corpse river

Karin:  Hmm I can’t find Sasuke…

Suigetsu:  I got this *puts hands over mouth*  Itachi sucks and has ugly hair!

Sasuke: *Destroys Konoha*  YOU DARE SPEAK OF ANIKI IN FRONT OF ME!

Suigetsu: Found hi-shit.

Naruto: *Bursts through ground* WHOEVER SAID THAT IS DEAD!  BELIEVE IT!

Suigetsu: Uhh-

Shisui: *Drags reanimated corpse from river*  Let me tell you something about my cousin…

Sakura: *Rips apart trees* HOW DARE YOU!?!?!!?!


Suigetsu: I was just-

Kakashi: *Bursts through wall*  I heard Itachi and ass.

Itachi: *Floats down from heaven*  Rude.

The Hobbit - The Good and Bad

The Bad:

- Tauriel

- “These are Rhosgebel rabbits!”

- Bilbo wasn’t a trained warrior; he can’t realistically fight a single orc and survive.

- In order to compensate for this, the enemies are so incompetent they can’t use a sword like a normal person and have to take seven years to finish a single swing.

- “We stuck ‘im with a Mordor shaft.” This isn’t important. No one cares but Tauriel.

- Fucking Tauriel

- Legolas “Notice Me, Tauriel; I’m an Edgelord” Greenleaf

- CGI_Orc_1 and CGI_Orc_2 Azog the Defiler and That One Guy No One Remembers Bolg

- Honestly, what the hell are “Rhosgebel rabbits?”

- That chase scene in the goblin tunnels that might as well been an amusement park ride

- Paddle-shaped dwarven weapons

- The Rhosgebel rabbits weren’t funny or charming. Go away.

- Smaug taunting Bard, a human he doesn’t know and should be absolutely beneath him

- Tauriel “I’m Better Than Everyone Else and Am Surprised When Everyone’s Annoyed by My Mary-Sue Behavior” Last-Name

- Thorin: Huh, I’m going to follow Azog’s (alleged) corpse along the frozen river and not assume this is a bad idea the moment I do it.

- That romance

- Don’t even act like you don’t know what romance I’m talking about

The Good:

- Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins

- G A N D A L F

- “What do you mean ‘good morning?’ Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?”

- That lil’ Frodo cameo

- Bilbo’s nose wiggle

- Any scene involving the Ringwraiths

- Gandalf at Dol Guldur

- The spider scene in Mirkwood

- Bilbo stabbing the shit of that baby spider and scaring the piss out of everyone in the theater.


- M i r k w o o d

“I have the only right.”

- The entire Gollum scene

- Bilbo’s progression into his obsession of the Ring

- That epic fight between the Ringwraiths and Elrond, Saruman, and Lady Galadriel

- Sauron appearing.

- That one booming white flash when Galadriel blew that orc to smithereens just by waving her hand.

- “It never ceases to amaze me. The courage of Hobbits.”

- “Farewell, Master Baggins.”

- The fucking whimper

- Bilbo entering into his home again.

- “And what about very old friends?”

Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 86 Review

Anyone else absolutely mindfucked after reading chapter 86? Like, how is it that Isayama managed to confused us even more?? Read for a detailed review and analysis of chapter 86 of Shingeki no Kyojin.

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so a lot of the way the crew behaves towards and acts around megatron seems to get written off as shipping. and i feel like a lot of times the shipping, the oh, they did it because they looooove him~, reduces it to lust, instead of them just being good people

(and yes, it’s shipping. you do you, i do me. it’s all good, it’s all fine, whatever. i just see it discussed a lot more than this, and i think this is important, too.)

because rodimus resents megatron for taking his command and his ship (oh yeah and megatron shot him point blank through the chest right before the war ended and killed him and left his body drifting in space) and there’s a picture of ultra magnus yelling at a smug-looking megatron in the lost light insider (and megatron also shot and killed one of the previous ultra magnuses) and brainstorm worked for hundreds of years to build a time machine to just to go back and stop him and swerve is still convinced he’s going to turn on them all anyway, but when getaway comes to each them -

- rodimus and ultra magnus and whirl and swerve and nightbeat and rung and skids and nautica and velocity and rewind and chromedome and brainstorm and tailgate and cyclonus and ten and ravage -

- and asks them his two questions…

  1. do you think megatron deserves a second chance?
  2. what would you do if someone staged a coup?

