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small talk in french 💬

⭐️ (for beginners) ⭐️

When talking to french people, focus on innocuous topics like the weather, current events (“avez-vous lu à propos de..?” Have you read about…?), and cultural topics like food, movies, art, music, and so on. And remember to use vous instead of tu!

  • I only speak a little French. Je ne parle qu'un peu le français.
  • I am learning French, but I am only a beginner. J'apprends le français mais je ne suis qu'un débutant.
  • I have been learning french for 2 days / 2 weeks / 2 months / 1 year / 2 years. J'apprends le français depuis deux jours / deux semaines / deux mois / un an / deux ans.
  • Will you please correct me? Peux-tu me corriger, s'il te plaît?
  • What does ___ mean? Que veut dire ___?
  • What does that mean? Qu'est-ce que ça veut dire?
  • Can you explain in French/English to me? Peux-tu m'expliquer en français / anglais?
  • What does that mean in this context? Qu'est-ce que ça veut dire dans ce contexte?
  • What is the French word for ___? Quel est le mot français pour ___?
  • Is this/that correct? C'est juste?
  • Am I wrong? Je me trompe?/Est-ce que j'ai tort?
  • Am I correct? Est-ce que j'ai raison?
  • Do you understand? Est-ce que tu me comprends?
  • I do not understand. Je ne comprends pas.
  • I want to improve my level in French. Je veux améliorer mon niveau de français.
  • I need to practice French. J'ai besoin de pratiquer le français.
  • Do you have time to speak with me? As-tu le temps de parler avec moi ?
  • Can you help me to learn French? Peux-tu m'aider à apprendre le français?
  • Do you mind if we speak in French? Ça te dérange si nous parlons en français?
  • Can you please speak in French? it helps me to learn. Peux-tu me parler en français s'il te plaît? Ça m'aide à apprendre.
  • How do you say ’___’ in French? Comment dit-on ’___’ en français ?
  • I struggle with spelling / reading / writing / listening / pronunciation. J'ai du mal avec l'orthographe / la lecture / l'écriture / la compréhension orale / la prononciation.
  • Can you please repeat? I did not understand. Pouvez-vous répéter s'il vous plaît ? Je n'ai pas compris.
  • I don’t speak French fluently. Je ne parle pas couramment le français.
  • I am confused. Je suis perdu(e).
  • I don’t know how to say it in French. Je ne sais pas comment le dire en Français,
  • Sorry (or ‘pardon’), what did you say? Pardon, qu'est-ce que tu as dit?
  • I’ve never heard of that. Je n'ai jamais entendu ça.
  • That makes sense. Ça se tient.
  • That does not make sense. Ça n'a aucun sens.
  • What’s happening? / What’s going on? Qu'est-ce qui se passe?
  • What do you mean by ’___’ ? Qu'est-ce que tu entends par ’___’? / Qu'est-ce que tu veux dire par ’___’?

⭐️ Personal Stuff ⭐️

Here is a list of phrases you can use and practice when giving and asking for personal information. Take note that the list makes use of the formal “vous”.

  • Comment vous appelez-vous? What is your name?
  • Je m'appelle Christine. My name is Christine.
  • Quel est votre nom? What is your name?
  • Comment allez-vous? How are you?
  • Je vais bien, merci. I am doing well, thank you.
  • Très bien, merci. Very well, thank you.
  • Quel âge avez-vous? How old are you?
  • J'ai # ans. I am # years old.
  • J'ai trente ans. I am thirty years old.
  • J'ai quarante-deux ans. I am forty two old.
  • Quelle est votre nationalité? What is your Nationality?
  • Je suis canadien(ne). I am Canadian.
  • Je suis américain(e). I am American.
  • Je suis chinois(e). I am Chinese.
  • Je suis coréen(ne). I am Korean.
  • Où habitez-vous? Where do you live?
  • J'habite en Californie. I live in California.
  • Quel est votre numéro de téléphone? What is your phone number?
  • Mon numéro de téléphone est le … My phone number is …
  • Où êtes-vous né(e)? Where were you born?
  • Je suis né(e) à… I was born in…
  • Êtes-vous marié(e)? Are you married?
  • Oui, je suis marié. Yes, I am married
  • Non, je ne suis pas marié. No, I am not married
  • Je suis célibataire. I am single
  • Est-ce que vous avez des frères et soeurs? Do you have any brothers and sisters?
  • Je suis fille unique. I am an only child/daughter
  • Je suis fils unique. I am an only child/son
  • J'ai - frère(s). I have - brother(s).
  • J'ai - soeur(s).  I have - sisters(s).
  • Je n'ai pas de frères. I don’t have any brothers.
  • Je n'ai pas de soeurs. I don’t have any sisters.
  • Quel est votre métier? What is your job?
  • Quelle est votre profession? What is your profession?
  • Que faites-vous dans la vie? What do you do for a living?
  • Je suis ingénieur. I am an engineer.
  • Je suis boulanger/boulangère. I am a baker.
  • Je suis médecin. I am a doctor.
  • Je suis infirmier/infirmière. I am a nurse.

