, you had never told him that you enjoyed and knew how to sing as well, knowing that you were far away from his vocal abilities. Now, you didn’t have a choice but to reveal your secret. You watched in surprise how Jongup dropped his jaw and stared at you in disbelief as soon as you started to sing his solo song. After you finished, he just sat there, completely motionless, and a worried expression spread on your face as you asked, “Uhm, is something wrong? W-was I that bad?” He would shake his head vigorously and demand an explanation for why you had never told him how beautifully you could sing. He would encourage you to sing more often and even propose to participate in his voice practice if you wanted to improve your already impressive skills, and he would also ask you to sing together with him sometime. 

Choi Junhong (Zelo)

Junhong and you had been dating for three months now, and he had told you that he thought it was time to introduce you to the rest of the members. Right now, the seven of you were sitting at a table in a small restaurant, and although Junhong had warned you that Youngjae and Daehyung had a cunning side, you were still surprised when they had asked you to demonstrate your musical skills. The two of them had explained that it was a kind of ritual for the girlfriend of one of the members to showcase a song to the rest of the group, and you didn’t see how Junhong glared at the two older members, disapproving of their blunt lie. He was even more confused when you suddenly started to sing in a way that left everyone around you in awe. Youngjae and Daehyun wold clap excitedly and question the maknae why he had never told them about your talent. Junhong would still be in shock and ask you why you had never mentioned it to him. He would have to deal with his hyungs’ teasing remarks for a few days, but once he got over the fact that he had missed a crucial aspect of your personality, Junhong would ask you with a shy look in his eyes if the two of you could record a few songs together sometime.


Athletes who play a unilateral sport (e.g. baseball, shot put, etc.), musicians, and others tend to have less rotation on one side of their bodies. This is a quick and simple test you can do that requires you to be mindful and aware of your own asymmetry. Once you figure out which side is tighter, add in relevant exercises in the transverse plane, like cable chops or medicine ball throws!

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Important question: How do you define magic.

Well, this is a bit of a tricky question, isn’t it?  Yes of course it’s the correct wand movement and an incantation maybe, but there are many different kinds of magic.  There’s a certain kind of magic in meeting an old friend, a kind word, or perhaps even a favorite book.  

I don’t believe there is only one kind of magic in this world.  It can be found in the comforts and happiness of the things you love most, and the things you cherish.  Charms and spells come second to that, I think.

Submission: A Chance to Heal

[So after sending that SenseiOrochimaru ask, i had a mighty need to write it! Hope you enjoy!] Six months. Almost to the day that Hiruzen Sarutobi granted Orochimaru a teaching position at the Ninja Academy, six months and he still can’t figure out if it was the best or worst decision he’s ever made when it comes to his favorite student. Against all the odds not only has Orochimaru proven that he is a capable teacher, but one of the most well liked among all of the teaching staff; his students all adore him- and don’t take to kindly to anyone bad mouthing their favorite sensei. As Sarutobi watches Orochimaru lead the children through a simple set of Taijutsu Katas; he can’t help but smile fondly, he watched as Orochimaru assisted them in correcting their stances or movements, giving praise when they managed to successfully finish a set and would begin showing them the next. All of this with a genuinely kind smile on his face, even his usually harsh and abrasive chakra seemed to have mellowed down- not that Sarutobi believes that it would bother the children if it didn’t, nothing about Orochimaru seems to bother them; it is truly a joy to watch the Snake Sannin with his class. The students completed three more kata sets before any of them noticed him standing off to the side of their training ground, some of them waved while others bowed towards him before Orochimaru dismissed them to take a break; as they began collecting their things and finding a nice place to rest Orochimaru headed over to greet him. “Good morning Orochimaru; your class seem to be doing rather well, they are showing excellent improvement in their performance” nodding, Orochimaru looks over them once more before giving his full attention to Sarutobi. “They are doing exceeding well in their studies. Did you require something Sensei? Or were you just taking a walk and happened to stumble upon my class?” the question is lighter than expected; it lacks the agitation and paranoia it would have had before. Sarutobi turns of grandfatherly smile towards him, “I simply wanted to observe your class in action is all, I’ve heard good things about them; you are a skilled instructor.” over forty years of Shinobi training are the only thing that stop Sarutobi from flinching at the sight of shock and bewilderment that cross Orochimaru’s features at the compliment, he realizes how long it’s been since he’d offered up any sort of positive remark that wasn’t carefully guarded him. “Thank you, Sensei” Orochimaru replies evenly rearranging his feachers back into their usual calm “I have to get back to the children in a moment, would you like to stay and observe the rest of the class? I’m sure they won’t mind you staying.” Sarutobi nodded and follows behind Orochimaru as he calls his class back to their training, it is truly humbling to watch his prized student teaching the next generation of Shinobi. Hiruzen Sarutobi has watched over Orochimaru since he was a small shy six year old with heavy dreams and a legacy of fear with a healthy dose of pride and caution. There was never a question of whether or not Orochimaru would do great things in his life- his unwavering skill and determination proved enough that he would achieve anything he set his mind to- The question had always been whether or not they would be good or terrible things… As the class finished their lessons for the day and began packing away their equipment and heading home for the day; a few stragglers stayed behind and wandered over to their teacher. Sarutobi could just make out that one of them was asking if he would accompany them to the cemetery to visit their parents graves, and not quite to his surprise; Orochimaru agreed. ‘Perhaps’ Sarutobi thought to himself, he doesn’t have much to worry about anymore… if anything can melt the ice around the Snake Sannin’s heart and bring out the good he has always known was there; it would be brave little war orphans in need. With one last smile towards the retreating figures of Orochimaru and the five small children surrounding him, Hiruzen Sarutobi headed back to his office. Mind completely a peace for once; when it came to his favorite student.

