correct me if i'm wrong on the date

In the preview, Shigezane introduces himself as Ito Narumi.


It’s actually his name in other hiragana.

Date Shigezane in kanji is [ 伊達 成実 ]

伊達 could stand for both hiragana  だて (Date) or  いとう (Itou).

成実 could stand for both hiragana  しげざね (Shigezane) or  なるみ (Narumi).

Hiragana used to show how to spell the mentioned kanji since it could be referred to lots of name~

Hak's origin theory

Theory on where Hak is from:

What if Hak was a child that Mundok took in from the war with Xing. Hear me out, I’ve check the dates, and Hak would have only be around 1-2 years old at the time of the war (correct me if I’m wrong). Given the theory that Mundok fought in the battle, he could have found Hak alone, parents murdered by Yu-Hons men, and taken Hak in ,from either guilt or kindness. With his age, Hak would not have been able to remember the events of the war. Which leave Hak only knowing that Mundok adopted him when he was young.


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Well, their age gap isn’t that big tbh. Rebecca is 12 y/o so she and Yugi would be 5 years apart only. And I read that the age of consent in Japan is 13 y/o, so Rebecca would  just have to wait for one year to date Yugi I guess,:’D

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Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't the "children" that antis always claim to protect merely speculative(as in i hardly see any real minors/survivors directly benefitting from this kind of activism)? Meanwhile there are living, breathing people/minors even that they interact with and tell to kill themselves. They're favouring /hypothetical/ abuse over real abuse. (sry for English)

I am one of said minors that were told to kill themselves over reblogging some Sh/eith fanart, yes

and the “protecting kids” bs argument kinda died when they asked Josh Keaton if he’d let his kids date adults

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So, I'm a lesbian but people are saying I can't be lesbian if I like trans girls. Um, yes I can, biological or not they're still female. That doesn't mean if I date a trans girl that I'm suddenly straight just because they're amab. And this is relatives saying it but whenever I try to correct them they just ignore me and keep saying I'm wrong, they literally won't listen, I swear it's like talking to 5 year olds. /:

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MBTI Types as Melanie Martinez Lyrics
  • ISTJ: "I'm so unprepared, I'm fucking scared."
  • ESTJ: "Uh-oh, there it goes. I said too much, it overflowed."
  • INFP: "I'm laughing, I'm crying. It feels like I'm dying. I'm dying. I'm dying."
  • ENFP: "Oh, come, take my hand and run through playland. So high, too high at the carnival."
  • ISFJ: "Do you like my cookies? They're made just for you. A little bit of sugar, but lot's of poison, too."
  • ESFJ: "Stitched you up, put you together with cotton and feather. Gave you love, put my heart inside you."
  • INTP: "I don't give a shit about you anyway. Whoever said I gave a shit 'bout you?"
  • ENTP: "The normals, they make me afraid. The crazies, they make me feel safe."
  • ISTP: "Tell you a secret: I'm not alarmed. So what if I'm crazy? The best people are."
  • ESTP: "Love everything you do, when you call me fucking dumb for the stupid shit I do."
  • INFJ: "You think I'm psycho, you think I'm gone. Tell the psychiatrist something is wrong."
  • ENFJ: "If I share my toys, will you let me stay? Don't want to leave this play date with you."
  • INTJ: "Everyone thinks that we're perfect. Please don't let them look through the curtains."
  • ENTJ: "I'll cut you up and make you dinner. You've reached the end, you are the winner."
  • ISFP: "You smell just like vanilla, you taste like buttercream. You're filling up my senses with empty calories."
  • ESFP: "I'm nuts, baby I'm mad, the craziest friend that you've ever had."

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I haven't seen this last episode yet since I don't have TV, but I'm wondering if you know how much time is supposed to have passed since they got to the ground and like the beginning of the finale. I have a hard time following time lines sometimes.

I get easily confused about the timeline too! By my count, from the beginning of the series to the beginning of the finale is about 7 or 8 months?

I’m clear on the first three seasons taking place over six months – they outright confirmed this in “Join Or Die” by dating the flashbacks to the delinquents’ classes with Pike as “6 months earlier”. That checks out!  (Season 1 = about a month, Season 2 = directly after & another month, Season 3 = 86-day time jump, then back to the rest of the season covering about a month. Most episodes only a couple of days go by.)

I haven’t really been keeping track of how much time has been going by in S4 though. Early in the season it was a “two months to Praimfaya” thing but about halfway through the season (by 4x07/4x08 specifically) that turned into 10 DAYS, so unless I missed something I think they just kept shortening the ‘how much time we thought we had left’ thing and again this season took place over just a matter of weeks? Two months at MOST but seemingly less than that.

So again, all together it seems like these 4 seasons on the ground = 7 months, 8 maximum?


so remember that anime dating app called Astoria with the bisexual main character, a highly diverse cast, and a super hot female medusa?

well, they’re making a new storyline for a nonbinary character by the name of Cyprin due to popular demand! I believe this makes Cyprin one of the first explicitly stated non-binary characters in a popular game/app! (Correct me if I’m wrong please)

I love how that post is going around about how hoshi called former member dongjin “black bean” because of his skin and seungkwan and seokmin said that they’d prefer dating someone with pale skin and people are acting scandalized about it lmao guys they’re kids ofc they’re gonna make mistakes at some point??? and considering the thing with hoshi wasn’t recent at all and they’ve all been defending mingyu from hate over his tan skin I would say he’s learned that what he said was insensitive and wrong??? also preference does not equal exclusion??? I’m ??????

We need to destroy the notion that girls can’t date people smaller than them.

That femininity somehow always equates to being made feel small and delicate.

Just because I have excess fat on my body and my boyfriend doesn’t does NOT mean I’m “very lucky he wants to date me”. We are not an anomaly or a weird couple. I am not a fetish.

I’ve thought my entire life that guys, especially thin ones, would never like me in this body. And that’s just wrong.