⭐️ Interests ⭐️

  • Quel est votre sport préféré? What is your favorite sport? (formal)
  • Quel est ton sport préféré? 
  • What is your favorite sport? (informal)
  • Mon sport préféré est… My favorite sport is….
  • J'aime faire du sport et garder la forme. I like to do sports to keep fit.
  • Quelle saison préférez-vous? What season do you prefer? (formal
  • Quelle saison préfères-tu? What season do you prefer? (What season is your favorite?) (informal)
  • Quels sont vos passe-temps préférés? What are your favorite pastimes? (formal)
  • Quels sont tes passe-temps préférés? What are your favorite pastimes? (informal)
  • Mes passe-temps préférés sont… My favorite pastimes are…
  • Qu'est-ce que vous faites dans votre temps libre? What do you do in your free time? (formal)
  • Qu'est-ce que tu fais dans ton temps libre? What do you do in your free time? (informal)
  • Est-ce que vous avez un animal de compagnie? Do you have a pet?(formal)
  • Est-ce que tu as un animal de compagnie? Do you have a pet? (informal)
  • Non, Je n'ai pas un animal de compagnie. No, I don’t have a pet.
  • Oui, J'ai un chat. Yes, I have a cat.
  • Oui, J'ai un chien.Yes, I have a dog.
  • Qu'est-ce que vous aimez? What do you like?
  • J'aime le jazz. I like jazz.
  • J'aime le rock. I like rock.
  • J'aime le hip-hop. I like hip-hop.
  • Je n'aime pas le rap. I don’t like rap.
  • Je n'écoute pas de la musique très souvent. I don’t listen to music very often.
  • J'aime les films d'amour. I like romance films.
  • J'aime les films d'aventures. I like adventure films.
  • Je n’aime pas faire du ski. I don’t like skiing.
  • Qu'est-ce que vous aimeriez faire dans la vie? What would you like to do in life ?
  • J'aimerais être chef. I would like to be a chef.
  • J'aimerais être un bibliothécaire. I would like to be a librarian.

Natsu Flirting

Have some soooo corny comic folks!
Excuse me for the Filipino/Tagalog language. LOL

N: You know, you’ll get lucky for love in this year
L: Eh, really?
N: Yes, of course! once you become mine.
L: *blush* If that how it is, I won’t complain. I’ll accept that luck you’re talking about.
N: …
L: Hey Natsu, are you okay?
(M&H: *Alright!*)
N: Ha? I-I’m okay! You’re such a weirdo!
L: Haah?! Me? A weirdo? You are!

In the box: Mirajane and Happy taught Natsu to say pick up lines.

The hallway



Summary : You noticed bruises on your boyfriend Peter’s body, but he refuses to tell you how he got them, which leads to multiple fights.

Characters : Peter Parker x reader

Word count : ~1300

A/N : I’m really nervous because this is the first writing I’m publishing and I’m so afraid about my mistakes since English is not my main language and I’m far from being bilingual. I hope some people will read it and enjoy it despite the mistakes. Don’t hesitate to ask, or request me anything, or even give me advices or correct my poor english if you want. Feel free to be honest with me. Thank you <3

“I don’t care !” you shouted to Peter.

He got your wrists in his hands, and you tried to debate yourself so he’d let you go.

Few days ago, you started to understand that something was wrong with your boyfriend, but you couldn’t tell what. You started to get everything in line in your head, and make suppositions. His pseudostage with Stark was very suspiscious since he sometimes left the work at outrageous hours. He must fill his time with something else, something he wasn’t willing to tell you.

“Let me go…” you tried to say, but your voice started cracking as the tears were filling up your eyes.

Few days ago, you noticed changes on Peter’s body. Few dark marks that you assumed were bruises. There were some on his back, also as scratches. You noticed it when he changed his shirt in front of you, and couldn’t stop thinking about it then. Later on, you discovered that these bruises weren’t only on his back but all over his body. So what now, he was beaten up all nights, fighting with some other random guys in the street ? You didn’t want to live a Fight Club remake, so you decided to talk to him, which didn’t end very well.

The first time you both discussed about those mysterious marks, he only told you that that was nothing you had to worry about -something you couldn’t do so. The second time, Peter assumed he lacked vitamin C, and that was what caused the multiple bruises. The third time, he told you to shut up because you were annoying as you asked him about it all the time. The fourth time, you decided to shout back and not let him play with you since you felt concerned about his situation. You ended so furious you broke up with him. But it seemed like he didn’t want you to be separated.

“I swear to God [Y/N] you need to listen to me !”

“No, Peter ! You already said what you needed to say last time. I don’t wanna hear from you anymore until you stop treating me like a fool !” The tears drowned your face and you refused to even glare at him.

“[Y/N], love, I can’t tell you, that’s too much for you to handle but I promise… I… [Y/N] look I’m sorry but you have to trust me.” You were trying to push Peter out your apartment not wanting to talk about it anymore, you just needed him to understand that you had to stay alone even for a few minutes.

“Leave !” you shouted “Or I’m going to become more serious than I’ve ever been and you don’t want that Peter Parker.”

Peter’s eyes were red, and you could tell that he held himself back from crying. It was a real torture to see him in this bad state but he plunged you into similar mood so many times this couple of days you couldn’t just stop the fight by wrapping him into your arms like nothing happened. Even if you needed to cuddle him at this time.

After your last words, he stopped and let your wrists free again, but they were a little red because he didn’t noticed how strongly he held them. Peter was wondering what you were thinking while saying you’d become more serious afterwards. He didn’t really wanted to know the answer, at least not if the only way for him to know was by trying. He stepped back, staring at you.

He wanted to tell you his secret, so much, he wanted to tell you that he was Spider-Man. But that would include putting you in danger, and he didn’t want that. His heart was torn apart, he knew he had to make a decision real quick. Either he tells you about his secret identity or he loses you. This was a brand new battle he needed to focus on, all by himself.

