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Let me start from the beginning. I worked at McDonald’s in Laplace, Louisiana. I did everything in the store. So one day my manager told me to get some ice cream mix because the ice cream machine was running low on it. So when I got the mix and poured it into the machine, I spilled it all over. Of course I then had to clean the machine so I did. While cleaning the machine I noticed they had black panels of both sides just like how they do on the back of the machine. I know what it looks like when you pull the panels (aka drip trays) out of the back of the machine so I wondered what it looked like on the sides. Well… what you see in the pics is what I pulled out of the machine. I was shocked and disgusted, so what did I do? I took a picture of course. I kept the pics in my phone for about 15 days prior to tweeting them. I never had a plot to “expose” McDonald’s, it just happened. I was actually at work when I tweeted the pics. I didn’t think they would get any attention because I feel like no one cares about anything I tweet… I was wrong. The first day of it being up it had like 80 retweets and that’s when I thought the post peaked. I was completely wrong. The next day it blew up and I couldn’t even use my phone. Meme accounts and celebrities noticed my tweet. Jay Versace quoted it and I was like WOW I CAN’T BELIEVE ITS GETTING THIS BIG! Not that he’s really a celebrity but a couple of famous viners saw it and one of the vine stars got into a fight on the thread of the tweet. I honestly didn’t think anyone would give a damn at first because I feel like everything I do goes unnoticed. I posted the tweet because I wanted to get fired because I was fed up with McDonald’s and I knew I wouldn’t quit or look for another job because I had McDonald’s, but I knew if I was fired that I wouldn’t have a choice to find a better job. It was 4 days after the tweet going viral that my manager called me into the office and I already knew what was about to happen. She asked me about it and to sum it up, I showed her the first picture but not the actual tweet because I knew she would flip out if she saw the number of people that saw it and retweeted it. The tweet only had about 5k retweets at the time and was still blowing up. Before I knew it the pics from my tweet were all over Facebook, Instagram, and twitter. So I got fired and then the owner of that McDonald’s called me to ask me to delete the tweet and I told him no. He set up a meeting with me and with some woman from corporate. I agreed to the meeting just to hear what she would tell me. So I get there and she gets out of her car and so does another woman that I wasn’t informed about was coming. Automatically I have an attitude because I feel like this is an ambush at this point and not a meeting. Turns out I was right. The women were begging me to delete the tweet and the entire thread because the whole thing went viral. They had screenshots of my tweets and everything as if I cared. I told them I wasn’t deleting anything. I don’t owe these people anything. They fired me, what else do they want from me? Once I told them I wasn’t deleting it and that Teen Vogue wrote an article about me and the tweet and that almost 6 million people have seen it, they got hostile. They starting talking to me like a dog and they tried to double team me and argue me down. Well it didn’t work and they said, “I think we should leave because I don’t think we’re getting anywhere with you” and I told them, “yeah I think y'all should leave because I’m not deleting the tweet.” After all the bs I went through with corporate and the owner of that location, I STILL DIDN’T DELETE THE TWEET! People on twitter and around me in my life told me that I should lawyer up because it could get very messy. I was nervous at first because I thought I could get in legal trouble with McDonald’s. At the same time I honestly didn’t care and I’m glad I kept that attitude because at the end of the day I didn’t get in any trouble whatsoever. I applied to jobs in my town but knew that was a long shot because buzzfeed put my face on the cover of the article that we did together and I was on the homepage of buzzfeed. I did lots of phone interviews with journalists, radio show hosts, and even FaceTime interviews for tv shows. People were telling me I was dumb for doing interviews for free but the internet is the internet and either writers and publishers can make what they want of the tweet or I could give them the real story behind it. I did articles with buzzfeed, the daily mail, huffington post, and insider. There’s hundreds of more articles that were written that I personal wasn’t apart of but it was still cool to see. People were sending me links for big media outlets in foreign countries of articles that I couldn’t even read because they weren’t in English. I did interviews with people from China, Brazil, Australia. I was getting DM’s and phone calls out the ass. It was cool. There’s even YouTube videos that people made about that tweet and the executive producer from The Doctor Oz show called me and said they possibly wanted to fly me out to New York to be on the show. Ummm…. he’ll yeah I’d fly out with all expenses paid. I don’t think that’ll happen at his point but the fact that I was even contacted because they were interested was pretty awesome. People still talk about the machine til this day and people still recognize me from the buzzfeed article. At this point the tweet has been viewed almost 9 million times has it still gets likes and retweets to this day. I regret nothing and I’m happy I did what I did because people should know about what is really going on at the places they buy food from. Now that working at McDonald’s is in the past, I now work two jobs that both know about the McDonald’s tweet and don’t care. Having two jobs is hard but I’m taking it one day at a time.