…they all answer ‘wrong’.

(and here’s the thing. i would have answered 'wrong’, too - i would have said 'no’ to the second question, and i was 100% with getaway - megatron needs to be held accountable, megatron shouldn’t have been allowed to go free - right up until he decided to turn over everyone who disagreed with him to the djd galactic council)

and this is megatron. megatron “i would happily wade across a river of corpses, chest-deep in rust and grease and engine oil just to crush the spark of the last autobot standing”,  megatron “simanzi was the closest i ever came to victory (and half the cybertronian race died)”, and no matter how “sad old man with a cat”-y he may seem now, there’s four million years telling them otherwise

they tolerate him. they accept him. (whirl tries to kill him, but only once, and it’s whirl. and when brainstorm tries to kill him, they all go back in time to stop him - only to find out that he couldn’t bring himself to do it anyway.)

minimus and skids and nautica and brainstorm and nightbeat attend his classes. swerve serves him in his bar. rodimus works with him as (co-)captain.

and they offer him compassion and forgiveness.

even when he attacks perceptor. even when he punches minimus across the room. even when he straps his fusion cannon back to his arm and fights - not with reluctance, not because it’s necessary for them to survive, but because he wants to, because he’s going right back to who he was - who he chose to be - for four million years -

- even then rodimus risks his life to teleport in and try to convince megatron to come back - back to the necrobot’s fortress, and back to the better person he’d been trying to be. and when megatron doesn’t - when he murders tarn right in front of rodimus - rodimus keeps trying.

because rodimus is compassionate. he forgives. and so does ultra magnus. and so does swerve, and skids, and rewind and chromedome and brainstorm and rung and tailgate and cyclonus and nautica and velocity and ten. (and maybe even whirl.)

and it’s not about megatron. it’s about them - it’s about them being good people.

and i think they deserve all the credit in the world for that

onceuponagladerheadprimary  asked:

Hey uhh, can I get a ship? I love dogs, golden retrievers specifically. I'm actually dogsexual, beastiality doesn't exist in my household. Always had a fascination with Las Vegas. I'm personally looking for someone who I can flap the ears of. Like, someone who can be cute but at the same time knock a ginger over with a P99 and bury their corpse in a river. I mean, i'm not that fussy i guess

I ship you with our Lord and savior Jesus H. Christ who can help you overcome this SINNING.

The anti vs Reylo fandom as of this week:


Reylo fandom: *munches popcorn* lol…that didn’t happen but… So what? This was never a competition. It’s just about two characters smashing face so what’s it to you?

Anti: ….. But…. I won?

Reylo fandom: okay, little buddy *pats head, walks away*

5 Books to Spook You in Springtime

Some readers are in it for the creep factor. You prefer goose bumps to giggling, consider having your heart race from turning the page adequate cardio, and Halloween is your jam. We know you’re eager for October but in the meantime we’ve rounded up 5 YA novels to sustain you…evaluated by how many lights you’ll need to keep on while reading.

1. Between the Devil and The Deep Blue Sea by April Genevieve Tucholke

A dark-haired boy who takes naps in the sun, who likes coffee, who kisses you in a cemetery… who makes you want to kiss back, and might be the devil.

Creep factor: download the flashlight app and confirm that your phone is at 100% charge.

2. Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma

Secrets, sisters, and a corpse found in the river. 

Creep factor: acquire multiple nightlights, like the kind you had when you were four. Ask your mom where they are. She’ll know.

3. The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson

Noted: moving to London when someone is mimicking Jack the Ripper’s murder spree is not the best idea.

Creep factor: install a skylight above all possible chairs, couches, and beds you might read this in. 

4. Paper Valentine by Brenna Yovanoff

Summer is supposed to be relaxing, but that’s difficult when someone is killing girls in your neighborhood and your best friend’s ghost is haunting your bedroom.

Creep factor: ensure that all lights in the building are on; disregard energy bill.

