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Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Guidance System
Manufacturer: Rockwell International Corporation
image credits: The Smithsonian Institute, National Air & Space Museum

Josh Hutcherson Joins Nonpartisan Anti-Corruption Movement

Represent.Us coalition, created by both conservatives and progressives, now enlists the help of Hollywood.

While Americans were casting ballots for President Tuesday night, South Dakota voters were also weighing in on a proposal designed to clean up government statewide. The measure passed, and now Represent.Us is hoping the victory will spur some momentum to do the same across the country.

On Thursday, the grassroots organization released a video in which Hutcherson, Martin Sheen, Laura Dern and other stars encourage the public to get similar measures put on their states’ ballots.

Represent.Us is ultimately hoping for nationwide passage of the American Anti-Corruption Act, penned by Federal Elections Commission chair Trevor Potter in 2012. The act calls for stricter guidelines on lobbying, tougher ethics laws, and increased government transparency.

The act would also reform elections funding. Hutcherson has repeatedly called for the overturning of the 2010 Citizens United decision, in which the Supreme Court ruled the First Amendment protects corporate campaign donations.

(Image credits: Represent.Us)

This Blog Explicitly Welcomes All Ace/Aro Folks As Part Of LGBTQIA

Back in the Long Ago of multiple decades ago, if you weren’t Lesbian or Gay, you got tossed into a wastebasket in the corner marked Queer.

You were good enough to show up at rallies and prop up the numbers but ONLY IF YOU DIDN’T LOOK TOO STRAIGHT. Or come with your partner that appeared to be opposite-gender. But there wasn’t a seat at the table for you otherwise.

There still isn’t, in many cases. Biphobia, transphobia, acephobia, that’s all part of the fact that we don’t fit Corporate Gay image. We don’t fit the “JUST LIKE YOU ONLY GAY, STRAIGHT AMERICAN” that the big political orgs sold to try to get The Gay Agenda moved forward.

“Don’t worry, guys, we’ll take care of your needs, as soon as we get this other stuff done!”

And so we got sick of waiting, and we started making our own resources. Funnily enough, because we called them LGBTQ spaces and resources, they then benefitted everyone.

Still do.

I’m sick to death of this anti-ace bullshit, because they were always there. Always. In the trash can of Not Corporate Gay. With me. With the other bi, pan, trans, queer, uncertain, awkward wonderful misfits.

They still are. They still belong.

Anniversary Colour

419 Squadron RCAF 75th Anniversary Colour CT155 Hawk, 4 Wing Cold Lake, Alberta on June 2, 2016. Image by: Corporal Bryan Carter, 4 Wing

Headcanon: A common misconception is that Symmetra lost her arm in an accident, and that’s why she now has a prosthetic limb. In reality, the Vishkar Corporation encouraged her to have it surgically replaced with a robot arm, allowing her to fully integrate light-bending technology into her work. She was originally against the idea, but not wanting to disappoint Vishkar, she eventually complied.

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Label & bussinnes cards made with custom #Trodat #Printy self-inking stamp … so that the labels will appear vintage style directly.
Branding for Flowers by Elke. A well known brand from Resita. Logo will be added allso on the flower shop building made in wrought iron.

[ ]

… because when we make make architecture we go all the way to the final touch/elements, from interior/external design to the corporate logo/image/design, from architecture to interior design … you name it … we got it/do it … this time are the cards.

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#igersRESITA #igersROMANIA
#caligraphy #caligraphyflourish #flowrish #stamp (at Time - cafenea, snack bar)

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Headcanon: Symmetra has been assigned to find a way to return Soldier: 76 to his prime. Believing that a perfect society needs a perfect soldier to have order. And seeing that she had a love interest in Soldier: 76 when he was young.

- Submitted by Ben Doucet.


Los Dos Chinos

Branding project for Los Dos Chinos Coffee Shop and Corporate Image refresh based on the development of a new isotype and logo. The new Brand’s Identity was used in different items as a result of a 360ª project. The identity system represents the spirit of a traditional brand which incorporates a new modern-classic aesthetic.

1862.City of Buenos Aires. Two men walk down the city’s cobblestone streets. They sell their own homemade food.Chacabuco & Potosí Streets. A new shop is opened around the corner. At the entrance, two Asian statues stand still. “Los Dos Chinos Corner” became popularly known. The handcrafted products are combined with a family atmosphere, that feels like home.2015. City of Buenos Aires. A new image. A tradition shared through generation to generation. Modern Classic. 

There're two kinds of Gravity Falls feels

There’s the forced cookie cutter morals shoved into unrelated episodes probably to maintain corporate image. The “Disney Feels”

And then there’s the moments of genuine emotion and nuanced feelings and interactions between characters who act like real people. The “Alex Feels”

if memes are a contemporary form of anti-art, so be it, but they’re not. if anything could be identified as a sort of internet neodada it would be the type of work that the people of thejogging used to put together, things which operated under a specific understanding of the existing types of art they were working against or in parody of or in dialogue with. if you want to talk about internet viral images, get excited about the fact that a community for the creation and propegation of images exists almost entirely exterior to philosophies of artmaking. get excited by how multinational corporations try and consistently fail to mimic the visual language of that community for profit because there’s some kind of anonymous mass exhange of trust and failure that makes imposters automatically recognizable. note how activists more often than not are not considered imposters despite having an agenda and despite the fact that they use the same platforms as corporations and viral image makers do. do something with viral images besides making dadaism jokes.


RAF Typhoons exercise alongside a formidable array of coalition aircraft during Exercise RED FLAG – including US Air Force F15s from the 48th Fighter Wing (based at RAF Lakenheath), F-22 Raptor and F16s. By working closely with our US allies we’re able to make sure we’re ready for seamless integration into global coalition air operations. Images: Corporal Neil Bryden.


Amtrak’s Floridian at Harrodsburg Siding

These images, taken on three different days, all show a southbound Amtrak Floridian at Harrodsburg Siding. This is along the Louisville and Nashville, former Monon, between Bloomington and Bedford. The first image was taken at the north end of the siding—the train is being powered by an ex-Union Pacific E9A. The second and third images were taken in the middle of the siding and the final image shows a meet taking place at the south end.

It’s interesting to note that the Alco unit in the lead of that northbound freight, number 1332, is former Monon number 515. It will go on to become Indiana Hi-Rail Corporation number 332.

Four images taken by Richard Koenig. The dates for the photographs are as follows—the first and second images were taken on August 25th 1977, the third, taken aboard the train, came from November 5th 1977, and the final image was made on October 30th 1977.