corrales door

You turn on the light to the bathroom staring at your belly in the mirror you are well pass 9 months. “Ugh come on baby please come out.. *rubbing your belly* I wanna meet you my little Lauren Elizabeth *kick kick* oh my god you can hear me.. damn kid hurry up!” Hearing a laugh from behind you you spin around quickly its just andy you love the way he looks at you his eyes so blue so soft and longing you could die in his eyes and be perfectly content with you life, he was your whole world and you his. “How are my girls doing? *wrapping you in his arms he gently rubs your belly and Lauren goes crazy* you okay baby?” Looking at you two in the mirror you knew you were ready for this you knew that you and he both were ready and wanted this baby. “Yea babe just fine… do you think we should call the dr. I mean I know he said 3:30 tomorrow but I dont know should we ask cause I mean I dont want anything to happen” you begin to ramble and andy just watches you with the most sympathetic eyes “Do you feel any pressure” hes holding up 1 finger looking at you mockingly because you’ve done this several times in the last few days “No.” rolling your eyes at him “Do you feel nauseated?” “No..” “Okay well those are the reasons he said to come in.. * he picks you up bridal style* and all remainder of the time you should be on partial bed rest which means no walking unless absolutely *laying you on the bed* needed!” He kisses your forehead and walks around the bed to lay with you. He cradles you against him he still makes you feel small and quaint you feel so safe with him and Lauren goes crazy whenever he is around he doesn’t even have to say or do anything and she does flips in your stomach. Andy begins to hum to you and baby and you drift into a deep sleep. 3:30am You begin to feel extreme pressure down there. “Andy *you shake him* Andrew!!! Wake up!” You lightly smack his face with your free hand, hes not waking up and you can feel her coming. “Andy the baby!! Shes coming!!” you scream like a whorror scream queen and his eyes shoot open. “Baby! Oh god baby what time is it.” He reads the clock “Oh my god 12 hours too early Lauren daddys was sleeping!” “Haha you and me both buddy!” you start to get up and waddle out the door andy grabs your bags and keys and hops off the balcony downstairs and runs for the car. “Hold on baby daddy’s gonna get ya! Oh god dont worry babe I got the car.” You finally get downstairs and open the front door and theres andy waiting outside the door he scoops you up and runs you to the car this man is speeding down the freeway and he is losing his mind. Good thing your staying calm enough for the both of you. You get into search and delivery “My Wife is having a baby!” A nurse hands him a clip board and puts you in a wheel chair. “Its all right baby ill be with you the whole way” he holds your hands as they take you to the room. The nurses do their thing and you find out your only a centimeter dilated so you would have to wait.. A few hours pass the nurses check periodically and theyd always tell you the same thing “Almost there sweetie ill be back in a few hours” you and andy are in the room talkin away hes so excited for his little girl “Baby come lay with me.” He gets up and you scoot over he craddels you like he has been and hes just looking into your eyes. “What?” You say playfully “Hehe nothing cant I just look at you?” He kisses your forehead and strokes your hair your playing with the frayed leather fringe on his jacket. “You said wife.. *his body tenses*” “Wh-what?” He stammered “When we came in you said My Wife is having a baby haha *you look up at him playful*” he tries to act cool real quick “Huh oh yea I guess I juat read it somewhere real quick and it got-sigh- yea I did babe haha I hella did *he looks away* so do you?” “Do I what?” “Do you (Y/f&l/n) want to be my wife” you kiss him softly and sweetly holding his face to yours “Yes Andrew Biersack I do want to be Mrs. (Y/N) Biersack.” A huge smile splits across his fave and his eyes light up as he kisses your lips you two giggle as the nurse walks in doing her thin she checks the machines all your vital and then on Lauren “Mr. Biersack im gonna need you to go to the waiting room.” He looks up at her with worry and anger in his eyes “What? No they said I could stay because I was the father. Im not leaving!” The nurse isn’t paying attention shes frantically writing down number and facts not skipping a beat and not even looking at him. “Thats when her pregnancy was non-conflict now I need you to go and i need to take her to surgery.” Your eyes grow big and you hold him to you. “Its okay Batman I love you I promise I’ll come back.” He holds on to your hand looking at the nurse. “Take care of my wife.” He kisses your fore head as she corrals him out the door. After 3 hours of labor she’s here and your exhausted and sore when Andy comes in he goes to your side kissing you all over “Oh good job baby girl you did it.” He looks over at the clear box next to your bed with a little bunndle of pink blanket in it his eyes water with joy holding his baby girl to him. “Hello Lauren Elizabeth I’m your daddy I’m Andy *kisses her* I’ve waited so long for you baby and I’m never letting go!”


