corpse river

Karin:  Hmm I can’t find Sasuke…

Suigetsu:  I got this *puts hands over mouth*  Itachi sucks and has ugly hair!

Sasuke: *Destroys Konoha*  YOU DARE SPEAK OF ANIKI IN FRONT OF ME!

Suigetsu: Found hi-shit.

Naruto: *Bursts through ground* WHOEVER SAID THAT IS DEAD!  BELIEVE IT!

Suigetsu: Uhh-

Shisui: *Drags reanimated corpse from river*  Let me tell you something about my cousin…

Sakura: *Rips apart trees* HOW DARE YOU!?!?!!?!


Suigetsu: I was just-

Kakashi: *Bursts through wall*  I heard Itachi and ass.

Itachi: *Floats down from heaven*  Rude.

Arya Stark Appreciation Week - Day Two (Favorite Familial Relationship)

“I think [Arya] must be dead too.“ When she said that, it felt as though a giant hand were squeezing her chest. (ACOK)

And her lady mother, what would she say? Would she still want her back, after all the things she’d done? Arya chewed her lip and wondered. (ASOS)

arya and catelyn’s dynamic has been my favorite among the starks since the very beginning. i remember when i read a storm of swords i almost threw my book across the room as i got to the part where arya pulls cat’s body out of the river. and the first asoiaf graphic i ever made was a really ugly arya/cat picspam. its not exactly a warm fuzzy relationship. its complicated. arya worries her mother would not want her back because she didnt feel she could be a lady and cat does despair of arya at times (while still loving her as much as the rest of her children)  they dont even interact on page. but its my fave all the same. i think one of the reasons i love it so much is because they’re actually so similar and neither of them realizes it. on the surface they’re very different: cat has always comfortably embraced her role as a lady while arya has struggled to conform to it. but deep down? they’re both practical, intelligent, outspoken, no nonsense women with pragmatic minds. they are assertive and capable leaders. they act instinctively and boldly.they’re fiercely protective of those they love and vindictive against those who wrong them. it might be silly but i love how they both stan for the direwolves too. arya’s bond with her wolf (and her wolves) runs deep and catelyn has a great respect for their power. she “loves” summer for ripping out a man’s throat to save bran’s life. which feels a lot like something arya would think as well. 

“She is a fierce little thing, my lord. I have never seen such anger in a girl.” (AGOT)

“Give me Cersei Lannister, Lord Karstark, and you would see how gentle a woman can be,” Catelyn replied. (AGOT)

the most important (and underrated) similarity between them is the devotion they show to their family. they are two of the most family orientated characters in this series. cat’s words are family, duty, honor and arya’s personal motto is the pack survives. this is what motivates them: the desire to get their family back. and they will do just about anything to accomplish that goal. they value this above all else, including vengeance. but when their families are completely gone they will come for those responsible. 

I am a creature of grief and dust and bitter longings. There is an empty place within me where my heart was once. (ACOK)

It was a hollow place, an emptiness where her heart had been, where her brothers had lived, and her parents. (ASOS)

on a narrative level they are so deeply intertwined that i cannot believe its a coincidence. they share a strong water motif. arya spends a majority of her time in the riverlands which is not only catelyn homeland but its her current location too. arya fights so hard to reach riverrun, and her mother and robb. without knowing the other is fighting just as hard to find them. but the red wedding is where it all comes crashing down. inside the castle, cat has to watch as her last son is betrayed and murdered before she is killed by the freys. outside, arya finds herself in the middle of the slaughter too. she runs for the castle, to save her mother, but sandor clegane knocks her unconscience. this tragedy ends with arya and catelyn stark blacking out and when they awaken they are changed. 

I’m not his daughter, Arya might have shouted, if she hadn’t felt so tired. She was no one’s daughter now. She was no one.

“She don’t speak,” said the big man in the yellow cloak. “You bloody bastards cut her throat too deep for that. But she remembers.” (ASOS)

arya is stricken with grief. her last hope to return home and be reunited with her family was destroyed. arya feels as if she is no one. her identity was built upon her pack and without them she is more lost then ever. catelyn stark never truly wakes up. arya and her wolf pulled the three day old corpse out of the river and beric dondarrion gave it the kiss of life, in a possible attempt to fulfill his oath to arya. lady stoneheart’s existence is a direct result of arya’s will. 

The white thing lay facedown in the mud, her dead flesh wrinkled and pale, cold blood trickling from her throat. Rise, she thought. Rise and eat and run with us. (ASOS)

“The Freys slashed her throat from ear to ear. When we found her by the river she was three days dead. Harwin begged me to give her the kiss of life, but it had been too long. I would not do it, so Lord Beric put his lips to hers instead, and the flame of life passed from him to her. And … she rose. May the Lord of Light protect us. She rose.” (AFFC)

but she is not the woman she once was. she is a creature driven by nothing but revenge. she has no objectivity or remorse or sympathy. all she wants is to see hanged men. arya is also driven by revenge. its all she has left. this and the fact she has nowhere else to go brings her across the narrow sea to the house of black and white. there she begins to train in assassination and espionage. one of her responsibilities is caring for the dead. its a hard, bloody thing she’s doing. but she has nowhere else to turn. she’s lost and afraid and grieving. she takes on catelyn’s name as one of her aliases and mercy is also a nod to stoneheart who is known as mother merciless. arya is capable of violence and ruthlessness just like her mother’s revenant but she still has a heart. it is not gone or made of stone or even as hard as she likes to think. its still hurting and loving. 

