California Ballot Initiative Would Force Lawmakers To List Corporate Donors On Clothing Like NASCAR

California Ballot Initiative Would Force Lawmakers To List Corporate Donors On Clothing Like NASCAR

This is a great idea if we want to know who owns our politicians. If you have ever seen a NASCAR race, you will have noticed that drivers and their cars have the logos of their corporate sponsors plastered all over them. That’s how we know that Kyle Busch is sponsored by Mars, which produces M&Ms. And it’s how we know that Dale Earnhardt Jr. is sponsored by Nationwide Insurance. So, why not…

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SAUL BASS (1920 - 1996)

Saul Bass was an American graphic designer and Oscar winning filmmaker, best known for his design of motion picture title sequences, film posters, and corporate logos.

His birthday is celebrated (1920 - 1996) in Google doodle. *see my earlier post and re-blogs*


The world of corporate logos, as seen through the eyes of identity designer Adam Ladd’s 5-year-old daughter.

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the symbolism behind apple’s logo

check the full episode here where it also takes a deeper look at the logo for starbucks and the significance of symbolism and its effects on the subconscious
Several corporate logo's and their historical symbols

I’ve been quite interested in symbology lately, ranging from occult practices with different symbols to their historical basis in myth (I’ve always had a slight interest in mythology and I read into various cultural myths from time to time) and their supposed hidden meanings, relevance to power structure, etc.
About a week ago, I read an article that delved into various symbols used in modern corporate, business and government structure or institutions, though it focused more so on the latter of these (such as pentagon being in built as a Nordic pentagram design meant to evoke power), it did make some mention to the ties of myth and Corporate dominance.
This article is not as in depth as that one but does focus more on the corporate side, which is interesting but we most certainly do not take the time to consider what these corporate logo’s represent based off their historical basis in mythology and legend.
If you find this as interesting as I do, I recommend reading the article I posted up here on Jung’s idea of the presence of duality structures inherit in the larger society through it’s usage of identifiable archetype characteristics of the self in media representations such as film and fiction.
However keep in the mind, both articles are quite different. This cracked article is more of “well look at this here…” and the other one on Archetype characteristics is more philosophical in attempting to use these repeating structures of character within humanities literature and plays to show a proof of interconnected construction through the collective unconscious.