Little disclaimer, I fucking love Petra okay? I`m not against shipping her with Levi or trying to hate on her character, this is all an excuse for me to write Levi being hopelessly in love and jealous!Petra is one of my guilty pleasures. Petra is a sweet angel and doesn`t deserve the suffering I put her though, that is all u-u 

AO3 Version


When Eren had been thrust into their squad, she’d thought nothing of him. Yes, he was handsome and new, but it wasn’t something she, as devoted to Levi as she was, took notice of.

She should have noticed the lingering looks Levi kept sending him, the shy glances he got in return.

She should have noticed the way the Corporal helped him off his horse when they’d arrived at that castle, despite him being entirely able.

Should have noticed the charged air between them, when they’d disappeared without a trace for an entire night to tend to the horses that had already been tended to that morning.

Maybe she could have prepared, but she was too sure, too blinded.

And because of that, too late.


Petra seethed silently as Eren scooted closer to Corporal Levi, he may as well have been in his lap! And the dark haired man wasn’t even protesting, she was beginning to think he’d actually let the young brunette do it! Levi was telling an intricate story of he and Hanji getting into something or other and normally she’d be enthralled by it, but ever since Eren found his way into their squad, he threw it all to hell. Now instead of Levi glancing at her when a particularly funny part was told, his eyes were only for Eren.

Eren who laughed genuinely at nearly every joke, and who got away with calling out the bad ones.

Eren who had Levi’s apt attention, had the man leaning over towards him to whisper little details of the tale no one else was allowed to hear, had him giving a twitch of his lips every time he got another pretty laugh from the teen.

Levi was absolutely enraptured, it was easy to tell.

And Petra was absolutely livid.

E ♡ L

She knew it was wrong, to dislike Eren for something he’d had no control over, how was he to know that Levi would find him so much more charming than she, would want him so quickly. She certainly hadn’t.

Nevertheless, she did dislike him for it, and it showed. She knew he felt the shift in her treatment of him, how she would ignore him entirely if it was just the two of them, and throw undeserved remarks poorly disguised as jokes when in front of others.

She knew that eventually he’d tell his beloved superior about it, but she didn’t expect to be called to the man’s office only minutes later. That wiped the meanspirited smirk right off her face.

He’d stared her down like she’d was a titan he was ready to strike to the ground. And Eren , sweet, innocent Eren, stood guiltily at his side, he looked so pretty in the warm backlight of dusk. She hated it.

Had he come here, tears in his big doe eyes, and poured his hurt heart out to his Corporal? Had Levi taken him into his arms and soothed his sniffles and vowed to take care of it? Kissing, petting, snuggling, doing everything in his power to appease his boy?

“Petra, Eren tells me he’s being treated like a steaming pile of shit, why is that?” Levi asked her darkly.

“Are you sure he isn’t overreacting, sir? He can be a bit of a crybaby.” She answered cheekily, a confused smile on her face. Levi’s face only darkened further.

“This is exactly what I mean, how was that necessary?” He asks her lowly.

She spares a glance at Eren, who is wringing the hem of his shirt in nervousness.

“It- I- It’s not, sir…” What else could she say? All Eren had done was win the Corporal’s affection, all he had done was unknowingly steal away what she’d been after for years, all he had done was-

“As I thought. Shape up, your attitude is annoying and unprofessional, I expect more from you.” Levi scolded, it cut extremely deep.