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Lesson One: Focus

Commission for @tami-flu who’s a sweetheart and wanted me to bring one of our very self-indulgent AUs to life

“Are you sure this is the right address?”
Lance tried really hard not to roll his eyes when he unstrapped the wiggling child from her booster seat and lifted her out of the car. This was only about the fifth time Shiro asked that question, after all.
“Yes”, he hummed patiently and tucked a lock of white-blonde hair behind Emily’s ear. “It’s the address Laura’s mum gave me and that I checked on the internet. Besides … it says dojo in big red letters above that door?” He pointed over his shoulder at the sign. “I think we’re good.”

Shiro gave a short hum as he threw the door shut and locked the car with the press of a button.
“It’s just so … empty”, he wondered and looked around the parking lot, only a few other cars scattered across it. Some, like theirs, were parked in the shade of big oak trees to shield them from the already burning sun. It was hot for May.
“Relax, man. We’re twenty minutes early. What did you expect?”

Just at that moment Emily wiggled free and started running across the parking lot, heading for the dojo.
“Hey!”, Lance called after her with a laugh. “Wait for us!”
“Catch me! Catch me!”, she shouted back over her shoulder, giggling, her bright green backpack bouncing up and down with every step.
“Oh, just you wait, young lady!”, Lance grinned as he took up the chase, barely hearing Shiro behind him, calling for his daughter:
“Don’t go inside without us!”

But Emily was far more occupied with outmaneuvering Lance, jumping around the low hedges confining the parking spots and shrieking whenever Lance got too close.
“Too slow! You’re way too slow!”, she taunted and laughed but after a few minutes of trying to catch her Lance finally got a hold of the little gremlin. He hauled her up into his arms, blowing an obnoxiously loud raspberry against her shoulder which made her shriek with laughter, short legs kicking but arms flying around his neck to hold onto him.

“Shoulders”, she demanded after a few seconds, already trying to climb higher and Lance boosted her up until she could swing comfortably onto his shoulders with him holding onto her legs tightly as to not let her slip off.
“And now?”, he asked, spinning in circles a few times and spotting Shiro heading for them and the entrance to the building that Emily soon pointed at.
“Onwards, trusty steed!”, she ordered and he couldn’t help but snort, wondering where she’d picked that up. He started galloping toward the wide double doors anyway.
“Your word is my command, lovely princess”, he grinned but earned a weak kick against the chest for his troubles.

“I’m a knight”, Emily declared instead and ducked down when they reached the entrance. Lance bent his knees as well, just in case, and waddled through the open doors.
“My apologies, your braveness…”
Emily just hummed, apparently pleased with his reaction, and straightened back up, head held high as they made their way to some sort of reception.

