Some things about Net Neutrality being threatened that I haven’t seen many comments on:

- The OOOONNLY people benefiting from this possible rollback are corporate shareholders. 

- The removal of NN would result in few if any new jobs whatsoever, so any argument that it would help the economy is null and void (btw, we’re not actually in a recession anymore, in case anyone still thought that. The US’s economy, while it has plateaued in actual growth at about 2%, it’s actually pretty high in the business cycle.)

- Limitation and partisan censorship is a major concern (I lied that one is what everyone is talking about)

- In fact it will HURT online businesses, which will damage the small business sector in general.

- And last but not least: It is going to have a majorly negative impact on the education system. I just finished highschool in May and let me tell you, even rural schools are getting more and more technology and internet dependent. Students frequently, if not regularly, are sent home with online assignments. How can students possibly be expected to finish an online homework assignment if they can’t even remotely begin to afford internet? This is already an issue in rural and poor and POC dominated areas, and should Net Neutrality be removed and access to the internet be placed back into money hungry corporate hands, it will be an even more massive and far worse problem that will only perpetuate low education levels in these areas. what if their assignment requires research on a website that their partisan provider has decided to censor? You get a zero. Especially if you’re a college student that can’t afford another $150 a month just to get ok-ish internet speeds. 

- This gives me great concern for marginalized and outcast kids. The internet has been one of the very, very few places where LGBT+ and POC children and people in general can go and feel safe and accepted and loved and celebrated for how/who they are. Imagine that that’s the ONLY place you feel safe and okay and then that gets taken away from you. Early teen suicide rates are already high enough. 

This is all just a disgusting money grab by the GOP and other politicians who are invested in cable and cellular companies. Call or message your congressional representatives to oppose. Drown them in resistance. I’ve already found several posts with links that let you do that. 

corporations take more money from the government than anyone else because they refuse to pay their workers livable wages and then they wanna shame people for using government funds when its their fucking fault in the beginning. the vast majority of people who use public welfare services have to fucking use it because they work full time and still cant afford food. AND THAT IS SOMEONES FAULT. It is the corporate owners fault. they have crafted this and carefully keep it this way. It was calculated. this shit didnt happen by mistake. and our government goes along with it because the legislators are paid for by the corporations.

the democrats are going to lose the next election because they dont really give a shit about appealing to working class people and minorities so theyre gonna continue riding on the bare minimum “we support gay marriage and have other liberal standpoints on issues that are now completely safe to take a progressive stand on” all while getting money from corporations bc they care more about donor money than shifting considerably to the left and actually offering some type of policy or platform that people really want. its literally like they want to lose

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Hi Sam, I appreciate your not-supporting Nazi trash Nick Spencer. Do you think the idea would have a more direct impact in terms of visibility at Marvel if there was something like a Change(.)org petition?

Honestly, I don’t think Marvel gives a shit about petitions or how we feel, which is what’s so frustrating. Nick Spencer either knows where some bodies are buried or is very good friends with the Old Boys Club. Possibly both. Possibly the latter is the reason he knows the former. And even other writers who dislike him kinda have to play ball with him because of that, which means I feel sorry for a lot of writers I actually like, too.

I think the only thing that will ever have a direct impact at a huge media corporation like Marvel is money. So if you tell them you’re upset, also tell them you’re so upset you’re not giving them money, and then don’t give them money. Better yet, tell them you’re so mad about it that you’ve started buying indy and DC titles instead, so not only are they not getting your money, their competitors are. Then go out and support some indy artists. Give your Marvel money to folks on Patreon instead, or support the independent comics most of the Marvel writers and artists we like are involved in. 

Don’t forget that Disney owns Marvel. You’re not dealing with Grandpa Stan and a bunch of artists in a big room somewhere. You’re dealing with the full force of the Disney machine. The people within the machine might understand emotion, but all the machine understands is the bottom line. When that starts to dip, that’s when changes happen. 

I’m gonna run around a little this weekend and talk to my homies who have Patreons, and maybe make a post about indy comic reccs, and I’ll come up with a list of people you can give your Captain America Money to. Stay tuned.