Needle was Robb and Bran and Rickon, her mother and her father, even Sansa. Needle was Winterfell’s grey walls, and the laughter of its people. Needle was the summer snows, Old Nan’s stories, the heart tree with its red leaves and scary face, the warm earthy smell of the glass gardens, the sound of the north wind rattling the shutters of her room. Needle was Jon Snow’s smile. He used to mess my hair and call me “little sister,” she remembered, and suddenly there were tears in her eyes. (AFFC)

lady catelyn stark is dead but arya is still alive. arya does not need to go down this road that lies before her with the faceless men. or even one outside of them where she pursues those on her list. she still has a life and a future and those who will love her. all she needs is to find that path again. and i think lady stoneheart will help her realize that. i very much believe they will cross paths. when they do it will be both a climax and a closure. arya will finally understand how much her mother loved her. many of her self doubts and fears about where she belongs will be conquered. she will finally be able to save her mother too. thats what she wanted more than her own life. the arya who walks away from this will be stronger and more confident. and lady stoneheart will finally be given her own mercy. she is a soul in torment but her daughter will be the one to give her peace. i can think of no better ending to this storyline. its a culmination of the themes in their both arcs coming together in one heartbreaking and cathartic event. 

The Hobbit - The Good and Bad

The Bad:

- Tauriel

- “These are Rhosgebel rabbits!”

- Bilbo wasn’t a trained warrior; he can’t realistically fight a single orc and survive.

- In order to compensate for this, the enemies are so incompetent they can’t use a sword like a normal person and have to take seven years to finish a single swing.

- “We stuck ‘im with a Mordor shaft.” This isn’t important. No one cares but Tauriel.

- Fucking Tauriel

- Legolas “Notice Me, Tauriel; I’m an Edgelord” Greenleaf

- CGI_Orc_1 and CGI_Orc_2 Azog the Defiler and That One Guy No One Remembers Bolg

- Honestly, what the hell are “Rhosgebel rabbits?”

- That chase scene in the goblin tunnels that might as well been an amusement park ride

- Paddle-shaped dwarven weapons

- The Rhosgebel rabbits weren’t funny or charming. Go away.

- Smaug taunting Bard, a human he doesn’t know and should be absolutely beneath him

- Tauriel “I’m Better Than Everyone Else and Am Surprised When Everyone’s Annoyed by My Mary-Sue Behavior” Last-Name

- Thorin: Huh, I’m going to follow Azog’s (alleged) corpse along the frozen river and not assume this is a bad idea the moment I do it.

- That romance

- Don’t even act like you don’t know what romance I’m talking about

The Good:

- Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins

- G A N D A L F

- “What do you mean ‘good morning?’ Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?”

- That lil’ Frodo cameo

- Bilbo’s nose wiggle

- Any scene involving the Ringwraiths

- Gandalf at Dol Guldur

- The spider scene in Mirkwood

- Bilbo stabbing the shit of that baby spider and scaring the piss out of everyone in the theater.


- M i r k w o o d

“I have the only right.”

- The entire Gollum scene

- Bilbo’s progression into his obsession of the Ring

- That epic fight between the Ringwraiths and Elrond, Saruman, and Lady Galadriel

- Sauron appearing.

- That one booming white flash when Galadriel blew that orc to smithereens just by waving her hand.

- “It never ceases to amaze me. The courage of Hobbits.”

- “Farewell, Master Baggins.”

- The fucking whimper

- Bilbo entering into his home again.

- “And what about very old friends?”

  • what i say: i'm fine
  • what i mean: arya stark almost died trying to save her mother's life but all she could do was pull her desecrated corpse out of a river, via her wolf, where it was then found by the same man whom arya had made SWEAR he would reunite mother and daughter. catelyn was then resurrected into a shell of the woman she was before, a tortured soul who cares about nothing but revenge. arya's consumed with grief herself and believes revenge is the only thing she has left. if the two of them could just met they would both find peace and closure. catelyn would learn that most of her children are still alive. arya would finally realize that her mother loved and wanted her. she could give lady stoneheart the gift of mercy and return her mother's body to the river with the proper tully funeral she deserved. lady stonehearts reign of terror would be over and arya would understand she can't rely on revenge to ease her pain. it would be the perfect ending and i need it more than air
Limerence BYELER

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Mike Wheeler had no one to blame but himself. After all, it wasn’t like there was some magical fairy godmother that made him fall in love with Will Byers. 

But if there was, he would thank her and ask for a refund. 

 Because being able to smile just by thinking of him, having his heart melt when he saw his blush, run his fingers across his skin and feel how soft it was, Mike loved being in limerence with Will Byers. 

 But to see the boy giggle whenever his boyfriend whispered in his ear, to watch him give him paintings he felt weren’t appreciated enough, to watch him wear a silly, and wishful smile whenever someone mentioned his name, Mike hated being in limerence with Will Byers.