5. The Merciless by Danielle Vega

Five teenage girls in a basement. Two trying to escape. One exorcism.

Creep factor: read exclusively outdoors in an open space at noon when the forecast is 75 and sunny.

What books would you add to this list? 

Gintama Character Analysis: Tatsuma Sakamoto

Gintama is hilarious, packed with history, and has a rich and vibrant set of characters. Some of the fandom’s favorites would be the “Joui Four” Gintoki Sakata, Shinsuke Takasugi, Kotarou Katsura, and Tatsuma Sakamoto.

Of the Joui Four, it is Sakamoto who is generally looked over, ignored, and forgotten. To the large majority, he may seem like a loud, obnoxious character with no purpose other than to provide comedic relief at points few and far between, but I assure you all, he is much more than that.

In Chapter 568, “Sky Ship”, we see Sakamoto carrying an injured soldier on his back through the battlefield back in the Joui War. We then see an enemy Amanto kill the man Sakamoto is carrying, injuring his arm as well. Sakamoto gets carried by fellow soldiers, surrounded by the rest of the Joui Four.

Takasugi tells Sakamoto that he is “already dead” as a samurai, to which Sakamoto responds,

“It’s gonna be inconvenient if I can’t use a sword to peel an apple anymore.”

It was then that Sakamoto lost the ability to use a sword and to enter battle next to his comrades, ready to attack. Yes, that’s right folks.

Sakamoto has a pretty interesting past.

Now, let’s think back to the “theme” of Gintama.

A samurai sword cannot be sheathed, it is something you hold in your soul.

We see this throughout the whole show and in almost every episode, though it isn’t always evident. But mainly in the pasts of the Joui Four.

Gintoki Sakata. A orphan with nothing to his name, who was forced to learn the way of the sword and grow strong in order to stay alive. Together with Shoyo, he was able to become a legendary hero, the White Yasha. He didn’t come from a famous family. He never really received proper schooling. And yet he went down in history as someone amazing.

Kotarou Katsura. A brilliant boy from another samurai family. Poised to become a samurai with the best schooling due to a scholarship, he seemed to be on the right track. Yet he was constantly bullied and pushed around because all he had were his wits, with little physical strength. His own peers didn’t think he’d turn out to be anything special. So how did he become the Rampaging Noble?

Shinsuke Takasugi. A boy from a high ranked samurai family, shamed for his “ruffian” like lifestyle, who fought others like Gintoki in an effort to become the strongest. Still, he became the commander of the Kihetai. How did he manage it?

I’ll tell you why. Because, while they may not have been the strongest or the highest ranked, they may not be rich or come from a high place in society, but they’re souls will always remain pure and untarnished.

The hearts of samurai are their truest and strongest asset of all.

Then, we come to Sakamoto. How could he continue to fight when he couldn’t even hold a sword anymore?

“A samurai’s more than a guy that swings a sword around. Cutting down enemies ain’t the only part of a war. Sakamoto Tatsuma’s war ain’t some petty war you can clean up with a broken pole.”

“So you fight your war, and we’ll fight ours.”

Those are the words Gintoki said to Sakamoto later on. A samurai’s sword is something that is sheathed in your soul. In other words, physically fighting and dying a hero for your country isn’t the only way to fight for what you believe in.

Sakamoto carries on, staying true to this by protecting the Earth. He also finds another way to support his comrades; comedy and laughter.

Sakamoto is always laughing and grinning like an idiot. Even Katsura and Gintoki have noticed and said so. Some would call him obnoxious and annoying, but he is probably the strongest of all the Joui Four, and quite frankly out of all of Gintama’s cast.

He smiles, he laughs, and he jokes around when things get tense. He’s always their to relieve the tension and the stress, helping comrades and friends to relax when the going gets tough.

He always looks so happy because he can’t afford not to. He can’t fight, but he can cheer his friends on and keep their spirits up, so that when the time comes where they have to put their lives on the line again, they’ll have the strength to keep moving forward, through fields of corpses or rivers of blood, and through whatever may come, no matter how terrible.

This was just a little thing I wanted to write up, since Sakamoto deserves way more appreciation and attention than he gets.

