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Bangtanween: Tarot Cards Series

╚ The Emperor: There is in a way not much to say about this card, its the Emperor. This is the card that depicts the fatherly figure or ruler. This is the card of governmental and corporate identity. It symbolizes most of the qualities that are needed for a successful management of material affairs. For the Questioner, this card shows success in business or the arrival of a strong person, a leader or a faithful companion.

Arnold Saks

Educated at the High School of Music and Art in New York City, Syracuse University and Yale School of Design.
After designing exhibits while in the US Army, he formed the design partnership Ward & Saks in 1958 and Arnold Saks Associates in 1968. Design work includes annual reports, investor relations materials, marketing and capabilities brochures, recruiting booklets, corporate identity, posters, and dozens of other communications projects.

Inflatable Sculpture poster / 1969 / The Jewish Museum

Extrapolating on that earlier ask about ‘Gamer Identity’ I think it’s fucking stupid because like 30 games come out a week in such wildly different genres that trying to find any commonality between the people who play games is fucking ridiculous.

It’s an industry that rivals film and there’s no ‘watcher’ community for those, even people who love movies and watch tons of them don’t have an identity around it (except sometimes film maker, cause most people who really love movies also try making them)

Is the dude who buys CoD every year and sometimes Battlefield and nothing else a ‘gamer’? Is the girl that only plays JRPGs a ‘gamer’? Is that a term reserved for lunatics like me who buy everything in every genre? What about the girl I know who reads like 30 VNs a year? Is she a gamer? Someone who only plays Temple Run? The person who only buys Telltale games?

It’s a wholly corporate-manufactured identity made to sell people shit (that a lot of people attach to, yeah, but it’s source remains the same).

Hell ‘gamer’ being a stupid identity is part of why I hate gaming journalists, cause ‘gamer’ is whatever they need it to be at any given time. Sometimes they’re hocking ‘gamer’ products, sometimes they’re talking about how ‘everyone is a gamer!’ and others they’re decrying the ‘gamer community’ as if that’s a thing that actually exists. It means whatever they need it to mean for their dumb shit that given day.

I wish there was a word other than ‘gamer’ to quickly say you play games for this same reason.


neues Corporate Design für Rauschhaus

Für den Dj und Producer Rauschhaus fertigte entwickelten wir, mit Aquarellfarbe und individuellen Holzstempeln, 100 unikate Visitenkarten an. Zudem gestalteten wir eine passende Website, überarbeiteten das Logo und entwickelten somit ein stimmiges Corporate Design, das harmonisch und kunstvoll, die Vielfalt der Musik des Künstlers untermalt.

Taco Bell Gothic
  • You burn yourself on the grill while warming tortillas. You have burned yourself many times. You no longer have fingerprints. You are simply part of the larger corporate identity now.
  • Every song on the Feed The Beat station in your store is by taylorswift. Every one. “Love Story,” Taylor Swift. “Radioactive,” Taylor Swift. “Ooh La La,” Taylor Swift. There are copies of 1989 coming out of the ice machine. You do not remember the names of any other musical artists. Were there ever any other musical artists?
  • You know the new menu items before they hit stores: their names, their ingredients, how to make them and how to prevent customers from knowing they exist until the precise moment their advertisements come up on the windows. The customers do not know. The customers must not know. For the safety of everyone, nobody must know.
  • You take out the trash.There are empty wrappers in the dumpster enclosure. There is a person in the dumpster enclosure. There is a dimensional rift in the dumpster enclosure. The dimensional rift is full of bees.
  • The sauce packets say “Pick me!” The sauce packets say “I do.” The sauce packets say “#teammild.” The sauce packets say “I am your only friend.” You don’t remember when the sauce packets gained voices.
  • Your shift ends. You clock out. You take off your apron and hat. “Don’t go,” your manager in charge says. “You can’t go. You belong to tacobell now.” You laugh. You walk out the door. “Hey, glad you’re back!” your manager in charge says. You stare across the store at the door you just exited through. You have re-entered through the back door. You did not walk around the building.

Corporate diversity programs don’t work, says new study.

A new study from researchers at MIT and Northwestern published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology is shedding light on why so many diversity initiatives at large companies fail.

“The big problem is that most people think, ‘Do we have some sort of program? Are we talking about diversity at all? If we are, we can check the box and just move on,’” Evan Apfelbaum, one of the authors of the study, said in a Wednesday phone interview with Mic.

While the study won’t be exactly news to women and people of color who have endured ineffective diversity messaging in the past, they do create a much-improved blueprint for companies to begin doing better.

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