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We have some good news and bad news. As of a few days ago we received a weighty tome of a letter from a certain large toy manufacturer  named Hasbro in relation to our blog name and intellectual property rights. Sadly, just like many large multinational corporations have done to others, they are trying to shut us down and void our two years of hard work.

As you know we strive to mould a better understanding of today’s ever growing music scene, we don’t make malleable play stuff for children. We do encourage creativity in all young minds – our end product is sonic and aural. We would have never imagined it would be confused with a child’s play toy.

We are so proud of the following we have gained, the nights we’ve had and the overall journey over the past few years. Whilst these events would deter a lesser entity, we don’t give up that easily. The next phase of the journey is underway and we look forward to bringing you along for the ride.

The first phase in this journey is our colossal re-branding. We would like to invite you – our devoted followers and the outreaching online music community – to actively participate in this re-branding. To thank you for your loyal support. We’re launching an online competition to re-name our beloved collective.

To celebrate this grand reinvention, we want YOU to come up with as many names as possible, whilst sharing and spreading the word. We want to get everyone involved, so whatever name you come up with, whether it be crazy or just plain and simple, let us know! You can FacebookTweet, and Email us at

The person with the winning name will receive several prizes, with the main prize being announced on the 21st of June.

The prizes that we have so far are:

- Five signed Foreign Beggars CDs for the winner and the four runners-up.

- Free T-shirts with the new logo printed on them

- Free guestlist to our launch night

- The opportunity to become a contributor to the revamped site

Thank you for your continuous support! Much love from the Playdoh team.

PS. here is the link to the main post

Thoughts from Friday

I had a really interesting conversation with someone on Friday night. The topic was “people.”

Lately, I have been having some [absolutely] ridiculous encounters with people at work (usually when I am inquiring about different things: my new position has me traveling around the office asking A LOT of different questions to A LOT of different people, most of whom are always “too busy” to lift a pen to help you).

Anyways, I have found a way of classifying the entire company I work for with 6 different groups of people.

  • The 1st group of people I will call “The Tiffany’s”: The Tiffany’s are the type of people in the work-world who wouldn’t help you if you were lying on the floor bleeding to death. They are the most selfish group, helping only themselves while being fucking assholes to everyone else. (Also in this group are the Anna’s, The Oxana’s, The Steve’s, The Singh’s, The Elsie's and The Jay’s)
  • The 2nd group of people are “The Rebecca’s”: The Rebecca’s are the type of people who criticize your every move. They pretend to be your friend and then back-stab the shit out of you whenever they get the chance. They also do that fake pretend to be nice shit then talk smack behind your back. (also in this category are The Emnie’s, The Rosie’s, and the Stacy’s)
  • The 3rd group of people are “The Alexis’s”: The Alexis’s are the type of people who will do whatever and whomever it takes to climb the corporate ladder as quickly as possible. They will show as much skin as they possibly can without being in the latest issue of Playboy, and wear heels as high as the water in New Orleans after Katrina. They are catty to other women, watch out ONLY for themselves, and be sure to flirt with only the men who they think that all they need to do to them is bend over for them in order to get a promotion. (also in this group are “The 10th and 12th Floor Girls”)
  • the 4th group of people are “The Martin’s”: The Martin’s will BUST their ass trying to prove themselves to others. They do whatever it takes in order to show other’s that they are not failures or that they actually deserve just as much as everyone else. They are not afraid to be honest with you but they also do not like confrontations. They can be unapproachable but are not unlikable. (The Sandy’s, The Garry’s and The Dave’s also fit into this category)
  • The 5th group of people are “The Kevin’s”: The Kevin’s are the sleazy guys who don’t see women for their brains but for their appearances. They tend to relate really well to “The Alexis’s.” They talk only to the people that will show them some tits or ass. Simply put, they are nothing but sleazebags. (Also in this category are The Dan’s, The Jim’s, The Evan’s, The Jake’s, The Josh's and The Brenden’s)
  • The 6th group of people are “The John’s”: The John’s are some of the most genuine people. They want for you to succeed, and they want to help get you as far as you can in life. These are the reliable people, those you can depend on in any situation. (also in this category are the Evelyn’s, and The Annie’s)

Anyways, back to my original point, the conversation really opened my eyes to the different types of people that I work with.