As soon as he passed the door, you shut and locked it. There was no way he would enter in this apartment any time soon. Your breathe took control of your body, all of your members shaking. You felt so vulnerable right now, so many tears had fallen from your eyes and it hadn’t stopped yet. Your back met the door and you let yourself fall to the ground. Sat down, you thought about what just happened. The blood in your wrists had trouble coming to your hand since Peter grabbed them. You only dated for three months but you never saw him acting like that. It seemed like violence was taking him, as you thought.

Knock knock knock.

Peter hadn’t left. He was still in the hallway and not quite ready to leave the building.

“[Y/N] I’m sorry babe, just let me in..” You could tell by his voice that he was crying too, so by this image standing in your head a flood of tears more powerful than the last ones overrunned your face. You moaned. Why hadn’t he left yet. “I don’t want you to be mad at me.” He was more calm now in the hallway than he was in front of you. “Love, please I wish I could tell you.”

A sudden urge had you violently punch the door. You were already mad, and those words wouldn’t be enough for you to calm down. “I can’t trust you Peter, not with all those marks you always come home with ! Plus I bet no one knows, not even May !”  God you were so pissed at him. “You don’t understand Peter, you don’t understand that it hurts to see you in such a state. What would you say if I had so many bruises ? I can tell you would care just like I do !”

“That’s exactly why I don’t want to tell you [Y/N].” Now he was totally calm. His voice was slight and you could barely hear him through the door. “I don’t want you to get involve in this crazy story.”

“So you’re in trouble, just like I thought ! But what did you do Peter ? I need to know, so I can help you. We can find solutions. I’ve always supported you since we met.”

“There’s no solution, love. I’m begging you, you need to trust me.”

Everything in your brain was mixing up, you couldn’t think anymore. Maybe it was because you cried too much, and you were tired of this eternal fight with Peter. A silence was instaured since you didn’t answer him, but he soon broke this calm.

“I love you.” You didn’t answer. “[Y/N] open the door…” You didn’t answer. “[Y/N]…” You didn’t answer. You couldn’t even find what to tell him anymore. “Please at least come kiss me I really need this special love only you can give me.” Okay, he was totally trying to get you by your feelings, and the thought of you two kissing almost messed everything up in the ’[Y/N] being mad program’.

“No Peter.” Your voice was strict as ever. “We’re not together anymore, we don’t get to kiss.” These words were painful to say but you knew it was the right decision. If you failed, he would take advantage in the fight.

“I love you…” Peter seemed so sad it broke your heart even more.

“I’m not going to open the door, not until I know what is happening with you.”

There were a little silence before Peter talked again. “Then I’m gonna stay in the hallway forever.”

far away- english translation

hi everyone! I wanted to provide a translation to armin’s character song, Far Away. Please feel free to provide corrections if you see something wrong, or a way to rephrase it! 

it expands out into the blue horizon

our little dream

our wings are so large

i’m flying everywhere, every season

growing up

we become aware of reality

the sky grows farther away

still, we fly

even when you cannot see it, the sky is there.

so far away, it always follows me

the light of our dreams,

we see our dream flying too

though I’ve hidden my weakness once more

you’ve taught me strength.

let’s never run away, because 

we are equal 

we share this dream, as we climb inside

still, it is far away. 

still, we can fly.

looking for freedom as long as we live

so far away, the darkness will be blocked

I can show you the road of tomorrow

last night, I saw the sky

our dreams flew, they continued beyond my sight

like a bird, they fly away

still, my dream does not change.

still so far away

still, we fly.

even when you can not see it

so far away, I will never lose it

the light shines

once again.

thanks to @survey-corps-potato for the romanji and furigana lyrics, and to @peachymess for posting pictures of the lyrics!

Oh my God. Okay so, after watching a shit ton of RnM theories on youtube, I had an idea and after a bit of math I think I figured something out.

So, if Beth was 17 when she got pregnant with Summer, that means that Beth is 34/35 now, meaning that she was about 20 when she got pregnant with Morty.

In that flashback where Rick picks up a baby Morty, Morty is 1 or 2 years old? And if he was gone for 20 years but still was able to see Morty as a baby, that means that Rick abandoned Beth and Diane when Beth was a baby herself, which makes sense because she ‘had to draw him into family photographs with a crayon’ and that’s totally something a small child would do.

So what if Rick came back into their lives after 20 years, when Morty was a baby but he didn’t stay, he left again and maybe visited from time to time until recently when Morty was 13 (a year before the current time in the show) he moved in and stayed.

Feel free to correct me if I have any of my facts wrong or if this is total bs, and please excuse my suckish english. 

believe in me

i kinda meshed these two requests together, i hope that’s alright!

request: could you do one where you’re a one night stand but he wants you to stay and after that you remain close friends but deep down he has feelings for you! 

request: harry and y/n are teachers at the same school. y/n is an art teacher and harry teaches english. one day harry doesn’t have a class to teach to he goes to watch y/n teach art and is amazed by their skills.


Harry couldn’t believe it. It was her. It was definitely her. He would recognize those cheek bones anywhere.

And those lips, the way she was biting them right now in concentration brought him back to when she bit her lip while staring at him at the bar, practically begging him to take her somewhere alone.

There were differences though, differences that nearly made her unrecognizable. She was wearing an oversized beige turtleneck, leggings and sneakers; a sharp contrast from the leather skirt and fishnets he remembered taking off. Her hair was in a messy bun now, held in place by a pencil and she was wearing big circular glasses, the rims made of gold wire.

Her hands were covered in charcoal as she concentrated on sketching what looked like a woman’s face, but the charcoal bled in a way that made it look like her face was melting off. She looked up from her work to check on her students and Harry backed away just behind the door so she couldn’t see him. He wasn’t sure if he should say something considering how they had left things.

