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170924 Ryeowook’s 13th letter:


Title: September Letter

The cold wind is starting to pick up slowly. It makes it necessary to wear clothes that are long-sleeves, right? ^^ Is everyone doing well? Lately, I’ve been putting my hands together and waiting for Super Junior’s comeback.. You can treat it that I’ll be doing well in here (when it happens). I am currently being dispatched to prepare for the Ground Forces Festival(,) and because of the events in between and also the preparations(,) I’m living day by day busily. (Because I’m an ambassador(,) I’m working hard kk) I work out every now and then, read books as well as the letters sent by you guys~ I’m healthier and have not caught a cold(,) I’m being very strong and doing well. Euhaha! ^^

Have you listened to the songs which I’ve recommended in the previous letter? I like Dear no one, first heartbreak, City dove etc~ c: Especially Anyway because my mood becomes very good(,) it feels as if I’m listening to our own album, too~ I would like compose and let everyone hear my great songs, my stories as well~ ^^

Ah~ I’ve been thinking lately~ It feels as though I’m on a really long trip.. A trip means that you will end up back in wherever you’ve started off from. Just like how when you travel to a place(,) you buy a pretty post card and write a letter to send to the people you love(,) I hope the letters that I’ve sent each time are like that kind of postcards which give everyone that kind of joyous feeling. Hmm~ This trip… Is kind of interesting(.) I get to learn about the world which I didn’t know about and I meet people whom I might not have had the chance to meet in the society(,) and because of these people’s stories(,) I laughed. And cried..

Times like this are valuable. When you go on a trip with people(,) you get to know them better(,) right? You fight and sulk because of each other(,) and when the trip ends you would think, ‘I’m never going to see this person ever again!’ And as if having to have made that firm decision(,) you get angry! k You end up seeing whether you guys get along or not after understanding each other in detail.. At the same time(,) when the other person matches with you well and during the process(,) you’ll feel like, ‘this person completes me strongly~’ It seems as though it disciplines.. and makes someone into a person who is a cool figure; an adult!

On the other hand when you actually like someone and feel, 'I would like to go on another trip with this person!’ and 'Ah~ He/She is a good person, huh’ It also makes you want to help to change a once cold person to become someone with a warm existence~ That kind of feeling where I meet someone who makes me want to share everything that I have?? It’s my goal to be able to meet 3 of this kind of friends during my trip(,) friends who I would like to keep seeing for the rest of my life. I think it’s already hard to have 1 of this kind of friend because I may have said something like this 1 year ago.. But how do I feel now? I don’t really know because this trip hasn’t ended yet(,) after having to fight with(,) reconcile with(,) meet and part from people(,) I have this good feeling as I feel that I have met friends who are more precious than those relationships.

Time has been passing rather quickly than expected during this trip~ I’ll go back safely after completing (my military service) so please don’t worry about me~ Understood? ^^

It’s almost Shindong hyung’s birthday~ Our ELFs whose birthdays are coming up soon, too~ I didn’t write the well wishes in the previous letter ㅠ I’m sorry~ Happy birthday everyone~ Remember to have your Vitamin Cs!! Always happily~ Healthily ^^ I love you.

PS. I’ve become a Corporal. From Recruit No. 40 and now Corporal~ kkk Let’s meet at the Ground Forces Festival (8 ~ 12 October) A tiny publicity kk

By Ryeowookie

trans cr: @kimlixus

Arnold Saks

Educated at the High School of Music and Art in New York City, Syracuse University and Yale School of Design.
After designing exhibits while in the US Army, he formed the design partnership Ward & Saks in 1958 and Arnold Saks Associates in 1968. Design work includes annual reports, investor relations materials, marketing and capabilities brochures, recruiting booklets, corporate identity, posters, and dozens of other communications projects.

Inflatable Sculpture poster / 1969 / The Jewish Museum

Title: Building Sanctuary
Author: @francisinparis
Recipient: @ackergay
Contents: Canonverse, (still somewhat boyish but) older!Eren and gentle Levi as requested, brief Jean with horrible timing, a bit of fluff, quite a bit of mutual pining and longing, clumsy realizing feelings stage, a little cliche in general. A brief mention of minor character death, so be warned! SFW save for an implication at the end (Sorry! There may or may not be a nsfw continuation coming? I make no promises. ^v^;;)
SummarySoft—the look in eyes that were never apathetic or cold; they’re soft. Eren doesn’t know what to make of this realization, only knows that he can’t escape from it. Not in this sweetness in midst of turmoil, the miniscule opening to his yearning; subtle but palpable, once found. How had they even gotten here?