Eren spoke up then, voice timid and forgiving. “P-Petra, I don’t know what I did, but I’m sorry if I -”

“Don’t apologize, she’s the one with a stick up her ass.” Levi cut in gruffly, it wasn’t unkind, just blunt. Just true.

“You’re dismissed, Ral.”

Ral. Not Petra, not a friend, Ral.

Eren was giving her an apologetic look, as though he had never meant to throw a wrench in what Petra had thought was her intimate relationship with Levi. He should be sorry, everything was his fault wasn’t it? If he had never-


“Yes, sir.” She replied stiffly, and marched out if the office. She lingered outside of the door she’d closed behind her.

“I didn’t mean to start a fight between you two.” Eren’s muffled voice all but whimpered.

“Don’t you start, this isn’t your fault.”

Silence, she should go, but she stayed there, rooted in her place, listening.

“Oi, stop looking sorry for yourself and come here.” Levi ordered.

She should go.

“C-Corporal, it’s broad daylight!” Eren hissed after a distinct ruffle of clothing and the light squeak of a chair.

She should go.

“Mmn.” Levi mumbled noncommittally, followed a series of soft smacks, and Eren’s sweet sighs and reluctant moans.

“Corporal…!” He whines.

She leaves.


She sees them snuggling and whispering to each other like childhood sweethearts, where they think no one can see them, no one can, except for her, she makes herself see it.

The way Eren childishly turns his head away when the older man whispers a particularly sweet nothing in his ear, one that has Levi smirking and Eren turning bright red.

The way Levi’s acting like a young boy with that wide grin on his face while he tries to catch Eren’s eyes to see the embarrassment he’s trying to hide from him.

She imagines herself in Eren’s place, where she should be. It should be Eren watching her and Levi longingly, wishing for him, not her. She was here first, she had thought Levi treated her as a favorite, as a potential lover, but that-

It was nothing compared to what he was giving Eren, it was like getting a lovely doll for a holiday, only to have your sibling get a far nicer one with a dollhouse and matching dress. It made her want to gag.

She’d always manage to pull herself away when things started to get intimate between the two of them, there was only so much she could take, seeing them so connected, so utterly in love…

It would break her.


Petra had thought, surely she wasn’t the only one unhappy with their Corporal’s budding relationship? Surely her comrades were disgusted, Eren was another man after all, surely they’d agree the Corporal needed a woman, one who could offer him a family, much less a compatible body.

“They’re cute, aren’t they?” Gunter commented offhandedly, eyes on the happy couple, as most were, so in awe of the ever-aloof raven bending over backwards for his new sweetheart.

The two were engaged in a lazy game of “footsie” under the table, Eren’s thanks being given when Levi would sneak more extra meat onto Eren’s plate from his own. Along with the boy scolding him for not eating enough of his dinner.

“Y-you think so?” Petra asked in thinly veiled shocked.

“I’d say more adorable, but that’s just me.” Eld gushed. “The Corporal falling in love! It’s like a fairytale isn’t it? Can’t say I blame him though.” His brown eyes shifted to Eren in appreciation.

“Hmph, he’s got a cute face, be a better catch if he wasn’t such a brat though.” Oluo agreed reluctantly.

Petra was flabbergasted by everyone’s happiness over their coupling, did no one think that she was a better option?

“I’m so happy he’s happy.” Hanji sighed dreamily.

“Indeed, it’s refreshing. Though, I’m a little jealous, I must say.” Erwin adds with a chuckle.

He was happy, just with the wrong person.


She had to take action, she wouldn’t lose years of yearning only to have them swept away by a green-eyed boy who had no right! She wrote shakily, yet elegantly on her best parchment, saved for letters to her family, she used extremely expensive red ink as she wrote out an enticing, provocative letter to her superior.

She wrote of how much her body yearned for him, how he held her heart in his hand, how she forgave him for being unknowing of her affection and that she was all too ready to show him how far it extended.

She wrote of a time and place, tonight, it said, by the forest, it begged, meet me there at midnight.

She would come to him like an alluring dryad, beckon him close with a whispered confession, he would be caught up in her beauty, he’d reach out for her, kiss her, hold her, he would be mad for her.

