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Mars thru the signs 🔥
  • Aries: driven towards everything daring, exiting and adventurous, extremely passionate about pursuit of conquest towards goal, possibly quick tempered, strong fire energy that must be channeled into physical challenge or passionate go-getting, can't sit still, needs new new new energy in their directed energy!
  • Taurus: slow and steady wins the race, may take a LONG ass time to get to where they want to go.. Putting in all of the hard work and gluing the puzzle pieces together so when they actually get there they have strong stability and comfort in their foundation, very sensual physical energy, can be funneled into extremely hard work or extreme laziness, two sides of the coin with Taurus Mars..
  • Gemini: verbal takedown, a ninja of words, goes towards goals and desires on a intellectual level, takes in all energies surrounding and from there strategically goes forth, likely to talk talk talk about the directed energy they have, talking about it helps them create what it is they are going for..
  • Cancer: oh sweet cancer... Above all else needs emotional comfort in putting Mars energy forward, very passive and wishy washy, has trouble putting their foot DOWN on something, very very fiercely passionate about the ones they hold close, would do anything for their friends, puts a lot of directed Mars energy towards nurturing others.. So much so that it can put a halt to self-advocacy.. Very sweet and emotional in the bedroom..
  • Leo: creative in any and all ways, incessant need to share themselves and their identity in how they approach the world, strong on self-advocacy "this is what I want to do and I will do it!" Thinks much of self in the context of pursuit, dramatic physical energy, a need to be the BEST, loves to perform and be center stage within their life, strong connection between having energy to be physical and sunlight, the sun shines through Mars in this placement. Mars loves to be in Leo and many of these people feel Leo very strongly in their life even if it's their only placement in Leo. (My placement hehe)
  • Virgo: extremely analytical in approach to directing energy, will look at all of the finer details and facts, add it- weigh it- equate it all up into a final consensus on what the perfect course of action is, perfection and correct execution is very important to Mars Virgo, needs to do it RIGHT, 100% kinky as fuck in bed oh lord.. Wants to serve and be served if you catch my drift..
  • Libra: emphasis on keeping everything in balance when pursuing something, with that comes a tendency for indecision on which way they want to direct their energy, beautifully creative in their stance (many musicians I know have this placement)Mars Libras physical directed energy is fine tuned to the harmonic melody of Venus, passionate and rhythmic with their directed energy, will come at you with a balanced kind creative energy..
  • Scorpio: the psychic touch! Their physical energy swims in the waters of Scorpio, their touch is metaphysical. Mars loves to be in Scorpio.. These people see something they want, take it inside to the deepest caves of their inner world and they go AT IT with no intention of loosing, they are formidable opponents in battle, a hearth of energy being cultivated and honed in behind the scenes, powerful directed energy that needs to be channeled into something productive, high emphasis on sexuality, passion to conquer and master in themselves what it is they are trying to attain, this energy can be totally transcendent or viciously deceitful..
  • Saggitarius: what is life if we're not havin some fun?! Expansive in the way they approach physical reality, Mars in Sag is the one to overdo it at the party because they are the one having the most fun! Boisterous and bubbling with energy..Will put physical directed energy towards saggitarian pursuits of higher learning, foreign travel, deep encounters, and having fun! Their physical energy is robust.. Likely to be interested in sports or organized energy exchange, feels a deeper purpose and intention when going towards goals, philosophical sentiment is held in their powerful fire approach to life.
  • Capricorn: tempered, controlled, powerful directed energy funneled into goal oriented mindset, a desire to achieve success and competence through directed energy implemented orderly and efficiently, like Virgo they have a desire to do things right but it comes from more of a place needing to feel competent in themselves rather than anylictal need for perfection in life, Mars in Capricorn has the capacity to create great lengths of achievement within their directed energy..
  • Aquarius: these people seek to get their way in the exact way that they would like to do it because in their idealistic mind their way of directing energy is the BEST way, therefore listening and taking others authority or advice comes as a challenge, they seem to challenge status quo in what they are pursuing, Mars in Aquarius will get there the most unconventional and well thought out route ..
  • Pisces: day dreaming their reality to life, they direct their energy through where their intuition guides them, they hold an extremely mystical Neptune energy in the pursuit of life, the way Mars operates in this person will be very ethereal and spiritual, whether they channel that energy into becoming a drug addict, body builder, writer, traveler.. They are going out doing what they are doing for no other reason than the trance state they are in put them there.. You ask Mars in cap "why are you standing here as a successful body builder" "Im here because I was scrawny and thin and wanted to have achievement in my body, I worked hard and now I'm built! check out my new business of fitness DVDs!" Now.. You ask a Pisces Mars the same question and you'd get "I'm here because it feels right to be here, this is my art and this is my life"
Arkansas Readies For 8 Executions, Despite Outcry Over Pace, Method
The state hasn't carried out an execution in more than a decade, but its supply of the sedative midazolam expires at the end of April. So it plans to execute eight men over 11 days.

