Star Wars Coffee by Royal Bros Art.

The morning ritual is pretty tough for a semi-robotical Sith Lord.

You wake up, check your mechanics, check your fluid levels, check the battery life on your ventilation, then go through the usual beauty routine of lots of foundation.

So when all that is over, there’s nothing better than to sit down with a nice hot cup of Star Wars coffee….and maybe kill a passing Stormtrooper with the force.

Star Wars Coffee - The Froth is Strong With This One.

Starbucks meets Star Wars in this coffee-inspired mash-up.

Available from RedBubble.

National Street Fighter Association (NFA) by Royal Bros Art.

It seems like almost every competitive event has a National Association now - Basketball, NASCAR, Quidditch. There’s even associations for wrestling and boxing.

But what about all out street fighting? Whether you’re a gamer who grew up on Street Fighter  or just a guy who has watched Fight Club too many times, the National Street Fighter Association - the NFA - is for you.

Get your Hadouken on!

Street Fighter meets the NBA is this corporate logo parody.

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Duncan Hills Coffee by LocoRoboCo.

Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle by Dethklok

Do You Folks Like Coffee? Real Coffee,From the Hills Of Colombia?

The Duncan Hills awake you from A Thousand Deaths. A Cup Of blackened Blood.(Die, Die) You’re Dying For A Cup.

Guatemala Blend, Ethiopian, French Vanilla Roast. (Die, Die) You’re Dying For A Cup.

Prepare For Ultimate Flavor! You’re Gonna Get Some… now and Scream… for Your Cream

Duncan Hills, Duncan Hills, Duncan Hills Coffee.

Duncan Hills Coffee meets Starbucks in this caffeinated mash-up.

Available from RedBubble.