I find that I just don’t know how to deal with The Rebecca’s and The Tiffany’s of the corporate environments. As the person I spoke with put it, “they just want what you got, and since they cant have it because its yours, they hate you.”

I also don’t know where I fit in the spectrum. I know where I think I fit in, but not where everyone else thinks I fit in.

My problem is that all my life people have gone around telling me what a fucking piece of shit i am, and how I am so fucking stuck up and that I am a conceded asshole who cares only about myself and that I am the biggest bitch ever yadayadayada………((**side-note: a majority of this has been my sister at one point or another**)). I don’t think that this is true at all; I find that I can be a very caring person, I just may not show it how you may want to be shown that you are cared about. But I do do things for other people out of the pure goodness of my heart, and I do do things without expecting any type of recognition from anyone. People tend to think I’m a bitch because I’m brutally honest at times, or because I tell it like it is, but whatever, would you rather me lie to you? What it comes down to, is if you need my help, I’m there for you. But if you treat me like a piece of shit, don’t expect me to sit around like a dog to help you lap something up. If your cold, I always have a sweater nearby; if you need someone to talk to, I’m always there to listen; if you need a random fact about anything and everything, I’m always there with something nifty and informative (lately the immediate females I work with have been calling me the “Den Mother” as I take care of them like their own moms would, telling them how to get stains out of their clothes and calming them down over bug bites); if you are hungry, I’ll loan you some money for something or even share my food with you; and if you need a piece of gum, you know I always have a pack on me: and I never expect anything in return. How does me being what I think is remotely genuine of a person come across to certain people as a stuck-up cunt?

If this is really the case, that I am such a fucking terrible person, then why do people try to talk to me? or try to change me? I know I’m a good person, and at the end of the day, I am okay with myself and with the things I do, and I have absolutely no problem falling asleep at night.

I know I can be misunderstood because I don’t like to get confrontational about things. But I totally get that people hate me because of what I have (note: this is not meant to sound cocky). I have worked REALLY hard for EVERYTHING that I have gotten in life, and if working my ass off makes me a bad person, so be it. My mom instilled it in me to bust my ass for EVERY SINGLE THING that I wanted. I have never had anything just handed to me “just because,” and I have known a lot of people in life that lack that motivation and drive that I have to get what they want, as they have been given things on a silver platter. My mom taught me that in order to have nice things, you bust your ass for them, unless of course your father is Donald Trump.

I guess what it comes down to is that I don’t care that “The Rebecca’s” and “The Tiffany’s” hate me. I just care that they care about my every move, and that they wouldn’t help me if their lives depended on it. I hate that people that hardly know me in the work-world hate me for absolutely no reason, or because they think that knowing someone got me to where I am when it didn’t. Proving that I was worthy enough to do what I am doing got me to where I am right now, and hopefully it’ll get me even further. 

Like I said above, I don’t think that I’m a terrible person, and I try to not make things “All about me” but it can be difficult when the other person accusing you of making things all about you doesn’t make anything about them–even when you give them the chance to. I refuse to believe that I’m a bad person, because deep down, I know what a considerate and caring person I can be, and if you think otherwise, the only thing I have to say to you is: go fly a kite, you’re not worth my time or aggravation.

Side thoughts: Who are you supposed to turn to when there’s no one willing to help you, or when the whole world seems to be against you? Sometimes relying on yourself and yourself only can be difficult and you need someone to give you an extra push or a shove if need be. But if no one is there, how do you help yourself?