 It wasn’t Will’s fault that Mike was too late. That he was too scared of what others would think if he had confessed to him. And that was okay. Will finally had someone who could make him smile. Talk to him in a voice Mike could never hear. Share secrets with him he could never know. Tell him things Mike could only wish could be said to him. But all of that wasn’t Will Byers fault. 

 It was his. 

“Why did you and Jane break up?” was a question Mike had thought would disappear after a week after they had broke things off. But its week 3 and people are still wondering what happened to the “star crossed lovers”. 

 Well that was easy. Both Jane and Mike decided that the reason they “fell in love” was because both of them depended on each other when both of them were losing themselves. But they had found out that that was it. Leaning onto each other when the other had lost their rock. In their case, Mike had lost the person closest to him (Will) and Jane still needed to figure out herself before she could decide what love meant to her. 

 And to Jane, love meant holding onto that fiery red head as she zoomed through the streets of Hawkins. And for Mike, love meant wondering just how many emotions could show in those big brown eyes of the youngest Byers boy.

 Mike had decided he got annoyed by the question on the second day. But as Will waited for him to answer, as the two walked through the woods of Hawkins, Mike decided that if it came from Will, he was alright with it. 

 “We just…we just decided we wanted different things,” Mike answered, the red and orange leaves crushing beneath his feet. The cold autumn air causing the two to shiver at times and Will to sniffle his red nose.

 Will nodded without much thought. And Mike couldn’t help himself but to push some of his messy brown hair behind his hair. 

 “How are you and um…Jacob? How are you guys doing?” he finally asked the question that was clawing at the back of his mind. And he tilted his head in question when, instead of a stupid smile, Will Byers wore a disappointed frown. 

 “Hey, is something wrong?” Mike mumbled, stopping to rest his hand on Will’s shoulder, lifting his chin a bit so he wouldn’t keep staring at the ground. He resisted to take a step back, his brown eyes had turned into rich gold in the sunlight, emotions swirling in them that Mike couldn’t even begin to comprehend. He tried to calm down his heart, while also cussing out whatever being was out there that made him feel so overwhelmed just by looking into a boys eyes. 

 Will took a deep breath, finding himself unable to look away from Mike’s intense gaze. “His parents um…they found out. He hasn’t talked to me since and I guess…him kissing Anne Brown just kinda…confirms I don’t have a boyfriend anymore,” he chuckled dryly. He had cried all of his tears days ago. And it felt like Will had no more tears left to cry either. 

 Mike held Will to his chest tightly. Letting him rest against his chest and he cursed at Jacob for hurting him. 

 “Why didn’t you tell m- us before?” he muttered softly, not wanting to break the silence but the question was killing him. 

 “I…I just…felt embarrassed,” sighed Will, stepping away to run a hand through his hair. “I’m fine now. I swear.”

 “Just cause you’re fine doesn’t mean you deserved it!” Mike said, clenching his fist tightly just imagining what Will must’ve felt when he saw that the person he “loved” throw him away like that. “You don’ don’t…”

 “Mike have you ever thought, that maybe, maybe I do deserve it,” Will mumbled, kicking the daises that were under his feat in frustration. “I mean! Hell, I was the one who took Jane away from you for a year remember? I’m the one who nearly drew my mom insane! I’m the one that was so weak that I let the mind flayer take control of me! I’m the one whos so fucking stupid to not even get home by himself! So maybe, yes Mikey. Maybe yes I deserve to fucking get hurt. Because it would’ve been a lot better if I had died when I was stuck down there anyways!” 

 Mike stood in shock after Will’s confession. Glaring sharply before tackling the boy into the patch of daises beneath him. “You don’t get to say that, Will! You didn’t see me crying after Hopper pulled your fake corpse out of the river! You didn’t see me yelling at my parents because I thought I lost you! You didn’t see me push nurses out of the way so I could see you first in the hospital. You…you didn’t see me watching and begging that I could be the one to kiss you like he did…you didn’t see me being a mess for the week you were gone because, fuck Will…I need you. So you don’t get to stand there and think so little of yourself because an asshole decided to throw away the most amazing thing someone could be blessed with…and that’s you Will!”

 The two boys were messes at that point. Hot and angry tears ran down their cheeks as they glared into each other eyes. And maybe it was Will or Mike who kissed the other first. But it didn’t matter at that point because Mike couldn’t help but pull him closer, desperate to feel him against him. It didn’t matter how many times he had imagined it, kissing the love of his life was nothing his brain could’ve thought it be.  

 And as they kissed in a patch filled with daises, with Will beneath him chuckling before being engulfed in even more kisses, Mike Wheeler decided on something. 

 If being in limerence with Will Byers meant stupid kisses under the sun, holding each other scared the other would disappear, and giggling as they mumbled ‘I love yous’ to each other,

 He would gladly take it. 

