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Leaked emails reveal largest group of dietitians wants to hide ties to Big Soda

  • The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the largest group of dietitians in the U.S., might be attempting to downplay the role of some suspicious corporate ties in its organization.
  • This February, the academy’s 100,000 members will elect a new president. Neva Cochran and Mary Russell are the only candidates in the running for the position.
  • Mic obtained emails revealing the academy has gone to unsettling measures to silence talk about Cochran’s corporate ties.
  • In a tweet, Anna Macnak, a member of the academy and a dietitian from Texas, revealed Cochran’s clients include the American Beverage Association, the soda industry’s lobbying group, and the Calorie Control Council, a group representing the low-calorie food and drink industry that functions as a trade group for artificial sweeteners. Read more (2/23/17 10:24 AM)

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alignment chart for people who dont understand what alignments are

lawful good: sufjan stevens and his tiny voice

neutral good: golden retrievers

chaotic good: the drunk girl complimenting you in the bathroom

lawful neutral: milhouse vanhouten

true neutral: people who retweet common white girl/common gay boy

chaotic neutral: the corporate twitter for vagisil tweeting someone “please explain what you mean by cheese crotch”

lawful evil: the guy who argues with your philosophy professor every time he’s in class. you can hear multiple people sigh when he opens his mouth to speak

neutral evil: lana stans

chaotic evil: the info wars dot com guy explaining the correct way to open a jar of pickles

so i’ve made a couple of honeybot advancements: i made some new ones that tweet boring stuff between other tweets to make them look more “real”, and i realized there is another kind of person who annoyingly responds to search tweets: corporations.

here’s how i found out:

and here’s sprint trying REPEATEDLY to talk to one of the honeybots:

sometimes verizon tries to poach them:

people also try to sell her cars:

that’s just a sample. the majority of her messages come from sprint, which has got to be mostly bot-run.