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Adam’s IG Livestream with Mutasim and Cengiz (June 30)

Please correct me if I’m wrong in any of these. This post may be updated/edited at some point. These points are in chronological order.

  • Adam, Mutta, Cengiz and his brother (Kasim) were in a small indoor gym they found at Roskilde Festival.
  • Adam: I know my English is broken but at least it’s not as broken as Cengiz’, which is the only thing that makes me happy.
  • Adam kissed Cengiz on the cheek and Cengiz kissed him back on the cheek.
  • Adam and Mutta versus Cengiz and Kasim played indoor football with a barrier in the middle of the gym.
  • Mutta struggled a bit to say they’re the Moroccan boys in English.
  • Adam: I’m gonna teach all of you English.
  • Mutta: Adam thinks his English is sooooooo good but no
  • (Livestream 1 ends)
  • (Livestream 2 begins later)
  • Mutta and Cengiz were trying to do basketball tricks in the gym. At some point, Simo commented “eywa”.
  • The trick they were trying to do is to hit the ball on the wall, so that it bounces and goes into the hoop. They tried several times until Mutta succeeded, so he took his shirt off and everyone screamed and ran across the gym.
  • The next trick was trying to shoot the ball from the other side of the gym. Every time they succeeded they all screamed in excitement.
  • Mutta: Kasim thinks he has an amazing voice.
    Mutta: Kasim! Sing! [Kasim sang a little but it wasn’t that loud as he was pretty far, and Mutta and Adam were trying to record him secretly]
  • Mutta: He thinks he has a better voice than me. Do you want me to sing?
    Adam: We haven’t slept.
    Mutta: This is my song. [sings Drag Me Down by One Direction]
    Adam: I’m scared. That was scary as fuck. Mutta has gin in him (they don’t drink). [Adam also mentioned Shaytan at some point]
    Mutta: [sings Shape of You by Ed Sheeran]
  • Adam mentioned that he’s half-Norwegian half-Moroccan, Cengiz and Kasim are Turkish, and Mutta is half-Moroccan half-Pakistani.
  • @mutasimtatoutis said: Cengiz said he might do an IG livestream later, then Adam kissed him on the ceek.
Learn Tagalog with 300 words

This is the translated  word list made by  Fun with Languages, check out this post to find out more on the topic.

FIRST VERBS (English: Tagalog)

– maging
There ismayroon
Have magkaron  
Do – gawa
Go – umalis
Want – gusto
Can – kaya
Need – kailangan
Think – mag-isip
Know – malaman
Say – sabihin
Like – gusto
Speak – magsalita
Learn – matuto
Understand – maintindihan

CONJUNCTIONS (English: Tagalog)

That (as in “I think that…”)
– iyan
And – at
Or – o
But – pero
Because – kasi
Though – kahit na
So – kaya
If – kung

PREPOSITIONS (English: Tagalog)

– ng, ni
To – para (sayo)
From – galing
In – sa, nasa
At (a place) – sa
At (a time) -  /
With – sa, kasama (ng)
Abouti – tungkol
Like (meaning “similar to”) – katulad
For – para
Before bago
After – pagtapos
During – habang

QUESTION WORDS (English: Tagalog)

- sino
What - ano
Where - saan
When - kailan
Why - bakit
How - paano
How much - magkano
Which - alin

ADVERBS (English: Tagalog)

A lot
– madami
A little – kauntiing
Well – mabuti
Badly – masama
Only – lang
Also – din
Very – napaka
Too (as in “too tall”) – masyado
Too much – sobrang dami
So (as in “so tall”) – sobra (“sobrang taas”)
So much – sobra (“I love you so much – Sobra kitang mahal”)
More (more than) – pa, lalo pa
Less (less than) – kulang
As… as… (e.g. “as tall as”) – kasing (e.g “as tall as” – “kasing taas”)
Most – higit sa lahat
Least – kamuntiman
Better – mas mabuti
Best – pinakamabuti, pinakamahusay
Worse – mas masahol
Worst – pinakamasama
Now – ngayon
Then – pagkatapos, noon (long ago, previously)
Here – ditto
There – doon
Maybe – siguro
Always – palagi
Usually – karaniwan
Often – madalas
Sometimes – kung minsan
Never – hindi kailanman
Today – ngayon, sa araw na ito
Yesterday – kahapon
Tomorrow – bukas
Soon – sa madaling panahon
Almost – halos, kamuntik na
Already – na
Still – pa rin
Even - kahit na  
Enough – sapat

ADJECTIVES (English: Tagalog)

The, a
– ang, isang
This – ito
That – iyan
Good – mabait
Bad – masama
All – lahat
Some – ilan, halos
No – hindi
Any – anumang
Many – madami
Few – kakaunti
Most – pinaka-
Other – iba
Same – pareho
Different – iba, hindi katulad
Enough – sapat
One – isa
Two – dalawa
A few – ilan
First – una
Next – susunod
Last (meaning “past”, e.g. “last Friday) – noong
Last (meaning “final”) – huli
Easy – madali
Hard – mahirap
Early – maaga
Late – nahuli
Important – mahalaga
Interesting – kawili – wili, nakakawili
Fun – masaya
Boring – mainip
Beautiful – maganda
Big – malaki
Small – maliit
Happy – masaya
Sad – malungkot
Busy – bisi, okupado
Excited – nabigla, natutuwa
Tired – pagod
Ready – nakahanda
Favorite – paborito
New – bago
Right (meaning “correct”) – tama
Wrong – mali
True – totoo

PRONOUNS (English: Tagalog)

Know them in the subject (“I”), direct object (“me”), indirect object (“to me”), prepositional and possessive (“my”) forms.

