corpse make up

anonymous asked:

Something I noticed with Norman is that we can see clothes on him, like he has rolled up shirt sleeves and obvious boots. How exactly would this even work???

I’ve proposed before that because the Ink Machine is binding human souls to new ink bodies, the ink naturally wants to form back into their old body. Normally this is interrupted by their mind starting to slide to the cartoon’s (that would be Joey’s intent), creating a half-and-half hybrid or, in the case of the Ink Machine CK1, something made of raw ink in the vague shape of a person.

However, if Joey was simply trying to make sure Norman didn’t ruin his little operation, his intent wasn’t to make a cartoon, but rather make something with a human body. Because the intent is to make a human and the host wants to have a human body, you end up with something that’s pretty darn close to looking like it did while alive (at least until Joey fucked him up royally with a projector).