Achmad. Achmed. Ahmed. Admad. Ahamed. Ahmand.
—  A few of the many spelling errors of my name. I am more or less fine with these kinds of mistakes, but what bothers me is that people still make mistakes when replying to my emails, which OBVIOUSLY includes my NAME in its correct form. How stupid or lazy can people be? And don’t even get me started on the pronunciation difficulties, or my nickname.

For a person like me, climbing the corporate ladder incredibly quickly is easy in any industry.  And I should know, as I’ve done it in many.

Unfortunately I am also the sort of person who gets bored quickly, and my longest steady job as an employee was 2 years, during high school. 

Without focus, I tend to begin resenting being trapped in a position after around 3 months.  If I’m still there 6 months later, I have always tended to begin toying with my co-workers.

This can be relatively destructive though, and the risks aren’t really outweighed by the rewards.

It’s a completely different story when I am focused on achieving a goal, especially one that works into my grand plan.  Then, I can stay almost obsessively focused for months at a time.  Especially with the help of my new friend Modafinil.

Up until recently, all work related goals were focused on increasing my working knowledge of the skills and aspects that will be involved in the overall plan.  But things have changed.

I feel I now have all the knowledge I need to actually get started.  So I wound my business down to the absolute bare minimums (only keeping on clients that had potential to be useful later on), removed all reference that the business had ever existed from everywhere except the memories of my previous clients, and started a menial construction job.

Why construction instead of a corporate office job?  Because in an office job I would eventually be required to go head to head with another gifted sociopath.  And, while alot of fun, it tends to leave both parties worse off at the end of the day.

Construction on the other hand is staffed by the salt of the earth, the meat heads, the drop outs and the failed launchers.  Of course, there are sociopaths in every industry, including construction, but they aren’t a concern.  I may meet someone on my level in the future, but the company I now work for was chosen specifically for the fact that the sociopaths it does employ are blunt and unsophisticated.

But dampening the chance of encountering competition and rivals is simply a strategy to increase the chance of overall success.  There are other reasons why I chose construction as the launching pad.

A construction company work anywhere they want.  Construction is something that people want done well, and done right.  Fuckups can be incredibly expensive, so large projects are more receptive to hiring a foreign company to send over a team (or even relocate completely depending on the situation).  It’s a great industry to create a strong global presence with, without drawing too much attention.

I entered this industry completely unskilled and completely unsuited for the work, so what could I possibly hope to achieve?  Why, a complete take-over of course.

 The company is split between two businesses, Sales and Construction. One supplies the contracts, the other one completes them.  In theory, it’s a fantastic idea, with the rights parts of the business being run by the right people.  The theory doesn’t work.

The construction side of the business is run by a builder.  He knows how to build, but it’s his partner that sets most of the procedures and tells him how to run his business.  He either doesn’t understand why those procedures are important or doesn’t care, so he doesn’t enforce compliance from his management, and they in turn don’t train or enforce it with their team leaders, who don’t even know about it to explain to the people actually doing the work.

Worse, promotions are mostly awarded based on tenure rather than ability, so the people in charge of the actual work are overpaid labourers without anything remotely resembling leadership skills.  They give short instructions assuming competence and understanding, and don’t do any quality assurance to find mistakes.

It would almost be impossible to keep enough employees on the payroll for the big jobs all the time, the company uses labour hire.  While some are competent and show much promise, the vast majority are stupid, unmotivated and unproductive.

When you combine poor supervision and training with moronic employees, you end up with mistakes layered upon mistakes, layered upon mistakes, and every single one that has work layered on top of a visible mistake is a chunk from the profit margin when they are finally discovered at the end of the job.

It’s absolutely perfect.  The first day I luckily had one of their rare dedicated employees to train me, so I quickly showed my speed and competency.

After 3 days I was placed with an unsupervised team who had no idea what they were doing, so I took charge. The greatest thing about mindless labourers is that they are happy for someone to tell them what to do, that way they don’t need to think.

Now that I was competent with the menial tasks I was in charge of, I started increasing efficiency, pushing my unofficial team to outpace every other team on site, regardless of years of experience, in a very short amount of time.