You snap your fingers and reach back impatiently. “Let’s go, li’l bro, pony rides are departing now, the corral doors are open and this horsie’s gotta run.”

“You can’t run,” he says, dismissively, and vaults up one-legged, to cling to your back like a baby octopus, arms starfishing around your neck. You think vaguely of Li’l Cal, and find you don’t really mind when he snuggles in to peer over your shoulder.

“Shut up. I could totally run. I just don’t feel like it at the moment and this is in no way a paper thin excuse to salvage my dignity.”

illustrations for awesome fics cyber!bunny apocalypse ` verse

written by curlicuecal

I just love cyber!bunny-verse apocaliptic world and interactions between characters are just marvelous! *wolf basks in the well-crafted stories about AR&Kankri and cute bunnies*


So this is a thing that happened in my town that my dad took pictures of to show me…
[I blocked out my dad’s name because I wasn’t sure if he’d be okay with me posting his name on tumblr, he’s the one who posted these photos on facebook.]

Apparently there were 4 “cart corrals” that someone at my local jewel thought would be a GRAND idea to move them onto the stripes of the designated “handicap” parking spaces. One or two even went into the spaces themselves.

My dad assumes that the manager or whoever probably told an employee or someone to move the corrals closer to the door so people wouldn’t have to go too far to get carts or put them away because it was going to snow a lot. [?? I don’t know, it kind of made sense in my head] BUT. They ended up just dragging them to these spots without thinking.

However, this is not okay. My dad e-mailed the higher ups for jewel [corporate?] and explained what happened, as well as sending them links to these photos. He said if he doesn’t get a reply tomorrow, he’s calling them. A friend of mine said if those fail, to bring it up to local news. But I wouldn’t even know how to begin doing that.

It pisses me off, though, that people just don’t think about these things. It’s so…OBVIOUS. You just don’t…block those spots. They’re there for a reason.

I don’t know. It’s just ridiculous.

Orphan’s St. Patrick’s Day

So, I know it’s rather late, but it didn’t occur to me to write this until St. Patrick’s day, and I am a bit of a slow writer. It’s not much, just a little bit of fluff, but I think it’s cute, and I hope you will too. 

You can find the other parts of this series on my fics page here, if you are so inclined.

Orphan’s St. Patrick’s Day

As soon as she hears the banging, she knows what to expecton the other side. She’s already laughing as she shrugs her silk robe on over her pajamas, and makes her way through the living room.

The closer she gets to the door, the more clearly she can hear them in the hallway; two low bass voices in loose chorus with what must be Izzy’s high soprano. Rae winces, despite her smile. They’re making an awful racket and are bound to wake up Finn’s neighbors. She picks up the pace just a little.

“And it’s no, nay, nebber. No nay nebber…” Finn’s voice is less tune and more shout.

“I play the rover dover foreeevvvverrr mooorrre!” Izzy sings broadly, mangling both the lyrics and the melody.

“Spent all my money on whiskey and beer!” Archie chimes in.

The banging sounds again, followed by Chop’s irritated voice. “Oh, fucks sake! Shut up, you lot! Rae!”

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