  • what i say: i'm fine
  • what i mean: arya stark almost died trying to save her mother's life but all she could do was pull her desecrated corpse out of a river, via her wolf, where it was then found by the same man whom arya had made SWEAR he would reunite mother and daughter. catelyn was then resurrected into a shell of the woman she was before, a tortured soul who cares about nothing but revenge. arya's consumed with grief herself and believes revenge is the only thing she has left. if the two of them could just met they would both find peace and closure. catelyn would learn that most of her children are still alive. arya would finally realize that her mother loved and wanted her. she could give lady stoneheart the gift of mercy and return her mother's body to the river with the proper tully funeral she deserved. lady stonehearts reign of terror would be over and arya would understand she can't rely on revenge to ease her pain. it would be the perfect ending and i need it more than air

himuro would never kill somebody and have murasakibara throw the corpse in the river, how dare you even consider something as awful as that. shame, lots of shame on you all

should you fight this renaissance figure? a guide

michaelangelo buonarotti: yes. punch him right in his smug face, throw him off his scaffolding in the sistine, kick his ASS. please. 

pico della mirandola: arrogant and really hot, but you could probably beat him as long as you don’t let him talk.

caterina sforza: you will lose and probably die but tbh i’d thank cat sforza for beating my ass any day?

leonardo da vinci: you…could? but i don’t see why you’d want to? leonardo is sweet, leave him alone. don’t fight leonardo.

niccolo machiavelli: arrogant, could use a punch in the face. again, you’d probably win as long as you don’t let him talk. fight machiavelli.

cesare borgia: no, you’ll die.

lucrezia borgia: no, you’ll die and cesare will throw your corpse into the river tiber. don’t fuck with the borgia sibs.

william shakespeare: he’s a hipster and you could probably win but like…you’d have more fun going and getting a drink with him? don’t fight shakespeare, get smashed with shakespeare.

lorenzo de’ medici: lorenzo was a. pretty athletic, b. filthy rich and c. loved by basically all of florence. and he was also? a pretty cool guy? don’t fight lorenzo de’ medici, you’ll have an entire city of pissed-off merchants to contend with.

pope julius ii: pound his ass into oblivion. please. for me.

pope alexander vi: you might win but you’ll probably die of a mysterious sudden illness a few days later so no, don’t fight alexander.

petrarch: you could probably win but? petrarch just wants to read and write poetry and do the humanism thing, he is sweet and kind and good. don’t fight petrarch, you will feel awful and i will fight you.

marsilio ficino: no! see above.

dante alighieri: dante wrote love poetry and so gets a rap for being a lot sweeter than he actually was but you can basically sum him up with that bit in hamilton where jefferson quotes his own writing in a cabinet debate so fight dante, it’ll be good for both of you.

Creepypasta #465: Blue Light

A bomb went off in the city.

It happened Monday. Today is Thursday. My dad was there. He hasn’t come back yet.

I’ve been sitting at the window every day waiting for him to come home. Mom says the bomb interrupted the electric grid in the city, so there’s been barely any news about it. Our neighbor’s son is a meteorologist stationed outside the city limits, and he told his father who told us.

The bomb was the biggest he’d ever seen. He saw a flash of blue light from outside the window, and threw himself to the ground. He counted to five, because it was his job to “record phenomenon”. At five the windows exploded into the room and heat like a furnace rushed over him. His father says he managed to call from an emergency line in the station. He’s wounded but okay.

Dad was supposed to come home Monday night. Mom has been very quiet for the last few days. She doesn’t say much at breakfast, and only gives me an “I love you” at bedtime on her way out of the room. I only cry then, in the dark.

This morning, I stare out the window, hoping by some miracle I’d see him walking down the street, and turn onto our walkway leading up to the house, smiling and waving at me. My heart leaps every time someone walks by.

Mom comes in behind me. “Go upstairs and get ready for school, please.”

I turn around in my chair. “But-”

“Staring out the window is not going to change anything. Now go.”

I leave the window, feeling as though he won’t come home unless I was there watching for him.