It wasn’t long before this was noticed and I had a few more guys added to my team, giving me control of the same amount of manpower as the official team leaders.  All in the first month.

After this, things settled into routine at the site, people had a fair idea of the things they were supposed to be doing, though rampant failures in quality control continued to happen with monotonous regularity, which I fixed without question until I realised that it wasn’t being attributed to my efforts, but instead, unless I made a song and dance about it, it was assumed done correctly the first time.

After informing my supervisor every day for a week about the ongoing layering of issues without action, I took it to the project manager, who gave me another team to manage, with one taking care of our existing work, and the rest on quality control.

Through effecient delegation, it only took us 3 days to fix all the existing mistakes.  And it was at this point I fired my first employee for not being up to my standard.  He was emotional, bursting into tears when I informed him.  Said something about a baby on the way and nothing to pay his rent with.  Heart rending stuff… Or would be if I gave a shit about his problems.  If he was that desperate for the job, he would have put more effort in.

Regardless, the incredibly low work ethic and intelligence of my colleagues has allowed me to progress through the ranks quite quickly.  In 3 months I went from the lowest tier of the company to running teams larger than any other person on site, with a current, ongoing record for 0 missed quality control issues after the project manager finally got sick of hemorrhaging money and hired a quality assurance officer.

From the labourers in my team, three show promise of leadership, and have been delegated small teams accordingly.  Since they started, they have continued to meet the expectations I have for leadership roles underneath me.

I’ve also been in contact with the owner of the sales side of the company, as his livelihood is put at risk by his partner effectively allowing his business to be run into the ground.

I gave him an edited version of my plans, with the focus on climbing the hierarchy and building an unspoiled team completely separate from the existing staff.  The relief and appreciation on his face was palpable.

Now I have the blessing of the stronger side of the business, as well as the resources and opportunities to reach the level of expertise I need for accomplishing this first goal.

What then?  The owners of both companies are closing in on retirement age, and both are looking for ways to either automate or offload their businesses in the near future.  So at this point I have two options I am considering.  When this stage is reached, I can either raise the capital and buy out the company, or take complete control internally by muscling out everyone that could help the company survive, create my own company and take my team with me, contract the existing sales company exclusively, wait for the originial to crumble beyond recovery, and buy out their assets at a fraction of the cost, just in time to save the owner from bankrupcy.

We’ll have to see what my mood is when I get there.

   Life was easy for a kid born to one of the most influential people of the newest century. Riku Miyagusuku the third born child of Japan’s newest Prime Minister. Even before his father was elected to be the Minster of Japan, he had been a fairly wealthy man in general. Leading an international corporation under their own last name. The corportation might have been thriving, but that didn’t make it’s leader forget where they came from. Perhaps that was the drop that overfilled the bucket during the elections.

  When one is raised around someone who had just as much power as he was humble, it made sense it would rub off onto Riku and his siblings. For someone who had plenty of opportunities for success opened to him, it was unexpected for him to choose to become a simple restaurant owner.

  So there Riku sat, in the back of one of the protective cars made for his father.  Reading one of his many recipe books from home, hoping that there would be something good he could make for dinner. The car turned the corner, making an unexpected stop.  

     ❝ Is there something wrong Lewis? . ❞

   ❝ Just some unforeseen traffic that’s all . ❞ The driver responded.

Novo Chevrolet Onix 2019 terá DNA de montadora chinesa

A General Motors Corportation anunciou seus planos de investir US$ 5 bilhões de dólares para desenvolver na China, em parceria com a SAIC - Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation -, uma nova família de carros compactos para serem vendidos no Brasil, Índia, China e México, a partir de 2019, e sucederão o Onix e Prisma no Brasil e o Aveo em outros mercados. Tais modelos não serão vendidos na Europa e nos EUA.

