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Ok so I just wanted to make this post to give y'all a rundown for what’s happening in the south right now:

Currently there is a hurricane making landfall on the coast of Texas called Harvey. Harvey is a Category 4 hurricane that has winds exceeding 130 mph. Most Texans were unprepared for this hurricane because the only yesterday Harvey was a Category 1 hurricane and the day before that Harvey was just a Tropical Depression. Most Gas Stations are running out of gas if they haven’t already and most stores are empty of a lot of nonperishable items and water.

The last Category 4 Hurricane to hit Texas was Ike in September 2008. At the time, most of what is Galveston Island had been leveled with one or two houses still standing. Most of the area did not have power for about a week and some did not have power for over a month after. The city of Galveston itself had storm surge over 17 Ft (5.18 meters). In the Bolivar Peninsula, flood waters exceeded 12Ft (around 3 meters). Winds exceeded 110mph and the highest storm surge was recorded at 22 ft (6.8 meters). 195 people were killed in the storm in total (not just Texas) and the cost to repair was around $22 Billion.

We were lucky with Ike because the storm was relatively quick to move through the area. Harvey was previously expected to pass through Mexico as a Tropical Depression and continue out until the Pacific Ocean until a few days ago when it turned to the north. In addition because it is such a slow moving system (moving almost 10 mph), it allowed the system to strength over the warm Gulf waters. With Harvey we are not as lucky due to the weather we have been having previously. There is high pressures located over West Texas and one located to the north east, around northern Louisiana and Arkansas and a jet stream that runs behind both high pressure systems which are effectively going to box in Harvey causing him to stay over Texas until Wednesday.

If you want to help out with the relief fund in anyway by donation, please donate to the red cross by visiting , calling 1-800-RED-CROSS (1-800-733-27677), Or texting the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation or to the salvation army by visiting or calling 1-800-725-2769 . Other ways you can help are by volunteering or donating blood if possible.

Please keep Texas in your prayers and keep monitoring the situation. If possible please Signal Boost this post or post like it just so we can get word out.

Honestly? Fuck everyone making fucking political comics and fucked up reasons why they don’t care about what’s happening here.

Yeah Texas has shitty politics as someone who lives here I fucking get it but could you get of you fucking high horse and go look at the images of businesses​, homes, hospitals, and roads that are under water and people suffering. If you still make it about politics then honestly fuck you.

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When 2-month-old Isaac Enrique Sanchez was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis, a condition that causes vomiting, dehydration and weight loss in infants, his parents were told that their son’s condition was curable. The problem was that no hospital in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas had a pediatric surgery team capable of performing the operation on his stomach.

To make Isaac well, Oscar and Irma Sanchez would need to take their infant son to Driscoll Children’s Hospital, in Corpus Christi, Texas. It was just a couple of hours up the highway, but for them it was a world away.

The Sanchezes, who are undocumented, would need to pass a Border Patrol checkpoint.

While they pondered their predicament in a Harlingen, Texas, hospital, a Border Patrol agent showed up in the waiting room — Oscar Sanchez suspects a nurse turned them in — and said he could arrange for officers to escort the parents through the checkpoint to Corpus. But the agent said when they arrived, they would be arrested and put into deportation proceedings. The couple agreed.

Border Patrol Arrests Parents While Infant Awaits Serious Operation

Photo: John Burnett/NPR

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The remnants of now-Tropical Storm Harvey have all but parked over south Texas and the storm is inundating the region around Houston with “unprecedented” rain, according to the National Weather Service.

Houstonians have been stranded in their homes, and some of those who were on the roads were in need of rescue as areas of Houston received as much as two feet of rain with no immediate end in sight.

Then-Hurricane Harvey made landfall late Friday evening near Corpus Christi, Texas, as a Category 4 hurricane, one of the strongest storms to make landfall in recent history.

PHOTOS: Houston Flood Caused By Harvey Sends Residents Scrambling For Safety

Photos: Katies Hayes Luke for NPR and Scott Olson/Getty Images (2)