I: Ako, ko, sa akin

You: ikaw/ka, mo, sa iyo

He: siya, niya, sa kanya

She: siya, niya, sa kanya

We: kami / tayo, naming / natin, sa amin / sa atin
You: kayo, ninyo, sa inyo
They: sila, nila, sa kanila 

NOUNS (English: Tagalog)

– lahat
Something – may, mayroon
Nothing – wala
Everyone – lahat
Someone – isang tao
No one – walang sinuman
Italian – italyano
English – ingles
Thing – bagay
Person – tao
Place – place
Time (as in “a long time”) – oras
Time (as in “I did it 3 times”) – beses (“I did it 3 times - Tatlong beses ko ginawa”)
Friend – kaibigan
Woman – babae
Man – lalaki
Money – pera
Country – bansa
Italy – italiya
City – lungsod
Language – wika
Word – salita
Food – pagkain
House – bahay
Store – tindahan

Office – opisina
Company – kompanya

Manager – tagapamahala
Coworker – katrabaho
Job – trabaho
Work (as in “I have a lot of work to do”) – trabaho
Problem – problema
Question – tanong
Idea – ideya
Life – buhay
World – mundo
Day – araw
Year – taon
Week – lingo
Month – buwan  
Hour – oras
Mother – nanay
Father – tatay
Parent – magulang
Daughter – anak na babae, bata, iha
Son – anak na lalaki, bata, iho
Child – bata

Child (little girl) – batang babae
Wife – asawa, asawang babae
Husband – asawa, asawang lalaki
Girlfriend – kasintahan, nobya
Boyfriend – kasinatahan, nobyo

MORE VERBS (English: Tagalog)

Work (as in a person working) – magtrabaho
Work (meaning “to function) – gumana
See – Makita
Use – gamitin
Should – dapat
Believe – maniwala
Practice – pagsasanay
Seem – tila
Come – dumating
Leave – umalis
Return – bumalik
Give – ibigay, mag-bigay
Take – kuhanin
Bring – dalhin
Look for – hanapin, maghanap
Find – mahanap, maghanap
Get (meaning “obtain”) – makuha
Receive – tumanggap
Buy – bumili
Try – subukin
Start – simula, magsimula
Stop – tumigil
Finish – tapos
Continue – magpatuloy
Wake up – gumising
Get up - bumangon
Eat breakfast – kumain ng almusal
Eat lunch – kumain ng tanghalian
Eat dinner – kumain ng hapunan
Happen – mangyari
Feel – maramdaman
Create (aka “make”) – lumikha, gumawa
Cause (aka “make”) – magdulot, maging sanhi
Meet – makasalubong, makilala
Ask (a question) – magtanong
Ask for (aka “request”) – humingi ng (kahilingan)
Wonder – magtaka
Reply – sumagot, tumugon
Mean – ibig sabihin, mangahulugan
Read – magbasa
Write – magsulat
Listen – making
Hear – marinig
Remember – matandaan
Forget – kalimutan, makalimutan
Choose – pumili
Decide – magpasya
Be born – ipanganak
Die – mamatay
Kill – pumatay
Live – mabuhay
Stay – manatili
Change – mabago, magbago
Help – tulungan, tumulong
Send – ipadala, magpdala
Study – mag-aral
Improve – mapabuti
Hope – umasa
Care – pangalagaan

PHRASES (English: Tagalog)

– hello/kamusta
Goodbye – paalam/bye-bye
Thank you – salamat
You’re welcome – walang anuman
Excuse me (to get someone’s attention) – excuse me / paumanhin
Sorry – patawad / paumanhin
It’s fine (response to an apology) – Okay lang / Ayos lang
Please – pakiusap
Yes – Oo
No – Hindi
Okay – Okay
My name is — Ang pangalan ko ay _
What’s your name? – Ano ang pangalan mo?
Nice to meet you – masaya akong nakilala kayo
How are you? – kamusta ka na?
I’m doing well, how about you? – Mabuti naman, ikaw?
Sorry? / What? (if you didn’t hear something) – Ano ulit yun?
How do you say ____? – Paano sabihin ang __?
What does _____ mean? – Ano ang ibig sabihin ng __?
I don’t understand – Hindi ko maintindihan
Could you repeat that? – Pwede ulitin mo?
Could you speak more slowly, please? – Pwede mag-salita ka ng mabagal? Please?
Well (as in “well, I think…”) – Sa tingin ko … / Well, sa tingin ko …
Really? – Talaga?
I guess that – Hula ko ay
It’s hot (talking about the weather) – Ang init!
It’s cold (talking about the weather) – Ang lamig!

GCSE English Literature

I HATE ENGLISH  but after heavily revising for my English exams, i feel like i can share some tips/info with you!!! also a reminder that this mainly links with AQA paper 1 of english literature!!!!!!! also i’m not an expert!!!! so if you have any other tips to add JUST ADD THEM BC WE GCSE STUDENTS NEED TO BE HERE FOR EACH OTHER!! OR IF ANYTHING’S WRONG CORRECT ME!!

general tips:

  • annotate your books A LOT

there are so many resources you can use to annotate the books your studying. Some of my favourites are mr bruff (THIS GUY THO), sparknotes and my yorknotes 9-1 book!! i also have a list of resources i use for a christmas carol here and here’s some resources for an inspector calls! honestly just search up ‘[insert book name] analysis’, so many links will come up! Also check out my literature tag for any additional help!!