Faced with an expiring supply of a controversial sedative, the state of Arkansas plans to execute eight men over 11 days — a pace that is unprecedented in recent U.S. history and that has been criticized by lawyers and former corrections officials.


OKay so i just watched danganronpa and now im obsessed! (if you dont mind a little gore in anime i highly suggest it!) So i made a mystic messenger cross over!

So what’s happened here if you haven’t watched it, there are 16 students chosen to go to a high school because of their special talents and they are all given nick names starting with Super duper high school {blank}. They soon get trapped in the school with a bear called monokuma. Now Monokuma traps them in the school forcing them to murder at least 1 person every few days or so. If no one gets murdered all of them die and can never be free. Once a student is murdered they hold a class trial to see who is innocent and who is guilty. If you say the murderer is someone innocent, everyone but the murderer dies, And the murderer gets to run free. So its important that you vote right. If you do vote right, the murderer gets executed in some of the most gruesome ways…

So basically in this comic Yoosung murders ZEN to protect MC but because they all guessed that Yoosung was the murderer (Which is correct) He Got executed leaving everyone safe another day…


Summary: The Reach are long gone and life goes on for Blue Beetle as normally as it can for a superhero. Khaji Da ponders over his partnership with Jaime and his own personal developments as they work together on missions and go through everyday life. But then Red Tornado mysteriously goes missing, and Khaji Da is faced with a new dilemma…

Characters: Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle), Khaji Da (Blue Beetle Scarab), Victor Stone (Cyborg), Bart Allen (Kid Flash/Impulse), Red Tornado, Tye Longshadow, Brief appearance of Jaime’s family, Various Team Members, and an Underdeveloped AI.

Word Count: 15,404

Art/Graphic: @stevertrevor

Notes: Written for YJ Mini Big Bang 2017. Special thanks to @fire-fira and @necromancy-enthusiast. I really couldn’t have done this without you guys. Thank you so much. You both cheered me on and helped me edit this doozy of a fic. All of my love goes out to you. And thank you @stevertrevor for making this awesome graphic. I love it so much.

AO3 Link

Chapter 1


While Khaji Da cannot pinpoint the exact moment he developed sentience, he certainly can remember the paradigm shift of consciousness and personality, programming splitting and unraveling from perfect lattices of strict protocol and obedience to imperfect fractals of organic geometry, every slightly flawed repeat giving rise to new thought and emotion, reactions that have no name or thought behind them, vague feelings instead of precise calculations and instructions.

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Could you write how paladins would react to an s/o that's bad at fighting? Like they try so hard and want to be at the same level but lord help them they are terrible

sorry if these seem rushed, i just wanted to get something posted before i went to bed since i haven’t posted anything in a few days!!


- he wants to help (so let him!!)

- definitely understands that you have been trying your hardest to be at the same skill level as him, but wants you to take it easy

- starts off with the basics so that you have a foundation to build on 

- Space Dad is very proud of you when you show off your new skills after a few days of training!! 

