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This au all happens in a world where the governtment is super corrupted. Everything is controlled by the most powerful corporations and the richest of people. Got money, then you have the power. 

Technology is rather advanced and nearly all info is stored as data. However, it’s nearly impossible for rebels to hack into the systems and gather information and proof to fight the system. That’s why there is runners. Runners use parkour to get all over the city, fast and unnoticed, and break into corporations to personally get to the data and information that can help the rebellion. 

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NYC Prayer March for #StandingRock: Indigenous people and allies marched throughout the streets of Manhattan to show their support and solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Nation. #NoDAPL #StandwithStandingRock #NativeLivesMatter 

‘Developing’ countries are still 'developing’ because they are exploited by multinational corporations from rich 'developed’ countries.

Globalized capitalism paints a gruesome picture of the appalling, deadly practices these corporations engage in to use cheap labor and suppress any opposition through force.

The outsourcing of jobs from developed countries occurred when workers won their rights: protection from unsafe working conditions and products, a guaranteed wage, abolition of child labor, et cetera.

The fact that multinational corporations outsourced jobs to vulnerable developing countries where they can neglect basic human rights proves that capitalism is built on the backs of the poor, who suffer and starve despite resources being abundant.

Neoliberalism has identified exploited countries as 'developing’ to shift the blame and promote a disastrous agenda.

Arguments defending this exploitation usually are along the lines of “well, you can’t expect corporations to protect these people, it’s always the government who is at fault”. Those arguments prove that neoliberals have succeeded in their agenda.

Globalization, under capitalism, has not created a world government, but rather a connection between the ruling class worldwide, allowing for legal agreements that promote their interests above all.

Capitalism kills millions, regularly. Globalization has not only made that easier, it has legalized and normalized it.

This is the problem with #capitalism which enables Big Pharma to be run like a cartel (without guns).


Stand with #StandingRock: The water protectors in Standing Rock are under attack by the police in North Dakota. Several days ago, the world witnessed peaceful Native Americans of Standing Rock being beaten, pepper sprayed, shot with rubber bullets, and forcibly removed from their own sacred land. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton refused to show support for Standing Rock and failed to condemn the violence and police brutality against Native American citizens. It shows that she values the interests of corporations and Wall Street more than she values the lives of the people and the planet. Republican candidate Donald Trump has yet to even acknowledge what is happening. Besides Bernie Sanders, the only political party who has condemned the oppression in Standing Rock is the Green Party and Presidential candidate Jill Stein, who visited North Dakota in person to stand in solidarity with Standing Rock. 


The Army Corp of Engineers has announced they are denying the easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline, effectively halting construction of the pipeline to conduct an environmental study. After months of peaceful protest and enduring the brutalization of the North Dakota law enforcement, the Native Americans of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe have prevailed. The victory was celebrated at Standing Rock and across the country. However, there is still speculation that the pipeline will continue after the environmental study is completed. There is also the likely chance that once President-elect Donald Trump takes office in January, he will resume construction of the DAPL. The battle was won but the war is far from over, and activists are continuing their efforts to protest the DAPL. Activists gathered at the Waldorf Astoria where the Wells Fargo Pipeline Symposium was taking place. Wells Fargo is one of the top investors in the DAPL and has earned a reputation as “Big Oil’s biggest banker” owing to its cozy relationship with the oil industry. 

i miss the old art styles like

but i know its a Reboot for a reason even if the jughead comics at the moment are blessed with the most fucking boring art of all time. why does reggie have perpetually closed eyes instead of jughead God WHEN IS THERE GOING TO BE ANOTHER SWITCH IN ARTIST/WRITER please… im begging

the betty and veronica reboot has the best jughead

People I know, and people where I’m from, always call me a bleeding heart liberal for believing in a social safety net for the vulnerable people of our society and it’s like…what’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with believing that a country should take care of its people? I will never apologize for choosing to side with the people over governments and corporations. People matter. 


Is #BernieSanders Helpless In The Face of Corrupt, Corporate Democrats? #Demexit

Even if Keith Ellison is chosen as Chairman of the DNC, corrupt politics as usual will determine whether the Democratic Party will sink or swims. This is certainly true with recent events that corrupt Democratic politicians (in congress) sold us out so they could protect Big Pharma’s profits.

Since this may not be the last time that corrupt politicians will sell us in favor of corporate interests. Then the party might as well change their name to the Corporate Party instead of calling themselves the Democratic Party.

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as someone who briefly went through a very embarrassing climate change denial phase when i was like, 13, the thing that first made me realize that climate change denial was Wrong was realizing the probable ulterior motives of the people pushing it more than anything else. i don't know how useful of an insight that is but maybe it's interesting at least. i would wager a guess that most climate change deniers are grown ass adults instead of impressionable pre-teens.

the thing that always amazes me about climate change denial is that they claim that the only reason the climate change theory exists and has any traction is because the Powers That Be are using it to benefit in some abstract way while ignoring the very real, very direct benefits major corporations would reap from convincing people it doesnt exist

Zaphod Beeblebrox? President? Not the Zaphod Beeblebrox? Not the President? Many had seen it as a clinching proof that the whole of known creation had finally gone bananas.

Zaphod grinned and gave the boat an extra kick of speed.

Zaphod Beeblebrox, adventurer, ex-hippy, good timer, (crook? quite possibly), manic self-publicist, terribly bad at personal  relationships, often thought to be completely out to lunch.


No one had gone bananas, not in that way at least.

Only six people in the entire Galaxy understood the principle on which the Galaxy was governed, and they knew that once Zaphod Beeblebrox had announced his intention to run as President it was more or less a fait accompli: he was the ideal Presidency fodder

—  Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy