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“Lena Luthor, this is getting ridiculous!” Kara yelled through the door to her girlfriend’s office at L-Corp HQ. She heard Jess snort behind her. 

Okay, she had to agree. It was rather funny. Lena Luthor, CEO of the multibillion corporation, a woman who terrified seasoned and hardened businessmen… was hiding in her office. “Lena! Unlock the door this instance!”

She heard some shuffling right outside the door and knocked again, more forcefully, but still human-like. “Lena! We’re going to be late!” She stayed quiet for a moment, listening to all the noises from the other side. She heard a click of the lock and then quick shuffling. Smiling and shaking her head, Kara softly opened the door and slipped inside, closing it behind her just as softly.

Her eyes landed on Lena who, with her heals off, sat on the couch, hugging her knees to her chin. Lena looked at her girlfriend with big eyes, shrinking in on herself even more.

With a warm smile, Kara walked over, seating on the couch by Lena’s side, untangling her from her safe embrace, and tugging her in on her lap, giving her a much safer, much warmer embrace, burring her hose in black hair.

They just sat there, because Kara knew that Lena needed time to tell about what was bothering her.

“What if she doesn’t like me?” The CEO whispered, gripping Kara’s shirt tighter.

“Who? Eliza?” The blonde had to chuckle at that. “Lena, this is not true, trust me! She’s going to love you!”

“Are you sure?” Lena mumbled, small and vulnerable and so – so ­– scared.

“Of course, I’m sure.” Kara placed a lingering kiss on Lena’s temple. “Trust me?”


The two left the office hand in hand, with Lena asking Jess to free her weekend and then go home as well. They drove to Kara’s apartment and Lena told her driver to go home to his family as well, because she was staying at Kara’s.

And she was proven once again that she could trust her girlfriend, because when she introduced herself to Eliza, she was met with a warm smile and a warm long hug. And then was led to a table, where Alex and Maggie were waiting for them with smiles.

“Finally! We were starving here!” Maggie berated good-naturally.

She was sat to Eliza’s right, when Maggie was by the woman’s right, with the Danvers sisters opposite of them.

“Now, Lena, tell me,” Eliza turned to Lena, “how my bubbling mess of a daughter managed to land a beautiful girl as yourself?”

Kara groaned and buried her face in her hands. Alex leaned back in her chair, sipping wine while hiding a smug grin behind the glass. The dinner promised to be fun.

Fluff. That’s it.

So I was crossing the street with my friend when someone tugs gently at my bag and squeals, “OMG WHERE DID YOU GET THAT VIKTOR AND YURI PIN?!”, so I turn around to see a woman (about late 20s or earlly 30s) in corporate attire fangirling about the Yuri!!! on Ice pins in my bag while her companion is like, “Do you want to get hit by a car? Do you even know them?” but she’s unfazed and still fangirling. When we reach the side of the street, we chat a bit on how to get some fandom merch before parting ways. This is the story of how I see myself in the future, a woman in corporate attire fangirling about her yaoi ship. Fujoshi for life.


Advantageous came out in 2015, by Jacqueline Kim and Jennifer Phang. 

Rare woman of color directed scifi streaming on Netflix currently.

IMDB description:

In a near-future city where soaring opulence overshadows economic hardship, Gwen and her daughter Jules do all they can to hold on to their joy together, despite the instability surfacing in their world.

Highly recommend for anyone who liked Sleep Dealer, GITS, + other jawns dealing deep with corporate global economy dystopia. It centers a single mother with her pre-teen daughter, looking for a job. 