Every day it’s gotten harder and harder to sit there at the window and watch. I have a need to run outside and look for him, to ask every person in every store if they’ve seen him, anywhere at all, because I need him, I need him home to wake me up in the morning and help me with homework and tell me jokes at the dinner table and be there for me when I need advice or just to talk and not be crushed under a mountain of concrete with pulverized shoulders that used to hold me during parades and let me press my face into them when I needed to cry.

I sob while I put my books into my bag, quietly because I haven’t heard mom cry and she won’t hear me cry.

The front door swings open from downstairs. “Hello?”

For three days I dreamed of that voice.

“Dad!!” I half-scream and rush to the landing, looking down over the banister through vision that swam with tears. He was looking up at me, I couldn’t tell if he was smiling or not, but I rushed down the steps and towards him with a hysterical laugh of relief. I stopped dead when I came closer to him.

His face was a deep red and covered in blisters. His arms looked burned like they were held over a stove. His shirt was torn, and covered in soot and, and maybe, blood.

“Dad, what-”

“It’s alright,” he said. “Come give me a hug.”

I sprint to him and dive into his arms. He gives a little cry of pain.

“Oh God dad I’m sorry,” I mutter, trying to pull away.

“It’s all right,” he says, “I’m just a bit sore, that’s all.”

He looks up, behind me. Mom’s been standing there, watching us. She’s finally crying.

“Didn’t you know I’d be back?” Dad says to her, smiling.

She rushes over, and the three of us are hugging together. It was a long time before we broke up.

“What happened to you?” asks mom.

Dad looks at me, tentatively. His face is suddenly grave, pale, his eyes looked, did they look scared?

“I think it’s best if you leave while I talk to your mother. Don’t you have school in a bit? Go get ready for me.”

I nod, turning away reluctantly. As I head upstairs, I hear him say, “Let’s sit down. I need some water.”

I return to my bookbag with a different set of tears in my eyes. I knew he would be fine, I just knew it! Why would I ever think my dad could get hurt? He had to come home, and he did! That’s all there was to it.

I heard a gasping moan from downstairs. I turn towards the door, and stop when I remember that he told me to leave them alone. Another moan floats through the door. My curiosity gets the best of me.

I creep around the doorframe and down the hall to the landing. Leaning against the wall with my ear between the banisters, they couldn’t see me around the corner but their words were clear as day:

“-just got to the hospital to inspect the facilities. It was around eight in the morning. I was following the chief of staff to his office when it sounded like a cannon went off right beside me. The wall next to me exploded.”

Mom made another sound like I had heard from upstairs. I couldn’t see her but her face was plain as day. She must have been chalk-white. I was turning pale too. I found myself wondering how in the world he could have survived that.

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Dear Vincent,

 i’m really sure you bothers you the first name but don’t worry, is fine.

You know, i’ve thinking in leave our friendship….i….i can’t continue with this, you and I built this pizzeria…..but since you are a little strange, you scared me, im sorry Vincent, but you can call me “Friend” ‘cause i’ll Call you “Best Friend”

And please don’t call me for carrying a corpse to the river, or a cliff, please, I do not want any part of it

She’s supposed to be your wife?

I know you’re angry, but please, I promise I will not tell anyone, just beg you to come back to Renata and Brandy and let me live with my family in peace

I have enough for my son your “best friend” is gone, please call me if you need me okay?


anonymous asked:

could you do this meme for alarking? ‘i’ve had a really awful day so i started kicking a car out of frustration and it turned out to be your car i’m so sorry’

Alina had not had a good day. She’d spent ten hours on her feet, dodged a projectile chai latte for using soy milk instead of almond (they did not have almond), and despite that, apparently had the touch of the coffee gods. Her boss hadn’t been able to spare her for her break.

Add to that the fact that she had to bike home – except. She did not have to bike home. This was not because some kind soul had offered her a ride. This was because she was currently lacing a bike.

“No,” she moaned, staring at the severed chain hanging sadly around the bike stand. “Come on. Come on.”

She kicked the tire of the car next to her. It hurt, which was kind of satisfying in and of itself. Everything else sucked, why shouldn’t she also break her toe? She kicked it again. The car was a Mercedes, sleek and screaming of being worth more money than she’d ever see at once, without being flashy about it. Of course not. “We wouldn’t want to be crass about it,” she muttered, kicking it a third time.