<<dedicated to @billbenbev because they’re amazing- 

His Twin Part One (A DEH and BMC X reader Crossover)

A/N- This is my first time writing for be more Chill and Dear Evan Hansen, so if I made a mistake please tell me

The night before Connor died was like most. You lying on his bed, your head on his stomach as he smoked and vented to you about his frustrations. As said before, these things happened a lot. The only one he could truly trust was you, his mostly silent and understanding twin sister. Even with your contrasting personalities, you and Connor were forever joined at the hip. Of course you never interacted at school and no one knew of your existence, but that made things more relatable between the two of you. You were never afraid to be each other’s true selves when alone, and you both knew all the others secrets. Both you and Connor struggled through things with depression, to the point where one solely relied on the other to keep going some days.

That did not excuse Connor’s abusive behavior. Of course he had anger issues and it was probably backed by reflex from the hate over the years directed at him. He had hit everyone in the family before, but you knew there was sadness behind every punch thrown. Whenever things got bad he would cry on your shoulder, and quiety sob to you about always being pegged as one thing and never getting a chance to change. Seeing what happened behind the scenes with your brother gave you a never ending grudge against your father, who refused to give him therapy. Things were as normal that fateful day, and what happened within just a few hours shocked you the most out of the Murphy family.

You were sitting at home doing your homework on Connor and your’s shared desk. Despite being in highschool you stayed in the same room together much to your parent’s disagreement. They thought you two were too old to share a room, but the two of you disagreed. You had wondered what happened to Connor and why he was not home, but you had brushed it off and assumed he took the scenic route home. Sometimes on nice days he would take a long walk in the room and think, and of course you respected his boundaries and let him spend some time by himself as long as he did not hurt himself. You had finally finished your math homework but were interrupted by your home phone ringing. Your parents were out getting groceries, and you knew Zoe would be too lazy to get it, so you picked it up.


“Hi, is this Cynthia Murphy?”

“No, this is her daughter (name). She is out grocery shopping with my father, why do you ask?”

“Well this is the police calling to tell you that the body of your brother Connor was found on the shore of Kensington river. Cause of death was suicide.”

Tears swelled up in your eyes. “What?”

“I am sorry Ms. Murphy, but your brother is dead. We will inform your parents immediately and take care of things-”

You had hung up that second to go to the river shore. Of course it was crowded with paramedics and police. Running pat all the officials you made it to Connors lifeless body. He was paler than usual and soaked to the bone. You immediately hugged his cold body in tears, asking him to wake up.

You remembered the last moments seeing him like it was yesterday, and of course you were heartbroken. You slept in Connor’s bed now, feeling comforted by his smell in the sheets. He always smelled like pine and weed, the weed being more prominent. You were even more reclusive from your family now, not speaking a word to them since the day he jumped. You also knew the suicide note they found was fake, because Connor hated Zoe with a passion. This Evan kid was hanging around as well, claiming to know your brother through fake emails and starting to date your sister, which you thought was absolutely revolting. Your sister was a narcissistic brat who only cared about herself that plays innocent to get a good social standing. Of course he also did not know of your existence, so things were all good. It was the night his mother came over that you were forced to the dinner table with the kid.

When you had sat down he obviously was curious as to who you were. You sat there, hunched over in one of Connor’s hoodies you had stolen long ago for yourself. You tended to wear a lot of his clothes before his death, but of course Evan did not know of this and thought it was a grieving coping mechanism. You glared down at your casserole in anger, not wanting to be this close to these people who either claimed to know Connor or had not cared for him. With nothing to do, you pushed your food around with your fork and half listened to the conversation that was going on.

“So the reason we invited you over today was to discuss about after high school. We heard that you both were having a hard time at home concerning Evans college fund. We had set aside some money for Connor’s tuition, but he sadly passed. We were wondering if Evan would be interested?”

You sat shocked at what your mother had just said. You gripped the fork in your hand until circulation was cut off and slammed it into the table in rage. It had punctured the cedar wood and sat standing there, slightly bent. You stood up and glared at your mother.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing giving Connor’s tuition money to a random KID OFF THE STREET?”

Your mother’s eyes softened. “Well we just thought since Connor had passed we could put the money to good use-”

“This kid does not know Connor at all!”

Your father stepped in. “and how would you know that?”

“BECAUSE I AM HIS TWIN, THE ONE HE SHARED EVERYTHING WITH! He would never had kept this from me, this kid is faking this whole thing!”

“(Name) you must realise that even though we loved Connor very much he has no use for the money.”

“You loved him? Thats a funny joke.”

“I loved Connor just like I love you and Zoey!”

“Well look where that love landed him! Maybe if you actually cared for him you would have given him therapy and he would still be here!”

Your sister stepped in. “(Name) it’s too late for him. Connor is dead and you have to finally accept that. He probably wasn’t going to go to college anyways with the way he used to act around here.”

“Well I am not about to give it to some liar who pretends to be my brothers friend!”

“Evan is not a liar!”

“Well sorry to insult your boy toy Zoe, he seems to have anxiety, and he will break soon. Why are you concerned when you could get another one in a minutes notice!”

“How dare you!”

“How dare me? How dare you! If you love him so much then you can give him my tuition too! Because you hated Connor and you also don’t give me the time of day. So might as well join him!”