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Actual Conversation at Work - Trial by Magic

I work as a Software Training Specialist, and yesterday afternoon I received a rather urgent call from the corporate recruiter for the company I work at. She was trying to find a solution for evaluating a training candidate and asked for my help. The conversation that follows is all true (though slightly abridged.) 

Recruiter: “I’ve got this candidate with lots of experience, and he interviews really well, but the V.P. wants to be sure he can learn our software. So I’m going to have him do a 30-minute presentation where he teaches me something.” 

Me: “That sounds like a good idea. And can he do his presentation on anything? Or does it have to be something he doesn’t already know.” 

Recruiter: “It has to be something he doesn’t know yet, because we want him to show that he can learn and internalize complex concepts quickly. But I have no idea what topic to use. It needs to be complex, but it can’t be industry-specific, and it has to be something he can research on his own.” 

Me: “OK, got it. How soon do you need a topic?” 

Recruiter: “I told him I’d try to send him an email before I leave for the weekend. And I have to leave in five minutes.” 

Me: “Alright, so you need something now.” 

Recruiter: “Yeah, I know this is really last-minute. If you can’t think of anything, I’ll just have to get back to him next week.” 

Me: “Well, let’s see… I mean, the first thing that comes to my mind is to have him teach you a game.” 

Recruiter: “OK, like what?” 

Me: *takes a moment to decide whether to actually say what I’m thinking*

Recruiter: “…” 

Me: “Magic: the Gathering.” 

Recruiter: “OK. What’s that?” 

Me: “It’s a game. It’s complex enough to be a challenge, but it’s definitely doable. If he can learn it well enough to teach it in time for his presentation to you, that will be a pretty good indication of his skills.” 

Recruiter: “Well, since I don’t know anything about it, I suppose I’ll be a good audience to see if he can teach a beginner. And you’re sure it’s something he can research on his own?” 

Me: “Definitely. There’s plenty of material online to look up.” 

Recruiter: “Great!! I guess now we just have to hope he’s not a gamer.” 

Me: “I wouldn’t worry. Even if he does already know the game, it would still take skill to teach it to somebody in a 30-minute online presentation. By the way, if you schedule the meeting when I’m available, I’d be happy to silently listen in and I can tell you if his instructions are correct.” 

Recruiter: “Perfect!! Thanks, Dave!” 

*two minutes later, a message arrives in my inbox* 

Recruiter: “Just sent the email. Have a great weekend!” 

Me: What have I just done to this man’s life… 

So yeah… That seriously just happened at work yesterday… 

Galaxia: Big Bad with a Big Plan

I’ve been going back through commentary from 197, and some points have come up that got me thinking about Galaxia’s overall plans for the Senshi.

Obviously I’ve yet to see the rest of the season, and there could be some crucial details to come, but let’s ignore that for the moment and stick to what we can get from the events through to 197. [As always, please no spoilers! If I’m contradicting something, I’ll learn soon enough!]

Something we KNOW Galaxia is super into is “recruiting” Senshi. THIS IS HUGE FOR GALAXIA. (Read about just how huge here.) She needs Senshi of her own, and she needs them balanced somewhere between serving her and having their own will, because she also needs to twist them and watch them self-destruct. Galaxia is hugely wound up in the idea of having her own team of Senshi, which just as an idea in and of itself fascinates me.

But she’s so into that, we can view the events that happen through the eyes of that need. Galaxia is completely in control right now, everything that occurring is orchestrated by her. It’s an opportunity to consider the WHYS, and I really can’t overstate how invested I am in the WHYS.

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Power Rangers Grid Defense is a go!  I repeat, Power Rangers Grid Defense is a go!

When evil forces rise up to once again threaten the near future metropolis of Omega City, the all-powerful Enetron Corporation recruits three teens with unique abilities and tragic pasts to become a brand new team of heroes… the Power Rangers Grid Defense!

From DR Productions, the creators of Database Ranger’s Power Reviews, comes a brand new fan film adaptation of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, set in the multiverse of the Power Rangers franchise.

Disclaimer: This a non-profit fan film.  Power Rangers is property of Saban Brands, and Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters is property of Toei Entertainment.