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There goes the Don again, trying to "hunt" the R-Corporate Solar Windmill up in high orbit again. See? You can see his horse shaped barge through the telescope, and that big plasma lance he has too-which he stole from some beat up old asteroid cutter. The man's delusional, but he loves shooting down those orbital solar windmills. Wonder if he knows the revolutionaries see him as a hero for constantly shooting down R-Corporate property and outrunning their defense drones. Nobody can catch him man

Just a man, his plasma lance, and the biotech rats whispering inside the hull


Uganda produces Africa’s first solar-powered bus

Kiira Motors of Uganda has launched Africa’s first solar-powered bus. Known as the “Kayoola”, the 35 seater bus can travel up to 50 miles straight and is powered by two batteries. One is connected to solar panels on the roof, while the other is charged electrically for longer distances and journeys at night.

Paul Isaac Musasizi, Kiira Motors’ CEO says it takes just one hour to fully charge each battery, making the vehicle suitable for “all sorts of duties in the cities”, such as school buses or longer-haul journeys across borders.

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So for Nanowrimo this year I’m writing a short novel in the same universe as #Spaceheist. The Girl who Ran is about a young aristocrat called Asteria Saijin who is forced to go on the run from the largest corporation in the solar system after her father is caught trying to leak industry secrets. Abandoned by her friends, her only companion is an enslaved bodyguard that would kill her in a heartbeat if it ever got free.