corporations kill

BECAUSE there is shopping to live and mindlessly adding the the coffers of patriarchy to buy more and more bullets, lawyers and prisons. 

They build up this “American way of showing love” instead of love.

They use all that profit to buy more lawyers, lobbyist to keep their wealth protected and you down.  

Because it is you that is taking your $7/hr wage to “buy happiness/love” to make them multi-millionaires.

  • and don’t litter this post with exceptions.  That’s sabotaging the message with all these caveats.   Marketing suicide when trying to get a solid concept out there.  This is the 4th year trying to get traction on this. 

Get real, everyone’s still going to do their Xmas shopping, just not under the blind sheep control of patriarchy’s desires. 

If I learned on thing being in the stock broker industry for 10 years is that corporations are a live (male legal creation with more rights than you) and must keep growing to survive.  

To kill a corporation, you just have to stop it’s growth and perks to it’s investors.  The investors will turn on the leadership in one quarter cycle. 

BEAR MARKETS are Matriarchy’s natural correction. 
Start being a MOTHER-BEAR and make XMAS about true love: cooking, laughing, and appreciating emotionally your family. 

Only patriarchy shows love through materialism.  


U.S. Marine machine gunner Corporal Leonard Hayworth, 22 years old, weeps upon realizing that he and his men, who have taken heavy casualties, are out of ammunition. “His eyes swung searchingly along the edge of the ridge, then up into the rainy sky. Slow, heavy tears started down across his face.”

When it seemed that … machine-gunner Cpl Hayworth was shattered beyond all hope, a black-jawed, smiling old veteran crawled over … Sitting shoulder to shoulder with the younger man, he calmly told him how they were still holding the line … The grimy old veteran talked a feeble smile back upon the face of the corporal. Tears still streaked his face up under his helmet where the rain could not wash them away, but the Old Marine seemed not to notice. Korea, August 1950.“ (This Is War!)

Weeks after taking this picture, while still in Korea, David Douglas Duncan handed Hayworth a copy of the September 18, 1950, issue of LIFE in which the above photo appeared. “Hayworth looked at this huge picture of himself, in the biggest photo magazine in the world,” Duncan recalls. “He didn’t say anything. He just smiled. He looked like Errol Flynn, about 6-foot-3, a tall, handsome Marine. And no one’s saying anything, looking at this picture of him, crying, and an old sergeant behind him says, ‘We all cry sometimes.’ The next day, September 25th – the three-month anniversary of the start of the war – a sniper shot Corporal Hayworth between the eyes.”
Photo: David Douglas Duncan/LIFE

UK. Northern Ireland. Belfast. March 19, 1988. Fr Reid gives the last rites to David Howes, one of two soldiers killed by the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) – an event known as the “corporals killings” – after they drove into a Republican funeral cortège. This iconic photo shows bloodstains on his face which were from his attempts to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Father Alec Reid (1931– 2013) was an Irish Catholic priest noted for his facilitator role in the Northern Ireland peace process, a role BBC journalist Peter Taylor subsequently described as “absolutely critical” to its success. He acted as an intermediary between the IRA and the Irish government.

In a recent interview on the BBC Reid spoke for the first time about the terrible events of 1988 when he attempted to intervene to save the lives of Derek Wood and David Howes, two Signals Corps corporals who had blundered into a Republican funeral cortège.

Reid recalled seeing the soldiers being taken from their car, partially stripped and dragged to a sports ground. “They put the two of them face down on the ground and I got down between the two of them on my face, and I had my arm around this one and I was holding this one by the shoulder. When I was lying between the two soldiers I remember saying to myself, ‘This shouldn’t be happening in a civilized society.’”

“Somebody came in and picked me up and said, ‘Get up, or I’ll ——ing well shoot you as well,’ and he said, ‘Take him away.’ Two of them came on either shoulder and manoeuvred me out.” He went on: “I can remember the atmosphere. You could feel it. I knew they were going to be shot. I can remember thinking, ‘They are going to shoot these men.’”

The IRA took the soldiers away and he heard two shots. He found Howes, 23, already dead, but 24-year-old Derek Wood was still moving and attempting to talk. Reid tried to give him the kiss of life, during which his face became smeared in blood. But it was too late so he gave him the last rites. “One of my abiding memories of that day,” Reid recalled, “is of a local woman putting a coat over one of the victims and saying, ‘he was somebody’s son’.”