“I wonder if there is a refined way to assault a vehicle.”

The voice was cool, sliding over her like a comfort in the buzzing heat of the day. Except it was the opposite of comforting, for obvious reasons. Alina sucked in a sharp intake of breath, leaping back into a man dressed all in black despite the oppressive weight of the sun. He steadied her without thought, hands on her be-shirted shoulders. There was something familiar about his face, beautiful as it was. Maybe he was a model.

“This is your car,” she stammered. It wasn’t a question; the answer was obvious enough.

“It was,” he agreed simply. “I’m reconsidering, now that it appears to be offensive enough to induce pretty girls into attacking it in the lot.”

Alina, caught between blushing and snorting, did both, stepping back. “I bet you say that to all girls you find kicking your tires.”

“Only the ones who appear to have a good reason for doing it.” His eyes were as cool as his voice, but there was an edge to the way they raked over her. Something not quite safe. Alina couldn’t decide if she liked it or not. “Your bike was taken.”

She had a split second to wonder how he’d guessed, before she caught him nodding at the helmet in her hand. She grimaced. “The cherry on the chocolate sundae of the day,” she agreed. “Look I – I’m sorry. About the car. I shouldn’t have kicked it. I think – I hope – I didn’t do any damage?” Please, god, say I didn’t do any damage. The last thing she needed was a law suit.

“If you had, I would just buy a new one.” A smile touched his lips, faint and devastating. “My apologies. That was probably crass.”

“I think you can carry it off,” Alina said shakily, before another blush assaulted her. “I should – I should go. Sorry again. Long walk home.”

“I can take you.”

There was something…unsettling and alluring about the words at the same time. Either way, it didn’t help the red in her face. “Excuse me?”

“If you need a ride home, I can give you one. My evening is clear.” He paused for a moment, and the smile on his lips curled deeper. “No double entendre intended.”

Alina was pretty sure it wasn’t physically possible to expire from embarrassment, but that was only because she was trying her best and still failing. “I didn’t assume – no. No, it’s fine, I can walk. Seriously, don’t worry about it.”

There was a pause, before he held out a hand to her. There was a card between his middle and fore-fingers, seemingly appearing out of nowhere. “I’m a public figure, miss…?”


“Miss Alina. There’s no need to worry about your safety.” He gestured at the parking lot, where they had acquired a few curious onlookers. “You can even consider it a favour to me. Acts of charity seldom reflect badly on anyone.”

She scanned the card. Two things stood out to her. A name – Aleksander Morozova – and an occupation. District Attorney.

She’d been kicking the DA’s car. Of course she had.

“On the other hand,” she pointed out. “If you did murder me and dump my corpse in a river, you’d almost definitely get off.”

“But probably not re-elected.”

“Mr Morozova? You’re terrible at reassuring people.”

The faint smile returned. “Aleksander is fine. Reassurance doesn’t typically fall under the purview of prosecutors. Can I consider that a yes?”

Alina glanced over her shoulder at the sad, sad bike chain. “Sure,” she blurted, despite every better instinct screaming at her not to. “Why not?”

There were probably a million or so different reasons why not. But when he opened the car door for her, she slid inside.


                      Lady Stoneheart

Death has changed Catelyn. She is less gracious and forgiving than in life and is consumed with a desire for vengeance on anyone she thinks betrayed her and her son, Robb. She hangs any men associated with the Freys, Boltons, or Lannisters, even if they had nothing to do with the “Red Wedding” or if they are boys, as was the case of Podrick Payne. Her appearance has been altered as well, with her flesh becoming soft and the color of curdled milk due to her corpse being submerged in river water for days. Half of her hair is gone and the rest is white and brittle. In addition, her wounds have not healed with her face covered in scratch marks and her throat still slit open. To speak she must cover the wound on her throat; even then she is difficult to understand.

what i’ve been reading

The Love Thieves: Amour de Soi by TrueMyth 

Oliver Queen is a weapon in human form. Forged in the terrible fires of Lian Yu, honed to a razor’s edge by ARGUS and the Bratva, he is death and destruction to everyone he meets. Section One directs him to topple corrupt governments, murder heinous warlords, or seduce valuable intel. He is their top operative and best trainer: able to size up an adversary or asset instantly and either put them to immediate use or eliminate them.

