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Things to think about: Dad Owen

— Will spoil his children

— Treat his daughters like princesses

— But teaches them how to be badasses (like Claire! Or Wonder Woman…!)

— Teaches his son(s) to respect women/all people because…they’re ppl

— Loves cooking for/with his fam????  

— Doesn’t want much for father’s day accept to spend time w/ his fam

— Always gives his uncle gifts on father’s day bc he became a central father figure in his life 

— If u don’t think Owen would be a great dad you can fight me
The right man who is older than me is my corporate partner. I'm a sociable pe...
The right man who is older than me is my corporate partner. I'm a sociable person. We've been working together since 2001, and we have been quite happy ... - Jennifer William - Google+

So I was crossing the street with my friend when someone tugs gently at my bag and squeals, “OMG WHERE DID YOU GET THAT VIKTOR AND YURI PIN?!”, so I turn around to see a woman (about late 20s or earlly 30s) in corporate attire fangirling about the Yuri!!! on Ice pins in my bag while her companion is like, “Do you want to get hit by a car? Do you even know them?” but she’s unfazed and still fangirling. When we reach the side of the street, we chat a bit on how to get some fandom merch before parting ways. This is the story of how I see myself in the future, a woman in corporate attire fangirling about her yaoi ship. Fujoshi for life.

Why I’m Really Into Jeri Hogarth from Netflix’s Jessica Jones

(x) I’m more than halfway through Jessica Jones, and I’m loving every minute of the shows’ feminist themes. But I’m especially in love with the lawyer character, Jeri Hogarth, and need to rave about her for a minute! The show has taken every stereotype about being a “woman in power” and flipped it completely, in a way I’ve never seen before on television. It’s amazing, and I think it deserves recognition. Spoilers ahead: 

Hogarth is not a woman who schemed and connived her way to the top of the corporate world – a favourite stereotype used by the media to portray women in power. She’s not sly and flirtatious, nor does she use her sex appeal or sexuality to sway situations or win cases. She holds the job she has because she’s good at being an attorney. Scarily good, and she knows it. Just look at this power strut before entering the courthouse!:

But in being a top-notch attorney, Hogarth doesn’t hide the fact that she’s a woman, or that she likes feminine things. She doesn’t dress in masculine suits, but prefers dresses, jewelry, and heels. More importantly, she doesn’t hide her sexuality or femininity from the workplace in order to be “one of the guys” – another common trope used by television when a woman is part of an all-male business group. Not only is Hogarth not smoking cigars and drinking whiskey with her male colleagues… she’s also not playing the Madonna, the Seductress, or the Damsel in Distress. She’s her own person, not defined by the men relative to her. Who, interestingly, are never seen or heard in the show, ever! They’re only defined by what Hogarth says about them!

Better still, Hogarth combines her work and home life as she pleases: sometimes home invades her work life, or work invades her personal life, and while not always ideal, she deals with both as best she can. This is something that’s so rare to see in the media, which always stresses that women need to separate their lives into multiple ‘worlds’ in order to rise in power in the corporate sphere. But to Hogarth, this is her life, not one closed off box. 

[Continued after the cut]

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I don't have any control over ordering

So I work at corridor stain silver diadem, this women comes over to me while I am receiving and tagging new merchandise. Already she sounds like a real awesome person. She’s asking about sweet 16 cards for boys, I find like 5 of them and all of them are not whatever kind of perfect sentiment she has in her head. So she starts speaking down to me not quite yelling yet about how I need to order more boy cards. Now I have zero control of our ordering my manager doesn’t even have control over it. Corporate sends us what they want and we get what we get. So I’m trying to calm her down but she’s not having it. She picks out balloons and apparently we don’t have the right kind of blue ribbon for her 16 year old son. So she demands to see my manager. So she’s being awful to my manager about how her sons birthday is ruined and boys always get the short stick for sentimental things finally leaves. We get a call from the corporate office saying this woman is calling all sorts of people over a damn card.
For real lady, I doubt your son really cares about balloon ribbons or cards.

A Patient has been Sheisted by the Pharmacy Since 2014.

Fellow pharm friends. Especially those in some sort of supervisor/department head position (pharmacy manager, lead technician, etc.). Have you ever thought you’ve seen just about every scenario of someone billing something improperly that has costed a patient (or the business) in some way/shape/form that you think, “Nothing else could be worse?”

But then… it does?