“I felt I had done my best to save them, but I had failed to save them,” Reid recalled. “I felt it was a tragedy that I had tried to stop and didn’t.”

Photograph: Trevor McBride

Hey there, ghouls! It’s me, your ghost with the most, Ashley~ Yes, I do realize that I have Harley Quinn hair, but you don’t get to be my Mister J without a fight! 
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“Killing is killing - whether done for duty, profit, or fun.

People in this day and age are brainwashed, and programmed like a computer, at being nothing more than puppets.

This country is founded in violence. Madness is something rare in individuals - but in groups, people, and ages - it is the rule.”

- Richard Ramirez (Night Stalker)

Military Word List

academy admiral advance aircraft aircraft carrier Air Force ally ammo ammunition amphibious vehicle armistice armor armored vehicle armory arms army arrow arsenal artillery assault at ease attack attention ballistic barracks base battalion battle battlefield battery battleship bayonet besiege billet bivouac bomb bombard bombardment bow and arrow brig brigade bullet cadet camouflage camp cannon cannon ball canteen captain capture  carrier casualty catapult cavalry chaplain coast guard colonel combat command commander commanding officer commission company conflict conquest conscription convoy corporal corps covert crew decode defeat defend  defense destroyer detonate division dog tags draft encampment encode enemy engage enlist ensign epaulet evacuate explosive field hospital field  marshal fight fire fireteam fleet flotilla force front formation fort fortification furlough garrison general Geneva Convention grenade grenade  launcher grunt guerrilla gun gunner gunnery sergeant gunpowder  headquarters helmet honor hospital howitzer I infantry injury insignia intelligence invade invasion jeep jet kill lance corporal leave lieutenant lose machete major marines medal medic maneuver marksman mess hall MIA midshipman military mine missile mortar munition musket  national security navy neutral night-vision goggles offense officer ordnance   parachute paratrooper peace peace treaty pentagon petty officer plane platoon post POW prisoner of war private PT boat Purple Heart quartermaster radar rank reconnoiter recruit regiment rescue reserves retreat ribbon rifle rocket artillery sabotage sailor salute salvo seaman section sergeant service shell shoot shot siege sniper soldier spear specialist squad squadron staff star stockade submarine surrender tactical tactics tank task force theater tomahawk torpedo troops truce uniform unit veteran volley W war warfare warrant officer warrior weapon win wound  yeoman

Before I delve into my apparently *very* unpopular opinion on the Internet, I just wanted to say: I am prepared for the litany of reblogs telling me how I am wrong. Shouts of how I’m an internalized ableist, how I’m too ‘privileged’ to know any better. And what is this unpopular opinion, you might ask?

As someone with legitimately diagnosed autism, I’m a longtime supporter of Autism Speaks.

Yes, I have seen what everyone on this site thinks about AS. How it’s some greedy, selfish corporation who wants to kill all autistic people. How they promote electroshock therapy and don’t accept people for who they are. That, my friends, is complete BS.

I’m going to argue some of the common points that come up in anti-Speaks posts.

1) They want to cure autism: Yes, that is true. Many of the scientists and researchers there are looking into the causes of this disorder, and finding ways to prevent it. But why must this be such a terrible thing? They’re not going to make you take a cure if you don’t want it. Millions of people truly suffer from autism, and it IS a crisis. So many children will never learn how to talk, and other basic living skills. To deny them a chance to alleviate their struggles is inhumane.

2) Their research is equivalent to Nazi eugenics: Just…no. What AS does is not even CLOSE to that. Preventing autism and looking into genetic research is not a problem. If you compare that to the horrific genocide of millions of people, who were fucking gassed, murdered, and raped among other things, you have a really skewed perspective on the world. The autism awareness puzzle piece is not a swastika. And not to mention, there are quite a few AS staffers who are Jewish.

