corps commander

An extremely rare incidence of Moblit using his authority as 4th Squad’s Executive Officer.


Marines with Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC) and 2nd Low Altitude Air Defense Battalion (2nd LAAD) conducting a live fire training exercise at Camp Lejeune, N.C., on June 6, 2017. Marines with MARSOC worked with 2nd LAAD to conduct live fire exercises to maintain proficiency and accuracy with various weapon systems. (U.S. Marine Corps Photo by Lance Cpl. Cody J. Ohira)


You took my hand in yours,
You started breaking down my walls,
And you covered my heart with kisses.

Every time someone reblogs old (very very old) art of mine, people start making requests without even asking if I’m currently taking requests (like, you just need to check my blog really)

BUT I so much wanted to draw eruri again so I just took the chance! it’s been so long my babies my sons 


“Everybody’s been doing this job for a long time, there’s really no reason for me to tell them what to do. It’s fast paced, it’s aggressive, it’s not something you could be timid at.”

Reblogging these in honour of dancing Levi…


“You didn’t dance,” Erwin comments amicably, as the carriage passes out through the Sina gate.
Levi can just make out the blue of his eyes in the dim glow of the swinging carriage lantern.
“Of course I didn’t dance,” he snaps, making no attempt to hide his irritation.
“Can you?”
“Can I what?”
Levi knows he’s being wilfully obtuse, but right now, he really is not in the mood.
“Can you dance?” Erwin persists, refusing to rise to the bait.
“What the fuck do you think?”
Erwin doesn’t need to say what he thinks.

After a gala in Mitras Erwin insists on teaching a reluctant Levi how to dance.


If Erwin was being honest with himself, which he is not, he would have to admit that he enjoys dragging Levi out to these galas and balls. He enjoys his surly presence, enjoys the defiant tilt of his chin as he glares at the nobles, enjoys his caustic comments, the way he bristles at any perceived slight to the Survey Corps or its Commander. But Erwin Smith is not an honest man and he will not admit these things. And most particularly, he will not admit, not even to himself, especially not to himself, that he enjoys the way the Captain’s dress uniform fits over his small lithe form.

Follow from Erwin’s point of view.

Crowley Meratyn Appreciation Post

Crowley Meratyn was literally one of the most unselfish, nice, determined and inspirational characters ever though like why isn’t he discussed more often?
He stood up for a random girl he didn’t know in a tavern at the potential cost of his own life because she was being harassed by Morgarath’s men.
He refused to just give up to Morgarath like a lot of the Rangers were prepared to do and fought back.
He took charge when no one else would and didn’t even take a moment to consider that he might become the commander of the corps, he was prepared to do it with no thanks at all.
When Crowley realized Halt liked Pauline he immediately encouraged him to act on his feelings and supported him though all the years.
He sensed that Halt’s past was sensitive to him and never pushed or asked about it through all the years, instead doing his best to give Halt somewhere where he could be happy.
He encouraged all the Rangers to fight and then restored them and lead them. Crowley spent hours doing paperwork, even though it is explicitly stated that he hates doing it just so the rangers could operate.
Crowley never gave up on the Rangers or doubted them and he usually achieved what he set out to do.
Crowley’s honeslty the best character I’ve read in a long time, and he needs to be appreciated a lot more!