There was a man standing behind a short counter, writing something down in a notebook. When he looked up to greet them Lance almost tripped.
Because damn, the guy was hot. His dark shirt was clinging tightly to his body, leaving hardly anything to the imagination as it revealed strong arms and well-sculpted pecs, a tight stomach. His features were Asian, Japanese maybe, and finely cut, a nice fit with his lean form. But the most impressive thing were his eyes, an intense, stormy blue-grey that stared straight at Lance for a few moments before shifting up to Emily.
When he smiled it was like his whole being was blossoming.

“Hey, now that’s a brave knight if I’ve ever seen one”, he said and Lance could barely keep from whimpering at the smooth tenor of his voice. The man reached out to shake Emily’s hand. “I’m Keith, I’m one of the teachers here.”
“Hello. My name is Emily Shirogane. It’s nice to meet you”, she replied and shook his hand, always polite and well-mannered when meeting strangers. No matter what a tiny beast she could be when it was bedtime.

“Oh yes!”, Keith nodded. “I talked to your father on the phone. Is this him?”
Stormy eyes flicked down to meet Lance’s again but before he could answer with anything but a breathless wheeze Emily giggled, her little body shaking on his shoulders.
“No! This is my nanny!”
Lance nodded and managed to mumble his name. Keith didn’t offer him a hand to shake.

“I’m her father”, came Shiro’s voice from behind them and Lance didn’t know whether to be relieved or mortified because … there was no way Shiro didn’t hear that, right? “We spoke on the phone.”
“Right, now I recognize your voice. Mr Shirogane”, Keith nodded and stepped around the counter. Damn his legs were long.
“Just Shiro please”, Shiro smiled and extended a hand for Keith to shake. In a split second stormy eyes flicked up and down Shiro’s body and Lance felt himself bristle.

Oh no, he didn’t.
No matter how hot the guy was, it was on. Lance hadn’t spent the better part of a year trying to get closer to the utter heartthrob that was Takashi Shirogane only to have some random karate teacher butt in at the last second.

“We’re here for the trial lesson”, he said, interrupting their little moment before it could grow into something entirely unnecessary. “Emily’s a friend of Laura, she told her she really liked coming here.”
It took another second too long for Keith to end the handshake and look over at him.
“Yes…”, he nodded. “Oh yes, I remember. Shiro told me on the phone. Laura’s a good kid, very … fierce.”

“Oh, Emily is, too”, Shiro chuckled and Keith smiled at him. Lance wanted to slap his stupid, pretty face. Even if it would most likely get him the ass-kicking of his life. The dude was probably a black belt if he was teaching.
“I believe that…” Keith turned to look back up at Emily. “You can join us for a lesson or two, see if you like it as much as Laura does.”
“Yes”, Emily said and nodded strongly, judging by the movement of her body. Keith smiled at her before looking back at Shiro.

“And I’ll see if she can follow the instructions, integrates well with the other kids, things like that…”
“Wait, so you’re teaching her group?”, Lance blurted, earning a slight frown.
“Yes”, the instructor nodded. “I give classes for children and teenagers. Is there a problem?”
Lance held that intense gaze for a beat or two before forcing out an awkward laugh.
“No!”, he shook his head. “No problem. No problem at all, I was just … I don’t know, forget it.”
Keith frowned at him for a horrible moment before his expression softened and he looked back up at Emily.

“If you want you can get changed over there.” He pointed into the hallway behind himself. “Then I can show you around until the others get here. That sound good?”
“Yeah!”, Emily quickly agreed, then kicked Lance’s chest again. “Onwards, trusty steed!”
Lance hesitated.
“Come on, Em. You’re a big girl, you can get changed by yourself.” Besides, he’d rather not leave Shiro alone with painfully hot Keith. But Emily wiggled on his shoulders and leaned down to whisper into his ear, hands cupped around her mouth:
“I don’t wanna go alone…”

Shiro gave a carefree laugh that made Lance swoon inwardly. Of course he’d heard the little plea, Emily wasn’t too good at whispering yet. He cocked an expectant eyebrow at Lance which usually meant it was time to do his damn job.
Lance reluctantly galloped down the hallway.


