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Upon meeting Hwang Minhyun, the CEO of vampire-run company Empire, you’re intimidated by his cold nature and enormous levels of success. As the only human working at Empire, you’re bound to get yourself in a few sticky situations, but you’d never guessed that you’d be falling for your boss.

  • for anon who requested vampire!minhyun
  • in the same universe as moonstone
  • warnings for drinking blood

“Ah, no, no, no, no,” you groaned, bouncing on the balls of your feet, periodically glancing at your watch as though it would make time slow. “Today’s the worst day for this to happen.”

You were currently on the bus in morning traffic, and your job interview for the biggest shot in your life was in 10 minutes. You were half an hour away.

The bus inched slowly through the thick traffic, drawing closer and closer to your destination. By the time you were able to finally extract yourself from the crowd on the bus, you were ten minutes late to your interview. When you raced onto the elevator of the huge skyscraper that housed Empire and Co, you were fifteen minutes late. By the time you dashed to the receptionist desk, hair messy and breathing hard, you were twenty minutes late to your job interview for salesperson at Empire and Co, one of the largest corporations in the world.

“Name?” The receptionist asked, not even looking up as her perfectly manicured nails tapped away on the keyboard.

“(y/n) (y/l/n),” you said breathlessly, doing your best to smooth down your suit jacket.

The receptionist looked up sharply, nose wrinkled as she made eye contact with you. Her eyes turned a slight tinted red, as she handed you a visitor badge, her cold, elegant fingers brushing against yours.

You did your best to ignore her stare as you made your way to the conference room where the interviews were being held, pushing the door open tentatively.

“Who is it?” A male voice asked sharply, and you stumbled inside, straightening up quickly as you scanned the room. There were five males in total, four of them sitting in folding chairs, and the fifth standing in front of them. His presence was commanding, and you’d recognize those sharp cheekbones and piercing eyes anywhere—Hwang Minhyun.

“I’m (y/n), one of the applicants,” you managed to stammer out, hurrying inside to take the final seat at the back of the conference room.

“You’re late,” Minhyun drawled, eyes pinning you down as though you were a lowly bug.

“It won’t happen again,” you rushed to say, half-bowing from your seat. One of the other applicants turned in his seat and faced you, scoffing. His crimson irises made your blood run cold as you realized just what kind of situation you’d gotten yourself into. Empire was known for being an almost exclusively vampire-run corporation. You were one of the few humans brave enough to even apply for a job there, and it was honestly a miracle that you’d secured an interview at all.

“Now, as I was explaining,” Minhyun began pacing back and forth in front of the room, hands clasped behind his back, “we’re looking to expand our market. We need a salesperson who thinks quickly on their feet, is innovative, and a problem-solver.” You perked up at that—those were definitely words that you’d used on your resume. “This interview will be conducted in two segments. The first half will be the group interview—obviously, I’ll be asking you all questions. Feel free to answer them if you feel comfortable, and if you do not, I won’t pressure you. The second half will be a more hands-on project. I’ll be giving each of you an information packet, and will expect a detailed report on it. You’ll be giving those to me at the end of this interview.”

You nodded to yourself—you could totally do this. All it would take is a little concentration and hard work.

“So, first question,” Minhyun said with an eerily charming smile, eyes darting down to the paper in front of him. “What strengths do you possess that will benefit this company?”

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Corporal Maladict because they’re awesome.

If you haven’t read Monstrous Regiment I fully recommend it. It’s my favourite Non-Watch centric book of the Discworld series.

And I shall be cosplaying Maladict next 😉 (with a pair of bloomers on a flag pole I hope)

It’s the 30-day Fantasy Art Challenge! Each day has a different prompt. I tried to space it out so you’re not drawing similar things back-to-back.

1-Warrior Hero

2-Elemental (fire, earth, air, water, shadow, light, etc)

3-Sneaky Villain

4-Incorporeal Undead (ghosts, spirits, etc)

5-Mage Hero


7-Holy Hero (paladins, clerics, oracles, etc)

8-Colossal Monster

9-Warrior Villain


11-Tradesman Townsfolk (barkeep, blacksmith, etc)

12-Golem/Construct (flesh, stone, metal, etc)



15-Unholy Villain

16-Insect Monster

17-Town Guard

18-Tiny Monster


20-Corporeal Undead (zombies, skeletons, vampires, etc)

21-Woodsman types (rangers with or without animal companions, barbarians, druids, etc)


23-Sneaky Hero

24-Eldritch Horror

25-Mage Villain

26-Aquatic Monster

27-One-armed Hero

28-Mashup Monster (chimera, undead dragon, were-beast giant, etc)


30-Yourself (as a hero/villain/monster)

Draw, paint, sketch, whatever you like. If there’s enough interest, I’ll create a side-blog to reblog anyone participating. Tag posts as #30dFAC so I can see what you’ve come up with! Let’s have some fun!

anonymous asked:

Just wondering. It must be deeply frustrating for you SQ people to see Killian as Emma's other half. So why are you doing all this to yourselves? Why don't you just stick to your fanart and headcanons and fanfictions you're all so proud of, and leave canon to those of us who appreciate it?

Oh, wow. It must be deeply frightening, knowing that your OTP, as canon as it may be–is so bland and unimaginative that even our fanon scares the living daylights out of you? Is it because your most popular (canon-complying or AU) fics are unsurprisingly ‘domestic bliss’ (yeah, but–for whom?) ones, like Emma bearing Killian’s blue-eyed little rugrats? OR because any ‘angst’ may lead to them (due to the very nature of your ‘hero’, in canon) being a mere… fiftyshades ripoff? While on the other hand, what do WE have? Thousands of gems in which Regina goes through those ‘walls’ of Emma’s without having to (or enjoying) to tear them down? Because Emma had built those walls, constructed them slowly and painfully over the years, poured her grief, tears and pain into it until they froze and bothered her no more–it was necessary, an integral part of herself, it held her up, held her together–and who better to understand that than a person with similar experience of rejection and loss, similar pain and grief? You know, unlike that spoiled privileged daddy’s boy who went rogue out of spite, and who sees Emma as nothing more than a reward for becoming ‘good’ again?