He would realize the error of his ways, see that Eren had only distracted him with his exotic looks, that he wasn’t really in love with the youth.

She’d forgive Eren, too, the poor boy had only been dragged into their romance by chance and she’d accept him and his broken heart because she was good. She’d hold him when he cried for Levi to come back to him, and let him know that he would find love with someone else.

Yes, it would be so perfect! Petra squealed girlishly as she reread her risque letter, and thought of her fairytale ending.

She daintily spritzed the letter with her best perfume, it smelled if roses and citrus, and sealed it in a decorated envelope with a rose shaped seal.

She gave it a kiss for good luck and snuck off to slip it underneath the Corporal’s door, scurrying off before anyone could see her.

Then skipped her way back to her own quarters to get ready, she had to look absolutely ethereal!


She’d waited outside in the cold of midnight for him to show, she knew it had been nearly three hours since then from the moon’s place in the sky. That silly, sweet old man. He was just as shy as she’d expected from her suggestive words. She’d have to collect him herself.

A little less romantic than she imagined, but she was sure it would be something they would laugh at when they looked back. Just like his and Eren’s relationship.

She made her way to his sleeping quarters fondly.

She stopped suddenly in the hall as she went to knock on his door. Her heart dropped into her stomach and she stopped breathing altogether.

“Ah! Levi! Oh, oh Maria, a-ah!” A voice that was barely recognizable as Eren’s moaned.

Muffled but obvious slaps of skin against skin, the constant banging of a headboard against the wall, the squeaking of a bed frame.

“Eren, ah shit, Eren! Hah…!” Levi growled back.

Petra wanted to die.

“Hhmm, Levi! Feels so good!” The boy gasped, Petra tried and failed to keep from imagining him bouncing up and down on the mattress, hair splayed out around his head like a halo.

“Oh, baby, mhn, you’re so- Fuck!” Levi hissed, she could practically see his head thrown back in ecstasy.

She should walk away, she’d lost! Why couldn’t she just accept it and-

“Levi! I’m so close, a-ah, don’t stop!”

“Eren, Eren, oh hell…!”

She had to see it with her own eyes, she couldn’t accept it otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to snap out of her fantasy if she didn’t.

She found the door was unlocked, a blunder made in their passion most likely, and slowly, quietly peeked in, only enough to see.

See Levi hunched over Eren as the boy was jerked up and down across the bed, the raven plowing relentlessly as they both moaned and grunted at the feeling, the clash of dark tan against pale white, Eren absolutely helpless to do much more than hang on to his older lover’s shoulders and beg for release.

She could feel the tears running down her face at the way they never stopped looking into one another’s eyes.

“I’m- I’m going to-” Eren was trying so hard to speak, so lost in pleasure,

“Let go, cum for me!” Levi ordered,

Eren obeyed, with roll of his head and a long, sultry moan.

Sending Eren over must have triggered Levi as well, as his thrusts lost all rhythm and he instead shoved and pulled his hips in reckless abandon, riding out what could only be his own orgasm.

All at once, they collapsed against each other, breathing heavily as sweat glistened on their bodies. Eren absentmindedly stroked Levi’s hair as the man laid his head on the boy’s chest.

“I love you, so much, Levi.” The brunette cooed.

“I love you, I`m never going to let anyone take you away from me, Eren.” Levi panted back.

Petra stood their, frozen in her pretty dress and ruined make up, she didn’t know how long she stayed there, tears running down her face, a hand clutching the doorknob until her knuckles went white.

She didn’t move until a snore reached her ears and snapped her out of it. She shakily opened the door further, just enough to see her meticulously prepared letter laying forgotten right where she’d left it in front of the door. As Eren shifted slightly in his sleep, she quickly snatched it up and shut the door silently.

Her breath was heavy as she tore her way back to her room. The moment she entered, she viciously ripped her letter apart, near screaming with every new tear.