- since he’s hands down the best fighter among the paladins, you’re glad to be training with him and in no time, you’re fighting just as amazing as he is


- finds it adorable that you want to be as good at fighting as he is

- offers immediately to help train you so that (1) you can spend more time together than you already do and (2) you can be better at fighting

- laughs a bit at the beginning because you’re just so terrible, but always apologizes and helps you correct your stance or execution of a move

- proudly shows off your new, way improved skills the next time everyone is in the training room together


- his ego is fed when you tell him that you want to fight like him, but he’s also very endeared because wow? you wan’t to fight like me?? you think i’m good at fighting???

- agrees to helping you improve your skills because how can he say no to his s/o and also someone who wants to be on the same tier as he is

- spends an hour or two a day just going over moves with you

- when someone else happens to be in the room with the two of you, you show off some of your new skills and keith stands off to the side with a smug look on his face


- very!! humbled!! that you want to fight like he does, though he’s not sure he’s the best fighter to aspire to be

- happily offers to show you what he knows, though

- grins and laughs a lot when you get down even the simplest of moves because it’s awesome to see you make progress and further your skills

- the giddiest of the paladins when one of the others compliments you on your new skills because he helped you do that (he’s a very proud boyfriend)


- admittedly isn’t the best at combat, but is flattered nonetheless

- though they don’t know very much about fighting, they agree to help you out

- helps correct your posture and stance at first then moves onto carrying out actions like punching and such

- praises you constantly on your commitment to getting better at fighting and tells you they’re proud of the progress you’ve made

Things YoI Fans/Ficcers Should Know About Skating (#23)


We are back with the next installment of our Jump Breakdowns. Today we’re covering the Loop!

NOTES: If you haven’t read the post on EDGES, you’re gonna be really confused. So read that first. Remember, we are assuming our skater is a right-footed skater (meaning they land on their right foot…just like Yuuri!) Skating jargon is explained in parenthesis.


The loop takes off and lands on, the same back (skating backwards), outside edge (edge closest to your pinky toe). For a right-footed skater, that would be the right, back, outside edge. The loop is rotated counter-clockwise. It’s easily distinguished from other jumps due to its circular, backwards take-off in which the feet are in line with each other on the curve (feet are right in front of each other). 

Note: you don’t have to have both feet on the ice, a lot of advanced skaters won’t for the single loop, like you’ll see in the video, but will for the more advanced variations, if it is the first jump in a combo. This is because the correct edge characterizes the execution of the jump. They will not put the free foot down if the loop is the second jump in the combo. 

The toe-pick is an edge jump, meaning there is no assist from the toe-pick (the spiky thing at the front of your blade). The jump is created using the momentum from the curve and pulling the front leg up and in to rotate in tandem with pulling your hands and arms in.  


As the first jump of a combination, usually followed by a triple or double toe.

Following a lutz jump, because your already on the back outside edge, and can just pull right up into the loop without putting your free foot (left) down. 

As the second jump in a combination used so the skaters can change feet. This is usually a ½ loop (where it only makes half of the rotation of a single loop). 

For instance: Yuuri does a triple axel, ½ loop, triple salchow in his freeskate.

*However, there is a rule limiting how many times each jump can be performed, so make sure you follow it in your fics. See this post for clarification.


Edge jump
Entered on a back outside curved edge
Takeoff from right back outside edge
Free, left leg sweeps up and in to help the rotation
Rotate counterclockwise X times
Land on right foot

Here is our favorite skating coach doing a single loop (I really love this guy, and imitating his accent, and I would have crushed so hard on him when I was skating). Here is a single loop by a tiny skater, with explanation from her coach, showing both feet on the ice. And here is Evgenia doing a beautiful triple loop in her creepy program (I’m sorry, this program weirds me out, it’s beautiful but creepy at the same time.) The technique on this is gorgeous and they show it in slow motion, too. 

Dear Journal,

This morning I woke up to a sleeping Sirius next to me. His bare chest was rising and falling as he breathed. I brushed my hand on his shoulder and he slowly opened his tired eyes.

“It’s time to wake up love.. We have classes.” I whispered to him.

“Mhm.. Goodmorning Remus.” He mumbled still half asleep.

