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IRAQ. Dilaya governorate. Baquba. September 16, 2007. “Last Touch”.  A woman takes her dead son into her arms, as she grieves for her six-year-old son, Dhiya Thamer, who was killed when their family car came under fire by unknown gunmen. The boy’s ten-year old brother, Qusay, was injured in the attack as the family returned from enrolling the children in school, where Dhiya was to begin his first year.

“I remember this picture. An Iraqi mother was going with her only son to the first day of school. Her dream was to see her son in a graduation ceremony. Instead, she took her son to the morgue after he was shot. I will never forget that day, will never forget the screams – “my son is still alive — he opens his eyes, see!” I will never forget my tears. Whenever I hug my son, I remember this picture. When I returned to the house, my wife saw it and entered into a long bout crying. We sat weeping, the two of us. I can never forget this image. After this picture, I feel changed. No longer are there colors in my dreams. I began sitting in the dark, to live in darkness. My life became darkness within darkness.”

Photograph: Adem Hadei/AP.


LEBANON. Tyre. July 2006. Marco di Lauro’s coverage of the 2006 Lebanon War. Here, aftermaths of Israeli airstrikes. All pictures: Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images [Part 1]

Photograph 1: Two Lebanese civilians wait for further treatment upon arrival at the hospital. According to Hospital Officials, a family traveling in a van trying to flee the villages south of Tyre was hit by an Israeli warplane reportedly killing 13 people as well as injuring 13. July 23, 2006.

Photograph 2: 3-year-old, Nimar Ramait recovers in his hospital bed after he was injured by a bomb dropped by an Israeli war plane on a water canal where he was swimming. For a sixth day, Israel continued it’s extensive bombing of villages and the civilian population in Southern Lebanon. July 17, 2006.

Photograph 3: The bodies of the victims of the Qana Israeli air strike wrapped in plastic having been brought from Qana to the morgue. Twenty-two bodies were brought to the morgue wrapped in plastic and loaded into a refrigerator truck. The Israeli air strike killed 56 civilians of which 34 of them were children, in the worst attack since the fighting began 19 days ago. July 30, 2006.

Photograph 4: 18 year old Zahra Al-Jamira cries in shock after she realized that her face is burnt as a result of a bomb dropped by an Israeli warplane. For a seventh day, Israel continued its extensive bombing of villages and the civilian population in Southern Lebanon. July 18, 2006.

The 2006 Lebanon War, also called the 2006 Israel–Hezbollah War was a 34-day military conflict in Lebanon, Northern Israel and the Golan Heights. The principal parties were Hezbollah paramilitary forces and the Israel Defence Forces (IDF). The conflict is believed to have killed between 1,191 and 1,300 Lebanese people (mostly civilians), and 165 Israelis (including 44 civilians). It severely damaged Lebanese civil infrastructure, and displaced approximately one million Lebanese and 300,000–500,000 Israelis.

Various groups and individuals accused both Israel and Hezbollah of violations of these laws during the conflict, and warned of possible war crimes. These allegations included intentional attacks on civilian populations or infrastructure, disproportionate or indiscriminate attacks, the use of human shields, and the use of prohibited weapons. 

No formal charges have been filed against either group.  

I lie awake. Outside, in the blackness of pines, a few blank stars. I think of the bitter insult. The coiled paths of the garden, twisting nowhere into hyacinth, violet, perennial in crushing profusion. River glittering her drops of mercy, running away. Dawn comes red as blood and bright with grimace. Better to litter the river in own corpse rather than face the new bleak world. Sun touches water in necessity, never rises.  Our important suffering our terminally unique bodies o woe. She walks the garden, last thread tied to a long lost thing.

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It wasn’t easy this new life of his, before he had met you he would sleep without his mask on. The disdain he felt when he looked in the mirror, he barely looked human anymore. His skin that was once beautifully dark and never burned in the sun was sickly, he looked like a corpse. His face was scarred up even worse than when he was Gabriel Reyes, his eyes… Well they looked like they belonged to the grim reaper himself. Dark blood red, black mist oozing out of his eyes and nose; his teeth were now unusually sharp, it had been hard adjusting to this especially since you came into his life. He always feared he would bite down too hard or cut your tongue when you kissed, you were such a fragile thing compared to him… A pure being next to what many called a monster, a demon.