Shoving your sister aside you stormed out the door in rage. You were the only one to care for Connor, the only one to care that he was actually dead, and it broke your heart. He had problems, that was undeniable, but they could have been helped with some therapy or maybe even some medication that your family could obviously afford. It was all for nothing though, he was dead and what was left was a grieving sister and people just reaping the rewards of his death.

Clutching the hoodie closer to your body, you walked down the familiar streets towards the spot Connor jumped.  Ou had visited the spot before to talk to Connor, so you knew you way around the area. The bridge was off the beaten path, yet still known and seen by most in the area. It was private enough for a suicide, but known enough were the body would not sit for weeks on end. The perfect place, connor was smarter than everyone thought. It was also a place quiet enough for you to think without interruption.

Holling onto the ledge of the bridge, you stood there, hand on a support beam. Staring down at the water, you saw your reflection thanks to the light of the moon. You sighed.

“Connor, no one cares about your death, or me for that fact. It’s like you were an obstacle in their path, a thorn in their side, and with you finally gone it’s like they’re all glad about it….”

Tears streamed down your face, but that fact was ignored by you. It was hard for you with Connor gone, that was undeniable. He was your rock, the support you could always count on.

Absentmindedly you had dangled your leg over the edge and leaned forward with your hand still grasping onto the bridge support.

You had no plans of suicide tonight, that was for sure, Despite the grieving, you needed a little more to be pushed over the edge completely. A wind blew, ruffling your hair sightly. A shiver ran down your spine, and the tears that had dried slightly were overlapped with warm, fresh ones. Maybe just for tonight, you could stay there. Swing by the 7/11 and get some rations, snuggle into your brother’s hoodie and just sit in a mutual silence while trying to calm yourself.

That thought was broken however, by the the sound of the support pole you had grasped on starting to give way. Your eyes widened at the sound, not ready to meet the same fate your brother had. You tried to turn away and fall onto the bridge safely, but that was not in the cards for you. The pole fell, and you had turned just in time to grasp onto the ledge.


You stood there, thankful that you had some upper body strength to hold on for some amount of time. What was the use of calling for help though? No one came by this bridge this late at night, no one would get you until they found your dead corpse in the river, assuming the grief of your brother’s death was too much. The thought broke you.

“Hello, is anyone there?”

A voice was heard in the darkness. You sighed thankful someone was here.

“Over here! Trying not to let go of this ledge!”

You heard footsteps coming closer, and say a head peer over the ledge making eye contact with you. The person was around your age and male, and that was all you had registered in the moment.

“Grab my hand, I’ll pull you up.”

Taking firm a firm grasp on this stranger’s hands, your combined efforts landed your body dragging ontop the ledge and heading straight for the stranger’s stomach, knocking him down with you.

The two of you got up and looked at each other once more. You finally got a chance to observe your savior. He was hispanic, with glasses and a back sweater.

“Are you okay…”

“(Name), and yes. I am okay.”

As you said those words, a shooting pain went up your leg. Looking down you saw a nasty cut, probably from the pole falling with you. It was going to leave a mark for sure. Stumbling slightly, the kid looked down. His eyes widened.

“You need to treat that cut, come with me.”

Assisting you to his car, he dug around in the glove box and retrieved a small first aid kit. Snapping it open, he cursed at the lack of large bandages.

“I don’t have anything fit for that wound, but my house isn’t far from here if you want me to treat it there….”

Taking it as an overnight escape from your parents, you nodded at his offer. He got into the other side and started the car.

“Can I at least know the name of the guy who saved my life?”

He nodded. “My name is Michael, Michael Mell.”


In this cut, I spared you all 2 minutes of me bodyrolling for lonely ghosts looking like the re-animated corpse of Joan Rivers in the studio before actually getting on the pole. Thank me in the comments.

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But it doesn’t do no good to spurn generosity from a beautiful and deadly woman.

True dat.

See, you tell the boss this is his problem. He’s too blunt about his ambitions. Don’t get you wrong. It’s all well and good for a man to keep his eyes on the prize. But he doesn’t always need to step over a thousand corpses and swim across rivers of blood to get there.

I take it you have something more subtle in mind?

Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 86 Review

Anyone else absolutely mindfucked after reading chapter 86? Like, how is it that Isayama managed to confused us even more?? Read for a detailed review and analysis of chapter 86 of Shingeki no Kyojin.

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so a lot of the way the crew behaves towards and acts around megatron seems to get written off as shipping. and i feel like a lot of times the shipping, the oh, they did it because they looooove him~, reduces it to lust, instead of them just being good people

(and yes, it’s shipping. you do you, i do me. it’s all good, it’s all fine, whatever. i just see it discussed a lot more than this, and i think this is important, too.)

because rodimus resents megatron for taking his command and his ship (oh yeah and megatron shot him point blank through the chest right before the war ended and killed him and left his body drifting in space) and there’s a picture of ultra magnus yelling at a smug-looking megatron in the lost light insider (and megatron also shot and killed one of the previous ultra magnuses) and brainstorm worked for hundreds of years to build a time machine to just to go back and stop him and swerve is still convinced he’s going to turn on them all anyway, but when getaway comes to each them -

- rodimus and ultra magnus and whirl and swerve and nightbeat and rung and skids and nautica and velocity and rewind and chromedome and brainstorm and tailgate and cyclonus and ten and ravage -

- and asks them his two questions…

  1. do you think megatron deserves a second chance?
  2. what would you do if someone staged a coup?