  • do past paper questions

get your teacher to mark it and give you feedback! or get someone you know is great at english to mark it and tell you where you can improve! you can also mark it if the question comes with a mark scheme! use a different colour pen to criticise your own work, it helps trust me! also please don’t feel bad if you see a lot of red/whichever colour it’s marked with, because english is all about improving, because there is no wrong answer nor any perfect answer! there will always be something you can add to an english essay TRUST ME!!!!! there’s this girl in my class who gets 9s or whatnot, but that does not stop my teacher from heavily marking her works. THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT!!

  • read your books often

DON’T FORGET IT’S A CLOSED BOOK EXAM (aAAAA) and that means you’ll be required to remember quotes!!! even if you remember one small world QUOTE IT. FOR EXAMPLE if i remember scrooge is described as lonely and the only world i remember is OYSTER then i will write Scrooge is presented as a lonely man, like an ‘OYSTER’!!! THAT MY FRIEND IS WHAT THE EXAMINERS CALL evidence. PLEASE REMEMBER QUOTES (even it’s bits and bobs) !!! REMEMBER THE CONTEXT OF QUOTES SO AT LEAST YOU CAN REFER TO THEM!! you should also know the plot of book inside and out, so you can make references to  other parts of the book, which examiners really like (it also links to A01, which i will later discuss.)

  • know the book

not just know the plot, but the historical context behind it!!! THIS IS SO IMPORTANT PLEASE RESEARCH IT!1!!! PLEASE!!!

  • always check over your essays!!

make sure you included an introduction and conclusion. Check for any grammatical mistakes!! don’t let A04 be your downfall!!!

  • know your exam board like the back of your hand

what your exam board?? what’s their mark scheme like??? what do they want from you??? how do they mark?? THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!!! my exam boards AQA and I RESEARCHED THE HELL OUT OF IT and it’s the reason i can basically share these tips with you!!


the mark scheme consists of A01. A02 and A03.

(12 marks) A01 is all about you knowing the book. YOU BEING ABLE TO SAY Scrooge did this at this point or did that here. THAT IS SHOWCASING YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF THE BOOK!!! SO WRITE SMART!!

(12 marks) A02 is all about you saying WHYYYY!!1 why does the writer use a simile here? why does the writer do this?? what is the writer’s intention? it’s about justifying the writer’s methods. also idk if this is with A02 OR A03 but please writer about different perceptives!!! there is not just one way to look at things at english so write about how it affects people differently or how it could mean different things. FOR EXAMPLE ‘Perhaps this could suggest….However this could also demonstrate…’ or ‘Some readers may….While other readers…’

(6 marks) A03 IS ABOUT CONTEXT!!! what would’ve the contemporary readers thought??? they probably hated Macbeth because regicide was an act of disobeying God who was believed to appoint the king. IT SHOWS THAT I KNOW THE BOOK!!! IT SHOWS I DID SOME WIDER READING!!1 PLEASE REFER TO CONTEXT FOR MORE MARKS!!

for A04 they give you marks based on spelling and punctuation! that is why i insist you read over your work!! also please write in a way that the examiner’s understand you. PLEASee! if they can’t understand what you wrote or it doesn’t make sense they will not care!! they will take those marks!!! SO PLEASE READ OVER YOUR ESSAYS!!!

*so the mark scheme may change depending on the exam board or the paper, but for this post it’s definitely for AQA paper 1

Walkthrough - Tenka Touitsu Love Ballad - (Act 2) Date Masamune

Walkthrough - Tenka Touitsu Love Ballad - (Act 2) Date Masamune

Note: I got these answers by personally playing the Japanese version of the app. I don’t have the ability to translate the choices so for now I’ll just highlight the right answers (I mean the letter of the right answers).

I will label the endings as Divine Destiny End, Noble Fates End and Eternal End.

Feel free to correct me if some of the answers are wrong. You can also message me if you have any questions regarding this walkthrough. You will get the Eternal End after finishing the Noble Fates End (it needs story tickets btw).

My ID: 2168630 (English Ver.) and 7922344 (Japanese Ver.)

~Main Route~

Episode 1

Part 1 (1/5)
B. (Chemistry +5)

Part 2 (1/5)
B. (Chemistry +5)

Story Mission: Need 2,800 Skill Points

Episode 2

Part 1 (2/5)
A. (Chemistry +5)

Part 2 (5/5)
A. (Chemistry +5)

Story Mission:
Love: Hakama? (Item Score +80) - 8 Pearls (with CG)
Fate: Bag with Apple Pattern? (Item Score +40) - 5 Pearl/2500 Coins

Spoiler CG:

Episode 3

Part 1 (4/5)
A. (Chemistry +5)

Part 2 (1/5)
A. (Chemistry +5)

Episode 4

Part 1 (5/5)
A. (Chemistry +5)

Part 2 (5/5)
A. (Chemistry +5)

Episode 5

Part 1 (2/5)
B. (Chemistry +5)

Part 2 (4/5)
B. (Chemistry +5)

Story Mission: Need 23,800 Skill Points

Episode 6

Part 1 (1/5)
A. (Chemistry +5)

Part 2 (2/5)
A. (Chemistry +5)

Story Mission:
Love: Rose Kimono? (+100 Item Score) - 12 Pearl (with CG)
Fate: Short Boots with White Ribbon? (+80 Item Score) - 8 Pearl/4,000 Coins

Spoiler CG:

Episode 7

Part 1 (2/5)
B. (Chemistry +5)

Part 2 (4/5)
A. (Chemistry +5)

Episode 8

Part 1 (3/5)
A. (Chemistry +5)

Part 2 (3/5)
A. (Chemistry +5)

Episode 9

Part 1 (2/5)
B. (Chemistry +5)

Part 2 (3/5)
A. (Chemistry +5)

Story Mission: Need 37,000 Skill Points

Episode 10

Part 1 (1/5)
A. (Chemistry +5)

Part 2 (4/5)
B. (Chemistry +5)

Divine Destiny Ending: 65 Chemistry, 43,000 Skill Points 

Noble Fates Ending: 43,000 Skill Points

Episode 11 (Divine Destiny End)

No selection (with CG)
Get: (Kimono?)