It turned out there was another boy in Keith’s class that Emily knew from preschool and as soon as Laura and him arrived the little girl made it very clear she didn’t need Lance’s assistance anymore. Instead she ran off with her friends as everyone got ready for the lesson.
Him and Shiro weren’t allowed into the room but could watch Emily from a row of windows where a bunch of other adults were already gathered.
Lance chatted with Laura’s mum for a bit, telling her how excited Emily was to try karate as well and scheduled a playdate for Saturday, when Laura’s dad would finish preparing the pool for the summer. The girls should have fun cooling down like that.

Lance excused himself soon after and sidled up to Shiro on the wobbly bench offered for the parents. The kids had just finished warming up and moved on to fall exercises.
While the others were going through the motions expertly already, Emily waited for Keith to show her the basics, how to initiate a controlled fall and how to roll and twist so she wouldn’t hurt herself.
Her first tries still looked clumsy at best but Keith still smiled widely at her, nodding and correcting her posture and movement a bit as he kept watching her.

“I like him”, Shiro said after a while, eyes following Keith around the room as he went from child to child, praising them and offering feedback. Lance felt his heart sink.
“Who? Keith?”
“Yes, he seems to be really good with the kids, don’t you think? I like how he talked to Emily first when we got here. Not a lot of adults do that.”

As reluctant as Lance was to admit it, Shiro was right. Keith was good with kids, had an instinctive, warm ease when talking to them that mysteriously vanished when he addressed Lance. What a shame.
The kids all seemed to adore him, though, striving for his attention and smiling bright when they earned his praise.
“Yeah”, Lance nodded. “Yeah, he’s really good. I think Em likes him, too…”

The kids had a break about halfway through the lesson and while most of them went to their bags to get a drink Emily skipped up to them, face flushed and sweaty but smile wide and eyes sparkling.
“I really, really like it! Keith is amazing! He says I’m a natural and that I’ll be as good as Laura if I come back each week!”, she babbled, climbing into Shiro’s lap.
Lance automatically reached for the little bottle of water in his bag and handed it to her with a stern look. She huffed but took a few gulps.

“Please daddy, please can I come back? I really want to!”
Shiro smiled and nodded quickly.
“I can talk to Keith after the lesson and sign you up. But you’ll have to promise to keep coming here, we talked about this…”

“Yeah yeah, I promise”, Emily shrugged quickly, then perked up again. “Oh, can you make me spaghetti for dinner? I’m hungry!”
“You’re hungry?”, Shiro asked, bouncing his daughter on his knees. “Well, if you want I can make you spaghetti right now!”
She frowned, her little face scrunching up as Shiro touched a finger against her nose: “Boop, you’re spaghetti!”
Both Lance and Emily groaned, rolling their eyes in unison while Shiro grinned, undeservingly proud of himself.

“You’re so lame!”, she cried out and hopped from his lap in protest, crossing her arms. But she was also smart and quick to think, knowing she wouldn’t get her favourite food if she kept pouting, so she corrected herself: “Can you please cook spaghetti for dinner tonight?”
Shiro agreed the same moment Keith called for his students to continue.


After the lesson they waited for Keith to say goodbye to the other parents before approaching him.
“Yes, of course!”, he smiled after Shiro asked him to sign up his daughter. “Emily did great for her first time, her motor skills are already very well developed, I think she’ll benefit from a challenge. I’ll give you…”
Keith held up a finger, signalling for them to hold on as he ducked back behind the counter. After a moment he re-emerged with a few papers in his hands.
“These forms. You can fill them out at home and just bring them to the next lesson.”

“Thank you, Keith”, Shiro smiled and Lance felt that ugly jealousy squirm in his stomach again. “Emily really liked it. Didn’t you, sunshine?”
“Yes!”, she nodded quickly. “Thank you, Keith!”
“Thank you for doing so well, it was my pleasure, Emily.”
She giggled and Lance wanted to groan. Did the whole family have to fall in love with his pretty smile and gorgeous eyes and that lean, perfect, powerful body and…

“Great, see you next week, then”, Shiro smiled softly and Keith nodded.
“Yes, I’m looking forward to it…”
There was definite purr to the words and Lance would have tackled the guy to the ground if the sound didn’t also do things to him…
Instead he sighed inwardly, a long-suffering expression of helplessness as they left the building, Emily chattering on and on about the lesson and how great Keith was, Shiro still smiling.
This would be a bitch.  

