Flowserve Announces Sustainability Initiative

“The Flowserve sustainability initiative is centered on the four focus areas of workplace, marketplace, environment and community. The report highlights information specific to the Flow Control Division’s performance indicators and metrics using Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework and guidelines. Key indicators and metrics were selected based on those most relevant to the division’s manufacturing operations, specifically around safety, energy usage, emissions, and waste generation.”

The implications of such a forward-thinking initiative of such a large enterprise are enormous. It finally seems that companies are looking beyond the bottom line and are realizing the impact their actions have on employees, communities and the world. Companies wishing to clean up their own house by adopting or refining sustainability measures should contact Dr. Tyra Oldham with LAND sds ( for green and sustainability consulting. Dedicated to helping industries find sustainable solutions Dr. Oldham has experience in most industries and can help other’s duplicate Flowserve’s plan.