The Only Real “Centrist” Agenda

With Steve Bannon on way out, official Washington is jumping for joy that Gary Cohn – the former president of Goldman Sachs who’s now running Trump’s National Economic Council, along with Dina Powell, another influential Goldman Sachs alumnus,  – seems to be taking over Trump’s brain.

As CNBC puts it, Cohn will push “more moderate, business-friendly economic policies.” The Washington Post says Cohn is advocating “a centrist vision.” The Post goes on to describe “The growing strength of Cohn and like-minded moderates" as revealed in Trump’s endorsement of government subsidies for exports, and of corporate tax cuts. Says the Post: “The president’s new positions move him much closer to the views of … mainstream Republicans and Democrats.”

In reality, Cohn, Powell, and other Wall Streeters in the Trump White House are pushing Trump closer to the views of Wall Street and big business – views that are reflected in the views of “mainstream” Republicans and Democrats only to the extent the “mainstream” is dependent on the Street and big corporations for campaign money.

These views aren’t “centrist,” and they’re not sustainable. More tax breaks for the rich and more subsidies for big corporations aren’t much better for America than xenophobia.

Wall Street and corporate America seem not to have learned a thing from what’s happened over the past year. Do they really believe the anger, rage, hate, racism, and nationalism that welled up during the 2016 election was a random, passing phenomenon, like a particularly bad hurricane?

If so, they’re wrong. These sentiments came from a shrinking and ever more anxious working class. From millions of people so convinced the game is rigged against them they were prepared to overthrow the established order in order to get fundamental change. From voters whipped up into a fury over tax breaks and subsidies and bailouts for those at the top – socialism for the rich – but who for years have been getting the harsh losing end of the capitalist stick: declining wages, mass firings, less job security, emptying towns and cities, and their children with even lower and fewer prospects.  

They came from people who during the Great Recession lost their jobs, homes, and savings, as Wall Street got bailed out for its wanton greed, and not a single top Wall Street executive went to jail.

The so-called “centrist” policies that Wall Street and big corporations are now happily promoting via Gary Cohn and Dina Powell won’t reverse these sentiments. They’ll add to them, because these were same sort of the policies that got us to this point.  

There’s a better alternative. It’s to make it easy for people who lose their jobs to get new ones that pay at least as well, through wage insurance;  expand the Earned Income Tax Credit and raise the minimum wage so every job pays a living wage; invest in great teachers and great schools, along with a system of lifelong learning, and high-quality early childhood education; and provide Medicare for all.

And pay for all of this with a 2 percent tax on wealth over $1 million and a carbon tax. While we’re at it, get big money out of politics.

Here’s a  “centrist” agenda that big business, Wall Street, and the rest of America should agree on because it (or something very much like it) is the only way to move forward without inviting even more inequalities of income, wealth, and political power – and ever more vicious backlashes against such inequities.

If Wall Street and big business used the 2016 election as a teachable moment, they would realize this.

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My job have literally the WORST preparations ever. The builders placed panic buttons all over the store and NOT ONE of our bosses, trainers or store managers thought to tell us what they were or how to use them. It was only after two of the girls were held up with a knife that they told us and also got panic buttons that you wear around your neck. Even then they still didn't explain this to the new employees??? Same with the fake money pens. We got €100 in fake money, THEN we got them 🙄

That’s the way it is at the corporate level. Don’t spend money on the peeons unless you have to by law.


A Hopeless Romantic

brunettenamjoon asked: “namjoon being a closet romantic, until the two of you start dating and then hes all holding doors and kissing your knuckles and being mushy or something please? literally anything with namjoon ;u; bless”

Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Fluff, romance 

I hope this is what you wanted!! Thank you for the request! Sorry it’s a bit short <3

–Admin Boo

You didn’t believe Taehyung when he told you that Namjoon was a hopeless romantic. Not when he made fun of romance dramas and made gagging noises at the kissing scenes. And especially not when he insisted that candle-lit dinners were a fire hazard, and fancy restaurants were a scam. He even said that Valentines day was just one more way for corporations to make money off the masses.

There was nothing he had ever done to make you think that there was a romantic bone in his body until your first date. The first time he held the door for you, you thought it was just a fluke. Namjoon was notorious for closing doors in peoples faces–not because he did this on purpose, he was just often distracted and didn’t pay attention–and Taehyung had gotten a split lip as proof of this at one point. 

