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Johnny Depp | June 9, 1963

Sun: Gemini (Communicative, Witty, Imaginative, Adaptable)
Moon: Capricorn (Reserved, Logical, Structured, Practical)
Rising: Leo (Expressive, Bold, Fun-Loving, Confident)





- T R A N S C E N D I N G  M A T E R I A L  F O R M

The Signs and Cities III:

Aries: A city built tall. None know the depths of its elevator shafts nor what lies at the peaks of its toxic spires.

Taurus: A city of rolling hills and green pastures. Farms and homes built on the corpses of mountain-eating war machines.

Gemini: A city built into your very bones. Vast highways taking tiny citizens to and fro.

Libra: A tarnished city, its fields laid waste in exchange for the bounty of silver beneath. Gaunt bodies and once shining walls.

Cancer: A city of the night, lit eternally by neon and halogen. The bars are open late, the patrons never leave.

Leo: A city on strings, its walls and shops twisting and dancing to find a more perfect arrangement.

Virgo: A city built too small as if for children. Great vaulted ceilings barely fit to kneel in.

Libra: A scarred city. Nothing is built on the blackened tract of land. None speak of why.

Scorpio: What is left of a grand capital. The pathetic tatters of a tyrants crown jewel.

Ophiuchus: A city of ash. Its homes always meant to be coffins.

Sagittarius: A city made from a single grand complex. Grand spires and wings stretch on endlessly. There are no neighbors.

Capricorn: A city built to fish for stars. Fishing lines dangle upwards reaching ever reaching.

Aquarius: A city in the undergrowth. A sanctuary from the glamour above, its residents dredge the earth.

Pisces: A city of the sun. All domes built inverse to facilitate better worship. Its residents blind.


I was sitting in the honors college sweating over an essay I had to print and just generally being annoyed.

Out of my peripheral vision I see someone coming in with a Rottweiler mutt.

I just stare at it like a creepy weirdo for a few minutes but then conclude that I don’t have time to get up and pet her plus it’s weird.

It’s weird how into petting dogs I get.

Anyway I look back to my computer.

A minute later there’s a weight in my lap and I look down and she’s put her big dopey head on my legs and she’s just begging me to pet her and I can’t resist dogs.

God. Damnit.

Whatever kills humans, good job, and thank you, but please spare the dogs.

They deserve this planet.

Tokyo Ghoul Characters in a Nutshell
  • Touka: Cute/pretty/clever/EVIL TSUNDERE/hard worker/family oriented
  • Juuzou: Cute cinnamon roll that could kill you
  • Hinami: *adorably eats human corpse*
  • Ayato: Father complex
  • Hide: refer to Kaneki
  • Takizawa: refer to Hide
  • Tsukiyama: *has orgasm in French*

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oh god architects destroyed my civilization. they kept building houses, people kept having babies. the food vanished, everyone became a nudist, the dead lined the streets, and eventually my people began to eat corpses. 11/10 would play again

this is my favorite review so far

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Notice that all the sextuplets except Todomatsu are at Jyushimatsu's barbeque in the new Hesokuri Wars set. Notice that Jyushimatsu has acquired a new tasty hunk of meat, probably from Hatabou. Did Jyushimatsu order Todomatsu whacked and turned into meat, to finally get rid of the pink monster menace? Maybe it is a sign that Totty should not exist except as delicious meat.

todomatsu is dead and his brothers are eating his corpse while he has his own barbecue in hell: a conspiracy theory thread by me

Theory Time! - Marleyans are terrible, but why though? Looking at the Season 2 end credits

I’ve written a little bit on the end credits already (SO GOOD BTW) and there was something I wanted to talk about in particular - this long pan image before the animated sequences in the ending. 

I think a majority of us are in consensus that this is the 145th king and the three children are Rose, Maria, and Sina considering they’re eating what is presumably another titan shifter (I couldn’t include it in the whole screencap since it’s such a big pan image).  But I wanted to focus on something more particular - the children themselves and the people in the background.

In the manga, we’ve been told that it was the 145th king’s decision to stop the war by erasing the memories of the people of Paradis and agreeing that they were the ones at fault, which led to the creation of the walls and the present situation for the Eldians.  While this image seems to collude that, I also am looking closely at the people in the background.  You can see that the children eating the corpse in front of them are sad, indicated by the tears running down their faces.  But the people in the background seem happy. The people on the right seem to be concealing laughter with smiles hidden behind their hands. The people on the left are a bit more telling - one of them is holding a book and pointing to a particular passage, another is pointing at the children, and the woman in the middle seems in prayer, all seemingly pleased with themselves. The only ones who aren’t happy are the kids and the king.

The original idea going around was that these people were fellow wall cultists agreeing with the decision.  But if you really look at what they’re doing, I don’t think they’re cultists.  I think they’re Marleyan people tricking the king into making his children sacrifices. It wouldn’t be beyond Marley to do so - look at what they did in Chapter 92, drugging Eldians and dropping them out of the sky as an attack on an opposing force and JUSTIFYING it because Eldians are the children of the Devil, according to them.  Face it, when an opposing force has the power to turn people into giant cannibals, defeat is pretty certain.

However, all we’ve been told is that the 145th king agreed with the Marleyans that what Eldians and Ymir did was wrong. But I don’t think he actually agreed.  If you consider what’s being shown in the image above, I think the king was tricked. He was tricked by Marley themselves or Marleyans pretending to be Eldian by convincing him that they are wrong for using this unnatural power. And if that’s truly the case, that not only changes the implication of the king’s motivation to put up the walls to begin with, but it also truly shows the depths of depravity of the Marleyan people. I was originally of the mind that we don’t truly know what the Marleyan people are except what we’ve been told in the story through other people, which as it is known, people can fall for propaganda and the stories we tell ourselves in order to make our beliefs and actions “right” in the face of overwhelming evidence otherwise.  And that we don’t have the whole story regarding Marley and that maybe the Eldians were just as bad.  But if this image and the last chapter is any indication, the Marleyans’ depravity truly knows no bounds.  But I also want to know why.  Why are they so drepraved and ruthless in their tactics? There has to be something deeper besides they don’t like Eldians but will stoop to using them to kill them all. And despite readers wanting more of the main cast in these last few chapters and not necessarily caring as much about these Marley Eldians, I think it’s actually going to be crucially important, and I actually want to know more about Marley from Marleyans themselves, beyond the fact that they hate Eldians and will use them how they deem necessary.  And I’m hoping we get a bit of that in the coming chapters.

Also, as a note from way back in the Uprising arc - I know there’s still some storytelling concerns about why the Ackerconversation hasn’t been shown or possibly happened yet in the story itself between Levi and Mikasa.  I think the reason why might be because the reveal or conversation isn’t crucially important to the overall story - YET. But considering their uniqueness in terms of their physical abilities and their inability to be brainwashed like everyone else on Paradis, I think Mikasa and Levi might be a key to stopping everything. Because they’re not Eldians in the sense that Eren and Armin and everyone else is - they might be Marleyan who disagreed with with the war and were also banished to Paradis themselves for their views. Either way, the Ackerstory isn’t finished yet, and I think it’s going to tie in to all of this in upcoming chapters, which will hopefully lead to the conversation itself or a flashback to the conversation.

What do you guys think?