…they all answer ‘wrong’.

(and here’s the thing. i would have answered 'wrong’, too - i would have said 'no’ to the second question, and i was 100% with getaway - megatron needs to be held accountable, megatron shouldn’t have been allowed to go free - right up until he decided to turn over everyone who disagreed with him to the djd galactic council)

and this is megatron. megatron “i would happily wade across a river of corpses, chest-deep in rust and grease and engine oil just to crush the spark of the last autobot standing”,  megatron “simanzi was the closest i ever came to victory (and half the cybertronian race died)”, and no matter how “sad old man with a cat”-y he may seem now, there’s four million years telling them otherwise

they tolerate him. they accept him. (whirl tries to kill him, but only once, and it’s whirl. and when brainstorm tries to kill him, they all go back in time to stop him - only to find out that he couldn’t bring himself to do it anyway.)

minimus and skids and nautica and brainstorm and nightbeat attend his classes. swerve serves him in his bar. rodimus works with him as (co-)captain.

and they offer him compassion and forgiveness.

even when he attacks perceptor. even when he punches minimus across the room. even when he straps his fusion cannon back to his arm and fights - not with reluctance, not because it’s necessary for them to survive, but because he wants to, because he’s going right back to who he was - who he chose to be - for four million years -

- even then rodimus risks his life to teleport in and try to convince megatron to come back - back to the necrobot’s fortress, and back to the better person he’d been trying to be. and when megatron doesn’t - when he murders tarn right in front of rodimus - rodimus keeps trying.

because rodimus is compassionate. he forgives. and so does ultra magnus. and so does swerve, and skids, and rewind and chromedome and brainstorm and rung and tailgate and cyclonus and nautica and velocity and ten. (and maybe even whirl.)

and it’s not about megatron. it’s about them - it’s about them being good people.

and i think they deserve all the credit in the world for that

Reader x Lin [001]

–Slight offensive warnings? You’re playing cards against humanity, what do you expect?
–Probably some hella cliche moments
–ALL GENDERS! [not just Lin x Female Reader]; what can I say accept you’re welcome.
–Obviously the reader is 21+ years in age, since there is alcoholic usage.

A drinking game had turned into something more. Somehow, you- Jasmine, Anthony, Daveed and Phillipa had all gathered around in a game of Cards against humanity. You and Daveed decided it would be played- whoever had the winning card would take a straight shot of vodka. Not allowed to drink anything else- So for winning; you get punished; for being such a disgrace to humanity. You were sitting between Lin and Daveed, squished slightly. Phillipa was dealing out the cards, Anthony and Jasmine, Parallel to you and the others; were leaned against each other. You squealed at their relationship, it was honestly goals; you wished you had that. “Alright!” Daveed gathered everyone’s attention. “I’ll call first, where are the black cards?” The Californian smiles widely once Pippa moves the black cards in his direction. Your eyes fall to your cards as Daveed starts to read out the first one. “Startin’ us out simple. Anytime I see blank, I think about blank.” A squeak leaves you quickly, oh god you were dying of laughter. Lin glances over and snorts “I guess we know who’s taking the first shot-” he teases, then Anthony calls over. “I dunno, me and Jazzy have some offensive ones!” Of course, none were paired with yours. “Whenever I see a river corpse I think about Holocaust Centers-” Daveed broke down in laughter alongside you once he read yours. Lin cracks up, holding out the bottle. “You definitely win, you disgrace!” He shouts wiping tears from his eyes. Anthony is snorting softly, shaking his head as he leans his head onto his girlfriends shoulder- who pushes and rubs her fingers through his curly loose hair. You take a shot, and it does not go down nicely. As the game goes on, you and Daveed have taken the most, but as it continues on Lin starts to make a come back. “I have titled my new erotica story "Blank”. It’s sure to be a hit.“ You slur out a bit, snickering having to lean again Lin who’s choosing his card. You suddenly feel him shaking with excitement against you as he slams his card down, you jump and grab for it once they all place theirs down. You read off the others only to scream with laughter and fall back into a laughing fit when you read a reply. You sit up wheezing, their all laughing at you because of your fit. "O-oh-kay-"you wheeze reading it out. "I have titled my new erotica story "making Syria great again”. It’s sure to be a hit.“ You just die again, you have no idea why that’s so fucking hilarious to you; maybe it’s the drunk acting. "Lin! My man! Your up!” Daveed holds out the bottle. Every one from there on, Lin got. Such as “Mom, I don’t think blank means what you think it means.” Lin had come up with “Mom, I don’t think waving the freedom boner around means what you think it means.” which had made Anthony and Daveed snicker like kids. You, Pippa and Jazz tried to not laugh; as Anthony is reading out a black card you feel Lin’s arm suddenly wrap around you. His head burying into your shoulder, Your face heats up at the sudden contact. Daveed glances over and chuckles “Oh yeah, Lin’s a cuddle drunk. When he’s not saying ‘mother fucker’ at something.” Daveed informs you, nodding you just allow a tired Lin to lean against you. The game carries on, Lin ends up falling asleep. So Daveed and Pippa decide to head back home, since Pippa hasn’t drank she offers to take Anthony and the others home as well. Leaving you to Lin, knowing they shouldn’t disturb you next to Lin. Thankfully you are already at Lin’s house so there isn’t much you have to do to convince the Puerto Rican onto the couch; knowing there isn’t much hope for the bed. Lin’s face was buried into the back of the cushions, mumbling drunken things about wanting Dominos pizza. You go to sleep on the floor but hear “Y/n?” Through his babbling. You lift your head. “Hmn?” You hum in return, Lins back is pressing to the back of the couch now. He grabs your arm and kind of forces you into his arms, pulling you to his chest. His face burying into the heat of your neck, your entire face grows red. Within moments he’s lavishing your face in kisses, you squeak out at this contact. Lin squints at you now, not a blush to be found on his cheeks. “Y/n… You’re so stunning.” he breaths, once his expression relaxes. “Uh, no. You’re drunk.” You shoot back. Lin giggles and nestles his face into the crook of your shoulder- arms tightening around you. “So quick witted.” His airily chuckle reaches your ears as you reply and cuddle into his chest. “Alas. I admit it-” you hum. Lins chest shakes as he feels himself start to fade to sleep, you are awake for just a bit longer. Listening to the sound of his heartbeat, that eventually lulls you to sleep. So the two of you lay there, dreamy and comfortable- the winners of Cards against humanity. Truly a beautiful disgrace.