So you put it down to Namjoon being more aware of his surroundings because he was nervous–which he definitely was, and as well-articulated as he normally was, he tripped over his words a few times. 

But as time whet on, the gestures became more frequent, and more elaborate.

“Namjoon?” You said, your fingers laced with his as you walked side-by-side in the dimly lit park. 

“Yes, my love?” He hummed, bringing your hand up to his mouth and kissing your knuckles lightly. The motion made your heart flutter, and you felt your cheeks begin to flush. You had been dating for nearly a year now, and still got butterflies when he did things like this. 

“I never thought I’d say this, but Taehyung was right.” 

“Impossible.” He chuckled, turning toward you and placing his free hand on your waist to pull you close. He let go of your hand so that his fingers could trace up your side, eventually brushing through your hair and tilting your head up towards him. 

“No, he was. Completely right. But don’t tell him I said it.” 

Namjoon smiled, leaning down and brushing your noses together. “What was he right about?” He asked, his lips barely brushing over you cheek as he spoke. 

“That you’re a hopeless romantic.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He replied, giving you a shrug before taking both of your hands in his. 

“Sure. Why don’t you admit it?” You teased, and Namjoon grinned. 

“There’s nothing to admit. Now I have a question for you. Why are you so perfect?” 

You couldn’t help but laugh. “You’re changing the subject. It’s because you want to keep the whole bad-boy image, isn’t it?” 

“I have a feeling you’re going to start psycho-analyzing me in a minute.” He said, pulling you along as he walked backwards. 

“Admit that you love 27 Dresses and I’ll drop it.” You said, a mischievous glint in your eyes.

“Never.” Namjoon suddenly stopped, pulling you forward abruptly so that you bumped into him. “But I will admit that I love you.” 

He leaned down once again, finding your lips with his own. You realized that you might never actually get Namjoon to accept what a romantic person he was, but that was fine with you. You wouldn’t change him for the world.

A/N Sorry it’s a bit short, but I’m feeling stressed and wanted to write something fluffy and short! Also I didn’t really proof-read this much, I’ll check it again when I have time <3

Give me the Runaways, now older, helping kids who were like them.

Chase the social worker, funny and so good with the kids with the ability to go hard and terrifying when he’s going to bat for them. He keeps in contact with all of the kids he’s helped. He has pictures of them next to pictures of Gert and the rest of the Runaways on his desk. He always listens to the kids, and he always treats them like they’re capable. He never talks over their heads.

Karolina, Xavin and Julie open up a home for homeless queer youth. Xavin and Karolina also start up a support group for young aliens living on Earth, whether they’ve moved to Earth recently or lived there their whole lives. It eventually becomes a Thing, with different chapters all over, run by other grounded aliens they’ve met over the years. Julie becomes an art therapist or something and helps young superheroes on a more one-on-one basis than before.

Molly… I can see Molly maybe wanting to become a cop, but not doing it for long because she gets frustrated with the system. She ends up being more of a vigilante, helping runaways get in contact with Chase, or with Karolina, or just finding them a save place to exist and be themselves. She totally has a costume, and probably a cool motorbike. Sometimes, if Chase gets a case he can’t legally help with, he ‘accidentally’ lets some details slip so Molly can do her thing.

(She still introduces herself as Princess Powerful to the really young kids, and they all adore her. She ends up somewhere between a superhero and an anti-bogeyman, in kids’ minds.)

Gert and Nico didn’t always get along, but man do they make a good team. They end up becoming lawyers, and do a lot of advocacy work for kids. Representing them, fighting for them. They’re a force to be reckoned with, and swiftly gain a reputation. People tell them they could make a lot of money as corporate lawyers, but they’re obviously not interested in the money. They help kids get lighter sentences, or get the help they need as opposed to being just thrown into juvenile detention. Nico also does some outreach work with a youth mental health program.

Victor gets into making really cool mobility aids, prosthetics, and other stuff like that. He charges on a sliding scale that means he can do a lot of stuff for low income, single parent households for free. He also gets called up by Julie if Julie runs into any kids who dabbled in villainy.