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bracecrescent  asked:

Heeey :) could you do a story about an AU @steffywolf did in which Sonic is mute, and Amy tried to learn asl (sign language) to make him feel more "fit in" in the world

(x) it’s cute you guys lol.

I took sign language for two years so I hope I can do this justice :) (Sonamy AU)


Amy sat with Sonic in the library, where he usually liked to read in silence.

She hated not being able to disturb him though, considering she wanted to practice more of her sign language. She had been studying on her own, but she loved it when Sonic taught her a thing or two, or corrected her ‘hearing signing’ which is when hearing people try to put english sentence structures to sign language. She had been working hard, but it still didn’t seem enough…

She flopped her head down on the book she was reading, and peered with a slight pout up to Sonic, who was nonchalantly going through a study book…


She leaned over to peek and noticed he was secretly reading a comic book instead.

She mused over that fact, knowing him not to be one to study, and smirked up at him.

He seemed to notice her movement and looked up. Seeing her sarcastic grin, he knew he had been found out and smiled back.


He smirked and leaned forward, off of his arm which was supporting him and humorously signed, BUT YOU STARE AT ME. NOT STUDY EITHER.

She snickered and sat back down, scooting forward.

“How do you sign, touche?” She stated, but also spoke freely in her whispered voice.

With Sonic’s acute hearing, he honed in on her voice, his ears twitching at the sound he’s been learning to pick up on since he first met her.

He smiled once again, and leaned forward, signing something similar to the idea.

But while moving his hands some girls came up to the table.

Suddenly, Sonic looked to the motion, and immediately stopped signing, going back to his ‘pretend’ of reading the study book.

“Amy?” One girl piped up, she seemed a cheerleader, as Amy was part of the social standing that would jump from one social ring to another.

The ‘kind, all-around girl’ is what most would call her, since she can get along with practically anyone at school.

Amy perked up and looked to the girl with her small ‘following’ behind her.

“Amanda? What’s up?” Amy smiled, as Sonic would shift his eyes to each movement, trying to ‘stay in the know’ but be secretive about it.

“Whose your new friend?” Amanda turned to Sonic, who didn’t acknowledge as he turned the page of his comic book.

“This is my friend, Sonic! He’s teaching me sign language, isn’t that cool?” Amy happily stated, gesturing to Sonic.

“…Oh, hello then!” She moved to reach her hand out, but by this time, Sonic wasn’t looking at the girls.

He was silently reading his book, being aloof, giving Amy her time to speak to the ‘outside world’…

She withdrew her hand, and looked somewhat concerned to Amy.

Amy sweat-dropped slightly and tried to politely smile, “He’s mute.” she practically said this as if there was nothing out of the ordinary about it. “But I’m sure he meant to say hello.” She gave him a slight scolding with a narrowing of her eyes, but he only ‘pfft’d at seeing her reaction and returning to being ‘distant’.

She flipped her hair, ushering a normal atmosphere once more to the conversation.

“Sonic says I’m getting pretty good at sign language. I think I might take a course next year!” 

Her charming jitters from excitement at her words were expressed through slight bobbing left and right, up and down in her chair; as if eager to introduce her new friend, hobby, and passion. 

The cheerleaders stop to process what she was saying about him.

Shifting their eyes to Sonic, they looked at one another and back to Amy, “Can he lip read?”

Sonic did pick up on that part of the conversation.

Sonic closed the book, rolling his eyes to the left, and seemed disturbed with a slight frustration or annoyance at the girls.

He started to get up, scooping up his jacket, which was slung over the chair in a cool but lazy manner.

Amy, noticing the shift in his behavior and attitude, immediately got up as well, leading over the table, calling out- “Sonic!”

He could hear.

But he chose not too.

Amy quickly waved the confused girls off, scrambling to get her things, and slung her backpack over one arm.

“I’m sorry, he’s kinda shy… See you girls later!”