I understand that some employees don’t really think about the cost of medications or the cost on the pharmacy when a billing error is made. And it’s understandable in some cases because it may not necessarily be your job to really think about it. But when someone catches a billing error that, of course, then has to be resolved, it can be a major loss to the pharmacy. More importantly, that error is a major loss to the patient.

I have been at this new pharmacy as a supervisor for less than 5 months. A customer, that I have never interacted with, comes through the drive thru to pick up some prescriptions. Before I go to get the prescriptions, I let her know that one of the medications has gone up tremendously due to the elimination of our low-cost generic list (and drug manufacturers, but I wasn’t going to get into that). The patient, understandably, wasn’t cool with it and said she was going to switch pharmacies after this fill. I said “I can always just bill it to your insurance, and I can get you the price.” Little did I know that this suggestion was going to open up the largest can of worms.

“Haven’t you guys always been billing my insurance? It’s Medicare-D.”

I said I had to look at her history, so I looked at the last two months of transactions. Nope, we haven’t. “Do you have your insurance card on you so I can take a look at it?”

She hands me the card. I look at her file. Yup, we have it. It’s been in here for years (her card is one of the very few where the billing numbers haven’t changed by a digit), but we’ve just decided to bill a discount card for the hell of it. I went back 3 months and looked at all the transaction notes just to see if there was a reason as to why we were doing that. No explanation.

“Ma’am, looks like we do have it. For some reason we’ve just been billing a discount card.”

“YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT YOU HAVEN’T BEEN BILLING MY INSURANCE AT ALL?!” “No, ma’am.” Now, I have a pissed off customer on my hands. I fixed the prescriptions that she had ready and the bill dropped by $35-40. She was very appreciative of my efforts (thankfully) and asked “Why did it take you to realize that something was wrong this entire time?” I didn’t want to answer the question bluntly so I just said I wasn’t sure, but I told her I would take the time today to re-bill all her claims and call her with the refund. She left frustrated, yet happy, and was expecting my phone call.

So I got to work on my “project”, thinking it was just the last 3 months that we didn’t use this card.

Nope. All of 2016. Okay, I can manage that.

And 2015. I’m breaking out in hives.

And 2014. Are you fucking kidding me. Where are ya, Ashton?!

The insurance would only let me re-bill the claims back to March 2016, and that by itself was $345 we owed this woman. I felt that at this point honesty was way more important than keeping our sales numbers up, so I manually did the math on all of her other claims. The amount was so huge I had to give an explanation to my store manager and coordinator, get their approval, then get permission from corporate to give this woman her money (which they did).

In total, the pharmacy has sheisted this woman a little over $1,200. And we had to give it back to her in cash. Happiest woman I’d ever seen. And she even gave me a card to show her gratitude (even though I wasn’t expecting anything out of her. I was expecting her to transfer out). Rightfully so, we had to take a major loss on sales. And the company inadvertently gave this woman free money (dollars off the gallon with the excessive amount of fuel points she shouldn’t have received. So, Anti-Kickback Statute also breached. Let me digress). My pharmacy manager was off work until the day she came in for her refund, so they now hate me (more than they did initially) for making our numbers look bad, but I don’t care. Having an honest relationship with patients is more important than the money.

So, take this as a lesson, folks. If you see that your pharmacy has been billing some generic-ass coupon instead of their insurance, speak up about it. Ask the patient if they have a primary insurance. If they do, fix it, get rid of the stupid discount card, and rectify any previous errors. Your boss could possibly despise you for it, and if they do, they shouldn’t have that position.

“How do you keep your customers?” “Honesty.”

Today a woman from corporate came to our store to check on how SFS is going and so she literally silently followed me around for four hours while I fulfilled online orders.

“That was really awkward to watch, honestly,” said my district manager who coincidentally paid a visit to the store.

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Why is the premise of danger days racist? If u feel like explaining sorry lmao. I'm white so I'm guessing it's probably going over my head I don't think I could puzzle it out for myself

ive written about it before in more detailed ways but essentially the whole idea is super fucking orientalist. it totally fetishises japanese society as an aesthetic, while also characterising japanese people as literally inhuman. the only japanese characters shown are the corporate bli woman (her name escapes me) and the pornodroids, all of whom are shown as not human, not people, but rather: machines. (the pornodroids additionally get the added benefits of being built for human sexual consumption, sex workers and comfort women. which is another bad characterisation of asian (esp japanese) women.) you can read about the model minority myth here to further understand why it’s harmful.

