corpse eating

*cannibals in other fandoms, dark, dangerous predators, covered in mystery and fear, hunting their victims, playing mind games with them, rejecting humanity*: It’s useless to resist… You’re just a weeping wax candle… I am a demon with deer antlers hunting your nightmares… Do the lambs still scream, Clarice???…

*cannibals in DOS2, cheerful elves dressed in grass bikini and feathers like they are just from the Pride carnival*: I ate Betsy’s foot to learn her amazing blowjob technique. It’s what she would’ve wanted.


Johnny Depp | June 9, 1963

Sun: Gemini (Communicative, Witty, Imaginative, Adaptable)
Moon: Capricorn (Reserved, Logical, Structured, Practical)
Rising: Leo (Expressive, Bold, Fun-Loving, Confident)

Madness of the Wendigo: A spooky encounter I’m planning for Halloween

This encounter takes place over the course of several nights, and suddenly ends if the beast isn’t killed. You may combine the events of different nights together if time permits, and replace the orcs with whatever neutral faction might better fit into your campaign. Populate the game with other events and introduce wendigo encounters when you feel the players are at ease, as long as it’s nighttime.

Feedback and commentary welcome! What game are you planning for Halloween? 

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Eighth year drarry

  • Draco and Harry both return for the so-called eighth year
  • Harry because he doesn’t know what else to do and wants to enjoy his youth
  • Draco because otherwise he’d have to stay at Malfoy Manor and he can’t bear that
  • Post-war emotions are running high, so Draco gets quite a lot of hate and violence directed towards him
  • McGonagall prohibits the students from using magic against each other, but she turns a blind eye to Muggle ways
  • No one really notices that Draco is hurt because he acts like he isn’t
  • He can’t show weakness
  • That changes when Harry goes to Myrtle’s bathroom to chat with her (everything is better than watching Ron and Hermione sucking face in the eight year common room)
  • He finds Draco lying in the floor with two seventh year students kicking his ribs and back
  • After shocking them he tends to Draco, asking if he’s alright and if Harry can help
  • Draco denies that of course, he never needs help
  • Harry sends two Patronus off to McGonagall and Mme Pomfrey and helps Draco to his feet bringing him to the hospital wing
  • Draco has to stay there for a week
  • Pomfrey has to administer potions that make him too weak to do anything because his ribs are cracked and the bruises never even started to heal
  • After he gets out Harry watches out for him
  • At first, Draco is really annoyed but then he’s quite thankful
  • McGonagall took the incident as sign to also prohibit the students from using Muggle ways to hurt others
  • Draco gets used to Harry’s questions
  • He always asks if he’s alright, if he’s eaten enough, if he’s sleeping well
  • Draco’s not, so Harry starts preparing him food in the kitchens so Draco doesn’t have to eat at a table in the Great Hall, but rather in a chair by the fire that doesn’t remind him if Nagini eating whatever corpses the Dark Lord had produced
  • When Harry notices the dark rings under Draco’s eyes he offers that Draco can come to him anytime and sleep in his bed or talk to him until it’s better
  • Hermione of course noticed the way Harry looked at Draco and just hopes he won’t be hurt
  • When Draco actually takes Harry up on the offer of talking after a nightmare, Harry just lifts a corner of his covers and lets him slip under it
  • They talk until Draco falls asleep
  • The next day they are women by Ron’s “Mate”
  • Harry just looks up at him waiting with this bed head and Draco notices how he’s actually really cute
  • Ron asks if Harry is a shirt lifter or why he started sleeping with guys and Draco turns beet red
  • Harry assures him that they were only sleeping
  • When Ron leaves Draco turns to Harry and asks if it would be a bad thing, being a shirt lifter
  • And Harry’s like no of course not and explains that in the Muggle world it’s actually rather normal except in certain circles
  • He then adds that he’s bisexual and explains what it means when Draco asks
  • So Draco’s like I think I only like guys
  • Harry is surprised but accepting and then Draco adds that he especially likes Harry
  • Harry just grins and tells him it’s the same for him
  • They talk a lot more about how relationships and sexuality is handled in the Wizarding World
  • Harry finds out that there’s not a lot (read: nothing) Draco’s done and that he’s pretty insecure about it, so he hands him the reigns on their relationship, so that he can decide what he’s comfortable doing and what should wait
  • They kiss the first time after three weeks, when Draco gets a letter saying he’s going to be released from his sentence earlier
  • Harry slowly re-introduces him to Ron and Hermione
  • Ron takes to him after Draco wins against him at chess saying he’s always missed the proper games since Harry and Hermione are shit at it
  • Hermione forgives him after he gifts her a very rare book on house elves from the Malfoy library
  • After Hogwarts Harry and Draco get a house together and after a few more years start thinking about adopting
  • Because it may not be roses and butterflies all the time, they just have to remember they have each other and will always be together

What I want to see in season 3

  • Bum’s uncle in the basement
  • How Sangwoo’s mother died
  • Stalker Seungbae
  • More scenes outside the house
  • The thing on Sangwoo’s room that everyone kept staring at (Sangwoo’s mom’s corpse?)
  • Lube
  • Lube
  • Lube
  • More Killing
  • Bum eating a decent meal
  • The rest of Sangwoo’s house.




- T R A N S C E N D I N G  M A T E R I A L  F O R M

If you don’t like seeing pictures of violence towards animals being posted, you need to help stop the violence, not the pictures.
—  Johnny Depp
Tokyo Ghoul Characters in a Nutshell
  • Touka: Cute/pretty/clever/EVIL TSUNDERE/hard worker/family oriented
  • Juuzou: Cute cinnamon roll that could kill you
  • Hinami: *adorably eats human corpse*
  • Ayato: Father complex
  • Hide: refer to Kaneki
  • Takizawa: refer to Hide
  • Tsukiyama: *has orgasm in French*

I was sitting in the honors college sweating over an essay I had to print and just generally being annoyed.

Out of my peripheral vision I see someone coming in with a Rottweiler mutt.

I just stare at it like a creepy weirdo for a few minutes but then conclude that I don’t have time to get up and pet her plus it’s weird.

It’s weird how into petting dogs I get.

Anyway I look back to my computer.

A minute later there’s a weight in my lap and I look down and she’s put her big dopey head on my legs and she’s just begging me to pet her and I can’t resist dogs.

God. Damnit.

Whatever kills humans, good job, and thank you, but please spare the dogs.

They deserve this planet.