Klara ends up helping out a lot with Karolina, Xavin, and Julie’s shelter, talking to survivors of rape and abuse. She’s got a very calming presence, and is really good at getting kids to open up to her. She also teaches all the kids how to garden, so the home has a gorgeous garden in the back that all of the kids there can feel proud of. Sometimes, she volunteers at local museums, and there’s a standing invitation to all of them that if any of their kids want to get into a museum, or need to get out of the city for a bit, she’ll take them to the exhibit they were interested in, or go on hikes with them.

Old Lace is the best dang therapy dinosaur out there.


The Senate healthcare bill just dropped and it’s an appalling disaster. 

If this bill passes it will:

Completely defund Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is an essential health care provider. Not only is Planned Parenthood the primary source of health care for many patients, but it also provides health care primarily to low-income people and communities. Planned Parenthood doesn’t just help with birth control and unwanted pregnancies. Only a small fraction of Planned Parenthood’s work is with abortions. They also help millions of Americans with cancer screenings and procedures, and preventative HPV and other STD shots, and other types of birth control. 

Hurt people with disabilities and pre-existing conditions. Because of the waiver authority in place in the bill, states have the option to limit coverage given to people with pre-existing conditions. Not only that, but the bill makes huge cuts in Medicaid, worse than even the House bill that preceded it. Insurers in certain states will be able to change their plans and how much they charge people with disabilities or pre-existing conditions, which will make millions lose coverage they need. 

Take away mental health services and coverage. If this bill passes, Medicaid will no longer be required to cover any mental health after 2019. This includes counseling and psychiatric services and medicine. 

Give tax breaks and money to corporations and the wealthy. The bill repeals all ACA taxes on corporations and the wealthy that help pay for insurance subsidies





I’ve many times discussed “victory blindness,” brought on by the seduction of big wins for civil rights and which has had many gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people believing they’ve “arrived” ― that LGBTQ rights are secured ― while not seeing the perils ahead.

From as far back as 2014, watching the way that anti-LGBTQ forces were organizing for the future, I was worried about how the LGBTQ community would get too caught up in the anticipated win at the Supreme Court on marriage equality that was coming down the pike in 2015.

The onset of the Trump administration has certainly been a clarion call to snap out of it. And so many queer people have seen the threat and joined the Resistance.

But some recent exchanges and interactions I’ve had lead me to believe that many people, queer and straight, still believe that LGBTQ rights are secure and advancing. They point to public opinion polls, to cultural changes and to progress even in the most conservative corners of the country.

One person, educated in the history of the LGBTQ movement, told me that he couldn’t believe that the Supreme Court would undo something that the majority of Americans now supported ― marriage equality ― and implied a lot of the sounding of the alarm was for the conspiracy-minded.

I find this thinking to be naive and enormously dangerous.

It often doesn’t matter what the majority of Americans believe ― over 90 percent support universal background checks on gun purchases, after all, but we can’t get the legislation passed. The Supreme Court has handed down ruling after ruling that reversed precedents and defied the majority of Americans’ beliefs on voting rights, corporate money in politics, immigration and so many other issues. What is happening in our country right now is clear: a powerful minority is in control and is trying to get the fix in so that it can rule from the minority for a long time to come.


As an entrepreneur (or even corporate slave), your emotional intelligence (EQ) is far more important than your technical intelligence (IQ).

As per a research study done by the Carnegie Institute of Technology, 85% of one’s financial success is attributable to skills in human engineering - one’s personality and ability to communicate, negotiate, and lead; whereas contribution of technical knowledge is only 15%. (Who the hell knows how they worked this out, but they did, and I’m inclined to agree).

Your technical abilities get you in the door with investors, partners and associates; but emotional intelligence helps you manage your relationships from that point onward.

For some, a great EQ comes naturally, but not everyone is gifted in the same ways. If you feel that your EQ is lacking, it is time for immediate change. Do some research on this topic, try to monitor yourself, and identify your problem areas.

Master the complexities of this unique and often understated form of intelligence, and watch yourself improve as an entrepreneur and all-round business person. 

Start today. 