Amy took off as the girls raised an eyebrow and continued on their way.

Charging out the library doors, Amy threw her arms down, still having her study book in her hand. “What was that ‘anti-social’ attitude all about back there?”

Sonic turned around, putting headphones into his ears, and frowning mildly.

“You know, if you want to make friends, you really ought to learn how to carry a conversation.” She then briskly walked up to him, gripping his hand from him lowering it to his side.

“Oh, and how to shake a hand.” She shook his own, matching his resentment with some sass, before he looked away and seemed to mutely groan.

“What’s your problem anyway?” she put her hands to her hips, as he seemed to shift his gaze to them.

Something sad was in his eyes,.. realizing her hands were still, lifeless, her mouth the only thing communicating… or at least trying too.

He turned his eyes away, as she continued to speak with her lips.

“It’s like you don’t want to connect with anyone.”

Sonic looked down, as if not disputing.

Amy suddenly noticed his hands in his pockets, after she had released them from her grip.

A sudden sorrow came over her, and realizing her error, she immediately signed, I SORRY.

Now he attentively looked back at her.


He seemed to bite at his lower lip, looking down before pulling his hands slowly out his pockets and returning with a hesitation to forming any signs.


Amy’s eyes bent back in care, looking up at him before back to his hands,.. seeming hurt that he might be grouping her into the same category.


Amy started to step up, signing back, IT NOT LIKE YOU GIVE FAIR CHANCE.

Sonic’s eyes widened, slightly looking back up to her, growing upset again.


Sonic gripped her hand, stopping her from signing any further as he looked down, seeming hurt by her words.

He then softly let go… slowly signing again. I CAN’T TRUST EASILY.

Amy sighed,… before a huge grin skimmed her face and she happily signed with a big, optimistic look on her face. AT LEAST —

She seemed at a lost suddenly, trying to sign ‘TRUST’ but couldn’t remember how he formed the word.

He chuckled slightly, inaudibly, at her attempts; before stepping forward, taking her arms and slowly moving up to her hands…

She blushed, feeling him slide to her hands to help her stop and form the correct shapes and movements to properly communicate.

They were so close now.. as if this conversation was intimate somehow… as if Sonic only wanted the two of them to see what they were saying…

As if anyone else here knew how to tell what was going on…

He let her hands go and seemed to notice how close they were, and shyly stepped back, rubbing the back of his head. Having a faint pink that could barely be detected on his cheeks, he seemed to try and avoid showing that he knew that.

She cutely smiled and signed the rest of her thought.


He looked back and signed, I DO TRUST YOU.

He then smiled and quickly signed again, BUT WHAT WITH?

Amy then spent the next few weeks introducing Sonic to other kids in the school. A handicapped kid named Tails who was a genius, born with two twin tails, was the first she sent him to befriend.

Sonic and him quickly learned how to write notes and were friends almost instantly when Amy started to help him learn sign.

Knuckles mostly mocked Sonic before losing a fight against him, impressing but also worrying Amy; however, this made Knuckles come back for more, and aggressively began to learn sign language to properly challenge Sonic time and time again.

It was odd making these kinds of friends… but Sonic was, without words that could express it, eternally grateful.

He smiled to Amy one day, as she asked for a new sign.

He seemed to grow uneasy, uncomfortable,… before forming with his hand the thumb out, index and pinkie finger up, and the middle and ring finger down.

She looked oddly at it, before her face lit up in shock, and turned to him.

“Isn’t that..?”

He looked away and tried to wave off the sign.

“Wait, wait, wait-!!!” Amy turned him back to face her, as he refused to look her in the eye.

He started to sprint off, repetitively signing, IT NOTHING. JUST NEW SIGN. NOTHING BUT NEW SIGN.

As he got away from her, she called and he spun around, seeing her sign it back and call out.


His heart felt it would leap out of his chest. (inspired by the pic lol)

(I kept forgetting he could hear and made some adjustments, cause i’m used to ‘sign language’ being for the deaf, you know?)

