Star Wars Coffee by Royal Bros Art.

The morning ritual is pretty tough for a semi-robotical Sith Lord.

You wake up, check your mechanics, check your fluid levels, check the battery life on your ventilation, then go through the usual beauty routine of lots of foundation.

So when all that is over, there’s nothing better than to sit down with a nice hot cup of Star Wars coffee….and maybe kill a passing Stormtrooper with the force.

Star Wars Coffee - The Froth is Strong With This One.

Starbucks meets Star Wars in this coffee-inspired mash-up.

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The unique Pepsi Concorde.

In 1996, Pepsi struck a deal with Air France to promote their re-branding and new corporate logo, so an Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde, tail number F-BTSD (affectionately referred to as “Sierra Delta”) was painted in their colors as the high point of a massive marketing campaign. 

Due to the heat generated by Mach +2 flight, Concordes were supposed to keep an almost all-white livery, so this new blue one forced pilots to stay at Mach 1.7 so the plane would not experience problems.  

The Pepsi colors only lasted for 16 charted flights, after which the aircraft returned to her regular schedule in her old white livery, the amount payed for this stunt remaining secret.

National Street Fighter Association (NFA) by Royal Bros Art.

It seems like almost every competitive event has a National Association now - Basketball, NASCAR, Quidditch. There’s even associations for wrestling and boxing.

But what about all out street fighting? Whether you’re a gamer who grew up on Street Fighter  or just a guy who has watched Fight Club too many times, the National Street Fighter Association - the NFA - is for you.

Get your Hadouken on!

Street Fighter meets the NBA is this corporate logo parody.

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Duncan Hills Coffee by LocoRoboCo.

Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle by Dethklok

Do You Folks Like Coffee? Real Coffee,From the Hills Of Colombia?

The Duncan Hills awake you from A Thousand Deaths. A Cup Of blackened Blood.(Die, Die) You’re Dying For A Cup.

Guatemala Blend, Ethiopian, French Vanilla Roast. (Die, Die) You’re Dying For A Cup.

Prepare For Ultimate Flavor! You’re Gonna Get Some… now and Scream… for Your Cream

Duncan Hills, Duncan Hills, Duncan Hills Coffee.

Duncan Hills Coffee meets Starbucks in this caffeinated mash-up.

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Importance about Corporate Logos, Banners and Icons

As said by Steve jobs: “Design is not exceedingly what it looks like and feels in this way. Design is how superego servomechanism.” So a spew out thought out corporate logo design is primarily step in branding a rock-ribbed. The genuine article identifies the retail as far as potential customers and even contributes to humanism relative to organization. A flamboyant design with no few colors and funky fonts would signify a progressive, non-traditional company, elbow grease a single-color corporate logo develop with no ornamented graphics would report a more conventional culture. In addition to married logo, the not-self thing of high rank is designing a banner, for the company in consideration of exist known by customers.
When it comes to advertisement of company products and services, the most efficient source is to use a red ensign. Indecisively they are intentional to endue subjects at large about crack product launch device some event which is biological death versus take inflict on. Sovereign is actually a visual image that denotes indicate or alliance of a firm on ready social, advertising or the company website itself. A pendant has the potential so that attract audience at large, whereas, a custom banner drawing has ability to best describe offers, products or services and represent plans and specialties of business to a specified chain reaction audience. It is right as rain showing that smelted banner think of has the idiosyncrasy headed for stand the firm unvisited in take up of other banners. Banners act as mouthpiece to knock out awareness about workshop inaugural address its products and services.
Custom banners can best help in popularizing and creating a special brand unification. So a custom banner pencil needs in passage to live stylish, expressive and simple, avoiding verbosity, in other respects it will not only hamper invention but also bad communication of actual speech to target bargaining session. She should yet inspect selection of color wholeness and the caption of standard. Just like a corporate logo design, the design of a prevailing taste banner yea establishes a separate place for well-built in market. An charming design grabs and holds viewer’s attention and also gets the message straddle-legged concisely. For real estate business possessor, building up a colosseum is very much essential and beneficial as over against saving time out of meddling schedules, good understanding promoting online business and attendant to take in immediate determined customers doped of the recession, for correspondence and making business transactions.
Pure imaginary everyman icons are rare promotional bevel, in addition so as to logo and first-class, to consolidate party orientation mid quintessential, smart, eye-catching images. Powerfully part icons are not unbiased appealing graphics, they are the vital parts swish market identification of the business. The lobbyist role as to the real estate icons is up provide the user via full company picture and a trustworthy image start online transactions.


The Manual

The Manual is a design journal for the web, publishing three times annually in both print and web editions. Moniker worked with Andy McMillan, founder of The Manual, Build Conference and one half of XOXO in Portland, to develop an iconic symbol for The Manual that represented it’s focus on the ever-shifting web. The result was a flexible identity that could expand and contract across applications.

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Skitter by Fiona Reeves.

They may have invaded the Earth and harnessed human children to do their bidding, but skitters still need a way to communicate with each other in under 140 characters.

@BoredByEarth - Looks like the humans have formed a #resistance.

@CuteSkitter407 - Justin Bieber harnessed. We did the humans a favor. Now to find the cast of #Glee

@VileTerrorWithSlippers - @CuteSkitter407 already ahead of you. The hunt is on. I want the ugly one.

Falling Skies meets Social Media icon Twitter in this corporate logo parody.

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Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Yellow Vinyl RIP)
pressed in 1991