She ripped off her dress, and ran a rough hand across her face to get rid of the make up she had ruined already. She threw herself into her pillows, she was such a fool! How could she have blinded herself so much? To try and disregard the undying love in Levi’s eyes when he looked at Eren? How childish was she to turn on the poor boy who had done nothing wrong? To try and sabotage the happiness they shared?

She couldn’t believe herself.

Petra felt her heart breaking, felt her resolve finally crumble.

She was such a fool indeed.


Breakfast was a bustling affair as always, and Petra was glad to blend into the background. Once again, the starry eyed couple was huddled together at their own little corner of the table, talking about who knew what.

Petra sat in near Eren, offering a chipper good morning to her comrades and digging into her meal, which apparently Eren had cooked up today.

“This is great, Eren!” She praised, as she didn’t know bread could be crisp and soft at the same time!

It was the first thing she’d said to him in weeks.

Eren was stunned for a few seconds, before a bright smile broke out on his face. “Thanks Petra!”

“Hey Petra, you okay? You look like shit.” Levi stated.

She really did, with her puffy red eyes and blotchy face.

She smiled sadly at their interlocked hands upon the tabletop.

“I’m just fine.”

And she was.

I don't wanna be that guy but...

So I started working in a Halloween store. Nothing crazy, just a way to make extra cash because the hours were cool and they paid more. Well, I guess I did such a fine job that in a matter of three days, because I was promoted to manager. (In actuality they needed a manager at a different store because the last one just walked out mid shift.) I love it. It’s long hours, like 10-12 hour shifts a day, and it’s busy as hell, so I’m constantly running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Well, yesterday being a Saturday so close to Halloween, we were PACKED, and the store looked like shit. It was absolutely trashed. I’m talking like, I made direct eye contact with at least 5 different people who ripped shit out of their bags, looked at them, and then stuffed them back on shelves or just left them on the floor. So naturally, with me getting off before close, I wanted to get as much done before I left so that the closers weren’t left with too much to do.

Mind you, there were 5 kids on the sales floor. I left one to do stuff in the fitting room, one to do the left side, one to do the right side, and one to do the middle, and the last girl, we’ll call A, was going to do general cosmetic recovery. Her job was to walk around the store and pick up trash here and there, straighten, and sweep if needed. Nothing too crazy considering the other 4 kids would do the meat. But here’s where I get frustrated. I gave A instructions 12 times. That’s not an exaggerated number. I spoke to her 12 times. I counted and everything. The first few times I directed her to the back and told her that she needed to do maintenance. No big deal, except every time I told her she’d walk to the back of the store, attempt it for maybe 2 minutes, and then some how gravitate towards the front again to talk to the girls on register. So I decided to be a bit more specific because maybe she didn’t understand. So I gave her very specific instructions of what I wanted cleaned. This happened 9 more fucking times. She’d walk to the back while I was watching, attempt it for 2 minutes because she didn’t think I was watching anymore, and then would walk up front to talk to the kids on register. It’s was frustrating cuz one, I know I’m new but please take me seriously. I’m your boss. And not to mention a woman from corporate was there helping me with training. And two, I don’t want to be THAT manager. It was one of the most annoying things that happened to me with my managers was they were quick to nag and nitpick and be a general asshole, but I didn’t think I was asking too much. She ended up having a talking to by the lady from corporate and I felt so bad because she’s probably not a bad kid at all, but she was making the shifts a lot more difficult for everyone. We needed major cleaning done, and the girls on register had lines almost out the door. The chit chat was just slowing them down. Ugh. Pray for me y'all.

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Some things that occurred tonight: a lady got pissed at my coordinator because our ‘prices are going up’, as if we have any power over this nationwide corporation; and earlier, a woman called us crying and screaming because a man who robbed us jumped in her car, tried to get her to drive off, and physically attacked her. the front end was trying to decide whether to call 911. idk, sounds police-worthy to me!!!!

Leonie Kramer (1924-2016) was an Australian academic, the first female chancellor of the University of Sydney. She was also the first female professor of English in the entire country.

In 1982, she became chair of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the first woman to hold the position. She received the Britannica Award in 1986 for the “dissemination of learning for the benefit of mankind”.