You never saw that though, how you came into his life was nothing short of amazing. He saved you from some creep who was planning to do unspeakable things to you, and kill you once he was done. Gabriel may not be a “hero”, but he didn’t like seeing weaker people being taken advantage of. You called him your ‘savior’. It was annoying at first since you two would always bump into each other, but soon the Latino man found he deeply cared about you. The first hint is when he saw you with another, he couldn’t help but spy on your date, and once your date expected more than you were willing to give…. Let’s just say it didn’t end well for them.

He’d always tell you, “Listen, I am not your hero. I am the monster that hides under your bed. “You never believed that for a second, Gabriel was hurt and while he did do bad things… There was a man under that scary owl-like mask, a man who was lonely, and hurt.  A man that needed love desperately and you knew that you were the right person for the job the instant Gabriel saved you.

You’d been with Gabriel for almost a year now and you never got to see his face, you could sense it was a sore subject. Still though, Gabriel didn’t understand how much you loved him. Truthfully you could care less what he looked like; you just wanted to be able to stare in the eyes of your heart and soul whenever you kissed. You needed to look at him in the light when you made love; you were tired of him turning off the lights so you couldn’t even see his gorgeous scarred body. You tried your best to assure him and respect his boundaries, but you needed to know what his eyes looked like when he looked at you… Even if it was just for a minute!

It was then when Gabriel walked in your apartment he decidedly had taken over that you set your plan into motion. This wasn’t your first attempt; you thought he might take his mask off if you cooked for him… Turns out he was rather skilled at eating with a mask on, which made you pout like a child for the next few hours.

“Gabriel? Could you come here for a moment? “You called out from the other room, sneaking into a closet; he’d never expect this sneak attack even if he was a professional.

Gabriel Reyes slipped off his boots, jacket, and gloves. He knew you hated it when he got dirt on the carpet or scratched up the furniture, especially when you said he was worse than your damn menace of a cat who always seemed to cock-block the both of you. Cracking his back, he set off to find his significant other. “(Y/N)? Where the fuck did you go? I’m not in the mood for hide and go seek today, mi amor loco.” He groaned out in minor annoyance. He passed a slightly ajar closet on his way to your bedroom; he didn’t think much of it until suddenly he was pulled backwards and his mask carefully torn off. His first and natural instinct was to grab his gun to kill the bastard who thought they could de-mask him, probably some scumbag hoping to give away his identity to the highest bidder.

“Gabriel, don’t! It’s me. “A familiar voice yelled out, fuck. He slumped downwards once his love let go of him, equally pissed, upset, and afraid. They would leave now; he could already hear their screams of horror as they would call the local authorities to remove a ‘monster’ from their cozy little apartment.

“Mi amor… Why?” He questioned simply, he felt betrayed almost by this.

“I… I wanted to look in your eyes, just once! I just wanted to see all of you… I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have. You must think I’m selfish and horrible, Gabriel.” You whimpered out, seeing the look of distrust on Gabriel’s inhuman face. Tears poured from your eyes as you practically dove into his arms, holding him tightly. “Please, please forgive me. “ You pleaded endlessly, hoping Gabriel didn’t hate you.

“You’re not… Screaming, or running away. Why are you crying? Am I really that terrifying? Look, you don’t have to hug me to attempt to appease me. “He commented, rather confused by all of this. Slowly he wrapped his arms around you; he hated seeing your lovely (E/C) eyes cry. While he still felt betrayed and mad, he couldn’t hate you even if he wanted to.

“Why on earth would I run away?” You sniffled, curling into the large man.

“Because of what is behind the mask. I told you from day one, I am a monster. Haven’t you listened? That’s why I never wanted you to see… this. “He motioned to his face.

“Gabriel… You aren’t terrifying, and while you’re no saint; you certainly aren’t a monster of any type. You are as beautiful as I thought you’d be. Can’t you see? I never would’ve cared about your the mist, the scars, or any of that… I just care about you. I love you. Every inch, every imperfection, you cannot begin to see what I do whenever I look at you. “That was all it took for Gabriel to cup your face, slowly he wiped away your tears.

“ No more crying, it’ll take time for me to feel comfortable without my mask… but I am willing to take it off at least for a little while. I am still mad, but you can make it up to me later, mi amor. I love you too. “He stole a kiss from you before you could even reply, he lifted you up bridal style, deciding it was best if you two laid down for a while.

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You do realize that by beating someone with a bat full of nails that they could not only die from injury but from infection esp if the nails are rusty and thus you are creating the art that you hate aesthetic is truly amazing my friend

i mean, since they’re posting the “art that i hate” i may as well give them the full firsthand experience of the art they adore oh so much while also giving me what i want [them eradicated off the face of the earth] so. mutual benefit