4 Sacred Native American Sites In Danger Of Being Destroyed By Corporations
The days when Native American tribes were forced to give up their land are far from over. Here are 4 examples of destruction in the name of corporate greed.

The days where Native American tribes were forced to give up their land are far from over.

Here are four sacred Native American sites in danger of being destroyed in the name of corporate greed.

Badger-Two Medicine

The Blackfeet Tribe calls the land of Badger-Two Medicine “the Backbone of the World,” the place where the story of their people began. But now the mineral-rich land, located in modern day Michigan, is in danger of being drilled for oil.

Solenext, LCC, the last of the 47 leaseholders of the land, filed a lawsuit so that drilling could begin. Earl Old Person, a member of the Blackfeet Tribal Business Council since 1954, is fighting to preserve what he calls “an altar to the Blackfeet Confederacy.” He wrote a letter to Obama urging the president to intervene.

Oak Flat

After lawmakers slipped in a clause in the National Defense Authorization Act that swapped 2,400 acres of copper-containing land for 5,300 acres of substandard land, the San Carlos Apache tribe has been fighting to preserve Oak Flat.

The land is located in Arizona and contains Apache Leap, a place where 75 Apache men, women, and children were massacred.

In response to the controversy, the international mining corporation, Resolution Mining Inc., said that the mine could be a good thing because it could employ Native Americans.

The Black Hills

The Lakota, Nakota, and Dakota peoples, who suffer from systemic poverty, turned down $1.5 billion offered to them for the Black Hills, land the Keystone XL Pipeline would intersect. That’s how much this land matters to them.

Rosebud Sioux Tribe President Cyril Scott has called the Keystone XL Pipeline “an act of war.”

The Osage Mounds

The Chahokian Mounds are the artifacts of an ancient, complex civilization. The modern Osage consider themselves to be descendants of these mound builders, the architects of the most important city to the Mississippians.

But the NFL’S St. Louis Rams are planning on paving over what’s left of it to build a new stadium. Indian Country Today Media Network reports that the project has a $1 billion price tag and that its construction is still in its early development.

Hopefully the mound can still be salvaged.

H/T: St. Louis Public Radio, Indian Country Today Media Network

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Millennials: Love Them or Let Them Go
Managers like to complain that twentysomething workers won’t stay put in a job for long. But for employers, is that a problem or an opportunity?
By Lindsay Gellman

Hooray for WSJ for writing ANOTHER piece on how flimsy and noncommittal Millennials are, with their foosball tables and in-office beer kegs. But here’s the reality: 

In the past decade, we experienced one of the worst economic recessions the U.S. has ever faced. At the same time, we’ve seen a steady rise in private business deregulation and declaration of the rights of corporations. More states are becoming right-to-work, collapsing unions and their ability to protect workers from corporate choices. 

Scott Walker even wants to take it national, as a key part of his 2016 presidential run.

Many task-based jobs, the ones that would only (maybe) require a high school diploma, have shifted overseas, because corporations are trying to cut costs by not following our already bare-bones minimum wage laws. 

So, you’ve got a generation of young adults who are college educated, so they can work, and would ideally like to perform the tasks they studied for years and paid thousands of dollars for.

Combine all of that, what do you end up with? 

An employer class that does not promote or sustain an environment of long-term job growth. Where cutbacks and layoffs leave employees feeling unsettled, unsure if they’ll have their same job in six months. Where salaries and pay raises aren’t enough to combat the surging cost of living; especially in urban areas, where most of these jobs are located. 

Where employees have to turn to the government to help with medical care, because corporations don’t want to foot the bill. 

If employers want Millennials to stay in their companies for five, 10 or 30+ years, they need to do more than complain and add a foosball table. They need to create office environments where employees can thrive. They need to prioritize job satisfaction over budgetary shortcuts. 

Above all, they need to value their workers. Because right now, they’re just using them. So, they can’t get mad when Millennials use them back.




Seriously: You can even tell people that you came up with the idea–I don’t care–I just want the idea to get out there! So, here it goes:

I watch documentaries–a lot of them. I watch documentaries about the food supply chain, about wage slavery, about the economy, about ALLLLL kinds of world problems, and here is what most of them say: VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLAR.

They put the responsibility of fixing all these world problems on us, the oppressed, who have no power to create laws, to raise militaries and send them into war, to issue police departments badges and guns, to tax, to govern, or do anything that resembles ACTUAL, authoritative power. They tell us, in order to to effect public policy, we need only to purchase certain items and NOT purchase other items when we are at the store. But this ignores a very simple principle…

If I own the store, and if I have a vested interest in the supply chain, and the power that holds over all the slaves at the bottom of the system, I’m just going to RAISE THE PRICE on all the things that might in one way or another upset the stranglehold I currently maintain over all the impoverished, oppressed consumers.

EXAMPLE: in my store, conventional bananas cost 20 cents per pound and fair-trade, organic, non-gmo bananas cost 70 cents per pound. YOU, as the ethical consumer, decide that you want to cast your vote for the fair-trade, organic, non-gmo bananas and so you are willing to pay the extra 50 cents per pound to ensure that your vote is heard. But, when I see that the trend starts to shift, and more and more ethical consumers are purchasing the fair-trade, organic, non-gmo bananas for 70 cents per pound, I’m just going to raise the price to whatever price I NEED to raise it to, in order to ensure that you are FORCED into purchasing the conventional, non ethical bananas, thereby supporting the oppressive power structure I already had in place and ensuring its continuity.

Do you see now how voting with your dollar AT THE CASH REGISTER doesn’t actually work? Do you see now it’s JUST ANOTHER SEDATIVE: a way we can BLAME OURSELVES for problems they design us into???

BUT!! There is ONE WAY voting with your dollar MIGHT actually work!!! Here’s how:

We all pay taxes every year, correct? Here’s what I propose: divert ALL taxes (sales, income, etc.) to be paid at a single point in the year. Most people use electronic forms of payment, so keeping track of their accumulated sales tax throughout the year would not be a very difficult thing to do. Craigslist purchases already don’t incur sales tax, so people already get around paying tax on many cash purchases. A list would be made available NO LATER THAN SIX MONTHS IN ADVANCE to tax time every year. This list will be compiled of EVERY SINGLE government program, subprogram, agency, committee–anything you can think of. You would then have the opportunity to allocate DIRECTLY to whatever agency, subagency, committee, department: whatever YOU wanted to and you could allocate whatever percentage of your tax obligation you chose to however many agencies you wanted to divide your tax obligation amongst. YOU WOULD BE REQUIRED TO PAY ALL OF THE TAXES YOU HAD ACCRUED THROUGHOUT THE YEAR, BUT YOU COULD DECIDE, DIRECTLY, WHICH PROGRAMS YOU WANTED TO FUND AND WHICH ONES YOU DIDN’T.

No more lobbyists; no more corrupt politicians. There would still be legislators, but corrupt programs would get no funding because WE would decide NOT to fund them.

Want to fund the military? Go for it.

Want to build hospitals? Put your money where your mouth is.

Support ethical farming? Vote for it at tax time.

When WE decide where the money goes: we take back the power.

This would work: don’t let their brainwashing convince you it wouldn’t. Let’s stop FOLLOWING the money and let’s start LEADING it.


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I don’t need or want credit: I just want freedom for all.