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okay, since everyone keeps bringing her up: what is your actual opinion on Vivian James herself?

It was so sad really. She was created to be this idea of what a bunch of sad dudes thought an “actual” gamer girl should look like and then they were calling her their daughter and then, of course, they started drawing porn of her showing that they can’t even not sexualise a fictional girl that they invented in order to show how NOT sexist they were because “we are donate to woman corporation and use woman as mascot and also FAP FAP FAP”.

Viv wasn’t in my original banner, I added her there in “Vivian James week” which was the week where Tumblr in action (subreddit dedicated at a time almost exclusively to hating me, misandry mermaid and ask an mra anything) decided they would take a weeks break from talking about me to pick on some smaller bloggers. So in that week I asked people to draw feminist Vivian James, and people did, and the bois got their jimmies rustled and the week was a fun.

I conducted the accreditation tour of my department with a high fever in a room with no temperature control. I sweated through my clothes while a woman from Corporate judged my every move. I did this on the day that was meant to be my day off. I did this while mentally composing a letter to HR. I did this under the stress of a straight week of work. 

If anyone. Any damned person. Tells me. That I do not work hard enough. They are a damned fool. 

Nothing like being told 10 minutes into a meeting your job is being outsourced to external consultants.

And then having to sit through said meeting.

I would be at peace if I was being pushed aside because my work is bad. But I am being pushed away because I am a woman, I have opinions and I won’t be a puppet. I won’t say “yes, sir” to everything. And when people are too weak to be challenged they cut you out.

I wish they would just fire me and get it over it.

Back in job hunting mode.

I love Aerie’s policy of not using Photoshop on their models and only advertising with Real Women. What’s unintentionally brilliant, though, is sending out pamphlets to a trans gal like me and addressing me as a Real Woman as well. Yay corporate allies!

Why I’m Really Into Jeri Hogarth from Netflix’s Jessica Jones

(x) I’m more than halfway through Jessica Jones, and I’m loving every minute of the shows’ feminist themes. But I’m especially in love with the lawyer character, Jeri Hogarth, and need to rave about her for a minute! The show has taken every stereotype about being a “woman in power” and flipped it completely, in a way I’ve never seen before on television. It’s amazing, and I think it deserves recognition. Spoilers ahead: 

Hogarth is not a woman who schemed and connived her way to the top of the corporate world – a favourite stereotype used by the media to portray women in power. She’s not sly and flirtatious, nor does she use her sex appeal or sexuality to sway situations or win cases. She holds the job she has because she’s good at being an attorney. Scarily good, and she knows it. Just look at this power strut before entering the courthouse!:

But in being a top-notch attorney, Hogarth doesn’t hide the fact that she’s a woman, or that she likes feminine things. She doesn’t dress in masculine suits, but prefers dresses, jewelry, and heels. More importantly, she doesn’t hide her sexuality or femininity from the workplace in order to be “one of the guys” – another common trope used by television when a woman is part of an all-male business group. Not only is Hogarth not smoking cigars and drinking whiskey with her male colleagues… she’s also not playing the Madonna, the Seductress, or the Damsel in Distress. She’s her own person, not defined by the men relative to her. Who, interestingly, are never seen or heard in the show, ever! They’re only defined by what Hogarth says about them!

Better still, Hogarth combines her work and home life as she pleases: sometimes home invades her work life, or work invades her personal life, and while not always ideal, she deals with both as best she can. This is something that’s so rare to see in the media, which always stresses that women need to separate their lives into multiple ‘worlds’ in order to rise in power in the corporate sphere. But to Hogarth, this is her life, not one closed off box. 

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A Patient has been Sheisted by the Pharmacy Since 2014.

Fellow pharm friends. Especially those in some sort of supervisor/department head position (pharmacy manager, lead technician, etc.). Have you ever thought you’ve seen just about every scenario of someone billing something improperly that has costed a patient (or the business) in some way/shape/form that you think, “Nothing else could be worse?”

But then… it does?

