corporate theft

Recently, he had turned to higher scale crime, including corporate theft and robbing a casino, together with his new team. His power was listed as darkness generation in the sidebar under his picture.

…why did I discount the darkness association so much that I completely forgot to mention it in my speculation? I have no idea.

This makes a lot of sense. You wander into the darkness and get eaten by a grue.

The picture seemed crisp enough, but the focus of it, Grue, was just a blurry black silhouette in the center.

At least if Taylor ends up fighting him, she already has a way to “see” him through the darkness he creates, as she already demonstrated with Lung - she can surround him with insects and sense where the negative space is.

I’d imagine this would be a pretty handy power if combined with martial arts, though. The opponent can’t see your punches and kicks coming. There’s also the question of range - if he creates a sphere of darkness just around himself with a radius of a meter or two, then it’ll disguise his actions but not really where he is. But if he’s got a radius of, say, ten meters, he can engulf an opponent in the darkness, attack from any angle, and keep the opponent from navigating the environment properly.

Of course, it would just be a pain in the butt if he doesn’t also have the ability to see through his own magical darkness.


Did you guys see this??? Target blatantly ripped off one of our t-shirt designs as part of their newest apparel collection for Pride month. For the record, we were not consulted or credited in any way.

Now before you guys jump down my throat, I realize that what they’re doing is technically legal. Even if it was possible to copyright a tee shirt design (clothing designers in the U.S. have trademark protection, but not copyright), Target’s design is just barely different enough to avoid any legal trouble. But you have to think about what kind of message that sends to the community that they’re supposedly trying to support. Seriously, to not even give credit or just ask permission (and we probably would’ve given it too) is just tacky, not to mention shady.