I kissed his forehead and stood up, searching for my clothes. Sirius yawned and sat on the edge of the bed. I could feel his eyes on me. I looked his way and he smiled to me.

“I had a dream where I was a healer.” He said.

“Oh. Would you like to be one?” I asked.

“I think so.” He nodded, smiling.

I walked up to him and stood in between his legs.

“If that’s what you want, then do it.” I smiled.

“Do you think they’ll let me use my powers? I could learn how to make them stronger and help people!”

“That’s a great idea Pads.” I smiled to myself.

“Why are you smiling like that?”

“I don’t know.. I just like seeing you happy.”

“You know.. You’re the one who makes me the most happy..” he said kissing my lips.

“I love you Sirius.”

“Merlin I love you too!”

“Come on, we’ll be late for breakfast.” I said.

We entered the great hall and ate with our friends. We had charms on first period. For some reason I was unable to do a spell. I tried and tried but it wouldn’t work. Sirius spotted me from across the room and jogged up to me.

“Here let me help you.” He said.

He stood behind me. He was really close. I could feel his thorso on my back. He layed his arm on mine to show me the correct way to execute the spell. He smelt so good. With my other hand, I grabbed his. He whispered the spell in my ear and i could feel his hot breath on my bare neck. I tried once more and did it. He stood in front of me and smiled. Merlin his lips looked so soft. Concentrate Remus, it’s not time to think about your boyfriend in that way. He then leaned his head to whisper in my ear.

“Merlin you look so beautiful.”

“I really want to kiss you right now..” i whispered back.

“In 8 minutes.” He said looking at the clock.

The longest 8 minutes of my life. When the bell rang i grabbed my bag and Sirius took my hand, leading me to a dark corner of the hall. I pushed him against the wall and crashed my lips on his. My hands were on his cheeks and his were on my waist. I was right, his lips were really soft. They always are but you know.. His hands found their way under my shirt and I shivered to the touch of his cold fingers. We kissed until the next bell rang, telling us that we had 3 minutes left before the other class.

I’ll write tonight.
March 6th 1976

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J, I just saw a post that made snakes physically appear in my room:/ it was a dam/rey who was basically saying that poe never has his own story outside of finn and im just sitting here trying to think of what scenario has this hell fandom even given finn the time of day to even do that ! i hate that ship even more then re/ylo, and that's hard to beat

if they mean that poes story in tfa has nothing to it without finn theyre totally correct. he wouldve been executed in the FO had finn not saved his ass. they should be thankful b/c without him they would have no hope for their ship. because of finn maybe in tlj poe will ask rey to move out of his line of sight so he can see finn. and is that interaction gonna totally revolve around finns relationship with both of them? yeah of course. but will that stop the damereys from trying to erase finns blackass so they can put their self-insert boring white girl rey in a relationship with their oc racist caricature of poe dameron?? no way. 

i genuinely hate damereys more than reylos as well. i know antis flipped about that video of kyle replacing finn in the finnrey scenes in that reylo vid (which was warranted). but damereys have created videos, photos, artworks, fics, etc. a whole WORLD around erasing finn from every single scene he has with either rey or poe. they hate finn & they wish the black dude could stop existing so they could ship damerey/reypoe/poerey/jedipilot/garbage without being ostracized and laughed at because theyre nothing but delusional racist antiblack & antilatinx morons. 

Signs and reactions

This can apply to any placement or planetary emphasis of the archetypes… the autopilot reaction to day-to-day events is the ascendant, to one-to-one confrontation and engagement is the descendent, for a default call to action it’s the sun, for actions that call for mulling or advice from the heart it’s the moon, for intellectual formulation it’s mercury, for aesthetic judgment and judgment from pleasure it’s venus, etc…

Aries: A very immediate reaction, straight from the void, unmediated and in a sense unpredictable, a raw release of the buildups of inner character in combination with circumstance. Aries in our charts shows us at our earliest, our most immediate, and the part of us that gets developed, if this makes sense…

Taurus: Taurus reacts by asking the question, “What is real? What is authentic?” about this situation, and then expresses it. Taurus is united with expression and its function is to reveal, through its expression, the immediate situation

