Eremin headcanon dump for Isayama’s American Highschool AU:

  • Armin doesn’t actually need those glasses, but insists he does (it’s a placebo effect). But in a very intimate moment Eren takes them off and comments how lovely he is and Armin stops wearing them from then on.
  • Armin’s parents are rather cold corporate business people who travel constantly, leaving Armin home with his Grandpa, his longing to go to far away places, and his loneliness. As little kids, Eren was the first person Armin told about his dream to travel the world for pleasure and it quickly became a dream between the 2 of them as Eren promised he would take him and be with him no matter what.
  • Armin introduced Eren to anime and manga and Eren loves it but aside from certain guilty pleasures he doesn’t even tell Armin about [if you get my drift lmao], he mostly watches/reads the mainstream stuff. 
  • In preparing to travel the world one day, Armin’s taken it upon himself to study other languages over the years. He’s semi fluent in 3 now (german, french, and japanese) but very shy about it. Eren can’t pick up other languages for anything but when they’re dating he works very hard to learn to say “I love you” to Armin in those languages and writes it on notes to give him in the halls every period.
  • Armin thinks the world of Eren and wishes he weren’t so nerdy so he could equal him in status. He worries to no end that Eren’s ashamed of being friends with him because Eren cares so much about what others think of him. Eren on the other hand envies Armin greatly because he’s so special and Eren knows his specialness goes above and beyond the little world of highschool. He’s so PROUD to be with him and only worried he might slow ARMIN down…
  • Eren’s guilty pleasure is pop music; whatever the current hit pop song about love is that he plays on repeat on his outdated iPhone. He likes to associate them all with his relationship with Armin lol. Their first kiss was to a cheesy 80’s love ballad playing on the radio in Eren’s car.
  • Armin wanted to go to the prom with Eren more than anything in the world but he figured it was impossible when Eren could go with a girl who was more popular, thus he said he didn’t want to go at all, so Eren sadly felt he couldn’t ask him. He went with Annie instead so he could at least try to show the popular kids he was cool at parties but it felt so awful that he wasn’t with Armin that he left and went straight to Armin’s house. And like a teenage prince courting another prince, he appeared in Armin’s bedroom doorway, asked him to dance and they slow danced in Armin’s bedroom to their song playing on Eren’s phone. 

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#VerizonStrike #StandUpToVerizon: Thousands of Verizon workers have gone on strike after failing to reach a new labor agreement with the CWA Union. The union members argue that Verizon has outsourced thousands of jobs and continue to cut costs, while executives reward themselves with big bonuses and payouts. Strikes are happening all over the City of New York – these photos were taken in Financial District outside 100 Wall Street. 

We must rapidly begin the shift from a “thing-oriented” society to a “person-oriented” society. When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets racism, materialism, and militarism are incapable of being conquered.
—  Martin Luther King Jr. ‘67

One problem with Yahoo is that they put all their focus on $$$ and none of it on users and it shows. It’s shortsighted to money grab instead of building brand loyalty. Xkit’s anti-capitalism extension blocks these awful autoplay ads. But it takes it a second to kick in and so I’m getting 2-3 second of men yelling at me about shit I don’t care about.

I don’t think this is the end of tumblr, but we are probably approaching a tipping point as frustrated users. From 2005-2010 fandom wanted to leave LJ. People set up Dreamwidth accounts and cross-posted, but never actually left. Until people ended up here. We’ll end up somewhere else at some point–when there’s a new platform exciting enough to attract new users and existing ones. Then we have to hope Yahoo doesn’t buy it.

Anyway. Probably not a bad idea to backup your tumblr:

A quick guide to wordpress backups.

tumblripper will back up images

frostbox but they charge a fee

If you know how to run Python scripts here’s stuff at github to back up a local copy and create feeds.