I understand that some employees don’t really think about the cost of medications or the cost on the pharmacy when a billing error is made. And it’s understandable in some cases because it may not necessarily be your job to really think about it. But when someone catches a billing error that, of course, then has to be resolved, it can be a major loss to the pharmacy. More importantly, that error is a major loss to the patient.

I have been at this new pharmacy as a supervisor for less than 5 months. A customer, that I have never interacted with, comes through the drive thru to pick up some prescriptions. Before I go to get the prescriptions, I let her know that one of the medications has gone up tremendously due to the elimination of our low-cost generic list (and drug manufacturers, but I wasn’t going to get into that). The patient, understandably, wasn’t cool with it and said she was going to switch pharmacies after this fill. I said “I can always just bill it to your insurance, and I can get you the price.” Little did I know that this suggestion was going to open up the largest can of worms.

“Haven’t you guys always been billing my insurance? It’s Medicare-D.”

I said I had to look at her history, so I looked at the last two months of transactions. Nope, we haven’t. “Do you have your insurance card on you so I can take a look at it?”

She hands me the card. I look at her file. Yup, we have it. It’s been in here for years (her card is one of the very few where the billing numbers haven’t changed by a digit), but we’ve just decided to bill a discount card for the hell of it. I went back 3 months and looked at all the transaction notes just to see if there was a reason as to why we were doing that. No explanation.

“Ma’am, looks like we do have it. For some reason we’ve just been billing a discount card.”

“YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT YOU HAVEN’T BEEN BILLING MY INSURANCE AT ALL?!” “No, ma’am.” Now, I have a pissed off customer on my hands. I fixed the prescriptions that she had ready and the bill dropped by $35-40. She was very appreciative of my efforts (thankfully) and asked “Why did it take you to realize that something was wrong this entire time?” I didn’t want to answer the question bluntly so I just said I wasn’t sure, but I told her I would take the time today to re-bill all her claims and call her with the refund. She left frustrated, yet happy, and was expecting my phone call.

So I got to work on my “project”, thinking it was just the last 3 months that we didn’t use this card.

Nope. All of 2016. Okay, I can manage that.

And 2015. I’m breaking out in hives.

And 2014. Are you fucking kidding me. Where are ya, Ashton?!

The insurance would only let me re-bill the claims back to March 2016, and that by itself was $345 we owed this woman. I felt that at this point honesty was way more important than keeping our sales numbers up, so I manually did the math on all of her other claims. The amount was so huge I had to give an explanation to my store manager and coordinator, get their approval, then get permission from corporate to give this woman her money (which they did).

In total, the pharmacy has sheisted this woman a little over $1,200. And we had to give it back to her in cash. Happiest woman I’d ever seen. And she even gave me a card to show her gratitude (even though I wasn’t expecting anything out of her. I was expecting her to transfer out). Rightfully so, we had to take a major loss on sales. And the company inadvertently gave this woman free money (dollars off the gallon with the excessive amount of fuel points she shouldn’t have received. So, Anti-Kickback Statute also breached. Let me digress). My pharmacy manager was off work until the day she came in for her refund, so they now hate me (more than they did initially) for making our numbers look bad, but I don’t care. Having an honest relationship with patients is more important than the money.

So, take this as a lesson, folks. If you see that your pharmacy has been billing some generic-ass coupon instead of their insurance, speak up about it. Ask the patient if they have a primary insurance. If they do, fix it, get rid of the stupid discount card, and rectify any previous errors. Your boss could possibly despise you for it, and if they do, they shouldn’t have that position.

“How do you keep your customers?” “Honesty.”

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What from this season would you recommend most?

Hmmmmmmmm it’s a hard one! I’d like to recommend two, if that’s okay! They’re completely different and both worth watching. 

1) Net-juu no Susume - The story of a 30-year-old elite corporate woman who quits her job to become a NEET. She plays computer games all day and ends up making some close online friends! But it turns out that those online friends are much closer to her in real life than she realizes. And an unlikely romance arises…… (¬‿¬)

I love Net-juu because it has a very interesting mix of online games and real life. The in-game parts are also animated, making them feel like scenes from a SAO-type fantasy game! Most of us understand Moriko’s feelings because, to some extent, a lot of us are shut-ins. And the anticipation of Moriko finally meeting people from her game is very exciting! It keeps me coming back to each episode, and I always have to watch each episode as soon as it comes out. 