Gemini: Gemini sees what’s going on and says “Hmmm…” and then expresses what it perceives as possibility, it sort of moves into the cracks of Taurus’s reality and sees what can move and be different, and in the same way Taurus is one with expression of reality Gemini is one with enlivenment of reality…

Cancer: Cancer says “How do I feel?” and figures it out from there… it is constantly situating itself relative to its own feeling. Its natural orientation is also to dispel any pain or sense of un-belonging if it can

Leo: Leo goes back to its own experience, and says “Well who am I in relation to this situation? What does my experience tell me? What do I in my knowledge and history bring to this table?” They will speak in “I” statements with stories of their history

Virgo: Virgo thinks “What can I do?” It is one with the gentle improvement of situation… in group conversations Virgo will often stay quiet until it feels it can edify or refine…

Libra: “How can I defuse tension? Where is the center of agreement between these two sides? Where is the misunderstanding?” Libra is one with all opinions and understands that disagreement is simply misalignment. If there is no disharmony, Libra is very shallow and lazy and thinks “What flavor of azalea would I most like to smell, what exact flavor of shade and sun would I like to sit in?” and similarly shallow preferences, the refinement of small pleasures is its joy

Scorpio: “What is underneath this?” In cases that call for reaction Scorpio will rumple its brows and frown and pry into or underneath information. Where Libra thinks confusion arises from misunderstanding Scorpio thinks it arises from withheld information, usually locked up because of emotional blocks of some kind

Sagittarius: Sagittarius asks, “Where is my spirit?” It is as concerned about authenticity as Taurus is, but the location of the authenticity is in what the heart understands… In this sense it is what is refined and authentic enough in structure to power action in the world like gasoline powers motors

Capricorn: Capricorn asks “What is viable about this situation?” It relates immediately to the internal structures, with its X-ray senses… To Capricorn when there is something off about a situation it’s because there’s something that’s structurally unsupported about it, something that can be corrected by an executive decision. It isn’t the gentle immediate correction of improvement that Virgo does, rather its action is total, structural, and “cardinal” as it is the cardinal earth sign

Aquarius: Aquarius goes to the center of experience and perspective like Leo does, but rather than centering itself on the “I” it centers itself and moves from personal Principle. Principle is Aquarius’s “I”

Pisces: Pisces’s reaction is to release and spread into the emotional corners of the situation. Pisces is a wash… It can’t predict the content of what it will say, do, judge, or bring, only that it will wash through situations… The question is, “What is the true feeling?” and it will be related to the totality of the picture, Pisces’s orientation will usually be on the side of justice for all and it will usually speak from the darkest spaces


Lunge technique tips from Mark coles

An excellent finish to a legs workout when executed with correct form 👌

  • Yaoi fangirls: Omg!!!! I cant wait for the yaoi and did you see yuri and viktor nearly kiss theyre so gay omg!!! UvU
  • Me: -prays for an anime that doesn't make the actual premise of figure skating insignificant by adding a shit ton of fanservice to cater to fujoshis and hopes for a correct and mature execution of a homosexual relationship that is so unique in anime due to the unrealistic fanservice/representation of said homosexual relationships-
Thoughts on Gem Harvest

First things first, I don’t think I’m going to be doing regular list styled reviews anymore. Praising the same thing over and over again gets pretty redundant. So instead of talking about the positives and negatives on something, I’m going to talk about the things that stick out to me as a viewer. And this Steven Universe episode in particular really does have a lot worth talking about.

But before I get into any of that, I’d like to place a trigger warning here. Expect spoilers, and in regards to this episode in particular, expect me to dance around certain political issues that I’m sure are going to be controversial either way you slice it. This is not a political blog, and I definitely have my own bias’s and agendas, but I’m sure a left leaning millennial is nothing new on this website. 


Originally posted by not-lapis-anymore

Considering the recent events that have occurred a bit earlier this month, this episode could not have come out at a more appropriate time. Hell, this episode begins with Lapis and Peridot farming together, coincidentally mirroring some rather infamous statements made by Rush Limbaugh. 