3) They promote ABA, which is CHILD ABUSE: I went through that when my autism symptoms were much more severe, and I am grateful for it. Without evidence-based therapy, I would not be writing this post today. (Ignore the cliché) All autistics deserve that chance, and the coverage for it. And as someone who is bisexual, don’t ever tell me that ABA is a method of conversion. Autism is a legitimate disorder, a medical condition. Homosexuality is something innate about you that can’t be changed. Don’t equate life-changing therapy to an inhumane and homophobic 'treatment’.

4) They don’t have any autistic staffers: Um…yes, they actually do. Just Google Kerry Magro and Eric Kirschner, among several others. Yes, none of them are board members, but you can’t deny that they have a good amount of autistics supporting them. Plus, there may be staffers who aren’t open about their diagnosis. And frankly, it’s terrifying to have autism and support AS online. The 'self advocates’ WILL shut you down. People like Ari Ne'eman claim that Autism Speaks does not speak for autistics, but you don’t speak for all of us - actually. Bloody hypocrites.

5) They think vaccines cause autism: Look at their damn position statement. The only reason they were considered anti-vaxxers was because of Katie Wright - the daughter of Bob and Suzanne. SHE was the one who didn’t support vaccines. She isn’t affiliated with Speaks anymore. And on a side note, most of the vaccine deniers are anti-AS for this reason.

6) They made the 'ableist’ I Am Autism: It was made six years ago. It was not targeted at you. It was to show that autism is a serious issue that millions of families face. Get over it. They apologized for it.

7) They aren’t financially responsible: You always say 'only 4 percent goes to families!’. That’s actually a lot, considering how well Speaks has done economically. And there IS a strong emphasis on families (see point 3 for confirmation). But there is also an emphasis on scientific research, which will benefit many in the long run. AS focuses on several branches of advocacy, which is something I love about them. Most of the anti-Speaks groups focus on one thing in particular. :/

So there. I said it. Fight me.

TL;DR: I am autistic, and Autism Speaks definitely speaks for me.

  • Me: They say that humans are at the top of the food chain... But it’s a lie.
  • Students: (frightened)
  • Me: Yes. Titans and Ghouls.
  • Students: She's at it agaaaain!
  • Me: Hehehe. I can remember the time when we lost Wall Maria and how we exterminate the Owl in the 20th Ward-
  • Students: Noooooooo!
  • Me: And there's that promising Corporal Levi who can kill 10 Titans alone and that quinque addict Mr. Mado, ah memories. He has a daughter too-
  • Student 1: Anyone? Throw something at her!
  • Me: Speaking of daughter, I named my daughter after the great Mikasa Ackerman, ah what a good soul and also the Eyepatched Ghoul's "friend", he once delivered a mail to me. What a good guy-
  • Student 2: But we'll hit her head!
  • Student 1: Doesn't matter!
  • Me: (get hits by a book)
  • Me: Oh, what happened? Oh, where are we again?
  • Student 1: Animals and Plants! Yeah, we're talking about them!
  • Student 2: Addition and subtraction?
  • Student 3: Titans and Ghou-
  • Me: Hoho. Someone's interested. Have I told you the story of Sawney and Bean? How about the Black Dog and Devil Ape?

Eliminate lobbyists, end corporate welfare, regulate banks and corporations, kill overseas tax havens, increase taxes on the rich, stop giving big business incentives, tax sports organizations, and every time churches cross the political line tax them!

All those CEO’s and corporate vultures wouldn’t have a dime if it wasn’t for consumers. No customers, no billion dollar bonus. No customers, no business. Yet, conservatives think if you pad the top, it will trickle down to the bottom.

America is really a trickle-up economy.

And from @docholligay​ in Disqus:



“I see you brought your girlfriend to take care of you, Kaioh.”

“Yes, my apologies, so rude of me to forget how painful it is to be reminded that not all of us achieve companionship only on pain of death”


“I see Manic Panic is still very popular here on earth.”

“Yes well, we haven’t quite reached the cutting-edge of 13 year old drugstore fashion that your palette suggests.”

“Shame your offensive isn’t as sharp as your snark.”

“Oh, I think we’re mostly insulted that things have just now begun to get interesting. Was that really your best, or were you just going to war with the army you had?”


“Your planet has fallen awfully fast for you to be so glib.”

“Forgive me if I don’t tremble at the sight of a woman who couldn’t find three alien pop stars in hot pants.”