the series very clearly draws upon asian architecture and cities as its inspiration for battery city. for someone living in an asian city at the time, it was pretty harmful to read about how the city which i love is actually a toxic capitalist mess. 

it also draws upon the aesthetic of asiatic religion without really understanding these religious practices/beliefs. 

also? the fandom is kind of a mess? like i see yall reblogging pictures of chinese text and tagging them #bli aes… like… bli is japanese…. can u just not tell the difference or do u rly think all asian text is the same? idk? also lmao if i hadnt brought up ace discourse everyone would have ignored me talking abt racism yet again but wyd

also becky cloonan cant draw black people but thats just fax

In Which Mika is a Lost Boy in a Dress

Mika really hates this weekend. Not only his Mama is gone for a week, his guardians also forced him to wear dresses. Now, he’s lost and he doesn’t know what to do.
Good thing is, he meets Yuu-chan and his parents.
Maybe that’s the best thing of this weekend.


This is AU the same as this fic

Yuu, Mika and Shinoa are 8 years old.
Shinya and Guren are about 24 years old.
There are also some parts Mika is referred as ‘she’, because Shinya was under impression that Mika was a girl.

Also, Fuck the chapter 40 spoilers. Hahaha
*cries in denial*

*writes fic vigorously to escape reality*

The pic I draw of Mika in a dress.

“But Mama, why can’t I go with you?” Mika looked at his mother mournfully.

Krul sighed, “Mika, you have an exam next week and I’ll be in Russia until Thursday.”

Mika pouted. He understood why his Mama had to go, after all Mama was a very important person in the company, but he really wanted to go with his Mama!

“Now sweety,” Krul kissed his forehead. “Be good for your guardians okay? Ferid will pick you up this afternoon and you’ll stay with him for a week.”

Big blue eyes stared at her in horror, “NOT FERID!”

It happened yesterday. No amount of begging could get him out of Ferid’s evil clutches. Mika had to wait for an hour in school until Ferid picked him up in his fancy car and drove them to Crowley’s mansion.

Now, if Ferid by himself was torture enough, it was even worse with Horn and Chess. Together they forced him to wear so many dresses and took his pictures.

“I’m so happy! It feels like I have a Barbie with me!” Horn squealed.

Chess nodded, “I know, look at his skin, so soft and rosy.”

“Aaah,” Ferid moaned dramatically, “Maybe I should have kids.”

“No, you shouldn’t,” said Crowley.

Mika never thought he would ever agree with Crowley but he shuddered just to think about mini-Ferid ganging up on him to wear dresses.

And Mika was not a Barbie!

It wasn’t until Mika literally passed out at midnight when they stopped.

That morning was a mess. They kept fighting about which clothes Mika had to wear. After long hours of clawing each other’s hands, they instead settled to a big white ribbon as a bandana for his hair, frilly white dress and thigh high black boots.

Mika really liked those boots though, maybe he would keep them to wear later.

Now, they were sitting in the Starbucks at the shopping center because Chess and Horn wanted to buy him more dresses and Ferid was looking for new ribbons for his hair.

Surely, how could he survive a week with them if not even two days passed, he was already this tired?

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Did you read the reports on Uber's corporate culture? A woman spoke about her troubles with sexism and harassment and even with piles of proof hr did nothing. I'm thinking Tumblr HQ may be similar..

I think a lot of places are similar.

Collision Course - Part Three

Part One, Part Two

Claire stood looking at the walls of the fort with a heavy heart, hoping and praying she was doing the right thing. Jamie had been incredibly quiet and distant since she had told him the whole truth. It should have been a weight off her shoulders but it also seemed to be a confirmation of her fears Jamie had never felt more like a stranger to her than in the last few hours upon the road to the fort. He and Murtagh had been conferring but in Gáidhlig, probably so they wouldn’t frighten her needlessly until they had a solid plan.

Getting in itself would be as difficult as either finding Frank or getting out again once they had him.

When they came in first sight of the fort but still had a line of trees providing cover, Jamie pulled up and decided they must wait until nightfall before making their move.

“Jamie,” Claire said quietly as he hobbled the horses. “Can’t we talk about this?”

“I’ve a plan but half-formed,” he said, unwilling to look at her. “I’ll tell ye what I’ve decided as soon as it’s formed. Dinna fash, Sassenach; we’ll get yer man out safe and get the two of ye home again. I uh… I’ll go fetch water for the horses. I’ll think clearer on my own.” He strode hastily away leaving Claire alone with a tight-lipped and disapproving Murtagh.

