corprate greed

Anti-Flag does not mean Anti-American. Anti-Flag means the common people of the world are better off living in unity and peace.Anti-Flag means to stand up against corporate greed that hurts millions while only benefiting a handful of extremely rich. Anti-Flag means to fight against mindless nationalism. Anti-Flag means unity"
—  Justin Sane, Anti-Flag
Why Not to Shop at Walmart

On a personal note, I really really hate Walmart.  With a revenue of $421 billion a year, it is easy to see what type of wealth and power it wields in our economy.  I worked for Walmart for 2 months and had to quit because I felt dehumanized, but what I saw while I worked there only disgusted me more.  With all the money and power and potential to change Walmart holds, very little goes to charity.  Instead it destroys local business and forces the majority of the inhabitants to have to work there. 

They pay their employees so little that they have no choice but to shop there as well for the MEASLY discount they can get (which most food items are not covered under the discount).  Every two weeks on payday I would check out at least a quarter of the employees as they bought the next two weeks worth of food, consisting mainly of tv dinners and the such that were covered in the discount.  This is called wage slavery.  Similar things were seen during the construction of the railroads with store credit.  

Furthermore, they treated their employees with very little respect.  They preached a “family” atmosphere (telling employees to shop there to keep it in the family) however constantly reminded us that there were hundreds willing to take our jobs.  They were more concerned with saving money than a job well done and I often saw employees chastised for coming into work early because it would add 10 minutes of overtime.  We were encouraged to wait next the the punch in station for the exact time we were supposed to check in and out.

Once Walmart moved into my town, local businesses began to wane.  Once a SuperWalmart opened (where I worked) local businesses completely failed.  The town’s economy is dying.  It’s a simple process: 1. Walmart imports cheap goods made at workers’ expenses in inhumane factories 2.Walmart offers lower prices 3. Local businesses can’t compete and shut down 4. Locals have to work for Walmart because not enough other businesses are open.  5. Salaries are too low to shop anywhere else, so everyone continues to shop there 6. Walmart gets more money to start the process all over again in a different town.

SO PLEASE.  Even if it is more expensive, do not shop at Walmart.  Support local businesses.  In the long run it is what is best for our economy and our workers rights.  It is this type of system that is the problem, so start fighting it by shopping elsewhere.

*All of this is my personal experience and opinions.

I'm opinionated.

Very opinionated. About many things. Right now, I’m expressing my opinion on the ‘Occupy’ protests going on in many major U.S. cities right now. I’m not entirely sure on why they’re protesting, but I’ve got a pretty good idea-corporate greed and corruption. Apparently the police have been arresting the protesters, even when they’ve done nothing wrong, and this is what I’d like to talk about.

 The police going out and arresting completely innocent protesters is going to make them want to protest more, for their rights. So if this is the government’s idea of stopping the protesters, it’s an idiotic and poorly-thought out one. However, if the protesters become violent, whether it be verbally or physically (but especially physically) then I see why they’d have to be arrested. Otherwise, there are not really any excuses. If the police and government want the protests to stop, they should just do what the protesters want. After all, they’re protesting for good reasons. It’s not for scary reasons, or retarded reasons, or for anarchy, or anything like that. They just want America to change for the better.