26.10.2016// This morning I went to the coffee shop in the local arts centre to study for cognitive evolution. It’s a really nice, peaceful atmosphere and almost everything the sell is locally sourced, plus it’s run by the district council rather than a private corporation so all the money goes into the local community. 10/10 study spot, definitely will go again! [16/100]

neoliberal centrists and the establishment wing of the democratic party keep calling for unity and claim that they want to defeat trump, but then they spend time making up smears and attacking bernie sanders. bernie sanders is currently the most popular politician in america, has an 80% approval rating among the democratic base, and continues to be one of the most vocal opponents of trump’s administration. you’d think that if their focus was actually on winning the 2020 election then trying to vilify bernie sanders and his supporters, and trying to prevent him from running again, would be viewed as counter-productive. the democratic party could learn so much from what happened with jeremy corbyn in the uk, who actually helped gain seats by moving to the left and presenting a genuinely progressive platform that was for the many not the few. the centrists in the labour party also did everything they could to try and vilify jeremy corbyn, but many saw through their manipulations and lies. i hope people can see through the smears about bernie sanders too.

if you’re ever in doubt whether centrists and elites would rather undermine the left than actually support things like universal healthcare, free college tuition, and taking corporate money out of politics just remember this: they actually tried to cruelly insinuate that bernie sanders was responsible for the shooting of a republican politician who had compared himself to white supremacist kkk leader david duke. and that the shooter’s actions called into question the progressive left as a whole. their ridiculous argument (that essentially legitimized far-right talking points) was that because bernie said things like: “perhaps [donald trump] is the worst and most dangerous president in the history of our country” he somehow incited violence. this is just another clear example of trying to smear bernie sanders (and his supporters) and permanently damage his reputation. it is an attempt to silence the left. don’t let them manipulate you.

Valentine’s Day

“I just don’t like Valentine’s Day, I don’t want to do anything,” Eth complained, causing Ty to sigh. Despite his stone-face persona, Ty was actually a pretty big sucker for big romantic gestures, so he loved Valentine’s day. Ethan however, seemed to be completely opposed to it.

“I just don’t get why though. I mean, I would get it if you were single, all single people hate Valentine’s Day. But you’re not, so why would you hate it so much?” Ty asked, confused.

“Because it’s a scam by corporate America to make money during the slow period,” Eth replied in a  very matter-of-fact voice.

“Shut up, we both know you don’t buy into that crap. What it is?” Ty asked, genuinely curious.

“I just don’t like it,’ Eth answered sounding exasperated. Ty finally relented and dropped the subject.

“Fine, we don’t have to do anything special today then. What do you want to do?” Ty asked with a small frown. He was disappointed he wouldn’t get to do anything super romantic with Eth, but he also didn’t want to force Eth into anything. Instantly, Ty could already Eth’s mood being lifted when Ty offered to not do anything. He went back to being his cute bubbly self.

“How about we just watch a bunch of movies together? Mark and Amy are going to be out all day and Kat is probably just going to be in her room all day, so we can steal the living room TV all day,” Eth offered with a huge smile. Despite his disappointment, Ty couldn’t help but smile at his adorable boyfriend. He just nodded and started heading to the living room.

When he reached the living room, he instantly grabbed the remote and sat on the couch, expecting to see Eth right behind him, but was surprised to find that Eth hadn’t followed him at all.

“Eth?” Ty called out.

“I’ll be there in a second!” he heard his boyfriend yell in response. He opened Netflix and started looking for a movie to watch when he soon heard the familiar sound of popcorn popping in the microwave. Ty continued searching for a movie for a few minutes when he finally saw Eth coming around the corner. Ty had expected to see him come in with one, maybe two bowls of popcorn, but was surprised to see Eth’s arms completely filled with snacks, from popcorn to potato chips, from Oreos to Redvines. Eth stumbled over to where Ty was seated and dropped everything down onto the coffee table before taking a eat cuddled up next to his boyfriend.

“Eth…” Ty started to lecture him about the snacks, but was stopped short when Eth looked up at him innocently, taking his breath away. Instead he just sighed and shook his head, causing Eth to laugh. Ty looked down at his boyfriend and realized that he didn’t need to do anything super sappy for Valentine’s Day. As long as he was with Eth, he would be happy. This thought prompted him to look down at his boyfriend again, who was currently snuggled up against his chest. “Hey Eth?”

“Yeah?” Eth answered, not even glancing up at the older man.

“Will you be my Valentine?”


this totally isn’t a day late, i have no idea what you’re talking about