Felicity Smoak is just another new recruit. Pros: genius level intellect, amazing body, engaging personality, and computer skills that even Section fears. Cons: Stubborn as hell and relentlessly moral despite her record. She could be the best person he’s ever met. She’ll never survive training.

And in Section One, failure means death…

  • nikita au - i have only seen the movie and i was able to follow this story intently and with so much interest. it’s so gripping, its fun and a felicity is a delight to read about. i love reading stories about her kicking ass but i mostly love this because here she actually kicks people’s asses lol - and she is still very felicity as she does it. and her relationship with oliver.. WOW. so , so well done. the essence of olicity

Recipe for Romance by Weareallstoriesintheend  

Oliver meets Felicity while working at the Farmer’s Market. He’s enamored, but thinks she’s unavailable. AU

  • this is such a cute and light read, it’s a fun story and i had fun reading it because everyone i love was there and they were so *them*. it was great. i can’t wait for the next chapter. 

like the blind leading the blind by AppleJuiz

He always thought it was Laurel, so it makes sense that everyone else did as well. He’d known her for as long as he could remember. She meant more to him than anyone else for the longest time. In times of despair, he would go to her. When he needed advice he would go to her. He felt complete around her, like a better person.

He doesn’t realize that until later. Until after 5 years of hell, of carrying a picture of her and deciding to be better for her. Until he gets home and everything changes. Until he takes a bullet ridden laptop to a small broom closet of an office on a floor he’s never been to before.

Because for all that people talk about angels, no one ever told Oliver that they have real wings.

  • holy shit this fic… i have no words for this fic. the tenderness will linger with you, the gentleness will envelop you. it amazed me that this was a fic about angels and how it would have been so easy to pass into the supernatural, but the author is just SO FREAKING GOOD at keeping things real, human, IN CHARACTER that it made me wanna cry

The True Crime is How We’ve Made It This Far by AppleJuiz

“What the hell are you doing this time?” He asks, unable to sound anything but fond, helplessly enamored, head over heels.

“If I tell you, I’d have to kill you,” she replies, laughter in her eyes, like they both know she couldn’t kill a spider. (Because she can’t. They came across one making out in the corner of a drug cartel’s hideout and she shrieked, demanding that he shoot it, so loud he was almost certain they would end up as corpses in the river.)

“You know, one of these days you’re going to get arrested,” he sighs.

“But not by you,” she taunts right back. And she’s right. Of course she is.

In which Felicity is a hacker for hire and Oliver can’t seem get around to stopping her.


Body Check by MaverickYoung

Well-known former child model turned international popstar, Felicity Smoak, and her toxic lifestyle’s quickly brushed off as another famous tragedy waiting to happen by her newly appointed head of security - the ever so stoical Oliver Queen. However, just when he thinked he’s figured his new client out, Oliver can’t help but to dive head first into the mysterious labyrinth that is Felicity Smoak… and to his worst fear - finds himself unwanting to get out.

  • ok, so this is a fic that i do not rec lightly. read all the tags, be very careful. it’s not a light read. it’s a good read, a hard one, but it gripped me despite its imperfections and foreignness (i know nothing of this lifestyle)- it shocked me with its honesty and this stark sense of reality and i could not let it go. things don’t get graphic ever, there is nothing explicit but that is not the point. the atmosphere, the oppressiveness of the lifestyle, how felicity makes these *choices* over and over again, and they are as rational as they are destructive…. you’re going to feel hopeless right with her, and desperate right with her. there is no romanticizing of anything here, which is what i liked best about this. everything is stripped bare to the bones and its really ugly. but there is hope. 

god himself would call it justice by geneeste

There’s a choice to be made here. But honestly, she’s so tired. Tired of thinking, tired of existing in this weird in-between, and most especially tired of choosing. She made a choice before, a big one, and the consequences were horrifying. She always chooses the wrong thing.

