corporations own your mind

it’s really interesting seeing people who grew up in poverty and later became successful in life become the poster children of capitalism. because they have not just fully bought into but have personally lived that myth of: ‘if you can do it, anyone can do it’. those who don’t see themselves as exceptional and lucky people who succeeded against the odds, they see themselves as perfectly ordinary individuals who just ‘worked hard’ - unlike those other people begging for government handouts

and it’s a certain kind of tragedy seeing these people who have grown up in poverty end up with so little empathy and compassion for those who are still struggling. and to see this arrogant need to feel superior to others which lies underneath it all. because it’s easier to feel better about your own ‘accomplishments’ when you have the suffering of others to measure yourself against. ‘at least i’m not on welfare’ ‘at least i’m not homeless’ ‘at least i am a hard working person’ ‘at least i didn’t take the easy way out’

and there’s a certain truth to victims who fought their way to success under a certain system becoming the biggest proponents of that system. because the existence of that system makes them feel special about themselves for being the standout. because they have internalised enough of the lies to be accepted by their original oppressors as ‘one of them’ and become ‘worthy’ of succeeding. because they don’t think of questioning the myth when they themselves are living proofs that hard work = success.

because if you can blame the individual, that means it’s not the system that’s at fault, now is it?

Friendly reminder that your personal life means nothing! (✿◠‿◠)

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