Spoiler CG:

A Future Story 

No selection

Episode 11 (Noble Fates End)

No selection
Get: (Hair and ornaments?)

Episode 11 (Eternal End)

No selection (with CG)

Spoiler CG: 


Don’t fuck with Viktor Nikiforov.

(I pray silently that my english is correct - maybe not - sorry for that :/ - no, seriously, tell me if it’s wrong)

(Look, look ! I have a graphic tablet & a new stylus :D)

sketchy-scribs-n-doods  asked:

REVERSE I MAYBE SCREAMED AT THE GREEN LIGHT JFC I'M A HUGE LIT. AND SYMBOLISM NERD I'M GONNA!! Idk if anyone has commented on it bc I just scrolled straight back up to your ask box, but it's from the Great Gatsby, and omfg it's about hope and dreams, but like, specifically the unattainable dreams of the past. I remember that it also could be connected to Gatsby trying to get Daisy being his dream, but in the end he's just trying to recreate his past with her?? And I'm just!!!! (1 of ?)

(2 of 2) IT FITS DARK AND PEEVILS SO WELL UM?? It’s been awhile since I read the book, so please correct me if I’m wrong but, the green light symbolized his desire for Daisy, yea? And in turn that desire was also a desire for his past with her? There was also a bunch of stuff about social power & wealth and how that fit in and stuff but aH DUDE I LOVE YOUR WRITING AND REFERENCES OMFG IT’S ALL SO GOOD HNNNN- My apologies if I got anything wrong, it’s been awhile since English in grade 9 ehe ^^“ ♡             

Your enthusiasm is absolutely adorable, and you’ve made my day, cutie pie! Yes! This is exactly what I was going for when I made that reference, as you said “the unattainable dreams of the past.” Specifically in this instance, the dreams of being with someone he’s lost due to his weaknesses before.

For Gatsby, it was his low social class and poverty. For Dark, it was the fact that he wasn’t powerful enough to save her.

Gatsby sold his soul to get wealth. Dark sold his soul to get power. Both want to get back what they lost, but is it even possible?

*takes a bow* And that, cutie pies, is how you get Reverse ranting about books and symbolism for three hours nonstop. I won’t bore you with all my ramblings, but I do LOVE symbolism. And I’m really glad you got what I was trying to say here!! XD

Imagine : Maybe Peter isn’t the only one with a secret (Part 1)

A/N : It’s my first Peter Parker imagine so feel free to correct me if something is wrong even though I will focus more on Peter and the reader’s relationship. I’ll probably do several parts (at least two) because I don’t want this to be too long (I’ll try lol) so if you don’t know yet what’s really happening, it’s normal. Also, english is not my first language so if you see any (big or not) mistake, don’t hesitate to message me ! That said, I hope you’ll enjoy this !

Part 2

You remembered how easy it was to just go into your bed and have a good night sleep. You remembered how everything used to be easy. Now that you were thinking about it, you couldn’t really tell the last time you had a real good night sleep. You couldn’t tell either the last time that something went normal. You started to accept that your life won’t be the same again, but even your friendship with Peter wasn’t the same. And that was hard to admit.

You barely saw him today, he was so busy that even school didn’t seem to be in his priorities anymore. You were worried about him but he would always say he was doing fine, he was just “so busy”. At first, you would naively believe him, and forget about it because of course Peter had a life. You weren’t his world, you couldn’t stay together all the time.

But when you got in an accident that almost killed you, you thought that all these “I’m fine” from Peter could be lies, because you knew that it was what you were doing. Lying. If anything “good” came from the accident, it was that Peter and you were close again, but you still felt like something was wrong with him. At one point, you even felt like he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, and you couldn’t do anything about it. Because he already closed himself off and you were slowly doing the same.

After the car accident, you were prepared for the nightmares and the flashbacks. But you were not at all ready for what soon became your routine. Then came another kind of nightmares and horror, and at these times, you really missed the sleepover at Peter’s. You missed his reassuring presence. And you hated this walls that would separate his room from yours, but what you hated the most were the invisible -but very present- walls between the two of you.

Your eyes were slowly closing without your consent as you were trying to fight the need to sleep. Even with the lights on, you hated the darkness’ feelings that came when you closed your eyes. You knew you were about to live the accident again, you couldn’t run from it, even if you tried.

It was around 3am when screaming woke Peter up. It took him only a few seconds to recognize your voice. And even less for his heart to be broken. It wasn’t the first time he would hear you having nightmares, but he knew these nightmares were different and that they would happen again and again. He knew that because even if you didn’t say it out loud, Peter knew you. And he knew the accident changed you, he just didn’t know how much yet. Plus, he had nightmares too, nightmares that were too real for him. Being spiderman was a huge responsibility.

He hesitated to come as spiderman but decided you probably needed him, your best friend, not a stranger in a costume. He quickly dressed up and opened his window. Of course the door would have been easier but passing by the window was faster and he would be directly in your room.

Making sure nobody was coming in your room, Peter opened slowly your window, praying he wouldn’t scare you more than you already were, fighting your own demons. He noticed you left a night light, which was something new. Peter didn’t know it was to keep the darkness away but he guessed it was related to your accident in a way. He approached carefully and saw you were crying in your sleep, which broke even more his heart. Putting his shyness and insecurities away, he sat on your bed and put one of his hand on your arm, caressing you softly.

