corporate polluters


This If fucking Discusting! Pisses me off and makes my eyes glassy all at once…. WHat have we come to. Killing each other, endangering species, Genocide, Big brother, torture Curruption to an explicit level.

The Trump administration just issued the final approval for the Dakota Access Pipeline (#DAPL). By casting people aside for corporate polluter profits, Donald Trump is continuing to show the culture his White House stands for: one built on corruption, bigotry, and greed. More than 300 tribes and millions of Americans will continue to stand united in opposition to this dangerous and unneeded project, and we are not backing down. This blatant disregard for the rights of the #StandingRock Sioux, the need for an environmental review, and for the democratic process of considering public feedback is unacceptable. We will continue to stand with the Standing Rock Sioux.

Take action: go to and send a message to the Army Corps of Engineers to hold them accountable for putting Big Oil first by stopping the environmental review of the Dakota Access Pipeline! #NoDAPL

This is just the first step in our fight to hold the administration and the Army Corps of Engineers accountable and we will continue to let you know how you can fight back. We will not back down.

(Source: Leonardo’s Instagram)

It caused by ignorance of people and greed of big businessmen who want to appropriate all the money in the world, but they don’t want to repair the house where they live and work.

These should be the ghouls featured in the next movie after Boo York Boo York.

It could be an Earth Day special, with Venus as the main character(cause when the heck has she had any significant part in the 3D movies?)
The plot could be something like, some international mega factory corporation opened and is polluting the earth, so Venus and the ghouls fight to put a stop to it

Each character could be affected though,

Lagoona fights to stop them from polluting the oceans.
Jane fights to stop the deforestation of her homeland.
Abbey fights to stop the ice caps from melting.
And Wydowna, Bonita, and Skekita are the supportive best friends, who also deserve some recognition.

There could be a new ghoul who’s an insect, one who could be another plant monster, another sea monster, and there could be a new boy who Venus develops a crush on cause he’s VERY strong set on protecting the environment.

I would watch it :3