corporations are evil

So The Arcana’s pricing scheme is exploitative and terrible and I’m astonished nobody is talking about it.

The standard response from the developers is that all of the paid content is ‘optional’, but you know what I want out of my romance game? Romance. 90% of which is paid content.

Also, this assumes I don’t want to pay for the game. Except I do! I backed it on kickstarter! I want to give these people my money. But I also don’t want to be bled dry.

This isn’t even getting into how the kickstarter promised backers the game itself as a reward, then reneged on their promise, offering a paltry $10 refund to make up for it (which will buy you a grant total of 1 chapter for 1 character’s route). 

This kind of business practice hurts other kickstarter projects down the road, because it erodes people’s trust in the platform. A lot of indie otome game devs rely on kickstarter. But my experience with The Arcana has sure made me think twice about supporting any other projects.

The worst thing is I like the Arcana. The art is gorgeous, the characters are fun. I supported it on Kickstarter. I told my friends to support it on Kickstarter. But I can no longer turn a blind eye to how Nyx Hydra seems to be willfully exploiting their fans.

UPDATE: So this is what they posted in response to a fan asking them about this on twitter

I’m sorry, but this kind of snark in response to a legitimate question is horribly disrespectful towards your fans.

UPDATE 2: The developers behind The Arcana have released a statement regarding feedback and the way their team is structured. Go check it out. They’re also welcoming responses from fans and have included an email address where you can reach them.

Punk Problems

It has come to my attention as of late that people do not fully understand the difference in the punks. Some people seem to think that Steampunk is pretty much everything when you see it.

Let us review the fundamentals. Steampunk is set in an alternate future where steam was the primary technology and they continued on that path till now. That’s basically it. However there are MANY alternate futures with alternate technology’s, and lumping all of them into steampunk is just cheapening them. So let me just show you an example of each.

CLOCK/STEAMPUNK: This era is often Victorian in style for some reason and the steam powered robots often use lots of smoke stacks, gears, clockwork, belts and goggles.

TESLAPUNK: Unlike steampunk, this world functions as if Nikola Tesla had revolutionized the world with his electricity. Lots of lightning rods, Tesla rods and power cables. Often this is confused as steampunk because they often have the a similar look.

DIESELPUNK: This universe takes place in a world where diesel engines and machines using oil are everywhere. This is criminally underused. They usually use a more art deco and WW1/2 style.

ATOMIC/RAYPUNK: This one uses atomic technology. Lasers, blasters, radiation, green glows, aliens and giant robots. Also rarely used but I dare you to watch “The Iron Giant” and tell me you don’t love it.

CYBERPUNK: Possibly more well known than steampunk. A future, in which technology is so advanced people are more technologically advanced than some of the robots. Chainsaw arms, robotic eyes, hooking your brain up to the internet and evil corporations.

BIOPUNK: Imagine a future where technology has advanced so much that we construct living organisms as easily as building a robots. Living machines, weapons, organic clothing and new and improved limbs.

JUNKPUNK: Almost as unknown as candlepunk but still one to remember. This world all technology is composed of random parts you might find in a junkyard. Kind of like the ‘Coolest’ cooler.

SOLARPUNK: This one has been getting some recent attention. However in a world where technology is powered by the sun I have yet to find one robot picture so sorry about this one.

PUNKPUNK: You have gone off the far side of the spectrum. Turn back.

Hopefully now you can tell the different alternate futures apart and can better survive in the world with this Essential information.

(Note this is not my artwork just a quick google search, but I am working on a series that will clarify these examples better with my own work.)


❴ ĸυroѕнιтѕυjι   ᶜ ᶤ ᵉ ˡ  ᵖ ʰ ᵃ ᶰ ᵗ ᵒ ᵐ ʰ ᶤ ᵛ ᵉ  シエル・ファントムハイヴ  

I did not return to Phantomhive for the sake of the previous head. I returned for myself. All I want is to give those who betrayed and defiled the name of Phantomhive a taste of the humiliation and pain … that I suffered. Checkmate. — Ciel Phantomhive

Evil corporation man: Here! Have a rainbow sticker for pride!

Me, taking the sticker from his grimy hands: You are an evil man for profiting off of the vulnerability of the underrepresented and abused. Weird that you only acknowledge our existence during this one day while also mistreating your LGBT employees. I’m taking this sticker not because I support you and think you are now a good, trustworthy ally company but because I am a big ol’ faggot homosexual and I want rainbow. 

listen ok

I get the whole corporations and pride thing but like…

so I grew up in Rural Nova Scotia, and by NO MEANS was Rural Nova Scotia in the late 90′s horribly conservative, at least not any more than other places in Canada. but

I went to a 4 Room Schoolhouse built in, like, the friggin’ early 1900s or something for grades primary through two, and one time, when I was about 5 or 6 or 7, my Dad walked into the staff room (he volunteered in the library) in June, looked up, and saw a Rainbow Flag hanging above the door.

“Oh!” said Dad. “You’re celebrating Pride!”

(Please note that my father a) has a gay sister and 2) is a flight attendant who works with a lot of gay men, many of which were out and proud in the late 90s)

“What?” My Grade 2 teacher asked.

“It’s Pride in Toronto,” my Dad explained, having just been to Toronto for a flight.


“It’s for gay people,” he said. “To celebrate being out and proud, you know?”

“Oh,” said my second grade teacher.

(please note that my second grade teacher was a LOVELY woman who I would happily hug and update on my life were I to run into her, and she is not a villain)

After lunch, my Dad came back into the staff room, and the flag was gone.

like. I get it. I get that we’re being marketed to, and I get that that is disturbing and like, yeah, totally. Corporations are evil and all they want is our money.

But it’s really important that we are not a dirty thing that no one should talk about. And it’s really amazing that we’ve gone from my teachers in elementary school taking down a rainbow flag because my Dad mentioned pride, to my boss and I talking about taking a photo of our rainbow picnic tables to post to social media to celebrate pride! In 20 years! Rainbows are everywhere during Pride! My country’s prime minister was in the Toronto Pride Parade! Of course it’s all marketing and politics and money, but look at us. we’re not something to be hidden from the kids anymore. and that’s just. that’s important.

i’m glad the ffvii remake is happening, because so far the only cloud we’ve seen fully voiced and rendered is the moping stonefaced borefest he got typecast as because he had the audacity to be sad one time

i want the cloud who disguises himself as a concubine, right down to the underwear, because the tittering flower girl he just met told him it would be a great idea. i want the cloud who proudly rides the plains on a cartoon ostrich, which he wrangled himself by throwing turnips at it while discreetly murdering all surrounding wildlife. i want the cloud who tries to infiltrate an evil corporation by stealing a uniform, showing up late to a parade and running in squares like a fucking idiot on live television

i know buzzfeed is an evil corporation but they also blessed us w the video of drunk girls being surprised by puppies and tbh i think that makes up for it