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2) Kino no Tabi - A traveler named Kino journeys from country to country with a trusty talking motorcycle named Hermes. They stay in each country for a short span, learning its culture and sense of morality (among other things) and then move on to another place.

The premise sounds pretty monotonous, and I wasn’t even planning to check this anime out, but I’ve been really impressed with most of the episodes so far. Each country is so different, and each has some kind of quirk that sets it apart. Usually it’s some kind of custom that just seems a little morally off–for example, the first country “allows murder” (that’s not a spoiler, it’s mentioned in the first few minutes)–and while those customs may seem totally backwards to outsiders, they make each country unique and memorable. It’s intriguing and eye-opening to see how each country justifies those odd customs, and I have looked forward to every episode.

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Aside from those two, I’m really enjoying The iDOLM@STER SideM, Juuni Taisen, Mahoutsukai no Yome, Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara, and Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara (short). Most of those appeal to smaller niche audiences though, whereas I think Net-juu no Susume and Kino no Tabi can appeal to larger audiences!

Thank you for the ask!! I’m so happy you asked for my opinion! :D


Advantageous came out in 2015, by Jacqueline Kim and Jennifer Phang. 

Rare woman of color directed scifi streaming on Netflix currently.

IMDB description:

In a near-future city where soaring opulence overshadows economic hardship, Gwen and her daughter Jules do all they can to hold on to their joy together, despite the instability surfacing in their world.

Highly recommend for anyone who liked Sleep Dealer, GITS, + other jawns dealing deep with corporate global economy dystopia. It centers a single mother with her pre-teen daughter, looking for a job. 

I don't have any control over ordering

So I work at corridor stain silver diadem, this women comes over to me while I am receiving and tagging new merchandise. Already she sounds like a real awesome person. She’s asking about sweet 16 cards for boys, I find like 5 of them and all of them are not whatever kind of perfect sentiment she has in her head. So she starts speaking down to me not quite yelling yet about how I need to order more boy cards. Now I have zero control of our ordering my manager doesn’t even have control over it. Corporate sends us what they want and we get what we get. So I’m trying to calm her down but she’s not having it. She picks out balloons and apparently we don’t have the right kind of blue ribbon for her 16 year old son. So she demands to see my manager. So she’s being awful to my manager about how her sons birthday is ruined and boys always get the short stick for sentimental things finally leaves. We get a call from the corporate office saying this woman is calling all sorts of people over a damn card.
For real lady, I doubt your son really cares about balloon ribbons or cards.

at today’s family lunch my male cousin tried to say that safe spaces were radical socialism, that Affirmative Action is discriminatory against men, that having children is a biological imperative and therefore women staying home is a choice, that women are naturally inclined to the arts and therefore encouraging them in STEM subjects is fruitless, and that Milo Yiannopolous was unfairly treated.

And my mother, who was a migrant child, a 70s feminist, an 80s corporate power woman, and who for the last twenty years has been the single mother of a queer daughter, fucking OBLITERATED him.

She debated him for a half hour, then straight up called him a misogynist and he swore and left the luncheon, taking his kids with him. I have never been so proud or so grateful for her.

@taylorswift important updates on my life:
1. I got a job about 2 years ago.
2. I dropped out of college to work full time
3. Now I’m the assistant manager of my store with dreams of moving up the company ladder and becoming a corporate business woman
4. I know more about dog and cat nutrition than I ever thought I would
5. My company (Hollywood Feed) started in Memphis so there’s a possibility that I’ll be a Tennessee girl before too much longer!!!
6. I got on antidepressants and started therapy to deal with my trauma
7. I’m overall in a really healthy place and I’m losing weight and feeling really good about myself
8. I still LOVE YOU SO MUCH!
9. I moved out and got my own apartment
10. I’m thriving as an adult. I’m not scared of living anymore
11. Hailey @altoowhale and I are still best friends. Always will be. But we still haven’t met