  • listen, i cry daily over this fic. DAILY. it’s… i have no words. it wrecked me to the bone and it got me writing and it shook me hard okay. it’s definitely not an easy read (felicity dealing with her guilt by not dealing can’t be an easy read) but it’s an outstanding one. an amazing grip of character and emotion and suffering and what it means to lose sense of self. i felt this story in the gut and it still hasn’t let me go.  

Our Version of Events by geneeste, MachaSWicket

SUMMARY: Action star Ollie Queen is trying to clean up his image and land parts that require him to do more than appear shirtless while fighting stuntmen. Pop star Felicity Queen wants to be seen as an adult in time for the release of her new, grittier album. And talent manager John Diggle’s got an idea about what coverage of Oliver and Felicity’s brand new (and totally fake) romance could do for them both.

  • what more needs to be said? after all the angst i rec-ed, i feel like this is needed to sort of, revive the people the list so far killed. but knowing these two though, we’re not safe by far, so i’d keep an eye out for sharp objects to our hearts. 

Bang and Burn by SuchaPrettyPoison

Well it hadn’t gone as horribly as it could have gone. Granted, Felicity was now being chased by what she could only assume was Adonis reincarnated - because the man was too perfect to be of moral men - but she had been expecting it to go much worse and she did get the intel on the nuclear device.

  • Part 3 of In Every Timeline
  • i have IMMENSE love of this verse. sometimes when i need to cheer myself up with good fic written impeccably, with taste and excellent characterization and fantastic dialogue. i go back to this series and read some chapters and it never fails to make me smile because felicity is such a little shit i love her here so so much and oliver is a silly puppy in love but the’r both allso felicity and oliver and it’s so, so good. 

my body rotting and imperfect and inglorious not anything like beautiful but titanium pushed and twisted through pink like it might dig teeth in tight enough to hold together


not, I love you gorgeous scarred thing, lay my soft mouth on your careful wounds and call you something honeyed and god-spun

just this, my tired, dead weight,

carrying my own corpse to the river and letting it float

- barely breathing (dtw) | lr

I’m just kind of disturbed that they are accelerating Arya’s storyline so much in the show. 

Yes, the show covered the original structure of the inn scene - Arya and Sandor go into an inn, she sees guards from Harrenhal that she recognizes, they get into an altercation that begins with Sandor and is finished by Arya, when she murders two men. That’s all there in the show. But there are things that they have omitted, important things, things like Arya believing that her mother could still be alive (“We should go back to the Twins and get my mother. She can’t be dead. We have to help her"), or the irretrievable sadness of Arya having to see her dead mother’s corpse in the river as Nymeria (They broke their fast in silence, until Sandor said, “This thing about your mother…” “It doesn’t matter,” Arya said in a dull voice. “I know she’s dead. I saw her in a dream”). We missed the complete sense of urgency that is in the books, when it is clear to Arya that Sandor - the only person who can protect her now and possibly get her back to what is left of her family - might actually die (she literally thinks “They’re killing him”) - instead we see him more or less having the upper hand, and her taking the opportunity to kill some dudes at the very end. We’ve quite suddenly done a 180 in terms of Arya’s feelings, and with little time for the audience to catch up - we went from her seeing that her brother and mother had died, to not feeling anything at all. This extreme numbness is there in the books (“She could feel the hole inside her every morning when she woke…the hole would never get any better”) but it is not to this extent; there is always still the desire for retribution and justice (what about the Arya who kills Dareon?? Are you going to say that she does that without feeling???). 

Not to mention, they’re adding things, things that just aren’t necessary. While leaving these huge omissions, there are some worse inclusions - such as the sexual violence present in the inn scene. In the book, there is no real indication that the girl present is or has been raped (she seems like a prostitute, in fact, who hopefully is being paid) and neither Polliver, nor any of the guards, ever make a sexual comment about Arya. But by adding that into the new episode, they have sexualized Arya in a way that she never was before, and colored our understanding of her with that additional threat. With this sexual violence, plus the parallel murders of Polliver and Lommy, it felt like we were seeing Mercy’s chapter played out in front of us, three books too early. And, I assume, it was all for shock value. What other reason could there be for this clear, and unnecessary, mention of sexual violence of a child? Which I just don’t think is an earned reason at all for changing her character so much, and so rapidly.