She’d stood about pacing and waiting but Jamie stayed away.

“It’s a risk, I know,” Claire finally said aloud for the sake of breaking the silence. “But what else can I do?”

Murtagh looked up at her for a few moments and she could watch him rolling his response about in his mouth before finally spitting it out.

“The lad will gladly take any risk ye ask of him––whether he ought or naught––simply ‘cause it’s you doin’ the askin’. I just hope ye ken what it costs him.”

Judgment was heavy in his voice but Claire hardly felt undeserving of it and so kept quiet rather than defend herself.

“I have it,” Jamie declared as he reappeared some time later without the water he’d gone to fetch. “It will be a near thing but with a wee bit of luck, it will work.”

Frank felt cold and wet for a few moment before the pain seeped back into his consciousness.

“Welcome back,” Captain Randall sneered. “This would all go much faster if you could remain conscious long enough to answer my questions.”

“Sorry to be such… a bother,” Frank said around the metallic taste of blood in his mouth. He ran his tongue along the inside of his cheek and felt the ragged edges where his teeth had cut into the flesh. The captain must have tried slapping him to rouse him before dousing him with water.

“I can’t decide whether your employer chose you for this mission for your inability to endure the sight of spilled blood––or at the very least, your own,” Captain Randall mused as he used a handkerchief to wipe the blade of his razor and examine it. “Or perhaps you simply know how to induce fainting in yourself and this is your method for coping with the pain. But you know… I will find the point at which the pain becomes too much for you to remain unconscious––it can be a tricky spot to find in one such as yourself, but I’ve found it before.” He grinned and Frank sighed with resignation.

This man would likely wind up killing him and Frank no longer knew if he cared; he couldn’t even take comfort in the knowledge that Claire was safe. If she had only been more careful in her trip to the stones, she never would have ended up in a place like this and he never would have ended up here looking for her. He could feel a small twinge of pride that he hadn’t given the captain anything. He didn’t exactly have anything to give up, of course; or at least, nothing that would have been believed. But he clung to his belief that he was conducting himself honorably and that his supervisors in the intelligence offices would be proud.

Captain Randall retrieved a whetstone and drew the edge of the razor blade along it. Frank refused to look, fought to keep his eyes open and his posture alert.

There was a sharp rap at the door that brought Frank to attention and a look of sharp annoyance to Captain Randall.

The captain gently placed the whetstone on the desk before rising but held the razor tightly in his hand, clearly ready to use it should the knocker fail to have good reason for the disruption.

The same corporal who had escorted Frank to the office earlier quickly saluted.

“Sir, there’s a woman here to see you,” he hastily spat out, his eyes flickering from the razor to an unseen point straight ahead. “It’s the one from the other day––the one came with the MacKenzie chief. I told her you was busy with a prisoner but she insisted you’d want to see her right away.”

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A year ago I didn’t know who Blake was. I knew about Gwen but prob only 1or 2 songs. Never had any interest in celebrities, never been obsessed with anything. Pretty level headed … I thought. Then, while randomly listening to music on YT, I came across the duet. That eye-sex was electric. Here I am, a 40something happily married corporate woman – addicted to their mesmerizing love story. The obsession with their captivating happiness hit harder than a wrecking ball. I need a f*&king intervention

I love hearing how people feel in love with Shefani! They are addictive.

- B

The Inevitable Moment When A Racist Boss Mentions Baltimore Uprising
  • Ask FM Question: "Today my boss said some really racist stuff about the folks in Baltimore. She didn't even realize how incredibly hurtful it was. I didn't say anything because I didn't want to lose my job. I really need it. But now I feel like a coward. Do you think I should say something tomorrow?"
  • My Reply: "I don't want you to lose your job either. Black unemployment is double that of Whites; always. White families have 20X the wealth of Black ones. We experience economic violence and remain in a bind because of situations like yours. You are not a coward. She is. You...are surviving. And I am sorry you have to deal with such violence in the workplace. It makes me sick; (((hugs))). Can you walk away when she starts that? Can you politely change topic back to the work itself? Can you ask if you can be left out of 'political' conversations in accordance with HR policy? Can you wear iPod while you work? Think of strategies to at least make your workspace more peaceful until you can find a better job, if needed. Also, do you have any Black co-workers who understand how you feel who can support you/vent with you during lunch as a break? Also, create a good self-care plan when you are off work. Wishing you the best. Take care. <333"