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Hole-in-the-Rock is an eroded sandstone rock formation in the middle of the city of Phoenix - if you climb it you can see the whole city. It was used by the Hohokam to mark the calendar - at noon on equinoxes and solstices, the beam of light cast by the top (ceiling) hole will hit certain boulders and landmarks in the cave.

psychedelicmarxistwitch asked:

imo we need a revolution to get all the greedy motherfuckers in power out of government and replace them all with people that actually care, it's the only way things will ever change. we need more people like bernie sanders in power and vote out all the establishment motherfuckers that only care about giving money to large corporations and rich people. otherwise things will always be shitty

bernie isn’t the asnwer. he’s still a capitalist. sure, he’s better than all the other fucking morons. WAY BETTER and I would vote for him but I would like people to stop believing that another man in power will change anything substantially. there are higher powers than bernie sanders at play, he’s just one man. we need EVERYONE to start practicing self sustainability and going back to our roots! we need to change the entire system of how the world works from factory farms to fossil fuels. the immediate threat is our dying planet.
California man says he can drive in carpool lane with corporation papers

When Jonathan Frieman of San Rafael, Calif., was pulled over for driving alone in the carpool lane, he argued to the officer that, actually, he did have a passenger.

He waved his corporation papers at the officer, he told, saying that corporations are people under California law.

Frieman doesn’t actually support this notion. For more than 10 years, Frieman says he had been trying to get pulled over to get ticketed and to take his argument to court – to challenge a judge to determine that corporations and people are not the same.


Questionable phrase of the day: Mitt Romney, facing a tough crowd in Iowa, says the words “Corporations are people, my friend.” This will be used against him for the next year and a half, guys.


Mitt Romney: Putting Corporations First