O objetivo com o novo projeto é ter modelos específicos para mercados emergentes, fabricados em grande escola, em parceria com chinesa SAIC, para venda em mercados de grande crescimento.
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Cierre de la bolsa Nasdaq y sector tecnológico, 2015-07-27 (27/07/2015)

Índices bursátiles Nasdaq

El amplio índice Nasdaq Composite cerró la sesión del lunes con un descenso del 0,96% terminando en los 5.039,777 puntos. Por su parte, el selectivo Nasdaq 100 ha bajado un 0,84% cerrando en los 4.519,094 puntos.

Noticias empresariales del mercado Nasdaq

Los analistas de Morgan Stanley (Xetra: 885836 - noticias) suben su recomendación sobre la tecnológica Qualcomm (Swiss: QCOM.SW - noticias) (0,55%) hasta “sobreponderar” tras el ajuste de costes realizado por la compañía y el lanzamiento de nuevos productos. La estadounidense Columbus McKinnon Corportation (-2,94%) ha anunciado hoy la compra de Magnetek Inc (NasdaqGM: MAG - noticias) (53,55%) por 50$ por acción en efectivo.

Tipo de cambio eurodólar:

Al cierre de Nueva York el euro frente al dólar en el mercado de contado se situaba en los 1,1093 dólares por euro subiendo respecto a los 1,0988 de la sesión anterior.

Nasdaq composite:

Cierre 5039,777 -0,96%
Alto 5072,877
Bajo 5032,695

Nasdaq 100:

Cierre 4519,094 -0,84%
Alto 4551,986
Bajo 4511,92

Volumen Nasdaq:

Títulos negociados: 481.710.464

Cotizaciones sectoriales Nasdaq:

Cierre 637,8787 -0,72%

Cierre 3912,56 -1,10%

Cierre 446,697 -1,85%

Cierre 2518,53 -1,05%

Cierre 265,15 -0,92%

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Garuda Indonesia Kembali Buka Penerbangan Dari dan Menuju Ternate

Maskapai penerbangan Garuda Indonesia kembalikan mengoperasikan penerbangan dari dan menuju Ternate. Ini Sesuai dengan NOTAM “Notice to Airman” terbaru yang dikeluarkan otoritas penerbangan dengan nomor 0589/15 mengenai pembukaan kembali Bandara Sultan Babullah, Ternate pada Senin (20/7/2015) pukul 09.00 WIT.

Dengan dibukanya Bandara Sultan Babullah, Ternate tersebut, Garuda Indonesia melayani penerbangan Ternate - Makassar pada pukul 12.30 WIT (GA 661) dan Ternate - Manado pada pukul 14.20 WIT (GA 685). Kedua penerbangan tersebut menggunakan pesawat Bombardier CRJ100 NextGen.

Pelaksana Harian VP Corporte Communications PT Garuda Indonesia M Ikhsan Rosan dalam keterangannya, mengatakan, pasca dikeluarkannya NOTAM “Notice to Airman” pada Jum'at (17/9/2015) lalu, mengenai penutupan Bandara Sultan Babullah, Ternate, sebanyak 28 penerbangan Garuda Indonesia dari dan menuju Ternate dibatalkan.

“Antara lain pada rute-rute penerbangan Ternate - Manado pp, Ternate - Ambon pp, Ternate - Jakarta pp dan Ternate - Makassar,” jelas dia.

Selain melayani penerbangan dari dan menuju Ternate, Garuda Indonesia juga telah melayani penerbangan dari dan ke Bandara Juanda Surabaya, Bandara Belimbingsari Banyuwangi dan Bandara Notohadinegoro Jember setelah beberapa waktu yang lalu beberapa Bandara tersebut ditutup akibat erupsi dari Gunung Raung, Bondowoso, Jawa Timur.

Garuda Indonesia saat ini telah melayani penerbangan dari Ternate ke beberapa kota besar di Indonesia, diantaranya adalah ke Jakarta, Manado, Ambon dan Makassar.(Amd/Nrm)