So, yeah. It must be deeply frightening knowing that OUR fanfiction, canon-divergent or AU–gives us multitudes of ways, approaches, angles and timelines–from historical (ancient, regent, pirates, wild west…) to crossovers with other verses (tv/film/book) or modern/fantasy AU’s and tropes like cofeeshop, highschool, cybermeeting, noir/detective, corporate, vampire, cyberpunk–and whether it’s hatesex, hurt/comfort, bdsm, angst, alpha/beta/omega, confessions, non-con, pretend-couple…

(feel free to add any I’ve forgotten, I’ve got a mountain of saved fics in personal library that I just couldn’t be arsed to go listing–for this douchebag :)

 …and in which, Regina Mills and Emma Swan, in ALL their incarnations–ALWAYS click so beautifully, poetically well? And what’s unique, is that in ALL of them–when you have even the most simple of PWP scenes, where, say–Regina slowly walks backwards towards the bed, pulling Emma by her hand, with a light sway of hips and an eyebrow quirk–and asks.. “How do you want me, Miss Swan?” ..with an only semi-hesitant smirk, and Emma makes a single step forward, over her own (proverbial) insecurities–and looks back at her hungrily, with an.. “Every way possible, Your Majesty.”

(note: check the dis/claimer note below)

 …do not make ANY mistake. It is all about balance, equality and ultimate understanding. About BOTH of them coming home, literally as well as metaphorically. NOT about any of them being consumed and invaded and torn apart just so that the other can evolve–and be saved from themselves. No. It’s about symmetry, correspondence and trust.


No wonder you kids are all so shit-scared from Swan Queen, platonic or romantic–or now (evidently) fanon as well. I pity you. I truly do.

NOTE: The scene depicted above does not belong to any known/implied works of fanfiction, it is merely a figment of my own imagination. Do not use if seal is broken. Contains known allergens (for homophobes) and 0 calories derived from fat.

Carmilla Week Thirteen!

Jesus hell we only have 10 episodes of carmillaseries left and I’m not ok. Buckle up creampuffs, this is long and I get analytical.
(thanks for editing again, lettheweirdnessin)


Ep 25 starts off where we were left on Thursgay - LaF being attacked by Jeep.

cackling. bad nerd indeed. but you diiiiiiiid starve him, so….

Yeah be a little less vigorous with the bloodlust and more sincere with the apologies. So, while I would love to continue looking at the hilarious facial expressions on everyone, I have a question: Where’s Perry?
Probably off being possessed. Probably off cleaning up more of LaF’s blood, as she does. But really, where is she? In the preview, Laura is sleeping alone downstairs, and it looks like Carm and Mattie are getting ready to leave. So that leaves Laura alone and unprotected. Perfect time for a) the reveal of Perry as the Dean or b) surprise visit from Baron Voldemort and his goons to fuck shit up.

Carmilla points out that it’s NOT a good idea to starve vampires and Laura disagrees because she’s Laura and still wants to know what Mattie is up to.

OMFG. Nice attempt at a save there, Hollis. And look at the Look Mattie gives Carmilla. SHE KNOWS.

Carmilla agrees that yeah, it might be good to share the knowledge around, and I agree since they’re, y’know, being hunted and there are supernatural goons running around and all that fun stuff.


Carmilla makes a good point though - Mattie’s current plan is hiding and that’s not doing them a whole lot of good. So she relents and tells them what she can.

So Corvae are an all-powerful scary corporation that hire vampires and demigods (isn’t that how most corporations operate?). She seems to think they didn’t cut a deal with Vordie, and I might believe her on that.

Mattie also mentions that the sword is in the pit. FUCK YES. I have been wondering where the fuck that went to. It’s probably stuck under Lophii’s arse. So it seems the sword is still in play and we might “see” it again. Is this like the Sword of Gryffindor/horcrux thing? They gonna use this to kill something mega? Mattie doesn’t know about the gates though (still thinking it’s the Seven Gates of Hell but what do I know).

LAF NO. Wait. LaF, maybe. So here’s the thing. The apples keep popping up on Twitter and Danny’s acting shifty. So there’s something with the apples. Are they drugged? Truth serum? Good ‘ol fashioned poison? It could be anything, but it’s probably something bad. This little tidbit of info from Mattie could be useful in creating, say, an antidote. Or something to make a human immortal. Or make an immortal human. Or maybe something fancy to be used in an exorcism. I’m just spitballin’ here. Bottom line: the apples are Something Bad, Danny is in on it and is helping that play out and holy shit that is HUGE. Why? Because Laura has her up on such a fucking pedestal. Like, higher than Carmilla even. And what’s something that can completely and utterly crush Laura’s black and white worldview? A betrayal from someone she admires, respects and cares for. If Danny does something that Laura sees is wrong, that last tiny piece of her that’s clinging to right/wrong, good/bad, black/white will be annihilated. I am curious about where Danny as a character will end up. The Romeo and Juliet reference at the start was foreshadowing. Maybe she and Kirsch die? My money is still on Perry, then Kirsch, then Danny.

so how you gonna stop El Baron? (under a cut ‘cause i go off on a rant and get all analytical about relationships)

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