corpsewithoutsoul-blog  asked:

worst nightmare come true: I was holding my vial of No Presents for Christmas, ready to apply before going out... and I dropped it, causing it to shatter all over the floor. At least my floors smell amazing now. I guess my point is LADY PLEASE MAKE MORE OF THAT STUFF I SMELL LIKE NOTHING AND I'M GOING THROUGH WITHDRAWAL

 AHHH bummer!!! I am working on them AS WE SPEAK. I’m hoping to shoot them and stock them tonight! I feel like a jackass because I keep saying “they’ll be up by the end of the week!” then I have to start art jobs and I wish I had more hands.

BUT I bought new vials and PROS: more sizes and better fitting caps, CONS there’s no room for the little rune stones on top, but I’ll still throw them in the bag!

I’m also thinking of making alcohol based perfumes available? They’ll be a bit cheaper too WOULD THAT BE GOOD? I’m kinda torn. I DUNNO. <3 I’ve been drinking I’m sorry.