Between 1927 and 1931, Maoma Ridings worked as a physical therapist in Georgia; one of her patients was Franklin Roosevelt. A decade later, Ridings was serving as a corporal in the Woman’s Army Corps and was stationed at Camp Atterbury, Indiana. On 29 August, 1943, Ridings left her work and made her way to Indianapolis, picked up a bottle of whiskey, and checked in at Claypool Hotel, a hotel she had stayed a number of times with other Woman’s Army Corps. However, this time she was alone and allegedly had a date planned for that night. She was given a key to Room 729. In the late afternoon, bellboy Alfred Bayne Jr delivered a couple of bottles of soda and ice to the room, reporting that Ridings wasn’t alone - there was a mysterious woman dressed in all black sitting on the bed. Bayne thought nothing of it and left. The following morning, cleaning staff entered Room 729 and were horrified to discover the naked body of Ridings on the bed - she had been slashed to death with the whiskey bottle she had purchased the previous day.  It was theorised that the killer slashed Ridings wrists and arms in an attempt to make her murder look like a suicide. However, the autopsy revealed that she had been bludgeoned on the head before being slashed. The killer was never caught and the mysterious woman in black was never identified.

The Inevitable Moment When A Racist Boss Mentions Baltimore Uprising
  • Ask FM Question: "Today my boss said some really racist stuff about the folks in Baltimore. She didn't even realize how incredibly hurtful it was. I didn't say anything because I didn't want to lose my job. I really need it. But now I feel like a coward. Do you think I should say something tomorrow?"
  • My Reply: "I don't want you to lose your job either. Black unemployment is double that of Whites; always. White families have 20X the wealth of Black ones. We experience economic violence and remain in a bind because of situations like yours. You are not a coward. She is. You...are surviving. And I am sorry you have to deal with such violence in the workplace. It makes me sick; (((hugs))). Can you walk away when she starts that? Can you politely change topic back to the work itself? Can you ask if you can be left out of 'political' conversations in accordance with HR policy? Can you wear iPod while you work? Think of strategies to at least make your workspace more peaceful until you can find a better job, if needed. Also, do you have any Black co-workers who understand how you feel who can support you/vent with you during lunch as a break? Also, create a good self-care plan when you are off work. Wishing you the best. Take care. <333"
With Liberty

Summary: Imagine being the public defender assigned to Dean’s case.
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Rating: NC-17
A/N: I took so many liberties with the law here. The two lawyers in my life would wince. I don’t care, everyone can bite me. This was fun.
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Nikki Bella won the coveted Diva of the Year Slammy and received a lot of praise for that, most notably because of how much she had improved immensely over the last year as a performer. I personally was happy she won and felt that she deserved it, and in her speech (albeit short), she dedicated the Slammy to every single person she went up against in the ring, every woman in corporate, the Diva’s honing their craft in NXT, and every single little girl/woman that purchases a ticket and cheers the Diva’s on.

Since Nikki had been announced the winner and had her speech, there’s been a number of people saying that she was “egotistical” in her speech. Did people miss the parts that I just listed? Or are they really trying to tear down her moment by only hearing bits and pieces of the speech that they want to hear just to make a point as to why they hate Nikki Bella? Her speech was far from egotistical, and the fact that she praised all the hard-working Diva’s both in NXT and the main roster proves just that. What’s also been prove in the last year is that Nikki Bella wants the division to be bigger than it is already. She spent the last five months working with Becky, Charlotte, Sasha, Paige… who are all future stars of the company, put them over on more than one occasion (this goes for her sister, Brie, too!), and praised them tonight. Again, how was her speech egotistical?

When accepting the award, Nikki came out wearing a black lace ensemble. Which, to no avail, she was riddiculed for in the process because A) it was “too revealing” or B) she should’ve wore her ring gear instead and that this “proves that she doesn’t care about wrestling” or that what she wears somehow negates her wrestling ability. Since when did a Diva’s attire somehow get thrown into the mix? I mean, did I miss the memo? People have also said that her outfit was as see through as her love for wrestling. For someone who has spent nearly 9 years in the company and working her ass off in order to accomplish all that she has, lost a tooth, traveled the world, missed holidays, weddings, birthdays, the list goes on, I’d say that her love for wrestling is real. And that all came together tonight when she gave her speech. It is blatantly clear that Nikki Bella deserved the award because of all that she’s done for the company and for all the hard work she had put forth in the last year.

nothing please me more that supergirl has cat grant be a great mom. so many shows have the corporate woman be so uncaring towards their kids. like in order to be a successful woman in business you need to disassociate yourself from your family. i am so pleased the show didn’t use that trope