5 Books to Spook You in Springtime

Some readers are in it for the creep factor. You prefer goose bumps to giggling, consider having your heart race from turning the page adequate cardio, and Halloween is your jam. We know you’re eager for October but in the meantime we’ve rounded up 5 YA novels to sustain you…evaluated by how many lights you’ll need to keep on while reading.

1. Between the Devil and The Deep Blue Sea by April Genevieve Tucholke

A dark-haired boy who takes naps in the sun, who likes coffee, who kisses you in a cemetery… who makes you want to kiss back, and might be the devil.

Creep factor: download the flashlight app and confirm that your phone is at 100% charge.

2. Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma

Secrets, sisters, and a corpse found in the river. 

Creep factor: acquire multiple nightlights, like the kind you had when you were four. Ask your mom where they are. She’ll know.

3. The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson

Noted: moving to London when someone is mimicking Jack the Ripper’s murder spree is not the best idea.

Creep factor: install a skylight above all possible chairs, couches, and beds you might read this in. 

4. Paper Valentine by Brenna Yovanoff

Summer is supposed to be relaxing, but that’s difficult when someone is killing girls in your neighborhood and your best friend’s ghost is haunting your bedroom.

Creep factor: ensure that all lights in the building are on; disregard energy bill.

5. The Merciless by Danielle Vega

Five teenage girls in a basement. Two trying to escape. One exorcism.

Creep factor: read exclusively outdoors in an open space at noon when the forecast is 75 and sunny.

What books would you add to this list? 


THIS IS THE NORTHERN DRAGON’S SWAN SONG, his last accolade in mighty, fiery fall  /  for his grim heart has spider lilies blooming from his chest where an arrow once laid  /  tears as morning dew to sate the thirsty, fallen corpse creates paths for rivers to cross / and scales and bones used by loyal ones to fund and build the villages above. ━━━━━━━━━   independent, selective and private blog for genji shimada from blizzards’s game overwatch, heavily headcanon based + canon divergent
                                                                                                                          ( art cred )

onceuponagladerheadprimary  asked:

Hey uhh, can I get a ship? I love dogs, golden retrievers specifically. I'm actually dogsexual, beastiality doesn't exist in my household. Always had a fascination with Las Vegas. I'm personally looking for someone who I can flap the ears of. Like, someone who can be cute but at the same time knock a ginger over with a P99 and bury their corpse in a river. I mean, i'm not that fussy i guess

I ship you with our Lord and savior Jesus H. Christ who can help you overcome this SINNING.

Gintama Character Analysis: Tatsuma Sakamoto

Gintama is hilarious, packed with history, and has a rich and vibrant set of characters. Some of the fandom’s favorites would be the “Joui Four” Gintoki Sakata, Shinsuke Takasugi, Kotarou Katsura, and Tatsuma Sakamoto.

Of the Joui Four, it is Sakamoto who is generally looked over, ignored, and forgotten. To the large majority, he may seem like a loud, obnoxious character with no purpose other than to provide comedic relief at points few and far between, but I assure you all, he is much more than that.

In Chapter 568, “Sky Ship”, we see Sakamoto carrying an injured soldier on his back through the battlefield back in the Joui War. We then see an enemy Amanto kill the man Sakamoto is carrying, injuring his arm as well. Sakamoto gets carried by fellow soldiers, surrounded by the rest of the Joui Four.

Takasugi tells Sakamoto that he is “already dead” as a samurai, to which Sakamoto responds,

“It’s gonna be inconvenient if I can’t use a sword to peel an apple anymore.”