(I’ll leave it there, what do you think? :) I tried to practice using OBS studios to show you how I make a story. If I edit it, you can see me writing this on Youtube, We’ll see~ :) UPDATE: not very good frame rate -lag-, I fixed it slightly but I’ll let you see it if you want too. It was a test but my audio is spot on so at least that’s good :) ) (Youtube vid: x)

anonymous asked:

For the head canon thingy // stydia // Stiles meeting Lydia during a self defense class he teaches (kind of looks very Mitch Rapp and Lydia is taking self defense after leaving Jackson)

im so attracted to AA Dylan and Nylon Holland so picture them 

  • To say Jackson took their breakup well was an understatement. Honestly, it’s Lydia’s own fault she’d been less concerned with the image and with the fact Jackson was a massive dick she wouldn’t have waited this long to leave him. 
  • She’s learnt her lesson now and it’s 6 months later and she feels like a different person. 
  • The problem is she had, along with ignoring Jackson, ignored that he was kinda crazy when he didn’t get what he wanted. He hadn’t quite reached the level of turning up at her new apartment yet but Lydia wasn’t going to take any chances. 
  • Which is why she’s currently walking into a self defence class, trainers tightly laced and hair pulled high. The room was filled with mostly women but a small selection of men scattered about. Lydia joins the group and waits for the trainer. 
  • and when he shows up. Holy shit. He’s tall and his hair was just short of being to long. His face was covered in slight scruff and the black tank he wore showed off the best of his muscles. His name is Stiles and he happens to be the instructor. 
  • The class itself is great. Slow enough that she can pick up the new physical movements but quick and interesting enough that the hour session goes past quickly. Stiles waves goodbye to them all and smiles awkwardly as they leave. 
  • Over the next few weeks Lydia see’s that he’s not the buff tough MMA guy she assumed would be running this sessions. He’s soft and he makes sure everyone’s comfortable before he demonstrates with them or corrects a movement. He wears star wars tshirts and makes nerdy references. And it is kinda charming to Lydia. 
  • She’s putting her trainers back of after a particularly interesting lesson on hitting the solar plexus when Stiles comes up to her. He tells her she’s doing good and hopes she’s enjoying the class. Tells her that her groin kicks are particularly good. 
  • It opens a dialogue after that. He greets her on entering class and she quips at him as he adjust her grip sometimes. He’s witty and sarcastic and Lydia takes that little bit longer putting her shoes on after class. 
  • After Jackson, and even while she was with him, she never felt her heart beat like this and never felt her stomach do that flip thing Kira always talked about. But with Stiles it’s different. 
  • He walks her to her car one night, just chatting away to her. Lydia’s listening but she’s also calculating the risks in her head. They stop next to her car and Lydia takes the plunge. 
  • Stiles, go on a date with me?” It takes him a good few minutes to form an answer. 
  • “I wasn’t hitting on you” is the first thing he manages to say and Lydia furrows her brow in confusion as he backtracks.”I mean that wasn’t what…i didn’t set out to-” She cuts him off “Yes or no” He looks relived to be given an out. “yes” 
  • They swap numbers and to his credit Stile’s organises the date before the next class. They visit the planetarium and then Stiles takes her to a science themed bar where things come smoking and in beakers. It’s fun. Lydia laughs. She likes Stiles. and her stomach does that flippy thing when he grabs her hand or touches the small of her back. 
  • Stiles walks her to her car after and Lydia lets herself lean into his side. She kisses him quickly when they say goodbye. It’s quick and Stiles doesn’t have time to react but it sends shivers down Lydia’s body and when she’s lying in bed alone that night she wishes she’d done more. 
  • Stiles spends their next class blushing under her gaze. They’d been texting since their date enough to have more plans in a few days. Lydia wears the sports top she knows makes her boobs looks great. Spends the class being deliberately more obvious with her movements. 
  • She lingers afterwards till the gym is empty and Stiles is smirking at her. “Lydia Martin were you trying to get me fired?” he asks reaching out for her waist. “no” she replies. I was trying to get you to kiss me” she answers looping her arms around his neck. 
  • He leans in then kissing her. It’s soft and slow but Lydia feels it in every inch of her body. She licks into his mouth and deepens the kiss drawing herself closer to Stiles. She never does finish the last 2 weeks of the course but really her groin kick is particularly good and she knows someone who’d be willing to give her extra lessons. One on one.