“Y/N” he whispered, “wake up. It’s Peter.”

You felt his warm hand before you heard his voice. You didn’t wake up yet, still trapped in your nightmare. That’s when he touched your cheek and called you again that you woke up, sweaty and completely panicked.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay. It’s over. I’m here (Y/N). Are you okay ?”

He knew his question was stupid, who could ever be okay after a nightmare ? But before he could say anything, you came closer and went into his arms, only wanting to feel his warm and forget about everything for a bit. If you were holding Peter tight, he was hugging you even tighter, caressing your hair slowly. None of you spoke for several minutes but no one felt the need to speak. It wasn’t embarrassing at all, just reassuring, and it was all you needed.

“Did I wake you ?” You asked after a moment, your throat still dry.

“No.” Peter lied, “but don’t worry about that. Do you need anything ?” He pulled away only a little so you would still be in his arms, his brown eyes on you were full of caring.

You shook your head ‘no’ but cleared your throat before adding “I just need you to stay with me. Please. Can you stay here tonight ?” Your voice was shaking, you were nearly crying.

Peter frowned and at first you thought your demand was too much and that Peter didn’t want to stay but the boy was just upset to see you like this. He couldn’t stand to see you like this knowing he couldn’t do anything. He was spiderman, the guy that had the power to help people, yet he couldn’t help you

“Of course I’m staying. I’m not leaving, I promise.” And you knew he didn’t only mean it for tonight, it was a promise but also an apologize for all the times he let you down.

“You know, I’m not mad at you or anything Peter.” You whispered. “Of course I miss you and it’s weird not having you with me like I used to but I get that you’re busy, or that you’re doing things that only concern yourself. It’s just… I really need you… right now…”

Peter slowly placed his hand in yours before laying down on your bed, making you do the same. Your nightmare was still present but it was slowly fading away with Peter’s presence. He bring you closer, your head finding its place on his chest, and still hugging you tight.

“I’m here. I’m not letting anything happen to you.” He whispered before adding “not again”.

Seeing you so vulnerable made Peter weak. Even though he didn’t know he was helping you just by being here, he thought he was helpless. He wanted to kiss you and tell you how much he loved you, but he couldn’t do that right now. It wasn’t the right moment. He knew he had to wait, for the both of you to be in a better place. And he knew it could take time, but he was willing to wait. The only thing that mattered to him right now was your safety. He wanted to tell you everything, why he was distant and how he became spiderman, that he never wanted you or Ned to feel forgotten. He wanted to tell you how he wished he could have prevented your accident from happening. He just wanted to tell you that things will be alright, but he didn’t know yet what was happening to you, and that it was kind of bigger than the two of you. If he was the light, the sparkle and the hope, you were the darkness, the sorrow and the death.

anonymous asked:

Do you get hate? Like what is there to hate about you?

… sometimes but it’s … :V a few “reasons” below:

  • maybe there are just the kind of people, who takes satisfaction out of, being a huge D to others, (i had classmates like this, so … i know.)
  • i had a few anonymus messages (of course, cause people are not brave enough to come to me, face to face) about me liking the ‘Frans ship’ (Sans x Firsk), after I even stated “when Frisk is not a child, but when they are an adult, it’s fine“. a few instantly called me names.
  • me liking Fontcest is another great issue, as i saw it~
  • about not saying things correctly. (???) like come on! i already stated MANY times, my national language is not english, and said “correct me if i’m writing something wrong, be a grammar nazi as you like“, but don’t say after it, that i’m dumb and go back to school … (sorry, i had to vent a little XD sorry.)
  • or other times, i just get messages like “you suck” or “oh god, you like that? eff you!” and other weak attempts to make me sad and destroyed.

HATERS GONNA HATE! not much i can do about them. there are and always be people, who always disagree with my views.

so yeah. :3

I’ve tried to recreate the escape from Wonderland just based on that mini scene of ‘Way Too Wonderland’ when the narrators tell us about the curse and the Evil Queen. I can’t imagine how hard it is to left behind friends, family, your only home…The Wonderland Kids have sad backstories…
Okay. La cosa es que no sabía la backstorie de Lizzie, Kitty, Maddie, etc. hasta que me leí los diarios de cada personaje y para ese entonces yo ya había sacado mi propia historia cuando fue el escape y también ya la había dibujado. Sé que ni se acerca al canon, pero igual está interesante pensar que las cosas sucedieron así :o

I know lot of people don’t like Jorge R Gutierrez’s “El Tigre” because some people didn’t found it as a good representation of Mexican culture (I really can’t comment on that topic since I am NOT mexican so I can’t tell what counts or not). Though I can’t 100% affirm it… In Latin America the show was kinda popular?

I mean,  I know in mexico it got to the point of having like.. 2 or 3 different sets of “Tazos” (i think they are called slammers in english?) and some other merchandise, and it my country it was pretty popular!! I’ve heard for a few Mexican pals that they actually used to like it a ton mostly because of the style and the fact that the creator was a Mexican trying to do cartoons that weren’t on the US. 

donut-monster  asked:

Why is chair-kun also called pego?

((This dates back to before Persona 5 was released. The name Pego was dubbed by the Japanese fandom and was adapted by some English fans. From my understanding (and please correct me if I’m wrong), it’s a play on the word for Persona and the Japanese word for 5 (go); 

Pe (as in persona) + Five (go)= Pego.

Hence the name Pego was used to refer to the Persona 5 Protagonist! Hope this helps!))