It was then that Sakamoto lost the ability to use a sword and to enter battle next to his comrades, ready to attack. Yes, that’s right folks.

Sakamoto has a pretty interesting past.

Now, let’s think back to the “theme” of Gintama.

A samurai sword cannot be sheathed, it is something you hold in your soul.

We see this throughout the whole show and in almost every episode, though it isn’t always evident. But mainly in the pasts of the Joui Four.

Gintoki Sakata. A orphan with nothing to his name, who was forced to learn the way of the sword and grow strong in order to stay alive. Together with Shoyo, he was able to become a legendary hero, the White Yasha. He didn’t come from a famous family. He never really received proper schooling. And yet he went down in history as someone amazing.

Kotarou Katsura. A brilliant boy from another samurai family. Poised to become a samurai with the best schooling due to a scholarship, he seemed to be on the right track. Yet he was constantly bullied and pushed around because all he had were his wits, with little physical strength. His own peers didn’t think he’d turn out to be anything special. So how did he become the Rampaging Noble?

Shinsuke Takasugi. A boy from a high ranked samurai family, shamed for his “ruffian” like lifestyle, who fought others like Gintoki in an effort to become the strongest. Still, he became the commander of the Kihetai. How did he manage it?

I’ll tell you why. Because, while they may not have been the strongest or the highest ranked, they may not be rich or come from a high place in society, but they’re souls will always remain pure and untarnished.

The hearts of samurai are their truest and strongest asset of all.

Then, we come to Sakamoto. How could he continue to fight when he couldn’t even hold a sword anymore?

“A samurai’s more than a guy that swings a sword around. Cutting down enemies ain’t the only part of a war. Sakamoto Tatsuma’s war ain’t some petty war you can clean up with a broken pole.”

“So you fight your war, and we’ll fight ours.”

Those are the words Gintoki said to Sakamoto later on. A samurai’s sword is something that is sheathed in your soul. In other words, physically fighting and dying a hero for your country isn’t the only way to fight for what you believe in.

Sakamoto carries on, staying true to this by protecting the Earth. He also finds another way to support his comrades; comedy and laughter.

Sakamoto is always laughing and grinning like an idiot. Even Katsura and Gintoki have noticed and said so. Some would call him obnoxious and annoying, but he is probably the strongest of all the Joui Four, and quite frankly out of all of Gintama’s cast.

He smiles, he laughs, and he jokes around when things get tense. He’s always their to relieve the tension and the stress, helping comrades and friends to relax when the going gets tough.

He always looks so happy because he can’t afford not to. He can’t fight, but he can cheer his friends on and keep their spirits up, so that when the time comes where they have to put their lives on the line again, they’ll have the strength to keep moving forward, through fields of corpses or rivers of blood, and through whatever may come, no matter how terrible.

This was just a little thing I wanted to write up, since Sakamoto deserves way more appreciation and attention than he gets.

The Tales Children Tell (or, The Story of the Eorzean Skeleton War)

I’m almost two holidays late in posting this, but here it is at last! At first I was uncertain whether or not I wanted to do a writeup of Ashelia Riot’s spooky story after our All Saints’ Wake event. The longer I thought about it, though, the more I began to notice some of the inconsistencies and plot holes that existed in the story Ashe told. The end result is this, and I’m incredibly proud of it.

I really had no idea what story I’d tell at the All Saints’ Wake event until a few hours beforehand. My original plan was to write up something about Kali, the boss from Vagrant Story; this changed after I made the Midlander joke to Ivaan Arkwright’s player in real life the day before, and he liked it so much that I knew I had to work it in somehow.

A couple player characters who are not my own make brief cameos here: @ivaan-ffxiv’s Ivaan Arkwright, @sylvan-rain’s Sylvan Rain, @shadowaeledfyr‘s Eldenoix Aeledfyr, and @safestsephiroth’s Bernard Undertaker. Thanks to everyone who was a part of the event, and I hope you all enjoy reading the truth behind the Eorzean Skeleton War!

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hetare-ttk: If it makes you feel better, Fairy Tail is one of those manga where if you’ve read one Arc you’ve read all of them, because they all follow the same pattern without fail and the character interactions are unfortunately not good enough to keep your interest for the long term. I kept up with it for around 400 chapters before I feel off of it.

That more or less is what drove me away. I got till that arc where they go to this other world and they cannot use magic in it, which was built up as a HUGE deal, then six chapters in, backpedal, here’s a literally 2 panel MacGuffin discovery that suddenly allows everyone to use magic again, just like that.

??? At that point, dropped like a corpse in a river.

Dear Vincent,

 i’m really sure you bothers you the first name but don’t worry, is fine.

You know, i’ve thinking in leave our friendship….i….i can’t continue with this, you and I built this pizzeria…..but since you are a little strange, you scared me, im sorry Vincent, but you can call me “Friend” ‘cause i’ll Call you “Best Friend”

And please don’t call me for carrying a corpse to the river, or a cliff, please, I do not want any part of it

She’s supposed to be your wife?

I know you’re angry, but please, I promise I will not tell anyone, just beg you to come back to Renata and Brandy and let me live with my family in peace

I have enough for my son your “best friend” is gone, please call me if you need me okay?