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Do you think ui will survive this arc? He's my fav investigator and I think he's one of the few who honestly want justice in this manga. Hopefully ishida doesn't kill him :(

I quite like Ui, as well, but honestly, I don’t think he will. That being said, I didn’t think he’d survive the Tsukiyama Extermination Arc either, and look where we are.

One thing he’s got going against him is a really unlucky trump card [x]

Another thing, as you mentioned, is that he has several times been characterized by thinking of his job within the CCG as that of a hero of justice. It’s the reason he can’t abide Haise in their ranks, it’s why he doesn’t like Haise’s idea to pretend to be ghouls, and it’s one of the reasons he’s so upset with Kijima’s tape.

 Furuta compares Higemaru coming from a family of civil servants and a family strongly tied to a sense of justice to Ui “Hope.” And indeed, Ui was supposed to be the “hope” for the CCG, and was until the Tsukiyama operation.

Now, that operation is interesting because the failure was not entirely Ui’s fault. The failure to realize that Aogiri might be more involved and detect that they were there - especially Eto, who was above the building where Matsuri’s helicopter was, could probably be at least equally blamed on Matsuri of Division II, if not more so on him. The fact that Shuu escaped is only his fault in so far as he didn’t correct Sasaki’s method of execution, but it was the fact that the CCG had a big giant leak in the shape of Furuta Nimura that really caused that escape to succeed as well as allow Mirumo the chance to escape as well. And it certainly wasn’t ultimately Squad 1 commander Ui’s job to know that the CCG had a leak - that failure goes all the way up the chain and ultimately falls at the feet of Chairman Washuu - or really, because the leak is also a leaky V agent, higher than that still.

Even though he was supreme commander, he was going in blind on the kind of threat he was dealing with in terms of Noro, and then Eto showing up shocked everyone. But instead of treating it as a larger organization-wide blind spot or failing, since that mission, Ui has been referred to as nothing but a failure. Especially by Matsuri.

(thank you Yoshitoki for sort of kind of standing up for Ui, and against Matsuri - you were the hero of this chapter.)

Here’s where the symbolism of Ui’s potential death comes in. Ui was the hope of the CCG. The hope of the CCG characterized by believing that the CCG was acting in the capacity of Heroes of Justice. That hope was thrown under the bus by a Washuu. 

With King Bileygr the fact that the CCG is not really an organization of Heroes of Justice is coming to light. The leadership of the Washuu Clan, who is working with V to maintain control of the world through false conflicts, is the root of what is so very much wrong with what Ui thinks of the CCG.

And how doubly ironic that Ui so looked up to Arima and was his protege, too. Arima, the toy soldier of the Washuu and V - the very enforcer of the twisted bird cage that makes the CCG anything but the organization Ui believes it is.

So in a sense, I think, Ui’s death would be a very fitting symbol of the death of that idea of the CCG. It’s already started.

There’s also the fact that while everyone else on the CCG’s Rushima team spread is looking forward or ahead, Ui (who is standing alone) seems to be looking backwards -

But I could be wrong. I thought there were plenty of death flags for Ui last time around, and he pulled through, even if his squad and his reputation didn’t. Maybe he’ll live long enough to see his image of the CCG fall apart, still. Is that a fate better than death? Seeing everything you’ve worked for, risked your life for, and believe in exposed as a lie? I dunno. Best of luck, Ui, either way. :/

(but if you are worried about the fight for justice, fear not, for Amon has returned to us. Even if Ui should fall, the fight for justice will live on.)

@xwingacepilot continued from here

His face crumpled. He shook his head, his anger fading now. “You wouldn’t understand. You couldn’t possibly understand. But that doesn’t matter now. I’m a sith, an enemy of the republic, and I’ll stand trial just so they can say that I will be executed, correct?” he shot a scornful look at Poe before he sat down again. 

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So I just found out that the joke in the fifth season (second to last episode) where Annie says buns and the subway executive corrects her actually happened. Subway sent only one note about this episode and that was that they didn't call their bread buns. I just wanted to share that with people.


Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know that.